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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 8, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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dan: for all of us he >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- channing tatum. david oyelolo. and our 15th annual belly flop competition. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, cleto. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, the host. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us on a big day, a day of much self-congratulation here in hollywood. it is oscar nomination day. [ cheers and applause ] the oscars, of course, are our chance to honor all the great movies we watched on television. [ laughter ]
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the big winner nominations-wise, was "the power of the dog." "the power of the dog" got 12 nominations. one for every person who saw it. [ laughter ] the best picture nominees were -- "power of the dog" -- "west side story" -- "cold night's running" -- "midnight nocturne" -- "cable car 29" -- "dune" -- "my name is ezekiel" -- and "gazebo 953." okay, half of those i made up. [ laughter ] the question is which half? we'll never know. as always, there were snubs. and i don't want no snubs. you know, snubs are -- [ laughter ] lady gaga was a surprise no-mination. she did not get nominated. but the biggest snub today, in my opinion -- and i'm actually even angry about this, i'm kind of embarrassed to say -- is the unforgivable omission of "spider-man: no way home." [ laughter ] how did that not get one of the ten nominations for best picture? there are only 11 movies made this year. [ laughter ] forget the fact that this movie has made $750 million and is still going. this was a great movie.
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it wasn't in the top ten best movies of the year? there were three spider-men in it! [ laughter ] one of them was andrew garfield, who is a best actor nominee! [ cheers ] benedict cumberbatch played doctor strange, he's another best actor nominee. you're telling me "don't look up" was better than "spider-man?" it most certainly was not. [ laughter ] even if you go by the critics' reviews on rotten tomatoes, "don't look up" among top critics got a 46. "spider-man" has a 90! for god's sake, "jackass forever" has an 89! [ laughter ] when did we decide that the best picture has to be serious? as far as i know, this was not the point of feature film when they started making them. "ben hur," chariots and leprosy. [ laughter ] "frankenstein," a monster powered by lightning. "fantasia," mickey mouse on an acid trip. [ laughter ] "the wizard of oz," flying monkeys and a witch. those are great, oscar-worthy movies. now, there's nothing wrong with a serious movie. a lot of them are fantastic and worthy of oscars. but why do they have to be serious? when did that become a prerequisite to get nominated for an academy award?
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here's what happened. you want to know what happened? the academy voters looked at the list, saw the names leo dicaprio and meryl streep, checked the box. then they put their kids in the car and went to see the movie "spider-man." and they loved it. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] but they didn't vote for it. we may need to get doctor strange to go back to time to fix this. [ laughter ] i mean, my god. nicole kidman can't even shoot webs out of her wrists! [ laughter ] speaking of great acting, you want to see something funny? >> we've all heard about the fine print in this country. no one reads the fine print. the fine print shouldn't be a reason that someone is more likely to have to endure sexual harassment in the workplace or, more likely, to evade consequence as a result of predatory behavior. >> jimmy: what if the predator is inside the house? of representatives? [ laughter and applause ]
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how great would it be if chris hansen walked in right at that moment and took him away? [ laughter ] we are getting new information on the documents and items our former predator-in-chief grabbed inappropriately -- [ laughter ] -- on his way out the door. last night, i mentioned that trump took 15 boxes of official white house materials back to mar-a-lago. which is against the law. apparently, his exit was very rushed, he was like ray liotta at the end of "goodfellas." [ laughter ] the report says trump also swiped at least one item of clothing. i didn't know you had to leave the clothes behind. [ laughter ] there were no details on what it was, maybe a gift, i don't know. odds are it was either a bomber jacket from putin, a fur coat pe stole one of lincoln's hats out of the bedroom, i don't know. [ laughter ] whatever he took, if ever there was a guy who steals a bathrobe from the hotel, it's donald trump. [ laughter ] according to the "new york times," maybe the most interesting memento he tried to pinch was that map of hurricane dorian. the one he marked up with a sharpie? [ laughter ] to change the direction of the storm?
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he took that home. [ laughter ] remember when dan quayle misspelled the word "potato" and we made fun of him for 30 years? little did we know, we'd one day have a president whose brain is potato. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] why he took it, i do not know. it seemed like that was one of the few genuinely embarrassing moments for trump. he got very defensive about it. he probably took it home to flush it down a gold-plated toilet. [ laughter ] of course that's if he took it. i've seen conflicting reports. the "times" says he took it. but i found this story that clearly says he didn't. [ laughter ] so now i don't know what to believe. that map was among the many documents the national archives had to go to mar-a-lago to take back. i don't know which i love more, the fact that he kept that map, or the fact that it's now in the national archives so future generations may gaze upon its awesome stupidity. [ laughter ] i mean, i wish they would sell that. i would pay a lot of money to have that hanging in my home. i really would. [ laughter ]
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trump has been busy trying to make a buck off his supporters. he sent out this email, hoping, i guess, to cash in on the olympics. "the winter games have started and i need to make something clear. there are a lot of things wrong with china. i was tough on them as your president, and i always will be. however, i am proud to support america's olympians who represent our nation with the utmost respect. in a time when the woke mob wants to cancel everything they do not agree with, it's more important now than ever --" i don't know what this has to do with the olympics but he goes on. [ laughter ] "i know i can always count on you, which is why i'm inviting you to become an official trump gold member. only a limited number of patriots are invited to become trump gold members. and you are one of them. please contribute any amount immediately to stand with me and to become a trump gold member." and what an offer this is, because as a gold member you get nothing. [ laughter ] you don't even get this medal they put on the email. all they do is add your name to trump's "gold membership roster." they put you on "swindler's
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list," if you will. [ laughter ] in exchange for your money. meanwhile, the athletes trump is proud to support are doing battle in beijing. the u.s., we've won no gold medals so far. canada has one. so worse comes to worst, we just go up there and take theirs from them. [laughter ] the big controversy yesterday was in ski jumping. five athletes, including the top contenders, were disqualified for "outfit violations." apparently these suits were too baggy. they kicked them out of the games. i guess suits like that give the skiers an advantage, like a flying squirrel, as they soar through the air, i don't know. [ laughter ] how do they disqualify these skiers for outfit violations, when norway's curling team is wearing this? [ laughter ] now that is an outfit violation! but people love it. [ applause ] the norweigan mens' curling team gets a lot of attention for their pants. there's a lot of anticipation about what this year's pants will look like.
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will look like. they'll be revealed during their first event against switzerland tomorrow. here are some examples of their pants from the past. [ laughter ] they look like curtains in a serial killer's motel room. [ laughter ] they're crazy. crazy-looking pants. full-on clearance rack at tj maxx pants. [ laughter ] now those i would wear. that would be good for the fourth of july. there's a woman named virginia, who is such a big fan of the pants, she's posted a norwegian "pants cake" online. [ laughter ] which sounds like a euphemism for having an accident on a fishing boat. "oh no. i made a norwegian pants cake." [ laughter ] take me home. precauti [ applause ] meanwhile, this is the kind of competition we've got going on here in the states. this showdown took place right here in california. it isn't an olympic event yet, but i hope the ioc puts it on the list. >> this week, 27-year-old competitive eater reyna huang was pitted against lettuce-loving giant rabbit honey megabunny in a salad-eating contest. >> with pounds of chopped salad,
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each competitor had ten minutes to put their eating skills to the test. huang finished 3 1/2 pouns of salad. honey ate none. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: poor honey, he ate none. you'd lose your appetite too if you had to sit next to a crazed woman guzzling pepsi and shoveling arugula in her face. [ laughter ] things are looking up on the omicron front. cases are down across the country, which means things could slowly get back to normal. [ cheers and applause ] until the next highly contagious variant comes along and we start over. i feel like omicron and wordle have had the same viral arc. [ laughter ] the lower rate of infection now is causing some schools to start lifting mask mandates, despite medical experts telling them it's too soon. well, if there's anything americans are good at, it's ignoring what the experts tell us to do. [ laughter ] we're experts at that. kids will be happy, i guess. although, have you noticed it's never the kids complaining about the mask? it's always an adult with a
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short haircut on the sides and a little too much on top and in the back. [ laughter ] they also might be easing up on the masks at the super bowl. you know, this game is historic. it's the first time l.a. has ever hosted a super bowl. and a wildly contagious virus at the same time. [ laughter ] officials here in l.a. county are having so much trouble enforcing mask rules at outdoor venues, they're thinking of just dumping them altogether. right now, the rule is you must wear a mask at sofi stadium, unless you're actively eating or drinking. which is what 100% of the fans are doing 100% of the time. [ laughter ] basically, the only people at the stadium who will be penalized for face masks are the players. [ laughter ] they're saying that this year's super bowl is going to be the most heavily bet on game ever. the american gaming association said we're expected to bet over $7 billion on sunday. so keep that in mind next time your kid asks your co-worker to buy girl scout cookies, and they claim they have no cash. [ laughter ] some people still disapprove of gambling on sports. but i think it can actually be a
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learning experience for kids. like, if the rams don't cover the spread, you're going to community college, son. [ laughter ] if you are betting and want insight, we found a pair of dogs, little pugs. their names are ella and petunia. they have been on our show six times now. they're 6 for 6 picking winners, 100%. tonight, our nostra-dog-musses are going to try to keep their streak alive. we reached out to their owners, leon and pat, who agreed to let these prognosticating pugs make another pick for us. and here they are now. from eugene, oregon, please welcome ella and petunia! [ laughter ] [ applause ] hello there. hi, ella and petunia, thanks for joining us again. ella, petunia? [ laughter ] we're wondering if we could get your pick for the super bowl. the bengals? rams or you like - if so, home -- oh, boy. all right. well. [ laughter ] [ applause ] maybe later.
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never gets old, really, does it? the rest of the country is freezing their petunias off, it's going to be 88 degrees here tomorrow in l.a. [ cheers and applause ] what better time to rub it in with a parade of navels? one of our most cherished traditions -- our 15th annual pedestrian belly flop competition. [ cheers and applause ] that is the pool into which our floppers will be flopping. that is in the back of our building. this is my cousin sal on hollywood boulevard. [ cheers and applause ] hi, sal reserve. >> sal: jimmy, hold on. i need to know, did that one dog come up for air? rams or bengals? >> jimmy: the dogs didn't say but we'll check in with them post coital. sal and i will be presenting at the nfl honors show, here on abc thursday night. [ cheers and applause ] sal's first awards show? >> sal: first and definitely last. >> jimmy: definitely last. do you have any floppers for us
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on the boulevard? >> sal: i do. >> jimmy: let's meet them. hi there, what's your name? >> phil. >> jimmy: where are you from? >> brooklyn, new york. >> jimmy: of course. [ cheers and applause ] there you go. you live here in l.a.? >> yeah, i been here a long time, jimmy. >> jimmy: you know what's going on back in brooklyn, you know what's happening here? >> oh, yeah. i lived in vega too for a while. >> jimmy: beautiful. i feel you've been follow me. >> soom thing. brooklyn, vegas, california. >> jimmy: that's right. are you bikini ready? >> i'm bikini ready, got my thong on right under here. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's it. send him through. we'll get phil on the board. let's get a couple more people. we'll see who we got. >> hello. >> jimmy: why did they stop you? [ laughter ] >> ready to flop, ready to go. >> jimmy: what is your name? >> cassie. >> jimmy: where are you from? >> ofala, missouri. >> jimmy: are you ready to make your parents very ashamed? [ laughter ] >> i think they'll be very
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excited. >> they will, all right, very good. you just follow phil right through the door there. all right, all right. we'll end right there. [ laughter ] sal, round up a few more floppers and send them in through the commercials, all right? >> sal: you got it. >> jimmy: all right. when we come back we've got celebrity judges and we're going to have some very pink bellies in our 15th pedestrian belly flop competition. stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi. oh, welcome back to the show. channing tatum and david oyelowo
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are on the way. but first, it's time for our 15th pedestrian belly flop competition! [ cheers and applause ] it's hard to believe we've done this 15 times. let's go now to our regulation-size pool with our slightly below regulation-size security guard, guillermo. [ laughter ] >> guillermo: how are you doing, jimmy? >> jimmy: guillermo, these are ideal belly flop conditions, right? >> guillermo: the water is nice, it's warm, it's ready. >> jimmy: let's meet our judges. let's meet our judges. she won a silver medal in gymnastics at the 2020 olympic games, say hello to jordan chiles. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello! >> jimmy: landing directly on your belly is generally frowned upon in gymnastics, right? >> very true, something you don't normally see in gymnastics. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we told the winner they could keep your silver medal, is that cool? >> uh, no? [ laughter ] i didn't give permission for
11:55 pm
that. >> jimmy: maybe we'll get one of those cheap trump medals, then. tawn, jordan. next up, one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. he won six world titles in five different weight classes. he is founder of the sugar ray leonard foundation, say hey to sugar ray leonard. how confused are you to be here right now? >> jimmy, i'm in the right place. you know, i have nothing short i've always wanted to fight you for some reason. [ laughter ] guillermo say you're too busy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you would not want to fight me, i am one of your biggest fans ever since i was yet a boy. i've even listened to you fighting on the radio, that's what a than i am. >> i can block that out. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay. when you beat wilfred benitez to win the wbc welterweight title in 1979 to win your first welterweight title did you ever
11:56 pm
think someday you would be on a director's chair, judging a belly flop competition? >> yes. >> jimmy: you did. [ laughter ] he's always had keen insight into the future. and last but not least, she is a smoker who loves video poker. she's wearing four sets of fake eyelashes especially for tonight. please welcome my aunt chippy. [ cheers and applause ] hello, aunt chippy. >> they worked very hard on these eyelashes. you knock them off, i'm going to knock your ass off. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: you're a judge, you're supposed to be calm and impartial. >> i am impartial, it's you i want to kill, nothing against them. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we were talking this afternoon, she was very excited she gets to sit next to sugar ray. >> i was. >> jimmy: did you talk to sugar ray? >> no, but he's so handsome, he's gorgeous. you got me. >> jimmy: did you bring a swimsuit ka necessary you get on the board? >> i'm going to tell you something, if i get wet i'm coming to bed with you tonight. [ cheers and applause ]
11:57 pm
you little jerk. [ laughter ] i know i was set up. >> jimmy: we'll try not to get your cigarettes wet. [ laughter ] let's get the competition started. oh, look, it's phil. how you doing? [ cheers and applause ] >> what's up, jimmy? >> jimmy: ironically, a man named phil in the pool will soon be empty. >> i hope not. >> jimmy: have you done this before. >> phil? >> no. first time. >> jimmy: all right. well, let's see. maybe you have the natural ability. maybe this has been your calling for many years. [ cheers and applause ] >> guillermo: three, two, one! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. well. not quite the splash we were expecting from phil. yeah, phil went in feet-first. let's go to our judges. i'm not going to make this decision.
11:58 pm
what do you say? what do you think? oh, a 3. a 3. [ cheers ] i think that's a pretty fair number. let's go to sugar ray now. sugar ray says? [ laughter [ laughter ] an 8, wow! sugar ray did get a little bit wet there. sugar ray -- wow. that's pretty generous, have to say. finally, aunt chippy gives? >> i gave him a 5 because he didn't drown me. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: a 5. so we've got an 8, a 5, a 3. that adds up to 16. phil? >> all right, man. >> jimmy: that's a pretty solid score, how do you feel right now? >> i feel good. >> jimmy: you look great. all right, thank you, phil. >> sal: have a hot dog. >> jimmy: next flopper on the board, that is cassie. [ cheers and applause ] hello, cassie. >> hi. >> jimmy: cassie, you said you were from? >> owe fallon, missouri. >> jimmy: welcome to the board. >> thank you.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: what did you do for work? >> i am a social media manager for a watch company called daewatch. i also work at a fashion boutique on abbott kenny. >> jimmy: we've heard of baywatch, now we have daywatch.. ready to flop? >> let's do the dang thing. >> jimmy: cassie operating with a disadvantage from a weight standpoint. >> guillermo: three, two, one! >> jimmy: hey, wow, wow! [ cheers and applause ] cassie really made the most of it. here we go in slow motion. you can see she got really flat. she must be a planker. cassie, very well done. let's go to our judges. oh, a 10! [ cheers and applause ] sugar ray says? >> she didn't drown me. >> jimmy: a 10! aunt chippy says? a 9. [ cheers and applause ]
12:00 am
what happened, sal? did you hit her with a hot dog? >> sal: i get over 9 1/2. >> jimmy: 29 points. cassie, i don't know if that can be beat. >> i think i saw my life flash before my eyes. we're here, we're alive. >> jimmy: very good. let's go back to the board and meet our next flopper. what is your name, sir? >> my name is medina from baldwin park, california. >> jimmy: welcome to the board. are you a belly flopper? >> yes, i have quite some experience. i've been 15, 20-foot ladders. >> jimmy: you've jumped off ladders into a pool? >> pro wrestling. >> jimmy: oh, okay, all right. but there's no water. >> it's okay. that's fine. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right, very good. you've got to beat 29, okay? our judges will be judging this -- watching this very closely. and here we go. fee llermo, count him down. >> guillermo: three, two, one! >> jimmy: oh, wow! [ cheers and applause ]
12:01 am
oh my goodness. that was some serious air. aladio with the kick. that was a textbook belly flop. boy, i hope you scotch guarded that leather outfit. [ laughter ] >> no one told me about this. >> jimmy: so sorry, sugar ray. it's all aunt chippy's fault. [ laughter ] all right, let's go to sugar ray first. sugar ray what score do you give aladio? sugar ray says 9. aunt chippy what score do you give aladio? another 10. a tie. we have a tie here at 29! jimmy: thank yo kee going, kee belly flopping throughout aclechanngumsotick aun [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> lou: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brough to you
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> the unhappy judges at the belly flop competition. tonight, from "the girl before" on hbo max, david oyelowo is with us. [ cheers and applause ] murray bartlett join us, with d- music from pj morton. and on thursday, arnold schwarzenegger. and from "jackass forever," rachel wolfson. so please join us for that. [ cheers and applause ] our first guest, no actor's
12:07 am
career had a greater impact on the sales of body oil than our first guest's. [ laughter ] next he plays an army ranger on a road trip with a not so friendly animal in "dog." >> me and you are going to go on a little road trip. 1,500 miles. just act like your daddy's looking down on us from above. all right, i'm going to leash you up. all right? be cool. easy. easy. you really did give up, huh? what are you so scared of? he's mellowed out big-time. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: "dog," opens in theaters february 18th. please say hello to channing tatum. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:08 am
>> very good to see you. >> jimmy: i haven't seen you in a long time. >> very long time. >> jimmy: it's been so long, you went bald since i saw you last. >> yes, yes. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you look good bald, it's a good look for you. >> it's a lot less work. you can only kind of be one person. >> jimmy: the first time you decided, i'm going to shave my head. >> uh-huh? >> jimmy: were you nervous? >> it wasn't my decision, exactly. i was playing football. i was like a sophomore on a varsity team. all the sophomores got their head shaved against their will. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: forcibly shaved, wow. >> you feel like a weirdo. >> jimmy: it's a strange thing to suddenly not have any hair as a young man. you realized it looked pretty good? >> then i started modelling. i had hair. and i was like, i don't know, i like my hair. then someone shaved it for an editorial. then i started working all the time. i wasn't getting any work, then
12:09 am
i shaved my head and got all the work. i guess i'll go bald. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: most guys do everything they can to keep hair, you're actively shaving. >> just distracted. >> jimmy: what about "magic mike"? will you be waxing your body for that soon? [ cheers and applause ] is that starting yet? "magic mike 3"? >> no, we are going to change with the times, i am not going to do the waxing thing. >> jimmy: really? >> i think i'm going to go au naturel. >> jimmy: is that out now, waxing for male dancers? >> i think we're going to try to change it rirts a new day. a new day. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is that just because you don't want to wax? >> yeah pretty much. [ applause ] a little bit of hair is fine. >> jimmy: have you broken into your waxer? i bet this person, this is probably the big financial windfall of their lives. >> a job, yeah. "sorry, man, it's not happening anymore." >> jimmy: are you working on that right new now? >> yes, i'm very, very sore why you've got to rehearse a lot for that. >> it's really weird. i don't know if anyone can try
12:10 am
to concept trying to make up their dances. we're in a garage. my choreographer's garage studio. people walking down the street are really, really taken aback. [ laughter ] they're like, daddy, why is that woman sitting on that man's face? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: have they thought about shutting the door? >> it gets really hot in there. [ laughter ] we're like, oh, no, it's natural. >> jimmy: i want to be clear on what it is you're complaining about? that goes on at work. >> yeah. it's just the same thing. >> jimmy: what's it going to be? can you tell anything about what it's about? >> yeah, i wasn't sure if i wanted to make a third movie. we kind of did a lot in the first two movies. but we really -- i was like, look, i'll make the second -- the third movie if we did one of two things. one, i wanted to make the super bowl stripper movies. [ laughter ] exactly. the first movies we had to kind of stay honest to what that world is. the dancing's not all that cool in the world. we pushed it a little bit.
12:11 am
i really want to have professional -- like the best dancers in the world going off in this one. secondly, i wanted to have a really strong female central character. >> jimmy: will she be a dancer as well? >> she might dance a little bit. >> jimmy: i see. will spider-man be in this movie? [ laughter ] >> i -- yes. yes. why not? >> jimmy: i really enjoyed this movie "dog." i saw you were a movie called "dog," i was like, oh, no, what is he doing? [ laughter ] you never know with a dog movie how it's going to go. >> no. >> jimmy: most of the time it goes the wrong way. >> i think "marley & me" scarred everyone. [ laughter ] truly, every single person. >> jimmy: you care more about the movie dogs than the movie people. >> that's it, truly. every single person they've made a dog movie, "i'm not going to see it unless you tell me the dog lives." [ laughter ] i'm like, don't you not want to know the end movie? "no, i want them to live." it's a good ending, so everyone knows. [ cheers and applause ]
12:12 am
>> jimmy: you might be the first guess who's ever come out and told the ending of his movie. [ laughter ] >> i'm over it now. not seeing the movie just because you're afraid of the dog -- yeah. >> jimmy: have you work the with a dog extensively before? >> not extensively. every single time that i have worked with an animal, it's gone horribly awry. >> jimmy: you decided why not do a full film? >> yeah, i'm a smart person. no, we did a coen movie. the dog, all he had to do is bark at the end of my line. six hours, the dog wouldn't bark. [ laughter ] any kind of a motion that it looks like barking. wouldn't do it. >> jimmy: i remember, that was a great scene. the dancing in the thing. >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, right, yeah. >> sillsilly. talking to this director, such a great guy -- >> jimmy: you codirected this movie? >> yes. when we were trying to decide what we were going to direct first, we told this director, we're thinking about directing this. he's like, oh, man, any time you
12:13 am
need -- like conviction i'll help with anything, i've done this a long time. what's your story? well, it's me and a dog and a road trip. he's like, oh, don't do that. [ laughter ] just don't do it. we're kind of like, we're kind of already doing it. he's like, really, just don't do that. [ laughter ] any story but that. >> jimmy: did you get that feedback from more than one director? >> yeah definitely. >> jimmy: are these famous directors we would know? >> yes, soderbergh is one of them. [ laughter ] a lot of theme fuel know that are smarter than we were. >> jimmy: they were wrong in this case. >> yeah, truly. >> jimmy: i hope they'll admit that to you. >> soderbergh will never admit he's wrong to me, i don't care. if the movie does well i'll be, ha ha! again, the dog lived. >> jimmy: how do you direct a dog? a lot of peanut butter? >> yes, lots of treats. they're hyper-motivated. malinoiss are work dogs, they love it. >> good as far as dogs to work with. oh, excuse me, we have belly floppers coming through. hi, guys. [ cheers and applause ]
12:14 am
it's right back there. good times, all right. >> it's going to be cold. >> jimmy: it's not too cold. it's all right. >> all right, all right. >> jimmy: you also are working on -- tell me about -- how many times do you get bitten by the dog? >> a lot. two, three -- three times in the movie. then actually i got bit for real. i have a little smiley face scar on my buttocks. >> jimmy: had you ever been bitten by a costar before? [ laughter ] jonah hill, maybe? >> jonah did not bite me. amanda seyfried, i think. >> jimmy: she bit you, okay. >> i'm almost positive she bit me, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: tell me if i have this right. you're doing something with draft kings? >> yes? >> jimmy: where you're intentionally getting bitten bit dog? >> yeah, this was also a very stupid idea of mine. it was one of those things where you don't want to keep doing the same press. i was like, what if we -- trying to come up with super bowl-type
12:15 am
things. what if i just get in the bite suit and we partner with a betting company like draft kings. we'll just set the dog loose and see if i can get to the end z zone. >> jimmy: what can people bet on exactly? >> i think what yard line i get mauled on. [ laughter ] does the dog take me dog? >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> what i'm wearing. whatever. then do i make to it the end zone? >> jimmy: will you be smeared in meat or anything? [ laughter ] >> weirdly, you don't need it. the dog loves the bite suit. it's like the most fun for her to get to maul me. >> jimmy: you love this dog, huh? >> she's a good dog. >> jimmy: i know you have another project coming out, and we're going to actually -- we have an exclusive clip from that right here, take a look. >> she won't work with anyone. one minute she's good, the next minute she's sending three guys to the e.r. what are you guys so scared of? >> no, no, no! >> you don't do anything sigh cot oak this trip, maybe we'll
12:16 am
have some fun. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ ♪ who who who who ♪ ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. the cgi is absolutely amazing. >> amazing what you can do. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. the movie is called "dog." it opens in theaters february 18th. there's a special sneak preview on vialentine's day so bring yor love to see channing tatum, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] be back with david oyelowo! ♪ ♪ why don't you do cool spins? uh, people need to read it.
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make every visit your happiest for as low as $110 per day for a disneyland® resort 3-day, 1-park ticket. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there, welcome back. our next guest is an emmy and bafta-nominated actor, an officer of the british empire, and if that isn't enough, oprah is godmother to his children. his new limited series "the girl before" premieres thursday on hbo max. please welcome david oyelowo. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:28 am
great to have you here, how are you doing? >> very, very well. >> jimmy: before we started, i heard you have a message to impart to channing tatum? >> i do, i do. i have a photographic audition for him, i don't know if we have it. there you go. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: look at you. >> this is my audition for "magic mike." i don't want him to feel threatened. [ laughter ] what do you think, channing? >> jimmy: well, he's gone, i guess. >> of course he's gone, he saw the picture. [ applause ] >> jimmy: are you a good dancer? >> i can move. >> jimmy: you can move. well, i'm sure he would be happy to chat with you about that. >> okay, i hope he's still here. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you look very buff. was that for a film that you got that? or is that just you? >> that was actually for -- it is me. but it was also for "the girl before." the show i have coming out on hbo on thursday. >> jimmy: right. [ cheers ] >> thank you, thank you. hbo max.
12:29 am
yeah, i play an architect who's a perfectionist. and that is in his architecture and in his body. >> jimmy: in his physical architecture as well. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: interesting. >> i like that. >> jimmy: did you that beforehand? or was that something that was imparted to you as part of the character? did somebody say, yes, everything about him is perfect? >> i guess when you're building a character, you know -- i try to take a holistic approach. if he's a perfectionist, that's going to weave into pretty much everything in his life, which he absolutely is. yes. it's also a good excuse to stay in shape. >> jimmy: yes, it is. >> which my wife was very happy. >> jimmy: your wife likes that, that's good. gut that will make you feel bad about the whole rest of the time if you're not in that same shape, right? >> well, funny you should say that. i played dr. king in a film called "selma. >> jimmy: right. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: he was not quite as -- >> he was a lot of things, a lot of great things. pbut in that kind of physical condition, he was not.
12:30 am
and so my wife did have to endure man boobs for quite a few months. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: same here. [ laughter ] how long have you lived here in l.a.? >> nearly 15 years now. >> jimmy: 15 years. you have four kids? >> yep, i do. >> jimmy: four kids. and you have an extended family. i thought this was very interesting. >> i do. >> jimmy: living in the united states. >> yeah. >> jimmy: in what part of the country? >> maryland. >> jimmy: how did you -- this is a -- >> yeah, there they all are, there's my family. >> jimmy: have you been in touch with them? how did you come to the family reunion? >> when i first moved here, i had a bunch of people reach out to me saying, i'm your accuse sin. [ laughter ] you know where this is going. [ laughter ] pay for my school fees and my house. so i ignored anyone who said, "i'm your cousin" on social media or anything like that. it turns out i have tens and tens of cousins, actual cousins. >> jimmy: living here? >> living here.
12:31 am
and so we all got together before this whole pandemic thing. and there's so many of us in america. >> jimmy: that's fun. >> yeah. >> jimmy: to meet all these people that you're related to. did you have people in common that you figured out? >> oh, yeah. they are my cousin cousins. >> jimmy: like your first cousins? >> yeah, some of them are. >> jimmy: really? >> they kept on saying they're my cousins, other people said they were my cousins and they wanted me to pay their school fees so i ignored them. a lot of apologizing. >> jimmy: they were definitely badmouthing you, like who does he think he is, he won't get back to his cousins. >> for years. >> jimmy: we are parents, brother and sister -- >> he's in movies, he thinks he's above us. >> he works out, he's going to be in "magic mike 3." >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: tell us a little bit about your character in "the girl before," an architect. what is the show about specifically? >> "the girl before" centers around these two women, emma as played by jessica plumber, and
12:32 am
jane, as played by gutu embataror. they've had traumas in their lives, they're looking for answers. i'm an architect who also has a situation whereby his wife passed away, he has something called repetition compulsion. she passes away tragically. repetition compulsion, you keep going back to the moment of trauma in order to fix your life and continue from that point. so he builds this house as a honey trap to attract women who look a bit like his wife. and that is both jessica plumber and gugu different timelines. >> jimmy: this is a honey trap movie you've made? >> a honey trap movie, yeah. >> jimmy: we have a clip, "the girl before," the series, rather. "the girl before." >> thank you. >> i'll get a cloth. >> no need, no need, no need. dispose of that, would you?
12:33 am
don't worry, don't worry. they were very bad drawings, i should have abandoned them weeks ago. >> i'm so sorry. >> word of advice, simon. you never apologize for someone you love. makes you look like a prick. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's actually good advice. >> absolutely true. >> jimmy: he's a bad guy, though, right? >> i mean, he is a complex guy. >> jimmy: is it more fun to play a complex guy? which is code for bad. [ laughter ] >> absolutely. i mean, i haven't been afforded this kind of role before. >> jimmy: you usually play -- well, dr. martin luther king. >> martin luther king, you know. but yeah, gugu emataror was the one who called me, she's an associate producer on the show. i think as a fellow actor, she knows as an actor you're looking for roles the likes which you haven't played before. i have to ask her, why this guy? he is questionable. >> jimmy: will you watch the super bowl? >> l.a. rams. >> jimmy: the l.a. rams. >> absolutely, absolutely. [ cheers and applause ]
12:34 am
>> jimmy: are you going to have a thing? a little party at the house? >> i think we're going to have a thing. i can't confess to watching football every weekend, but this is a must. dr. dre is a friend of mine. cannot wait for the halftime show. >> jimmy: dr. dre is a friend, that's a cool thing to be able to say. >> yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] it's a true thing. >> jimmy: "dr. dre is a friend of mine." you'll be watching the doctor at halftime? >> yes. >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. it's "the girl before." it premieres thursday night, hbo max. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:35 am
12:36 am
>> jimmy: i want to thank channing tatum and david oyelowo. jordan chiles, sugar ray leonard, and aunt chippy, judges. our winners tonight, not that you care, are cassie and aladio. >> guillermo: let's go in the pool later. >> jimmy: let's do it. apologies to matt damon. he was hoping to belly flop but no one wanted to see him without a shirt. [ laughter ] tomorrow night, julie bowen and murray bartlett with music from pj morton. "nightline" is next. thanks for watching. good night!
12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, book bans. the fight over controversial texts. >> this is wrong, this is censorship. >> is it protecting kids or undue suppression? school board meetings turning into battlegrounds. >> we please ask you to protect our children, and if you can't, we the people will. >> now who gets to decide what students can read. >> how dare you say that this child can't have access to it? the oscar nominees making history. from ariana debose's breakthrough in "west side story" to the power of the dog's" jane campion, the first woman nominated twice as best director.


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