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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 10, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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going to go live in? jobina: thank you. kumasi: their b good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. on this thursday morning, the nation navigating the next phase of the pandemic. mask whiplash. as several states across the country drop their mandates and dr. fauci signals the worst is over, this morning, the cdc standing firm on their guidance. plus, how the white house is addressing the mixed messages. iran threat. the nation unveils a new long-range missile capable of reaching u.s. bases in the middle east and israel as talks to revive a nuclear deal get back under way and the show of force by russia holding a major military exercise near ukraine as elite u.s. troops prepare in case americans have to be evacuated. a string of shootings across houston including an apparent road rage incident sending a 9-year-old girl to the hospital
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shot in the head. the latest on her condition and the search for the shooter this morning. breaking overnight. bob saget's cause of death revealed. the beloved actor died after suffering head trauma. how unusual is this and what his family is saying this morning. new questions about former president trump's conduct on his way out of office. did he break the law by taking official documents from the white house and mishandle classified information? the new call for an investigation as another former top adviser is subpoenaed in the january 6th investigation. delphi murder mystery. five years after those two indiana teens were killed, the new warning from the police for the suspect still on the loose after they managed to record the alleged killer and we hear from the families in the new interview. sticker shock.for everything from your breakfast to how you get to work. this morning, what gm and ford are doing to keep prices in ceck.
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brooke shields is back. 40 years after her iconic calvin klein ad striking a pose at 56 after recovering from that devastating accident and saying she did not want the photos to be retouched. ♪ every little thing she does ♪ and every little sting song is magic. the 17-grammy winner with huge news about his hits this morning, plus magic in the mountains and on the ice, the quad king and the halfpipe queen, crowned. a golden night for nathan chen, chloe kim, and team usa. ♪ good morning, america. king and queen of the gold. i watched chloe kim last night. >> she was something. >> yes, so far up. flipping. no way. but we'll begin with more encouraging news on the pandemic. dr. fauci says we're heading out of the full-blown pandemic phase of covid-19 as more and more
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states drop mask mandates. >> among the ten states with indoor mandates six of them have said that they will allow their rules to expire in the coming days and weeks. whit johnson joins us now with more on what you need to know about masking. good morning, whit. >> reporter: robin, good morning. as the dominos fall on mask mandates americans in places like new york city are left to navigate a patchwork of different rules and recommendations from their city, state, and federal government, but the cdc director says when it comes to removing the mask, we're not there yet. this morning, mask policy whiplash across the country. as a cascade of states drop their mandates despite the cdc insisting most americans should still be wearing them. >> at this time we continue to recommend masking in areas of high and substantial transmission, that's much of the country right now in public indoor settings. >> reporter: starting today, new york state lifting its indoor mask requirement or proof of vaccination for businesses, but waiting until early march to
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decide on schools. >> new yorkers, this is what we've been waiting for, tremendous progress after two long years and we're not done, but this is trending in a very, very good direction. >> reporter: however, with local leaders able to make their own rules, in new york city, the mask mandate remains on mass transit and vaccination cards still required at restaurants, theaters, and arenas. >> i own a business and i'm very close with people so i'm going to wear it all the time. i'm not going to make my clients wear it, but i would like them to. >> reporter: with new cases in the u.s. plunging nearly 70% in the last three weeks, there is mounting pressure on public officials to bring back a sense of normal life. rhode island and illinois among nine states removing indoor masking policies in the coming weeks. >> i think all of us are getting tired of wearing masks, that's for sure. >> reporter: massachusetts joining connecticut in dropping school mask requirements on february 28th. >> on the one hand i cannot wait
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to get rid of them. on the other hand i feel like it would be good to wait until everybody is eligible to be vaccinated. >> reporter: as states move ahead of federal guidelines, the white house addressing the mixed messaging, insisting internal planning is under way for the next phase of the pandemic. >> we want to ensure that public health guidance meets the moment we're in. we recognize people are tired of the pandemic. >>reporter: news on the pfizer vaccine under 5. sources tell us there is enough supply and that the federal government is already prepping an initial 10 million doses to be shipped out once authorized. george. >> okay, whit, thanks. we're going to go to the white house now where there are growing concerns about iran. the regime there unveiled a new long-range missile sending a defiant missile as talks with the u.s. about its nuclear program resumed. cecilia vega has the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, george. good morning to you. the administration right now is issuing a dire warning, officials say iran could produce enough material for a nuclear
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weapon in just a matter of weeks. now, to be clear we want to emphasize experts say iran is still at least a year away from building an actual nuclear weapon, but they are very close to having enough nuclear fuel to get there. adding to the concerns, take a look at this right there, this video on iranian state tv showing that new long-range missile. tehran says it's highly accurate. it can penetrate missile shields and reach israel and as you said american bases in the region, all of this is happening right now as these high-stages talk in vienna are under way. the united states at the table with tehran and other world leaders. the administration trying to get iran to not get back on its nuke -- to not have a nuclear policy. president trump withdrew from that nuclear agreement, you'll remember that. the u.s. is in its eighth round of negotiations right now. the press secretary saying that a deal could be in sight, george, but she is warning that if it is not reached in the coming weeks, iran's nuclear advances make it impossible for the u.s. to be back in this deal so, george, this morning, these
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stakes could not be any higher. >> this last round could be make or break. okay, cecilia, thanks very much. michael. >> thank you. now to the latest on the showdown with russia over ukraine. russia holding major military exercises on the border while ukrainian troops are beginning a new round of drills. terry moran is on the scene in the ukraine. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, michael. these next ten days are shaping up to be a critical period in this crisis. this morning, russia and ukraine beginning, russia and belarus, i should say beginning those huge military exercises just north of ukraine in belarus. nato says 30,000 russian troops are on hand. ukraine says it's less than that. and among their tasks they'll be drilling on sophisticated surface-to-air missile systems and preparing for urban warfare. at the same time the russian navy has now announced that it will shut down access to huge swaths of the black sea. that's ukraine's southern coastline while they conduct missile tests and artillery tests at sea there.
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russia will be effectively blockading ukraine's ports, and coastline and the ukrainian military beginning its own drills so now there are forces in the field, combat ready, on both sides of the border. meanwhile, u.s. troops in poland, the pentagon confirming, are preparing to help evacuate americans from here in ukraine if war comes. george. >> terry moran, thanks. we're going to get the latest now on former president trump facing questions over his mishandling of official records. the national archives asked the justice department to launch an investigation. chief washington correspondent jon karl is tracking the story. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george, and now there is a new report this morning that says that donald trump would actually occasionally flush documents down the toilet at the white house. this morning, a new report about the alleged destruction of documents in the trump white house. according to an excerpt published in axios from the upcoming book by "new york
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times" reporter maggie haberman, while trump was in the white house, residential staff periodically discovered wads of printed paper clogging a toilet and believed the president had flushed pieces of paper. this comes after revelations that donald trump took 15 boxes of official presidential records and memorabilia to his mar-a-lago resort in florida when he left the white house. officials at the national archives have asked the justice department to look into whether the former president violated a law called the presidential records act, which requires all official white house records to be preserved by the federal government. according to sources familiar with the request, those boxes included his correspondence with north korean dictator kim jong-un. >> he wrote me beautiful letters, and they're great letters. we fell in love. >> reporter: also included in those boxes, the infamous map of hurricane dorian's path that was doctored with a sharpie which attempted to prove trump's incorrect prediction of the hurricane's path.
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as well as the letter that president obama left him in the resolute desk in the oval office. >> this was the letter given to me by president obama. so well written, so thoughtful, so thoughtful. >> reporter: sources tell abc news that officials at the archives have also expressed concerns over whether classified information was mishandled. in a statement released late wednesday, donald trump denied doing anything wrong with his official records saying that his conversations with the archives have been collaborative and respectful. another interesting item in the maggie haberman upcoming book, she says that donald trump has told people that he has remained in touch with north korean dictator kim jong-un. george, communicating with kim jong-un even after he has left the white house. >> that is something and, jon, flushing papers down the toilet sounds so weird but as you point out it could also be illegal. >> reporter: absolutely. you're supposed to preserve
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those presidential records, certainly not flush them down the toilet. >> thanks very much. robin. now to that disturbing string of violence in houston including an apparent road rage shooting that sent a 9-year-old girl to the hospital. police are still searching for the shooter. the video we have to warn you is difficult to watch. mireya villarreal has the latest for us. >> reporter: this morning, mounting gun violence across houston with a string of shootings and road rage incidents taking place in just two days. the latest, wednesday afternoon, leaving a man shot, wounded but expected to survive and on tuesday, just hours apart, two children shot. a 13-year-old now recovering after being shot three times and 9-year-old ashanti grant, the victim of a separate road rage shooting incident. >> shooting at 18550. one's a road rage disturbance. >> reporter: grant is now in the hospital and fighting to recover. she and three members of her family were on their way to the grocery store when officials
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believe they got between two cars that appeared to be racing down the highway. the family says they were cut off several times by someone driving a white gmc denali. the driver eventually pulling up behind them and opening fire wounding the girl in the head. >> shot out the window into the air. >> reporter: the family pulling over at this shell gas station for help. the mother's screams captured on surveillance video. first responders arriving within minutes. her grandmother speaking with our abc station ktrk. >> you know, you never imagine that it's going to hit you and when it hits home, reality sets in that you're no different from anybody else. >> reporter: a bit of good news developing overnight in this case, the 9-year-old girl, confirming to our partners here that she's doing okay.
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she was able to wiggle her toes and police still looking for the suspect in her case. michael? >> that is good news. thank you, mireya. thank you so much. turning now to prices across the country soaring from groceries to cars. our chief economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with that for us this morning. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, michael. this morning, inflation up since december 2020. the price of a pound of bacon rising more than $1. a dozen eggs, up 21%. and a sirloin steak up a whopping $2 a pound. goldman sachs economists estimating those food prices could jump another 5% to 6% this year. but it's not just the grocery bill eating into family budgets. nationwide gas prices are up 50% from last year. plus, the average price of a new
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car, a record-breaking $47,077, nearly $6,000 more than a year ago. with 82% of new vehicle purchases above the suggested retail price, according to, some automakers now enacting policies to stop the markups like ford whose ceo issued this warning on an earnings call last week. >> we don't like making our customers wait and we're taking action to ensure that they don't pay unreasonable markups. >> reporter: and gm which said in a statement, we want every customer to have a great experience, the majority of our dealers know this, however, we want everyone on the same page. and it's not only impacting car prices and the cost of fuel, it's also impacting the cost of insurance on the car with many car insurers charging upwards to 6% to 8% more this year than last. even if you got a raise it doesn't feel like it, guys.
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>> everything going up, rebecca, thank you. now to that huge day for team usa at the olympics winning two gold medals overnight. figure skater nathan chen and snowboarder chloe kim at the top of the podium. maggie rulli is there in china with the latest. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning. what a day for team usa. not only do we have those two absolutely explosive performances, but just seconds ago we found out team usa has thnailg qu auaer qd.all on d a fall edalteio this time, the 22-year-old's stratospheric performance set to elton john's "rocketman" rocketing him to gold. his second medal of the games. after helping the u.s. nab silver in the team competition, but this morning, the results of that team event could be in
7:16 am
flux. the medal ceremony which was scheduled for tuesday night was suddenly delayed due to what the ioc is calling a legal issue. according to nbc, 15-year-old russian olympic committee star kamila valieva who on monday became the first woman to land a quad in the olympics and help the roc win a gold tested positive for a banned substance. trimetazidine helps the heart functi functio functions, and it helps athletes perform with a higher heart rate for longer. >> it is intended to treat angina in heart patients. obviously valieva is 15 years old so that calls into question right away why would she need a heart medication. if she needs it she would have a therapeutic use exemption. >> reporter: meanwhile, in the mountains, team usa delivering in snowboard, making history on the halfpipe. chloe kim defending her victory in 2018, starting with a monster run right out of the gate
7:17 am
hitting two 1080s and a technical backside 540. dropping to her knees, the 21-year-old knew she nailed it. the competition trying to keep up but that top score stayed untouchable for all three rounds. chloe is now the first woman to win two gold medals in the halfpipe. we were there to see chloe cinch gold. the moment she crushed the run she knew it and she threw her hands up into the air. it was absolutely electric. and over on the ice we just saw that big night for nathan chen, but it wasn't just nathan. i want you to take a look at this. this is donovan carrillo. the 22-year-old made history becoming the first skater ever for mexico to make it to the round of freeskate in the olympics and while he didn't get a medal this time around, guys, it is still such an achievement. >> it really is, and his expression after, you just know that it was an olympic moment for him. so, maggie, bring us up to date on the medal race. where do we stand? >> reporter: well, robin, this is exciting.
7:18 am
we now have four golds, ten medals, we're quickly climbing that leaderboard and the good news, robin, we're only just getting started. >> just getting started as you are. you are having a great time. thank you for bringing it every morning for us, maggie. keep on doing it. coming up, brooke shields back in front of the camera 40 years after her calvin klein ad. this morning, how the model fought to keep her photos from being retouched. and the breaking news overnight on the cause of death for bob saget. right now let's go to ginger. >> george, from the chilly streets here in harlem it's hard to imagine record high temperatures, but that's what we have from oakland down to san diego today. we could break many more records. rare for february to see a heat advisory in southern california, wind advisories too for gusts from 30 to 65 miles per hour. let's get those sunny cities sponsored by intuit turbotax.
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drew: i'm meteorologist drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. record warmth for a second day today. we are going back into the 70's if not close to 80 degrees. 78 in oakland, 78 in san jose -- that would be a record -- etienne santa rosa would be a record. breezy and our hills and temperatures remain elevated in the 40's and 50's under clear skies. records today and likely tomorrow we'll be right back.
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it's no wonder they call it the grain of all time. quaker oats. a super-trusted superfood. bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings. today a group of lawmakers will band together to say it is time to end the california state of emergency, which was issued by governor newsom. three gop state lawmakers will hold a news conference. kevin kiley of the sacramento area. james gallagher of yuba city, and melissa melendez, a riverside county. they're arguing that the governor's two year old order should be lifted, given the state's eased mask mandates and the super bowl being hosted in l. a sunday. davina house that traffic doing, reggie? it's improving, so i'm happy to report that. at least good morning, everyone. i'm starting here with the toll plaza. traffic is actually backed up all the way to pinole. so you're going to slow down through their richmond, berkeley, emeryville
7:24 am
stop and go traffic because of an earlier issue. the richmond san rafael bridge is also really filling in now for people that are headed towards the north bay. and then we are also following a crash in the south bay that i want to touch on briefly. this is going to be on westbound to 37 near the great america parkway, reggie alright, jimi what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more... yardwork... teamwork... long walks.... that's how you du more, with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function
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taking a live look at our king street camera right now that sun is up here we have baby blue skies and we are onto a record warm afternoon on the way. look at this word. it's 70 degrees and half moon bay that tells you anything about how our afternoon is going to shape up later on 55 in the city 53 in oakland, 45 in san jose 53 in vallejo, so record warmth likely. and several cities today we're talking temperatures in the seventies if not 80 degrees in our warmest cities, reggie drew. thank you. coming up on g m a. the new details about bob saget death. dr jen ashton helps break
7:27 am
down what we're learning from his family. we'll have another abc seven news update in about 30 minutes, we'll see you then. okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network. which means this mega fan never misses a second. it's gig-speed wifi that's “mikaela shiffrin” fast. ok, that's fast! speed's cool, but does yours block threats? yup, even for these upstairs all-nighters rocking wifi speeds faster than a gig. can your internet do that? learn more about gig-speed wifi,
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it bloodssure the y atdvil®, , for trusted relief, trust tylenol®. ♪ message in a bottle ♪ welcome back to "gma." what a throwback on this thursday morning. "message in a bottle." coming up later in "pop news," lara tells us about sting's big news about his music. >> that's coming up. following a lot of headlines including good news about the state of the pandemic. dr. fauci says we're heading out of the full-blown phase and more cases are dropping and more states are dropping mask mandates. also breaking right now, prince charles tested positive for covid-19 again now isolating. this comes as the uk is lifting their own covid restrictions.
7:31 am
also, right now, former trump adviser peter navarro says he will not comply with the subpoena from the january 6th committee that is investigating the capitol riot. he was subpoenaed after he made public statements supporting the overturning of the election working inside the white house with president trump on that. odl that aguecomm fe sn hi coacheafter thlawsuit from form brian flores alleging racial discrimination. the nfl has just five minority head coaches. the league has said the legal claims are without merit. goodell has invited outside experts to help find a way forward. and fans are celebrating the legacy of betty davis. the influential funk singer, fashion icon and ex-wife of jazz legend miles davis who died wednesday at the age of 77. davis blazed the path of her own with a suite of records that set the tempo for funk and hip-hop sounds in the 1970s, and beyond and an outpouring of love and appreciation now coming from top musicians like janelle monae, proof her music and her influence live on. and we've got a lot more ahead including the delphi murder mystery, and the new message from police to the killer still on the loose five
7:32 am
years later. that is coming up, george. right now, we're going to the new revelations about bob saget's cause of death. the star's family released a statement saying he died last month in a florida hotel room after suffering head trauma. t.j. holmes has the details. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: george, good morning. we all felt a shock of hearing the news about his death but then trying to figure out the details. that he was found in a hotel room by himself. authorities say there were no signs of foul play. the room was in order, no drugs or alcohol involved. his family said this is an otherwise healthy guy and now we're getting word that he died of a head injury, and perhaps he didn't even realize how bad that injury was. >> now i really got to go now because my shorts are cooked and my noodles are dry. oh, hello. >> reporter: bob saget's family has revealed his cause of death weeks now after the comedian was found unresponsive in a florida hotel room. >> we have an unresponsive guest teing the o ls>> rorter: trauma accor to the family
7:33 am
statement saying, authorities concluded that he accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and went to sleep. adding, no drugs or alcohol were involved. an autopsy completed last month also showed no evidence of foul play. >> so it's going to be fun. >> reporter: the 65-year-old was found in his hotel bed hours after what would be his final show performing on his stand-up comedy tour outside jacksonville, florida. saget saying in a tweet, loved tonight's show. i'm happily addicted again to this. >> he just wanted to spread love and laughter, and he did it so amazingly. >> reporter: the "full house" star's wife kelly rizzo talked to me days after her husband's passing. what was the last text? >> just, i love you so much and i can't wait to see you tomorrow and i love you so much and can't wait to see you tomorrow. >> what was the last conversation, phone call? >> he was just on his way home or back to his hotel and just was telling me what a wonderful show he had and how it was so amazing and he was happy and
7:34 am
just loving what he did. it made him so happy. to just bring laughter to people. >> reporter: wearing multiple hats over his four decade long career. >> i never got to sleep over my friend's house. does anybody get to do that? you slept over my friends' houses? >> reporter: saget was the beloved television host of "america's funniest home videos." >> hi, everybody, i'm bob saget and this is a new suit. you like it? >> reporter: and became a star as america's dad, danny tanner, on the long-running sitcom "full house." >> super dad flying out the door. super dad, you can eat right off my floor. >> reporter: even returning to the role that made him famous in a recent netflix revival. >> all right. come on in. again? come on. oh, geez. >> reporter: just this week on "gma," his "full house" co-star jodie sweetin spoke about one thing saget taught her, how to laugh through pain. >> bob had a lot of loss and a lot of grief in his --
7:35 am
throughout his life with his sister's passing, his parents, he never stopped laughing. he never lost the ability to laugh at himself, to laugh at his situation, to, you know, make fun of something that would otherwise feel like it was going to break you. >> reporter: it was on stage where friends say he was most at home returning to stand-up in recent years to make people laugh. >> he was just so wonderful. i was just so honored to be his wife and to be able to be a part of it and bring him any bit of happiness that i could because he deserved it so much. >> reporter: and even through this difficult time, robin, in the statement that they put out explaining what his cause of death was they ended the statement by saying, we want everybody to remember the lessons that bob taught us which are to be kind to everyone, tell the ones you love, you love them and go through your difficult times with hugs and laughter, so still a lesson, a positive message they wanted to make sure they got out in this difficult time, robin. >> that's right, t.j., so good, it was important to the family they be the first ones to reveal
7:36 am
this news and knowing that his many fans would want to know. thanks, t.j. chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton joins us now. we hear this news and how often does this happen that a head injury leads to something fatal? >> we have to do some mini med school and look at the anatomy of the brain. there is blood vessels there, this is a very unforgiving organ for trauma, but it's a closed space. you have the hard skull, the soft brain and in between that a little bit of bleeding can cause compression on the brain and in some cases can be fatal. so is this something that is common? no, but can it happen? yes, it can. >> it's not totally unusual. >> well, if you look at the statistics and, again, this is awareness for traumatic brain injury, we often hear about it in sports or in military settings, but people can slip and fall in their own homes, according to the cdc there are estimated 1.5 million traumatic brain injuries in the country every year. about 230,000 people are hospitalized each year for this
7:37 am
and unfortunately in 2019 there were 61,000 deaths due to traumatic brain injury so as we say in medicine an increased risk of a rare event is still rare, but if it happens to you, it's a big deal. >> are there any warning signs? >> i think it's important when you talk about the brain, you always want to err on the side of caution so the big signs and symptoms that we think about are, headache, nausea and vomiting, a loss of consciousness with a trauma or confusion. if you have hit your head, you actually want to err on the side of caution. we all minimize our symptoms and we don't like to bring attention to ourselves, but this is a situation where you want to seek medical attention. you want to get it checked out. it is better be to safe than sorry. >> absolutely, jen. as always, thank you. >> you bet. >> michael? >> thank you, robin. coming up, the delphi murder mystery five years after those two indiana teens were killed. the new warning from police to the killer still on the loose. s. the new warning from police to the killer still on the loose.
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back with the latest on the delphi murder case nearly five years after the killing of two indiana teenage girls. police say they may be closing in on the killer. amy is here with the latest on the investigation and what the families are saying now. good morning, amy. >> good morning to you, michael. this is the murder case of two young girls who managed to record the suspect with a phone, but five years later he has still not been caught. while the case remains unsolved indiana state police say they
7:42 am
still receive 25 to 30 tips a week from all over the world and they say this case is far from cold. >> reporter: nearly five years since 13-year-old abby williams and 14-year-old libby german were murdered on this indiana hiking trail. this morning, indiana state police issuing a new warning to the culprit. >> my resolve to catch him is as strong as it was day one, but the difference now, between now and day one, is we know about you. a lot about you. today could be the day. sleep well. >> reporter: abby and libby were last seen near this bridge in february of 2017. authorities say libby recorded this image of the alleged killer on her iphone along with haunting audio of his voice moments before their murder. apparently telling them to go down the hill. >> guys, down the hill. >> reporter: state police also urging anyone who may have communicated with this phony
7:43 am
social media profile anthony_shots to come forward. police releasing information about these fake snapchat and instagram accounts in december saying the person who created them tried to solicit nude images, obtain addresses, and meet juvenile females. investigators say the model in these images is not a suspect. >> that's generated tremendous number of leads for us and that's as far as i can go. >> if you knew libby she had her phone attached to her hip all the time. >> reporter: libby's grandparents believe the teen knew something wasn't right with the man she encountered prompting her to record him. >> she would film that and come home and say, look at this guy, really weird. >> reporter: abby's mother reflecting on what her daughter would have been like today. >> they would be finishing up their first year in college. it's hard to believe. she would have turned into a really good young lady.
7:44 am
>> reporter: both families desperate for the one tip that will bring them closure. >> it's probably the smallest thing, but it's that small thing that we're missing and that's what we just keep hoping for, is that one small thing will come to light and that this will be over soon. >> this guy could strike again. it could be your kids, you know. it happened to our family. i don't want it to happen to anybody else. this is not something anybody should have to go through. >> reporter: no, it isn't. police superintendent carter has vowed to forge ahead until the killer is found. hopefully he will soon be able to give the families of libby and abby some closure. that's what his hope and take a dangerous man off the street, guys. >> what those families are going through. >> we all hope for that, amy. thank you, and you can see much more on the delphi murder mystery on a special edition of "nightline" on friday night. robin. coming up, we're going to
7:45 am
have our "play of the day." so come on back. welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪ here, safe driving saves more than just your cargo. ♪ ♪ safe driving saves you 40% with drivewise. ♪ ♪ the safer you drive, the more you save with allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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7:49 am
longtime doubles partner andy macdonald. took us skating together for more than 25 years and they call this their dream routine. their combined age, 101 years. but we got to show you some bloopers to prove that the g.o.a.t. even needs a few, you know, runs at it. one person commenting, how do you guys not age? show us that trick and they did it. you know, they won the x games vertical doubles six years in a row. >> they still got it. >> still got it. >> right. and we've got "deals & steals" for you. tory is here with brands we love. getting ready for valentine's day. >> she's still got it. >> yes, she does. is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the first approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight?
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we welcome back to "gma." we are being blessed with a relatively warm morning on the streets of harlem. look at this map. we just had, or this video of that storm that moved through in new england, what, we've got a bunch of fresh snow, nearly 16 inches fell in parts of maine with that. caribou has had more than seven feet for the season so we are going to see more warming. all the way through the start of the weekend and even through saturday, look at new york city, we'll sneak into the upper 50s. raleigh will touch 70, but don't hold on to that for too long. that arctic air is creeping and it's coming by, yep, the end of the weekend. so you'll see that but coming up here on "gma," we have so much more to get to and that includes brooke shields opening up about being in jeans in an ad campaign 40 years after her iconic calvin klein jeans. the tiktok influencer under fire. accused of scamming thousands of followers. and a behind-the-scenes look of the new "lord of the rings"
7:54 am
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7:56 am
moving forward finding solutions . this is abc. seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc. seven mornings now. hours ago, we had a problem on the bay bridge, which caused the residual backup. gravina. what's the deal now? thank you, reggie. it has gotten so much better. but i do want to bring in the dry times because you'll see how the implications that spread out to other parts of the bay area, especially that highway for commute to the maze, which will lead you to the bay bridge. it's 38 minutes for that drive. then you look at emeryville here. ah so much better for our westbound commuters, which is on the left hand side of the screen speeds are almost at the limit, but then vary slow at the san mateo bridge. and it's just because it's been clog. very. i don't even know what it tells a colleague. it has been a clock. we're going to the king street camera right now live. look at san francisco. we have tons of sunshine. blue skies numbers are quickly warming already for the forties and fifties, if not 70
7:57 am
right now in half moon bay, so record warmth. that's the story today for a second day in a row. into the seventies, if not lower eighties. later on this afternoon, reggie drew, thank you coming up on g m a brooke shields back in a jeans add more than 40 years after her iconic calvin klein ad why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. mask whiplash. as several states across the country drop their mandates and dr. fauci signals the worst is over, the cdc is standing firm on their guidance. plus, how the white house is addressing the mixed messages. sticker shock. the rising prices for everything from your breakfast to how you get to work. this morning, what gm and ford are doing to keep prices in check. hot water. >> hello. youtube. welcome back to my channel. >> the popular tiktok fitness influencer, facing new legal troubles, accused of scamming thousands of her followers. this morning, what some of her
8:01 am
customers are telling "gma," and the red flags to watch for when following popular figures online. ♪ working 9 to 5 ♪ dolly parton showing her extraordinary devotion to her dollywood family. the superstar's generous gift for her 11,000 employees looking to level up their education. ♪ finally ♪ brooke shields is back 40 years after her iconic calvin klein ad striking a pose at 56 and how she fought to keep the photos from being retouched. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ super bowl countdown. our sneak peek at the commercial you don't just watch, you walk into and our kid correspondent reporting for duty. >> aubrey, that's a hard-hitting question. >> catching up with keegan-michael key before he takes the stage at the star-studded nfl honors. pus, we're cooking up super bowl soul food with the family of super fans. they're about to get a big game surprise live on "gma" as we say, good morning, america. ♪
8:02 am
we love surprising folks. good morning, america. we're glad to have you with us on this thursday morning. >> and we are counting down to the super bowl. our kaylee hartung is in california with the l.a. rams cheerleaders. there they are, and she's got the ultimate surprise for some very deserving football fans. that is coming up. >> that's going to be a lot of fun. we begin with the news and some encouraging news on the pandemic. dr. fauci says we're heading out of the full-blown phase of the pandemic. let's go back to whit johnson. good morning, whit. >> reporter: george, good morning. as more states drop the mask mandates, many americans are left to navigate a patchwork of different rules and recommendations. starting today, new york state is lifting its indoor mask requirement for businesses, but will wait until early march to decide on schools. in new york city, on the other hand, the mask mandate remains on mass transit and proof of vaccination is still required at restaurants, theaters and
8:03 am
arenas. with new cases in the u.s. plunging nearly 70% in the last three weeks, there's mounting pressure on public officials to bring back a sense of normal life. rhode island and illinois among nine states removing indoor masking policies in the coming weeks but transmission is still high and for now the cdc is sticking to its guidance that most people should be wearing a mask in indoor public places. robin. >> okay, whit, thank you. we're going to turn now to prices across the country soaring from groceries to cars so let's go back to our chief economics correspondent rebecca jarvis with more on inflation and new jobs. good morning, again, rebecca. >> reporter: hi, robin. and as you said, americans are feeling this virtually everywhere. over the last 12 months prices up 7.5%. since last january. and we're seeing this in many places from groceries to gasoline, most acutely it's hitting furniture prices, appliances and cars, estimates
8:04 am
82% of the cars sold in the month of january were above the sticker price and even general motors and ford have come out and told their dealerships, don't do this, stop marking up the cars. there are 1.5 job opener for every job seeker which is why the federal reserve is likely on the verge of hiking interest rates. they need to stabilize prices. interest rate hikes mean prices are higher. coming up, the tiktok influencer being sued by the state of texas. how she allegedly scammed thousands of her followers. and 42 years after that iconic ad, brooke shields is back in front of the camera. plus, we have an exclusive first look behind the scenes of the new "lord of the rings" series and lara is with tory
8:05 am
johnson. hey, guys. yeah, tory is here with the valentine's day, i mean, what a deal for our viewers. "deals & steals" has some of our very favorite companies today including bombas. so much more coming up on "gma." we'll be right back. ♪ e 2 diabetes zone? once-weekly ozempic® can help. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. ozempic® helped me get back in my type 2 diabetes zone. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles. don't take ozempic® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop ozempic® and get medical help right away
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welcome to the happiest place on earth! where your happy... is everywhere! anywhere! he's the “pew-pew! pew-pew!” kinda happy. they're even happy-er. and you?! you're the ha-pee-ist of them all! because this place... has all the happy you never knew could exist. so you're a new kind of happy, every time you visit. welcome to your happiest place on earth! only at the disneyland resort. make every visit your happiest for as low as $110 per day for a disneyland® resort 3-day, 1-park ticket. ♪ feeling good ♪ feeling good ♪ ♪ like i should ♪ you know who is feeling good? tyler perry is feeling really good. just go online. you'll see what we're talking about. go on with your bad self, tyler. welcome back on this thursday morning. tomorrow on "gma," we get you ready for your super bowl party with a battle of the wings. we got the l.a. korean style versus cinci chili rub. >> who will take it home?
8:10 am
>> i'll be the judge of that. [ laughter ] >> yes. right now, it is time for "pop news" and, of course, no one delivers "pop news" like lara spencer. >> thank you, michael. good morning to you, guys. "vanity fair" is giving us an exclusive, the first look at the photos from the highly anticipated "lord of the rings" prequel series. the magazine getting a behind-the-scenes look at what could be the most expensive tv series in history with an estimated $1 billion budget. the show has taken over four years to make. it's set in the second age of middle earth, thousands of years before gandolf and the gang existed. the prequel centers around the incident that gives the trilogy its name, the forging of those fabled rings. the creators drawing inspiration from the vast backstory j.r.r. tolkien laid out in the "the lord of the rings"
8:11 am
books. they say, it is a lavish, compelling mix of palace intrigue, magic, warfare and mythology. you can see and read more on and the first teaser for the show will drop this sunday during the super bowl and then the series, "the lord of the rings" makes its debut on amazon prime video on september 2nd. a lot of people are looking forward to that. also in the news this morning, sting is showing that every little thing he does is magic. at least universal music thinks so. the publishing company just spent an unknown sum to buy the rights to sting's entire catalog of music. his solo hits, as well as his songs that he wrote for the band, the police, my favorite, by the way, favorite all-time band, posters in the room, the full works. we're talking "roxanne," "every breath you take," "message in a bottle," so many great songs. in fact, sting has sold -- i
8:12 am
know, i could sit and listen to the music. he sold 100 million albums all to me by the way in his 50-year career creating some of the most recognizable pop songs in history. the 17-time grammy winner saying in a statement, it is absolutely essential to me that my career's body of work have a home where it's valued and respected. no word yet on how much that catalog sold for but even with a massive paycheck sting is still getting out there doing what he loves. his my songs world tour resumes next month, i'll be there, and then his residency at the coliseum in las vegas is back up and running this coming june. big news. they're all doing it, right? and finally this morning, another song for you. oh. work with us, people. yes, dolly, we will always love you too. the queen of country doing it again, giving back and helping others.
8:13 am
this time it's parton's dollywood parks and resorts saying they will cover 100% of the cost of tuition and even pay for books for any of their 11,000 employees looking to further their education. these full rides to college are available to any employee, guys, meaning full-time, part-time, even seasonal employees will get this opportunity. the president of the dollywood company stating this makes our business and community truly a better place. amen to that. it's unbelievable. the dollywood scholarship program launching february 24th. that's news i'm so happy to share. >> we were in dollywood last year, such a special place and she was there and the way she's with everybody in the dollywood family, this is further proof of it. >> she's amazing. a national treasure, what they're saying. >> the gift of education. can't beat that. thank you so much, lara. and now it's time for our "gma" cover story.
8:14 am
brooke shields is striking a pose more than 40 years after her iconic calvin klein ad. she's opening up to "people" magazine about getting in front of the camera at the age of 56. erielle reshef has more and, erielle, this comes after she recovered from that accident. >> she did, michael, and take a look at her. she looks fabulous. the last time shields modeled for a denim campaign she was just 15 years old and now at age 56 she says she was very clear with jordache she did not want those photos retouched. she wanted her new campaign to be as authentic as possible. >> reporter: 40 years after the iconic calvin klein ads that made her a household name and ruffled feathers. >> i've got seven calvins in my closet. and if they could talk, i'd be ruined. >> reporter: brooke shields is the new face of jordache's spring jeans campaign. the model turned actress embracing her age posing topless wearing jeans exclusively revealing to "people" magazine it was important for you to see this is my 56-year-old body and
8:15 am
to fight the retouching adding, there's something about owning your sexuality at this age that is on point for where we are today. this modeling gig coming after a tough recovery. just last year shields breaking her right femur in a freak gym accident and after multiple surgeries and complications relearning how to walk. in may the mom of two daughters opening up about her recovery. >> if i can turn it into anything positive or i can teach my girls, yeah, stuff is going to happen in your life and how you respond is going to define you and adversity will reveal you. it won't make you as much as it will reveal you. >> reporter: and now, in the new campaign, shields telling "people" it's such an honor to be my age and to be represented. i feel the magnitude of it more. there's a knowledge that comes with age and this feels less like a job and more like a privilege. and shields says she got a confidence boost from doing intense 5:00 a.m. workouts in preparation for that shoot. she just wanted to feel good when she saw the photos and she wanted that campaign to be a true reflection of her best self at this age.
8:16 am
the issue of "people" magazine hits newsstands on friday. got to put in the work, guys. >> that's right. thank you. now to popular social media influencer brittany dawn facing new legal trouble. the tiktok star is being sued by the state of texas. stephanie ramos has more on how she's accused of misleading thousands of her followers. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: robin, good morning. the state of texas says social media fitness influencer brittany dawn gave people with eating disorders bad health advice, charged them for plans they never received and the state says she's been at this for the last couple of years. >> welcome back to my channel. >> reporter: this morning, social media influencer brittany dawn. >> all right, i will see you guys at the gym. >> reporter: known for sharing her fitness and lifestyle routines and her christian beliefs. >> i love listening to podcasts and sermons while driving. >> reporter: is being sued by
8:17 am
the state of texas accused of using her platforms to scam thousands of her followers. the lawsuit claims from as early as 2014 dawn sold a variety of fitness packages with promises of personalized nutritional guidance and individualized fitness coaching costing customers up to $300 each. according to the lawsuit, those customers did not receive any personalized sessions, instead, receiving a single encouraging email or text reading, that's my girl. you're killing it. or, you've got this, babe. kelly evans says she didn't get what she was promised. >> i was just, you know, kind of desperate to do something, to change something, to feel good about myself.nghe could overcome her body image securities as a new mom says by fllowing dawn's advice, she was consuming less than a child would each day. she now says she regrets that decision. >> it was terrible mind-blowing advice, dangerous advice.
8:18 am
>> reporter: when accusations first surfaced in 2019 from clients claiming they didn't get what they paid for, dawn spoke to "gma," offering an explanation. >> i jumped into an industry that had no instruction manual. i'm basically going through unchartered territory and doing the best i can to the best of my ability. >> reporter: following that interview dawn then shifted from fitness and lifestyle teaching to christian preaching, offering religious retreats. ♪ and still posting about them to her nearly 2 million combined followers on tiktok, instagram and youtube. >> social media is this sort of bludgeoning industry that's coming out and we'll start seeing more precedent about what's required of people to maintain and run a business through social media. >> reporter: we reached out to .it we have not heard back but here's the deal. if you follow an influencer's advice online, legal experts say check them out.
8:19 am
robin. >> good advice there, stephanie. thanks so much. let's go to ginger. she is in harlem this morning. good morning, ging. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. yes, i'm in the national jazz museum where you can be immersed in the history of jazz. like this right here, that is duke ellington's baby grand piano. his actual piano. not only do you see the artifacts but there is a brand-new american adventure i'm going to be taking you into. yes, the half note jazz club drew: i'm meteorologist drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. record warmth for a second day today. we are going back into the 70's if not close to 80 degrees. 78 in oakland, 78 in san jose -- that would be a record -- etienne santa rosa would be a record.
8:20 am
breezy and our hills and temperatures remain elevated in the 40's and 50's under clear skies. records today and likely tomorrow, , , , , , , , , , , , super bowl three days away. we have a sneak peek at some of the commercials that will air during the big game. this morning, it's an ad that takes you back and invites you into a virtual world and kaylee hartung has the details. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, george. we talk all the time through these cameras but unfortunately rarely are we actually in the same place. now, in this new super bowl ad from meta, the company with the new name, is showing us how easy it could be to be transported into the same space hanging out and having fun. >> closing time. >> reporter: the metaverse coming to life in a new super bowl ad but looking a lot like our past. the company now known as meta getting nostalgic while introducing us to the future possibilities of social connection. take me inside the brainstorming
8:21 am
session for a super bowl spot. >> we're coming off of a really big holiday season where meta quest was everywhere, top of the app store, and so this was the next logical moment. we think it's probably the first super bowl spot that you can't just watch but walk into. ♪ >> reporter: the commercial starring a band of animatronic characters jamming together through the years. but when their beloved diner closes, the band breaks up. >> it became the setting of a really unique but universally relevant story of a group of friends who are separated but find their way back together in a place that they love. >> reporter: with meta's oculus virtual reality headset, i got the chance to visit their virtual hangout questies, trying the oculus 2. playing classic arcade games. oh, i got this. now we're talking. and picking up souvenirs along the way.
8:22 am
>> you can wear it if you want. >> looks great. >> thinking about visiting somewhere from the past gives you something to anchor it on to. >> a version of air hockey. >> and from there, i think the sky is the limit to your imagination of where you could go. >> reporter: now i'm in l.a. and we're playing air hockey and you're where? >> i am up in san francisco. >> this is what you can do with your friends no matter how near or far you are. >> this is the first step is just understanding what it means to be in the same space together. it's really different than the conversation that you and i are having, you know, looking at each other an a video screen being able to stand next to each other and feel that presence is really powerful. especially in a time when we've been so separated. >> i've got my gameday gear on. even in the virtual world you can get outfitted for the big game. meta's teamed up with the nfl so your avatar can show off team
8:23 am
colors. i had so much fun playing around in there i wanted to make sure you could get in on the fun when you're ready to dive into the metaverse. we took the liberty of building your 3d avatars. check this out, robin. >> oh. >> robin, we wanted to make sure you were comfortable in your signature slippers. >> that's true. that's true. thank you. >> yes. >> george, you're armed with your cell phone right there. you can break some news and play solitaire if you'd like. >> perfect. >> and, michael, speaking of being geared up for the big game, our favorite super bowl champ armed and ready. you can toss that football around with all the new friends you're going to make in the metaverse. >> do i look like that? [ laughter ] you put a gap in -- that's michael, got to be. kaylee, that is awesome. love your jacket also. you're ready for the game. i can tell you that. >> hey, thanks. >> all right, thank you, kaylee. now we turn to the nfl honors.
8:24 am
it celebrates the coolest, best players and plays before superstars and sports legends walk down the red carpet. our super bowl kid correspondent aubrey is giving us a sneak peek inside with the host keegan-michael key. hey, aubrey. >> hey, michael, i went behind the scenes at nfl honors rehearsals and caught up with the host keegan-michael key. let's take a look. hey, america, it's aubrey here and today i'm at the nfl honors getting a behind-the-scenes look. let's head on inside. ♪ the 11th annual nfl honors awards show recognizes the best of the best in football. this year it's right next to sofi stadium in the youtube theater and the audience filled with the biggest a-listers in the biz, it's mark wahlberg, and he's presenting and behind me is the stage where keegan-michael key will be rehearsing. how cool. he took a break to give this news reporter the inside scoop.
8:25 am
any jokes you could give us like a sneak peek on or anything. >> well, actually, my wife is one of the head writers on the show and she and i and michael strahan are very good friends so we have a joke about michael strahan, it's a good one. >> this is like a very serious question. >> very serious question, okay. >> okay, would you rather play in the marvel or "star wars" movies and what character? >> aubrey, that's a hard-hitting question. >> i know. >> marvel or "star wars"? i think it would be a "star wars" movie. hands down my favorite character is boba fett. >> okay. >> i would like to play boba fett any time. in his life. >> speak freely. >> america, you heard it first here, thank you, keegan, for your time. oh, that hurt. michael, i could definitely say this joke about you is going to be out of this world. later today i'm going on -- i'm going to the nfl honors red carpet. i can't wait.
8:26 am
>> well, we can't wait to see you on the red carpet, aubrey. we know you're going to crush it. make sure you have fun. i'll look out for the joke. we tell you that much. the 11th annual nfl honors airs tonight at 9:00 eastern, espn plus, also the nfl network. coming up soul food and a huge super bowl surprise. you don't want to miss.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: -- kumasi: good morning, i'm kumasi aaron from abc 7 mornings. let's get to jobina now with the look of traffic. jobina: metering lights came on at the bay bridge toll plaza at 5:44 and you are facing a big backup, it will extend westbound to richmond as you are traveling towards the bay bridge. also slow in walnut creek rightn tell from the camera right here. no blocking issues, just type traffic in that area. we are also following a crash on san mateo on 101 before woodside road. kumasi:
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> live with kelly and ryan is coming up. we have dennis hayes bert from no exit, plus game day grub week continues. that's at 9:00 on abc 7. drew: a live look at the golden gate bridge. a beautiful picture, lots of sunshine out there yesterday we set records, today is warmer than this time yesterday, so another day of records. temperatures warming through the 40's and 50's at this early morning hour. later on today, records in several cities. close to 80 degrees in our warmer spots later today. kumasi: thank you, drew.
8:30 am
we will have another abc 7 update in about 30 minutes. you can always find the latest on our abc 7 app and on ♪ we are family ♪ ♪ i got all my sisters with me ♪ welcome back to "gma." we are counting down the super bowl sunday all week long and this morning, we're meeting one inspiring family that brings a lot of soul to their los angeles community. kaylee is back with their story. hey, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, again, michael. we are getting the party started early this morning with some help from the rams cheerleaders and the dulan family who have for more than 20 years brought the joy of soul food to los angeles. since the stadium opened up down the road coming to dulan's is part of the ultimate rams experience. just five minutes from sofi stadium in downtown l.a., grab a
8:31 am
plate from the first family of los angeles soul food. >> soul food is comfort food. >> reporter: in 1999, the self-proclaimed king of soul food adolf dulan opened the doors of dulan's and quickly became a neighborhood staple. 23 years later his five children keeping the soul alive remembering their father, what he meant to the inglewood community. >> he was working 14 hours a day and he would also talk to the customers and try to help them to improve their lives. >> reporter: and when they say it's all in the family, they mean it. >> i started working as soon as i was tall enough to reach the cash register. >> reporter: serving up hardy portions of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and cornbread dressing, the rams designated it as a rams house restaurant. and after the hardships of the pandemic the last two years, the dulans are gearing up for a busy super bowl weekend and cheering for a rams victory. >> this is why we've been working as hard as we have.
8:32 am
we are excited and prepared for the super bowl to come to los angeles. >> all: go, rams. >> reporter: and they have prepared this table for us. i am here with terry, tiffany and greg dulan and, tiffany, you say that soul food is the perfect super bowl meal. why is that? >> well, soul food is comfort food and what's more comforting on game day when you're worried about your team winning than carbs, right? cornbread, fried chicken, candied yams, macaroni and cheese, and we are here to help you carb load like you are an nfl player. >> she's on to something. >> she's on to something. i like that. that was always my excuse. and, terry, is it true that sundays are the busiest day at the restaurant? >> oh, yeah, sundays we have a line down the block. that's traditionally the day people go to church and we have gentlemen in their suits, we have ladies in their nice church
8:33 am
hats, and now we have a bunch of rams fans so it's just an interesting mix. >> i'll bet it is. we have your fried chicken here. what's your secret? >> well, the secret is really simple. we have our black pepper, garlic, seasoning salt and the secret is seasoning the flour. you season the flour and the way our grandmother used to do it back in oklahoma is she would take an old paper bag, put the seasoning flour in the bag and then give it a big shake, shake, shake, shake, and sometimes she would let us shake the bag. >> such a family affair. tiffany, talk about these side dishes because i've already delved into them and they are so, so good. the collard. >> the secret to our collard greens is that we cook it with smoked turkey and the smoke flavor helps elevate the flavor of the collard greens and gives it a yummy flavor. >> that's what i'm tasting.
8:34 am
>> yes. >> and, kaylee, we're eating. >> the mac and cheese, anybody tasted that yet? i just dug right in. >> i tell you right now, kaylee, you have something you want to tell the family while we eat. why don't you do the honors. >> i would love to. we have been so inspired by your passion and your commitment to serving this community, you guys are going to need to find some extra hands to help you out in the kitchen here on super bowl sunday because you three are going to the big game. >> whoo! >> oh, wow. >> thanks to our friends, the nfl and microsoft, three tickets for you to go to the big game. >> oh, my gosh. >> what do you think about that? >> that's amazing. >> that's wonderful. >> that's amazing. >> wonderful, wonderful. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> the dulan family is going to will the rams to a victory.
8:35 am
>> oh, yes. >> oh, we're winning. >> and what's the party going to be like here after the game? >> after the rams win, it's going to be crazy. >> that's right. >> at the corner of manchester and la brea. >> that is an ad if i've ever heard one. thank you guys so much. congratulations and thanks to our friends from the nfl and microsoft. >> wow, thank you so much. wow. >> excited, can't you tell? >> kaylee, thank you so much. dulans, thank you for the food. this is really good. george, you don't want that plate i'll clean it up for you. >> we got you. we got you. coming up, tory johnson with valentine's day "deals & steals" from brands we love. we'll be right back.
8:36 am
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♪ i feel love ♪ ♪ i feel love ♪ back now on "gma." >> with chicken. >> valentine's day edition. this is kind of like cartoons. so good. "deals & steals" with tory johnson. >> also so good. >> so this is valentine's day, right, so tory picked your favorite brands. these are the viewer favorites starting with arctix. >> arctix. >> to keep you warm. >> to keep you warm, baby. we've got a big assortment for men and women from arctix. they are all about protecting us from the elements, whether it is on the slopes, on the job, in the backyard. really premium products at great value.
8:39 am
we've got their best-selling bibs for both men and women. that's -- you all right? >> yeah. >> chicken bones. >> okay, nothing that some cargo pants can't cure. >> need a toothpick? >> we've got insulated snow pants. we've got -- moisture wicking, i want to add that, keep you warm but you don't get sweaty. >> this is like when i ski, this is what's happening. >> this is what you wear. >> it's warm. they're so cozy and they look great. >> yeah, but honestly like we should buy this for ginger when she's out there. she needs this to protect her. we've got a great deal. all the pieces start at $24. >> oh, so this is a personal favorite. they give you as a customer and give back. >> 60 million pairs have been donated to date to people in homeless shelters because the number one requested clothing item is warm socks, we've got a huge assortment for toddlers, children, women and men. lara, you've shown me your favorites.
8:40 am
the tennis socks. >> we love them for tennis. we love -- they squeeze your foot. it's nice. >> so good. >> they stay up. they stay up. >> built for comfort and today good time to stock up because they start at $6. >> let's do it. >> i like to think we're built for comfort. >> yeah, baby. >> this is also giving back as well. >> it is, the pride candle company. their mission is to have a flame that fuels change. that's what they're all about. so with every candle they sell they donate a portion of their proceeds. they've given away over $100,000 so far and it's all about equity, celebrating love, all of these are hand poured in chicago and these are in recycled glass canisters so they look beautiful and do good things and start today at $14.50. >> i'm sorry. still thinking of robin holding the chicken bone. >> maybe want to swap your bones
8:41 am
for this? i got a surprise. some pictures. >> aww. >> you can print out by yourself. i love this. >> this is something that you should get. you could print out then make an album for somebody you love. it's such a nice gift. so many times we either only have our pictures on our camera roll or in our social media but with lifeprint you can print either from iphone or android, compatible with either. >> when was this? >> when we went to bermuda. there's me in the back of the golf cart praying for my life with you driving. >> so that should be in the album. and they're 50% off, $65. >> so good. this is a great one. we do have so much pictures that stay on your phone. you got to get them out there. >> how about these peepers. >> peepers, these are all of their blue light readers. she was trying them on. this woman looks good in anything. >> this will look great on you. this is perhaps not the best for me. >> let me tell you who those are for. oprah chose oversized. oprah loves oversize. these were part of her favorite
8:42 am
things collection. but there's all of these that have become favorites. readers as well as with no strength so if you're just staring at a device but you don't need help these are for you. >> blue light blockers is what you said. >> blue light. >> $13.50. can't go wrong. >> put them in every purse. >> sterling forever. we have a special connection here. about two years ago, it's been two years, lara wore a horseshoe necklace and i said, where did you get that? she said i found it at a thrift store, flea market. >> i found it at a flea market. 14 karat gold. it used to be a pin and turned it into a necklace. she was obsessed. >> i said, have you found me one? have you found me one? she said i look every time. i'm at flea markets. i gave up on waiting for her, so i had sterling forever create it. they created that horseshoe. >> i wear it all the time. >> look at her. it looks fabulous. first of all, her whole layered look is from
8:43 am
sterling forever. her earrings are from sterling forever. >> you get the idea. >> she can do it, right? she can do it. huge assortment of all these layering necklaces is the big trend, really great price, every option starts from $10 to $30. >> do people google like horseshoe or is the -- >> it's not called the lara, but i could lobby to rename it the lara. it's the first option under necklaces, i'll give you that. >> bring us home. >> these are for pets. that down there is -- that is a memory foam dog bed. >> for little man. >> that doesn't just look cute but is actually functional. look at hayley modeling for us earlier. she gave it two paws -- look at her tail wagging. that says it all. she is adorable. so we've got tennis, basketball, baseball, soccer, a tennis ball is on its way for riva. >> and little man. >> we got to talk to you about little man. these blankets are also awesome. they can blend in with home
8:44 am
decor but they will protect, waterproof, spillproof anything at home. prices start at $74.50 and free shipping. >> really nice. >> i will have what both of you are having this morning. >> we love it. >> i love it. >> it's almost valentine's day. listen, you have -- >> we love you, tory. >> we love you, tory. >> keep it going. >> these are great deals. all these companies, thank you, thank you, thank you. you guys can get them by going to our website, and where are we going now? we're going to ginger there in harlem at the soul of jazz exhibit. ginger. >> yes, thank you, robin, an american adventure so we are in a place where you can now be injected into the disney pixar movie "soul." there are, of course, relics from history of jazz and joe gardner, if you haven't seen the movie you have to, but joe gardner, the main character, takes you through an adventure and the history of jazz and this specific place, the impact of new york city on jazz. now, this is an exhibit that started in epcot but, of course, has been found in other city,
8:45 am
they've taken it on the road to new orleans, of course, but they hope people come in here. i'm at the half note jazz club, what you'll find in the movie. you will sometimes be getting music, of course, and they just hope you come in here and have an epiphany. get inspired. ♪ i'll keep playing, but let's go ahead and get a check a little drew: i'm meteorologist drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. into the 70's we go, if not close to the 80 i'm inspired but rusty is what i found out. all right, coming up on "gma," how to have a best -- the best second half of life ever. the next guest that we've got on the program might know how so you'll want to stick around.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back with
8:48 am
we are back with best-selling author and contributor for "the atlantic," arthur c. brooks who wrote a new book, "from strength to strength: finding success, happiness, and deep purpose in the second half of life." arthur, great to have you this morning. i can't wait to read the book. i her you have a great story about how you found the idea for this book. >> yeah, george, i write about people in all different phases of life and i'm a specialist in human happiness, but i had this weird experience several years ago sitting on a plane at night and heard a couple talking behind me, they were an elderly couple. i was not trying to eavesdrop but i heard the husband telling the wife that he wished he were dead and i thought, well, this is horrible. he started talking about how his life was disappointing and unsatisfying and people had left him behind. i thought this is somebody who probably hasn't lived up to his own achievements or at least his own expectations. well, the lights went on at the end of the flight and i turned around just to get a glimpse and it turned out to be literally one of the most famous men in the world and i thought to myself, we need to understand
8:49 am
what happens at the second half of life. look, if this guy can't count on satisfaction what hope do i have? i started a project as a social scientist to map out the secrets so that we don't have to leave happiness in the second half of life up to chance. >> what is it like calling yourself a specialist in human happiness? >> yeah, i know, i'm a social scientist, i specialize in behavior and i teach it at harvard university and deployed all of the tools of the social scientist to what we know about human happiness but this is really my first project into human happiness and, you know, for the rest of us, george. >> you have something -- you label something called the striver's curse. what is that and how do we fight it? >> one interesting thing, you find after 65 years old people break up into two groups of happiness, half get happier and happier until the end of their lives and the others start going back down in happiness and it
8:50 am
turns out that the people who are going down, they tend to be many of the people tend to be real strivers, people who look for excellence and done a lot with their lives. what happens, what goes up must come down and when you see them in the rearview mirror that tends to be very frustrating and that's one reason i call i had the striver's curse. >> you also write about seven predictors of being happy and well. what's the number one? >> yeah, the number one is actually this unbelievable secret that i can't believe everybody doesn't know about but it's in the book which is that everybody gets a second success curve. the first success curve is what made you good at your job, good at your life, kind of made you excellent in the first place and that comes back down which is natural but there is a second success curve behind it. you need to go from energy and brains to wisdom. what i find is that when people consider themselves teachers, whether they're actually teachers or not, if they go to sharing ideas, they're very good at it after the age of 50. the best professors at my
8:51 am
university, the people who get the best teaching evaluations are on average over 70. what we find is that the human brain lends itself to the second success curve called the crystallized intelligence curve so go from being the striver and the inventor to becoming the master teacher. >> so what's your best practical advice on how to do that? how to shift gears. >> it's to actually consider if you leave something behind with courage, with love and look for wisdom and find ways to share your wisdom in your walk of life you're going to be on the right curve. this is the key idea is thinking to yourself what do i know uniquely that i can pass on and how can i do it best to people who are younger than me is the way to get on the second curve. >> you're also proposing something brand-new, a reverse bucket list. >> yeah, this is one of the most important things that people need to do if they want to be happy. number one secret to being happy, the happiest people don't
8:52 am
keep accumulating. they start chipping away parts of their life to find their true selves and so the bucket list is this idea that we've always heard about, every year on your birthday you make a list of your cravings and talents and ambitions studying the things you don't have and lowers your life satisfaction. the reverse bucket list, on the other hand, that's where you look at all your ambitions and cravings or struggles and your attachments and you put your hand in the bucket and say, i am no longer attached to this and this and this and making it cognitive. making it conscious in your mind, you will become more detached and by managing your wants, it's like magic. the happiest people when they get older, they don't have more, they want less. >> a lot of great practical wisdom there. arthur c. brooks, thanks for coming in. in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪
8:53 am
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8:56 am
♪ let's all celebrate and have a good time ♪ ♪ celebration ♪
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. i'm kumasi aaron from abc 7 mornings. here's jobina fortson with the traffic. jobina: if you have been with us throughout the morning, you know where we are starting, the bay bridge toll plaza has been our problems but since before 530. traffic is backed up to berkeley right now and oakland, showing you the 880 at the coliseum camera, northbound traffic is under the limit. drew: slow getting into the city this morning, at least you have a lot of sunshine. a live look showing you hazy conditions. 60 degrees in palo alto, 60 in oakland, 70 in half moon bay. on our way to record warm temps, into the 70's and low 80's. kumasi: it's time for life with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan. we will be back with midday live and we hope to see you then. in the meantime, have a good morning. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film, "no exit," dennis haysbert. and baby back ribs for your super sunday bash as we continue our "game day grub week." plus, if you're an oscar fan, you can win ten grand. information on how to enter "live"'s predict the winners contest. and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: good morning! hi, deja. [cheers and applause] good morning, kelly ripa. >> kelly: hi.


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