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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 10, 2022 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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community effort. this award, though, has been about players who are great on the football field but live with their hearts off of it. they made their time in the nfl about more than just the stats they put out on the field. by how they lived off of it. i'm humbled, i'm honored, to stand up here and represent the outstanding class of 2021 nominees in all of the previous winners. [ applause ] give them a round of applause. come on. [ applause ] but i'm here to tell you, we have more work to do. social media has been great for bringing awareness to all our causes. but that's not enough. we need more action. whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, this is the truth -- the people who come to see us play, who watch our game on tv, who buy our jerseys, who follow you on social media, they're why our game exists. that's why we have a field to play on. we're financially supported and provided the opportunity to play a kids game because of the support we receive from communities across this country. and across the world. [ applause ]
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but how are we supporting back? in what ways are we paying it forward, to the same communities we all grew up in, we all came from, or maybe the people we've seen struggling along the way we got to where we are. it can be as simple as making a kid smile, by walking in school and telling you love them and believe in them, and they can achieve anything they want. or maybe it's stepping up financially and saying i'm going to ensure every child has the same opportunity and education, regardless of what the zip code is or what state they live in. or maybe it's using your platform to make sure local government and officials are always creating programs and funding that have youth having an equal playing field and the ability to chase every dream they ever have. [ applause ] it's called an investment. you can apply those three things to any charity or calls you have a passion for.
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you can invest your time. you can invest your finances. or you can invest your voice. doesn't matter which. we just have to keep investing in each other. let your heart lead you, all the way. i have had so many amazing experiences serving the community. watching that video just really brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart. watching people enjoy life and remembering what that was like. going on school visits, poviding hospital visits, programs for military. or going to local food banks and helping out with homeless shelters. all those have been amazing. one put it together for me. it happened on the football field. in our game against the detroit lions, i had a young player from the lions run up to me as soon as the final horn went off. and i saw him sprinting over. i didn't know what was going on, like we had known each other forever. i couldn't place him. it made me so nervous. had i played long enough that a coach's son or a player's son is
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playing against me? he stopped that. he said, hey, man. you're not going to remember me. i'm derek barnes. you spent time with me when you were a young player in cincinnati at the boys and girls club and it meant the world to me. you used to sit with me and talk to me about life. and i was just a little kid. i wanted you to know how much it meant to me. i said, man. he goes, you know what? the main thing i want to say, i made it. i made it to the nfl, big whit.
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wow. [ cheers and applause ] i was floored with how special that was. i don't tell that story to be anything special. i hope you don't see that video and think there's anything special with me. on that tuesday off day, whenever guy in this room knows i would rather be at home, i made an investment in him. and i didn't even know it. i think that's a great lesson for all of us. none of us know when the moment's going to present itself. the key is to always be available when it does. [ cheers and applause ] so, keep investing. lead with your heart. and i can't wait to watch the legacy continue. remember this -- it's a blessing and not a burden to carry on this nfl legacy. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, everybody. that's our show. congratulations to all our winners. thank you, andrew. have a good night. enjoy the game. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ ♪ thank you for watching this presentation of nfl network. >> breaking news in sanwork. francisco, an argument on a bar platform. >> and springtime in the dead of
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>> a man has died after a shooting inside the civic center bart station in san francisco.
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the station remains closed with trains not stopping. barth says the victim was shot on the platform after and argument with another man. multiple police officers were in the station at the time including two who had just gotten off a train. someone has been arrested. >> more breaking news, more brea crash in san jose. police are investigating their city's 12 deadly crash already this year. police say a pedestrian was hit at the intersection of elms and expressway and foxworthy avenue. the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later. the driver who hit him stayed on the scene and is cooperating with police. of the 12 deadly accidents in san jose this year, nine victims have been pedestrians. >> taking a live look outside, we want to go to meteorologist sandeep otero with more on heat
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records. >> let's look at which records were set. a live look from our sutro tower camera, stunning view of downtown san francisco. records were set for six local cities. sfo was an all-time record for the month at 78 degrees. san jose, oakland. 79. same thing for gilroy, santa rosa. it was record-setting. even if you did not have a record, 76 in the city. 85 in cloverdale. here is a sampling of the winter warmth coming our way. san jose will likely hit record territory at 77. oakland expected to get to 74. san francisco in the low 70's. we are going to go from springlike back to winter. live doppler seven hinting at pattern changes. >> it is odd. you get sunburned because you have been in sweaters. now all of a sudden it is hot.
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>> a rare winter heatwave had people hitting the pool in santa rosa today. temperatures climbed into the 80's. february may feel fabulous, but the hot temperatures and lack of rain could be a dangerous combination. firefighters say the risk of a fire increases every day we go without rain. the national weather service warns about potentially dangerous conditions that bay area beaches. warm weather brings a risk of rip currents. harbor patrol was on high alert as visitors flocked to the coast. last year we did respond to three fatalities on the north coast. in all of those cases it was folks that just got too close. >> the best advice from harbor patrol, don't turn your back on the waves. stay off wet rocks and pay attention to the tides. >> as we continue to deal with unseasonably warm temperatures, producers are keeping a close eye on their crops. they are trying to stay
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optimistic after an already very rough past couple years. >> i'm a believer that every year is random. you get dealt the hand you get dealt. this is certainly different than last year and the year before. >> phil wendy in livermore is giving his reaction to the recent warm weather we have seen here in the bay area and the impact it could have on vineyards. >> it is rare we see january without rain. to see january, february, and march without rain would be unprecedented. i am sure we will get rain in march. >> some may be concerned about a lack of upcoming rain and fear of frost at the end of the month. he is optimistic and others are, too. >> the rainstorms and october filled all of our reservoirs halfway in just one storm in three days. by the end of the year, december 31, they were all going to overflows.
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reporter: every year has its unique challenges, but because of the late ray last year -- late rain last year, we are in better shape now compared to 2021. >> we joke, what is normal anymore? we do not have a normal growing season and we have to adapt to a number of things. if not dry conditions, we are getting fires. if not fires, thunderstorms. >> we are all on pins and needles. it seems like we are always playing for rain -- praying for rain. let's pray for rain and no frost. reporter: lots of optimism among winemakers. rolling with mother nature's punches, making adjustments as they have two. j.r. stone, abc7news. >> you contract temperatures where you live. live conditions on the weather forecast are all part of the abc 7 bay area news app streaming
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24/7 on roku, amazon fire, android tv, and apple tv. >> strong winds and hot conditions fueled several brush fires today. one destroyed two homes in the community of whittier. another brush fire came close to multibillion-dollar homes -- multimillion dollar homes in the community of laguna beach. the fire is 20% contained. hundreds of families are out of their homes tonight. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for irvine cove and south emerald bay. >> this is subject to wind changes and we are monitoring that very close. this is a large team effort and we are taking safety very serious. >> fire is being fueled by low humidity and hot conditions. >> let's take you to the peninsula. after many years, getting ready
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to close doors. it has been bought by a los angeles based company. tim johns was at the mall tonight and has reactions and more on the locations future. reporter: for decades, the shops at san fran has been a staple for families. the mall was recently bought by a los angeles-based developer and will soon be transformed into an office campus for biotech firms. >> it makes me kind of sad. reporter: the news has come as a shock. >> i remember i was a kid, we would play on the playground. there was a train. me and my brothers would ride on it when we were kids. reporter: but it is not all sad news, says a san mateo county supervisor. >> tremendous opportunity. reporter: the new office space will bring in a slew of high-paying new jobs, a big win for the city of san bruno and the county. but it is not just about new jobs. it is also about those going
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out. several people tell us they don't want the rest of the community to get left behind. >> we need to focus on making sure we have these opportunities , these opportunities are for everyone, not just a certain skill set. reporter: the transformation -- beyond the transformation, they say it is important for the owners to recognize the before becoming a mall, it was an internment camp during world war ii. >> whoever buys this property needs to recognize the history and what happened here. reporter: but while the shops are still shops, many say they will keep enjoying it while they can, making memories the same way they have been doing for years. >> this is a place that brings back a lot of nostalgia and great memories. just to know this will not be here anymore is kind of sad.
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>> declared a state of emergency following a dangerous explosion and fire at a homeless encampment. the mayor hopes the declaration will encourage marin county to help sausalito with extra resources for its on house population. the city declared the waterfront encampments at marin ship park unauthorized and moved residence to a new location after the explosion. this also comes after three tenants died within a month from various illnesses including covid-19. sausalito had relocated many of the same residence to the site in december of 2020 after another park they occupied became run down. >> developing news on the pandemic. for the first time since january 6, the number of coronavirus patients hospitalized in california dropped below 10,000. that is assigned the surge is waning. at midnight tonight the temporary restriction for large gatherings expires in sonoma county with case numbers
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slowing, businesses and events will be able to welcome more guests. in the united states the first vaccine shipments for kids under the age of five could arrive at pediatrician offices as soon as february 21. fda advisory committee is set to discuss the vaccine on tuesday. to stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, go to the website. you can also go there to get covid questions answered. >> calling for more police presence. the san jose downtown community redoing its -- renewing its call for patrols. >> a grandmother saved by wordle. >> plus a bay area woman in the audience of tonight's nfl honors. >> if you are seeing this it means we made it to another show. beautiful.
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>> a renewed push for police patrols in san jose's downtown area. supporters say it is what they want to build a better bay area. hundreds have signed and online petition and others spoke directly with the city's mayor. amanda del castillo explains the
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plan faces some hurdles. reporter: reinstate the downtown police patrol. the timing is deliberate as the mayor met virtually with the community thursday to get input on his budget priorities. >> we are trying to remind them that having a dedicated foot patrol is our priority. reporter: association are backing this online petition, a for dedicated funding. money community hopes will pay for dedicated downtown patrol officers to enhance safety, business security, and quality-of-life issues. >> i cannot think of anything that is going to have as big an impact or create as close to a solution as possible. the office i am in has been robbed three times. restaurants have had windows broken. graffiti happens.
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all of these in isolated incidents are things that don't take place every day in other cities. but in aggregate, it is happening all the time and it is enough. reporter: he says with beat cops, the sense of security improves, which brings people onto the streets and into stores , creating business opportunities. a cycle he believes starts with safety. the mayor said homelessness, crime, and blight are his top budget priorities. throwing his support behind the call for foot patrols while pointing to outstanding obstacles. >> the constraint is we have the most thinly staffed police department in the country. reporter: the department says it is working on a response. >> another inc another inc anotr prices has sent the rate of inflation to 7.5% in the last year, a 40 year high and higher than economists expected.
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american families are spending $275 more per month on average than a year ago. have risen more than 12%. >> we are seeing the worst of inflation right now. by spring, certainly by summer, we will be heading the right direction. >> the fed is expected to raise interest rates next month. >> police in illinois say the game wordle helped save a woman held hostage. >> i was trying to survive. that is all. he said i will not harm you. >> traces the man said he was cold and order her to take a bath with him. then he disconnected her phones and locked her in the basement bathroom. her daughter noticed a text to her mother was not being read. denise had also not texted her score from that day's wordle
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puzzle. >> i did not send my older daughter a wordle and that was disconcerting. i never thought in a million years this was what was happening, but it was. >> her daughter suspected something was wrong and called police. denise heard officers shouting and she yelled she was in the basement. she had been there for 20 hours. the man was arrested after a standoff with police. >> new developments, apple is updating security measures for air tags to try to keep them from being used for unwanted tracking. users will see a new privacy warning when they set up their air tag used to help find items like keys. it contains a message saying the devices are meant to track their own belongings and that tracking others without consent is a crime. apple will also fix that confusing unknown accessory message which is caused by other devices. >> spacex and tesla founder elon musk says his new rocket could reach orbit in a few months.
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must give an update on starship tonight. in texas, faa approval is needed to launch and musk thinks he will get the go-ahead next month. nasa plans to use starship to land astronauts on the moon as early as 2025. musk also wants to use it to create a city on mars. >> the san francisco 49ers fan of the year celebrated at the nfl honors awards tonight. she was invited to the ceremony in los angeles where the lakers on her as number one fan after finding out she organized the first mass vaccination clinic in california while battling a brain tumor. she and her husband will also be attending the super bowl on sunday courtesy of the nfl. >> that is fantastic. let's turn our attention to the weekend forecast. on with this crazy heat. >> is balmy beach whether in the middle of february.
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i want to show you what the forecast is for sofi stadium. super bowl sunday and the weekend in case you are heading down. low to mid 80's. that is winter heat. we are not used to it. mid to upper 50's when the rams take on the bangles. -- the bengals. look at the stunning view. expecting records again tomorrow. just a reminder we are streaming live 24/7. you can track those temperatures especially as they rise tomorrow. as you look at those numbers, livermore 74, that is expected to surpass the record of 72. looks like a record in san jose at 77 degrees. previous record was 73 back in 2020. hour-by-hour we go, temperatures will be up into the 60's and 70's by noon time. high clouds overhead. by 2:00 p.m. you're looking at low to mid 70's showing up. once again it's going to be
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warm. strong ridge of high pressure, offshore winds, down sloping wind was driving temperatures up and keeping fire danger elevated. even if it is just a little winded is still concerning. down south the same offshore wind is pushing temperatures up, so he advisory remains in effect until 6:00 p.m. sunday night. highs from low 80's to low 90's. here is a look at the wins right now. mount diablo, 25 miles per hour. it is the wind direction driving the air. you combine that with the 34th day of no measurable rain and this is concerning. a beautiful view right now, dry, breezy in the hills, elevated fire danger. records likely tomorrow and much cooler and windier whether early next week. 40's, 50's on those temperatures tomorrow morning. not going to be very cold. it's going to be clear, though. for the afternoon, here is what it is going to look like in the south bay. 78 in gilroy. a warm one on the peninsula.
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70 in pacifica. the coast might come down a little bit. downtown san francisco, 72 degrees. north bay is going to be warm. 74 vallejo. 73 in napa. 75 in concord and 74 degrees in livermore. european model monday, valentine's day shows sierra snow and rain in southern california. maybe a sprinkle but look at the gfs model. it is painting a wet picture in the bay area. stay tuned. numbers will certainly fall monday. the wins will pick up, 50's, monday into tuesday, back to winter. records again tomorrow. warm for the weekend. coast will cool and windy. much cooler possibility of some rain on valentines. we are looking at the cooler pattern to continue through tuesday. tuesday.
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>> love this. reunion on the court, decades of warriors dance teams came together tonight. the team started in 1985. former members from the 80's, 90's, into thousands joined for tonight's game against the new york knicks.
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>> that is a fun idea. chris alvarez is here with all the sports. >> a 49ers legend earns his call to the hall. and stephen curry helped lead the
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> the last time the warriors and knicks played, history was made at madison square garden. steph curry and the warriors trying to come back from last nights loss. the first half, steph curry, splash. 19 of his game-high 35, the first half.
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dubs up five at the break. the makes up under one minute to go. the dubs down to curry, chance for the lay-up, off the rim. how did this not fall? unreal. six seconds left, dubs down two, steph going to inbound to klay. good look, off the mark. warriors lose. they host the lakers saturday night. bryant young was inducted into the pro football hall of fame. the niners all-time sack leader was drafted eighth overall in 1994 and spent his entire 14 year career in san francisco. other notables include cliff branch and deck for mia. midway through the second 11 off the bench.


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