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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 14, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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story. kumasi: they ha good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we start a new week with you, the los angeles rams are the new super bowl champions. hollywood ending. the rams with a big comeback win beating the cincinnati bengals in a thrilling end to super bowl lvi. >> caught. got it, touchdown! plus, the excitement on the field beyond the final whistle, and the surprise super bowl baby. this morning, veteran andrew kwhit worth joining us fresh off that victory. brink of war. the russian invasion threat. president biden warns vladimir putin of swift and severe costs if he invades ukraine. breaking overnight. the bridge between the united states and canada finally reopening after being shut down
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for days after protests and costing businesses millions of dollars. braefr breaking overnight, clear to compete. the 15-year-old phenom allowed to skate for gold after testing positive for a banned substance before the games and more american olympic dreams fulfilled on the ice. erin jackson speeds into the history books. team usa races into the top two spots in the first-ver women's monobob. plus, our one-on-one with the quad king himself, nathan chen. keeping up with the commercials, the joneses. >> jones. >> jones. >> "the sopranos." the comeback clydesdale." larry david. >> i don't think so. >> and our own michael. scoring big. we're breaking down the best of the night. >> touchdown! and they still got it. ♪ the hip-hop halftime show living up to the hype. mastermind dr. dre', snoop dogg, eminem.
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kendrick lamar. 50 cent's surprise appearance, and can we get more mary j.? the crowd losing it. this morning, how the legends pulled it off only on "gma." good morning. hope you're doing well this monday morning. t.j. wasn't just at the halftime, but the game. >> what an incredible game, and we have the biggest game of the year, and it lived up to all the hype, but take a look at the field last night. good. some of the highlights here. the rams pulled this thing off. it was a great game, but we can show you somebody else who is on the field. i don't know if he was trying to play or not. look at this. he doesn't look like he was trying to suit up and play. that's strahan who was at the game, and he's in l.a. for us right now. looks like you were having a
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good time last night, stray. >> hey, t.j., i was having an incredible time. i was not trying to suit up and get on the field. i'm not that crazy. my days are long past, but it was the rams' day yesterday here at sofi stadium. epic night. right now i'm at the one hotel in west hollywood. this is where the rams celebrated their big win after the incredible game, but there's so much to talk about, including that amazing halftime show. i was bobbing to it right there in our intro. i'm still ready to go, and kaylee hartung is live at the place where it all went down out there at sofi stadium. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, michael. sleep is overrated. the party is still going on in l.a., and a super bowl here was destined to have hollywood magic and it delivered. sofi was electric. stars on and off the field, and a lot of bengals fans, but it was the rams who went all in on the season and brought it home. overnight, the l.a. rams delivering a hollywood ending defeating the cincinnati bengals 23-20 in front of the
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star-studded home crowd. >> they have sealed the deal. >> reporter: emotions running high as the clock ran out. the rams scoring the last-minute go-ahead touchdown, and defensive star aaron donald sealing the win. >> when everything's on the line, they are the guys. >> reporter: the veteran moved to tears. >> i'm just so happy. i wanted this so bad. i dreamed this, man. i dreamed this, and it's, like, it's surreal. look at this. >> reporter: this, the first super bowl win for the rams since they moved to los angeles. wide receiver cooper kupp named the night's mvp after catching the game-winning touchdown pass with less than two minutes to go. >> kupp got it. touchdown. >> reporter: kupp capping off an historic season leading the league in catches, yards, and touchdowns. >> i don't really feel deserving of this. i'm thankful for the guys i get to be around. >> reporter: sean mcvay, now the youngest coach to ever hoist the vince lombardi trophy.
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>> so many contributions. it's about the team. i'm so happy for these players. >> reporter: the rams with some big wins after the game too. a proposal right in the middle of the celebration. odell beckham jr. who was forced out of the game with a leg injury, kissing his girlfriend's baby bump. she's due any day. and van jefferson getting a special delivery. his wife leaving the game early in labor. jefferson rushing to be by her side after the win and posting this smiling photo holding their new baby boy. celebrities amping up the star power in sofi. from power couples to sports elite. even royalty. prince harry taking in his first super bowl. all taking in matthew stafford's crowning moment after 13 seasons in the nfl. he can finally say he's a champion. celebrating his hard-earned win with his daughters amidst the confetti. >> i'm just so proud of this group. i mean, this game is the story of our season.
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it's up and down, it's tough. showed up late and got it done. >> reporter: he and his wife kelly have fought hard for this moment. kelly undergoing a 12-hour surgery to remove a brain tumor back in 2019. now standing on the field with the man she's been with since they met at the university of georgia, and now that the rams are super bowl champs, the mvp and his family had to be asked the age-old question. >> how are you guys going to celebrate? >> are you ready? >> we're going to disneyland. >> reporter: yes, you heard her right. cooper kupp and matthew stafford and aaron donald and all their kids are going to disneyland today, and we get to be there for the celebration. three families with three special stories. you keep letting me have all the fun, and i'll ride this train as long as you let me. >> thank you, kaylee. i'm joined by rams two-time all-pro offensive tackle, andrew whitworth. thank you so much for joining us this morning. it's always special to win a super bowl.
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i have been fortunate enough to do it, but even more when you get a chance to do it on your home field. this is just the second time in nfl history that that has ever happened. so how does it feel to win it in los angeles? >> it's unbelievable. i mean, the support all year to be able to be in our home stadium, to win the super bowl, you feel some pressure for sure to defend the home turf, and to come out with a victory is ultra special. there are so many people that go into that. you know that, and it just makes you feel good to know that everybody in this organization gets to enjoy that moment. >> and you have had an incredible, incredible career, man. for 11 years of your career, you so how does it feel to beat them in the super bowl? is it a little bittersweet for you? >> it is. i mean, you think about it. i love that place. it's -- the city and everything about it is awesome, but any time in life you get told somebody doesn't believe in you as much as you want them to, and you take that opportunity to go and make something of yourself somewhere else, and for your team to come out victorious, man, it's just an awesome
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opportunity to remind people, man, bet on yourself, believe in yourself, and never let anyone's opinions become your reality. i couldn't be more gratified with this moment and my teammates and my organization. >> i got to say, as a fan, you're watching the game. i'm, like, why can't somebody just go ahead and get it over with? it's bad on the heart to watch these games like this. it's stressful, but i have to say outside of the game, and andrew, you're one of the best guys -- one of the best players in the league, but you're also one of the best men not just in the league, but on the planet. you were named the 2021 walter payton nfl man of the year award, which honors your service off the field. how important is it for you to give back to the community as you have done over your entire career? >> i think it's everything. to me, that's what is the most important part of my job of being an nfl football player is to make sure communities i've either played in or lived in or watched growing up, you know, maybe go through struggles or anything else, that i commit
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back to them that i love them, i support them, and i want every kid, every opportunity that people have to realize, man, you can pursue your dreams. you can have an equal opportunity. as anybody else. it doesn't matter where you live, what your zip code is. i believe in you. and i want to make sure you know that. i'll prove it through my actions, finances, voice, and investment in your time. it's utmost importance as an nfl player to pour yourself back into the community that makes our game exist. >> i saw your speech at the nfl honors up, and you said it best. there are times i want to be at home, but i realize how important it is to be out there helping others and it's paid off because there are players in the league who are only there because you inspired them to do it, man, and that says a lot about you and your character, and one more thing. tom brady, retired, which makes you now the oldest player in the league at 40 years old. a lot of people going, that's not old, but in football, 40 is like dog years. it's, like, 85. are you coming back for year 17
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or is this the perfect hollywood ending to an incredible career? >> you know what, i don't know yet. we're going to sit down in the next couple of weeks, me and sean mcvay, and we'll figure all that out, but you know what, i think it would be pretty special to end on this note, but we'll see what happens. i mean, it could be one of those things in the next couple of weeks. maybe my heart will change, but i feel like there's an opportunity there to end on a really special note, and, you know, if there's a future here to continue to be a ram, i'm all for that too, but in the next couple of weeks, i'll sit down with the family and sit down with sean and figure all that out. >> good luck in whatever your decision is. congratulations on being a super bowl champ, my friend, and as your friend, i'm going to give you a little advice. get some sleep. >> you're right, mike. i'm going to need it. it's going to be a long week. i look forward to it. >> all right, andrew. thank you so much, man. congratulations again. super bowl champ andrew whitworth, appreciate you, my brother. >> thank you so much, brother. >> and regardless, he's
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definitely going to need some sleep, and regardless of andrew's decision if he's going to come back or not, it's incredible to see this guy who's been in the league so long get an opportunity to win a championship along with so many other guys, matthew stafford as well, but what a story. a lot of pressure on these guys to win it at their home stadium here in l.a., and yesterday was momentous moment, a momentous moment here for the city of l.a., for this team, and of course, a lot of fun for us all to watch, george. >> it sure looked like it. michael, thanks very much. let's go to the showdown with russia over ukraine. the u.s. warning an attack could come at any time as president biden engages in a last-ditch diplomacy to talk to putin and the ukrainian president. ian pannell has the latest. >> reporter: fears that russia could invade in days. the white house continuing to ring the alarm. >> we have seen over the course of the past ten days dramatic acceleration in the buildup of russian forces, and the disposition of those forces in such a way that they could launch a military action
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essentially at any time. >> reporter: the u.s. repeating that its intelligence shows russia could be planning a fake attack on forces loyal to the kremlin that would then be used as a reason to invade. >> russia always creates a false pretext for invasion, and the u.s. is worried they'll do the same here in ukraine. >> reporter: throughout this crisis, there's only one person who really knows if there will be an invasion, russian president vladimir putin. >> it'll start with massive cyberattacks, these cyberattacks will shut down communication, shut down critical infrastructure like water and power to try and create chaos. >> reporter: later today, more u.s. forces expected to deploy from fort bragg into eastern europe to support nato allies, but they won't be going to ukraine. russia's latest movement, a submarine sailing to the black sea where more than 30 russian ships have been taking part in naval drills and just across
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ukraine's borders, more than 130,000 russian troops amassing on three sides of ukraine. russia vehemently denying any intention of invading accusing the u.s. and others of being hysterical with their warnings. over the weekend, president biden speaking with president putin. without any sign of progress. saying time may be running of -- out for diplomacy. asking all american citizens to leave ukraine immediately as it draws down embassy staff. other nations following suit. more than two dozen countries are telling their people to get out now. well, one important thing to watch this week is this draft law before the russian parliament recognizing ukraine as independent. it goes to a vote. that could escalate the conflict. if it's push out for consultations, perhaps the kremlin wants to de-escalate. a critical move today. >> thank you very much. let's get more from cecilia vega at the white house.
7:14 am
since about friday afternoon, the white house seemed to switch into a much higher state of alert. >> reporter: they are sounding the alarm, george, good morning to you, and officials don't know whether or not putin has decided to invade, but in terms of that critical alarm, they say their intelligence shows russia has strategically built up and moved its forces on the ukrainian border to appoint that an invasion could now be eminent. they can't product the exact day, but we are now in the window of a possible invasion and it could happen at any time. president biden, you mentioned those urgent phone calls, he spoke with ukraine's leader and reiterated that the u.s. will respond swiftly and decisively. on saturday, he had that more than an hour-long phone call with putin. there was no breakthrough. russia in that phone call accusing the united states of inflaming hysteria, but perhaps, t.j., a slight glimmer of hope. both sides have agreed, russia and the u.s. to keep their teams talking, but again, the u.s. reiterating right now that we could be looking at an imminent attack in a matter of days, t.j. >> all right, cecilia, thank you
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so much. we want to turn now to the breaking news of that major bridge connecting the u.s. and canada finally reopened overnight after being shut down for days by protests. our elwyn lopez has the very latest for us. good morning to you, elwyn. >> reporter: hey, t.j., good morning. that crucial ambassador bridge now reopening after a week-long blockade. police cleared the busiest border crossing in north america after hundreds of protests blocked the area. all of this while parts remain gridlocked with convoy protests. the ambassador bridge is back open, a quarter of all trade between the two countries can return. a positive sign for automakers and its workers. i spoke to the windsor mayor who told me they're working on preventing something like this from happening again. robin? >> elwyn, thanks so much. we're going to move on now to the olympics and that breaking news overnight. the 15-year-old russian figure skating phenom has been cleared to compete after she tested positive for a banned substance before the games. maggie rulli has the latest.
7:16 am
>> reporter: this morning, 15-year-old figure skater kamila valiyeva seen back on ice, despite testing positive for a banned substance ahead of the games. the court of arbitration for sport ruling the gold medal favorite should be allowed to continue her olympic journey. citing several reasons, including her age as a protected minor and adding it was, quote, not her fault the test results which were taken nearly two months ago were delayed and not sent to the ioc until last week. valiyeva tested positive for trimetazidine, a heart medication on the banned substance list on christmas day. the ioc says it only learned of the results after last week's team competition where valiyeva became the first woman to planned a quad in the olympics and helped the russian olympic committee win gold. at this point, do you feel like we can trust anything that russia, the roc has to say about the olympics? >> absolutely not. they are the worst. i can only imagine how the chinese olympic organizers feel right now. their games have been blown up
7:17 am
by russian cheating, russian doping, and they have now done it again, and it's in women's figure skating. >> reporter: the usa caught up in the controversy. the ioc saying it will not announce a decision about what will happen to the medal results in which team usa got silver until after the games are over. in women's speed skating, history at the top of the podium. erin jackson becoming the first black woman to win. jackson nearly missing the competition after a shocking slip in the qualifying trials. but in a true test of friendship, teammate brittany bowe who was there cheering from the sidelines, gave up her spot to ensure jackson could punch her ticket to beijing. and in women's monobob, team usa's kaillie humphries, and teammate elana meyers taylor punching gold and silver. punching both hands in the air. i talked to elana after that race. look at this adorable video she posted of her 2-year-old son
7:18 am
playing with her medal. the two of them were separated when elana tested positive at the beginning of the games. good to see them back together. >> her inspiration. thank you. a lot more coming up on "gma" including the behind-the-scenes secrets of the super bowl halftime show. now let's go to ginger. it was super slick instead of a super bowl sunday in detroit. this is farmington hills. 696. they had big-time accidents and a little bit of snow came through, but it sat there for five hours and you got six inches and in new york, it was after we had record highs. jfk around 61 on saturday, and we got that dusting. the select cities now sponsored by verizon.
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drew: for valentine's day, it feels much cooler out there today, compared to the weekend. it is breezy this afternoon, temperatures in the 50's to middle 60's, closer to where we should be this time of year. overnight tonight, it is a blend of stars and clouds. our coldest spots will drop into the 30's. we will see low to middle 40's along the bay shoreline. the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you that cool pattern continues the next several days. temperatures rebound later on in we're just getting started. much more ahead after the super bowl. come on back.
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look at our king streetama here in san franciscoand you can see we're waking up to low cloud cover gray skies are marine layer is back just an indication that our pattern is cooling off today. here's that fog right now reduced visibility in the north bank parts of the east because he hid work. down to two miles. so for your valentine's day, we are waking up to areas of fog. first thing in the morning with temperatures in the forties and fifties will get rid of this fog throughout the morning into the afternoon. it's a partly cloudy sky, but you will notice it is much cooler compared to the weekend. and it is breezy out there with wind gusts over 20 mph temperatures. reggie going into the fifties and sixties by four pm ok, that'll help us like calm down, coming up exclusively details and that's super bowl halftime blockbuster. the show's producers on how they pulled it
7:27 am
off only on g m a another abc seven news update in about 30 minutes, we'll see that and vonetta flowers from alabama. no african american athlete has ever won gold in the olympic winter games. gold medal, usa!
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♪ ♪ oh no. we just done killed granny. >> rest in power, meemaw. >> that's a very animated michael strahan in the super bowl commercial for the nfl and he's out there in l.a. for us this morning. >> harper popped up off the couch. >> is that michael? >> he's everywhere. >> he is everywhere. following a lot of headlines this morning including the super bowl. the l.a. rams are the champs. they beat the cincinnati bengals 23-20. cooper kupp caught this pass and he was named the game's mvp. also right now, we're tracking the latest on the
7:31 am
showdown with russia on ukraine. the u.s. warns of an invasion on ukraine by russia. president biden says the u.s. will act swiftly and decisively if russia launches an attack. also, the covid vaccine for children younger than 5. an advisory committee is set to meet tomorrow. the fda says it makes sense to wait until the data is in. on the three-shot regime. the data is in for two shots right now. and take a look, sam ryder on the 16th hole. it's a par 3. here's the shot. hole in one. this is not the first time this has happened. but check out this scene. this is called the stadium hole because it's surrounded by, like, 20,000 fans. the way it's set up, and they go crazy, and they are throwing beer out onto the course. now sam tweeted afterwards, are you not entertained? all the drinks on me.
7:32 am
this can only happen at that iconic hole. it's fun to see that atmosphere. you don't see that in golf a lot. >> you don't. not very often. let's go back to michael with more on the epic super bowl halftime show. michael, you said a friend of yours saw rehearsal and said top three. she was on the money. wasn't she? >> she was on the money. a lot of people said halftime show with a little football sueezed in around it, robin. that's how much anticipation there was for the show. that was absolutely an instant classic. we had the legends of hip-hop led by snoop dog and dr. dre. we had a surprise entrance by 50 cent that came in hanging upside down. unforgettable performance. we'll go back to kaylee hartung with more at sofi stadium. hi again, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, michael. i don't think anyone has ever asked for halftime to be longer until last night. everybody wanted more. this performance was as hyped up
7:33 am
as any super bowl halftime ever has been. i have never seen stadium seats so full at halftime. and then the hits kept coming. the pepsi super bowl lvi halftime show, an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. ♪ california ♪ the ode to california starring five of the biggest giants in hip hop. snoop dogg, kendrick lamar, eminem and mary j. blige and with rapper/producer dr. dre at the helm. nostalgic hits packing the 14-minute set. ♪ >> reporter: from start -- >> west coast make some noise! >> reporter: -- to finish. ♪ the top-secret production. ♪ dropping even more surprises on the field.
7:34 am
that's grammy winner anderson on the drums with eminem. and 50 cent coming in the club just like his music video almost 20 years ago. ♪ the show's producers talking exclusively to "gma." >> we have been at this probably for the last i'm going to say four months, five, six months. everybody hit their mark. they did their thing. sound. audio. production. visual, and just to make music history. not just hip-hop history, not just black history but just music history for the super bowl is a great, great feeling. >> you know, you have a cast that is about 400 or 500 and a crew that's well over. everybody coming together. to just make it as excellent as possible. >> reporter: online, reactions pouring in. lebron james crowning it the greatest halftime show he's ever seen. lady gaga calling it a bomb of radical love.
7:35 am
>> what was the biggest wow moment for you? >> oh, my goodness. so many wow moments. but to see the queen mary go all the way in and especially with drama. >> reporter: the queen of hip-hop soul, now the queen of memes. that moment turning into a viral sensation on social media. viewers also taking note two of moments the nfl reportedly tried to remove prior to the performance. dr. dre speaking out against law enforcement, and eminem taking a knee. >> what impact do you want that performance to have on what happens moving forward? >> i think it just cements hip hop as a part of american culture. it's in our dna. you saw the stadium. everybody was out singing every song. nobody cared about where anybody was on any kind of political fence or anything. it was just coming together to celebrate great music. >> reporter: and we were there when the executive producer of the show and its musical director saw each other for the
7:36 am
first time after the performance and to see their emotional embrace it was like being on the field for rams celebrating after the win. you just saw that culmination of all the hard work and collaboration for a show that they said was flawlessly executed. michael? >> and kaylee, it was really amazing. mary j. blige sang "no more drama," but all the drama was on the football field between the players, t.j., and i know you got a chance to spend time with mary j. recently. >> we talked about the halftime show, but she took the time out while she was prepping for this halftime show to surprise a huge fan of hers, a woman who has some physical challenges but nothing is stopping her. you're going to see that surprise and it is a woman you absolutely have to meet a little later in the show. that's coming up. we'll check in with you again. but over to you, george. we're going to celebrate now the life of film director and producer ivan reitman who died
7:37 am
over the beexd weekend at the age of 75. matt gutman has the story. ♪ who you gonna call ghostbusters ♪ >> reporter: ivan reitman was the man behind some of hollywood's most iconic films over the past decades. producing his first major picture "national lampoon's animal house" in 1978. >> you guys up for a toga party? >> toga! >> reporter: only a year later, making his directorial debut leading bill murray in his first starring role "meatballs." but it was "ghostbusters" which made him a household name. >> what happened? you are okay? >> he slimed me. >> reporter: the film jump-starting a supernatural franchise. >> get me the ghostbusters. >> you got it. >> reporter: he would also go on to helm "twins." "dave." >>. >> you're a very handsome man. >> reporter: and produce films
7:38 am
like "space jam." >> you've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: and "space jam new legacy." and "up in the air" directed by son jason. his family saying he taught them to always seek the magic in life. >> i always had a sort of sincere approach to the comedy. it's just -- i took it seriously even though it was a horror movie and a comedy. you had to sort of deal with it in kind of a realistically honest way. >> some of the classics. >> genius filmmaker. >> he really was. our thanks to matt gutman. coming up next, we're going to count down the top commercials from the super bowl with none other than donny deutsch. he's here live and revealing which ones were the best. come on back.
7:39 am
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♪ ♪ the first all electric chevy silverado. >> come on. that chevy super bowl commercial, one of the highlights of the night. channeling "the sopranos," and joined now by donny deutsch. you said that's your favorite one. he is a marketing and advertising expert, host of "on brand with donny deutsch." here to break it all down for
7:43 am
us. that was oyour favorite? >> that was must favorite. it was so beautifully done. they did exact take off on the beginning of "the sopranos." you didn't know where it was going. they duplicated it with doing the parallel park. if you were a "sopranos fan," you loved it. i thought it was just really, really well done. >> that was your favorite. the most googled, according to google, is budweiser because of the clydesdales. >> it has become probably the iconic symbol of advertising, the clydesdales, and what's so smart about the clydesdales, is you take beer, and beer's not an emotional product. yet, it tugs at your heart strings. i think we'll see clydesdales in every ad going forward for the super bowl. >> we saw, of course, you talk sopranos and some austin powers in there, my favorite actually was nice to see jim carrey bring back "the cable guy." but the 2000s, does that stuff work? >> yeah. it was interesting halftime show had that also. i think we're living in these
7:44 am
crazy times now and the nostalgia really works when you can work. late 90s, things seemed a little bit calmer. and nostalgia works when the current times tend to be particularly turbulent. i think a very effective time. it bridges the generations. you can be our age and enjoy it. you can be in your 20s and enjoy it. we're not all the same. maybe george is in my age-group. >> breakthrough night for crypto. i like the larry david ad. >> that was my second favorite. you got to love it, and the line at the end of it is don't be like larry. it was great. you had the qr code ad for coinbase, which was basically just the code moving around the screen, and you go and all of it is takes you there. you really felt just like in the early 2000s when the dot-com ads just popped out of anywhere. this was kind of a coming of age. and also for electric vehicles. those were the two big moves where we're going society from a society point of view was crypto and electric vehicles. >> well, for us, the big stars.
7:45 am
number 92 in your program. number one in our hearts, michael strahan. you always been animated, but you really took it to another level. tell us about the spot, michael. >> hey. well done, robin. you just talked about things in the 90s that were cool are back. that's how i was able to get into the ad, i guess. but it was a lot of work. i had to train my voice. i had to get the scream together, all those different things. the crew said why did he just do that? but it was so much fun to do these ads. i loved them. but the thing i'm happiest about is that meemaw is alive and well. >> good to know. good to know, michael. well done. thanks. >> all right, stray, thanks so much. donny, always good to see you. thank you so much. and stay with us on "gma," folks. "play of the day" coming up. what if smartphones were more than just smart? the all new google pixel 6 truly sees you. not a blurry face. and for things you don't want to see, it removes them instantly with magic eraser.
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7:50 am
labrador retriever. he is a service pup in training. >> look at that face. >> this is the highlight. it is the highlight shelters around the country doing great work. >> fantastic. >> get your rescue on. coming up, "gma" plays matchmaker. thousands of viewers voted to send two of these singles on a date. find out who you chose and how it went. come on back. don't settle for products that give you a sort-of white smile. try crest whitening emulsions... ...for 100% whiter teeth. its highly active peroxide droplets...
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confusion or memory problems, muscle pain or weakness, fever, rash, itching, or flushing. these are not all the possible side effects. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant, had or plan to have a stem cell transplant, or have had radiation to your chest area or a nervous system condition. today, keytruda is fda-approved to treat 16 types of advanced cancer, and is being studied in hundreds of clinical trials exploring ways to treat even more types of cancer. it's tru. keytruda from merck. see the different types of cancer keytruda is approved to treat at, and ask your doctor if keytruda can be part of your story. welcome back to "gma." did you know that san diego was 91 degrees on saturday? hottest february temperature on record, certainly beach day. southern california, so los he - angeles or l.a.x. also there in the mid 80s. that was yesterday. san jose, 79. these numbers don't lie.
7:54 am
i think although the numbers are not in yet, we did make it to one of the warmest top three kickoffs for super bowl. so much colder though. a front is about to pass. you'll chill out. coming up here, ben affleck's ultimate valentine's day gift to j-lo and what she said about it. and an inspiring woman and huge mary j. blige fan getting the surprise of her life. plus, billy porter is starring in the reboot of the classic series "the proud family." he's going to be with us live on and your local news and weather coming up next. "the pro meet brett from apartment 2b. he's not letting an overdraft alert get him stressed. he knows he's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. overdraft assist from chase.
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. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc. seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc seven morning. sue hall has looking at traffic. hi, reggie. good morning, everyone happy valentine's day. we're looking at pretty much not a real official holiday. but light traffic for the most part, except we always have a couple of trouble spots westbound to 37 left lane right before 101. this is over on the peninsula side of things accident blocking a lane of traffic. here. you can see north bouton one and west bound to 37 both slow. and we go to the richmond san rafael bridge traffic stacking up here. nothing out of the ordinary. thanks sue, and we're looking at the center field camera right now because we're waking up to grace guys. some areas of dense fogs will take you to live doppler seven. the visibility mode showing you we have dense fog in the north bay, even some low cloud cover in the east bay parts of hayward and livermore.
7:57 am
so taking your valentine's day we start out with that fog with the afternoon is sunny but noticeably cooler in the fifties and sixties. reggie thank you. juror coming up some star susan lucci opening up about her health scare. and her message for women that's on g m a. this morning another abc seven news update and 30 minutes. ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+,
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it good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hollywood ending. the rams with the big come back win. >> touchdown! >> beating the cincinnati bengals in a thrilling end to super bowl lvi. first on "gma," susan lucci taking us inside her terrifying second health scare, and the moment she knew she had to call her doctor. >> listen to your heart. and act on it. >> her urgent message for women everywhere. one-on-one with gold medal winner nathan chen. opening up about his history making win and how his victory could have an impact on so many others. ♪ from center stage at halftime -- ♪ no more drama ♪
8:01 am
>> to mary j.'s super surprise for one inspiring woman who is partially paralyzed but determined to dance through life. bennifer is back. plus, ben's surprise for j-lo. the intimate look at their relationship, past and present. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ and love is in the air. this valentine's day, we're revealing which lucky couple you picked to go on a date. did you make a match? find out live as we say "good morning america." good morning. i hope you're doing well this valentine's day. >> we were talking during the break, remember in school you got the little hearts. be mine? >> yeah. >> those were the days. >> i know. >> simpler times. >> it was a simpler time. love is in the air. a lot of love for the rams beating the bengals 23-20, scoring a late touchdown to secure their super bowl victory. >> and stray of course was at
8:02 am
the game. he's been hanging out with us this morning. you were there for what happened after the game as well. how is l.a. this morning? >> oh, l.a. is great, t.j. we're at the one hotel here in west hollywood, of course, excitement for the big game running high all night long. we heard horns honking, people shouting, celebrating the rams big win here in their home city. we're going to go back to kaylee hartung at sofi stadium who has more for us. good morning again, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, michael. this $5 billion stadium behind me was built for the super bowl. and i think you could say that investment paid off. the rams conjuring hollywood magic to bring home a title. overnight, the l.a. rams delivering a hollywood ending. defeating the cincinnati bengals 23-20 in front of a star-studded home crowd. >> they have sealed the deal. >> reporter: emotions running high as the clock ran out. the rams scoring the last-minute go-ahead touchdown.
8:03 am
and defensive star aaron donald sealing the win. >> when everything is on the line, they are the guys. >> reporter: this, the first super bowl win for the rams since they moved to los angeles. wide receiver cooper kupp named the night's mvp after catching the game-winning touchdown pass with less than 2:00 to go. >> kupp got it! >> reporter: sean mcvay, now the youngest head coach to ever hoist the vince lombardi trophy, all taking in matthew stafford's crowning moment after 13 seasons in the nfl he can finally say he's a champion. celebrating his hard-earned win with his daughters in the confetti. ♪ >> reporter: the pepsi super bowl lvi halftime show, an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. ♪ one shot ♪ ♪ to not miss your chance ♪ ♪ chance to blow ♪ ♪ this opportunity comes once in a lifetime ♪
8:04 am
>> reporter: the ode to california starring five of the biggest giants in hip hop, snoop dogg, kendrick lamar, eminem and mary j. blige. ♪ >> reporter: and the rams had some big wins after the game, too. taylor proposing to his girlfriend on the field amid the postgame celebration. there was a prop bet you could take. a player propose after the game. if you took that bet, you won some money. and how about this. jefferson running out of the stadium right after the win getting to the hospital as quickly as he could. before the confetti was cleaned up on the field, he was holding his baby boy. how about that? >> that is precious. and also two moments before the game began that were special, mickey guyton, national anthem, and billie jean king with the coin toss. that was something. >> it was just a great night all the way around. coming up here, we're going
8:05 am
to hear from soap opera queen susan lucci about her new heart crisis. how she got through it. that's first on "gma." and the ultimate mary j. blige fan gets a surprise from the queen of hip-hop soul. and ben affleck's early valentine's gift for jennifer lopez. lara will break that down for us. and right now, lara is upstairs. all about romance. nearly 10,000 "gma" viewers voted for which these six singles would go on a first date. the big reveal just ahead. it's a little gma love experiment coming up on this valentine's day. don't go anywhere on "gma."
8:06 am
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8:10 am
hold on, because tomorrow we have a big announcement, an exclusive announcement. we're going to be revealing the host or hosts of the 94th academy awards. >> you're very excited about this. >> i am. >> the only one of us that know. i'm dying. >> she will not tell. even you. >> i know. >> all right. well, we'll all find out together, everybody. but right now, we have a lot to talk about in "pop news." let's start with the celebrations from super bowl lvi. you've seen so many. let's go back to the beginning. grammy-nominated country singer, mickey guyton. omg. she started the nfl off right l boy did she live up to the hype. showing off what the announcer called the voice of an angel. take a look. ♪ o'er of the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪
8:11 am
>> yes! go, mickey. she made that her own! so happy for her. she also gave us a look, as you can see there, of how she got ready for her big moment on instagram. and in an interview with "the new york post," she explained that she chose a choir to help her sing that represented as many people. that's the america i'm proud of. us all standing together. we all belong. congrats to her. we just love you. also this morning, we told you last week that oscar-winning director jordan peele is dropping a trailer for his movie "nope" during the super bowl. if you missed it, here's a clip of the movie that universal is
8:12 am
calling a horror epic. ♪ ♪ say yeah ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ say yeah ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah h ♪ >> i'm freaked out. >> yeah, no, no, no. ♪ >> it is so creepy, and it's getting huge buzz. starring oscar winner daniel kaluia, stephen yun and keke palmer. this story will follow residents in a lonely gulch of inland california who bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery. the trailer already has six million views. that eye opening is freaking me out. no need to show that again.
8:13 am
peele writing on instagram, it is what is a bad miracle? i guess we'll all find out what that is when "nope" hits theaters on july 22nd. i believe he has done it again. he has us all talking. and also this morning, happy birthday to jennifer aniston. she turned 53 years young over the weekend. her "morning show" co-host reese witherspoon wishing her a great day on instagram saying, knowing that she's in the world makes me happy. her love of life, her humor and endless positivity are a gift. courteney cox posted a photo from the year they became look at thnd anistonlf, king ev yeah, girl. wearing a gold outfit writing, i'm full with so much gratitude for all the love that poured over me on my birthday calling herself a very blessed girl. happy birthday, jen. and finally this morning, i had no idea this was legal in high school basketball, but it
8:14 am
sure was entertaining to watch. check it out. ♪ because i had the time of my life ♪ >> did you see that? watch it again. we're going to show it to you many times. okay. you pass it down. yeah! >> pretty sure that is not legal, t.j. >> i think it might be legal just not advisable. >> i love it. >> i've never seen that before. >> sharing a new move inspired by that famous lift in "dirty dancing." no one puts number 13 in the corner. that post already has 10 million views. nice work, boys. i don't know. did they get the points? >> you know, i am really stumped on this one. >> if anybody would know -- >> it can't be legal. >> i think it's legal. >> an assist? sometimes it's happened accidentally you use somebody else's body. this was just intentional. i don't know. >> "pop news" investigates. i've got work to do. >> "pop news" investigation. >> thank you, lara. we're going to turn now to our "gma" cover story. susan lucci revealing she recently had heart surgery for the second time. amy robach sat down with her for an interview.
8:15 am
>> yes, lucci who had the first surgery in 2019 went back under the knife just a few weeks ago. although she says it was much more difficult to share her experience this time, she decided to open up about it and her symptoms to encourage other women to listen to their bodies and make their health a priority. so it's been a little more than three years since we last spoke. >> yes. >> and you have had something happen again involving your heart. recently. ♪ >> reporter: susan lucci has graced our screens for over four decades. >> please. i'm erica kane. >> reporter: often pulling back the curtain on her own life, now revealing for the first time, a second health scare involving her heart that she faced just weeks ago. >> i was having kind of a shortness of breath. and i thought what is that? then i felt another similar symptom that i had three years ago which was a discomfort going around my rib cage to my back. i thought this is crazy.
8:16 am
these are the same kind of symptoms that i had three years ago, but it can't be. but when i laid down, i started to feel a sharp coming and going pain in my jaw. >> reporter: she finally told her husband who insisted she call her doctor. >> he said i'm going to meet you at the e.r., and so i did. and by the time tests were done and so on, he said i can fix this. >> you're going into surgery. >> into surgery. and he did. he put another stent in. >> reporter: lucci experiencing an 80% blockage in her artery due to calcium and cholesterol. cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women more than all cancer combined. the surgery easier than her last one, but nonetheless concerning. >> this was somewhat more subtle. it was symptoms that were similar to what she had. but not stopping in her tracks. now what would have happened if she ignored it and wait?
8:17 am
it would have gotten more progressive and more urgent. >> you're brave. you're that much more relatable by expressing what you went through because every -- i think every woman does this. places to be -- >> i don't want to bother the doctor. >> we're all vulnerable. we're all susceptible to thinking it can't happen to me. even if it's already happened to you. >> listen to your heart. and act on them. be your own best friend. be your own advocate. you'll save your life. >> reporter: her prognosis advo with the american heart association and go red for women. >> i feel so lucky to have the platform that i have. the fans that i have made over the years are so passionate and so wonderful. i'm so grateful for them in my life, and i just wanted to be able to do something more than entertain. >> selfishly i can't wait to see you in some form or fashion, whatever you choose to do. >> thank you. >> so there will be more susan lucci to see. >> seems to be. hope so. >> i think we can all see susan
8:18 am
is doing great now. she told us exactly like she told us three years ago, she said her surgeon told her she has the heart of a 20-year-old. i also think she kind of looks like a 20-year-old. >> she does. >> she really does. >> she's doing okay. thank you, amy. let's go to ginger. in case you were not happy with the switch from where we were springlike on saturday to all the snow, well, these pups were. a couple of rescues running central park and just enjoying it. we have our cuddle weather back here. the next front that's coming through that is going to drop the temperatures in southern california, high wind alerts that include las vegas, so tomorrow really going to be the windiest of days. we're talking power outages outside of there. and then by wednesday night through thursday morning, a serious severe weather setup coming at us. we'll be following this through the week. drew: for valentine's day, it feels much cooler out there today, compared to the weekend. it is breezy this afternoon, temperatures in the 50's to middle 60's, closer to where we should be this time of year.
8:19 am
overnight tonight, it is a blend of stars and clouds. our coldest spots will drop into the 30's. we will see low to middle 40's along the bay shoreline. the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you that cool pattern continues the next several days. temperatures rebound later on in ♪ ♪ this year's super bowl halftime show was incredible thanks in no small part to the queen of hip-hop soul, mary j. blige. she's an amazingerrmer and she helped t.j. out recently with a big surprise. t.j., tell us all about it. >> yeah. she took time out in her super bowl halftime prep to honor this woman. now you're about to see this moment between mary j. and india sims. it is a special moment. india is a special lady. mary j. blige herself called this woman an inspiration. india is partially paralyzed. she is determined not to miss out on a thing in life. >> reporter: india sims has been partially paralyzed her whole
8:20 am
life, but do you think that stops her from riding on a motorcycle? from indoor sky diving or from dancing to her heart's content on tiktok? >> let me tell you, i love to dance! my message is inspire you. to get up and do something different. yeah, that's me. >> reporter: but this single mother of two says staying positive isn't always easy. what was childhood like for you? >> childhood was like for me watching children outside play while i'm in a full body cast. >> reporter: she's always been determined not to miss out on life, from joining the cheer squad in high school to teaching herself to drive. india finds a way, but adulthood would pose new challenges. >> there was a time where i went on an interview. everything was great. and they were like we want to hire you. oh, yeah! i just want to let you know i'm in a wheelchair. they're like, are you fully in a wheelchair? i said, yeah, but it's an office
8:21 am
job, right, so i won't have to do anything but just type on the computer and just answer the phones. he's, like, yeah, but um, i don't think i can hire you. they don't accept you. i think about that. i think about what are they going to start treating us? like we're people? ♪ >> reporter: she now uses her social media to educate and uplift. recently posting these photos along with a hit single off mary j. blige's just released album "good morning gorgeous." >> that was just the song i needed. you can be a model. you can be in a wheelchair. you're gorgeous too. >> we're all mary j. fans. i assume you're a fan like the rest of us? >> yes, i am. i sing her music a lot. >> now you're a fan of hers. would you be surprised to know if i told you that she is a fan of yours? >> hi. >> oh, my goodness! >> hi. surprise!
8:22 am
>> hi. how are you? >> you are an amazing woman. you're what we need on this earth, inspiration. inspiration to me. >> thank you, and i thank you for that song. because that song -- um -- that's what a lot of people need to know and see like you don't understand, like, i used to sing your songs all the time. you were an inspiration to me. because your words, i listen to. and that song inspired me. and i thank you. >> thank you, sweetie. that's not a song about vanity at all. it's a song about who we are deep inside. good morning gorgeous. good morning, smart woman. good morning, strong woman. it was something i was saying to myself every morning. because i wasn't feeling beautiful. >> she's using it in the exact way you wanted it to be heard. >> you're a blessing to all of our lives. you give us so much courage to
8:23 am
keep pushing past the things that try to restrain us. you're so beautiful. you are so powerful and we need you on this earth. god needs you on this earth. we need you. >> thank you. thank you. nice meeting you. >> that was precious. >> wow. >> like you said, lara, you can feel her energy. she is unbelievable. but i didn't realize, we were going through the interview and all this, that was her birthday as well. the day we were talking. it happened to be her birthday. so this was a special surprise she got. and mary j. said the next time that she's in the virginia area any time she has a concert, she's going to have her at her concert and she's going to give her the biggest hug she can muster up, so that was quite the birthday surprise. india, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and happy birthday. let's head back out to stray. mary j. took the time out for us, stray, so we're very grateful. >> yeah, thank mary j. for that. she's one of the best. india, happy birthday to you, my
8:24 am
dear, and we love seeing mary j. on the field. but, of course, we also love seeing aubrey, our kid correspondent. she's brought us fantastic coverage all week. she's straight off the big day at super bowl lvi. here is aubrey anaya. good morning, aubrey. how are you doing? >> good morning, michael. i'm doing great. i've had the best week ever. i met the coolest people and went to the best places. did you see me on the field last night? it was epic. take a look. >> confetti. >> to help kick off the second half, aubrey anaya of indiana. she was selected as the superkid. >> being the play 60 super kid was the best surprise ever. >> you are this year's play 60 super kid and "good morning america's" kid correspondent for the super bowl. >> i kicked off game week with a little fun at disneyland. and went behind the scenes with nfl owners, and host keegan-michael key.
8:25 am
>> can you give us a sneak peek or anything? >> well, actually, my wife is one of the head writers on the show. and she and i and michael strahan are very good friends. and so we have a joke about michael strahan. it's a good one. >> i hit the red carpet to interview the league's best athletes. >> how do you feel about your best friend tom brady retiring? >> oh, man. that's, you know, some mixed emotions. i mean, i'm definitely happy for him. >> gronk even taught me an old school dance move, the sprinkler. >> there you go. >> i was definitely nervous prepping for my big game day moment, but i totally nailed it. and i got to celebrate a victory on the 30 yard line. >> all right. if you notice that, confetti actually came from the field yesterday. aubrey, you brought is incredible coverage. all week long. looked like you had a lot of fun. now that you accomplished this whole reporting from the super bowl thing, what is next? >> well, you know, i have been getting used to this reporter
8:26 am
life. you know, waking up early just like you. getting myself pumped up with a warmup. come on, michael. >> how do you pump yourself up? >> show me. >> ready. go! go! oh, yeah. >> what? hey. i'm pumped and warmed up, everybody. let me tell what you is coming up. our "gma" viewers set up two of these singles for a date. we're going to find out if it was a love match. come on, i'm not done being warmed up. that's dangerous. done being warmed up. that's dangerous.
8:27 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. i'm kumasi aaron. we will get to sue hall with a look at the traffic. sue: happy valentine's day. a second accident for the morning west 237 matilda. five cars involved and lanes are blocked. significant backup as you approach highway 101. look at walnut creek. bumper-to-bumper heading southbound on 680 between concord and the interchange. 17 minute drive. kumasi:
8:28 am
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or get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today. drew: bay area, valentine's day. up next allie wentworth and george stephanopoulos as well as sean patterson. drew: live look outside in san francisco. you can see we are dealing with the marine layer, low cloud and thick fog. santa rosa half a mile, two miles hayward to livermore. it is greasy and it is cool is l compared to the weekend going. into the 50's and. 60's kumasi: thank you. we will have another update and
8:30 am
30 minutes. you can noise find the latest on the app and abc7news.c ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ we're playing matchmaker for valentine's day. on friday we introduced you to six singles and you voted on who you thought should go on a date. >> thousands of you, our viewers, voted. are you ready to see who you picked? i said, are you ready to see who you picked? >> yeah. >> here we go. arianna and sammy. >> yeah. actually 21% of the vote. they're going to be live with us here in times square. we're going to talk to them in just a moment. our dating expert, paul brunson watching along with us. to weigh in. there he is, but first let's see how this date went down. ♪ >> hello.
8:31 am
>> how are you? >> reporter: love is in the air. six lucky singles first meeting right here on "gma." >> watch their body language. i've seen a lot of eye contact going back and forth. i think we might have a match here. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ >> reporter: our viewers voted arianna and sammy as a likely match and sent them on a first date. >> we have a "gma" matchmaker apron. >> love it. >> reporter: to help break the ice, chefs and owners of new york's don angie gave the daters a private cooking clasp. >> today we are going to walk you through a recipe for rosemary lemon cookies. from our new cookbook. >> reporter: together, they put their chef skills to the test. >> smells amazing. >> it really does. >> have you ever used one of these guys? a zester. >> no. >> we do it like this. >> would you like this one? >> sure. >> i'm just so used to doing everything on my own.
8:32 am
it's nice just having another set of hands to help out and share an experience with. >> i honestly think teamwork is the most important thing. i think that's everything. if you are struggling with something, someone else has your back and vice versa. >> reporter: and after finishing off their cookies, some one-on-one time to connect about their hopes for the future. >> dating in new york is definitely challenging. i want something more long-term and serious which has been difficult to find. >> that's fair enough. probably similar if i'm honest with you. i am an old soul, and i do believe in the idea of, like, one true love. >> it was really nice hearing about his backstory, seeing what that we shared similar interests and just finding shared commonalities with each other. >> reporter: so, did "gma" make a match? we'll find out right now. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> all right. let's do it. let's hear from them. arianna and sammy, come on out and tell us how this thing went. there they are. welcome. welcome.
8:33 am
come on. >> welcome back. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> big smiles. >> how is this dating on camera thing going? >> it's definitely an interesting experience for sure, absolutely. unique. >> give us the reaction. really. here y'all are on camera once again talking about it, but really, how was the date? how did the connection go? >> it was -- it was great. i didn't know who i was going to get matched with, and when i saw arianna, i was just very excited, so yeah. >> absolutely, same. i didn't know who i was going to be matched with, and i thought sammy was phenomenal friday morning, and i was excited to see him. >> paul, you're the expert. what did you see? >> i tell you what. i love this. our bodies often say more than our words, and check out this date, right, lots of smiles, leaning in. they were very open. no crossed arms or crossed legs and their communication, back and forth like a good tennis match. we have two people who are at least intrigued with each other. >> have you ever been this
8:34 am
scrutinized this much in your life? >> no, never. >> okay, so, let's have a little more fun. we have the white boards here for a reason, and we're curious about your answers. don't look off the other ones, but just a simple question here. use the word, write down the one word you would use to describe the date. y'all were ready to go. >> my gosh. >> by all means, go ahead and let's see it. >> exciting and wholesome. yeah. >> it's morning television. come on. >> the peanut gallery there in the back. hold that. here you go. so wipe the board, and so we want you to rate the overall experience of the date, with one being not so good, with ten being great. one to ten, overall experience of the date. >> be honest. >> oh, look at that. there you go.
8:35 am
wonderful. >> paul, i'm not sure we need an expert after that. what do you think? >> it looks very, very, very positive. very positive. >> we're going to keep with this theme. would you guys go on a second date? now i assume the answer to that -- do we really need to write that down? >> please do. >> oh. >> yes. >> it wasn't just yes. >> it came with a heart. >> our viewers are pretty smart. >> wow. >> so what's next here? and again, we're having fun with them, but paul, what do we do here? do they need some privacy now? to be quite honest with you. >> i was going to say, we need a less wholesome second date. >> oh, my goodness. >> we're on national television. >> but here's the thing. on a second date, right, that's really where the real person shows up.
8:36 am
the first it's more of the representative. second date, i say plan something you all love, and have a great time on the second date. really, have a great time. >> thank you. >> we couldn't agree more. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> wish y'all the best. we're going to continue with the couple news coming up because we're talking bennifer. yes, the bennifer valentine video that had everybody buzzing. stay with us on "gma." ♪ on my way ♪ ♪ on my way ♪
8:37 am
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♪ back now on gma. ♪ on my way ♪ back now on "gma." with jennifer lopez and ben affleck celebrating valentine's day early. you have some details for us here, lara. >> i do. it certainly seems like they had a great weekend. we saw them at the super bowl. look at them looking so cute. jennifer shared something very personal. a valentine's day gift from her ben with her fans. take a look. ♪ always knew you even when i didn't know you don't make sense, but it do ♪ ♪ i was on my way to you ♪ >> reporter: and they sure did find their way back to each other. bennifer 2.0. the superstar telling her fans she was sharing a very pers
8:40 am
personalized music video to her song "on my way". ♪ on my way on my way to you ♪ an early valentine's day gift from her boyfriend ben affleck. the music mogul posting the nearly four-minute-long clip on her on the j-lo newsletter, writing, "this seriously melted my heart." the video giving fans a look at the first round of their romance back from the early 2000s. ♪ on your way to me ♪ from sharing the big screen in "gigli." >> do we know each other? >> not yet. >> reporter: to those monumental red carpet snapshots that cemented the two as a hollywood "it" couple including some rare childhood photos of the former fly girl and behind the scenes footage of a young breakdancing ben affleck working along ide his bff matt damon on "good will hunting" and where art imitated life and the two were at the center of a tabloid frenzy. ♪ i'm still, i'm still jenny from the block ♪ >> reporter: lopez sharing the
8:41 am
video saying it's very special and personal and saying she normally would have only shared it with her inner circle adding, quote, watching it made me think about the journey of true love. unexpected twists and turns and when it is real it can last forever. ♪ on my way to you ♪ >> they sure are. that song is from jennifer's new movie "marry me." it's great getting great reviews. so that is a new movie. personalized video from her baby, and a super bowl date all in the past three days, and that's before valentine's day. what can possibly happen tonight? >> i know. can we show some love to our crew? our studio up here looks -- i mean, valentine's day exploded up here, so thanks to our crew. >> yeah, pretty good too. >> it continues. >> ging? you both got the assignment and you're doing it well. speaking of love, things are heating up on "the bachelor." we're going to look ahead to the
8:42 am
new season of "the bachelorette". jesse palmer has a special message about it. >> it's february, the season of love. and with valentine's day fast approaching, i'm sure a lot of you out this are trying to find that special something for the special someone. but i got a question for you. what are you doing for that other special somebody in your life, you know who i'm talking about, your friend. why not give them the ultimate gift for valentine's day by submitting them to be on the newest season of "the bachelorette" and give them a chance at finding true love. >> nominate your single friends or nominate yourself. just go to and check out tonight's episode, by the way, of "the bachelor," at 8:00 p.m. eastern right her drew: i'm abc7news meteorologist drew tuma. but valentine's day, it is cooler and breezier, temperatures in the 50's and middle 60's. that cold pattern continues the next cou
8:43 am
now to nathan chen opening up about his gold medal, what it now to olympic champion nathan chen opening up about his gold medal, what it means to him and so many watching at home. let's go back to maggie rulli in beijing. >> reporter: hey, george. good morning. we sat down with nathan after his gold medal win. you could just feel his excitement and relief. the weight of the world off his shoulders. he's officially an olympic gold medalist. it was a gold medal moment years in the making. nathan chen nailing his final performance, catapulting him into history. >> it doesn't feel real. still feels like i'm in a dream. >> i love the moment when you finished your routine. the smile on your face. in that moment, did you know you had done it? that you had gotten gold? >> half way throughout program, you know, i had a pretty good feeling that i was on the right path, but yeah, it was a lot of fun. >> reporter: the 22-year-old rocketing across the ice to elton john's "rocket man."
8:44 am
>> what was it like to have elton john tweeting about your performance? >> i couldn't believe that he knew i existed. just so special. >> reporter: still humble, the man now known as the quad king, saying he wouldn't have been able to get this far without the support from his mom. she drove him to lessons day after day, state to state for years and years. >> didn't even think anything of it. we spent thousands of miles in our prius going back and forth. back and forth. all the stuff we did was worth it. we were able to make it here and able to have this experience. >> what did she say when you talked to her after winning gold? >> it wasn't until actually got to be able to pick up my medal and she got to watch that broadcast. she was like i got pretty emotional. for me knowing my mom, she is definitely not that type of person. it was really cool, and really touching to be able to hear she was so happy. >> reporter: with these games, nathan's already made history. the first asian american man to win olympic gold in men's figure skating singles.
8:45 am
>> i think representation is so important. being able to have characters like michelle kwan is really amazing to see people that look like me do such amaze things in the sport. and now within team usa, we have so much diversity, so many asian americans that are doing so well. chloe kim, myself, karen chen, you know, the list goes on and on, so it's really cool to be able to have that, and hopefully that will inspire the next generation of athletes. >> reporter: guys, nathan is staying busy. hi's heading back to yale where he's in his third year. i did ask him what is next? will there be another olympics? he said give him a couple years, let him finish school then he'll decide. somehow i'm not worried. he is so talented. i think he's going to have plenty of options. guys? >> he sure is. thank you, maggie. billy porter is going to be here when we come back. is goin here with here when we come back.
8:46 am
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back now with tony and grammy winner, and now part of the new animated series "the proud family: louder. prouder." our dear friend billy porter back here on "good morning america." love the skull caps. tilted to the side. not everybody can do that. not everybody can do that. but you pull it off. good morning to you. so what is it like? it's been 20 years since this series. so how does it feel to be one of these characters now? >> well, what's interesting is that, you know, even 20 years ago i was really not the demographic, so i missed the original so when i got the call, i went back and i did my research, and i was so moved by this, you know, black animated series that disney had done, and they presented me with the character that i'm playing randall, who moves in with his caucasian husband down the
8:49 am
street, and their adopted two children, and what i love about this is that as artists we get to use our art. to transform hearts and minds. and it's so exciting to be a part of the proud family reboot. because, you know, it tackles a lot of issues and topics that we, you know, these uncomfortable conversations that we're having, especially with the black community as it relates to the lgbtq conversation. i feel honored and humbled to be at the intersection, to be able to have those conversations with my community. >> you're educating people. you're entertaining people. always great to have you here on "gma." let's show you meeting mr. proud. >> i'm randal jenkins. >> lebowitz-jenkins. what kind of brother are you? >> the best kind. a brother in charge!
8:50 am
>> okay, now, billy, we're so used to seeing -- your personality is coming through the screen. we're used to seeing you on stage. that voice. this is a different process. the animation process. how did you -- how do we get the billy porter experience in animation? what was the process like? >> well, you know, because we were in covid, i was able to do it at my house which is fierce. they would send, you know, these sound packets, and it would become a home studio, and, you know, we would be on zoom, and we would talk about the character, and i would literally -- would have to embody it where i'm sitting right now. we recorded everything from right here. it was so much fun. it's what we do. it's what i do. and the work, the script is so great that it didn't really take much effort.
8:51 am
all i had to do was really say the word and tell the story. >> you're humble as always. >> now one of the guest voices, lil nas x, you were recently in one of his videos. what do you think of the strides that he has made? >> you know, i've been in this business for over 30 years. you know, i've been fighting in the music industry to be seen as human, to have a black gay queer pop star is what we've been fighting for. i love that he's having this moment. i'm coming behind him with my new music. you know? so it's time. it's time for a new voice. it's time for new voices, for new stories, for new types of people to have a seat at these tables and occupy these spaces. >> you are also striking out in a new direction as a director. tell us about that. >> yes! i just directed my first feature
8:52 am
film for orion pictures. it's called "anything is possible." it's scheduled to come out this summer. it's a romantic comedy, coming of age story. sort of in the style of old john hughes movies, but it reflects what the world looks like today. we follow a black high school senior, transgirl, and she gets a boyfriend, and she gets into college, and it's about trans joy, not trans trauma. it's the first of its kind, and we're really, really excited to put this energy out in the world and show the world what else trans looks like. >> you have got it going on. there is nothing that you cannot do and do well. billy, thank you. have a wonderful day. >> thank you. >> always special having you on "gma." >> thank you for having me back. i love you all. have a good day. >> thanks, billy.
8:53 am
>> "the proud family: louder and prouder" is streaming february 23rd on disney plus. we'll be right back. family: loud
8:54 am
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent.
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and tune in tomorrow to find out who is hosting the oscars. we'll let you know. >> robin knows. >> let's change the subject. beautiful set here. >> good-bye, guys. thank you. happy valentine's day.
8:57 am
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. i am kumasi aaron. here is sue hall with traffic. sue: good morning. happy valentine's day. we take you to sunnyvale where we have another accident. the second one this morning. this westbound near lawrence expressway. several cars involved. a couple stuck together and you are backed up all the way toward the east bay. drew: taking a look at the tan cam. we have a lot of low cloud cover but once that burns off there is a lot of sunshine to be found. visibility down to a mile santa rosa, two miles in hayward. we will find sunshine later on this afternoon. noticeably cooler and breezy. temperatures only in the 50's to low 60's. kumasi: thank you. time for live with kelly and ryan and we will be back at
9:00 am
11:00 for midday live. hope is you then. have a good morning. ♪ get ready for love. lots of love. it's live's valentine's day special with kelly and ryan. today: she's an actress. he's a journalist. together, they make one lovely couple. ali wentworth and george stephanopoulos. and it's time to kiss and tell. members of the live family play the marriage game, secrets revealed. plus, our good friend steve "amore" patterson hits the streets of nyc to answer the question, "what is love?" also, our amazing viewers share their proposal stories on a special edition of the love inbox. all next on live. and now here are yours valentine's day co-hosts kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. ahh...


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