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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 17, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PST

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moving forward in finding solutions.
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this is abc 7 news. dan: san francisco's police chief is answering questions about an ongoing disagreement with the district attorney's office. the clock is ticking for them to reach an agreement on how use of force incidents are investigated. the chief pulled out of the current agreement two weeks ago. this is alive -- this is a live look where the agreement has been under discussion for 90 minutes. i'm dan ashley. ama: i'm, ama daetz. >> a lot of back-and-forth happening between commissioners and police chief bill scott. sometimes heated at times, one week before the mou agreement expires. the current agreement gives the district attorney's office the power to investigate police shootings and other police use cases. the chief says the das office is not holding up their part of the
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agreement by not giving them certain details in cases. here is some of what was said tonight. >> in situations where investigations are closed, where the charges have been filed, discovery has happened, we believe some of those documents that we had no knowledge occurred should be shared with the police department. >> do you recognize the role and authority of this commission to determine oversight of not just the department, which you as the administrator of the department? >> i'm doing everything i can to work to resolve these issues. i'm at the table and will stay at the table. were working with the california attorney general to put measures in place in the interim. dan: that from the police chief, the district attorney has previously said the mou
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agreement is working. he said fatal officer shootings have dramatically declined, and pointed at this as a reason why. we spoke to the former chief of staff now with the prosecutors alliance. >> i negotiated the mou with chief scott, with the police officers association. that was a lengthy process. it took three years to get an agreement, which is why it is critical that this mou not be allowed to lapse while they go back to the table. we have to have this agreement in place. reporter: chief scott says he backs independent investigations. he said he is actively working with the das office in the california attorney general. scott says they are working to have an interim agreement in place for when this current mou agreement expires next week. the commission is considering taking action to make sure the agreement does not lapse.
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back to you. ama: thank you so much. we will stay on top of this story on bring you any updates here on abc 7. dan: as the governor is getting ready to announce tomorrow the beginning of a new chapter in california's fight against coronavirus. it is being billed as the first of his kind wide-ranging plan to push forward from reacting to a pandemic to living with covid-19. we spoke with health experts tonight about what they imagined huge will look like. reporter: california and the covid-19 pandemic, in the beginning in march, 2020, governor newsom was the firsthee issue a stay-at-home order. california set rules and requirements that are only now beginning to ease. >> structurally we may be relaxing our tolerance. we are not as scared of the diseases we used to be, but we should be cautious. reporter: thursday the governor
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is expected to announce the next phase of california's covid-19 response. his office released this video, but looking forward his office says the wide-ranging plan will be the first of its kind for communities and individuals to have the tools they need to protect themselves and prepare for what is to come. they will focus on keeping schools and businesses open and safe. >> is good to plan for what may be coming down the road in the next few weeks. that is fair. reporter: stanford's experts and others say the future will be far from what it was like pre-pandemic. >> i'm not sure we can get there ever. >> i do not think we can go back to the way we used to live. >> it is sort of like 9/11. after 9/11 we do not travel the same way anymore. in some respects we have to use that comparison for how we will be after this critical phase of
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the pandemic. reporter: last week in oakland governor newsom said the state will embrace an endemic response. >> there will be a transition to go back to social activities that we used to do. reporter: health experts advise an endemic phase would demand balance. they say we should not live in fear or neglect this serious illness that has killed nearly one million americans. the governor is expected to unveil his plan thursday afternoon. abc 7 news. ama: today was the first day california's indoor mask mandate was lifted. it applies in all bay area counties, except for santa clara . the center for disease control and prevention announced it may update its mask guidance as early as next week. the cdc says it is looking at the tools at our disposal to fight covid-19. that includes vaccines, booster shots and different testing.
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cdc officials say they want to give people a break from asking when the metrics are better. dan: speaking of a break and getting back to normal, the san francisco pride parade is coming back in person this year. the festivities will be held june 25-26. our reporter was in the castro district were business owners are certainly ready for this economic boost. reporter: after two years of the pandemic, the san francisco pride parade is coming back in person this june. >> i'm excited. i have had an opportunity to drive in the parade several times. reporter: scott has lived in castro for 30 years and has been to 20 pride parades and said this year will be about bringing people back together. >> some moved away, they will come back for pride. reporter: there are high
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expectations for this year. they made the announcement on a streaming show wednesday morning. >> we cannot wait to get back. we have not had any revenue for a couple of years, so we cannot wait to get started. reporter: pride week will be key to the financial recovery of this district. >> this will be a wonderful way to celebrate emerging from the pandemic. people will travel to san francisco reporter: businesses had to shut down in 2021. they are glad they survived the pandemic but are eager to welcome tourists back. >> in the past it was more than 500,000 people who showed up for pride week and the festival. and for many different countries. reporter: before the pandemic, clothing stores in the castro district were getting about 10% of their yearly revenue during pride week.
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now they hope to get much-needed relief this year. >> it is a huge deal for us. we have a lot items. reporter: abc 7 news. dan: to stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, go to we will livestream governor newsom's press conference. ama: a wildfire is forcing evacuations. this time-lapse video from an alert wildfire camera earlier today shows a stark contrast, smoke billowing with snow covered hills in the foreground. fire broke out outside the town of bishop. calfire said it has burned 1800 acres and a 0% contained.
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in the bay area, hour long dry stretch continues. let's get to our meteorologist, sandhya patel. sandhya: this dry stretch is setting records. denno say, 49 days with no measurable days of rain. it is the driest on record, the previous was 41, set in 1967. san francisco, fourth driest on record with 40 days of no measurable rain. the previous record was 46 days. this weekend if it remains dry, which it is anticipated, it would go into the second category for san francisco. not what we want to take. high pressure is controlling the weather, which is why it is so dry. down south, the airport fire, a wildfire in the middle of winter when we should be seeing rain. nothing on radar, but the reservoirs still have capacity. lake laura vale, 47% capacity.
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-- lake oroville, 47% capacity. there might be some rain, i will be back with that, coming up. dan: advances in dna technology are credit to saul's a 25-year-old cold case in sonoma county. dna evidence submitted to a richmond lab last year matched that of jack bokin, a convicted felon who died in prison last september. that ends part of a mystery. a badly beaten body was found in a field in 1996. >> the family was obviously relieved. it is a prime example of how we do not forget about the victims. every family deserves answers. this is a way of us doing it. dan: jack bokin was serving a 231 year sentence for a string of violent crimes in the late
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1990's. ama: are we in recall fever? why that trend could be short-lived. dan: new developments over the legal battle of housing. ama: the fleet of the future is back on track.
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board of commission resigned his position tonight.
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three were recalled in a special election. a post said the campaign focused on personal attacks. it was written, some will say the recall is an adjustment to -- this argument is misinformed, creating safe, equitable educational spaces is a top priority for the board and district. mayor breed will pick the replacements. she says putting students first will be her top priorities. >> we have to put aside all personality conflicts, and we have to focus our attention on addressing what is most important. that is their future. ama: mayor breed says the new board will face monumental issues from equity to learning loss during the pandemic to the budget deficit. dan: this school board recall comes amid a rise in recall
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efforts. a recall in june in san francisco. remember the effort to recall governor newsom was on the ballot last year. it failed. we have more tonight on what some are calling recall fever. reporter: ever since the recall election of governor newsom last year, it might feel like you are hearing a lot about recalls. >> right now are having a moment. reporter: an expert on recall election says recall fever is real, partly due to unrest around covid, and partly because people are seeing other people do recalls. he said there was a surge after the recalled of gray davis in 2003. >> once people see it being used, they think, why not? reporter: joel was a volunteer with the san francisco school board recall campaign. he says there effort was not part of a bigger trend. >> we did something rare and
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important because the school board was so incompetent. reporter: he says that is largely true, tuesday nights recall was the fifth in the city's history, and the first successful one in over 100 years. after nearly 40 years without a recall election in san francisco, it is notable this year there are two. in june a recall for the district attorney will be on the ballot. >> that says something. >> it says recalls are possibly easier to get on the ballot. social media, internet, emails and spreadsheets -- all of these help make it simpler to get people excited. reporter: as recall efforts become more common, there is growing efforts to reform the process. in june san francisco voters will vote to see if they reform the window when election officials could be recalled. one senator from the east bay is along lawmakers working to reform the statewide process. he says the bar should be
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higher. >> i want to be sure the standards are high enough to make it a serious effort and not a harassment effort. reporter: abc 7 news. ama: the berkeley city council will consider a brief after a court order required university to freeze student enrollment. the university is appealing to the california subframe court. a group sued uc berkeley over a plan to build classrooms and faculty housing near campus. the and roman freeze means undergraduate enrollment would be reduced by about 3000 students. berkeley mayor said that would mean $57 million in lost tuition. he said it would have a domino effect, cutting into financial aid and a number of classes offered, student services, and facility maintenance. dan: new developments from bart, they are accepting deliveries of these new fleet of the future cars.
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bart stopped delivery a year ago so the manufacturer can make upgrades to improve the overall performance of the cars. bart has received 308 new cars and 219 are currently in service. ama: a favorite food truck event is returning to the fort mason center after two years. the weekly friday night market begins april 1. there will be full bars and live music. dan: that is fun. ama: it feels like we do not have to worry about it raining. dan: you say there is a chance? sandhya: there is a possibility on tuesday. every time we get closer to the event, the computer models back off and it dries out. absolutely beautiful tonight. it is the full snow moon rising from our kgo camera. you can see the craters on the moon. it gets its name because it is
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the full moon in february which typically is a snowy time of year. mount diablo no snow right gusting up to 50 miles per hour, a down sloping wind. that wind pushed our temperatures into the low 60's to mid 70's. it was warmer today. it will be gusty tomorrow morning over the northern portion of our viewing area and in the hills. winds will ease by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will not be as high as today. the wind is turning up the seas. 10-13 foot swells. watch out, rip current risks. you can see how shaky that camera is. tree pollen is running high, so if you suffer from allergies, the wind is not helping. juniper, pine, ash, and cedar
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are the problems. as the winds come down, hopefully it will be better for you. i want to show you the temperatures. winds are keeping the numbers up. most in the 50's and 60's, a few exceptions in the 40's. a stunning view of san francisco, clear skies, gusty in the hills. sunny and mild tomorrow, and a cooler pattern selected for the weekend. lunar celebrations, year of the tiger taking place friday through sunday. it will be mild, but temperatures will drop. upper 50's, mid 60's. it will be cooler for the chinese new year's parade. no problems in san francisco, 59 at the start of the parade. temperatures will drop to the low 50's. take a jacket so you have layers to keep warm. tomorrow morning you may not need the jacket.
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30's into the 50's. in the afternoon, 60's, barely making it to the low 70's. temperatures on sunday coming down. monday even cooler with a stronger onshore breeze. the european model is one of our letter models bringing a chance of showers. and sierra snow. the gfs model is not as aggressive, bringing snow but not much for us. we will see what happens. breezy morning, mild day. mild conditions through saturday before temperatures drop. winds kick up, and it will be a cool and windy monday with it slight chance of showers monday into early tuesday. a lot has to be figured out by then. dan:
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river rock casino. larry: we were going to start with draymond green and james wiseman hopefully returning, then curry started running around the court before the game. you can only hold to contain him, which steph eventually did. this game ended in a heartbreak. jonathan kuminga, spin move. gary payton, six steals. dubs wire-to-wire lead. klay thompson had 16. then the wheels come off. curry driving, could not hit the floater.
1:36 am
wiggins looses the handle. morris says, i will take that. warriors down 1. curry, pull-up, money. 25 for steph. jokic, 35 and 17 on the night. kick out to morris, good night, game over. warriors fall, 117-116. coach kerr: we can nitpick the details, and i will be myself up tonight. there are several things i will kick myself for and think i should have done this and done that. the players will do that, because that is what the businesses. it is competition at the highest level. it stings when you lose like this. larry: lakers ninth in the west. anthony davis down, he was in agony in the floor. x-rays negative, could be a high
1:37 am
ankle sprain, which could take 608 -- 6-8 weeks t weeks t weekt eventually thousands would turn out but this was nothing like other celebrations we have seen in the past, a huge crowd. matthew stafford enjoyed himself. >> it is unbelievable. you guys have been unbelievable. unbelievable all year. you know what? we appreciate you. [cheers] larry: tom brady drink too much last year, and tweeted, makes in the water, trust me.
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i'm ama daetz. dan:
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