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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 17, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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evening. stay tuned for jimmy kimmel. ringo starr is . >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, ringo starr and olympic gold medalist shaun white. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi. hi, guillermo. hi, everyone. thank you. appreciate it. very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching and thanks for joining us on a big night, a thursday night, an exciting thursday night. because one of the beatles is here. one of the real beatles. [ cheers and applause ] what is your favorite beatle
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song? >> guillermo: oh, "yes." "i want to hold your hands," too. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you like that song or are you telling me what you want to do after the show? >> no, i like the song. >> jimmy: okay. things are starting to get slightly more normal-ish on the covid front. the cdc is dialing back their risk advisory for cruise ships. that designation has been reduced from very high to high, as in, you'd have to be high to go on a cruise. [ laughter ] i went on a cruise once and every night at dinner, you have to sit at the same table. we were trapped sitting next to a guy who kept calling the woman he was with his "ladyfriend." [ laughter ] that alone is a reason to play it safe and stay home. but some people might need a cruise right now. a lot of the country is getting hammered by a new winter storm. winter storm "miles" has an interesting weather pattern. this is what miles looks like. it would appear that parts of the south and midwest are about
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to be hit with an avocado. [ laughter ] i don't know if you remember the storm that happened on february 17th last year but it was a big one. winter storm uri hit texas hard. and on this date, one chinless individual rose above them all to bring comfort to his people. >> february 2021 saw a deadly winter storm ravaged the lone star state. >> in texas, nearly 2.5 million people are still without power. severe weather is not letting up. >> while many texans fell victim to the cruel and bitter cold, none suffere more than senator ted cruz. [ laughter ] >> i'll tell you, heidi and me, we lost power for two days. our house was dark, we had no heat. >> it was so cold, the sides of the senator's hair froze off. [ laughter ] on february 17th, with power outages throughout the state, commander cruz and his family quietly boarded a flight and crossed the gulf of mexico to soak up the warm mexican sun. and bring it back home to his frozen fellow texans.
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[ laughter ] >> continuing to work, trying to get the power on. what's happening is unacceptable, a lot of texans are hurting. >> from his command post at the ritz-carlton, cruz worked tirelessly at making sure all hands were on deck. 24 hours later, ted waddled back to houston with a bag full of ponchos to keep his people warm. back home, the locals celebrated their conquering hero's return with music -- ♪ and a banner begging him to re-sign for another six years of bold, courageous leadership. [ laughter and applause ] great leaders of the ones who know the way, go the way, and show the way. and when the going gets tough, ted cruz gets going. [ laughter ] to cancun. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well.
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again, not so good news for the trump family today. first of all, according to a new poll more republicans side with mike pence when it comes to whether or not he could have done anything to change the outcome of the election. which is exciting because it's the first time mike pence has won anything since the westminster dog show. [ laughter ] only 36% of republicans take trump's side. 52% side with pence. which is funny because how sad is it that we now live in a world where we hear slightly less than half of republicans are crazy and we're like, hey, good news. [ laughter ] but that's nothing compared to what happened in a new york court, supreme court. a judge today, ruled that donald trump, ivanka trump, and don jr. will have to sit for depositions as part of the attorney general's investigation into their family business and whether or not they committed fraud. i bet trump gets five seconds into that deposition before he shouts "it was eric!" [ laughter ] the judge says the trumps have 21 days to comply.
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right now, they're looking for a bible tiny enough for him to put his hand on. to swear him in. [ laughter ] eric trump was not deposed for this round of questioning. and maybe it's for the best because no judge or even lawyer should ever be subjected to this. >> where are these prosecutors? it actually hurts our country. push him on it. the actual taxes? where were you? i don't understand. how about -- what -- what the hell -- look at the -- literally -- vaccines, people are -- why is -- where is this -- literally -- offenses -- when do they -- how many -- let me finish. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah. yeah. that's a -- he's a chipmunk off the old block is what he is. [ laughter ] meanwhile, while the rest of the family is doing their best to avoid prisons, melania is selling nfts. nft stands for non-fungible tokens which are blockchain-based units of, something. i don't know. [ laughter ] until today, i thought a
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"blockchain" was what melania had on her bedroom door. [ laughter ] to protect her from the bored ape in the next room. but melania today announced the release of the "potus nft collection" which will include 10,000 nfts priced at 50 bucks a pop. they say they'll highlight "iconic moments" from the trump administration. like this highlight, and this highlight, of course this one. [ laughter ] featuring the only paper trump didn't flush down the toilet. [ laughter ] how would she even know what the "iconic moments" from his administration were? half the time she was first lady, she hid in her room, the other half she spent bitching about christmas decorations. [ laughter ] this is the weirdest part, "collectors will enjoy an element of surprise, as the artwork of each nft is revealed only after purchase." you send melania your money and in return you get -- whatever they decide to send back. where do i line up? [ laughter ] what a deal that sounds like. meanwhile, mr. my pillow, mike
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apps liddle, is still at it. you know those truckers who are blocking everything up to -- in ottawa? mike lindell, has decided, to show his support by sending pillows. 10,000 pillows to canada. for some rope he tried to get a truck filled with pillows, but they wouldn't let him in. >> been trying to get my truck into canada, of pillows. we have over 10,000 pillows. we have the kid pillows. the bible stories on them. we have the premium pillows. we have a truckload of over 10,000 pillows we've been trying to get to ottawa. brian, i guess, the cameraman were up there with us, they were going to film it going across. they took brian across, he went across first to test the waters. and i don' know if you even know this. he got detained. him and the fall ra man, over two hours. >> oh my word. >> jimmy: oh, no! oh, man. [ laughter ] you don't do that to brian. who's brian?
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[ laughter ] is brian the guy who made the jesus meets lion painting next to your head? [ laughter ] and another question, why are you sending pillows to canada? they have pillows. i think that's where canadian geese come from! canada. [ laughter ] pillow town. but go on. >> we're going to get them pillows. it's become like a quest. i mean, it's just like, we're going to get them to you even if i have to carry them over the border one tuesdat a time. or we have a couple of backup plans. but those pillows are not returning to my warehouse. >> jimmy: he really drew a line in the sand. [ laughter ] those pillows are not returning to my warehouse! what a stand. who would've ever guessed his voter fraud crusade would wind up being the second craziest thing he's done? mike told "the daily beast" his backup plan was to fly a helicopter over the border and drop the pillows from the sky. [ laughter ] then he claimed he was trolling the reporter. at this point, how would we have
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any way of knowing when you're joking or not? [ laughter ] mike lindell has had a rough week. his bank dropped him, they won't take his money anymore. now he's yelling about launching a pillow attack on canada. [ laughter ] i happen to like the guy so i thought it might be nice to check in, see how he's doing. mike, can you hear me? ♪ minnesota minnesota ♪ >> jimmy: mike, it's -- >> is that kimmie campbell? how the heck you keep getting cameras everywhee? >> jimmy: we never established that. i want to know how you're doing and really what you're doing right now. >> if you must know, i'm burying all my loot in the ground. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, i heard you got banned by your bank. >> that's okay. i call this nature savings account. >> jimmy: okay, that's a positive way of thinking about it. i wanted to ask, what are you doing trying to deliver pillows to canada? >> i got a u-haul packed with luxurious mypillows for the truckers, but those canucks won't let me in! so then i was saying maybe i should toss 'em out of a helicopter.
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>> jimmy: right, i heard that. although -- i don't know. wouldn't they get sucked up into the rotor blades? if you threw pillows out of a -- >> ordinary pillows would get sucked up into the rotor blades, yes. but mypillows are filled with patented dead pigeon technology which helps them fall from the sky like bricks. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, you -- they're filled with dead pigeons? >> patented dead pigeon technology! >> jimmy: i see, okay. [ laughter ] >> other pillows take the feathers, we take the whole bird! [ laughter ] every mypillow has 2.2 pounds of real pigeon meat. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: mike, you know -- they're not going to let you dump pillows full of pigeon meat into canada. why are they keeping you out of canada anyway? >> because the pretty boy who runs that there canada, justin clouseau, says i'm not vaccinated and that i have multiple arrests on account of crack cocaine. >> jimmy: he said that? is that true? >> oh, yeah, that's very true. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh. which thing is true? >> both of them, all of it, yeah. >> jimmy: i see. [ laughter ]
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mike, why do you think the truckers would want or need pillows right now? >> you ever hear that old bible quote "honk if you're horny"? >> jimmy: yeah. >> well, these fellows won't stop honking. so mike's going to send them nice, soft mypillows. they got me through many a lonesome minnesota night. so good. so gosh darn good, oh, boy. it feels like you're doing it with a real goose, jim! >> jimmy: oh. why? >> oh, cripes. i might hafta sneak across the border to deliver these pillows myself. >> jimmy: i heard you say that. wouldn't that make you an illegal immigrant? >> of course not. americans can't be immigrants. that's just about one of the dopiest things i ever heard. [ laughter ] and that's saying a lot cause in the '80s, i almost married a jc been niemann that kin. >> jimmy: oh. >> i loved her, but we fought night and day. >> jimmy: okay, mike. mike, how are you going to get into canada? to deliver your pillows? >> look, it's easy.
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i find a down on its luck peewee hockey team. i buy some new uniforms, recruit figure skaters to join us. then we win the championship with our "flying v" and the nhl invites me to go to canada as a player for the minnesota wild! >> jimmy: mike, hold on a second. isn't that a plot for the movie "the mighty ducks"? >> the what, the who? >> jimmy: "the mighty ducks" starring emilio estevez? >> why, that mexican you know whatofabitch. nobody steals ideas from me! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, he didn't steal the -- >> i gotta get my nephew juno to draw up a lawsuit. >> jimmy: what is that, a cb? >> breaker, breaker! little pigeon, this is rusty moustache, come back. i need legal eagles stat! >> jimmy: mike, that's not plugged in -- >> emilio escondido has been yankin' noodles from my brain box! over. >> jimmy: okay, you seem very busy, mike. i'm going to let you go. >> i gotta take a break. you know what? i think i'm compromised. i'll see you in canada! >> jimmy: all right. that's mike lindell, everybody.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ minnesota minnesota ♪ >> jimmy: all right. we've got a great show for you tonight. the great olympic gold medalist shaun white is here with us. [ cheers and applause ] and we'll be right back with the one and only, ringo starr. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: all right. welcome back. tonight, three-time olympic gold medal-winning snowboarder shaun white is with us. next week, we've got quite a week of shows. will smith, tyler perry, usher, amanda seyfried, and the judges of "american idol" katy perry, luke bryan, and lionel ritchie will be here.
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we'll have music from banks, ari lennox, and rob base featuring teenah-shay. [ cheers and applause ] please join us for all of that. our first guest tonight is the most famous drummer in the history of the world. you know him from the bands rory storm & the hurricanes, and the beatles. his new book "lifted" is on sale exclusively on, please welcome ringo starr. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you for coming. it's great to have you here. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're all excited. we don't get excited much, but we do get excited when you're here. and thank you for coming back. because the last time you were here wasn't so long ago, but i
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felt like i just didn't get enough. >> it feels like it was last week. >> jimmy: it does feel like it was last week. it was actually september. >> i'm still tired. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i tend to be exhausting, yes. since the last time you were here, over i think thanksgiving weekend, the documentary "get back" came out about the beatles. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it was just absolutely great. [ cheers and applause ] i'm sure you like it even better than i did. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i loved it. >> it did really good. >> jimmy: it felt like everybody i know saw that, everybody. >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you feel like that too? i imagine you really felt like that. >> well, everyone in our household. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, for sure. what are people asking you about the most? is there a moment in the documentary that people are bringing up to you more frequently than others? >> no, i think the general question is how great it was. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> i mean, they'd say, you know -- because we started with nothing. and then we ended up on the roof. i loved that we went to the roof, because it's always with the beatles, we're going to
11:55 pm
india, we're going to everest, we're going here! sod it, let's just go on the roof. [ laughter ] that's what we did. you know, just backtracking, "abbey road" was another one. let's go to the alps, let's go to india! oh, just walk across the road. [ laughter ] it worked every time. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah, you don't need. there was a moment, i think a couple of moments. one moment i'm remembering in particular where paul was playing the piano. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and singing. you were just watching him. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you said something like, why do we even need to -- we could just watch him do this. >> yehya. >> jimmy: you were so captivated by his genius. >> oh, i am always captivated by paul's genius. >> jimmy: i loved seeing that. it really was something. >> a moment you go, oh! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it is an "oh" moment. you guys have been together -- it seemed like, for a lot of people that wears off quickly. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and obviously it didn't. it reminds me of the way
11:56 pm
guillermo looks at me. are [ laughter ] >> i know, i know. >> jimmy: in a lot of ways. >> i've got to tell you, he was looking at me like that in the bathroom. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i told you to stay out of the guest's bathroom, guillermo! please. >> guillermo: sorry. >> jimmy: we have a postcard. this is a postcard that paul sent to you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it was the day -- it arrived the day after that concert on the rooftop. january 31st, 1969. he wrote, you are the greatest drummer in the world, really, ringo. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah, i was a bit let down, it came so late. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's pretty -- that's a very sweet thing to say. >> he's a beautiful guy. >> jimmy: he is. he sent me -- he was on the show. and he sent me a postcard. and you know, i have to show you. "please stay out of my yard. i will call the police."
11:57 pm
really. not the same sentiment, but still, it was nice of him to send. [ laughter ] >> yes, he's a good guy. >> jimmy: we also got to see you and george writing your song "octopus's garden." [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: how did the idea of a gardening octopus or an octopus came about? >> on the white album, i left the band. i left the band because i didn't think i was being part of it, was playing great, you know -- i always was like, i'd go -- i went and knocked at john's door. and i said, man, you know, i feel you three are so close, and i'm out of it. and he goes, i thought it was you three. then i went to paul's. and i said, hi, man, you know -- got to tell you, i feel like i'm not part of the band and i'm not playing good. and he said, you know -- i said, you three are really close. he said, i thought it was you three. [ laughter ] so i flew to sardinia.
11:58 pm
i'm getting out of here. went to sardinia. you know, i work with peter sellers. and his boat was there. >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> so he lent us his boat, in those days, to maureen and two of my kids. and two things happened. one was the nanny we had with us was carrying jason, a little kid, and she -- we were just climbing over rocks and that. then she stopped. and she said, "take the baby." what? take the baby? she said, "take the baby." so i took my son. and i said, "what's going on?" there was an octopus wrapped around her leg. i would have thrown that kid a mile. [ laughter ] [ applause ] "take the baby." also then we went and had lunch on pete's boat. and -- we had some fish and chips. you know, from liverpool.
11:59 pm
and they gave us -- what the hell's this? it was octopus and chips. >> jimmy: was it the one from her leg? [ laughter ] >> no. well, i don't think so. and -- anyway, we finished the lunch. in those days, you know, it was like, you know -- it was freedom when you were in sardinia to smoke dope. and i'd gotten into a really great mood, and the weather was great. and -- just on the deck, and the captain came out. you know, he realized we didn't want his octopus. and he said, you know what octopus do? they find, on the ocean bed, pretty rocks and tins, actually, that are being thrown from the boats. they put like a garden around them. well, when you're stoned, that's the best idea i've ever heard in my life. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i go, what? yeah. so i did start it. i played three chords.
12:00 am
everything's in three chords. there's another bit of footage i don't think was in did that where george is like hanging about and i'm like -- ♪ i'd like to be ♪ "g!" "f!" whatever he said. i can only play in "c." that was just a really cool bit for me. >> jimmy: yes, absolutely. >> anyway, that's how it ended up being "octopus's garden." at that moment i'd love to be under the sea with an octopus, you know. >> jimmy: now, this is a photo that you posted on sunday. >> yeah. >> jimmy: on twitter. and that's you and your wife, barbara, her sister, marjorie, and your brother-in-law, joe walsh. all supporting the rams. >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you watch nfl football? >> i do. >> jimmy: you do? >> yeah. >> jimmy: the rams are your team? >> in l.a. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: in l.a. [ cheers and applause ] >> it came to a point where the chargers and rams, you have to
12:01 am
pick one. i'm from liverpool where you have liverpool and everton. the city is divided. for one team or the other. and so my big team is dallas. >> jimmy: the cowboys, really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh. >> in the middle '70s, i came into l.a., and i was staying awhile. i went to some guy's house. dallas was playing. and, you know, i picked a team. >> jimmy: yeah. in the '70s you either rooted for the cowboys or the steelers unless you had -- >> no, because i'm english, i rooted for the cowboys. and my next team was the steelers. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, you can't do that. well, we forgive you. >> yes, yeah. [ laughter ] i actually was so involved with dallas, the team and the girls -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and the cheerleaders, yeah. >> i went to dallas to buy a house. >> jimmy: really? because of the cowboys? >> we flew there, my friend and i. we looked at houses. we went shopping. we bought a pair of boots. we got back on the plane. [ laughter ]
12:02 am
[ applause ] >> jimmy: ringo starr is with us. his book is called "lifted." we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ (“no rain” - blind melon escape) ♪ ♪escape...♪ ♪escape... escape...♪ ♪ ♪
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care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch
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from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause! i think what we need is an audience of some sort. a surprise audience. >> i like it. >> i thought i'd let you know -- i'm going to sit here silent. then i thought, no i'll tell you about it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's the thing about these guys. no matter what was going on, always making music, from wherever it may come.
12:07 am
>> yeah. yeah, but the thing with that was, we learned that when we were in a band, when we started out, you know, if anybody l anyl "silent one" go, they would try and get away with it. and it caused terrible trouble. [ laughter ] wasn't me, it was you. no, no -- it came to people -- >> jimmy: it so divided the band, but in fact, it was just gas. [ laughter ] >> we realized, okay, it was me. or it was him. doesn't matter. but you just said it and everything calmed down. >> jimmy: who was the gassiest beatle? [ laughter ] >> oh -- paul. >> jimmy: paul? [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: this book -- >> i've got to say that because the other two aren't with us anymore. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this book is so much fun to read. the pictures and the stories. and it's very funny. wrote it with the great david
12:08 am
wild, great wire. can we put a couple of these photographs on the screen? i do want to ask you about some of these photos. where are you in this shot, do you remember? >> no idea. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're in bed. one of the things i thought was interesting you wrote, you guys, even when you were hugely popular and on tour, you only had two bedrooms. you'd be two in a room. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you'd travel in a car together. how long did that go on, the whole time you toured? >> from the day i joined it was hike that. as soon as we started going around, you know, europe first, and even scotland if we had to stay over, but usually if it was in britain, that night we'd drive on. even if it was 200, 300 miles, we'd drive home. when we started going out, we only ever had two suites. we shared all the time. >> jimmy: were there situations where they didn't have two beds so you had to be in the same bed? >> well, i don't want to talk about that. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: okay.
12:09 am
let's take a look at another photograph from the book. there you are on the roof. >> yeah, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] on the roof, baby. >> jimmy: up on the roof. what do you remember about this? what was happening? >> this was great. it was cold. it was raining. but we played together. we were playing live. i mean, that's -- we hadn't done that in years. you know, wide been in the studio and played that way together. but just -- >> jimmy: that jacket, that red jacket. whose jacket was that? >> maureen's. >> jimmy: that was your wife maureen's jacket. >> yes, yeah. i tried not to get wet. >> jimmy: yeah. we have another photograph here. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: there's you and george. wow, look at that. >> that's before i was in the beatles. that's when i was rory. we were just getting to know each other. >> jimmy: yeah. and i think we have one more here. this is -- >> yeah, "keep off the grass." in those days, that was really humorous. [ laughter ] [ applause ]
12:10 am
>> jimmy: who was the most fun stoned of the four of you? >> how would i know? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're about to get the all-star band back together. >> thank you, lord! >> jimmy: go on tour. >> yeah, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: in may? >> the last two years, i had four tours set and up we didn't make any of them because of the pandemic. and so this year we're saying yes to may and june. and all being well, things will be cool. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: who's going to be in the band with you? >> it's all the same band that was with me in 2019. >> jimmy: okay. >> and i have now brought edgar winter back. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> he's so great. i'd love him here, he's great. >> jimmy: we'd love to have him here. >> steve lucas on guitar.
12:11 am
colin hay. hamish on bass. the other drummer is -- what's his face? oh, thank you. the drummer knows. [ applause ] greg bissonnette. he's really fun. i've known greg the last 200 years. >> jimmy: yeah, you'd think you'd remember his name. [ laughter ] when you're ringo, there's only one drummer. >> many a night, "on my left is -- on my left --" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: will you and greg share a room? [ laughter ] >> no. >> jimmy: okay. >> those days are gone. >> jimmy: toes are totally gone. i love that you love going out and playing. >> i love playing. that was the start of my life, to play. >> jimmy: so many legends, and you are a legend, in rock 'n' roll, they'll come to the show, sometimes they're not so excited about playing, whatever. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but i know you love to go play. paul, when he was here, we asked him to do i think three songs. >> yeah.
12:12 am
>> jimmy: he did 17 songs. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and it was one of the great nights of my life. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: it was unbelievably great. and he loved it, and he was just so into it. maybe that's part of it. maybe when you have this powerful magic that you guys have. >> yeah, you have to understand, everybody does, that when we were playing in liverpool, we were playing. >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> and no one ended up thinking, oh, in 20 years i'll be living in l.a., or whatever, you know what i mean. america was the place to be. we just played because we loved to play. and they gave -- you know, we were getting gigs, then we were getting more gigs. then we got quite well known. you know. then we went to amsterdam and we got known there. denmark and spain, you know. >> jimmy: unbelievable. >> the maddest thing of all is we come in from sweden, all kids at the airport, heathrow, and we didn't even know him, ed
12:13 am
sullivan arrives from new york. and he doesn't know us either. so they just see the reaction we're getting and books us to come to new york, t come to america. you know, you can't plan that. >> jimmy: no, you can't. >> it's mad these things happen. >> jimmy: in the book, you told that story in the book but you said, i'm not sure that actually happened, but i think it happened. right? >> oh, that sounds like david. [ laughter ] [ applause ] no, that's what happened. coming to america was so huge for us. >> jimmy: well, we're really happy to have you. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i think i speak for all of us. this book, all proceeds go to charity, to your charity? >> the lotus foundation. >> jimmy: the lotus foundation. "lifted" is on sale exclusively at the great ringo starr, everybody. we'll be back with shaun white!
12:14 am
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>> jimmy: shaun white is coming up, but before we forge ahead with that, it's thursday night which means it's time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week whether they need it or not. it's time for "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> tonight the cdc s soon loosen its covid mask guidance. the debate over [ bleep ]ing in
12:20 am
schools rages on. >> workers at meta would no longer be called face [ bleep ]ers but metamates. >> we call that [ bleep ]ing somebody. they were trying to [ bleep ] the president of the united states. going after, [ bleep ]ing the president of the united states of america. that is so wrong. >> everybody [ bleep ]s you. >> a small dog has a big [ bleep ], lighting up the lives of veterans. >> james, how are you at [ bleep ]ing burger buns? >> i've been known to do it. >> matthew stafford has a long [ bleep ]. >> can i ask you what your [ bleep ] looks like? >> let's face it. if you [ bleep ] my ass, i love you. >> i can testify to that. >> name something you like your girlfriend do to your [ bleep ]. >> i want to say sit on it. >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we will be back with
12:21 am
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: our next guest has represented this country in five olympic games, earned three gold medals, and just a few days ago retired at the ripe old age of 35 from team usa. please welcome the greatest snowboarder of all-time, shaun white! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how you doing? very good to see you. >> hi, thanks for having me. >> jimmy: when did you get back? >> just like a couple of days ago. >> jimmy: by the way, you know, i think -- maybe the last time you were here, you were here after our son billy had heart surgery. >> i was. >> jimmy: you'd had the same heart surgery. >> yes. >> jimmy: you gave billy a very cool snowboard and a little snow outfit. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: so we were watching you on the olympics.
12:27 am
>> oh, amazing. >> jimmy: and trying to explain it. but you know, he didn't quite understand. >> okay. >> jimmy: but he did give you a gift from his special drawer. >> okay. >> jimmy: which is mostly full of stuff he stole from his sister's room. [ laughter ] >> fair enough. >> jimmy: he pilfered. and candy that's not supposed to be in there. that's for you. >> all right! >> jimmy: a gift for your retirement. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you, billy. the great white shark. >> jimmy: i think that might be a goblin shark, even better. even rarer, yeah. >> okay, nice. >> jimmy: that's a little gift. >> thank you. >> jimmy: to thank you for the gift, that's a gift, yes. >> awesome. >> jimmy: this whole thing, i thought it was kind of funny listening to these announcers talk about you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: being old. [ laughter ] because you're 35. >> yeah. >> jimmy: they acted like they were talking about bob barker or angela lansbury. >> yeah, "there he goes, let's see if he --" yeah. >> jimmy: that has to be strange. you've been going to the olympics since you were 19 years old. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: the youngest guy on
12:28 am
the team. >> i was for a while. which is bizarre to be the youngest, all of a sudden "the oldest competitor dropping in." i felt great. obviously, you know, i'm young at heart. i feel physicaly fit. but yeah, compared to some of my competitors, i mean -- i think one of the competitors was like 17 years old. so i feel a little older compared to them. but i think they're building it up quite a bit. >> jimmy: do your 17-year-old competitors freak out when they meet you? that must be intimidating for them. >> in the beginning, i thought there was going to be more -- kind of like attitude. from my competitors. because it's more, you know hare we're competing together, there's more -- kind of that rift. but no, they were all like, "i played your video game." "i'm a huge fan." i'm like, oh, okay. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] so that was fun, though. it made it really fun. >> jimmy: what is it specifically in your sport that makes it harder to compete as you get older? >> i think, you know -- we're just flipping and spinning so
12:29 am
fast. and the margin for error is very small. i mean, i'm going up a 22-foot halfpipe wall, flying out of that at least 20, 23 feet, doing multiple flips and spins. and you see the blue lines they paint on the walls. you have to be on the inside. pthat's all you want to know, just get on the inside of those lines. i don't know, talking with other athletes and friends, they're like, yeah, you know, if i miss that pass, there's another pass. but if i'm flying 20 feet through the air and i'm just off -- >> jimmy: yeah, there's no coming back from that. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: you fell on your last attempt. >> i did. >> jimmy: what was the move that you were trying to do there? >> well, the big move was the triple cork, which is three flips while spinning. you know, i had this big plan. and i fell on my second trick, which was a double flip 1440. and i clipped the wall. i was talking about it. i wasn't inside of the lines enough. i clipped the top. i had this big kind of thing i was waiting to do at the bottom. but -- but that's okay. >> jimmy: yeah. does any part of you go --
12:30 am
>> i say that like this, that's okay! that's fine! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: but you still finished. you finished fourth, which is -- >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: especially at your age, you're used to winning so i know -- it's like tom brady in a lot of ways. this season, how it ended for him. >> of course, of course. >> jimmy: close, but not quite there, it can't help but feel like a disappointment. >> yeah. >> jimmy: is there any part of you that thinks, maybe i'll come back in four years in milan, give it a try again? >> there's always that part of me. and i think i want to call some of the athletes, how do i crave this sort of mentality? because immediately i was plotting, okay, i could just hide away in alaska, learn the tricks, show up, play possum. they think it's over and there i go. [ laughter ] you know, in all fairness, like -- yeah, i've been doing this for so long. >> jimmy: what if president
12:31 am
donald trump jr. himself calls you in four years. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and says, we need you to represent this country. >> you never know. >> jimmy: you start getting older, everybody's asking you when you're going to hang it up. >> yeah. >> jimmy: as soon as you hang it up, everybody wants to know if you're going to come back. >> yeah, i mean -- it's been an amazing run so i'm happy with it. >> jimmy: you should be. >> honestly, there's so much to be done outside of that world that i'm excited to check it out and just be there as a mentor at this point? your friends and your family didn't get to come to beijing because of the covid rules. what did you do after that, after it was over? did you celebrate your career? >> yeah, right when i got home, everyone was there at the airport. >> jimmy: okay. >> so that was really cool. i didn't expect that. >> jimmy: nice. >> i had made this list, my girlfriend said, if you're retiring, make this list of things you want to do. i'm putting this list. pretty close at the top of the list was, go to a super bowl. it's always during the competitor season, i've never been to one. i landed, said hi to, everyone,
12:32 am
"i've got to go," went straight to the super bowl. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: on sunday. >> yeah, it was really, really fun. >> jimmy: was it what you hoped it would be? >> it was, it was great. you know. 50 cent doing that reverse crunch? [ cheers ] like, what is happening? it was great, it was great. >> jimmy: this is a clip that i think we played on the show -- i think it's from, like, 2006 or something like that. >> uh-huh? >> jimmy: you're a teenager here. >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: i want to get your thoughts on this. >> yeah, like, um -- what happened was the funniest thing, is the stewardesses had all seen the games, they were so excited to see me. like, you have the gold. i had, like, unlimited service after that. i was getting drinks, and i was getting snacks, and i was taking photos to toes in the back with all the stewardesses. >> wait a minute, drinks?pyou'r >> i'm talking about mountain dews, baby. [ laughter ]
12:33 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: now that the statute of limitations has lapsed, were you talking about mountain dews? >> we were probably over international waters. [ laughter ] i don't know. >> jimmy: that's right. >> i think i was talking about mountain dews, though, i really was. >> jimmy: when did you decide to cut your hair? was that a conscious decision? >> oh, man. it's the most amazing story. so i had this long, red hair forever. and i was thinking about cutting it. and randomly i was on a trip to las vegas and i bumped into carrot top. [ laughter ] and the carrot sat me down, and i remember -- >> jimmy: "the top." he goes by "the top" now. >> excuse me, "the top." and i remember it being like meeting the ghost of christmas future. [ laughter ] he's like, there's still time for you! i'm stuck like this, save yourself! [ laughter ] and i remember just -- yet anyone. i just went, chop it off. >> jimmy: is that true? >> yeah, the way it happened for
12:34 am
sure. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, he talked you out of your hair. >> yes. he was like -- i was thinking, man, one more olympics. i might be running this for a long time. this is how people know me. he was like, if you have the choice, this is me now, this is it, save yourself. >> jimmy: i feel like he was eliminating the competition. [ laughter ] >> oh, maybe. >> jimmy: very diabolical, it's not just silly stuff in that box. there's all sorts of -- yeah. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. >> thanks so much. >> jimmy: congratulations on the unbelievable career in sports. [ cheers and applause ] i hope you have a great career from here on. >> thank you. >> jimmy: the great shaun white, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back.
12:35 am
12:36 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i want to thank ringo starr and shaun white. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. what happened, guillermo left already? can't even wait tal the end of the show. he's so busy, he had to get out of here, listening to "yesterday" in his car. [ laughter ] i'm sorry, really, i apologize. we should keep this stuff behind closed doors. "nightline" is next. thank you for watching, good night. [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, fair play? the latest battleground in elite sports. >> what struck me about it most is just the visceral anger that seems to come through. >> controversy in the swimming world. all eyes on trans athlete leah thomas, shattering records. why some say trans female athletes have an unfair advantage. >> men and women are built very differently. so we created women's sports specifically so that biological women have a place to win. >> even caitlyn jenner speaking out. >> biological boys should not play in women's sports. >> but how should the rules be changed? >> the trans athletes that i know ae athletes. a true


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