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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 18, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: top stories right now at 6:00. oakland says play ball, for now. the vote that came in overnight. >> come on out. the floats are being made. i have a new outfit. i am super excited. reggie: ready to celebrate. it has been a while since we have had the cheers, amazing dragons. everything you need to know about the chinese new year festival. kumasi: no matter where you are this weekend, you will probably get some sun. we are starting our morning a bit chilly. reggie: good morning on this
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friday, february 18. kumasi: we are happy lisa is with us this morning. lisa: good morning. nice to be here. bringing a little more sun, although you might like to break the 42 day streak of no rain. here is a look at live doppler 7 , you are looking at the cloud deck going up and over the big ridge. all we can manage today is high clouds. a lot of 30's into the east bay. a degree above freezing in in in fairfield, now it is 35. highs today in the mid to upper 60's with a few high clouds. kumasi: we now know the plan to build a waterfront ballpark in oakland is moving forward. the oakland city council certified the environmental impact report.
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we are long way from breaking ground. jobina: it is a huge step forward for the a's, who plan to build their ballpark near jack london square. it was noted 6-2 to certify the eir before midnight. >> i am really, really conce coc not only about how fast this is moving, but also the pressure we are getting. it feels like if we give the a's whatever they are asking for, they don't have to do anything. >> i want to be very, very clear that for me to approve the final project, the final project when it comes to us, i have to see it delivers the economic and community benefits that we know oakland so desperately needs and it makes fiscal sense. jobina: after the vote, the a's team president sent a celebratory tweet. a big step closer to a new
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waterfront ballpark at howard terminal. the oakland mayor will speak later today but released a statement saying it is a giant leap forward in our shared mission to create a destination that gives back our waterfront to the public, connects a new vibrant neighborhood to our downtown and provides thousands of good union jobs for our residents and does it all while keeping our beloved a's in oakland. one of the next apps? studies will be done on traffic management around the ballpark and the a's and the city need to figure out who will pay for the infrastructure, affordable housing and community benefits. it could take several months of negotiations before the city council would vote on a plan. reggie: there is some opposition from the community. activists and union workers rallied outside of city hall, claiming the project will cause the port to close, leading to
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job losses, gentrification and not enough affordable housing. >> do we need 3000 luxury condos in oakland? working-class people are intents. we need -- working-class people are in tents. reggie: no general fund money will be used on the project. it sees potential benefits from the project but has yet to formally endorse the deal. the alameda county labor council backed the plan, saying it will create thousands of union jobs and provide millions of dollars in community benefits. kumasi: a deadly police shooting is under investigation and pleasanton. officer shot and killed a domestic violence suspect after he came out of an apartment with a knife. a witness gave us video. it could be disturbing to see. officers break a window and yelled that the suspect is at the door. the suspect leaves the apartment
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and officers shoot him on the sidewalk. police released this image. they are saying the man was holding this knife. someone who said they are a victim of domestic violence called police to the situation. >> we know the public wants to know more, which is why we are moving quickly to gather facts. the most professional response is to take the time to get this right. consider postponing oakland unified school closures until 2023. last week the school board announced it will be closing or merging 11 schools in the district as the district faces a $90 million budget shortfall. the district voted to close two schools this year and five more next year.
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that meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30. kumasi: the countdown is on to tomorrow night's chinese new year parade in san francisco. we are wishing for a lot of good luck this year. reggie: the parade is always one of the city's biggest parties and is finally back in person for the first time since the pandemic. kumasi: everyone is super excited about it. >> everyone is so excited about this. you can go downtown and enjoy the parade for free. there are some bleacher seats, but a parade coordinator tells me they are sold out. that is about 3000 seats. the city is getting ready. a festive night at san francisco city hall in preparation for this weekend's chinese new year festival and parade in chinatown. the mayor speaking to the traditional lions and city hall lit up in red and gold for the
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lunar new year. it is the first time they are having the parade in two years. >> it makes a big difference. it gives people an additional reason to celebrate at feel positive and feel safe. it is normally a good time for families to connect and reconnect. much more so this year because of the times we are in. >> there are some concerns because of anti-asian hate crimes but there will be police officers, ambassadors out in full force. the parade starts at market and 2nd streets and runs through union square and ends in chinatown. there will be road closures. that is something to keep in mind if you will be downtown saturday. the parade starts at 530 and organizers are recommending you get there early. a parade coordinator said they are happy to bring tourism back
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to san francisco. you could hear the full interview at 7:00 this morning. that will be going on during our streaming newscast. everyone is so happy the parade is back in person. kumasi: it is exciting. we want to remind you that muni is doing free rides so you can celebrate. that includes the cable cars. rides are free starting at 5:00 a.m.. extra transit ambassadors will be on buses and bus stops in chinatown to help riders and support drivers and keeping everyone safe. reggie: a cargo ship full of cars is on fire and floating adrift in the middle of the sea. kumasi: the chancellor resigning immediat
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lisa: good morning. we are looking at some clouds in the north bay and also along the coast with some 30's arriving. 50 in san francisco, that is the exception. 38 and santa rosa. that keeps us anywhere from two to 15 degrees colder. grab your jacket. you will need it for a while. good air quality today. we get into the moderate category. high pressure and control saturday and sunday, but much cooler air arrives on sunday. we are looking at the record drive streak of 51 days in san jose, 42 days in a row in san francisco without rain. here is a look at a system that will bring snow into the sierra nevada tuesday and possibly wednesday. you can see the rain, it would
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give us a level 1 system. 66 in oakland and palo alto. the warmest day will be tomorrow. >> i am curious if people have already taken off for the long weekend because your commute is clear. lights are not on at the toll plaza. this is pretty different remote we have seen throughout the week. typically they have been flipping on at 5:45-ish. southbound traffic on 680 is moving. maintenance work will be under work until march 4. blue and green lines will be replaced by buses. kumasi: thank you. an israeli farmer has entered the record books for growing the world's heaviest strawberry. i need to look at this thing. it waited at just over 10 ounces, which is more than half a pound.
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the guinness book of world records confirmed this is the heaviest strawberry to ever be discovered. do not let the video fool you. the farmer said the barry was twice its size at harvest but he put it in the freezer for a year while guinness confirmed it was a record breaker. in the freezer? [laughter] reggie: i wonder how it kumasi: after being in the freezer for year. a fierce battle over pink leather pants. a college best about coach being criticized for her clothing choices. reggie: plus, sweet in portland, but also sour. the town's baseball team''s missing mascot. kumasi: thank you for that.
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another mystery of flavor. next week's new coke product and internet is going crazy over what it is supposed to taste like. reggie: a live look outside. if those stories do not keep you
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♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at reggie: a cargo ship carrying thousands of cars is on fire and adrift without a crew. the crew abandoned the ship after a fire broke out. the ship's owners plan to have it towed to port. some people who placed orders for the cars said to have been contacted and the vehicles will be delayed. kumasi: california state
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university chancellor joseph castro has resigned immediately. it comes after reports that castro while president of cal state fresno did not properly follow up on years of sexual harassment complaints against a top official. that official was allowed to retire with full benefits. reggie: new the rose city. a portland collegiate baseball team's mascot costume has been found after a highly publicized search effort. the get up for dillon pickle the face of the portland pickles is back with its rightful owners. someone stole the mascot costume from outside the team office after delta airlines dropped off late arriving back in spirit the search for the thief went viral. yesterday, a breakthrough. >> apparently it was found on a try met city bus -- a trimet
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city bus turn he mentioned there were some kids messing around with it left it on the bus. he realized it was the portland pickle and knew we had a partnership with voodoo doughnuts and dropped it off here. kumasi: what? reggie: no word on whether the police found the person who pinched the pickle in the first place. fans -- the team tells fans they are relishing this good news. [laughter] kumasi: i am glad you are happy about it. reggie: you know i lived in portland. this team did not exist when i lived there. it is relatively new. i love this story because it reminds me of all the stories i did in portland, which are exactly like this one. there is sort of a feeling of whimsy, there are a lot of
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questions but are never answered. there are these tie-ins that do not make sense and you go with it. the pickle is found on the bus and they have some kind of relationship with voodoo doughnuts. kumasi: it makes me question some things. reggie: sometimes in portland, you just say, "yes, and?" you just have to take that ride. lisa: that was a while ago? reggie: what are you trying to say? lisa: i wonder what it is like now. reggie: in my youth, in my prime years. i love portland. lisa: good to know. reggie: [laughter] lisa: we are looking at a chilly start this morning. temperatures as much as two to 20 degrees colder than we were 24 hours ago. grab a jacket. that is the culprit that will
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bring in high clouds. temperatures will not take a hit until the second half of the weekend. the view from the mountain, the sun coming up that 6:57. 50 downtown, 36 in santa clara. 37 in half moon bay. from our roof camera, more 30's and santa rosa and napa. 35 in livermore and fairfield. there you go with that cold pocket of air sitting right on top of us. as we look at the high temperatures on sunday, these are the days the high temperatures will plummet from the upper 60's to the upper 50's in oakland. today, 66. by monday, much cooler than average. we are talking temperatures well below average for monday, tuesday and wednesday. overnight lows at freezing and we could see a level 1 system
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visit us on tuesday. here is the measurable precip, lea it ua little bithangeay. wet. the sierra nevada, a couple inches of snow. >> we are checking in with ginger with what is coming up on gma. ginger: good morning. coming up on gma, we have to start with the dire warning about the situation in ukraine. president barding expecting russia to invade any day. -- president biden expecting russia to invade any day. we have to talk about the economic fallout that could happen if there is an attack. our interview with the family of a young tiktok star whose father killed a man who they say came to their home armed. mary j. blid
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i get weird and tell her i love her. kumasi: thank you for doing that. reggie: that makes sense to me. kumasi: thank you. reggie: what was her response? ginger: she had said she still gets star struck but does not tell people. she leans over and says i love you. i said i will not keep it private, i love you. reggie: [laughter] i am fine, fine, fine with that. [laughter] ginger: that delay did not look good with that but i am with you in sound. reggie: if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1,
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reggie: we are hearing from texas a&m assistant women's basketball coach sidney carter. the outfit she wore posted on her twitter account sparked a
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debate about what is appropriate attire for women in sports. some called her pink pants unprofessional. some say she should be fined. >> i have never been one to make it about race. at the end of the day, i am a black woman and i cannot hide that or the way i look in those pink pants. i am not going to do that to make someone feel comfortable because that is what i feel comfortable in. reggie: carter says she wore the pink pants because they were honoring breast cancer awareness. kumasi: it was a greeting fit for a queen. skyline high school in oakland celebrated the success of its championship girls volleyball team. the players were awarded their rings. >> after last season during
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covid, i thought our team would never be able to make it as far as we did. whether we won or lost, i knew my team would come back and play harder the next day. kumasi: they went undefeated in league play and won the northern california championship in november. coke said it is launching a fantasy flavor and the taste is out of this world. it is called starlight. the drink is a reddish color. it is said to taste like space. we do not know what that means. one youtuber who try to set it taste like chocolate and graham cracker. the new flavor will be available on monday. there is also a virtual concert if you scan the qr code on the
6:27 am
bottles. reggie: here is a question, how would you describe the flavor of regular coke? what is that? kumasi: i don't know. i have not had that in a long time. reggie: i would not be able to come up with it. it is vanilla. it is vanilla and cinnamon. your mind does not wanted to go in that direction, right? kumasi: i think sweet hear those. reggie: a baby formula recall. kumasi: a strong example of why you should be watching while you are walking. reggie: it is incredible. tesla plunging into the annual ranking. where it is
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: top stories california touring the page. governor newsom's pandemic plan for the road ahead. kumasi: blasts of rain in nashville. a 100 car pileup in illinois. major damage this morning and more severe weather on the way in at least two dozen states. reggie: a live look at wall street. the average american 401(k) losing about $2500 yesterday. we are watching closely, another check on your money. kumasi: could this be a solution to the avocado shortage? fake guac. we will find out when we explain what happens when restaurants try to avoid price hikes. reggie: our friend ginger did a
6:31 am
blind taste test and said this does not taste like guacamole. they said that was the real guacamole. [laughter] kumasi: no. [laughter] i would like to do a taste test. reggie: here in california, we know our guac. lisa: we are probably getting set for another dry weekend. we will not break the street yet. high clouds, a system that will be dropping along the coast and bringing clouds to parts of the bay area. 39 -- a gorgeous -- a gorgeous s camera, mid 30's, the sun coming up in just about 30 minutes. grab a heavier jacket. 12 degrees colder in hayward. in the afternoon, a few high
6:32 am
clouds, we will recover nicely into the mid to upper 60's. kumasi: more than 180 million americans on high alert this morning for severe weather. at least 30 states in the eastern half of the country are bracing for snow, ice, flooding and tornadoes. this video is out of central illinois and shows a pileup that involved 100 vehicles on the interstate. the stretch of road was closed for 12 hours. there was also a second 100-car pileup less than 20 miles away. you can hear rain in tennessee. this video shows the rain coming down hard in nashville. winds of over 50 miles per hour were recorded. in alabama, a gas station canopy toppled over in the severe weather.
6:33 am
over 170 5000 homes and businesses do not have power -- over 175,000 homes to not have power. reggie: governor newsom is making it clear we have moved into a new covid era. what does that mean? ryan: good morning. governor gavin newsom began laying out a new plan he wants california to move into the next phase of the coronavirus pandemic. he is hoping california residents can find comfort to live with the virus going forward. he said cases continue to go down in the state is in a good spot when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic and he is hoping people can move onto the next phase. he laid out a seven step plan to go over some of the things that have been going on. he talked about vaccinations, masks, awareness, readiness,
6:34 am
testing and medications for treatment. if that sounds familiar, it is. the state has implemented many protocols over the last several years. governor newsom said it is about a shift in mentality. he wants everyone to move away from a crisis mindset. the governor wants to administer 200,000 vaccinations and 500,000 tests per day. doctors say this plan is a good idea for the state and say it will work especially if vaccinations increase. they say that continues to be the best way to fight the virus. >> vaccination is by far the most important thing. getting as many people as possible including kids to have their full vaccine panel. treatments will become more important over time as they become more available. ryan: the plan comes as the
6:35 am
state is relaxing some restrictions. the indoor mask mandate expired in some areas. the state says they will revisit the idea of the mandate in schools on february 28. if the data is where they wanted to be, cases trending downward, they said i could possibly be lifted, as well. reggie: to stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, just go to you can also get your questions answered there. kumasi: president biden is set to host a closed-door meeting on ukraine with several allies. the president said he believes the possible russian invasion of ukraine is high. jobina: a white house official confirms to abc news that biden will have a phone call this afternoon with transatlantic leaders with the buildup of
6:36 am
russian troops on the border of ukraine. vladimir putin is set to meet the president of belarus today in moscow. both countries or holding joint military exercises that some worry are a cover-up for preparations for an invasion of ukraine. >> russian missiles and bombs could drop across ukraine. communications would be jammed. cyber attacks will shut down key ukrainian institutions. after that, russian tanks and soldiers will advance on key targets. jobina: he will meet the russian foreign minister next week if there is no invasion. there are reports of more shelling on in eastern ukraine village. the department of justice is warning companies to shore up cybersecurity defenses because of the risk of a cyberattack happening at the same time of an invasion of ukraine. reggie: governor newsom is expected to announce new
6:37 am
gun-control measures. that includes efforts to hold the gun industry accountable. california attorney general and other state lawmakers will join the governor in san diego county 9:00 a.m. kumasi: a full house at stanford university to hear former vice president mike pence speak. he talked about his relationship with former president donald trump, the 2020 election in the capitol insurrection. >> i knew what my duty was. i kept my oath even though it hurt we moved the nation forward. i do not know if the president and i will ever see eye to eye on that but i will always be proud of the record that president donald trump and i created for the american people. kumasi: mike pence is rumored to be considering a 2024 presidential bid. his relationship with trump has turned icy.
6:38 am
>> i do not disagree with the fact that stanford allowed him to come, i just want to send a message with them that i do not agree with them and i do not stand for him. kumasi: in the statement, stanford said in part that hearing viewpoints can be voiced in a space of thoughtful engagement. reggie: tragic details about the young family found dead on a hiking trail. phone records revealing what might have happened on that hot summer day. kumasi: you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we are down now. we will have an update, next. reggie: a bay area grocery store that has grocery grabbing robots at your service. do not forget about abc 7 at 7:00. we are live from 7:00 to 8:00 on our 24/7 stream. you find it by getting one of our apps or watching it on
6:39 am you can download or app at amazon fire and android tv. lisa: good morning, everyone.wha cruz. the sun is coming up in another 20 minutes or so. temperatures from the upper 30's come up to around 40. 50 in the city. look at that 30 not in mountain view, 36 and santa clara, 37 in half moon bay. temperatures on this panel mainly in the 30's except for concorde. 35 in livermore. as we look at our 24 hour temperature change, it is colder this morning. by this afternoon, it will not be. san jose, upper 60's today, average high is 63. sunday, much cooler. breezy and well below average not only through the south bay but the rest of the bay area
6:40 am
into next week. the rest of the highs around the bay, very mild. upper 60's. mid-60's in concord. our dry streak continues. as we look at the lunar new year, we are warming up tomorrow and cooling off with windier conditions on sunday. jobina: good morning, everyone. we have a crash coming and i want to talk about in oakland. befo.ll be on westbound is a hit-and-run and at least one lane is blocked. there is no plaza. we will wrap up with drive
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kumasi: a former minnesota
6:43 am
police officer will learn her sentence for killing daunte wright vice chair. she was found guilty of first and second degree manslaughter. she said she must occur gun for her taser. prosecutors are seeking a seven year prison sentence, less than half of the 15 year maximum allowed in minnesota. her attorneys want less time, citing her remorse and lack of a criminal record. >> i am sorry it happened. i did not want to hurt anybody. kumasi: she is expected to speak at the sentencing and we are expecting to hear from his family. reggie: new information about the family who died on a hike last summer. their bodies were found in august on a trail in the sierra national forest. the sheriff's office determined
6:44 am
they died of hypothermia. in other words, the overheated. the sheriff's office was able to put together this map using photos and gps locations. the family try to make five phone calls within a half-hour from the location where their bodies were found. none of those calls went to 911. the phone contained a text message that read, can you help us? on the trail, no water, overheating with baby. the calls and messages never went out because of poor cell service. kumasi: we are hearing from the father of a teenage social biggest sensation who shot and killed his daughter's stalker appeared the stalker had been harassing his daughter, asking for inappropriate photos and sending her money. ava has more than one million tiktok followers but this one showed up at her home in florida
6:45 am
armed with a shotgun and he fired a shelf through the front door. rob majury later fired back. >> i was in fear for my family's life and i had to do what i had to do to protect my family. >> this investigation is ongoing. he wants other parents to know about the dangers behind social media stardom. tessa has taken a big hit in this year's rankings by consumer reports. this year, it has dropped to third place among electric vehicles. ford and kia took the top two spots. tesla dropped to number 23 for best car brands. there were issues with the steering wheel on the model s appeared reggie: prices are up
6:46 am
across the board. holiday sales like this one might be the only opportunity to get a discount. jcpenney has items up to 80% off, including this boys puffer for $20. adidas is offering 30% off with the code "score." amazon has ipod pros for $174. >> what you will find the biggest discounts on is mattresses. this is the weekend to get one if you are the market. you will find them 50% to 70% off. reggie: experts say the best way to get a deal is to compare prices online. price trackers can show you the price of something over the last 30 to 90 days. it looks like more americans are
6:47 am
ready to spend. consumers are scratching that wanderlust itch, hitting theme e parks and sports games. coca-cola and mgm resorts gave promising outlooks. abc 7's parent company disney saw its theme parks come roa ring back. a milestone for meta's virtual-reality platform. the company formerly known as facebook said the base number of people playing every month through their headset is now at 300,000. where are their legs? that is 10 times the number of players compared to three months ago. people in the metaverse do not have legs? this seems like an ongoing thing. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange.
6:48 am
stocks were dealt huge blows yesterday and all week. the dow jones science worst week of the year, dropping 600 points. today, we are down 55 points. kumasi: this is an alert for parents and caregivers. the fda is warning about powdered infant formulas that have been linked potentially to salmonella. here are the details you need to know. the formulas with these specific codes. i want to make sure you see them. if you are not able to write them down, we have all of this on the website so you can go there and easily compare what you see with the products you have at home. reggie: we have seen robots at restaurants and hotels, now they are at local grocery stores. a grocery store in pleasanton is
6:49 am
using these robots for on-demand delivery service. you download the app, pick the lucky location and then you pick your grocery items. someone in the store loads your items inside the robot and then the robot delivers it to your house. >> we sanitize the robot, we make sure everything is ready to go. we closed the lid, it locks, it deliver such of the home, they scan the robot and the robot opens. reggie: the robots have weight and sixe limitations -- size limitations so you cannot order something like a large bag of dog food. it is cheaper than other delivery services. the only charge $3 or something. kumasi: we might be seeing a nightmare scenario if you are an avsuppes mexico are
6:50 am
expected to tighten. prices will go up because the u.s. temporarily suspended avocado imports after american inspectors who certify the fruit for export got threats appeared the inspection stopped because of safety concerns and we are seeing cherfs get creative, substituting things like zucchini. >> i steam it instead of boil it, i make sure it is dry and i keep it in the fridge and letting it really chill. reggie: no. kumasi: that is one idea. other things being used outside of avocados, cactus and even green peas. that is too far. coming up on gma, if you are
6:51 am
interested, we might have the recipe. reggie: do not bother memorizing that because we are not having it. kumasi: the green peas took me out. reggie: make something else. if you do not have guacamole, wait until it comes back. make an artichoke and spinach dip. go in a different lane. lisa: forget about it. we have high clouds drifting through the bay area. you can see on live doppler 7, that will bring in a few in the afternoon. overall, we will see a mild day. 50 downtown, 3 3 3 3 view, 37 and half moon bay. as we look at our roof camera, a gorgeous view, the sun coming up at 6:57. mid 30's to upper
6:52 am
livermore and santa rosa. the rest of the forecast for your sunday, numbers plummet from san francisco to oakland, mid to upper 50's. much stronger onshore winds that will bring in this cooler air mass. as we look at your tuesday, not only afternoon highs well below average but overnight lows will be around freezing. colder not only to start the work week, but much of the week ahead. i hope you enjoyed the mild weather. tomorrow will be our warmest day in pa, upperers go upaboutfi de 60's to the north. a lovely night on saturday for the chinese new year parade. jobina: it is time for our toyota tahoe traffic report. we have no chain requirements, which as been consistent.
6:53 am
drive times have decreased for you. northstar checking in with 25 inches. moving over to our next round of resorts, sugar bowl with your quickest drivetime, two hours and 57 minutes. kirkwood with the longest, three hours and 33 minutes. wrapping up, 60 inches to inches in kirkwood. kumasi: investigators are trying to determine the cause of this devastating fire that burned through the iconic clubhouse at oakland hills country club in michigan. it housed artifacts of some of golf's biggest stars. firefighters said they were able to save some of the historic memorabilia. the south course has hosted more than a dozen major championships. reggie: we hear it all the time -- watch where you are going,
6:54 am
especially if you are on the phone. this man in turkey learned the lesson the hard way, although watch what happens. he is ok. he falls on these boxes and through, i don't know, catlike reflexes, he is totally able to just hop off and keep his day going. the lesson here is definitely watch where you are going. if you are not watching where you are going, be an athlete. kumasi: the man in the red shirt is trying to point to him, do you see this open thing? reggie: i need to get my wordle. kumasi: fresh off of her very powerful super bowl performance, we are hearing from mary j. blidge. the singer is on good morning america, talking about her career and sunday's halftime
6:55 am
performance. >> after all these people you have worked with, do you ever get starstruck? >> of course i do, what they do not know i do. [laughter] i just wait for the right moment and then i will lean and say i love you and keep going. >> what would you say to your younger self back then? >> if she would listen to me. [laughter] i would say do not be sad because what is coming for you, your future is bright. reggie: that is nice. kumasi: i am excited. reggie: gorgeous. kumasi: she is gorgeous. you can watch the full interview on gma at 7:00 plus the message behind the new album called good morning gorgeous. reggie: can we change the name of our show to good morning, gorgeous.
6:56 am
look at this. we use this picture, we get the rights, we pay mary, and say good morning, gorgeous. that is the way to start the day. kumasi: we have options. reggie: it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. what if i sleep hot? ...or cold? no problem, the sleep number 360 smart bed is temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. and it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? yes! you'll know exactly how well you slept, night after night. we take care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. and now, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed.
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kumasi: it is 6:58 and it is friday. here are seven things to know this morning. the a's plan to build a new ballpark at howard terminal and it has taken a huge step forward. it was noted 6-2 to certify the report before midnight. reggie: california is the first state in the nation to shift to an endemic approach to covid-19. kumasi: oakland unified is having a special meeting tonight to consider postponing school closures until 2023. lastly, the school board voted to close two schools this year
6:59 am
and five more next year. reggie: president biden will hold a critical closed-door phone call with european leaders about russia's military buildup on ukraine's border. biden is warning russia can invade ukraine at any moment. lisa: it is a cold start for this friday morning but the afternoon will have bid to upper 60's. jobina: this is our busiest spot for the commute. kumasi: the chinese new year parade returns to san francisco tomorrow night. it kicks off at 5:15 at second and market and ends at kearney and columbus. reggie: i am excited about that. things are coming back. kumasi: we have the pride parade to look forward to. this is exciting. lisa: maybe some rain will come back, too. reggie: we can dream. do not forget abc 7 at 7:00 is coming up next.
7:00 am
it is our streaming show. i will be interviewing my favorites. good morning, america, for our viewers in the west on this friday morning, russia appears even closer to invading ukrain on the brink? >> i am here today not to start a war, but to prevent one. >> secretary of state blinken's last-minute address to the united nations after accusing russia of planning a full-scale invasion. this morning, top u.s. officials hold urgent meetings with key allies in europe as shelling on the border intensifies overnight. we are live in the region this morning. overnight, heavy snow and ice slamming the midwest leading to this massive 100-vehicle pileup in illinois. plus, at least four tornadoes reported in alabama. the storm knocking down the top


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