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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 19, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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this isn't the worst of it abc 7 news at 11 meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check.
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tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. iuc thneew parade is ck here i sl details coming up. goodbye miles spring like weather and hello winter like chill. i'll have the forecast abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. good evening, and thank you for joining us some dion limb. you're watching abc 7 news at 11:00 now after being canceled last year because of the pandemic san francisco's chinese new year parade was back in full force. that means the fireworks the dancers everything we're used to seeing from the largest parade. side of asia abc 7 news reporter tim johns was there as the community celebrated the year of the tiger.
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it was a spectacle of sight. and sound after being canceled last year because of the covid-19 pandemic. the chinese new year parade is back in san francisco. this is amazing. it's better than ever. the parade is the largest of its kind outside of asia and thousandgl tt it'k and ''t know. it's just like everything's you know back on track, but tonight's parade is about a lot more than just celebrating the new year for many here. it's also a chance to promote the message of unity after a series of attacks against those in the asian community. those attacks against members of the aapi community have grown over the course of the pandemic and saturday celebration was a way to push back against the hatred when you have events like this where people can see who you are when people can see the different cult. presented in the aapi community. it really leads to a better understanding of who people are and while also celebrating rich
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cultural traditions anything this before so it's really i feel like so much culture in such a small small place because after two difficult years many hearsay. they're excited for what the future may hold gives a sign of the resilience of the city for all of us to be able to together in this type of setting and not have to worry as much about the health concerns that we've expeit covid in san francisco. tim johns abc 7 news so nice to see a lot of work goes into pulling off the parade especially putting together the floats abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry takes us behind the scenes. crews are securing the details on each flowed ahead of the parade saturday evening. yeah. we're just inspecting everything and maybe adding little things stephanie mauffson's team. want to make sure the floats look as good as possible when they head down market street
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during the parades anticipated return. it was canceled last year due to the pandemic. it's great to be back here right now because the hard work is the hard part. is that this is the payoff coming out? people enjoy all the work. we've put into it most of the floats have a decorated tiger the symbol for this year's chinese new year the year of the tiger represents bravery and confidence. at the street fair saturday in chinatown those we spoke with say those traits are something everyone should embracenity wants to heal from the difficulties from the past two years a lot of the crimes that are happy. you feel lonely even for us we feel lonely and coming out to remind us that we're our community. you know, there's a lot of us here hudson lau runs a nonprofit. asians are strong a group dedicated to empowering the asian community. he says, hopefully the parade will remind everyone how important the asian culture is to the bay area. it's been a rough couple of years and the last month has been pretty horrible for our community. so coming out and showing people
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that we don't have to be afraid that we don't have to stay home as hundreds. once again crowded the new year festivities lao says it reminds him the strength of the bay area community can overcome any obstacle forget to step away from all the bad and remember the good because that's what that hope is what pushes us forward in san francisco ryan curry abc 7 news. we have much more coverage of lunar new year and the parade and the traditions at abc 7 moving on now new developments tonight with the oakland school closures there were protests today after the school board decided last night not to delay its decision to close or merge nearly a dozen schools as abc 7 news reporter tara campbell tells us the next move could be a teacher's strike yeah, cheers erupting for moses amalata. his hunger strike is over but the battle he says is not satisfies not over. he's one of two educators
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refusing food for nearly 20 days protesting oakland unified's decision to close or merge nearly a dozen of the district schools, but we were left no. say is still on a hunger strike y'all. i say the fear spirit and they are not going to stop. and this proud isn't stopping either here on the heels of the board's decision to stay the course. jazz fortes is apparent and teacher. we have families who have multiple children multiple jobs, and so closing our middle school really means that they're gonna have to figure out, you know, basically rearrange their whole entire entire lives portland high school has been teaching for 25 years and says the kids are getting caught in the closure chaos. we have to like put everything that we're all the work that we're doing with the kids at the school kind of gets. mixed up and all this the teachers energy kind of gets shifted and it's really starting to become frustrating oakland unified responding to the board's decision a statement reading in part the board of education upheld their previous decision. the district is focused on
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ensuring all impacted students have smooth and easy transition as possible still the pushback continues beyond this rally people taking to streets and that pressure is continuing nearby parker elementary school with this protest you can see going on behind me. it's one of the schools slated to be closed. myra alvarado is on the oea executive board and says the next step could be a teacher strike. do you think it really is imminent at this point? i think we're willing to take whatever actions we need to take in order to protect our schools at predominantly black and brown schools that are using closure. she says the plan is to meet this week whether they vote is up in the air tara campbell abc 7 news. meantime there were some vandalism at board president gary yee's home. we saw at least one broken light on the ground. he tells abc 7 news. this won't affect his decision though on those school closures. all new at 11 a mother viciously
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attacked in front of her young children all because the perpetrator thought she cut her in line at a richmond drive-thru the situation escalates rapidly and all of it is caught on camera. lunch time on february 5th at the mcdonald's on mcdonald avenue near richmond civic center. you can hear the mother trying to console her crying children as they're being threatened. then the confrontation takes a dangerous turn. don't cry. it's okay. of this gets worse because police say when the mother got out of her car to check on the damage the irate driver hit her dragged her 150 feet across the
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mcdonald's parking lot when she was on the ground injured that suspect then got out of her car and punched the mother several times before driving off. detectives call that driver violent and dangerous and they are asking for your help to apprehend her. moving on to today's covid headlines a new study on in ivermectin shows. it does not prevent severe disease. the drug has not been approved by the fda to treat covid sonoma county announced. it has also given out one million vaccine doses and while we're talking about vaccinations officials say it is possible a fourth shot could be recommended in the early fall. it has been 175 years since thee american pioneer group the donner party rescuers set out to help those they left behind. this week another group saddled up at the historic johnson ranch near wheatland to retrace their steps for extreme athletes followed. the relief party's 100-mile
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route on foot as well as horseback. bob crowley had been planting this trip for eight years though. he injured his knee on the very first day just like with the relief party. we had to sort of find the metal to persevere and just push on. the relief party ended the reenactment and donna memorial state park on friday. the donner party is often linked to cannibalism but as the reenactment shows it's also a tale of heroism. well, check it out. it is a big day for bart riders tomorrow for the first time in its 49 year history. bart is running all five of its lines on sundays. the district will also extend the closing time on sundays and holidays from 9 o'clock to at about midnight just like it was before the pandemic. art only operated three lines on sundays, which meant many riders had transferred to get around with the addition of the red and green lines on sundays. some stations will see a train four times an hour instead of two.
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well coming up tensions remain high with the united states expecting russia to invade ukraine the key meeting for tomorrow called by president biden and the request being made by ukrainian leaders. and dramatic video captures a helicopter crashing near a crowded beach and everyone survives a witness walks us through what happened. i'm spencer christian our early taste of spring is about to end and true winter is about to return i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moment when abc
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your roku apple tv fire tv and android tv devices developing news tonight with the rising tensions between russia and ukraine us officials say of the $150,000 troops surrounding ukraine about half of them are in position to launch an attack. abc news reporter mona kosar abdi with how the united states is reacting to the crisis. as the world awaits vladimir putin's next move on ukraine. the white house says the president will convene a meeting of the national security council on sunday in attendance secretary of state antony blinken. secretary of defense lloyd austin returning from europe also expected vice president kamal is in route from germany where she met with the ukrainian president vlodimir's delensky the us national security team in nato allies to discuss a diplomatic solution there. she issued this warning. we are prepared to move forward with consequences we have prepared. together economic measures that
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will be swift. severe and united we will impose. far-reaching financial sanctions and export controls ukrainian president zelinsky calling for sanctions and asking for a direct meeting with putin with presidents putin and alexander lukashenko watching from moscow. russia conducting drills with its neighbor belarus as firing a nuclear capable ballistic missile. also firing hypersonic weapons in the air and sea. abc's james longman on the ground in belarus north of the ukrainian border where more exercises took place. this is the massive. a military might that moscow is keen for the world to see or this is happening. very close to ukraine so far. this has been a crisis about demonstrating threatening strength. the question is with the vladimir putin. the gremlins troops were expected to head home after. words, but a belarus defense
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official tells abc news, they might not amid fears. they could be used to invade ukraine according to us officials more than 150,000 russian troops are estimated to be near ukraine's borders satellite images show russian military activity building up in belarus crimea and western russia. ukraine's military also blaming russian-backed separatists for an artillery attack that killed two soldiers monaco sarabi abc news, new york six bay area residents were honored today during a black history month event that celebrated those who have contributed greatly to historically black colleges and universities. today's celebration was organized by east bay assembly member alex lee fremont councilmember theresa cox and the silicon valley naacp. was recognized for their generosity and achievements included fremont's fire chief and the first black deaf administrator at california school for the deaf in fremont. i see them doing the hard work
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doing the work day in and day out and the determination the perseverance the high integrity of character and bringing out of thinking out of the box. the event was held at albert augustine junior memorial park of sunny hills that park is named after a leader of the black community who lived in the sunny hills neighborhood the very first planned racially integrated community in the united states. we'll take a look a bit of disney. magic is part of this year's chinese new year celebration abc 7's parent company disney has a booth at the community street fair in chinatown for turning red the animated film follows. as she navigates adolescence and discovers that she turns into a red panda when her emotions run too high. this community street fair features more than 100 booths and entertainment it runs once again tomorrow from 9 am to 5 pm turning red launches, exclusively on disney plus on march 11th.
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all right. it is turning cold out there spencer definitely want to bundle up tonight into tomorrow. you're right about that dan. there was no rain on today's parade, but we are going to get some winter like chill coming our way starting tomorrow. actually. here's a look at what's happening right now. we have mainly calm wind away from the coastline, but you can see it's getting a little breezy along the coast with wind speeds up to about 20 miles per hour in some spots. and it's going to get even breezier as we get later into the weekend and certainly into early next week 24 hour temperature change shows that most locations are just a few degrees warmer right now despite that onshore breeze then they work this time last night. so let's take a look from our rooftop camera looking across the embarcadero. these are our current temperature readings here in san francisco 50 degrees 52 and oakland 47 mountain view made 50s at san jose 46 a piece at santa clara and half moon bay and here's a lovely view from the east bay hills camera looking westward across the bay sky mainly clear right now, but do we do expect a rather significant increase in clouds overnight? it's 45 degrees right now at both santa rosa and napa 43 and petaluma 48, fairfield concord
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and livermore mid to upper 40s and here is the view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco, and these are our forecast features clouds. we'll increase overnight and there'll be some areas of morning fog developing as well. it'll be windier and much cooler beginning tomorrow. that's a pattern that will continue into next week. we can expect a winter like chill with showers and and possibly even some snow. your elevations by tuesday and who's our overnight forecast animation for tonight. you can see it rather significant increase in clouds mainly high clouds, but they'll also be areas of pockets of fog developing near the coast and bay and in some of our inland valleys. so tomorrow morning, i will not begin as a very bright day, but by afternoon or evening, we'll see skies getting brighter overnight low temperatures will drop into the upper 30s at santa rosa lakeport ukiah mainly loaded a bit 40s and other inland areas and mainly 40s in a couple of upper 40s right around the bay shoreline then tomorrow look for highs of 56 at half moon bay 60 in san francisco. most other locations right around the bay shoreline will reach only about 61 degrees. so not very mild tomorrow inlet east bay up to about 65 to
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antioch up with the north bay 66 will be the highest santa rosa down the south bay. we'll expect mid-60s at san jose and morgan hill and here's a look at our forecast animation starting at noon on monday and notice how quickly this next cold front sweeps in and bring light rain to the bay area snow to the sierra and as it gains more energy, it could produce some mixed precipitation rain and snow in the higher elevations here in the bay area, but it won't amount to much snowfall a rainfall totals won't be very high. here's the accuather seven-day. just after we get through that a level one storm on tuesday. we got two cold mornings on wednesday and thursday and then a mild warm-up going into the weekend. dion spencer, thank you all a trip back in time this weekend on treasure island the anniversary celebration. that is finally taking place after being
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february of 1939 the world's fair opened on treasure island. it celebrated san francisco's two. newly built bridges the bay bridge in 1936 and the golden gate a year later this weekend vintage boats and plains kicked off a series of events celebrating treasure island's world's fair. it marks the 80th anniversary of the world. there that celebration was delayed because of the pandemic treasure island was built for the fair today. it was the centerpiece of the celebrations. we need to remember history whether we like it or not. good history bad history. we make mistakes, too, but we got to remember it. the theme of the exposition was pageant on the pacific. showcased goods from countries around the pacific ocean chris alvarez joining us now with a preview of sports. hey, chris. deon coming up in sports. it is nba all-star saturday night, and we've got a warrior in the slam dunk contest finale could. anderson bring home the title in
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cleveland. we'll
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river rock casino oakland's own want toscano anderson, representing golden state during nba all-star saturday night jta taking part. uncontest showing the national audience what the dubs and we all see really every night here in the bay the doctor julia serving in the house signing jta's aba style ball. that is really cool for his first dunk and then bringing out team at andrew wiggins is an obstacle. rick's kind of laughing it off. but watch out jta over wigs the six foot seven wiggins and want toscano anderson having no problem clearing his teammates so nice. we show it twice stephan curry. he approves jta advances to the finals and first attempt tries
11:30 pm
the arm through the basket dunk, but just didn't get the hide and on the replay you'll see. as he goes up, hmm. didn't get enough home. he knows it final attempt in the jason richardson 23 throwback the between the legs. oh doesn't go off the rimmed in jta clearly bummed new york's ob topping won the competition finishing with the bounce. backboard and then the flush jta is positive personality won't fade just because he didn't win. i came here to win. obviously. i'm always compete to win but you know, i mean there's some athletic guys, so just to be there in the final stage final round like i mean it's gonna be on youtube forever. it's gonna be you know, it's gonna be somewhere where i can go watch and show attractive so i'm just here to have funny man. that's why i came here to do is enjoy the moment and i enjoyed it even i didn't win. i'm still having fun. i'm still enjoyed it. oh you want to go to say that you you turn into a splash
11:31 pm
mother too? yeah, you got to go and say one time, huh? bro, he go to 40% that secret success of shooting right? first time all-star andrew wiggins getting some good natured ribbing from his teammates during practice. the warriors do have the secret his name stephan curry who stole the show in team lebron warm of splashing consecutive half-court shots. where else do you see team half court drills, but all-star weekend the eight-time all-star curry trying to enjoy the moment so we can always special. be recognizes. the best in the league and represented team your family come here and draw all the festivities. experience the city different than when you come in there's a road team to play. it's always something you look forward to yeah never it never really gets old and i hope it never does. and all star weekend isn't just special for the players. check out this really cool moment. curry noticing a fan in a wheelchair had a poster saying it was his birthday and asked for step to sign it.
11:32 pm
not only did he sign it. he posed for a few photos as well. stephen curry. the people's champion making that young man's birthday abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. one of the many reasons why we love steph. well coming up it is a day to honor japanese americans who were incarcerated during world war two the event today in the bay area that marks the dark time in history and seeks to safeguard the civil rights of all americans. plus is it finally over the action taken today by police in canada's capital to put an end to a protest o
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. came down smashed blades went going that way helicopter started tipping. dramatic moments near downtown miami as video captures the moment a helicopter crashed into the water near a packed beach. bystanders quickly rushed in helping rescue the three people on board two of them were taken to the hospital and are said to be in stable condition. here's abc news reporter ellen lopez. tonight that frightening scene unfolding in south beach a helicopter falling from the sky crashing near the shore and into crowded waters the area packed with beach-goers helicopter. just went down to miami. oh my god, part of the chomper sticking out of the water came down. smash blades went going that way helicopter started tipping everybody. i mean the whole beach ran to the scene my standards and first responders rushing into help.
11:37 pm
like mandy beach scene dfaa telling us three people in all were on board through proud cheering as they were brought to shore police. say two of them were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition. the faa and the nts be are looking into what caused that chopper to crash down in front of that crowded beach. i'll win abc news, atlanta. a heart stopping moment for a kansas city area police officer and the driver he just helped. are being blamed for this jaw-dropping crash and out of control driver slams into a car belonging to a stranded driver then it ricochets into the park police car narrowly missing the officer the bonner springs police department says the damage was manger major, but the
11:38 pm
injuries were thankfully minor in a facebook post they begged drivers to slow down don't to get around and give other drivers extra space. hundreds of police in riot gear swept through canada's capital of ottawa this weekend. they're taking back control of the streets around the canadian parliament. that crack down on the freedom convoy began friday morning angry protesters who disagreed with canada's covid restrictions retreated from the largest police operation in the country's history. police arrested the demonstrators and towed their trucks this demonstration is over go home if you don't go home, we will remove you from the streets. at least 170 people were taken to custody on friday and saturday while some protesters vowed to stay on the street. one prominent organizer said they had decided to withdraw peacefully conservative groups in the united states helped to fund that protest. well carnival returns to the french riviera after a two-year absence.
11:39 pm
wow, what spectators packed the streets of nice as it welcomed back its annual carnival parade the city came to life with colorful floats passing through the streets dancers entertain the crowds in dazzling costumes. this year's theme king of the animals was held over from last year many of the floats were decorated as tribute to members of the animal kingdom carnival was postponed, of course because of covid concerns. now here in the us there is a celebration of carnival and family at the family gra festival in louisiana this weekend. that parade takes place two weekends before fat tuesday and in a suburb just 10 minutes away from downtown new orleans about 80,000 people are expected to enjoy the mardi gras parade along with authentic new orleans cuisine an art market and free outdoor concerts. while shifting to a very somber
11:40 pm
anniversary this weekend, it's been 80 years since the japanese internment camps of world war two tonight. you'll hear about them from the people who have a personal connection. i'm searching christian. we have some big weather changes coming our way. not only is it going to get much colder? we might even get a little rain and snow here in the bay area. i have the active of the forecast coming up when abc
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♪ together ♪ ♪ so come on ♪ years since president franklin delano roosevelt signed in executive order that incarcerated japanese-americans during world war two observances are being held across the country as the focus shift. to multiracial solidarity abc 7 news race and culture reporter julian glover spoke to a local filmmaker who is showing how the japanese and african-american communities are standing together to demand reparations. february 19th, 1942 is a day that will forever live on an
11:44 pm
infamy a notch in america's ugly past of hatred bigotry and xenophobia. it is a story that unfortunately not everybody still knows about on that day president franklin d roosevelt signed executive order 9066 two months after the bombing of pearl harbor the event that thrusted the us into world war two the order called for the incarceration of 120,000 people of japanese. ancestry the vast majority were american born citizens really dark chapter in american history the systemic racism that incarcerated my father and my mother and all of my aunt and uncles this is john osaki's father. he was incarcerated at the thule lake relocation center just outside of the california oregon border with thousands of other japanese americans in 1942 ripped from their homes stricter their belongings and forced to live in awful conditions like horse stables at at the tanforan race track in san bruno. until shortly after the war ended 80 years later japanese americans are vowing to remember means of healing and remembrance
11:45 pm
for members of the community who experienced the injustice the us government apologized to japanese-americans in 1988 with the passage of the civil liberties act signed by president reagan. and with that apology came reparations for $20,000 to surviving japanese americans, you know, our families did receive reparations. so many of us feel a certain amount of responsibility to speak out for other injustices that have yet to be atoned for today. osaki a san francisco based filmmaker uses his voice to call for multiracial solidarity. once again this time for african-americans to receive reparations for the country's original sin of slavery and decades of jim crow the community who struggled for decades to win redress, it's our moral obligation to support the efforts, but this black american out as loudly as my asian-american brothers and sisters japanese american careers all across the country are having these events and many
11:46 pm
of them are talking about the topic. a black reparation. his film reparations will be shown at an upcoming films of remembrance virtual film festival followed by a panel discussion. we as japanese-americans, we know something about prejudice don tamaki, the only non-black member of the california reparations task force will serve on that panel as we mark february february 19 to remember our community. we're reminded that each time america has owned up to its wrongs. repaired them and become more inclusive it has become stronger as a nation california is the first in only state in the nation to convene a task force to explore reparations for african-americans that effort now gaining support from familiar allies to repair our country's deepest moral failing on a day we can never forget julian glover abc 7 news. while we are on the topic on the peninsula a day of remembrance marked the 80th anniversary of
11:47 pm
that executive order that resulted in the internment of japanese americans during world war two. community members came to the san mateo county history museum to learn about executive order 9066 from speakers who described how their families were sent to internment camps all around the country. steve akimoto was interred with his family at what is now the tanforan mall in san bruno. he says there is heightened interest which is critical. so we do not repeat mistakes of the past. it's becoming more and more people getting interested. and what happened, especially when we talk about not happening again because they've seen it with the muslim ban. they seen it with the kids that are separated from the parents. earlier this month akimoto helped break ground on a memorial near the san bruno bart station to honor those who were wrongly imprisoned by that executive order. all right one last check of the weather now spencer joining us
11:48 pm
with the cooling forecast cooling is true dion at this pre-midnight hour it still mainly clear outside, but we expect increasing. is overnight low temperatures going to drop into the upper 30s in some far north locations like lakeport santa rosa and ukiah most inland areas how our rules see lows in the low to meet 40s and we'll see those in the mid or mid to upper 40s and near the coast and bay then tomorrow under partly cloudy skies look for highs ranging from mid-50s at the coast to only low 60s right around the bay shoreline, mainly low to mid 60s inland. so it's going to be quite a bit cooler than today was and that's just the beginning of the cooling look at the forecast animation here taking us. to tuesday when we expect a mix of snow and rain in the higher bay area peaks snow in the sierra and light rain down at bay level here in the bay area. it'll last just one day it won't be a heavy drencher, but it will be the first precipitation. we've seen here in nearly 50 days. it was the accuweather 7. asked monday president's day will be a windy and chilly day a wintry mix on tuesday with a storm ranking only one on the
11:49 pm
storm impact scale cold mornings on wednesday and thursday with temperatures dropping well below freezing in the coldest spots, but we'll warm up again by next weekend. yeah. all right spencer. thanks. once again chris alvarez with the preview of sports. hi, chris. deon coming up in sports you want college basketball. we've got all your bay area college basketball and we got more from nba all-star saturday stephen curry in the league's best continue to
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sponsored by river rock casino last year's nba all-star festivities in atlanta were limited to about 1500 invited guests during the game due to covid-19 protocols this week in cleveland things feeling a little bit more normal warrior superstar. stephan curry is on a team with four nba mvps himself, of course, lebron giannis antetokounmpo and the reigning mvp nicola. yokich chance to be friends one more time during the season before the final push in the playoffs. begin curry liking the casual
11:53 pm
atmosphere of all star weekend. it's friendly right now, but the ultimate competition during the push will take place soon enough. competition's crazy across the board and that's part of what makes this week, especially get everybody in the same room. you have fun. hype each other up, but then no one like two months. everybody has me button head is to the top the mountain so the leaves and good hands right now. the top three point shooters of all time introduced during the three-point contest course stephan curry ray allen and reggie miller many wondered whether carl anthony towns deserve to be in the contest, but he said a record in the final round with a 29 kat was lights out and there's there's the green ball splash. young the favorite going in could not catch. towns. he missed his final shot and got a 28. so cat out to prove he was the best big man shooter of all time gets the title, but come on
11:54 pm
without steph or clay. was it really a three-point contest draymond green also enjoying all-star weekend, but he won't be playing due to a back injury that's forcing to miss the last 21 games green will be an analyst on a special all-star game broadcast tomorrow. draymond has been solely missed especially on defensive side the warriors lost for their last five heading into the all-star break, but draymond says it's not all bad. in reality is since i've been out i think we've had a ton of games where we play. the world you know wearing a little rough batch here going coming into the break. but for the most part, i think guys have stepped up. and we're still in a good position as i think obviously i can help by being healthy. so, you know, that's obviously to go. college hoops stretch the giraffe in moraga for saint mary's and byu was tied at 42 and then the gales won a 16-2 run. alex dukes forced the turnover and logan. johnson finishes stretch loves it two minutes later johnson
11:55 pm
dribble drive hoop and the foul. he was fired up gales up by 14. look at that emotion under 40 seconds ago byu with a chance to tie their top guy alex barcelo for three in the tie no good gales had some free throws 69 64 winners. they're 22nd win over on 15-0 at home. they're dancing in spokane santa clara trying to take down number one gonzaga broncos hanging tough. pj pipes makes it a six-point game with nine minutes ago. he had a game high 27, but the zags always had an answer mostly in the form of drew timmy timmy and one zags back up nine and the lead kept extending timmy scored 23 as santa clara falls 8169. the zags clinched their 10th straight west coast conference title senior night at stanford jaden delera among the honorees cool picture. their second half spencer jones for three and it's good stanford goes up three. it was tied 45 all and then went south for stanford from there
11:56 pm
tristan to silva brother of former stanford hooper oscar. well, tristan dunks it and colorado never trail again. the college the cardinal that is went on a nine minute stretch without a bucket thursday. how about a seven minute drop tonight? jabari walker slams at home stanford falls 70 to 53, colorado close the game on a 25-7 run abc nba is jeff van gundy also with the weekend off watching cal host utah bears trail by as many as 12 but made a late run. look at jordan shepherd gets this one to go and cal within four 10 seconds ago now caled down four shepherd finds jayden celestine for three. it's good bears within one. utah misses a free throw so cal is going to have a chance shepherd. the buzzer for the win oh off the mark bears fall 60 to 58. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion
11:57 pm
very much. don't forget you can watch all of our newscasts live and on demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app it is available for apple tv android tv, amazon fire tv and roku just download the app now and start streaming for free. that's all the time we have for tonight. i'm dionne lim. thank you so much for joining us for all of us here. we appreciate your time taking a live look outside rightow. our o lit up red and celebrating lunar new year. have a great night and happy year of the tiger.
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