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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 20, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. breaking news this morning queen elizabeth, the second has tested positive for covid buckingham palace releasing a statement this morning about her symptoms and how she will go on with the rest of this week and continue in oakland over the board's decision to stick with the plan to close nearly a dozen schools what teachers and parents are saying about a possible strike. good morning everybody. it's sunday, february 20th. i'm liz kroitz and we are going to get to those top stories in just a moment. but first, let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa arjun. good morning lisa. hi, liz, good morning to i don't know if you noticed but the fog is back. cover isorning.n shore windsin'd
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going to allow for reduced v up to the north and we're looking at the temperatures not that cold this morning some upper 30s mid-40s and blackhawk 47 pleasant hill and that fog allowing for the temperatures not to dip into the 30s up in the north bay, but it's also going to inhibit our warminess we get through sunrise in the first couple of hours after sunrise a mile and three quarters in napa half mile in santa rosa and we are a little bit warmer this morning, but that direction of temperature change will alter as we get into stronger winds. so by noon time mid upper 50s a little bit of sunshine. we'll call it partly cloudy and temperatures from the low to mid 50s to some 60s around the bay we're going to track even cooler weather and that chance of rain coming up in a few minutes liz. all right lisa. thank you back to that breaking news this morning within the last hour buckingham palace has confirmed the queen has tested positive for covid-19 in a statement from the us they say
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the 95 year old is experiencing mild cold like symptoms, but that she expects to continue light duties over the coming week. she will continue to receive medical attention and will follow all the appropriate guidelines. the queen is fully vaccinated and boosted both her son prince charles and her daughter in law camilla recently tested positive for the virus. so we are sending queen elizabeth the best this morning 95 year old monarch, okay. developments this morning with the oakland school closures teachers students and parents help protests after the school board decided not to delay his decision to close or merge nearly a dozen schools as abc 7 news reporter tara campbell reports. the next move could be a teacher's strike. here's a rupting for moses amalata. his hunger strike is over, but the battle he says is not over. he's one of two educators
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refusing food for nearly 20 days protesting oakland unified's decision to close or merge nearly a dozen of the district schools, but we were left folks knows i say is on a hunger fight y'all. sanchez of fear spirit and they are not gonna stop. and this crowd isn't stopping either here on the heels of the board's decision to stay the course. jazz fortes is apparent and teacher. we have families who have multiple children multiple jobs, and so closing our middle school really means that they're gonna have to figure out, you know, basically rearrange their whole entire lives portland high school has been teaching for 25 years and says the kids are getting caught in the closure chaos. we have to like put everything that we're all the work that we're doing with the kids at the school kind of get mixed up and all this the teachers energy kind of gets shifted and it's really starting to become frustrating oakland unified responding to the board's decision a statement reading in part the board of education upheld their previous decision. the district is focused on
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ensuring all impacted students have as smooth and easy transition as possible still the pushback continues beyond this rally people taking to the streets and that pressure is continuing nearby parker elementary school. protests you can see going on behind me. it's one of the schools slated to be closed. myra alvarado is on the oea executive board and says the next step could be a teacher strike. do you think it really is imminent at this point? i think we're willing to take whatever actions we need to take in order to protect our schools at predominantly black and brown schools that are facing closure. she says the plan is to meet this week whether they vote is up in the air tara campbell abc 7 news. and there was some vandalism at board president gary yee's home. we saw it at least one broken light on the ground there. he tells abc 7 news. this won't affect his decision on school closures. a mother was viciously attacked in front of her young children
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all because the perpetrator thought she cut her in line at a richmond drive-thru the situation escalates rapidly. all of it is caught on video. lunchtime on february 5th at the mcdonald's on mcdonald avenue near richmond civic center. you can hear the mother trying to console her crying children as they are being threatened. then the confrontation takes a dangerous turn. don't cry. it's okay. the mother got out of her car to check on the damage the irate driver hit her then dragged her 150 feet across the mcdonald's parking lot when she was on the ground injured the suspect got out. her car and punched the mother
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several times before driving off detectives call that driver violent and dangerous. they are asking for your help to apprehend her. now to covid-19 headlines a new study on. invermectin shows that it does not prevent severe disease. the fda is not approved the drug to treat covid sonoma county announced that it has given out one million vaccine doses meantime and while we're talking about vaccinations officials say it is possible that a fourth shot could be recommended in the early fall dr. peter marks with the fda says because fall is typically the timeline for flu shots the same could be true for an additional covid booster right now a fourth shot is only recommended for people who are immunocompromised scientists from both the fda and the cdc will have to agree before a fourth dose is added for the general public. after being canceled last year because of the pandemic san francisco's chinese new year parade was back in full force last night, and that means the
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fireworks the dancers everything we're used to seeing from the largest parade outside of asia abc 7 news reporter. tim johns was there as the community celebrated the year of the tiger. it was of sight being canceled last year because of the covid-19 pandemic. the chinese new year parade is back in san francisco. it's amazing. it's better than ever. the parade is the largest of its kind outside of asia and thousands came out to celebrate the year of the tiger glad that it's back and it's like i don't know. it's just like everything. you know back on track right is about a lot more than just celebrating the are for many here. it's also a chance to promote the message of unity after a series of attacks against those in the asian community. those attacks against members of the aapi community have grown over the course of the pandemic and saturday celebration was a way to push back against the hatred when you have events like
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this where people can see who you are when people can see the different cultures represented in the aapi community. it really leads to a better understanding of who people are and while also celebrating rich cultural traditions. before so, it's really eye-opening to see like so much culture and such a small small place because after two difficult years many hearsay, they're excited for what the future may hold. it's a sign of the resilience of the city for all of us to be able to come together in this type of setting and not have to worry as much about the health concerns that we've experienced over the last two years with covid in san francisco. tim johns abc 7 news and a lot of work goes selling off the parade, especially putting together those floats abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry takes us behind the scenes. crews are securing the final details on each flow to head of the parade saturday evening. yeah. we're just inspecting everything and maybe adding little things here and there but for the most
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stephanie muffson's team. want to make sure the floats look as good as possible when they head down market street during the parades anticipated return. it was canceled last year due to the pandemic. it's great to be back here right now because the hard work is the hard part. this is the this is the payoff coming out seeing people enjoy all the work. it into it most of the floats have a decorated tiger the symbol for this year's chinese new year the year of the tiger represents bravery and confidence at the street fair saturday in chinatown those we spoke with say those traits are something everyone should embrace especially if the community wants to heal from the difficulties from the past two years a lot of the crimes that are happy. it you feel lonely even for us we feel lonely and coming out to remind us that we're a you know, there's a lot of us. here hudson lau runs a nonprofit. asians are strong a group dedicated to empowering the asian community. he says hopefully the parade will remind everyone how important the asian culture is
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to the bay area. it's been a rough couple of years and the last month has been pretty horrible for our community. so coming out and showing people that we don't have to be afraid that we don't have to stay home as hundreds. what's again crowded the new year festivities lao says it reminds him the strength of the bay area community can overcome any obstacle. forget to step away from all the bad and remember the good because that's what that hope is what pushes us forward in san francisco ryan curry abc 7 news. a bit of disney magic is part of this new this year's chinese new year's celebration abc 7's parent company disney has a booth community street fair in chinatown for turning red the animated film follows melee as she navigates adolescence and discovers that she turns into a red panda when her emotions run too high this community street fair features more than a hundred booths and entertainment and it does run again today from 9 am to 5 pm turning red launches exclusively on disney
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plus on march 11th, and we have more coverage of lunar new year the parade and some of the traditions on the abc 7 news website. just head to abc 7 all right, lisa. let's go check outside. all right, we've had dense fog advised room effect till 10 o'clock this morning liz for areas in the north bay coastal north bay also down along the big sur in monterey area, but here from san francisco. it looks calm we do have patches of fog. so initiating changes for your sunday afternoon that we'll get more dramatic as the week begins work week. anyway, we'll talk about it coming up. all right lisa. thank you. also i had president. and said to meet with the national security council today about the tensions between russia and ukraine biden continuing to say the threat of invasion is very high and a historic hotel in san francisco officially has a new name the rebranding and when is expect it to reopen. to reopen. want more from your vitamin brand? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement...
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will meet with the national security council today to discuss the rising tensions between russia and ukraine. the president has repeatedly warned russian president vladimir putin of economic and diplomatic sanctions against russia if it invades ukraine abc news reporter corina mitchell has the latest as a situation over ukraine continues to grow more tense president, joe biden these convening a meeting of the national security. today during her trip to germany vice president harris met with ukrainian president vladimir zalensky the us national security team and nato allies to discuss a diplomatic solution there. she issued this warning. we are prepared to move forward with consequences we have prepared. together economic measures that will be swift. severe united we will impose. far-reaching financial sanctions
5:15 am
and export controls ukrainian president zelensky calling for sanctions before an invasion and asking for a direct meeting with putin according to you as officials more than 150,000 russian troops are estimated to be in year. ukraine's borders satellite images show russian military activity building up in belarus crimea and western russia. abc is james longman on the ground in belarus. this is the massive display of military might that moscow in for the world to see all this is happening. very close to ukraine. the kremlin stroupes were expected to head home after the military exercises, but a belarus defense official tells abc news, they might not worsening fears. they could be used to invade ukraine. ukraine's military is also blaming russian back separatists for an artillery attack that killed two soldiers, but despite it all defense secretary. austin says there can still be a diplomatic resolution to the as
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if putin so chooses karina mitchell abc news, new york and coming up on this week a us official warns of an imminent russian invasion of ukraine secretary of defense. lloyd. austin will talk about the latest intelligence. what war would look like and the immediate steps the us will take if putin invades you can watch the full interview on this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning right here on abc 7. now to the economic ripple effect from the crisis there in ukraine. you're probably feeling the squeeze on top of the worst inflation numbers in decades abc news reporter deirdre bolton has more far off conflict squeezing americans at the cash register not only is our energy bill up, but our grocery bill is up our gas for our vehicles. that's up as well americans already coping with seven and a half percent annual rate of inflation the highest since 1982 this week watching oil hit as highest level since 2014 and gas prices 40% higher than this time
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last year. with worse likely if russia goes all in against ukraine. we probably be talking about a maybe a 20 $30 a barrel hit and it could be even more dramatic with ripple effects throughout our oil dependent transportation driven consumer economy higher fuel expenses for trucking companies logistics airlines are going to likely have to pass along higher jet fuel prices than the months ahead. so it's all going to trickle down no more prevalent than at a grocery store. for city and her fiancee staying on budget means reimagining a night out date nights pretty much. include like pasta nights at home. small investors are getting hit hard too by a volatile stock market fidelity data show that the average american 401k retirement saver lost 1800 dollars this week alone deirdre, bolton news, new york. new this morning and landmark hotel in san francisco's union square, officially. has a new name according to the
5:18 am
chronicle the sir francis drake hotel will be rebranded to the beacon grand sir francis drake the english sea captain and explorer was a prominent slave owner during his lifetime the northview hotel group bought the property last year for about 157 million dollars. the hotel is set to reopen in the spring. it's been closed since the start of the pandemic six bay area residents were honored during a black history month event that celebrated those who have contributed greatly to histor. black colleges and universities the celebration was organized by east bay assembly member alex lee fremont councilmember theresa cox and the silicon valley naacp those recognized for their generosity and achievements included fremont's fire chief and the first black deaf administrator at california school for the deaf in fremont. i see them doing the hard work doing the work day in and day out and the determination the perseverance the high. integrity of character and
5:19 am
bringing out of thinking out of the box the event was held at albert augustine junior memorial park of sunny hills and milpitas. the park is named after a leader of the black community who lived in the sunny hills neighborhood, which is the very first planned racially integrated community in the country. all right, lisa. we're still tracking that rain this week. potentially. yeah more like cool temperatures because the rain chance certainly very small, but with that low snow levels. in fact if we see any precipit could fall as snow as we get down to mount hamilton and mounts. we'll be light because with these cold cold systems. they're what we call moisture starve so much of the trajectory will be over the ocean. i'll show that to you in just a moment. but as we look at live doppler seven, you can see some cloud cover here and just within the last hour the national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory. you can see the cloud cover and some of this is pretty hard to through for through napa santa
5:20 am
rosa and also right along the coast here. so we're going to be watching it along the san mateo coast to see if it gets worse. but as for now looking through 10 o'clock for this area here and right along the golden gate bridge, otherwise six to eight miles from san carlos to half moon bay this morning and as we look at the morning temperatures in the mid 40s, not too bad out there 37 those you head down towards redwood city in menlo park 48 in san bruno and looking at numbers in our inland valleys through the upper 30s as well, but we've got those 40s here and that fog inhibiting the temperatures from dropping too much. but then again when we get past sunrise, it's going to be cloudy for several hours. so that's another reason why we won't be warming up so quickly numbers are warmer here though four to six degrees warmer and look at sfo right now where it's cloudy looking at that dense fog advisory for the valleys and coast of the north bay windy. you're much cooler this afternoon. those winds will be gusting right here, perhaps excess of 30 miles an hour and then the
5:21 am
certainly winter chill will be with us into tomorrow. those gusty winds tuesday. we could see that possible shower activity and when we get those showers some of that could be in the form of hail. here's a look at what we will be expecting later on today the fog lifts, but look at all the high clouds here will be with those throughout much of the day and it's like past six o'clock until we clear out and once we do those winds are going to kick up here's get you can see the precept coming our way late monday into tuesday. and this is what i mean. most of it is all over the ocean, but we'll see a few. particular showers in spots and then notice the pinks coming into play and those whites down here by mount hamilton. maybe even mount diablo. this is a level one system on our storm impact scale. so scattered wintry showers coming into play about a tenth of an inch and even early tomorrow morning we could see some mist and drizzle right along the coast no levels easily down to 2500 feet quick look at the winds and you'll notice by later on tonight. they're up to 50 miles an hour
5:22 am
from point reyes. here. we are. monday four o'clock still 36 mile an hour wind so pretty gusty out there and just a glancing blow of that. rain shower activity in the bay area, but look at the mountains could see 20 inches in kirkwood eight inches incline highs today cooler from the 50s at the coast to the low 60s fremont and palo alto and the accuweather seven-day forecast. we're looking at a chili and windy president's day. here's that level one system and then the overnight lows wednesday thursday morning waking up into 20s and 30s. so remember to bring the plants in of course the pets and those pipes perhaps into the middle of the week with this cold air headed our way list. right good to know lisa. thank you. just ahead shopping of the future the new store that just opened at san jose state and how it's keeping students safe and abc 7 news is now streaming 24/7 on our abc 7 bay area streaming app you can get the latest broke breaking news weather and local news anytime you want it it's
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free. it's easy to download on your roku apple tv fire tv and android tv devices.
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( ♪ ) (chiming) ( ♪ ) (laughter) ( ♪ )
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to school and were greeted with a store that not only saves them time but keeps them safe while doing it abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey takes us inside the autonomous ai-powered checkout system. at san jose state university the future is now this door seems like something out of a movie a full. anonymous shopping experience when you going back and read dystopian and other types of books about the future you always talk about being able to just walk into stores and walk right out and have food that you want and now it's here and now we can do it and it's 2022 not not 2050 or 2070. it's it's right now. jsu retro fitted ginger market on campus into something never before in the bay area. this is first autonomous computer ai-powered checkout system here in silicon valley
5:26 am
with a simple skiing of the campus boost app students are ready to shop once you check in. it's really easy. you just shop around pick up your favorite snacks. and let's not forget a drink. and then you walk out with your items. your credit card is charged and that's it. you're on your way, you know, the modern university student is pretty busy there having to work on project. in between classes the amazing thing about it is that it's super easy super convenient for our students and our shoppers to come in tap their phone grab what they need and get to their destination the ai running the store has about a 95% accuracy when determining what shoppers are grabbing and it's still learning the technology scans customers and without any facial recognition or privacy concerns monitors their shopping the senses here at top all register and know when shopper has taken an item. that can take it off put it back on it will know once an item is taken off and charged me for the items. i truly want this was once one
5:27 am
of the busiest shops on campus with long lines and frustrated choppers now, it's an easy grab-and-go that helps students with timing and keeps them safe in a contactless environment those pretty cool just like going in grabbing what i needed as a student. i need to go in and out very quickly. is that the easiest shopping you've ever done? it's definitely up there. it's definitely up there shopping of the future right now. jsu dustin dorsey abc 7 news pretty cool. all right, so to come on abc 7 mornings came down smash blades went going that way helicopter started tipping. a helicopter crashes into the water on a packed beach in miami how bystanders helped rescue the people on board plus scary moments for a police officer and a driver the officer narrowly escaped being hit by his own patrol car.
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good morning everyone. thanks again for joining us here. we're going to start this half hour with another look at the others let's get back to lisa sargent. hey lisa. hi lisa. good morning to well. there's certainly fog out there. maybe you want to sleep through it if you're in the north bay or live by the coast changes are on the way and as we look at our current numbers, they're not too bad from the upper 30s, santa clara 38 in campbell as well as stanford with 3 as you get down towards parts of the south bay santa clara there and as we look at the coast we're looking at upper 40s 49 alameda 39 in napa. here's our fog. this is why we have that dense fog advisory till 10 oclock half mile to three quarter mile visibility, but we are warmer with all that cloud cover for now. that'll change as the winds kick up. the clouds will be with us 10 o'clock in the 50s out there at the clouds want to clear but it's gonna take throughout the the day. so by three o'clock we are shortly to mostly cloudy with mid 50s from hayward low 60s in the south bay. it's going to be a much chillier day. the winds are going to kick up and we'll talk about
5:31 am
temperatures. well below average for much of the workweek coming up liz. alright lisa. thanks developing news out of southern california. the ntsb is investigating the cause of a police helicopter crash that left one pilot dead and another was serious injuries, the two pilots were on board when they became trapped in the wreckage off of newport beach. 44 year old nicholas vea vela died from his injuries. he was a 14-year veteran of the huntington beach police department. the other pilot is a 16-year veteran and is in the hospital in critical condition. police say the helicopter was heading to a disturbance fight call when it crashed. and now to florida where another helicopter crashed this time into the water near a pact beaches. you can see bystanders quickly rushed in helping rescue the three people on board two of them were taken to the hospital and are said to be stable. here's abc news reporter ellen lopez. threatening scene unfolding in south beach a helicopter falling
5:32 am
from the sky crashing near the shore and into crowded waters the area packed with beachgoers helicopter. just went down in miami. oh my god, part of the chomper sticking out of the water came down. smash blades went going that way helicopter started tipping everybody. i mean the whole beach ran to the scene my standards and first responders rushing into help. in all were on board the proud cheering as they were brought to shore police. say two of them were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition. the faa and the nts be are looking into what caused that chopper to crash down in front of that crowded beach a wind lopez abc news, atlanta. and a heart stopping moment for a kansas city area police officer and the driver he just helped.
5:33 am
being blamed for this jaw-dropping crash and out of control driver slams into a car belonging to a stranded driver then it ricochets. there. it is into the parked police car narrowly missing the officer, please say the damage was major, but the injuries were thankfully minor in a facebook pose. they beg drivers to slow down. don't rush to get around and give other drivers extra space. hundreds of police in riot gear sw through canada's capital ottawa this weekend. they are taking back control of the streets around the canadian parliament the crackdown on the freedom convoy began friday morning angry protesters who disagree with canada's covid restrictions were treated from the largest police operation in the country's history police arrested the demonstrators and towed their trucks. this demonstration is over go home if you don't go home, we
5:34 am
will remove you from the streets. at least 170 people have been taken into custody while some protesters vow to stay on the streets one prominent organizer said they had decided to withdrop peacefully conservative groups in the us helped to fund this protest carnival returns to the french riviera after a two-year absence. streets of nice is it welcomed back its annual carnival parade the city came to life with colorful floats passing through the streets dancers entertain the crowds in dazzling costumes. this year's theme king of animals was held over from last year and many of the floats were decorated as a tribute to members of the animal kingdom carnival was postponed because of the pandemic here in the us. there's a big celebration at the family groff festival. louisiana this weekend the parade takes place two weekends before fat tuesday and in a
5:35 am
suburb just 10 minutes away from downtown new orleans up to 80,000 people are expected to enjoy the mardi gras parade along with authentic new orleans cuisine and art kit and free outdoor concerts and on the peninsula a day of remembrance mark the 80th anniversary of the executive order that resulted in the interment of japanese americans during world war two community members came to the san mateo county history museum to learn about executive order 9066 from speakers who described how their families were sent to internment camps all around the country steve okamoto was interred with his family at what is now the tanforan mall in san bruno. he says there is heightened interest which is critical. so we do not repeat mistakes of the past. it's becoming more and more people getting interested in what happening, especially when we talk about not happening again, because they've seen it with the muslim ban. they seen it with the kids that
5:36 am
are separated from the parents. earlier this month okamoto helped break ground on a memorial near the san bruno bart station to honor those who are wrongly imprisoned by the executive order. today is a big day for bart writers for the first time in his 49-year. history. bart is running all five of its lanes on sundays. it's also going to extend the closing time on sundays and holidays from nine o'clock to around midnight just like it was before the pandemic bart only operated three lines on sunday's previously, which meant many writers had to transfer to get around with the addition of the red and green lines on sundays. some stations will see a train four times an hour instead of two. until i had on abc 7 mornings my first graduating class i cried. i was really it was something. a priceless learning opportunity offered for free the success stories coming out of this west oakland program. and here is a live look outside this morning time right now is
5:37 am
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at, and ask your doctor if keytruda can be part of your story. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge a little bit of fog this morning. lisa's been talking about we'll check her within with her in just a moment meantime back in february of 1939 the world's fair opened on treasure island. it celebrated san francisco's two. newly built bridges the bay bridge in 1936 and the golden gate a year later this weekend vintage. boats and planes kicked off a series of events celebrating treasure island's world's fair. it marks the 80th anniversary of the world's fair. the anniversary celebration was delayed because of the pandemic treasure island was built for the fair and it's now the centerpiece of the festivities. we need to remember history whether we like it or not. you know good history bad history. we make mistakes, too, but we
5:40 am
got to remember it. the theme of the exposition was pageant of the pacific it showcased goods from countries across and around the pacific ocean. after a two-year closure because of covid the computer history museum and mountain view is back open. it hopes the tremendous and the trendiness of museums that have become popular in the last few years attracts people to get them to learn about the history and future of their vices you can also learn about the history of applications like photoshop texting and video games the museum offers a learning lab with hands-on activities and educational tours. it is only open on weekends and tickets start at $13. okay, lisa some fog this morning. yeah, that's right liz for the north bay valleys the but here is san jose where you can see some of the cloud cover 46 degrees right now and we'll look for temperatures about seven to eight degrees cooler today for much of the south bay. the winds are going to help with
5:41 am
that. also some of that cloud cover not lifting for until the afternoon and then we'll talk about a much colder air mass headed our way and what that will do for us coming up. thank you lisa. also next one to sono anderson takes flight advancing to the finals of the slam dunk contest chris alvare. the highlights coming up in sports. a jelly bean that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces new jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier for you form.
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5:44 am
that in this morning sports. good morning, oakland zone want toscano anderson. representing golden state during nba all-star saturday night. jta taking part in the dunk contest showing the national audience what we see all the time watching the dubs. the doctor was in julius erving signing jta's aba style ball before his first dunk. how cool is that? and then jta bringing out his teammate andrew wiggins who's kind of laughing, but hey jto. get over me. oh the dunk over the six foot seven wiggins, very very nice pushing off. i mean good for wiggins hanging in there curry approves jta advance to the finals and then first attempt tries the arm through the basket dunk, but just didn't get the height and all the replay you'll see. needs a little more oomph. and he knew it. his final attempt in a jason richardson throwback the between the legs get up. oh won't go he tried hard a little bit bummed as you would imagine new york's obit won. look at this finishing with the bounce off the backboard and
5:45 am
then the flush jta is positive personality though won't fade because he didn't win. i came here to win. obviously. i'm always compete to win but you know, i mean there's some athletic guys and so just to be there in the stage final round like i mean it's gonna be on youtube forever. it's gonna be you know, it's gonna be somewhere where i can go watch and show my kids and my grandkids so i'm just here to have fun even that's why i came here to do is enjoy the moment and i enjoyed it even i didn't win. i'm still having fun. i'm still enjoyed it. oh you want to go to say that you you turn into a splash butter, too? yeah, you got to go and stay one time, huh? bro, he go to 40% that secret success of shooting right? first time all-star andrew wiggins getting some good natured ribbing from his teammates. in practice the warriors do have the secret his name stephan curry curry stole the show and team lebron warm-ups splashing consecutive half-court shots, or else. do you see team half court
5:46 am
drills, but all-star weekend, the eight-time all-star curry is just trying to enjoy the moment also weekends always special. be recognizes. the best in the league and represented team your family come here and draw all the festivities. experience the city different than when you come in as a road team to play. it's always something you look forward to yeah never it never really gets old and i hope it never does. all star weekend isn't just special for the players check out this really cool moment. curry noticed a fan in a wheelchair had a poster saying it was his birthday and asking for step to sign it not only did he sign that poster. he posed for a few photos as well. stephen curry. he is the people's champ. that's your look at sports. let's send it back to you. alright lisa. let's go check out the forecast you're saying maybe just a little bit of rain this week now. yeah, we're certainly seeing the colder air move in. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see some of the cloud cover and the national weather service has issued a dense fog
5:47 am
advisory for the north bay valleys and the coast watching right here the peninsula but right now visibility there is pretty good. but up in the north bay. it is reduced to a half mile here in santa rosa novato's better, but this will change from time to time and as we look at current numbers we're around 50 in alameda upper 40s in hayward 44 castro valley and along the shoreline upper 40s. here's some upper 30s from pleasanton to livermore. so certainly not as cold as it could be with the cloud cover that blanket of low clouds, but also patches of fog kind of keeping it clammy around parts of the north bay for several hours as we look at the 24-hour temperature change. we are milder this morning. here's our roof camera our forecast highlights then dense fog advisory for north bay valleys. coast through ten o'clock windy are much cooler as the winds kick up those onshore winds today, and then breezy to gusty winds for the next several days and as we get into that system by monday and tuesday, the snow
5:48 am
levels will be easily around 2,000 feet locally. here's a look at the high clouds and they're going to last throughout the morning. early afternoon hours and they get swept away those winds kicking up and here's a look at the presupped at our way. this is late monday. most of it is out over the ocean here, and we'll see a few pockets perhaps but the the trajectory of it not quite close enough that we're going to see the rain possibly more in the form of rain mixed with snow up towards lake county. maybe mount hamilton, but there could be a few showers out there. that's why we have it as a level one on our storm impact scale the scattered winter. hours anywhere from a couple hundreds to about a tenth of an inch in those snow levels 2500 feet down to two thousand. so accompanying that system will be the winds the three o'clock this afternoon 20 to 40 miles an hour along the coast and they're picking up inland as well by eight o'clock tonight. it's a breezy evening, and we've got some clear conditions so that will keep the temperatures up but look what happens as we
5:49 am
get into early tomorrow. the winds are really blowing fast and throughout the afternoon. at 35 miles an hour at the coast over 20 miles an hour in fremont nearly that in san jose and palo alto. so it's definitely a reality check with february standards coming back. here's a look at that scant amount of precip couple hundreds out there doing better though in the mountains with anywhere from about eight inches in donner to about 13 inches around southlake. so guys today if you're headed to the chinese new year festival boy, it is gonna be chilly with with temperatures just from the 50s there. the street fair low 60s in fremont 64 in san jose and the accuweather seven-day forecast. we've got presidents day chilly and windier a wintry mix perhaps on tuesday with their level 1 system overnight lows around freezer or even colder than that, wednesday and thursday morning finally getting a little bit warmer the end of the week into next weekend. all right, lisa. thank you this black history month. we are honoring the people and
5:50 am
organizations making an impact in the black community here in the bay area this morning. we take you to the mandela training center in west oakland developing the workforce of the future and response to a tragedy from our past abc 7 news race and culture reporter. julian glover shows you how they're building a better bay area one you don't get paid to walk you get paid to do it. let's go move it if you want to make it at cypress mandela training center. you got to keep on your toes if you watch me around here. i'm constantly barking orders quickly. it's quick as you possibly can safely though those orders. appearing the next wave of trade workers in this free 16-week program that even comes with a stipend. oh you're taking too many swings as golden scott and he'll tell you i have wood shop. i have a lot of different. i don't see that in the use today being able to do this and work with them. oh man. it's wonderful, especially when you see the teenagers coming here who've never touched a hammer don't know where the screwdriver is and they get up there and they start playing around the next thing, you know, something beautiful is happening.
5:51 am
i owe them everything this being a free program. they've given me a lot. they've given me a future a future born out of one of oakland's darkest moments in its cypress mandela is one of the organizations that actually is an outgrowth of the aloma prieta earthquake. it's a community response to a tragedy that happened in 1989. eric shanks is the executive director the real issue came about where they said. there was no qualified workers in west oakland to work on heavy construction highway. so that's really the impetus of what cyprus was to help produce qualify people to work on every construction and just the history over time. ram is graduated thousands of black and brown trade workers in the last three decades for residents to make a living livable wage and transition into the unions after at least 640 hours of hands-on instruction. these workers accept jobs at east bay mud bart private construction companies and with additional training take on roles at pg&e. it's a great opportunity for us
5:52 am
to provide and give back to those communities that that need a little help michael orange your 2020 graduate of cypress. della pg&e power pathways program is just one of the many success stories. i would not be as prepared to earn the role that i've earned with pg&e, but i also want to underscore i would not be as prepared in life cypress. mandela to me is the pinnacle of transitioning into a professional workforce and providing all the necessary tools needed to be successful 2022 graduate beatrice and dong would agree with the woman in the class, but there were also very supportive and they were welcoming and helpful throughout the 16 weeks my first graduating class i cried. it was really. oh something, you know to see somebody go from one place to another cypress mandela meeting each candidate where they are helping them get to where they want to be. it's only four months and i think it's well worth it. the things that you will gain
5:53 am
will be life-changing julian glover abc 7 news. and you can see more stories about black history month by going to our abc 7 bay area streaming tv app. it's available on apple tv android tv fire tv and roku. next to music festival returns to san francisco today, we'll have all the details on a free concert and events happening the rest of the week.
5:54 am
5:55 am
there will be a free outdoor concert to celebrate the start of the 29th edition of noise pop noise-pop music and arts festival turns venues into festival grounds across the bay area this week. there will be films art shows happy hours and concerts all over the bay for it more than 150 musicians are taking part. today's concert is free with rsvp. it starts at 2:00 pm at zeitgeist beer garden in the mission all all attendees must show proof of vaccination. you can buy tickets for the rest of the week's events on noise
5:56 am
pops website and next on abc 7 mornings at 6am the the fight to keep some oakland. schools open could mean a teacher's strike how they're trying to stop their schools from being closed in the next few years and thousands of people turned out for the chinese new year festival and parade the message organizers. hope it brings to the community.
5:57 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: breaking news, quinn knows but the second has tested positive for covid. buckingham palace released a statement about her symptoms and how she will go on with the week. protests in oakland over the school board decision to stick with the plan to close nearly one dozen schools. what teachers and parents are saying about a strike. good morning, everybody. we are going to get to those stories in just a moment. let's start with a click look at the -- quick look at the weather. lisa: temperatures are warmer this morning because there is fog. the cloud deck allowed for the member -- numbers to step up in the 40's. with that, there is fog. we have a dense fog advisory for the north and the valleys of the north bay. it is 48 downtown, 44 andndndnd santa rosa.


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