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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: breaking news, quinn knows but the second has tested positive for covid. buckingham palace released a statement about her symptoms and how she will go on with the week. protests in oakland over the school board decision to stick with the plan to close nearly one dozen schools. what teachers and parents are saying about a strike. good morning, everybody. we are going to get to those stories in just a moment. let's start with a click look at the -- quick look at the weather. lisa: temperatures are warmer this morning because there is fog. the cloud deck allowed for the member -- numbers to step up in the 40's. with that, there is fog. we have a dense fog advisory for the north and the valleys of the north bay. it is 48 downtown, 44 andndndnd santa rosa.
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the fog is up in santa we look at our 24 hour temperature change, that has kept us smile. we will add some clouds and wind today. we will be partly cloudy with temperatures in the 50's along the coast to near 60 in san francisco. the wind will be kicking up to the afternoon with low 60's early on. it's going to be a much cooler day. we will talk about that trend continuing into the week ahead. liz: buckingham palace has confirmed the queen has tested positive for covid-19. the palace says the 95-year-old is experiencing mild cold symptoms. she expects to continue light duties over the week. she will receive adequate attention and will follow the appropriate guidelines. vaccinated and boosted.y both rinse charles and camilla recently tested for the virus.
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new developments with the oakland school closures. teachers, students, parents will protest after the board decided not to close or merge nearly one dozen schools. the next move could be a teachers strike. >> cheers a rupture in for moses, his hunger strike is over. the battle is not. >> the fight is not over. it >> he is refusing food for nearly 20 days, protesting the decision to close or merge nearly one dozen schools. >> >> the crowd isn't stopping either. on the heels of the decision to stay the course, a parent and teacher. >> we have families with jobs.ple children, multiple
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closing theol meath a tir les. it >shteng for nearly 20 years. the kids are getting caught in the chaos. >> we have to put everything with the kids in the school. it gets mixed up in all this. the teacher energy gets shifted. it >> oakland unified responded to the decision. the board of education upheld their previous decision. the district is focused on ensuring all impact of students have a smooth and easy transition it. the pushback continues. we on this rally, people are taking to the streets. it >> that pressure is continuing. this protest, you can see it going on behind me. she is on the executive boa boaa and says the next step would be a teacher strike.
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>> it is eminent at this point. i think we're willing to take whatever actions to protect our schools. they are facing closure. it >> the plan is to meet this week, whether they vote is up in the air. liz: there was some vandalism at the board president's home. we saw one broken light on the ground. he tells us this won't affect his decision on school closures. a mother was attacked in front of her young children because the perpetrator thought she cut her in line at a drive through. the situation escalates rapidly. it is all caught on video. this attack happened during durg lunchtime on february 5 at the mcdonald's on mcdonald avenue. you can hear the mother trying to console her crying children as they are being threatened. the confrontation takes a
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dangerous turn. >> it's ok. oh my gosh. >> it gets worse. the mother got out of the car, the irate driver hit her and dragged her 150 feet across the parking lot. when she was on the ground injured, the suspect punched the mother several times for driving off. detectives called the driver violent and dangerous and they are asking for your help to help apprehend her. not to covid headlines, a new study shows it does not prevent severe disease. the fda has not approved the drug to treat covid. sonoma county announced it is giving out one million doses. while we are talking about vaccinations, officials say it's possible a fourth shot could be recommended in the fall.
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the fda says because fall is the timeline for flu shots, the same could be true for an additional covid booster. a fourth shot is recommended for people who are immunocompromised. the cdc will have to agree before a fourth dose is added. after being canceled last year because the pandemic, the chinese new year parade was back in full force. that means fireworks, dancers, everything we are used to seeing. tim was there as the community celebrated the year of the tiger. >> it was a spectacle of sight, and sound. after being canceled last year because of the pandemic, the chinese new year parade is back in san francisco. >> this is amazing. it's better than ever. >> thousands came out to celebrate the year of the tiger.
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>> everything is back on track.. >> it's a lot more than just celebrating the year. it's a chance to promote the message of unity after a series of attacks against knows in the -- those in the asian committee. those attacks have grown over the pandemic. this was a way to push back against the hatred. >> what people can see who you are, they can see the different cultures represented, it leads to a better understanding of people. it >> while celebrate in rich traditions. it >> it's eye-opening to see so much culture in such a small place. >> many here say they are excited for what the future may hold. >> it's a sign of the resilience of the city to come together in this type of setting and not have to worry as much about the health concerns we experienced
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over the last two years. liz: pulling off this parade, especially putting together all the cool floats. ryan takes us behind the scenes. >> crews are securing the final details of each float ahead of the parade saturday evening. >> we are inspecting everything and adding things. for the most part, we are good. >> the team wants to make sure the floats look as good as possible when they had down market street during the parade. the parade was canceled last year due to the pandemic. >> the hard work is the hard part. this is the payoff. >> most of the floats have a decorated tiger, the symbol for the chinese new year. it represents bravery and confidence. at the street fair in
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those we spoke with said those traits are something everyone should embrace. >> a lot of the crimes that are happening, you feel lonely. we feel lonely. >> he runs a are strong. he says hopefully the parade will remind everyone how important the asian culture is to the bay area. >> it's been a rough couple of years. the last month has been horrible for our community. showing people you don't have to be afraid. >> as hundreds crowded the festivities, it reminds him the strength of the bay area community to overcome obstacles. >> that's what pushes usshes uss forward. liz: a bit of disney magic is
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part of the chinese new year celebration. disney has a booth at the community street fair in chinatown. the animated film follows child as she navigates adolescence and discovers she turns into a red panda when her emotions run too high. there are 100 booths and entertainment. it does run again today. turning red is exclusively on disney plus march 11. we have more coverage of the new year and the traditions on our website. as we had to break, look outside. lisa: the sun is coming up at 6:52. we are going to see some clouds around for part of it. the winds to cap change in the weather. it is shifting more toward a wintry regime. i have the details coming up. liz: the president set to meet
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with the national security council today about the tensions between russia and ukraine. biden says the strat -- threat is very high. a historic hotel in san francisco officially has a new name. the rebranding and when it will reopen. okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network. which means this mega fan never misses a second. it's gig-speed wifi that's “mikaela shiffrin” fast.
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with the national security council today. the president has repeatedly warned the russian president of economic sanctions against russia if it invades ukraine.
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we have the latest. it >> as the situation over ukraine grows more intense, joe biden is convening the national security council today. the vice president met with the ukrainian president. the national security team and nato allies discussed a diplomatic solution. she issued this morning. >> we are prepared to move forward with consequences. we are prepared to gather economic measures that will be swift, severe, and united. we will impose far-reaching financial sanctions and export controls. >> the ukrainian president called for sanctions for an invasion and asked for a direct meeting with vladimir putin. more than 150 thousand russian troops are estimated to be near
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the order. images show military activity growing up in belarus and western russia. >> this is the massive display of military might that moscow is keen for the world to see. this is happening very close to ukraine. >> troops are expected to head home after the military exercises. a defense official tells abc news they might not. >> the military is blaming russian separatists for an artillery attack killed two soldiers. the defense secretary says there can still be a diplomatic resolution to the crisis if pruden chooses. -- vladimir putin chooses. liz: common up this week, week,, secretary of defense will talk about the latest intelligence, what war would look like, the
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steps the u.s. will take if vladimir putin invades. you can watch that interview on this week with george stephanopoulos. nafta the economic ripple effect from the crisis, you are probably feeling the squeeze on top of the worst inflation numbers. >> a far-off conflict squeezing americans at the cash register. >> not only is our energy bill up, our grocery bill is up. our gas is up as well. >> americans are coping with the 7.5% rate of inflation. watching oil hit its highest level since 2014 and gas prices 40% higher than last year. with worse likely, if russia goes all in. >> we will probably be talking about a $30 per darrell hit. it could be more pneumatic.
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>> trucking companies, just ask, airlines are going to pass along higher jet fuel prices. it's all going to trickle down. it's no more prevalent than at the grocery store. >> staying on budget means reimagining a night out. >> it includes pasta nights at home. >> investors are getting hit by a volatile stock market. the ability data shows the average american 401(k) lost $1800 this week alone. liz: a landmark hotel in san francisco has officially changed names. according to the chronicle, t rfraan. the northview hotel group bought
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the property last year for one hunter $57 million. the hotel is set to reopen in the spring. it has been closed since the start of the pandemic. six residents were honored during a black history month that celebrated those who can treated to historically black colleges and universities. fremont council member and these silicon valley doing the hard work, doing the work day in and day out and the determination, the perseverance, the high integrity of character and thinking out-of-the-box. liz: we event was held at the park in sunny hills. that's named after a leader of the black community who lived in the sunny hills neighborhood.
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the very first integrated community in the country. let's get a check of the forecast. we've been talking about rain in the forecast. lisa: a little bit of shower activity, the cold air is going to drive-in a new weather system. that will ring in the chance of showers. we could see a thunderstorm. we could get those updrafts and some hail. it is going to be an about-face as we do 180 in the next 24 hours. this has brought some dense fog to the north bay and the valley. as we see a half mile visibility, we are 6-7 miles from nevada. there are no problems along the coast. we have a pretty sunrise with the cloud cover.
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relative humidity is way down. we have that dry air in place for 40 days. hopefully we will break that record on tuesday. in the south bay, it's been over 50 days. it is 50 in oakland. it is 42 in san jose. it is 48 on the coast. here's a look at that fog. you can see how pretty that is with the sun coming up. it is 47 and it petaluma. it is 43 in napa. our cold spot is 38 degrees in livermore. due to the cloud cover, the wind will be kicking up. it's already transporting the fog. we are windier and much cooler this afternoon. the onshore winds are 30 miles per hour. the winter chill with some
6:21 am
downpours, we will see the showers, it looks to be over the water. the clouds will try to clear out. we've got the high clouds overhead. as the day progresses, we get the clearing conditions. overnight lows won't be that bad tonight. monday night, it gets colder. there's a few showers up in the north bay stopping this overnight. you can see how they are out over the ocean. the pink indicates the cold air where we could see some rain and snow mix. here is the wind. later on tonight, up to 50 miles per hour. as we afternoon, it is windy and c ra.
6:22 am
snowfall totals are impressive. highs today in the 50's. the accuweather 7 day forecast, hazy and mostly cloudy. by monday, the theme it continues. highs only in the 50's tuesday and wednesday. the morning lows are going to be quite frosty out there. you will need to crank the heat or add another blanket. liz: shopping of the future. the new store that just opened in san jose state and how it is keeping students safe. the news is now streaming 24/7 on our bay area streaming app. you can get the latest weather and local news anytime you wanted. it is easy to download on your apple tv and android devices.
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morning america. >> coming up, tensions involving the russia crisis reaches a new level. president biden calling a meeting of the national security council. the u.s. warning vladimir putin has made the decision. the ukrainian president seeks a diplomatic solution. we have team coverage across the region. two helicopter crashes within hours on opposite sides of the country. one caught on camera off miami beach. another in california, leaving one officer dead. what we are learning about those on board. we live from the flop goes
6:26 am
islands. we take you to some of the most remarkable and treasure places on the planet. that's all ahead on gma. liz: students were greeted with a store that only saves them time, but see keeps them safe. wheat coincide the autonomous ai powered checkout system. >> the future is now. this seems like something out of a movie, and autonomous shopping experience. >> when you read books about the future, you talk about going into stores and walking right out. it's here. we can do it. it is 2022. it's right now. >> this is never been seen in the bay area. >> it's the first autonomous checkout system in silicon valley. >> students are ready to stop --
6:27 am
shop. >> just shop around, pick up your snacks, let's not forget a drink. then, you walk out with your items. your credit card is charged. we were on your way. >> the modern university student is busy. the amazing thing about it is it is super easy and convenient to come in, tap the phone, get what they need. lex the ai has a 95% when determining what shoppers are grabbing. the technology scans customers and without any privacy concerns monitors their shopping. >> it will know when a shopper has taken an item off the shelves. it will know when an item is taken off. it will charge me for the items i want. >> this was once one of the
6:28 am
busiest shops on campus. now it is an easy grab and go. >> it was pretty cool. >> is that the easiest shopping you've ever done? >> it is definitely up there. liz: stilltilltilltilltilltilltl for a police officer and a driver. the officer narrowly escapes being hit by his own patrol car.
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and get access to over 20 million wifi hotspots from coast to coast. so no matter what big event comes up, your team can be ready for what's next. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for just $64.99 a month. or, ask how to get a visa prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, thanks for joining us. that's get another check of the weather. lisa: we just found a bird on top of a flagpole in here. it's a fun shot for you. we are looking at fog and parts of the bay valley.
6:31 am
we are looking at the win san francisco. it is 49 in san francisco. it is cooler to cooler to cooleo it is 42 in concord. there is the fog. a dense fog advisory in the north bay. anywhere from half mile, with all the cloud cover, we are milder this morning. that trend is going to reverse. we have cloud cover, it is breezy in spots. it's below average along the shoreline. it will be partly cloudy, the wind is closer to the coast upwards of 30 miles per hour. even though we are going to have some 60's today, the numbers will be trimmed back
6:32 am
significantly. we are talking 20 degrees cooler through the work week. liz: developing news, the ntsb is investigating the cause of a police helicopter crash that left one pilot dead and another with serious injuries. they were on board when they became trapped in the wreckage off newport beach. a 44-year-old died from his injuries. he was a 14 year veteran of the police department. the other pilot was a 16 year veteran. police say the helicopter was heading to a disturbance fight call when it crashed. now to florida where another helicopter crashed. this time into the water near a packed beach. bystanders rushed in and helped rescue the three people on board. two of them were taken to the hospital. >> the frightening scene unfolding in south beach, a helicopter falling from the sky,
6:33 am
crashing near the shore. the area it was packed with beachgoers. >> the helicopter just went down in miami. >> part of the chopper was sticking out of the water. the whole beach beach beach beah scene. >> bystanders helping. >> it looks like fire rescue is on the scene. >> three people were on board. the trout -- crowd cheered as they brought to shore. two of them were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition. the faa and the ntsb are looking into what caused the chopper to crash. liz: hea hea hea hea hea hea hea kansas city area police officer. >>
6:34 am
liz: an out-of-control driver slams into a car belonging to a stranded driver. it ricochets, you can see that, into the parked police car. it narrowly missed the officer. police say the damage was major, the injuries were minor. they begged drivers to slow down. don't rush to get around and give others extra space. hundreds of police in riot gear swept through canada, taking back control of the streets around the parliament. the crack down on the freedom convoy began friday morning, angry protesters who disagree with the covid restrictions retreated from the largest police operation in the country's history. police arrested demonstrators and towed their trucks. >> go home.
6:35 am
if you don't go home, we will remove you from the streets. >> at least 170 people have been taken into custody. some vowed to stay on the streets. conservative groups in the helped to fund the protest. carnaval returns to the french riviera. spectators packed the they welcome back the parade. the city came to life with colorful floats passing through the streets. this year's theme was from last year. many of the floats were decorated as a tribute to members of the animal kingdom. it was postponed because of the pandemic. there is a celebration at the already gruff festival in louisiana. the parade takes place two weeks before fat tuesday.
6:36 am
up to 80,000 people are expected to enjoy the mardi gras parade. on the remembrance marked the 80th anniversary of the executive order that resulted in the internment of japanese americans during world war ii. community members came to the history museum to learn about executive order 9066. speakers describe how their families were sent to internment camps. steve was interred with his family at the tan fran mall. he says there is heightened interest so we don't repeat mistakes of the past. >> it's becoming more and more people getting interested in what's happening, especially when we talk about it not happen again. they've seen it with the muslim band. we've seen it with the kids that are separated from their
6:37 am
parents. liz: he helped to break ground on a memorial near the san bruno bart station to honor those who were wrongly imprisoned. today is a big day for bart writers. for the first time, part is running all five lines on sunday. it's extended the closing time on sunday and holidays from 9:00 until midnight. bart only operated three lines on sunday, which meant many had to transfer to get around. with the addition of the red and green lines on sundays, some stations will see a train four times an hour instead of two. >> my first graduating class. liz: opportunity offered for free. the success stories coming out of this west oakland program. we are looking out, you can see
6:38 am
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treasure island. it celebrated san francisco's two new bridges, the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. vintage boats and planes kicked off a series of events celebrating treasure island. it marks the 80th anniversary of the world's fair. the anniversary celebration was delayed because the pandemic. treasure island was built for the fair. >> we need to rumor history. good history, bad history. we make mistakes and we've got to remember. liz: the theme was pageant of the pacific. it showcased goods from countries around the pacific ocean. after a two-year closure because
6:41 am
of covid, the computer history museum is back open. it helps the trendiness of museums attracts people to get them to learn about the history and future of their devices. you can learn about the history of applications like photoshop, texting, video games. there is a learning lab with activities and educational tours. it's open on weekends and tickets start at $13. let's get a check outside. lisa: we are beginning our changes today as we look at the south bay. temperatures are in the low 40's. today, some low 60's. overnight lows, we wills, we wil low freezing. we will put that all together for you. the forecast is next. liz: also next, advancing to the finals of the slam dunk contest. we have the highlights coming up
6:42 am
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it is 49 degrees in san francisco. you can see that fog this morning. the warriors will be well represented in the nba all-star game tonight in cleveland. andrew wiggins and steph curry are both starters. wiggins will play for team durant with curry on team lebron. last night, one to scotto represented the dubs in the slam dunk contest. here are the highlights. >> good morning. want toscano-anderson represented golden state during all-star saturday night. the national audience saw what we see all the time. the doctor was in it, julius
6:45 am
irving. how cool is that. jt eight bringing out his teammate andrew wiggins. the dunk over the 6'7" very nice. good for wiggins and you and there. he advanced to the finals. he tries the arm through the basket dump, did not get the height. he needs a little bit more oomph. he knew it. his final attempt, the between the legs. it won't go. he tried hard. kobe top and one. look at this. he won with the bounce off the backboard and the flesh. >> i came here to win it. there are some athletic guys in this league.
6:46 am
just to be there in the final round, it's going to be on youtube for other. it's going to be somewhere i can show my kids. i'm just here to have fun. i enjoyed it even though i didn't win. >> you brother. >> they've got that secret there. >> first time all-star andrew-sa wiggins getting some good-natured ribbing from his teammates. the warriors have the secret, stephen curry. he stole the show, splashing half-court shots. where else can you see team half-court drills? he is just trying to enjoy the moment. >> all-star weekend is always special. to be recognized as the best in the league, to represent your team and your family, to
6:47 am
experience the city different than when you come in. there's always something you look forward to. it never really gets old. i hope it never does. >> it's not just special for the players. curry noticed a fan in the wheelchair had a poster saying it was his birthday. nunnally did he sign that mr., he posed for a few photos. stephen curry is the people's champ. let send it back to you. liz: let's get a check of the weather. we should enjoy it while we can. lisa: it's already beginning to change as we look at the dense fog advisory. you can see some the cloud cover. we will have a combination of factors today that will allow for much cooler temperatures as we begin our 180 with more wintry weather heading toward tuesday.
6:48 am
we have half-mile visibility, the advisory is with us through 10:00. that is pretty, the sun is coming up. it's coming up in about five minutes. current numbers are in the 40's. it is 44 in mountain view. you can see the pastel show. temperatures will be much cooler , out in the 70's today. we have low to mid 40's from napa to the delta and upper 30's from dublin and livermore. we aren't milder, warmer everywhere except for san jose. dense fog northg northg northg h coasts. we are looking at much cooler conditions this afternoon. the wind will continue to regress and move faster with that short flow.
6:49 am
that winter chill with showers coming down, we could see a straight area of heavy downpours due to that cold air. the moist air is not there, the cold air is. that's why it's going to be so unstable. as we look at the high clouds around through the day, they get swept to the south. that's not in time for a lot of full sunshine like we had it. with that in play and the on short flow, it's going to be a cool day. we can see some showers begin to develop. this is overnight monday into tuesday. you can see the pink here. as we get toward tuesday morning, it's cold. we have those gusty winds. this is a level 1 system for
6:50 am
tuesday. snow levels are down to 2500 feet. it's very gusty along the coast. it gets stronger throughout the day. this will take us into monday morning. it's very light, maybe .05 inches. we are looking at nine inches in tahoe city. highs today in the 50's with breezy winds at the coasts. the seven-day forecast, chilly and windy year for president's day. we have gusty winds with a wintry mix. we have 20's and 30's easily with this air mass. we are getting a little warmer and that continues into the weekend. liz: we are honoring the people and organizations making an impact in the black community in
6:51 am
the bay area. we take you to the cyprus mandela training center, developing the workforce of the future in response to a tragedy from our past. this is how they are building a better bay area one student at a time. >> you don't get paid to do it. let's go. >> if you want to make it, you've got to keep on your toes. >> i'm constantly parking orders. >> those orders prepare the next wave of trained workers in the free program that comes with a stipend. he will tell you. >> i don't see that in use today. being able to work with them, it's wonderful. we see teenagers who've never touched a hammer. they get up there and they start playing around and something beautiful is happening.
6:52 am
>> this is a free program. they've given me a future. it >> a future worn out of one of the darkest moments. >> cyprus mandela is one of the organizations that is an outgrowth of the earthquake. it's a community response to a tragedy that happened in 1989. >> the real issue came up when they said there was no qualified workers to work on heavy construction. that's the impetus of what cyprus was, to produce qualified people to work heavy constrti t prora a bwnrker the last thre decades. >> to make a living wage and transition into the unions. >> after 640 hours of instruction, they accept jobs. they take on roles at pg&e. >> it's a great opportunity for
6:53 am
us to give back to those communities that need a little help. >> a graduate is one of the many success stories. >> i would not be as prepared to earn the role i have. i would not be as prepared in life. >> to me, it's the pinnacle transitioning into a professional workforce and providing the necessary tools needed to be successful. >> she would agree. >> i was the only woman in the class. they were very supportive. they were very helpful throughout the 16 weeks. >> my first graduating class, i cried. to see some to go from one place to anoth.>> meeting each candide they are, helping them get to where they want to be. >> i think it's well worth it. the things you will gain will be
6:54 am
life-changing. liz: you can see more stories about black history month by going to our bay area streaming tv happened. -- tv app. a music festival returns today. we will have the details in a free concert and events happening the rest of the week. in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at since i left for college, my dad has gotten back into some of his old hobbies. and now he's taking trulicity, and it looks like he's gotten into some new healthier habits, too. what changes are you making for your type 2 diabetes?
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don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. concert to celebrate the anniversary of noise pop. it turns venues into festival grounds. there will be films, art shows, concerts all over the bay. 150 musicians are taking part. the concert is free with rsvp. it starts at 2:00 p.m. all attendees must show proof of vaccination. let's get one final check of the weather. lisa: we see fog out there,
6:57 am
dense fog advisory for the morning hours. it's windier with cooler conditions. the numbers will be in the low 60's for our warmest areas. below average for those of you along the shoreline, only 56. the wind will be gusting to 36 miles per hour. then we get our much if you're thinking it's not that bad out, it's not. cold air will set the stage for a cold week. it's going to be well below average. mountain snow will benefit the sierra nevada that's good news. liz: thank you for joining us. abc7news continues at 9:00. 9:0. we will leave you with this beautiful sunrise. have a great day.
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good morning america. poised to strike. russia's attack on ukraine expected any day. predictions how it might start with belarus now saying russian troops conducting massive military drills are staying in country. vice president harris' newest comments from germany and martha raddatz speaking with defense secretary lloyd austin as our team coverage across the region. breaking news. queen elizabeth tests positive for covid. this coming after prince charles and camilla also contracted the virus recreently. our live report from london t


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