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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 26, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> overnight in kyiv, explosions again leading up the sky. this new video coming in from just south of ukraine's capital. as the invasion by russia goes into its fourth day, kyiv is on lockdown but still in ukrainian control. good evening. i'm karina nova. you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. ukrainian forces have managed to fight an overwhelming offensive by russia to take the capital city, but it's estimated there have been at least several dozen civilian casualties, including a six-year-old boy. also tonight, the ukrainian president's office says russian forces blew up a gas pipeline in
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the country's second-largest city. the united nations says more than 150,000 ukrainians have left the country. many have sought refuge in neighboring poland. the u.s. and key allies said they would expel certain russian banks from swift, the high-security financial network that connects global banking institutions. a biden official said it was an unprecedented act of global sanctions coordination. billionaire businessman elon musk says he has activated the first of many startling satellites to provide free high-speed internet to the ukrainian people. let's get to abc 7 news reporter terry campbell with more on the latest in kyiv. tara: all eyes are on kyiv. emily's split while some are forced into shelter, others taking up arms while while
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here are left watching and waiting. a city under siege, ukrainian soldiers bracing for more attacks on the capital. u.s. defense officials say russian military forces are staging about 20 miles outside of kyiv. while it is believed some of the forces are disoriented, taken back by the difficulty of the mission, ukrainian president zelensky standing his ground in central kyiv. >> we know we are defending our country, our land, and our children's futures. >> thousands of miles away, listening and watching, this family monitoring every moment from their home in fremont. >> how could they just attack this beautiful gem of a city? i was completely -- we did not believe this would happen. tara: watching and wondering what is >> -- what is next, he
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and his wife with deep ties in the capital. >> it is very sad. hunkered down in the nearby cith of kyiv. >> it is where i feel i should be. >> despite the danger, she says there's no way she's leaving her home. >> we have an airfield no bar -- nearby. so getting really close. tara: russian forces attacked a town just a couple of miles away. >> yup, we are live.e.e. the author was woken by the blast. tara: yuri was careful not to
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wake up his father and mother. they are visiting from kyiv and do not want to go back. >> i did not wake my parents so they did not get nervous right away. tara: his father, resolute yet shaken. >> now we are very close to these places where they are fighting. tara: a family hurting but holding onto hope and pride in their people. >> trying to defend the city as best as they can, and they are successful, so we see a little bit of hope, right? >> i think so. tara: those still in kyiv are being urged to stay indoors. they are under curfew until monday. for those trying to flee the country, it is a long journey, taking up to 40 hours just to work through massive traffic jams.
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karina: thank you. our thoughts are with that family and many others. san francisco landmarks tonight are illuminated in the colors of the ukrainian flag from the top of the sales tower, the bill graham auditorium, and city hall , our bay area institutions, making it clear who they are thinking of this evening. today was marked with protests and rallies, and at every one of them, a call to action to help the ukrainian people. >> i call on russians today, do not stand idle. we can talk to media. we can organize the rallies. you should be calling people at home so they are not silent. karina: that deeply emotional plea coming from a ukrainian american at a rally on market street. hundreds gathered today to show support for ukraine and condemned the actions of russian president vladimir putin. many ukrainians are also asking
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not just for a show of support but for concrete actions from international governments. several nations today imposed the biggest sanction on russia so far, impacting its banks. abc news spoke with experts about their take on if it is enough. >> ukrainians are very brave. ukrainian army is very brave. >> natalia is waking up every day fearing for her family members. she is a bright scholar at berkeley and is visiting from ukraine. she says russian troops have moved into her family's town. >> they are in shelters. they are hiding in basements trying to find a safe place to stay the night. what that leaves her hoping for other countries to support ukraine. >> i think every country should ask themselves, "is there anything else i can do, we can do?" >> so far, other countries have
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only implemented sanctions trying to deter the russian attack, but some scholars think in the long term, it will not do much. >> we really need to scale them up to deter the attack. >> he thinks the sanctions will not stop russian troops. >> it is inconvenient but is not going to change behavior in a fundamental way, not really. >> the biggest sanction so far came saturday when u.s. and other countries mostly in europe disconnected russian banks from the global financial system known as swift, which allows banks around the world to send money to each other. >> removing a fundamental action. you really should not use the world financial system to fund war.
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this is a battlefront ukraine, but it will be moving to other countries. karina: the abc streaming tv app has expert insight on the situation in ukraine. if you are streaming our newscast right now, stay with us for a special edition of abc 7 getting answers, the russia -ukraine crisis explained. the app is available for roku, amazon fire, or apple tv. an oakland fire department latter truck that slammed into n towed away from the scene. that dramatic lunchtime crash was caught i a nearby restaurant security camera. watch as a fire engine speeds past the intersection, then a car turns into the middle of the street right into the path of a letter truck following close behind. that letter truck swerved to
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avoid the car, heads straight into the storefront of a business at grand avenue. you can see the truck's skidmarks left. the truck was headed toward a fire. lights and sirens were on when the crash happened. other firefighters found themselves racing to the scene to rescue their colleagues. >> five total firefighters were on the truck with three firefighters having injuries. all firefighters on the truck were evaluated, and three of them were treated. >> people who lived on the upper floors of the building were evacuated because of broken utility lines and concerns about structural integrity. we have asked oakland police about the whereabouts of thaut l lait firbre o.cene where
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you could see smoke coming from the third floor. firefighters rescued 15 people, including seven pets. eight people head injuries. no word yet on what caused that fire. still ahead, a day of loss and mourning for officers in salinas. today, remembering a man the force says state in the fight and made the ultimate sacrifice. >> and the streets in the form of rainfall. the warming trend begins tomorrow. i will let you know how warm it will get. karina: "american
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karina: a man shot and killed a salinas police officer during a traffic stop late last night. the officer was identified today as jorge alvarado. they say the officer fought until the end. a suspect has been taken into custody. >> he was a community, so last night, the police department lost a son in the community lost a hero. karina: the officer served the police department for five years. volunteers are spending the weekend looking for an oakley woman who disappeared one month ago today. teams are spread out across eastern parts of contra costa county checking remote areas for the 23-year-old. her family says she vanished after visiting her ex-boyfriend.
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have 300 people signed up to help this weekend. a 16-year-old cyclist died in a crash involving several vehicles in concord. police say a driver races vehicular manslaughter charges. the collision happened yesterday afternoon near downtown when one of the vehicles hit a teenage cyclist. investigators have not revealed what caused the crash. >> there is no place for that, no place for hate. >> in north bay, people gathered at a synagogue after anti-semitic flyers popped up in the community this week. jewish residents found flyers around the congregation and outside their homes. people held signs and wrote messages in solidarity for the jewish community. there have and reports of similar incidents in the bay
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area. anyone with information is asked to call the napa police department. to the south bay, a judge has rick -- rejected a request by the senior pastor of calvary church in san jose to dismiss a lawsuit against the church for repeatedly violating covid rules by hosting large mask-free indoor services when they were banned. the church has not paid a single cent to the county despite the wind nearly $3 million. the judge says the county aligns -- the final lines with the violations because they put people at risk. a black history month celebration was held in san francisco today. step dancing was just part of today's free event in the plaza right outside chase center. it also included a variety of activities to highlight black literacy including a book fair with the oldest black-owned bookstore in the country.
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there was also some food there, arts and crafts, a balloon artist, and face painters, and great weather for it. i know some say it is a little chilly, but it looks like there is a warm up coming, too. francis: today we had a little bit of a warm up and that continues into monday and tuesday. we started off with cloud cover and a few sprinkles to our north. santa rosa had trace amounts. check out this pretty live shot from the exploratorium showing the ukrainian flag colors at the salesforce tower. temperatures much milder compared to what they were 24 hours ago. in san francisco, it is currently if the two. mountain view, 59. we are looking south toward san francisco and the bay bridge, and temperatures in the north bay are in the 40's.
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santa rosa has dropped down to 45. napa, 48 and in the east bay, concord and livermore at 49 degrees. compared to 24 hours ago, we are 14 degrees warmer in half moon bay, 10 degrees warmer in santa rosa, so many areas were close to 10, even double digits, and the trend will continue for tomorrow morning for the lowe's and the highs, so we will see much more comfortable weather. here is a look at emeryville looking out toward the bay. it has been very calm. we say goodbye to that very brisk weather we had earlier this week. milder temperatures. in fact, we will be above average tomorrow. our warmest days will be will monday -- will be monday and tuesday. a chance of rain moves in wednesday, but it looks like we have better chances of much cooler weather by thursday and i will show you that in a bit as well. here's a look at the satellite
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radar image. we have this system to our north. most of us dry, just a few little bits of rainfall around ukiah. a few hundredths of an inch and trace amounts in santa rosa. tomorrow, we will have sunny conditions. with this system, there was a long period of northwest swell, so there's a beach hazard that stays in effect until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. if you are at the beach, just be careful because there could be waves and stronger recurrence. lows tonight will be in the 30's and 40's, but no 20's at all. in fact, temperatures are much milder. cooler spots will be in the north bay, like some areas still like santa rosa dropping into the mid 30's. highs tomorrow, 70's and sunny, especially in san jose, livermore, antioch. we are above average, and you can see that here, for example,
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in the south bay, our average is 64, and look how warm we are going to get, close to the 70's, but notice how temperatures really tumble towards the end of the week. that's because we have another system moving in. wednesday we have a slight chance of rain. after the warm-up comes a cooldown. light rain possible on thursday, and that's when temperatures drop into the 60's and than the mid-50's, but it looks like it will be dry for next weekend, and hopefully, fingers crossed for some rain toward the middle and latter part of the week. karina: i love how you said 70's!
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karina: the new season of "american idol" vermeer's tomorrow right here on abc 7.
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judge katy perry called the season's talent platinum. >> many contestants apply for the chance to be on "american idol" but others are asked to audition. >> i have been using music and writing as a means to live and share that with people. >> col >> i had a video get to million views overnight. for the longest time, nobody listened to my music at all other than, like, family and ends. and that happened, and i was like -- >> not bad for a guy who did not even buy a guitar until he was a senior in high school, and yet, he has become an favorite for his videos with his sister katie who has special needs.
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that was at the famed stone pony in asbury park near his home in new jersey. south of there in lumberton is where we find his fellow contestant. >> my grandmother loves "american idol." when i was younger, she was like, you should try out. now that it's happening, it's, like, crazy. >> the trip will be a little quicker for a lucky few this season thanks to a new platinum if thetes vod unanimously for s aesnt, then you the first round of hollywood week. >> good news and a great opportunity for everyone. karina: "american"american"amern
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>> good evening. there's a welcome sight of warriors practice today. draymond green took his first significant step toward returning after his back surgery. he believes he is ready for the contact but has to wait for the doctors to give him the all clear. >> as soon as i feel like i'm whole and can get back there and get my back under me before playoffs, great. if that's 15 games, fantastic. if it's 10, i'll make do. if it's 5, 5 is going to have to work. that's just kind of where i am.
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>> it is great just to have his energy back in the gym, his voice. he looked great physically. he's excited to be back, so that's a very positive step for him, and we will go from here. >> they are pumped up in st. mary hosting can zagat. jay mullins' steel to the rack, gales are at 15. st. mary is 17-1 this year, leading up to half, good omen. that's worth another look. let's party in moraga, 67-57. the top six teams all lost on saturday, first time that has ever happened in college basketball. amazing. it is senior day at stanford. one of those stanford seniors to tell you in the third quarter.
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she had 15 points. the cardinals trailed by one, just over a minute to go. another senior whose brother plays for the seahawks takes the lead in the fourth quarter. huskies a chance to tie. brink grabs the board, the cardinals make their first free throws and when it 63-56. their eight perfect conference season. now it's off to the pac-12 tournament. first period, boston strikes first. 1-0 bruins. second period, taylor hall knocks mario awkwardly and the boards. that's a tough scene right there. sharks got a power play out of it and score their only go -- goal. merchant is left all alone, bruins when it 3-1. sharks have lost 12 of their last 15 games.
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this sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. karina: much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. in the east bay was oscar grant day, the celebration honoring his life and legacy, and tens of
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karina: in eastern ukraine, thousands of women and children are escaping as the russian military invades. the men are staying behind to
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fight. fleeing ukraine as the russian army continues its advance. the united nations reporting more than 150,000 ukrainians have fled to neighboring countries. >> happening here. this is a humanitarian crisis. women and children have left their husbands, brothers, and others back in ukraine because they are needed to fight the russians in their country, so the women and children bringing their families here to poland. >> most of those leaving ukraine are women and children. the men must stay behind to join thre"we're setting up a checkpo" this man says, "just to be prepared." kyle is a professor from texas in kyiv. he and his family are trying to leave.
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>> tanks, soldiers strolling into town, so we were like, this is not a good place for our kids. >> the normally busy streets are quieter now, but the silence broken by air raid sirens, forcing many underground. >> over there, there's a water tank, and there's a couple of radiators. in case it's really cold, people can stay warm in here for as long as they need to. >> around the world, a show of solidarity, from india and south africa to seoul and the u.s., people coming together to show support for the ukrainian people. karina: a support rally was also held in the bay area today. this large demonstration in san francisco, many were worried about family and wrens caught in the crisis. -- many were worried about family and friends caught in the
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crisis. >> an outpouring of support for ukraine at the foot of market street. hundreds standing in solidarity under a sea of lewin yellow flags. the crowd chanting, "glory to ukraine," praising those pushing back against the russian invasion. -- hundreds standing in solidarity under a sea of blue and yellow flags. >> putin expected us to roll over, but everybody is ready. everybody is going to fight for their land and freedom. >> amid the heroism, there is fear for relatives caught in the fighting. >> last in a basement because there was active shooting. >> this woman condemning vladimir putin without mentioning his name. >> i know i'm not alone, and i know you hate him. thank you for this.
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>> i call on everyone here to act. >> activists calling on nato to help with military aid for ukraine. >> i think u.s. government, other nato members need to fight back. sanctions are not enough. >> this group raising awareness with valleys and prayers to raise awareness. karina: there are sever sever sv tomorrow in the bay area in support of ukraine. at 2:00, a rally in front of san francisco city hall, and at 3:00, a community picnic has been organized. they will raise money for the jesuit refuge surface -- service benefiting ukrainians. a day of celebration to honor the life of oscar grant. community members, family, and friends gathered to mark what would have been his birthday weekend. grant was fatally shot and
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killed new year's weekend 2005 bio police officer. i also commemorate the work of grant's mother who has worked to build bonds in the community. today also marks the 10th anniversary of trayvon martin's death. a meeting was held in his honor at the national action network. his mother spoke at the event showing her support for those who sought justice for her son. trayvon martin was 17 years old and was fatally shot while wearing a hooded sweatshirt in a gated community in florida. >> i thank god for all the trayvon martins that you don't know and our black and brown boys who have an shot and killed and you don't know their names. thank you for standing up for them. karina: his mother has been praised for turning pain into purpose.
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developing news, the centers for disease control has released new guidelines for masks. communities with low to moderate covid-19 cases can ease masking mandates if they choose to do so. data showed 70% of americans live in communities with low to mediate risk of contracting the virus. five states are expected to drop indoor mask mandates but could return if cases start to surge. >> i would like to see the most masking when we really need it, when there is another wave of covid, potentially, you know, next fall. it is likely we will need to ask people to put their masks back on. karina: the cdc says schools can lift mask guidelines except in high-risk areas. masks are still expected to be worn on public transportation, but it is up for review in march. still ahead, the california musician lending his talents to the soundtracks of two hit disney films. we introduce you to the man
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behind the accordion. francis: and get ready for a warm-up. temperatures tomorrow will be two to 10 degrees
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karina: you may not recognize his face, but if you are a disney fan, you definitely will recognize the accordion music of brian mann, whose featured in two disney films. >> film critics consider disney's "encanto" one of the oe best animated films in years. the quality of animation, the richness of the colors, storytelling, and the music. ♪ ♪
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>> i love the movie. i mean, it is well loved for a reason. i think lin-manuel wants to heal us. >> lin-manuel miranda, award winning composer, singer, actor, and creator of stage phenom "hamilton" was among those who chose brian for his accordion expertise. like "encant up-tempo life. >> the whole movie >> he is well-known for mentoring local kids and teens with music and singing, and he is highly accomplished in the music industry. multiple gold and platinum record awards grace his walls. >> my dad and kenny are the two people that really launched me and my career.
11:47 pm
>> kenny loggins hired him back in the mid-1970's. >> that led to my playing with michael mcdonald. that led to my playing with david lee roth. i got to play with the most amazing musicians. >> but his real break started at a very tender age. >> three years old. three years old, my dad started me on the accordion. >> it is obvious for lifelong student, music is in his blood. sitting in front of his computer or the piano bench, he becomes one with his music. disney jumped on his moves for the accordion playing none sequence in "coco." >> a animated my motions. they put them into the computer and converted them into animation. it's probably how i express
11:48 pm
myself best. >> he's humble. he sings miranda's praises for the timing and songs. >> he wants to bring people together and everyone to feel loved and appreciated, which i really think is at the heart of his movies. karina: i love that movie. i want to watch it over and over again. francis is here now with the weather. we are talking about a warm-up. i know you are excited about this. >> yeah, i am. it was a little too blustery and cold for me this week. starting tomorrow, you will notice quite a difference. salesforce tower in blue and yellow in solidarity with ukraine. here's what you need to know -- milder temperatures. overnight lows won't be as cold and the highs will be warmer, so it will be above average
11:49 pm
tomorrow and the warming trend continues into monday and tuesday. a chance of rain moves in wednesday and then it's much cooler by thursday with better chances. beach hazard statement in effect until tomorrow afternoon, so watch out for sleeker waves and strong rip currents, and lows tonight we will mainly be in the low to mid 30's in san jose. check out the temperatures tomorrow. we will see mid and upper 60's and even some low 70's in the forecast. enjoy the warm up and sunsh because rain is on the way, and the chance moves in midweek. better chances on thursday. karina: thank you so much. now a preview of sports. >> it was senior night for many of our college basketball squads. many players getting set to say goodbye to college and we say
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>> good evening. help is on the way for the warriors. draymond green returned to practice for the first time in a month. video may be grainy, but it is encouraging. there have been videos of green and dream on wiseman practicing. >> it feels like it has been an eternity since we have seen draymond green on a basketball court, and we saw video today, a really positive sign for the warriors as they come down the stretch because he has been out with a back injury. if the warriors are going to have any chance to win a championship, draymond green has to be on the board. >> draymond green is key to so much of what the warriors do from an offensive standpoint. it makes things a little easier for staff because he brings the ball to them, he pushes the game, but defensively, he does
11:54 pm
so many good things. he is a straight up one on one defender. he guards soen people. he is a crucial part to what steve kerr is trying to do. they need him back as soon as possible. >> but he has not played since early january. i know he is a veteran and knows what to do out there, but still, it body has not been through the rigors, banging big guys every day, how long? >> i need at least 10 days back. the sooner you can get him back, the better, but i think 10 days, because of his experience and who he is, that would be enough, but i think steve kerr would like to have more time. >> for sure. more of an unknown is james wiseman. we are seeing him on the court again. he has not played at all this season. he's coming off of two procedures on his knee. what are are expecting or hoping for? >> i want him to slow things down and really just focus on a few things. dunking the ball, that is what he needs to do.
11:55 pm
>> thanks. back to you. >> thanks, guys. cobb blasted form, and it is a 15-0 cal run. he is pumped. joan and sheppard 19 points on his own, stanford at 12. it was 35-12 at the break. calwood just absolutely feeling it, and when it is unite, it is your night. shepherd, the crazy talk fade away. shepherd led the way with 20. kyle leads 53-38 -- 53-39. look at the bounce pass here. lead is 11. bench loves it. same results, throwing it down. their 23rd win of the year, the most since the program was reinstated.
11:56 pm
santa clara finishing the regular season posting portland, only one play you need to see here, it's going to b.j. lynn williams going airborne and yammering at home. he made the bench go wild. broncos win 102-80 nine, their 20th win of the year. one second on the clock, seminal down two. his essay fade away -- it is a fade away at the buzzer. >> opening the season against the rebels. lewis morgan for a wideeeeeee patrick, tough goal to give up there. he's our guy. he's not tall, but just skims his head, tying it at one, but the red bulls took back the lead. omar fernandez back with the goal and new york is going to win it 3-1. this abc 7 sports report is
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sponsored by river rock casino. >> thank you. you can watch our newscasts live and on-demand for the bay area connected tv app available for apple tv, enjoy tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. download now and start streaming. that is it for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. thanks for joining us. have a great night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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