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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 27, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> a families life torn apart in a matter of minutes. a mother momentarily left her suv with her child inside. she returned to find both gone. good evening and thank you for joining us. you are watching abc seven news at 5:00 on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever your stream. the search is on for this two-year-old boy, jacob jardine. yes the focus of an amber alert, taken from outside of travel in in sunnyvale. we are there this evening, you just heard from the child's mother. she must be devastated. reporter: she really is, she is making an urgent plea for jacob safe return. she and her son were staying at the sunny belmont help.
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the fbi is involved. it is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to his safe return. >> takehe is little, i know he s scared i'm hungry. reporter: and emotional plea from jacob's mother. the toddler was asleep in the back of an suv one it was stolen around 4 a.m. :00 sunday. 4:00 a.m. sunday. >> she says she was loading some items from her car into -- into her motel room. she came back and saw her car speeding away. >> should call 911, freeway digital billboard's flashed the amber alert. he has red curly hair and amber eyes. he has writing in a buick enclave. there is a spare tire in front and it covered luggage rack on top. >> if it is your kid, you would hope to keep looking.
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>> if you come across this vehicle with my grandbaby, i asked that you drop him off some why safe and let us know where he is at. all we wanted him at home. >> they are trying to contact this woman, contacted -- called tammy you. she was, on camera around the same time the >> >> vehicle was stolen. we have not been able to locate and talk to her. we are hoping she saw something or heard something and will be able to help your they do not believe she is responsible for the child's objection. >> i cannot imagine there's any other reason. the card is not worth any value. i had not noticed anybody stopping us or noticing us. >> what police investigators, family weights, hoping and praying that jacob will be located. >> dropped the baby appeared. that is all we ask. >> we want to back, please. >> police say they have been several reported sightings of
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that buick suv in the bay area, as far north as san francisco. unfortunately, police have nothing checked out. if you see jacob and you see that buick suv, call 911 and immediately. reporter: and is so excruciating. so thanks to you. moving onto so many developments in the russian invasion of ukraine. the un security council voted to call an emergency general session on monday. the entire european union, 27 nations have abandoned russian aircraft from their airspace and fedex and ups has suspended deliveries to russia. to the situation on the ground, where an abc news reporter says talks in ukraine are to end of the invasion. reporter: in a new video message, the president of ukraine says he does not believe there will be a breakthrough in talks with russian negotiators. both sides plans to meet at the
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border. this as intense fighting spreads through ukraine's largest city -- a site city. children's hospital forced to move into a bomb shelter. others are finding shelter underground, hiding in metro stations. the russian attacks focusing on key infrastructure with the massive fire burning south of kyiv, lighting up the sky after an oil structure was struck. >> citizens are lining up to receive weapons. >> we want to make sure about the world knows not russia's main target is to take the city. reporter: senior defense official tells abc that russian troops have faced more resistance than anticipated, burning through supplies like fuel faster than expected. vladimir putin ordered his military to put russian strategic defense forces in heightened readiness. it is in recross -- it is in
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response to what he calls aggressive comments from nato forces. >> it is manufacturing threats that do not exist in order to justify further aggression. reporter: ukrainian officials calling for more military aid as i tried to defend their country. >> we need a more defensible weapons. we are defending our country against a strong enemy. reporter: countries like germany, poland, and the czech republic are sending weapons. reporter: they u.s. are moving to a bar russian banks from the swift system. it ran silicates -- it facilitates foreign bank transactions. the russian government has savings abroad. reporter: a rally to show solidarity with ukraine was held at the center plaza. hundreds wanted to send a
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message to the ukrainian people that the bay area supported them. they called for a stock to vladimir putin's invasion of the country. we are from many ukrainian americans who said they have family living through extreme conditions right now. >> i have ukrainian roots and my parents are still there any kyiv. there was a huge ballisticicic missile attack and an aircraft attacked. they are struggling. there are so many children. they are struggling. reporter: bandanas worried sick about his parents and the incredible hardships they are facing as russian forces tried to take the capital. moving to the east bay where the colors of ukraine filled the part in this afternoon. that is where fundraiser was held to collect fundraisers for humanitarian relief rear crane. they shared a meal and provided emotional support. the money collected will go to the jesuit rescue service which
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will help find accommodations for ukrainians escaping the war. in the south bay, do not buy signs were placed on imported russian liquor in san jose. liquor stores are showing their disapproval of the russian invasion by boycotting russian-made products. the owner and staff wanted to show their support for ukraine. >> have plenty of options beside russian products. we are here to do business. if they choose to buy whatever they want to buy, that is by -- that is fun. we make suggestions to stay away from the russian products. >> the governor signed an executive order to move all russian products from liquor shelves. it is mostly symbolic, but russia could be impacted if others follow the lead. the very latest information as it comes in is on our app. it is available for roku and amazon far, as well as apple or
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android tree the. -- tv. abc news is helping build a better bay area with the issue on health and look at today's: headlines. the cdc has released new mask gap lines. wow -- guidelines. california's top doctor is set to give an update on mask mandates for schools. san francisco mayor says it is time to lift those. new york state today lifted its school mask mandate, effective wednesday, and nearly half of the 500 million covid test biden administration made available to the public have not been claimed as virus cases plummets and people feel less urgency to test. just ahead, an investigation is underway into gunfire on the east bay freeway. the latest spot were shell casings were found. dramatic footage of the moment of fire truck veers out of a
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talk to your doctor. ♪ be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. the freeway on the east bay, the highway patrol says shots were fired on westbound and estate by livermore. this white truck was involved in the incident and there was a car seat and electronic. the highway was shut down while officers investigated.
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it is an ongoing investigation. you details on a dramatic crash involving a fire truck in oakland. we know three firefighters were treated at a hospital and released. the whole thing was caught on a restaurant security camera. watch this. a fire truck passes, then a car turns into the path of a second fire truck. it swerves and runs straight into a storefront. at crash ruptured the buildings waterman and flooded the basement. water and power was shut off at the complex. the red cross is helping displaced tenants. the police are still looking for the driver of the car that turned as the fire truck approached. another incredible video to share with you tonight, with the story to match. it is a case of right place, right time for rescue crews. >> you can expect a mild to warm and to february an amount to and to february an amount to warm beginning to ma and to february an amount to warm beginning to ma ♪ windows open, i'm yelling unity ♪ ♪ side by side with my community ♪
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camera. a truck driver is alive after crashing into a river west of boston. take a look. it went off a road, down an embankment, while carrying mail. wow. the driver did not know how to swim, but first responders were able to get to him in time. that is good news. he was taken to the hospital with no reported injuries pro-fire officials were going to respond because they were already out on the road. they were shoveling hydrants following a recent snowfall. the cause of the crash is still unknown. spencer, you are familiar with massachusetts. >> the first -- it is good the first responders were out there. here's a look at some really mild weather in the bay area. we have light wind and sunny
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skies. wind speeds are under 10 miles per hour. what a warm-up we have had. check out the 24 hour temperatures. 10 degrees warmer in concrete. 11 degrees warmer in hayward. the warrants is being felt and enjoyed in the bay area. current temperature weavings are 62 in san francisco, upper 60's in mountain view. 59 at the bay. 68 napa is at 64. 70 degrees in livermore. here's a view from a east bay host camera. these are our forecast futures. mainly sunday -- mainly sunny and mild again tomorrow. you can expect a sunnier and drier pattern by next weekend. mainly clear skies.
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a few high clouds will pass over. we begin the day tomorrow as the commute gets underway with bright skies. it will be mainly sunny until tomorrow afternoon. it will be a mainly sunny ending to the day. overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the low 40's and mid 40's right around the bay shoreline. lakepolakepolakepolakepolake the upper 30's. tomorrow's highs? 63. 67 in san francisco. we will see mainly low 70's. up in the know -- the north bay we will see low to mid 70's owes well. we have an approaching light storm coming in late wednesday and thursday. it ranks one on the impact scale. we will not expect much rainfall out of this, maybe a 10th of an inch.
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you can see the system swinging and early thursday morning, maybe wednesday night. it will break up quickly. we will have a few pockets of moisture around hours saturday. here's the seven-day forecast. you can see how sunny and mild it will be. we start march with some pretty warm weather. it cools down on wednesday with the clouds coming down. even cooler on thursday when we expect to get the light rain. it will be sunnier on friday and saturday. by next sunday, it will be getting milder again. >> we have casey pratt in for chris and, i smell some sports. [laughter] >> it is a most in a time, but do not worry, because steph i've been making yogurt that is less sweet and high in protein since 2005. now we're doing the same for plant based. still rich and creamy. plant-based siggi's: more protein and less sugar than leading yogurt alternatives.
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the warriors are hosting the mavericks. klay thompson is out with an illness. they hope you will be available for an upcoming road trip. it is a pretty neat moment here. vince carter presented stephen curry. was an award. curry added again, he buries the three. the dubs are up early. curry, he passes. very patient, he buries the three. now it is 42-28 in the second quarter. the warriors entered
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c. 113 -- 106 in the t the subs with a chance to tide, j throws it to no one. the warriors with an opportunity to make up some ground. the 76ers to, next in new york. it takes only one game to mesh. james harden, look at this house , he throws it down -- look at this pass, he throws it down. it is like watching the. 108-105. 39, 29 and 16 assist from hard. they won it. any saint mary's, they took the floor against the number one. six top teams in the country met they -- six top teams in the country had already lost, meaning this is history in the making.
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this'll first on the teams lost in the same night. the wind was an iced boot -- a nice boost for the gales tournament seeding. >> we felt that we have an on the ropes. we cut it to it. just to be able to come out here and give it back to the family. this is what we want. >> you just said he can win the conference tournament. what does this one essay about what this team can accomplish in the month of march. >> am sure we will be very confident. i am glad we are able to celebrate it. it wasn't historically and. we just did something with gales history. shout outs all of us who have paved the way to get to this point. >> what an amazing crown. the final in the honda classic, the ball rolls in the rain
5:25 pm
falls. you have to wonder if the precipitation slows us down. it comes up just sort. he taps in for the birdie. shane has the ability to run the playoffs. he becomes the first player from ostrow to win on the pga tour. tough news from sharks, mario ferrero underwent surgery to repair a fracture in his lower left fibula. he suffered the injury when crashing into the boards left night. tonight at six, can you give us a preview? >> you have to see the 6:00 p.m. sportscaster. you may remember stephen curry shut up for the first game. it was like a ne-yo matrix. everybody was laughing. somebody it with the warriors call them out today and made a mock version of the matrix fit and occurs reaction is priceless. we have all about the coming up at the 6:00 sportscaster. >> that is what we call a
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cheese. thank you. coming up, dancing, singing, rollerskating in the streets today at the east and what organizes called the largest free, family event of its kind in california. linsey davis with a look at what is ahead. >> coming up, vladimir pugin urges their nuclear detergent on how to turn --
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get a new shot at international stardom. american idol goes back for its 20th season on abc seven. post, katy perry, lionel richie, and luke bryan return for a new season full of surprises. in a new twist, but top talent from three cities, austin, national, and l.a., each earned a platinum ticket to hollywood. you can watch a journey get started tonight. all of the fun is at 8:00 right here on abc 7. finally, as black history month comes to an end, people gathered in downtown oakland for the fifth annual joint parade -- a black joint parade. it is a free largest parade celebrating black artists. people were able to celebrate in person after being forced to go virtual. today's parade and street civil region more than 160 dance music
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and black organizations also with 200 vendors. it looks like fun. that is all the time we have for tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. vladimir putin ordering russia's nuclear deterrent forces on a state of heightened alert, further escalating tensions. new satellite images show a massive column of putin's forces advancing on the capital after ukrainian forces helth capital for the third straight night. heavy fighting in the streets of the country's second-largest city. as the death toll mounts, the president of ukraine is now agreeing to send a delegation to meet the russian negotiators for talks at ukraine's border with belarus to try to end the conflict. tonight, the growing international backlash against russian aggression. tens of thousands taking to the streets, from berlin to new york city. and in moscow tonight, police showing up in full force to crack down on dissent. in st. petersburg, officers in riot gear dragging demonstrators.


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