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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 27, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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incredible show of supportrainec 7 news at 11:00 meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours.
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that amber alert that was issued here in the south bay. i'll tell you how that child's doing a pouring of support for ukraine hundred showing up at san francisco city hall. i'm spencer christian looking at two days of warmth followed by a chance of rain. i'll have the accuweather forecast abc 7 news at 11 starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. families prayers answered their two year old at the center of an amber alert is safe, but tonight there are more questions than answers about what happened in those 13 long hours that he went missing good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. you're watching abc 7 news at 11:00 that 2 year old has been found safe by sunnyvale police.
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we actually broke the news to you in our 6 pm show tonight new details now from abc 7 news reporter jr. stone. family members hugging one another after news the two-year-old jacob jardine last seen in this suv had been found nearly 13 hours after an amber alert was issued for him. they just said that chp deactivated to amber alert because jacob has been found. in fact reporter cornell bernard broke the news to you live on abc 7 news at six after chp confirmed it and shortly before police told us. he was found inside the stolen. uv and a nearby parking lot by an officer investigators say the discovery came four miles from this sunnyvale travel inn where he was last seen and where he was staying with his mother i want to thank the police department. i want to thank the chp i would like to thank the news and everybody out there that helped us find this baby. i appreciate every single one of you and i promise all you guys
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will be in my prayers tonight. thank you so much. jacob was in the stolen suv that was taken just before 4 am. sunday outside the end his mother melissa. jardine said she was bringing groceries inside to her hotel room left jacob in the vehicle since he was sleeping and shortly afterwards her suv was stolen with jacob in the backseat hours before he was found. she made a plea for help baby. he's little and i know geared and i know there's we're initially searching for a person of interest seen in this hotel surveillance video. they tell us. no arrests have been made family members. just happy. jacob is okay super excited that he was found. can't wait to be able to give him a hug and see him make sure that he's okay. it's being the worst couple of hours ever now as to what went down during those 14 or so hours when jacob was missing that is still unclear right now. the good news.
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jacob is okay jr. stone abc 7 news. good news indeed and we sent out a push alert the moment two year old jacob. jardine was found you can download the abc 7 news mobile app to get updates on news like this anytime it breaks. you at 11 san francisco police need your help finding a man who went missing from his mission district home yesterday. mike lum was last seen taking the 29 sunset muni bus at 10 am saturday. he is known to frequent chinatown and fisherman's wharf along with the mission. that's him on the right. lum's granddaughter tells abc 7 news. he is 86 years old and suffers from alzheimer's he was last seen wearing a beige jacket a gray striped shirt and dark jeans. you are asked to call police. if you see him. well now to the very latest developments in the crisis in ukraine. the ukrainian government says at least 350 civilians have died since russia began its invasion new satellite images show the
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aftermath of shelling in kharkiv. you can see they're the plumes of smoke and dust hanging in the air talks between russia and ukraine are scheduled for tomorrow, but ukraine's leader says it's not likely they'll be successful. here's abc's rena roy. as more russian troops advance ukraine the us government is urging all american citizens to leave russia immediately because flights in and out of the country are becoming increasingly limited. the heaviest fighting now reported in ukraine's second largest city car key a pentagon official says the ukrainian resistance has been quite creative in finding ways to attack columns, but also warning russia has a very significant amount of combat power still available in and out of the country because we and president vladimir putin now putting his nuclear deterrent forces on high alert claiming his country is under threat by nato countries. this is really a pattern that we've seen from president putin through the course of this
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conflict, which is manufacturing % order to justify further aggression. ukraine has agreed to send a delegation to the border of belarus monday to speak with russian negotiators, but in this video message reading the president of warren's talks likely won't lead the international backlash against russia growing the us and its european allies barring some russian banks from the international payment system swift the eu now agreeing to ban all transactions of russia's central bank and freeze its assets and the united nations security council voting to convene a special session of the un general assembly on monday to discuss the invasion. i think putin has underestimated what the world's response was going to be the un says at least 422 and people have fled ukraine in just the past 72 hours roads leading to poland jammed for dozens of miles. the us is bolstering ukraine with hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid in
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weapons. and for the first time ever the european union is financing the purchase and delivery of weapons to a country. that's under attack rena roy abc news, new york. as the situation in ukraine intensifies, so too does the support from around the world here in the area hundreds of people spent today showing solidarity for the ukrainian people abc 7 news reporter tara campbell continues our coverage tonight with that part of the story. from young to old one nationality to the next the bay area getting behind ukraine watching the news and she said we've got to do something more than just watch this a sea of support sunday in front of san francisco city hall. i want to show the whole world how ukraine is resisting right now. it's been four days. it's really unbearable situation there the father of one year old twins. he says it all hits too close to home. there's so many children. going my parents.
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they're living like very close to the children's hospital and yesterday the like russian missile reach it. that's where it very terrific terrifying for me one speaker after another taking to the stage the crowd chanting. hopes of diplomacyf diploma no in russia. you cannot have talks. you cannot have diplomacy is a serial killer. you cannot trust them their word. worthless proud of their people for standing ground, but worried what could come realle realle rl to ukrainian military they fight bravely they're doing an amazing job, but it's gonna be difficult without the help of the whole world and the ukrainians were speaking with here today. say the support across the bay area is meaningful it is helping to raise their voice. they finally recognizing ukraine and the job that right now horns honking in the heart of san
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francisco two walnut creek where the polish school is putting on a fundraiser we want to do anything and everything that we can in order to raise awareness and help these people out who are left. nothing at this point having the support of everyone is important an shooting on a freeway in the east bay the highway patrol says shots were fired this afternoon on westbound interstate 580 near the north livermore avenue exit in livermore. this white truck was involved in the incident and there was a car seat in the truck bed. the freeway was temporarily shut down for about half an hour while officers responded and investigated the chp calls this an ongoing investigation. new details today on a dramatic crash involving a fire truck in oakland. we now know three firefighters were treated at a hospital and released now take a look tole ta restaurant security camera. you see there a fire truck
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passes then a car turns left into the path of a second truck. it swerves to avoid the car and runs straight into a storefront that collision ruptured the building's water main and flooded the basement. so water and power were shut off at the complex. the red cross is displaced tenants police are still looking for the driver of the car that turned as the fire truck approached. still had tonight on abc 7 news at 11. could this be the end of masks in schools the major announcement expected tomorrow from california's top dog? and dancing singing even roller skating in the east bay will take you to this one-of-kind street celebration in oakland's chinatown. i'm spencer christian. it's a calm quiet evening across the bay area. we're expecting some spring like weather and i'll have all the details in my accuweather forecast in just a moment when abc 7 news
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the cdc has released new guided lines for masks communities with low to moderate covid-19 cases can ease masking mandates if they choose to do so data shows. 70% of americans live in communities with low to medium risk of contracting the virus five states are expected to drop indoor masked mandates, but could bring them back if cases start to surge. i would like to see you know, the most masking when we really need it when there's another wave of covid potentially, you know next fall. it's very likely that we'll need to ask people to put their masks back on. the cdc says schools can lift mask guidelines except in high risk areas today new york's governor said the state is dropping its school mask requirement effective wednesday.
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tomorrow california's top doctor is expected to provide new masking guidelines for schools 7 bay area counties are in the medium to low risk of community spread category solano and napa remain in the high risk. this announcement comes after the cdc's recommendation to lift mask. for school children and at this week's state of the union address you might be able to recognize a few faces starting tomorrow masks are optional on capitol hill the walls of the optional for those attending the state of the union anyone who has been exposed to covid or who has symptoms is still encouraged though to wear a mask. you can watch the state of the union address tuesday night at 6pm right right here on abc 7. well as black history month comes to an end people gathered in downtown oakland today for the fifth annual black joy parade. it's the largest free parade in the state celebrating black artists and organizations this year people were able to celebrate in person after being forced to go virtual last year
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today's parade and street festival featured more than 150 music dance and black organizations. there were also 200 vendors and from sky 7 looks like a lot of forgot to enjoy the sunshine and the really good temperatures. oh, so mild out there today almost like spring and we have more mild weather coming our way. in fact, it's a very calm and pleasant evening right now. let's take a look outside. you can see that the wind is quite calm in most places. we don't even have any measurable surface wind speeds right now and where it is measurable. we're talking five to about seven miles per hour under clear skies and the 24-hour temperature change shows. most locations are one two, maybe three degrees cooler than they were this time last night. it's not going to be a cold. right, but it is a bit cooler than at this time last night. here's a view a clear view of palm bay waters as we look toward the bay bridge from our exploratorium camera is 55 degrees here in san francisco. right now. we have upper 40s and oakland and mountain view 53, san jose and mid-40s as santa clara and half moon bay and another view
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of the bay bridge from the east bay hills camera looking across the bay looking at westwood of the temperature readings right now 42 degrees at petaluma, 43 mid 40s at napa and 43 at fairfield at a 49 at concord and here's the view from our rooftop camera looking across the embarcadero. these are our forecast features. that will be mainly sunny and mild the next two days tomorrow and tuesday cooler with a few more clouds and light rain coming in late wednesday night or thursday late wednesday night into thursday. i should say and it'll be sunny here a little bit drier by next weekend. so for tonight, we'll see mainly clear skies as we run the forecast animation. you can see a few high clouds will pass by but generally clear skies will start the day tomorrow morning is the community gets underway 5 am with clear skies and sunny skies for just about all day long except for again the passage of a few high clouds which will occur mainly in the afternoon hours. tomorrow overnight low temperatures will be generally in the mid-40s tonight right around the bay shoreline inlet areas inland east bay down in the south bay. we'll see some low 40s up at the north bay low to mid 40s, but
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farther north santa rosa lakeport ukiah will see lowe's dropping into the upper 30. so a little bit chillier there and then high temperatures tomorrow under mainly sunny 65 and half moon bay, san francisco. 677 and most locations right around the bay shoreline tomorrow can expect high temperatures in the low 70s low to mid 70s as you push inland 73 at concord and antioch 73 76 rather at fairfield down to the mid down in the south bay mid-70s at san jose and morgan hill now we have an approaching weak storm that ranks one of the abc 7 storm impact scale wednesday night into thursday. we expect drizzle and light showers slick roadways, of course, but under a tenth of an inch of rain likely for most locations. however in the higher elevations who might a quarter of an inch is a forecast animation starting five pm wednesday notice overnight. we'll see that little line of moisture moving through the bay area and dropping some rainfall here a little bit of snow in the sierra and some of the moisture will linger into friday and saturday, but we're not expecting extended rainfall during that period of time. here's the accuweather 7-day
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forecast mild and spring like almost warm tomorrow and tuesday with highs in the mid 70s inland cooling down rather sharply about wednesday when the light rain comes in and it's going to remain pretty cool even as it dr. out friday and saturday. we'll start to warm up again a little bit next sunday deon. are we sure? it's still winter good. actually had winter. off we had rain back in december and that teased us into thinking we might actually have a rainy season. yeah, we had a couple of cold days last week, but we've hardly had winter. yeah mother nature is playing a prank on us. you're right spencer.
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committed to building a better bay area one way we're doing that is by bringing you stories on education that impact our local schools this weekend important vote will take place at san francisco unified school district nearly 200 teachers and staff members could face layoffs as soon as march 15th.
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the district says layoffs are necessary. to the projected 125 million dollar budget deficit for the next school year during the pandemic. the district has 3500 fewer students declining enrollment has impacted the deficit along with higher pensions and health care costs. the sf usd board is set to vote on the layoffs on tuesday. well some sad news for pi lovers one of the last two marie callender's restaurants in the bay area is closing its doors. and yes, you can blame the pandemic according to the mercury. news the location on blossom hill road in san jose is closing tomorrow. the franchise owner tells the merck sales are down and he could not afford the rent anymore. the kitchen is already closed, but the bakery will be open for another day selling pies to go after this location closes. the only marie callender's in the bay area is in sunnyvale. okay, see pratt now joining us with a preview of sports and talk about a real up and down
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night for the warriors casey. dion everything was going great for the warriors tonight and then the fourth quarter happened stephan curry was cooking, but then it all came crashing down
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sports sponsored by river rock casino good evening. the warriors have won 62 straight games when leading by 20 or more points tonight. they led by 21 so guaranteed win, right? us again neat moment here vince carter presented stephen curry with the kobe bryant all-star mvp award curry isn't fair behind the back to elude the defender then lays it in unreal. curry added again corral's the pass buries the three he had 13 at the half and the dubs led by
11:28 pm
12 third quarter curry driving will lay it in watch out. he had 27 warriors led by as many as 21 but completely collapsed in the force spencer dinwiddy for three mavs within five then dinwiddy lays it in. it's a 16-0 run with luca donchic sitting on the ben. he comes back in though dishing to dorian finney smith gives the mavs the lead with less than four minutes to play 94 95 94 maps donchance with the spin and the fade away unstoppable. get 34 dinwiddy another three. it's a 26-1 run for dallas. he finished with 24 dallas up four final minutes donchic off the glass 28-3 dallas run dallas outscored the dubs by 20 in the fourth. they win 107 101 this is what it feels like in the playoffs. this is what it feels like you know when? when you're when you're playing against a really good team and the games never over. you know, that's why we we
11:29 pm
stress all the details. we do, you know over and over again. that's why we practice everything we practice we made so many mental mistakes just to home games in a row where it's been a rough, you know fourth quarter for so we got to figure out how to maintain our energy even a shot someone falling because that's where it might be like in a playoff game where you got to grind out of win. now earlier wasn't any better for team teal. they got some tough news when they learned defenseman mario ferraro broke his fibula when he crashed into the boards last night. he underwent surgery today. he'll miss six to eight weeks baby shark doo doo doo doo first period nice passing by the sharks rhymed zingle will go five hole his first goal with the sharks 10, san jose second. period now one one scott reedy just called up from the barracuda scores his first nhl goal 2-1 team teal. james reimer has been playing a lot of hockey lately and he was playing good tonight.
11:30 pm
39 saves rob's vince dunn here only allowed one goal third period jonah gajevich will score his first nhl goal office gate and in but not kicked so it still counts the sharks win it three one this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. thanks, casey coming up next on abc 7 news at 11. don't buy the booze the move taking on steam as americans look for a way to show solidarity with ukraine and the growing refugee crisis scenes of heartbreak and horror as ukrainians flee the war abc 7 news will take us there next. i'm now hea now hea now hea noww across the country their bank accounts for drained in seconds. a bank should not refund their money until you know, how excited thank god. oh my god, my money's back. so happy. i want to cry and i just couldn't be any more thankful to seven on your side absenting be good instead of bad.
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it's just really life for being we will all be. to you.
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better area movg forwatis. again, od evening. i'mn the ukacing another night of attacks from russian missiles and artillery officials say at least 350 ukrainian civilians have been killed since the start of the invasion 14 of those are children. the united nations has voted to convene an emergency session of the general assembly something that has only happened 11 times
11:35 pm
since 1950. russia continues to be hit with a new round of schmitz and sanctions from the west canada is the latest country to close its airspace to flights owned or operated by russian entities and the european union today says they want ukraine to become a member state other eu nations are directly financing weapons purchases in support of the ukrainian people. meanwhile, the un is raising its estimates to at least 442,000 people who have now become refugees trying to escape ukraine. we are seeing some heartbreaking scenes of families with nowhere to go many just looking for a place to stay abc news chief national correspondent. matt guttman is in levieve with their stories. tonight the crush to flee ukraine. we were in this tunnel at the train station in laviv refugees packed so tightly they could only shuffle forward parents clutching their children's hands never00 p this tunnel right now all of
11:36 pm
them pushing their way towards the last track here. that's where the train just arrived to move into poland. roads leading to poland and to safety jammed for dozens of miles the un says 422,000 people have fled. rain in just the past 72 hours and everywhere bad news for these people. there would be no escape tonight. there is no new train to paul and be any more trains and juliana said it's only going to get worse. coming. here about 10 times less people with the air stale babies wailing and people barely able to tempers started to flare. andre rack had volunteered to
11:37 pm
help with crowd control first will be women tension and african and middle eastern immigrants among the refugees these men telling us they believe they've been discriminated against waiting for their turn for three days on that platform and their turn hasn't come. are you so hard? yeah, no affirmations. you know it treats us a test like trash. you understand and they look at you with your color the judge you. the foreman are legally allowed to leave the country ukrainian men are fighting age or not at the border with poland sasha holding his wife svetlana's face in his hands whispering his love in the final few instructions then bringing his kids in close, but you can't go. i don't want to go you don't want to go. we went to stay here, of to fight it's and don't that platform this mother smoothing out her son's jacket and crying unsure when or if she'd see him again.
11:38 pm
so many many many that was matt gutman reporting from ukraine now in the south bay do not buy signs or placed on russian imported liquor at royal wines and spirits in san jose liquor stores are showing their dis. oval of the russian invasion by boycotting russian-made products the owner and staff wanted to show their support for ukraine. they have plenty of options besides russian product. we're here to do business if they choose to buy whatever they want to buy that's fine. we do make suggestions tothe goe signed an executive order to remove all russian spirits from store shelves. he said while the move is mainly symbolic. the russian liquor industry could be impacted if other states follow their lead. now the abc 7 news bay area streaming app is where you can get expert insight on the situation in ukraine and the very latest information as it comes in the app is available for roku amazon fire apple or android tv. just search abc 7 bay area you
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at 11 now with the world's attention focused on eastern europe north. korea says it has carried out missile launches officials there say the launches were done to test the cameras on a reconnaissance satellite north korea's state media released two photos of the korean peninsula as seen from space. they were apparently taken by the purported spy satellite. keep in mind the statement could not be independently verified. well parts of australia are underwater after heavy rain brought record flooding on its east coast at least seven people are dead tonight thousands of homes and businesses are just submerged and another 10,000 properties are partially flooded emergency crews have been able to rescue over a hundred residents in 24 hours australia experienced a similar flood in 2011, which was once described as a once in a century event. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11
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six decades of making disney magic we'll introduce you to the legendary animator who has spent a lifetime bringing your favorite movies to the big screen. i'm spencer christian the upcoming week will begin with some spring like work, but it'll end with a very different kind of pattern. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up when abc 7 news at 11 continue. in every moment there's an opportunity the numbers truly don't lie to find a path forward to move ahead to build something better issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area at abc 7. it's our commitment to meet those moments the oakland city council is meeting right now with tough questions real solution for you for all of us. where did you learn to do? what you do? this is the moment to build a better bay area join us.
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switch today.
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hollywood heavyweights walked
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away as big winners during tonight's screen actors guild awards. all right, and the actor goes to coda cota one sags outstanding performance by a cast an emotion picture award this evening it beat out some other heavily favored films including in the category king richard and house of gucci some other big winners tonight include will smith who took home the outstanding male actor award for his role as venus and serena williams father in king, richard. jessica chastain won outstanding female actor for her portrayal of the infamous televangelist tammy faye baker michael keaton won best performance for his role as dr. samuel phoenix in the series dope sick and kate winslet wins best performance by a female actor in hbo's mayor of east town the screen actors guild awards could be an indicator though of how things
11:45 pm
turn out at the oscars in just a few weeks. now to see who goes home with the oscar gold. you can keep it right here on. abc 7 the oscars air only here one month from today on sunday, march 27th. all right as we get set to wrap up black history month tomorrow. we're paying tribute to a legend within our parent company disney floyd. norman was disney's first black animator and remains part of the company today. he's been making magic for over six decades from sleeping beauty to mulan and the toy story franchise as reporter hosea sanders from our sister station in chicago tells us at 86. norman is still going strong been an animator layout artist. storyboard artists writer there's no one who had worked. with walt disney and then gone to publications and then ended up at pixar. how's the feel now to kind of look back on all you've accomplished over the years? i've had a wonderful career and a wonderful life because i've
11:46 pm
been able to do what i wanted to do. i was able to follow my dream people often ask me. how did it feel about being the first african american in disney? well, i wasn't even aware that i wasn't african american i was another artist looking for a job. no, no you you don't want to let anything get in the way and i'm very grateful as an african-american the fact that race was never was never looked upon as an obstacle. i would tell her the kid, you know, hey kid why you can't get a job with the disney studio, you know, they don't they don't hire blacks. i don't think people just assume that and because i want to do it. i just went there and apply for a job and i got it. i see so many people of color coming into the animation business. that was not a when we were kids you could literally count the number of black artists working in the animation industry. there was so few of us. you knew every one of them the acclaimed film floyd norman and animated light is now streaming
11:47 pm
on the criterion channel. you can also see what the artist and his partners did after founding vignette films over the first black production companies their works included black history films. they created the original animated logo for soul train. can you give us a you know, a groovy locomotive, you know to to open our show and they said we we need this in couple of days. like it's got to be crazy now. he's upstairs with walt disney and they're asking him to do the hardest thing of all, which is be funny. come on. floyd may be funny every time there's a great moment in animation. look around. there's floyd norman the kids good what words of wisdom do you have for people who may want to follow your footsteps? you've to be passionate about what you do. you've got to love what you do. i mean, what's the point in doing a job if you don't love it, i loved every minute of it.
11:48 pm
now as black history month wraps up our abc 7 bay area streaming app is your home for all of our coverage from this month. you can download the app for free on apple tv android tv fire tv and roku spencer. what an amazing career in 86 years old and to be so energetic fantastic and i love his advice. you've got to love what you do and do what you love as we do. let's take a look at what's going on with our weather. we are going to have clear skies overnight with just a few. passing high clouds overnight lows mainly in the low to mid-40. so the little chillier and some are far north bay locations with lows in the upper 30s highs tomorrow under sunny skies mid-60s at the coast low 70s around the bayshore line low to mid 70s inland. it's going to be a nice warm spring like day tomorrow, but midweek will bring us a light storm ranking one on the abc 7 storm impact scale late wednesday into early thursday. we can expect drizzle and some showers slick roads, but probably under a tenth of an inch of rain for most locations forecast animation shows that frontal system sweeping through late wednesday through thursday, and then sort of falling apart
11:49 pm
on friday. so here's the accuweather 7-day forecast to gloriously lovely spring like days tomorrow and tuesday clouds increase wednesday temperatures drop along with a few raindrops on thursday. we started drawing out on friday and saturday, but no more warming will be expected until next sunday deon. all right spencer. thanks now to crazy pratt once again who will try to cheer us up after a pretty tough night for the dubs casey. thanks. diono is a tough night for the warriors. so we'll show you some happier video here after making history last night. we'll tell you what saint mary's was most excited about after knocking off the top ranked team in
11:50 pm
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sponsored by river rock casino good evening, the warriors last two home games have gone like this warriors blow a 16-point lead loss warriors blow a 21-point lead loss. the warriors were outscored 26-1 at one point tonight in route to
11:53 pm
a 107 101 loss. they actually went over eight minutes in the fourth without making a bucket. obviously. they didn't have klay thompson or dream on green but the warriors hope to learn from the disastrous conclusions of their past two home games. it's a good lesson forge. we've got a got to understand this is nba games turn, you know on a on a dime. i mean it's just it happens quickly and you've got to be able to withstand that and we can't just say well when draymond and andre are back will be better. it doesn't ther job of executing under pressure and and maintaining confidence now here's a much-needed palette cleanser. remember when curry wore this matrix-like like outfit on thursday and kind of got rose to media. well that wasn't the end of the fun. thanks to warriors pr man, raymond ritter. let me see that. that's your best steph curry impersonation. what you think of that 30? he got some style, honey.
11:54 pm
wait, come on do a spin for. just the latest example of why double rpr is a legend. he donned a trash bag and recreated curry's outfit and pose. i'm so happy you want toscano anderson posted that moment now the warriors enter today six games behind devin booker in the sons for the top seed the jazz helped out the dubs trailing by two rodeo bear with his back to the hoop and scores must be nice to be that tall 113 106 jazz in the fourth, donovan mitch. the shot clock expiring banks in the three jazz up 10 final seconds sons with a chance to tie and jay crowder just throws it into the stands. i don't know what he's doing there 118 114 the final so the dubs remain six games behind phoenix when saint mary's took the floor against number one gonzaga last night six top 10 teams in the country had already lost which meant history was in the making in moraga the gale shocked top rank gonzaga knocking them off 6757 each of the top six teams lost on the same night for the first time. ever saint mary's ends the season undefeated at home and
11:55 pm
ended gonzaga's 34-game reign of terror over the west coast conference the win a nice boost for the gaels ncaa tournament seeding. i've written up on the board six times man one of our goals undefeated at home. i was over five coming in this year and the program had never done it. so that was something we were really proud of and we're gonna keep building on you don't get wins like this very often. they want to goals was to. one of their big goals. it's never been done at saint mary's and all the years and programs to go undefeated at home. just gonzaga to do ito do ito di it done. so they're they're pumped. they're pumped about a lot of things but they're pumped about that. that's something one to now. this time trying to get a championship trying to win the conference tournament and fortunately we're automatically in the semis it was hard to take into moment. i wanted to go in the middle of this circle kiss the logo and stuff right people were running on to the ports are is a little bit difficult, but it was
11:56 pm
definitely a surreal moment. i mean, i was not expecting a little court story. it was a fun fun thing to watch and especially the last home game. it's awesome. it's an especially when it gets no more team in the country incredible incredible crowd. it just made a super a night. you'll never forget. the game you'll never forget and for all of us me. fans are players. our administration is cool. the major league baseball lockout continues tomorrow is the self-imposed deadline set by the league that would prevent cancellation of regular season games and the players and owners remain apart on terms. we'll see if the owners back off of their made-up deadline touching moment on the pitch bay fica soccer star ukraine native roman yearmchuk was given the captain's armband when he was subbed in for his team in portugal the crowd responded with a standing ovation leaving your mshook in tears yet another incredible show of solid. ready for ukraine on the world
11:57 pm
stage this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino dion. thank you very much. and that's it for tonight's edition of abc 7 news at 11:00. i'm dionne lim abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5 for spencer christian and casey pratt and all of us here. thank you so much for joining us. we take you outside a live. look where temperatures are warming up the bay bridge all lit up tonight. keep that in mind. we do have a little bit of rain in the forecast. just a smidge. have a great night. see you in the morning.
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. war in ukraine. capital kyiv under siege from russian forces. >> air raid sirens are ringing out across the country. >> citizens soldiers and ukraine's president defiant. the u.s. and european allies hit
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putin with sanctions.


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