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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  March 3, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PST

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and we should note that given the scale of the crisis, so many people are asking tonight where they can send support. you can learn more at that's "nightline." see you right back here tomorrow, same time. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america. in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding
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solutions. this is abc7news. dan: new details about a former ufc champion charged with attempted murder and more. cain velasquez was in court today and is now being held without bail. we are learning more about who he was potentially targeting in a shooting monday and why. thank you for joining us. ama: amanda del castillo explains that prosecutors feel he took the law into his own hands. amanda: former ufc champion cain velasquez in support wednesday, formerly charged with premeditated murder. the santa clara county das office as he fired at least seven rounds, shooting into a truck and injuring one person. this happened monday afternoon during what is being described as an 11 mile high speed chase by velasquez in south san jose in morgan hill. >> there may be some people who understand the motivations of
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the defendant in this case. his actions on february 28 were very reckless. amanda: that so-called motivation, harry goularte, a passenger inside the truck velasquez was targeting. goularte was not injured but prosecutors have accused him of molesting velasquez's four-year-old relative at a family day care center. goularte did not work at the daycare but lived inside the home. >> after deputies interviewed the child and other parties involved, they detergent -- they determined a sexual assault occurred. amanda: according to the das office, goularte was on his way to get an ankle monitor at the time of the shooting. i checked with the state department of social services and found the daycare center's last inspection was as recent as january 11. according to the report, a supervisor noted the licensee
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states adults over the age of 18 residing in the home are herself, her spouse and her son, harry goularte. all adults residing in the home have criminal background check clearances and tb tests. the sheriff's office says his mother voluntarily shut down the daycare for the ongoing investigation. >> we have about 20 plus juvenile children that come and go throughout the daycare. amanda: the state served goularte with his immediate exclusion order, demanding he be removed from the home and have no contact with clients of any childcare facility. for velasquez, a show of support at the courthouse wednesday. the da's office saying it is unfortunate he took the case into his own hands rather than waiting on the criminal justice system. >> it is our belief on based on what we know, there was a legitimate claim of
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self-defense. dan: in the south bay, a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle this evening in san jose and died of their injuries. it happened on south white road just before 4:30 p.m. police have been unable to offer a description of that hit-and-run driver or the vehicle involved. san jose police say this is the 10th pedestrian to die on san jose streets since the beginning of the year. ama: now to the war in ukraine. saky 7 was over a group showing support. they want a no-fly zone over ukraine, an embargo on russian oil and gas, and more aid. morgan norwood explains what is happening tonight. morgan: in just hours, members of the russian delegation will return to belarus for a fresh round of talks. this is just as russia has reportedly taken the first large ukrainian city to fall. it comes as russia target
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civilian areas with ukrainian officials reported more than 2000 casualties. >> these are not military targets. they are places where civilians work and families live. this is shameful. morgan: although russia may have overpowered the city, the pentagon says their conquest for kyiv may be losing momentum. the 140 mile convoy has came to a halt. crediting ukraine's defense and advancing, coupled with shortages of food and fuel. >> the northern pushed by the russians towards the south, towards kyiv remains installed. morgan: sure the russians take another city, the kremlin saying it will allow citizens to fleet, but some in kyiv do not have that luxury. ian panenell is inside ukraine's largest children's hospital. >> we are inside the main children's hospital for the
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entire country. the reason we are heading down this passage in underground is because that is where the patients, the children. some of whom on chemotherapy, they have been moved for their own safety. morgan: the u.n. estimates one million people have fled ukraine. desperate to stop the russian sees, the u.s. government putting more pressure on vladimir putin. threatening to seize the assets of any russian oligarch, including closing airspace the russian flights and aircraft. the kremlin spokesman conceding russia's economy is feeling the squeeze but saying the country has potential and plans. morgan norwood, abc news. ama: to get the latest information on the crisis as it happens, abc 7 bay area tv streaming app has all the network special reports as well as our local newscasts. dan: back home, rain is on the way. let's go to sandhya patel with what you can expect to see
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showers where you live. sandhya: as early as tomorrow morning, we are seeing signs of winter on live doppler 7. let me show you where the rain is now. it is run crescent city. you can see it is around the area. it is a light level one system. a pair of lows heading in our direction and that is what will start the change in our weather. it will be a dramatic change. tomorrow morning, north bay, san francisco starting to see some showers. 11, still scattered around. towards the evening, starting towards the coastline. scattered cold showers and blustery conditions, and possibly some snow over the higher peaks. coming up, i will be back with an hour by hour forecast. ama: a deadly incident in the east bay. a stolen van trying to outrun police caught on fire, killing the driver. two officers were taken to the
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hospital for burns and injuries they suffered while trying to rescue the driver. sky 7 was above. you can see the van appeared to have crashed into another car and nearly slammed into a home in east oakland. moments before, officers set up stop sticks that punctured the tires. the tires then caught fire. >> unfortunately, within the van was other accelerants. once those tires caught fire, the entire van was engulfed in flames. ama: the chief says his officers did not chase the van. he says it was being tracked. dan: in san francisco, a new coalition is launching to tackle homelessness. the topic we are focused on as we work to build a better bay area. this initiative brings together 32 different public and private organizations and claims to be unlike anything the city has tried before. tim johns was at the coalitions launched today and explains what it is all about. tim: it is one of san
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francisco's most pressing issues. >> people feel like it is hopeless. people feel like homelessness is intractable and unsolvable. tim: i know coalition called the urban coalition alliance launched in the city. the group brings together 32 partners from the public and private sectors. their goal is simple -- address the city's pervasive homelessness problem once and for all. >> we have seen alliances that produce policy, that raise money. we have not seen alliances that unlock the private sector to play a leadership role. tim: the group says its unique funding model differentiated from previous attempts to stop homelessness. it provides housing and other wraparound services for more people at lower costs. one provider, the salvation army, says is a part of the partnership, they are working to add 1500 new -- >> good paying jobs, housing, providing support, all in a sober living environment is
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something the city needs. tim: welcome news to leaders in the city government. >> some of the supervisors i have talked with are frustrated to the point they are ready to try anything. tim: many of whom say it is their constituents' top worry. >> it is an economic challenge. a humanitarian crisis. it is something you have to get a handle on. tim: with the problem seemingly getting worse year after year, the coalition says they are determined to make a meaningful change. >> at the end of the day, we want to put folks on a path so they no longer need assistance. they are no longer dependent and we can have an opportunity to restore hope and dignity that so many folks have lost. tim: tim johns, abc7news. dan: tonight, san francisco's police chief answering questions about the out of the apartment uses rape kit dna. ama: a late-night court filing reveals new details about
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ama: tonight, san francisco's police chief responded to tough questions from police commissioners about the use of dna from sex assault survivors being used to investigate other crimes. one victim's dna made national headlines after the district attorney drew attention last month. j.r. stone has been following the police commission for weeks and joins us live from the newsroom. j.r.: police chief bill scott says the policies that allowed for this type of thing to happen have been changed, but they are still reviewing past cases. tonight, commissioners firing off questions about that to the police chief. >> you don't know of another case but it could be you have not finished auditing all the samples? >> that is fair. i don't know of any other cases at this point but we are going through all the cases. j.r.: the police commissioner questioning police chief bill scott, asking if the past policies and in at least one
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case allow dna from a 2016 rape victim to be used to have identify her as a property crime suspect could have been used in other cases too. >> this is something that should not have happened. we will see if it is -- it's a singular event. problems have been identified and policies put in place. j.r.: wednesday nights police commissioner meeting, they are still looking at 17 cases to make sure that victims weren't identified as suspects with dna from a rape kit. commissioners questioning if the police department should be the ones investigating themselves on something like that. >> what professional and ethical standards the crime land has -- lab has. j.r.: the chief says it follows some of the toughest restrictions in the country, saying the problem was
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immediately fixed once identified and now it is a matter of collecting records from those 17 cases which are archived on paper and go through them all to make sure the dna identification from sex assault survivors were not used. >> we should never be in this position again. we are committed to this not occurring again. we are open to getting better and not having this happen again. whether it is the attorney general's office or whoever else, we welcome that. j.r.: the police department believes they should be finished reviewing the cases in the next month. it dna were to be used in cases like this, rape victims might be even more fearful to come forward in the first place. dan: thanks very much. the january 6 committee now says it has evidence then president donald trump violated multiple laws in an effort to overturn the election. the revelation appears in a
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court filing that became public tonight. it says there was evidence showing trump and his associates engaged in a criminal conspiracy to prevent congress from certifying the results of the election, and that they spread false information and pressured state officials to overturn the results. ama: turning to the pandemic, the white house released a sweeping new 96 page strategy for fighting covid. one key part is making more free rapid tests available online. the plan aims to set up pharmacy clinics by the end of the month. staff will hand out free antiviral pills to people who test positive. there's a new goal of producing one billion vaccine doses per year. that is three times the u.s. population. this all hinges on congress approving the money for it. dan: a stanford university soccer star has been identified as the student found dead on campus yesterday. 22-year-old katie meier was found in her dorm room. the cause of death has not been released. she was a senior and the captain and goalkeeper for the women's soccer team. as a freshman in 2019, she
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helped lead the cardinal to the ncaa championship, making two key saves in a penalty shootout. ama: cal state university trustees have hired an international law firm to investigate six years worth of sexual misconduct complaints at fresno state. the former chancellor resigned last month amid criticism of his handling of sexual assault allegations against a fresno state administrator while he was president. after investigating fresno state, the law firm will review title ix policies and practices at all 23 campuses. title ix is the federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination. dan: amazon is getting out of the brick-and-mortar bookselling business. the company says it is closing all of its bookstores including ones in san jose and walnut creek. amazon is closing other physical retail concepts including its pop-up stores and four-star stores. a total of 68 stores across the
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country will be shuttered. amazon says it will focus on its other stores, including grocery and its new apparel shop, amazon style. ama: all right, we are finally going to get some rain. dan: we have needed it. it has been weeks. sandhya: the seventh is when we last had some rain in the bay area. really need some rain in the local area. i will show you what we get besides rain. showers as winter returns. snow over the peaks will turn blustery and we will get the winter chill. it's these two systems that will come in. if you are expecting widespread rain and a nice soaker, forget about it. we are not getting that but we are getting something. the cloud cover, a few drops showing up off the mendocino coast. temperatures with the cloud cover and the fog down below. here's a foggy view from the golden gate bridge camera. tomorrow morning, we will have
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some dense fog and showers for the commute. unsettled friday and saturday. the possibility of high elevation snow. this is a light level one. tomorrow through saturday. periods of showers, possibility of thunder and hail. strong gusty winds on friday and a snow chance down to 2500 feet. first thing in the morning, mist and drizzle. by 9 a.m., it is raining and the north bay. parts of san francisco. into 2:00, the coast has the best opportunity for seeing the wet weather. the system will spin off the coastline until friday. that is when the second one comes down and we see more scattered showers into the picture. even some higher elevation snow. friday night, a little bit of that. on saturday as well. saturday is not completely a washout. we need the rain and it will be mainly a morning event for the afternoon. really isolated returns if we see anything.
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rainfall totals with this system will range anywhere from a few 100ths of an inch to about one third of an inch. some of the wetter spots could pick up a half an inch. the winds will pick up right behind that system. as we head towards friday morning. 45 to 47 mile per hour wind. looking at over 50 mile-per-hour winds, so it will definitely be blustery. speaking of chilly, if you are going up to the mountains tomorrow, rain, snow friday. cold on saturday. snow level will be dropping really low so winter weather advisory 12:00 p.m. friday until 1 p.m. saturday above 2500 feet. snow level, 1500 feet which means travel impacts. morning temperatures, 40's and 50's. somewhat weather. much cooler weather for the afternoon. friday, mostly 50's. same thing with saturday. one for tomorrow.
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friday, saturday, cold showers, wintry mix. we will dry it out. for those of you who like the warmth, it is coming back. dan: thank you.
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dan: random house announced something new on the way. children's author dr. seuss is inspiring a new generation of books. dr. seuss enterprises says an inclusive community of authors and illustrators will create a inspired by unpublished sketches and illustrations by dr. seuss. the first two books are expected to be released in 2023.
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oh, what fun that will be. ama: that will be great to see. it will also be great to see where jimmy g will be playing next season. dan: larry beil is here. larry: several teams need a veteran quarterback, but will they make a deal for jimmy g when he's coming off of shoulder su
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>> abc 7 sports. larry: a lot of nfl teams need a quarterback but who will be willing to roll the dice on jimmy garoppolo who now needs shoulder surgery? injuries were the reason why they needed to draft trey lance. the surgery means he may not be able to throw until july. with the steelers, broncos and saints, somebody make a deal without seeing him throw until the summer? >> jimmy is a big part of what we've done. he is still a part of us, and
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until that changes, we feel blessed t is. -- he is. when we are talking about his shoulder, i am worried about that for the niners and for jimmy. larry: good news for the reeling warriors. draymond green back in practice today.he's been out with a back issue. steve kerr with high praise. >> you feel draymond's presence the minute he walks into the room. frankly, we need him. he impacts winning as dramatically as just about any player i've ever been around. larry: mascot madness in vegas. the pac-12 women's tournament -- needs to work on his game. cal down one. jada curry, lefty floated. bears up. but too much jenna johnson. utes pull away late as cal falls. basketball. a welcome distraction for the
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university of san francisco's center from ukraine. he says his father is a police officer and still in ukraine. he says it is really hard to watch what's happening in his country right now. >> we are strong but we need help. we need support. to be honest with you, it is so hard to focus on routine things. homework, school, basketball. right now, basketball helps a lot because when you are on the court, you forget everything for those two hours. larry: this tennis match up in the monterey open in mexico has extra meaning. svitolina took on a russian player. svitolina won and she says she's donating all the money that she wins to t
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jimmy kimmel is next. have a good night.
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back now with a crash scene in los angeles. eight people, including children, were hurt when police say a stolen vehicle slammed into a school bus. the bus stopped after hitting a utility pole, knocking out power to some customers. six kids were on the bus at the time of the crash.
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