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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 4, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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in the u.s. vowing to return to help fight back against the russian invasion. the doctor who calls it his moral authority. >> i heard her peel out. kumasi: the woman accused of stealing a car with a little boy in the backseat due in court. the message from the toddler's mom after a scary situation. reggie: all of that hard work and offer. uc berkeley slashed new enrollment. kumasi: it is a wet end to the week, look outside, this is a live look seeing showers andrew says the rain is ticking around for the weekend. happy friday, march 4. reggie: we will get a start with a check in the weather. drew: wet in a lot of spots and then return windy. we will find some of these downpours along the east bay. san leander and san lorenzo down
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with some light rain from san carlos. a downpour on its way to east palo alto. we timeout this line of downpours to the south and east slowly, around 5:21. five -- 5:31. surely before 6:00 a.m. we are expecting the line to move into san jose. unsettled through saturday morning with possible hail and gusty wind do does -- does develop. a line of to the south bay. by 8:00 a.m. it is out of here. in the wake of this early morning rain the wind will crank up. i will show how fast they get coming up. reggie: europe is on the verge of a nuclear catastrophe. russian shelling ignited a fire at a nuclear power plant in ukraine. the fire is out, however ukraine's president is pleading for the west intervene. jobina has the latest. jobina: the u.s. embassy in
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ukraine is calling the attack on the power plant a war crime. here's a live look from kyiv. russia is in control of two nuclear power plants and president zelensky is desperate for health -- were helpful morning that if russian troops blow up any of the 50 nuclear units all of europe will be in danger. the iaea director general says the fire has been put out, no radioactive material was released. russian forces are occupying the power plant but the iaea says that ukrainian staff are running operations. the director general wants to have a meeting with russian and ukrainian leaders as soon as possible. >> the idea behind this initiative of mine as director general of the iaea is to agree on the framework and compromise that will permit to not
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compromise these principles that we all subscribe. jobina: also, nato's secretary-general met with antony blinken. blinken emphasized that nato and the united states seek no "conflict and also says " if conflict comes to us we are ready for it adding that they will defend every inch of nato territory. kumasi: some ukrainians in the u.s. vowing to return to the country to fight back. tim john spoke with a young jock -- a young doctor. tim: while many are fleeing others are looking to head the opposite direction. he is a ukrainian doing a medical residency in the u.s. staying in san francisco for the past week. >> i was speechless and i woke up drenched in sweat. the first thing which came to mind is to call all of my friends and family members to make sure that they are fine and staff -- and safe.
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tim: the past week has hit him hard, thousands of miles of -- from home and left feeling just feeling unable to help his friends and family but all of that is set to change as he says he will make his way back to ukraine to help defend off the russian invasion, hoping to use his medical training to serve his homeland. >> my profession is to heal the people and bring life, so that is my major goal and aim. tim: with the country a war zone he says he is well aware of the risk, what assures me that he remains undeterred. >> nobody wants to die, everyone is scared of death. but in this case, it is a moral duty. tim: he is not the only one interested in heading back to ukraine to fend off the russian invasion. the ukrainian counsel general says they have received interest from hundreds of people. he has the counsel general of
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ukraine and san francisco. he tells me hundreds of americans in the bay area reached out interested in going to ukraine to aid the wartime effort. >> the number of those who called us or wrote emails and we have managed to process their requests. that is more than 400 people. tim: that has touched the hearts of ukrainians around the world. >> at the beginning we were surprised that there were so many people and now we understand the unity of the world. kumasi: 2020 will feature a special episode called putin's floor, the battle to save ukraine. it will be anchored on the border of ukraine and poland and you can watch it at 8:00 tonight. at 29-year-old woman accused of stealing a car with a little boy in the backseat is set to be arraigned on three charges including kidnapping. we are hearing from the little boy's mom. the kidnapping happened at a hotel early sunday.
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melissa says that she often runs errands late at night or early in the morning when there are fewer people for covid safety. she was unloading groceries at 4:00 in the morning as jacob was asleep in his car seat. and just moments the car was stolen and jacob was gone. she hopes other parents can learn from this. >> you might have thought you were doing the right thing by leaving your child sleeping while you unloaded a few things but there are crazy people who just wander out of a hotel room and steal their caught steal your car, and whatever you love and cherish the most goes along with them. kumasi: police say that san jose resident tammy stole the running car and took off after being kicked out of a hotel room. they say she later ditched of the car about four miles away with jacob inside and he was found safe 13 hours later. reggie: dozens of catholic school teachers plan to hold a march and rally to demand fair
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pay for the -- from the archdiocese. the teachers are stressed and exhausted from teaching during the pandemic and an ongoing contract negotiations the archdiocese is proposing a 9.5% salary increase that does not keep up with inflation. they are planning to march from sacred heart cathedral preparatory to the archdiocese headquarters. a look at some covid headlines. alameda county and the city of berkeley say they will remove the school mass mandate after next week. london breed says she has a commitment from some of the city's largest companies to bring employees back in the office. the peace corps will send volunteers overseas again. the same volunteers who were evacuated from their post two years ago will be dispatched to zambia and the dominican republic this month. kumasi:
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get into uc berkeley and it will be harder. a ruling from the state supreme court means that the state will have to cut the number of acceptance letters it will send a month all to work out a legal battle with a group of residents. amy is joining us with the new decisions. amy: marches a month that high school seniors hear about their applications, so those awaiting to hear from berkeley adds to their anxiety and a school official calls this news devastating. for those students who have worked so hard to try and earn a spot. officials say they will do what they can to try and lessen the blow, they will try to increase online enrollment and ask freshmen to defer until january 2023. this court ruling went in the favor of a group called save berkeley's neighborhoods which argues that berkeley needs to limit the number of students it excepts because of the impact all of the students have on the neighborhoods. >> i think people in berkeley
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have been very concerned with how the university is conducting itself. amy: not only hurt the incoming class but berkeley's budget. it is expected to cost them $57 million. this court fight has inspired lawmakers. scott weiner has proposed a bill to make sure it never happens again saying that it is tragic to determine how many court -- family students a public university like this one educates. drew: line of showers working through the east bay and peninsula en bloc -- along to the south. i want to track this line of heavy showers where you see the pops of yellow, orange, and red. it is moving to the south and east at 50 miles an hour so fremont moving through your
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area, and then alan rock shortly after six -- 6:00. it is part of an unsettled weather pattern with a liberal -- a level one light storm with possible hail. that is best late tonight early tomorrow morning. tonight is about the wind and tomorrow we have a chance of a dusting of snow. here is the line by 6:30 tubing to the south bay and it is out by 9:00 a.m.. a lot of sunshine but later tonight into early tomorrow morning there bisolated showers moving through for the first half of our weekend. the bigger story, the wind will ramp upa wind advisory at 7:00 r the coast and bay shoreline. secure any outdoor objects and try not to park under trees because limbs could come down. chilly sunshine with temperatures in the upper 50's near 60 degrees. we will preview the weekend forecast in seven minutes.
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let us see how we are doing on our roads. jobina: the roads are pretty slick and we are seeing some of the issues. we had a new rollover crash in san rafael in the last 30 seconds. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge with droplets hitting the camera. we have a spin out on northbound 880 at 66 which is why i'm showing you this camera. in walnut creek we have -- this is another spin out as well. this is what we expect from these conditions on our roads. eastbound 24 before 680. reggie: the governor's plan to fight homelessness and support mental health. the program that could force people off the streets and into the care that they need. kumasi: a big rockslide blocking both directions of this highway. reggie: the big piece of space junk set to crashing to the moon today. today. kumasi:decor, show me what you've got. this tile says "spa day, all day." but this modern look is so me.
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kumasi: it is unclear when highway 50 at echo summit will
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reopen. a large boulder fell causing the road to close in both directions around 5:30 last night. crews are working to clear the roadway and they will be checking for any damage. reggie: investigators are trying to figure out what led to the shooting death of a 14-year-old. his body dropped off on in oakland street. j.r. stor. sto >> all i have got to say is pray for us. keep us in your prayers. j.r.: a simple and clear message from a woman who says she is the aunt of the 14-year-old teenager shot and killed in oakland on wednesday night. >> we are hoping that people feel courageous enough to call in and share whatever information they have. j.r.: the deputy chief investigation says around 10:15 p.m. shotspotter technology
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picked up gunshots near 98th and international. as officers responded to that area, an ambulance was waved down three miles away on mountain boulevard near keller avenue and i-580. paramedics told police the vehicle being driven appeared to be struck by gunfire. >> the occupants of that vehicle pulled a male juvenile from the vehicle and drove off. j.r.: that 14-year-old was pronounced dead from one gunshot wound a short time later. nina carter is a violence interrupter in east oakland and says what happened is heartbreaking. >> any fight in fight in fight n concern for me, but when it becomes children, it is always dear to my heart because i have sons. j.r.: while the circumstances are not yet known, carter says there needs to be more community engagement. >> a lot of up and funding have been cut for kids having safe places to be, and that plays a major role in that because there
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is really no accountability for their whereabouts. j.r.: police are left trying to figure out what the teenager and others were doing and how the 14-year-old was hit. j.r. stone abc7news. kumasi: the woman caught sneaking onto planes here and across the country is heading to prison. marilyn hartman was sentenced to three meters -- three years for trespassing in 2019. she is known as a serial stowaway. she has a history of slipping past security and sneaking onto flakes. she has tried several times at sfo and made it onto a flight after -- out of san jose to l.a.. she says she was happy to move on with her life after pleading guilty to the charges in chicago. reggie: we expect to hear from five california mayors including oakland about the governor's plan to for some people with mental health issues into treatment. care court would offer more services to homeless people and
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others who have severe mental health rn -- and addiction disorders. people would be obligated to accept care. if they don't they could be put into a conservatorship. >> a new approach and different pathway, and it is consistent with our values but i also think it is consistent with the urgency of this moment, which is the accountability that will drive this plan and we believe produce real results. reggie: that counties would be required to set up a mental health branch in civil court and provide comprehensive and community based treatment. if they fail to provide the services the counties can face sanctions. the mirrors from oakland, san diego, sacramento and riverside will come together at 9:15 and the governor still has to write the bill and lawmakers would have to pass it. kumasi: a big piece of space junk is set to crash into the moon. the debris is a three ton rocket part. it is expected to slam into the far side of the moon at 5800
5:18 am
miles an hour potentially creating a greater the size of two london buses. unfortunately astronomers will not get to see the impact happen in real time. it could take weeks or months to confirm what happened with satellite images. how big is the london bus? reggie: it is the size of a regular bus but it is two stories? drew: yes. that is a strange comparison. kumasi: is it just me? trying to visualize? drew: isn't it weird that we only see one part of the moon ever. we will never know. let us just go -- unless you go to space. reggie: maybe it is its bad side. drew: find your blanket -- find your light and angles. kumasi: the moon has it down. drew: clearing skies this morning but it is about rain moving through. we are tracking two areas of low pressure one moving into southern california right now.
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we are on the northern fringe. we are on the end of the storm pushing off to the south and east with another area of low pressure waiting to drop in which will ramp up our wind and brings a chance of an isolated shower late tonight and early saturday morning. scattered showers with no thunderstorm threat, but the wind becomes gusty later on today. future weather going hour-by-hour, the line of showers we have right now to the south bay at 6:30. 8:39 the weather is moving out in the afternoon features a fair amount of sunshine and we are book ended by more chances of rain. 8:00 p.m. the best chances in the north bay and then early tomorrow morning the best chance is in the south bay. around mount hamilton we could see a dusting of snow and the weather moves out for the second half of saturday. the weather is shaping out to be nice and chilly. 7:00 a.m., wind advisory begins along the coastline and the bay
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shoreline including a lot of us with wind out of the north gusting as high as 50 miles an hour. it is a terrible hair day. a morning shower giving way to sunshine and a windy day. temperatures below average, mid 50's to low 60's. chilly sunshine is the name of the game. overnight with clearing skies and the best chances in the south bay finding some snow. snow in tahoe with a winter weather advisory starting at noon. 40 inches of snow and chain controls coming our way tomorrow morning. the snow level is around 4000 feet. here is the seven-day forecast, rain to sun otherwise a weekend is brighter on sunday and then temperatures bounce back with 70's coming back early next week. jobina: i will take it. -- kumasi: coming up the seven things to know. reggie: netflix new feature that is not a joke. kumasi: your chance to get a big bunch of tulips for free. reggie: first a live look
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kumasi: 5:22, here are the seven things you need to know. the u.s. embassy in ukraine is calling russian attacks on europe's largest nuclear power
5:23 am
permanent a world war threat. the ieae director general says the fire at the plant was put out and no radioactive material was released. reggie: the 29-year-old woman accused of stealing a car with a toddler in the backseat is set to be arraigned on three charges including kidnapping. the boy was found safe 13 hours later. kumasi: the reading mother who claims that she was kidnapped and beaten before thanksgiving in 2016 has been arrested. police say that she made up the whole story and was actually staying with an ex-boyfriend in southern california. reggie: the state supreme court ruled that uc berkeley has to cut enrollment by thousands of students. that stems from a legal battle with a group of residents over traffic, noise and environmental concerns. drew: we are tracking wet weather, a live look from the exploratorium camera, drops on the lens. the best chances in the south bay with a lot of sunshine midday. late tonight the best chances in
5:24 am
the north. jobina: the what commute is causing big problems this morning. you already have an alert where a car has flipped over on southbound 101 at miller creek road. kumasi: number seven, put your phone down because this is national day of unplugging. people are being encouraged to put away their electronic devices and connect with things beyond the screen. reggie: i am now going to talk about your streaming subscriptions. verizon thinks it has a way to organize them and is launching a new hub in partnership with peloton, disney plaza netflix. the platform called plus play is designed to help you purchase and manage subscriptions let you know about new deals and discounts. netflix is launching a new interactive trivia game series called trivia quest. new episodes will be available daily each posing 24 multiple-choice questions on a range of subjects. they begin april 1 a date
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netflix flames israel and not an april fools prank. kumasi: you might have to stop in front -- and smell the flowers in san francisco because there will be a lot of them. 100,000 tulips are blanketing union square because it is flour day celebrating international women's day. this is video from last year. the activities were scaled-back because of covid. volunteers handed this year a garden will be set up so you can pick out your own flowers. it is happening from 1:30 to 4:30 tomorrow near the powell street bart station. reggie: i have never seen more people confused and upset about receiving flowers that entire video. it was just -- kumasi: what? i need to go back and look, i was trying to look at the info. they were not enthused. reggie: not one smile or bit of happiness. kumasi: i like yellow. reggie: they were stressed. it looks like they need slot --
5:26 am
they need flowers. you can rent out your home, pull and now backyard. we will explain how this works. kumasi: a brazen theft caught on camera, the assault that happened when an -- when a customer tried to intervene.
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behold...unlimited wireless for only 30 bucks. that's pretty cool, but you know what's cooler? saving up to 400 bucks! exactly. and if we really want to take it up a notch... get all that and nationwide 5g included. oh nice shot, send that to me. i got you. break free from the big three and get connected to the nations most reliable 5g network. get the new samsung galaxy s22 series on xfinity mobile. and right now, save big with up to $750 off a new samsung device. switch today. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, russia
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making plans to seize kyiv plus a former dancing with the stars pro talking about his escape from ukraine. kumasi: gas prices skyrocketing across the country, the average around the bay area more than five dollars a gallon. why some republicans think it is happening. reggie: devastating news for thousands of students who have worked so hard through high school. why uc berkeley has been forced to slash enrollment. kumasi: drew is tracking the showers that are hitting the bay area and the wind advisory taking effect in less than two hours. reggie: it is friday, march 4. kumasi: we want to start with drew and the rain. drew: it is a wet end to the week and the wind will pick up. live doppler 7 showing that rain is focused along east bay focus -- approaching the south bay. we will show you this downpour working through union city. even along the peninsula and
5:30 am
into the south bay. palo alto some light rain working into santa clara. this line is moving slowly at 15 miles per hour. right around 6:00 a.m., light 6:12 rain in the east foothills. it is a level 1 system through tomorrow morning where showers are likely with some hail possible early tomorrow morning with the wind ramping up route the day and tomorrow morning a chance of snow on the highest peaks like mount hamilton. by 7:00 a.m. it is out of here by 8:00 -- 8:39. a fair amount of sunshine but the wind will make it feels cooler -- will make it feel cooler. kumasi: now to the latest developments in ukraine. here's a live look at kyiv. a senior u.s. administration official says that russia has come -- has prepared a puppet government to install once its forces seized the ukrainian capital. this morning the head of the united nations nuclear watchdog
5:31 am
says that no radioactive material was released from russia's shelling of ukraine's nuclear power plant, the largest in europe. a fire was extinguished in the u.s. embassy is -- is condemning the attack. russian forces now occupy that plan. according to the company that owns the nuclear plants, its management is working at gunpoint. the secretary of general met with antony blinken and blinken emphasize that nato and the united states seeks no conflict but if they -- if it comes for us they are ready for it. reggie: the united nations says that 1.2 million people have left ukraine. among them a dancing with the stars alum. he has back and talking about his escape from the board ukraine. here's andrew dymburt. andrew: an exclusive, one-on-one with max.
5:32 am
did you still not necessarily believe it until you heard the first siren? just over a week ago the pro posted this message to his million instagram followers. his video soon interrupted by sirens below. he thehe thehe thehe thehe thehe escalating situation in his native country. >> the situation is pretty dire. i want everybody to do something, anything. andrew: now back on american soil he is opening up to gma. >> this was me trying to cry for help. andrew: coming up we will have much more of our exclusive interview. with your first look, i am andrew dymburt. kumasi: gas prices continue to skyrocket across the country now averaging more than five dollars a gallon around the bay area. jobina has the reasons lawmakers are giving. jobina: the white house blames
5:33 am
the high prices solely on the russian war in ukraine. many republicans insist that the biden administration's policies against more drilling at home is also to blame. despite the surge some lawmakers want even tougher restrictions on russian supplies. >> i am all for that, ban it. ban the oil from russia. >> how can we maximize impact on president putin while minimizing it on the american people. jobina: in the bay area according to aaa the average price for a gallon of gas is five dollars 20 five cents in san rafael. $5.13 in oakland and $5. $ san jose. one gas station in oregon is charging $6.29. kumasi: 2020 will feature an episode of "putin's war: the battle to save ukraine" right
5:34 am
here on abc 7. reggie: uc berkeley is stressful enough to get into averaging a 15% acceptance rate. so now imagine you are waiting for the letter this month and get this news, a fight between neighbors and the school means that thousands of spots in the fall are gone. amy hollyfield is live. amy: they are thinking take the acceptance rate down to single digits. this will impact the students who want to be here and the students who are here. the court ruling means that uc berkeley will have to cut its incoming class by up to 5000 students. the court ruled in favor of a group called save berkeley's neighborhoods which argues the number of students impacts the surrounding neighborhoods and the residents' quality of life. it will cost 57 million dollars in lost tuition so students who are here will notice cuts to their student support services. >> the students currently here
5:35 am
will also suffer as a consequence of this decision year. amy: berkeley says it will try and lessen the blow for incoming freshmen by increasing online enrollment. and also asking incoming freshman to defer until january 2023. officials admit that it is devastating news for students who have worked so hard to earn a spot. news that they will be hearing soon, probably this month when uc typically sends out there acceptance letters were emails. it looks like they will be fewer this year. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield. kumasi: only on abc7news we are sharing video of a shoplifter stealing from walgreens and what happens when somebody tried to intervene. >> we
5:36 am
the counter. >> you are watching awol gains theft -- a walgreens theft, it is not what the photographer was used to capturing. >> he took a covid test and a tray of batteries, maybe some electronics. >> several employees watch and wait for help to arrive, all while the suspect was stunning calmness fills up a bag. at one point another customer begins to record and has his cell phone smacked out of his hand. the customer tries to intervene. and is lasted -- bananas. when the customer tries to fight back, flinging more fruit at the suspect. >> the guy comes back with chips ahoy. >> jim is a former law-enforcement officer from california and president of srs protection which provides security for businesses and places of worship.
5:37 am
he says providing security in california is challenging. >> there are several states where the officer is not able to do their jobs. the good old days we would be able to grab people from the back. >> he does not recommend confronting biased -- bystanders confronting suspects. >> if video can be taken safely -- >> if there is no got involved i am not scared of bananas and chips ahoy. >> it can only help law enforcement. >> in san francisco, abc7news kumasi: a california woman at the center of a missing persons case five years ago now arrested and charged. prosecutors revealing why they think she made it all up. reggie: if your dog does not do well at the dog park there is an option for a place to go and play. first we will check the weather. drew: we are checking light rain
5:38 am
out there. live doppler 7 showing you light rain through pittsburgh, brianti -- antioch and we will zoom down to street level. some light rain around palo alto and we have a downpour approaching in the next 30 minutes with light rain into san jose. it is part of the level 1 system through the next couple of hours. later today it is about sunshine and windy conditions. not a lot of rainfall, less than a 10th of an inch where we find no showers. the bigger story is the wind ramping up. first they start along the coastline and then throughout the day and into the afternoon the wind becomes more widespread. later on today, you can see the wind gusting 40 to 30 miles an hour and possibly higher than that. for that fact we have a wind advisory beginning in about 90 minutes lasting until 7:00 p.m. along the coast and along the shoreline which includes fremont, oakland, redwood city and san mateo.
5:39 am
that is where we could see the wind gusting as high as 50 miles an hour. what you can do early this morning before the wind ramps up , if you have outdoor objects, make sure they are secured. try not to park under trees because we could have tree branches falling down which could lead to possible power outages later on. the wind could not last that long -- the wind does not last that long. the call with early morning showers moving to the south bay and then sunshine peeks out and the wind ramps up and it will feel chilly with temperatures in the 50's. 58 in the city and the same in san jose. 61 in concord. that is get a check on the roads. jobina: hello, we will go back to marin would because we have anle where a car overturned multiple times according to chp. injuries are involved and major damage on the scene as well. southbound 101 at miller creek road speeds have dropped to two miles an hour.
5:40 am
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kumasi: police are trying to figure out what led up to a car driving into a preschool in more than a dozen kids ending up in the hospital. it happened in anderson. 19 kids and two staff members were inside when an suv smashed through a wall. two of the kids had to be taken to uc davis pediatric icu. they are stable and five went home with their parents. >> when i heard, i ran. i ran. and i am glad that he is ok. kumasi: that is scary.
5:43 am
police say the woman behind the wheel was not impaired and that she cooperated and gave them a statement and was released. reggie: a reading mom at the center of a high-profile missing persons case six years ago has been arrested and charged. she is accused of making the whole thing up. we have the new developments. >> this morning, stunning allegations that the california mom who claimed that she was abducted six years ago made it all up. sherry is now in custody and facing charges of lying to police. the complaint alleging that this was a falsely -- narrative that she fabricated. she was staying with a former boyfriend and harmed herself to support her false statements. there was a frantic search for her in northern california after she went for a run november 2016 and never came home. her husband desperate to find his wife and mother to their two young children. >> i am getting angry and
5:44 am
frustrated and i am scared for my wife. andrea: a few we -- a few weeks later she was found on a highway with chains on her body. >> she is heavily battered. andrea: she claims two hispanic women abducted her at gunpoint, beat her and threatened to sell her to a man while keeping her in a closet. but she managed to escape. her husband recounted the trauma he believed that she went through. >> she literally lived through hell. the things she told me that she did, acting like she was talking to her kids. andrea: authorities revealing that dna evidence recovered from the clothing she was wearing when she returned matched her ex-boyfriend's dna and he admitted to investigators that he helped her run away. they say the ex-boyfriend also said that she created the injuries while staying with him including hitting herself to create ruses and burning herself
5:45 am
on her arms. authorities say collected $30,000 from a victim assistance fund stand by her story. if convicted she faces 25 years in prison. reggie: overnight her f released a statement to abc news that reads "sherry and keith have cooperated with law enforcement's request despite wrist beaded attempt to put them against each other. empty threats to publicly embarrass them and other conduct that was less than professional. he goes on to say that we are confused by several aspects of the charges and hope to get clarification in the coming days. kumasi: san francisco is ready to put money in the pockets of citizens who cannot afford to serve jury duty. the city will be launching either jerry and it is a program that will play -- pay low to moderate income jurors $100 a day for their service.
5:46 am
this was created to establish superior court juries are reflective of san francisco's diverse communities. they will receive information about the program along with their jury summons. reggie: there are airbnb is to rent out your home, there is swimply to rent out your pool and then there is sniffspot to rent out your backyard to dogs. it is the latest way to make a little bit of extra cash. one host says it has been good forgot that for dog owners whose dogs do not do well at dog parks. prices can range from four dollars an hour to $24 an hour. there are about a dozen listenings in the bay area including 10 in the east bay and one or two on the peninsula and the north bay and the south bay. drew: raise your hand if you have a backyard. reggie: raise your hand if you want the backyard to have poop in it. drew: once you clarified it was
5:47 am
for dogs because i was a moment where i was like interesting, who is this for? reggie: sniff spot, i would've workshops that an hour longer. drew: i do not hate it, but it does not really tell you what it is. and maybe that is why. you start googling things. reggie: sniff is not the ring that comes to mind first. kumasi: what about spot. spot is like a cute dog name. reggie: doesn't the backyard have to be in there somewhere? drew: maybe, because you do not have a backyard, you have an area. where there any in the city? it did not sound like it? reggie: no one has yards here. there is none, because you know why, you have to have a backyard to do this in. if you do have the backyard there probably somewhat areas on the roads and grass. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. we have rain on the lens and we are tracking light showers ready much in the southern half of the bay area.
5:48 am
if you are in the north bay, you are dry and finding the cloud cover breaking down for clear skies but we are tracking light showers in parts of the east bay. uc discovery bay, light showers and even around pittsburgh light shower around concord. into the south bay, a downpour that moved through 82 on its way to 880. the south bay is finding all of the action and the system will push out over the next couple of hours. we stay unsettled through saturday morning. the bigger story for all of us, the wind will really ramp up along the coast and the bay shoreline. let us talk about the rain, 7:00 a.m., thinning out and departing. down but it will be windy as well. we are tracking after sunset tonight and another wave will try and bring an isolated shower into the north bay and parts of the south bay early saturday morning.
5:49 am
hamilton could see a dusting of snow but if you are having outdoor plans on saturday you will be fine it will just feel chilly with temperatures in the low to mid 50's. that is where we sit right now and the numbers will not climb far from where we currently said. how about the morning shower in the south bay, right but windy upper 50's to lower 60's and overnight it gets cold. there likely will be some chain controls this afternoon and evening if you are thinking about heading up towards the summit. all about the rain and sun and wind today. they went to morning. saturday afternoon we are brightening up and then temperatures bounceback near 70 by monday and tuesday of next week. kumasi: thank you. this weekend is your final chance to see a special light installation in golden gate
5:50 am
park. the illuminated nature inspired installation is in peacock meadow made of 2000 led lights. it was part of the park's 150th anniversary celebration. you can check it out through sunday night. reggie: lady gaga did not get a nomination for acting in "house of gucci" but she will still be on stage. she will be a presenter at the oscars. she won an oscar for her performance of "a stars bor n." other announcers include chris rock. to see who goes home with an oscar gold, keepar air on sundah 27. the latest twist in the space race could feature an s why grubhub is pulling these robots from food
5:51 am
deliveries on some college campuses. reggie: the national day of unplugging is here. will you put away all of those electronic devices? kumasi: let
5:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ got this gorgeous italian leather bag from marshalls. it was such a deal! ♪ for you i wish many things... to see all the world can be. but most of all... i wish you'll never stop wishing. ♪ ♪
5:53 am
reggie: grubhub is ending its partnership with a russian tech company which makes food delivery robots. this mains at the end of the business deal they will pull 100 robots from the campuses of ohio state university the university of arizona. officials say the company is working with both campuses to find alternatives. it is one of the latest cases of a u.s. company cutting business ties with russian companies in response to the ukrainian assault. kumasi: best buy wants to expand beyond electronics. it outlined its plans to expand its footprint into health, fitness, personal tronics,
5:54 am
transportation, outdoor products and more and plans to add merchandise to stores and dedicated sections including home gym equipment, ebags, scooters, and outdoor grills. drew: live doppler 7 showing this line of showers working through the shout -- the south bay right now. behind the line we have clearing skies and the wind will ramp up, so expect a lot of sunshine with gusty conditions. future trackers showing you this afternoon is when the wind will peak as a wind advisory is in effect so the northerly wind will gust 30 to 40 miles an hour. i expect a longer coastline wind -- along our coastline wind gusting 50 miles an hour. to the south bay we have drops on our lens and there you can see we will have the umbrella if you were in the south bay for the next couple of hours. the best chance early on is in the south bay and that is about increasing sunshine.
5:55 am
it is a bright looking afternoon but it is deceiving because the wind is gusty ringing some very chilly conditions. later on this evening we will have a chance of finding an isolated shower that has turns -- that turns chilly once again. it includes the city and around the bay including berkeley, oakland, hayward, fremont, oakland and san mateo with the wind gusting 50 miles an hour. secure any outdoor objects and be careful of tree limbs and there could be isolated power outages later today. kumasi: next, fighting for his homeland as the war intensifies. a ukrainian man is leaving the u.s. to defend his country. reggie: it seems like everything is more expensive, even cosco? what is driving up the price of memberships. kumasi: what is the secret to matthew mcconaughey's hair. the star clapping back at people who are saying that he had hair transplants.
5:56 am
he says what is really going on with his luscious locks. reggie: very important.
5:57 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> now at 6:00, joining the fight, more -- the war in ukraine intensifies. a doctor answering the call to defend his country. >> the search for answers after a teenager was shot and killed in oakland. what police are revealing this morning as investigators pieced together the evidence. >> a new twist in the capitol riot investigation. who was subpoenaed, and their connection to the bay area. good morning. happy friday. it is march 4. >> and is wet outside. >> good morning. we are finding rain in the south bay this morning. live doppler 7 showing you the north bay. you are generally drive find partly cloudy skies dealing with
6:00 am
wet weather, so we will do down -- doom dentistry level, and we can see light rain from san jose to campbell, and evergreen. we are seeing a light rain in the south bay with a level 1 on the storm impact scale. weather lingers through tomorrow, and gusty winds will be the biggest impact. white. as i go live, look at san jose. i will show you the wet roads. it is a bright afternoon as there is a break in the afternoon. we will show you winds coming up in nine minutes. >> thank you. this morning, europe is on the verge of a nuclear catastrophe. russians shelling ignited a fire in the nuclear power plant in ukraine. the fires out, but president zelensky is preaching for the west intervene. a live desk with the latest. >> thank you. the u.s. embassy in ukraine is calling the attack on the power plant a war crime. here's a live look from the capital. russia's now control of two nuclear power plants in ukraine. the president is desperate for health -- help, warning that


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