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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 7, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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violence defendant. this is believed to be the first time an sfpd officer has been tried for excessive force on duty. bail has been denied for ufc championship cain velasquez after an arrest last week. he's accused of shooting at a man accused of molesting one of his relatives. dustin dorsey spoke with a legal analyst about the case. >> the free cane shirts were back after velasquez learned he would remain in jail for the time being. a judge denied bail thing there is clear and convincing evidence that he remains a threat to public safety. he wasrr fortt aempting to sho aotnd kill harry goularte nijuor, a man arresteafd ter ing spsuecteofd molesti hngis ur-year-dol relivate aat daaryce center. >> if uyo believe whatht e da says, is there anyonoue t there o whwould say to a father ttha
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this is no wthat you oushld do? >>he t prosecur toread aet lter thatai sd velasqzueei bng on ba wilould puthe tm at risk. a celebtyri lawyer said ther''s threaoft velasqu rezunning or finhiisng theob j if sutabsntial bail was approved. he prentseed the judge with 37 leertts osuf pport, iluncding so wmeritten by promintne sports figures. he foutgho tget velauesqz back to his t cwohildrenut b bail was denied. >> they reasleed the pertrpeator back into the public with zero llar bail, y tethey are holdincag ne on no bail. this is whyeo pple e ardisgusted and rigfuhtlly so. >> f aormer assisntta district attorney and police commissneior
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yssa velasquez being dendie bail should not come as a sckho. he believes the defseen will try focus on the mesoltation ceas toed ruce the heatn ovelasquez and avoid a trial. >> if he goes to trialnd a is convteicd of attempted premeditated murder, it could be feli in prison. ftsoen it, makeim hor me mpsyathetic,ut b also pparere r foa potentl iatrial. >>el vasquez isas id to make his next court appearaenc in april. dan: sanra fncisco satenor scott wein werants toeg rulate dna collecd tefrom sexlua assault survivors. citomes afterhe t district atrntoey's fiofce auscced the lipoce of usingna d collected from rape viimcts to connect othecrr imes. it would prohibit victims dna fr bomeing placed in a archableat dabase. the santa clara cntouy district
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attorneyea rssured vtiicms that it is -- has neveris mused their dna. >> we wa tnto protect victims of sealxu assault n,ot collect evenidce that coulde b used agnsait them lerat. we hav'e't and llwi never do that. dan: tomorw,ro thean sta clarita board of -- santala cra boardf o survpeisors will ask about arifications regdiar dngna mpsales. isten:ma iges like these tareil theft hsaveec bome all too common inhe tas lt few years. someel bieve thenc irease in thefts isue d to thepp arovalf o pr 4op0 71 a 2nd014. nothw ere is an effo trto erovturn the law. liz kreutz is in the wsneroom with aoo lk at bot shides of thisss iue. om torrow, lmaawkers will badete threeil bls, two atth wodulef rorm pporosition 4 a7nd e onthat wou rldepeal it entilyre. ppsuorters othf ero pposition say hitas helpeovd ercrowding in psorins andas h hpeeld lead
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to cri pmereventioprn ograms. those aiagnst isat yt ihas led to a reis in crime. thr eislogan -- make crime illegaagl ain. is it time to repeal or reform propitosion 47? that is the esqution up rfo debate tomorrow erwhe some laakwmers sayt i is a necessary stepf o the state wants to ackdown conrime. >> the bill is splime --t iis otoverturn pro47p , which sha been anbs aolute distsaer. >> kevin keyil is the author of the bill icwhwoh uld reaepl the 2014 law thated ruces shopliinftg charg oesf anyinthg under $950 from a felontoy sdemeanor. kiley,ho w isac bked byhe t calirnfoiaea pceff oicers associatn,io believe tshe law has butwo t more crime and lses acuncotability. >> it's not much of an agexgerationo tsay the inpot of this bill is to make imcre leilgal again. >>ro pposition7 4has beenn a trexa ordina sryuccess in californ.ia >> wlil matthews is the
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spokesrspeonor fal cifornians rfo safety a jndustice. he pntois totu sdiesik le one from uc irvine showinghe t proposition has not l tedo an increase in property crime and says the law has done more good than most people realize, sending millions of dollars into crime prevention, drug and mental health programs. >> the high level, coordinated, sophisticated smash and grams we've seen are serious problems and are fulonl ly us exalemps of r on shi behioavr. eyth havnoe thing to do thwi proposition .47 >> comttmiees across cifalornia say ty hefeel their communiesti have bomece less seaf and opinnio aboutro pposition7 4 cod ulbe cafolirniaot vers by t awo to one marginow n suprtpo changing prop 47. two heotr bills lawmakers will debate on estuday incdelu one that wou lldower the thrhoesld r foa shopliinftg felyon from $950 to $4 a00nd anoth werould increase penalties forep reat
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fenders. >> rliolng backro pposionti 47 wod ulonly achieve a sigfinicant ductionn i themo aunt of meyon we spend trygin to prevent cmeri from occurringn ithe first place. >> what matters is ppleoe elfeing safen itheir communieits, feeling le iktheir kids wilbel safe onhe tir way to school. >> lmaawkers wlil debate esthe llbis tomorr.ow if keyil's blil iaps proved,t i nesed tgoo ttho e full aemssbly d in theen sate f aor vote. itou wld meak iont t bheallot inov nember. with aem docratic morajity, it is uncarle if it llwi survive tomorr.ow nyma democra,ts inclungdi gornveor newso sm,ay they ppsuortro pp 47. n:da a barset rvice is yet to returno t norlma in theas et bay afteanr electrilca fire knoedck out power ttho era tcks durgin the rnmoing comme.ut passgeenrs from rhmicond to downtowner bkeley aivrred at statnsio only to ndfi them lock uedp tight. the outaghae ppened at about 5:40hi ts morninbeg cause oaf fi aret a substioatn that perows
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tracks int area, forcing commuters to find another way to get work. >> i don't know. maybe i will try another bus. but everything is hard to get to. dan: crews got trains up and running again along the oregon line which runs from richmond into san jose. the orange line which runs across the bay remains down until further notice. passengers traveling to san francisco on that line must transfer at macarthur. kristen: the l.a. transportation authority is seeing an increase in riders again, adding to cart trains to the blue line on weekdays to allow passengers to spread out. bubble supply chain issues have limited operations to single trains. vice-president kamala harris announced $3 billion to fund electric and low omissions public transit and school buses. >> imagine all the heavy duty
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vehicles that keep our supply lines strong and allow our economy to grow. imagine that they produced zero omissions. kristen: the money is from last year's infrastructure bill and covid early package. $17 million will be used to fund electricze, ro emissn ioand low in missionch sool 127 milln iodollars will be ent on innovatiofon r zero agiming truc.ks dan: as you have noticedga, s prices are high andil wlik lely be getngti even hiergh in the ys and wee akshead becseau of the war uinkraine. chk ecout this graphicha tt owshs you where pricears e in rts of e thbay area. alrel cord hig whsith an aravege of five doarlls 34 cents a gaonll, up sicex nts overghnit. the are iasn red ha tvehe highesprt ices. prettyou rgh. trav eelxperts tnkhi the rising gas prices codul lead tao pontteial benetfi -- more people usinpug blic traitns. as ryan cuyrr learn,ed bart is
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pihong ts hicould help them bounce back omfr the panmidec. pceriats the pump epke rising. many pcelas acrosths e bay area are averanggi over vefi dollars a gall.on >> the'r's nothg into do except deal witith . >> as people watch the gas pump ter risend a rise, willhi ts anchged a lk ooof bay aare trant?si >> ihi tnk a lotor meeo pple willom ceac bk becaus iet's really hd arto pay for it. even myia fnce, it hisard for m hito get >>nn aamaria eluxcsivelyak tes blpuicra tnsit. she saidha tt's conveniento t ta ake bus orar bt and has enjod yehow emp ityt has be.en >> iik le that erthe's nodybo on rt because it's ea tsyo go in and come out and cat ach bus. >> but bartan wts to change atth. they say rideripsh is onlyt a 30% wtha it was fobere the pandemicwi, th covidas ces going down a gndas pricegos ing up,
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th heyope it ldsea to more peop wleriting gas pceris are touhrgh the roof and t bheridge toll went up as wl.el drinivg h nasever beemon re pensive. >> orve the lt ascouple of years, me orand moreeo pple have referr heditting t rheoad tnhe boarngdi ara tin. t with g pasrices gogin up, travelxp eertshi tnk more people ulcod returton public antrsit. if it is sustaedin, thenou y see peoplloe oking for alteatrnives. >> john goodnmait wh the meoptrolitanra tnsit assiaoction ys trans litelevs have slowly incrseead oncthe e omioncr surge past. thisnk the current circumstansce cou mldakeub plic trsiant a popur laoption. >>t imay be aea yr oror me beforehi tngs settle down in a wne -- and a new normaisl establheisd. krteisn: to nsa fraisncco agenesci are callingor f the
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permanten closure of jo fhn. kenny eddriving ldgoen gate park. a joint report omfr muni and cities -- the recreioatn and rks deptmarent recoenmmds the ction offk j between transrsfe an sdtand and strtsee are closed to cars rfo good. the rowaady was closeatd the tset of the pandec mitwo years o. fainal decisnio will be me adby e thboard ofup servisors. dan: laun reukraine -- these agimes are inten asend stdiurbing. how you can cope withea fr about the future. covid in the binra -- a new study th fatinds even mild covid can cae uslong-terprm oblems. and proteinctg the bay -- the suit that couldim lit the perows tofhe epa a tndhe effect it could have ithn e bay ar.ea mike: i wanted to take you tsouide andho sw you the gorguseo light afternoon sky and leyot u know if you are not able to enjoy tod'a's temperaretus, hweave themga ain hweave themga ain i have ndwiy conditnsio and
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krteisn: the global deh attoll om covid9-1 past six million toda ay,ccordingo tjohns hopkins ivunersity. public health experts say it is a vast undcoerunt. new study shows patients thwi ev aen mild ca osef covid may peexrience aelcceratedgi ang of the brain.
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people lost additionalra gy matteris tsue compedar to those whoad h not beeinn fected. new york cityro dpped its mask mandate. itil wl mean no longer requingri prf ooof vaccitinaon goingo t barsen, tertainmt envenues and gyms. dan: let'' startit wh thero dpping mask manteda. yan conces rnfor somee onfully ccvainated? do weee ndo tworry aboutho tse wh aore unvacnacited dan masked? >> it's waal hysard to say you oushldn'' worry. we want to be rlieastic tha wte are t nogointog et go t a place wherehe tre is ze rroisk. you alws ayhave to take iont account atwh your ar leaooks like. there ear some suaittions where i'm comptelely comfoabrtle lifting the mask. if ''m in a place like san francisco where the vaccine reat is so ghhi and a pcela with good ventilation, ''m not wearing a mask. but if i'm tveraling somewhere
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else, escipeally somneeo who is not vaccinated, my adorable daughter,'i'm wearina g mask. getting vaccitenad, other people whore aac vcinated,ou yr odds of gettg inseverelyll i are minuscule. dan: minuslecu is aer vy encoaguring word. theta ste surge goneneralay ss orflida'sep dartment ofea hlth willec rommend aingastov cid-19 vaccines for heahylt children. youre a p aediatricn iaby aitrning. atwh is youthr ought onha tt? >> my pediriatcian by training tellmes i need to hear some data behind this boldta stement. isth is the mesa one who estionedac vcineon lg-term safety, etwhher or not masks work, sohi ts once againtr sikes me as just seomol pitical banter to get sompoe ints and o tnehing lot of paren atssk me iss i this safe? is it need?ed when seoomne leik the surgeon general makes a comment like is and dsnoe'oft fer any pport and on clyites a sdytu
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from newor yk steta sinayg the vaccinloe ses efficyca orve time, tt hais very whathe t data shows is not only is this vciacne erextmely se,af alre-wor dldata swsho very clearlyha tt children age five to 11nd a 12 to 17 who have bnee ccinated arear fes ls likely to wind uinp the hospil.ta that is wtha we are paygin attentioton . e thsurgeon negeral did t noeven define whahet considedre to be a hethaly child. ihi tnk we kn wowhy he ma idet. dan:et l's goac bk to the study th katristin mtienoned -- oppele withve en a mildas ce may experience acceleredat aging of the brain. at do you know about atth? >> i looked at this styud eaierlr and theloy oked at autbo 401 people who had tesdte potisive for covid-19 and 384 he didn't. they looked at the brain scan before a andfter. shriagnke sounds like aca sry rdwo, and therere a normalra bin
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changewis th aging. and the oschanges were gatreer in the populatio tnshat had evineng cases tt hawere md,il e thareas othf e brain that were ctfeed were those leliky to affectou yr sensef osmell, but al asoreas reledat tooc fus and gncoitive people shodnul't pac niand say oh,y m gh,os ''m goingo t have lo-tngerm brai dnamage because the studyid d not loo tko see if itas w long-term. but i thinkt i is a good ndwiow toin telling us otw this ng-- mbnuer one, the mreay be real brain chaesngnd a even a mild case canau cse this goes back to your fitrs estion autbo peoepl taking an invididual risk assessmt enabout wh tathings wodul be likef i you re to test positive. that's'an iormptantue qstion to ask wase try to lt ifthese mandates a gndet rid of thees masks. n: itet lls us a third thing, oto -- it vaccinated. krisn:te you wilbel able to
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ordemer -- deorr free coronavisru tests from eth government. the first round began january 18. each home can nowrd oer an adtidional four ttses. go to covides and submit the requedir informaonti. n:da l'e's turn our aentttion w bkac ttho e work and the stt arof athnoer etprty nice tsouide. isten: a tiny bit gtyus but mpteeraturesre a pretty rmwa. kemi: it was a ltlite breyez in some up in eth hil,ls it is going to stay that way while we lmca dnow for e onday befe orwinds bngri us a heiteghned fire danr geby thursdaynd a a chae ncof shorswe by theee wkend. let's keta aoo lk at what is ing on -- here's a look from mountat m -- i just checked all our reptiorng staontis and they are gre wenith good, clean r. mostly snyun and warr metomorrow than tayod. usbltery contidions come back than tkso a dry cold front
4:20 pm
wedndaesy inttho ursday and once that passe ws,e will he avabove average mpteeratureshi ts ekweend. the east bay, up to triple degreewas rmer tha24n hours ago . samehi tng in thnoe rth bay. oklo at all the eslow to mid 70's. 73 in santa rosa and paletuma. a few upp 6er0's arndou mill valley and ssaaulito. 68 ialn ameda ansad n je.os coolest aunrod cmaol -- 58 degrees. stea bayal vleys, mid to upper 60's erthe. by 5:00,e wsee more0' 's at the coast. weil wl fall bk acinto the low to mid '0's and after the sun sets, wweill hang out in the low to upper '0's. i 11:00, stmo of the breezes will be moving up into the hills andha tt will aowll us to cloo down. the win adsre showi sngigns of weakineng.
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thosare e the ones over the miles an hour, like 'w've been seeing ithn e even their,e wsee a lilett bit aof let up but they wi hllang t in the oveigrnht hours. mperatur wesill rema iinn the 50's ridung the oveigrnht hours. 3''s in easbat y valleysnd a in e north bay valleys, low to d mi40's around the bay out to the coast. 61 toromrow at half moon bay six at riconhmd. 68 ipan lo alto. here'a s lookt a the tight presresu gra -de- a high will takeve or andro dp our wisnd down ait ltle bit. other area of l powresseur cosme ined wnesday. oklo at thein wds comin ogff the eaocn -- thawit ll cool us down. thein wds get fteasr in the rth bay unmotains wneedsday ghtnt io thursd aaynd thats i wh wene have aei hghtened fire the wis ndwill droinp to our neighbhoorod, gusting to , 3540 lemis an hour othn ursday.
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that isef dinitely mesothingo t wahtcut oor f. niceom torrow, cleoost with rou faesstt wins thuraysd. paerlm andil mder fridaynt io saturd aaynd a litetl more cldou we set the ccklos fwaorrd and selo an hourle sep. en anotherol cd frontnd ahi ts eon pmiroses ait ltle more a igslht chance of moisture. dan: t sheupreme crtou is taking on a challenge that could affect the environment ithn e bayre aa and acro tsshe country. isten: closing in on the oscars -- the
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krisn:te we are less than rethe ekwes awayro fm the oscs arand e stars rewe out for a nominees luncheon datoy. it felt kelihe tli gtz and glitr tewe a uresed to sineeg from hlyolwood as people aivrred athe t fairmoncet ntury pzala hotel. the traditional group pho wtoas soal canceled. last year'' event was slecad due tohe t pandemic. dan: a formedar ncing wi tthhe arsts champ pasart of aosn car eded film -- osr-canominated film. george penckno you withur o sierst stationn ilos angeles spoke wh ithim and the man who was driven to make ts himovie. >> ryland school for t dheeaf,
4:26 pm
hos meto an of ourou cntry's championsh hipigh hoscol football teams. thbo involved arero fm maryland and knew there w aas story >> it actually took 12 years to get dema. wei nt bactok the schl ooevery year. lots of differe pntartners and arts and spsto and almt ossend mayb -es- it washe t numr beone project for me that coi uldn't let go of. >> the mov fieocusesn o one of e thteam staplr ayers. >> our initialoa gl was toho sw at deaf ppleoe are pretty much likeve er buddy seel. we heav the same suises. we are all trying toig fure ouelrsves t.ou >> the fmil t fheilm the film tl suice idof a former classmate med teddy whora tnsferredo ta differenhit gh schoo wl,here he
4:27 pm
stoooud t for beg indeaf. >> it'a s cautionary tale in so wmeay of what cano g wrong if yodou n't iluncde peoplane d llbuyeo pple. i d'o't wantot speak f toreddy d say that's all that was going on in his life, but certainlthy watas part ioft. ju ast fun fact it cesom fmro wnheea df ppleoe startetod play against other teams a wndanted to ensure their play wseren't visible. >> whawat sis vible is american gnsi language, bhot in audible and theea fture film coda. we alsoee s sign languagane d the japanees movie, ivdre my r. >> ''m so tilhrled. think this is aexn citing memont for a ollf us andt i wodul be grod unbreaking news if we weer to take home the ardwa. no matter wt hahappens, we are
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going to see a deeper dive in orsties about the community because what we are standingn o right now [inaudible] >> audible audible audible tfnelix. dan: you can seeho w tak oesnly osrca gold only on abc seven. thawe ards show is sund, aymarch 27 we'vgoe t our vionsi... ...a sndo much tcho oose from. but with free in-sreto desi sgnervices our buetdg andur o time are we sllpent. at floor a dndecor, with a we idselectio n of product all at evedaryy low presic, crtieang a spa tceo match uryo taste hanes ver enbe easier. discover forlo and decor today
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i'- m norm. i'- m szasz. [nm]or and we live in coluiamb, missouri. we do consulting , but wels ao [szasz] weak te care o f oursels veconstant;ly 'sit importa.nt we walk rethe to vefi times aee wk, a couple mil aest a time. - 'vwee bo btheen kitang prevagen f aor little mo re than 11 yrsea now. after ouabt 30 day s ofak ting it, nweoticed clarity ttha we didn't tinoce befor - it's stillel hping me. sti l ilnotice aif pr evagen. healthr iebrain. better li.fe nouncer:ui blding a ttbeer bay eaar -- movi fngorward, ndfiing lutions. this iabs c 7 news. da tn:o the wa nrow -- u.s. secrarety of sta, teantony blinken,s i rewening call fsor russiao tend itser wen i ukinrae nowr oat lea ostpen
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al humanaritian corridorsor f cilivians to esce apsafely. >> civilians in ukraine literally running for their liv aess ssruianom bbs drop in one ukrainian city afterno ather. isth man runngni with the child in his arms. anothewir th a child in a stroller. this man helping an emotional senior citeniz to safe.ty in a surubb of kvyi projecti sleetti fngire to a community theync oe calledom he. in one region, this vid releedas by uaikrne's eremgency rvseicesho swing cruise battling a masse ivfire at e thairport erwhe russian missiles destroyed a blduiing. ross ukrneai, you -- the u.n. s haveriedfi moreha tn 400 civilianea dths but concedes actu faligures a mreuch higr.he >> russiansre a starvinoug t ticies. is shamulef.
4:32 pm
>> after a third round otaf lks, raine officlsia reporting posiveti developmesnt that would allow resintdes in uaikrne to especa safely. but tori por pmiroses were brenok. there kmlin demanding ukraine rmally rogecnizedo t serapatist regnsio in its steaern tertoriries asar pt of russia and changite s nscotitutiono t ourem mrsbehip nato orhe t european union beforehe ty would csionder ding thear w. ukraine'' preside, ntwho has calledhe t ddleay russian attasck deleribate murrde, respondeind this exusclive terview. >> we are notre ppared re a ulmatitums. >> the u. .sis consirideng nnbaing rsiusan o iilmports. it's a meov the u.s c.ould take evenf ieuropeans that relied more heavilyn o russianue fl do t join in. krisn:te the barrage o ifmages in the news and media can be
4:33 pm
alarmi angnd even erovwhelming. leslie brilenky has a look at how people in the bay area are coping with the constant and diurstbing updesat. >> fr eaof war -- it w yasears of appherension for tseho on the homero fnt in wod rlwar ii. now ainga, fear of war seaprngdi beyond uaikrne. heart wncrehing menritong and crisis we are watching rineal me. people are really scared and angry whenhe ty see images of people being hurt, cldhiren begin hurt, cieits being >> this clicanil psychologist sayshe t fear of the unonkwn is especial dlyifficulto tmanage. >> it is onomius and overwhelngmi. how doe whandle it? >> we stju camoue t of eth covid situioatn and thohtug everythgin wagos ing to boke . i'm reayll conrnceed. 've nev bereen so cceonrned abouout r future. things are goingra czy too >> so you are feengli
4:34 pm
emiootnally upt seevery day? >> yes. i'afm raid he ghmit use nuclear weaps.on >>om se are ls esworried. >> i'nom t reallyha tt nervous that we willav he world r waiii. othersre a horrifi.ed >> zelensky is the real hero. i don'knt ow whatls ee to say. he'lis ke superman and w aere ingog to wat achnd be so it is very sreural for me. >> iist scary. l ali know isas bedff o social media d anit is scaryhe tre could psiosbly be aor wld war. >> it isar hd to not doom scroll and chec ikt all the time because erthe are uptedas eryve sendco. soha ttan c make it even remo alchlenging than previously fore socl iamedia. >> whatot do with theea fr of war? do wtha you can to lphe ukrneai
4:35 pm
d do whayot u need to do to maininta your mealnt health. iskrten: if youou wld likeo t wt ppsuort theeo pple of uaikrne, havae full list of verified groups and nonprofits sending donatis onand supiepls to refugees. th'a'sn o o wurebsite, abc7ne.cwsom. n: thear w in ukraine causing alreyad high gas prices to go higher. will that make you change as a small business owner, your bottolim ne is always top of mind. so start sinavg with comcast business mobile. flexible data plans mean you can get unlimited data
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iskrten: timnoe w for thfoe ur at four d anwe beginit wh the rising pricef ogas. aaa ssay prisce jpeumd six cents erovnight, bngriing theve arage price to $345. a gloaln. in cifalornia, we are pinayg more than a dollar on eravage en folksn i the rest of the natiwionde, prisce have gone up 40 due t roussia'ins vasion of raukine. is anydybo chainngg their drivinpag tterns y?et mike: i thi tnkhat's a perctfe t y to sayt i-- if youan c take massra tnsit and it is convieennt, pleeas do. for somofe us, 't's not convenie.nt i hatod buy a car around christmabes cause after 310 -- ter 310 tushoand mile ms,ine id i'm done dan i lood keto y buan electc ricar. erthe are pntley on these ud market, but they are just as peexnsive as n aew car. if youan wt to buy n aewar c,
4:39 pm
u yohave to itwa six dan: dinurg the wa,it ''m paying th pisrice foras goline. i lktaed with my thfaer and he made are gat point. the poor people in ukraine -- if the pricwee pay is higher gas, it is inpaful but thnoing compared to what th'e're going through. netfliisx raising its prices for l alofts i plans. the preummi pn lais going up by two dolls arto 1999 maonth. if you he avthe staarndd plan, it'soi gng to run15 $.49 -- an increase of $1.50. r foosthe ofhe t basic plan, it's increasing to $9.99. netflix hasum pped upts iri pces just about every t ywoears. lastnc ireaseap hpened in the .0 bssucribersan c expect to reivcee a notice -- s iaw my notice ltas week. it is expensive to produc tehis uff -- wt hado you tnkhi, enspcer? you wchat any netixfl prraogmming?
4:40 pm
spceenr: i dano d i enjoity but i expt ecit's remo like net fleece. but i enjoy it. i ha tvehe basicla pn. mike: i do enj ioyt and theer are some spectacarul stuff, enev stf ufthat's not pulopar. they a preutting o aut tonf o coennttnd a ian c understdanhy w th aeyre raisi tnghe prices. ey don't'necessary ilhave a war chest like sndiey has like realady madeil fms that eyth can t out n:dand ave erybodys istreaming. such a mpcoetitive enviroennmt. iskrten:om setimest iav ses monefry omoi gngo tthe movie theaters. i gssuet iallve ens o.ut a popur laline of good gisoing rough a rd ea-- goinghr tough bit of brreanding. the voadk ssay theiq luor will be marketed as stilly.
4:41 pm
the pressure -- the fodeunr is a ssian bn orbillionae irand ys the move isis h responstoe the putin regime. was exid lefrom russidua e to s opposioitn to putin and tyhe are emphasinizg theod vkas tvian ros.ot what dyoo u think? dan: so nyma compani aesre llpuing back and ctiutng ties to russ.ia mi:ke he's changing theam ne because heoe dsn'tan wt ito t seem to beus rsian. ife' 's worrdiebo aut thatnd a was ntto help eth uaikrnians, vegi a littlbae ck. you ara e kristen: and trehe are comnipaes th aatre doing that. spenr:ce name iyof u have h aad cup love drinks. ifve eryone wh ityou has had a couple,t idoesn'mat tter. dan: there is n aew tiktok chalnglee and police officers
4:42 pm
are jumping into the lattes p-lincsyh trend. ♪ that is a crackup. officers from connecticut to oregon taking the hash tag baby, baby, baby challenge in which they must channel their best celine dion. the officers say they take the challenges to expand outreach on social media. it humanizes them, i suppose. what do you guys think? should we take that challenge, spencer? spencer: i'd like to do it, absolutely. dan: you don't have to really sing. spencer: you don't want to hear me sing. just watch me lip-synch. kristen: one thing they try to do is connect with the younger generation and this seems like a way to do it. way to do it. mike: if i is your bathroom over 10 years old? i'm mike holmes, here with ivan from agm renovations america's kitchen and bathroom renovators
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dan: the climate and environment are important when it comes to pulling a better bay area and environmental groups are watching a supreme court case they believe could have significant repercussions in california. spencer christian is in the newsroom with a look at what is potentially at stake here. spencer: those concerns focus on regulations pertaining from san francisco bay to the air we breathe and whether those we open to frequent challenges.
4:46 pm
this environmental advocate believes the work of the environmental protection agency is critical for california and the health of the bay areas environment. he's concerned about a highly publicized case now before the united states supreme court that could potentially limit the epa's power. >> right here in the bay area, there are countless examples of how the environmental protection agency has brought federal laws and federal enforcement to tech the health of people and wildlife and nature. spencer: he directs save the bait -- the environmental group has successfully fought shoreline development near redwood city. it's a victory he says hinged in part on the authority of the epa. >> the san francisco bay is a great example. just recently, we won a court case that reaffirmed the environmental protection agency has the right and duty to protect waters of the united states, including on the shoreline of the bay. spencer: but in the current supreme court case, power
4:47 pm
producers in the state of west virginia has said the powers are being used to too broadly, pointing to a program to reduce carbon admitted -- carbon admissions. it focused on incentives and targets states need to meet to ensure clean air. >> in this particular case, the question is did the epa go too far in creating a cap and trade program? spencer: some legal observers think a conservative ruling could challenge the role federal agencies have played in addressing problems like air and water pollution. >> the reason that is so important is because it's not then the rule up till now. because it has not been the rule up to now, congress has used broad language to delegate authorities across the federal government. spencer: some worry about scenarios that could directly affect california if neighboring states and industries were able
4:48 pm
to easily challenge federal regulations with targeted lawsuits. >> air does not respect state boundaries and water doesn't respect state boundaries. we need federal laws to protect the things people share. spencer: according to legal experts with whom we spoke, the supreme court hearing is somewhat unusual because the obama era pollution program being challenged is no longer in effect. kristen: thank you so much for that. the amazon rain forest could be at a critical tipping point. a study says scientists are seeing signs of what they call resilience loss over three quarters of the rain forest. it essentially means the rain forest is losing its abilityfr t come a and fires and could turn into a grassy savannah. once the change becomes obvious, it will be too late to stop. so worrisome. dan: so alarming the changes we
4:49 pm
are seeing on our planet. we need the rain here. we started out strongly with the beginning of the races in but that's where we fizzled. kristen: anything on the horizon? mike: possibly sunday or monday, but nothing significant. these are storms that will come down from alaska that don't have much in the way of rain but more wind and cooler weather. speaking of the amazon, it is the lungs of the earth. it takes up more carbon dioxide than anything else. the more we burn, the less we caption -- less we capture the carbon dioxide. if you are headed out this evening, it will be very mild around the bay. a few breezy spots close to the water. all of us will fall into the 50's by 7:00 to 8:00. if you suffer allergies, the tree pollen is back up and producing prodigious amounts of
4:50 pm
pine, juniper and oak. a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. our area is clean of pollution and will stay that way today, tomorrow and wednesday. let's talk about the heightened fire danger we will see wednesday night into thursday when our fastest wins will hit the north bay mountains. orange is a very very very veryy danger index and the few areas of red possible in the north bay and that is extreme. that's coming from a storm that will produce one to five inches of snow but no rain for us as we head into thursday. just our coldest and windiest day. sunday and monday, we have a chance of some showers. right now it doesn't look very promising. kristen: one of the nation's first programs to feed students organic meals daily has launched in richmond. students at michelle obama school are eating organic cereal with local, organic milk and farm fresh fruit.
4:51 pm
it part of a campaign called project cereal. the founder says it is an achievable first step to providing organic food for students across the state. >> we are hoping it makes it simple for schools to know this is possible. that we can feed our kids the best food imaginable. kristen: chef alice waters is an advisory board member of conscious kitchen. >> it dispels all the myths we have about school lunch. that kids don't like it, that we can't cook it, that the schools are too big. kristen: california's superintendent of instruction says the state is providing schools with $47 million for fresh fruit and organic foods. which is terrific. dan: a great interview you had with them. talking with kids about certain topics can be very difficult. >> we have to not be afraid to
4:52 pm
answer the tough questions. kristen: linsey davis lindsay hand
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. kristen: coming up tonight at 8:00, it's the bachelor followed by the good doctor at 10:00. stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. talking to kids about death can be difficult, but linsey davis is tackling that issue in a new book, "how high is heaven?
4:55 pm
>> i knew we talking about your book today. it was interesting -- i was listening to news radio and heard them share this stat that is gut wrenching -- over 200,000 kids in our country have lost a parent or guardian in this pandemic. it was making me think i want to mention this to lindsay. this is right on target with your book because there are thousands of children in this country asking about heaven but how did you do that in your book with such a heavy topic? >> it is heavy and i'm trying to take a whimsical, uplifting, comforting look at a little boy who is trying to figure out how to get to heaven so he can have this reunion with his grandmother. this was born out of my own son who came out of school and
4:56 pm
how come he has two grandmas into grandpas and i have one of each. so i said my husband's mother, she passed away when you were about one and now she's in heaven. i started showing pictures and he said no, i want to go to heaven and see her. shortly after that, i felt like this is a conversation parents have to have all the time and why not have this open discussion in a book? >> did you talk with your son when you are writing this book? it's such a fine line and you made it work. >> i found i was able to use what i think gave my son the most comfort or solace in all of this and that was the idea they would be reunited. it was not goodbye but see you later. thatn
4:57 pm
i said 100 and we just have jusj not be afraid to answer the tough questions, whatever that might be in our kids lives. an educator once came on the show and set of kids are old enough to ask the question, they are old enough to hear the answer. that applies with death and with heaven and i let my son lead the conversations and that's what came out of it here. with him desiring to know aboutt death and heaven and there are ways we can meet kids on their level in an appropriate and palatable way to have these conversations. kristen: this is lindsay's fifth children's book. she has a whole series. abc 7 is always screaming 24/7. join us whenever you want, wherever you want. that's going to do it for abc7news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
abc7news at 5:00 is coming your way next.
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. brian crisis in ukraine is deepening as russian forces intensify their attack and tonight when bay area is recounting his harrowing escape from the war zone and he had his family he and his family now turned their focus to helping others. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm amidate and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc 7 news at five today ukrainian president vladimir of zelensky returned to his office in key for the first time since russia invaded declaring that he's not in hiding and he's not afraid of anyone. this comes as the pentagon reports that russian. versus have not made any significant progress in the last few days except in the south. what we assess is as they continue to get frustrated. they continue to rely now more


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