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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 8, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> a new cease fire gets underway. the humanitarian crisis growing every day. >> there is no escaping these gas prices. are you going to be ditching your car and taking public transit? >> a san francisco street that could be closed off to drivers for good. that woman -- every time! >> we are happy that you are with us this morning. >> yesterday was great. we had 70's on the board and we will do it again today. it is a warmer morning compared to yesterday. you can see that 24 temperature change. we are starting out on a warmer note. right now we have some 50's on
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the board. we are at 43 in san jose. we have some chilly spots out there. pacifica is coming in at degrees today. east bay in the background. sunrise is at 6:30 today. we will look at afternoon highs coming up. >> a cease fire is in effect in ukraine to help ukrain get out of cities under bombardment from russian attacks. there are fears the war could expand beyond ukraine. >> 500 u.s. troops are headed to europe to shore up nato forces. the fear is that russia could target the weapons being sent to
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ukrainian forces. there are strong indications that russia will attack supply chains. this has some heavy implications. >> as a member of nato, that will be an attack on the entire alliance. >> the ukrainian military claims to have shot down a cruise missile, a sign that there -- the the the the the the the functioning two weeks into the invasion. >> sharing how he escaped from the capital of ukraine as war erected. he works for a ukrainian tech company.
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he and his girlfriend made the journey to poland nearly a 30 hour journey by car. >> the entire car ride we were listening to the news to see where the russians were advancing. we were trying to tell our clients " if you have operations in russia, please consider discontinuing them." >> a family friend is putting her college career on hold. >> the images coming out of ukraine can be overwhelming. for some there is a fear this could stretch beyond ukraine into western europe or even past that. >> people are really scared and they are really in great when they see images of people being hurt, of children being hurt, of cities being destroyed. >> we just came out of the covid
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situation and we thought everything was going to be ok. i have never been so concerned about our future than right now because things are going crazy too fast. >> do whatever you need to maintain your mental health. the war in ukraine is a difficult topic so if you would like to learn more about how to lend support, we have resources. >> shell is done buying oil from russia for now. it is also shutting down its gas stations in that country. this comes after international pressure to cut ties with russia. prices at the pump have jumped again overnight. the national averages -- average is $4.19.
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the average in san francisco is $5.56. amy is live in east bay with more on that. >> ridership is very down. they have been predicting it could take 10 years to get to pre-pandemic levels, but now they are thinking this gas price situation could help give them a boost. it could to push people back to bart with prices in the bay area for gas creeping up to six dollars eight -- six dollars a gallon. now they are wondering if ridership will go up along with gas prices. >> driving has never been more expensive.
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>> also this surge of covid of d cases because of the omicron variant that has passed so the number of cases has dropped significantly and the risk of catching covid on the train has gone down. bart officials hope this will encourage people to come back to bart. bart is predicting a $2 deficit over the next 10 years so the hope is that this will help turn the trend around in a positive direction. >> happening tonight governor gavin newsom will be delivering his state of the state address. >> he gave his last address from dodger stadium and no one was allowed to attend because of covid. his speech will start at 5:00 p.m. and you can watch live on
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our streaming apps or by going to abc >> the woman accused of faking her own kidnapping years ago will face court today. she is charged with making false statements to a law-enforcement enforcement officer. >> for the third time in five days a driver hit a person in san jose. the latest happened last night on story road. the pedestrian is in the hospital and is stable. officers do not know if the person was in a crossed -- marked crosswalk. in the other two crashes, one pedestrian survived, and one died. >> to san francisco agencies are calling for the permanent
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closure of jfk drive. the recreation and parks department recommends the section of jfk be closed to cars for good. the roadway was closed at the start of the pandemic to give residents more room to walk or bike. drew: we are taking a live look from our east bay hills camera. we are dealing with breezy conditions in our hills. winds will remain in our hills but it will help warm us up quickly. hud mountain -- to 34 and we anticipate similar wind speeds throughout the day today. it is really quiet across california. you can see a lot of sunshine expected across the golden state. what this system will do later in the week it will dive to our
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east and, by thursday morning that is something we will be watching very closely. by noon we are seeing spots in the 70's. it is another warm day with lots of sunshine. 68 in the city. 71 in napa. we find warm temperatures today. they are watching heightened fire danger later in the week. let's say good morning to jobi na. jobina: you can see a slight slowdown coming out of tracy but in comparison to yesterday this looks great. san rafael, nice and light this morning as we show you 101.
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tracy to dublin, 45 minutes. over 700 new signs will display real-time information. about one third of the signs citywide will be double-sided. the old signs stopped working when 3g service was turned off asked month. >> bart service has returned to normal after a power outages knocked out power to the tracks. bart says the outage happened around 5:40 due to a fire at a substation that power to that area. it forced commuters to find another way to work. >> everything is hard. >> take a bus?
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>> writers had to find other ways to get to their destinations. services back to normal this morning. a big mess at disney world. we will show you the clean this morning. >> reaction to the verdict in a landmark police brutality case. >> we will b xfinity mobile runs on america's most reliable 5g network, but for 30% less than t-mobile, so you have more money for more stuff. this phone? fewer groceries. this phone? more groceries! this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets.
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kumasi: a san francisco police officer has been acquitted in a case that has heightened the tension between police and city hall. the jury found him not guilty on three counts of brutality. mistrial was declared on the third count. >> this case is a reminder of the many challenges to hold police accountable.
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we saw a lot of those obstacles play out in this case, including the unchecked power of the poa. kumasi: this case is believed to be the first time a sfa was prosecuted for brutality while on the job. >> as long as the district attorney keeps the faith and continues to keep the pressure on, officers will hesitate in being abusive, knowing they could possibly also go to trial. kumasi: the das office has not said whether the fourth charge will be refiled. reggie: velasquez will stay in jail after being denied a retrial. he was accused of shooting at a person accused of molesting one of his relatives.
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jim hammer is a former assistant district attorney and says this is not a surprise. >> convicted of attempted premeditated murder, the sentence is life in prison. the stakes are high. how do you change public opinion? use often it -- you soften it. reggie: velasquez is set to appear in court next month. kumasi: certain low-level crimes were changed to misdemeanors. proposition 47 has helped overcrowding in prisons but opponents believe it has led to an increasing crimes. >> prop 47 has been a disaster.
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what matters is people being safe in their communities. kumasi: if assembly member kylie's bill is approved, it will still need to go to the house and the senate for a vote. that first about will happen later today. we will let you know what the results are. reggie: at disney world crews are cleaning up after a night of torrential rain in orlando. look at the most magical place on earth -- can you believe this? kumasi: yes, florida. reggie: not the most ideal situation, but visitors were still there, some of them playing and laughing in the rainy streets. what is in that water though? drew: those ponchos did little.
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they tried. what are you going to do? reggie: kids like puddles! drew: do you think they were mad that the fireworks were probably canceled? kumasi: you are there. drew: make the best of the worst? that is a good spirit to have. for us we are tracking a lot of sunshine today. here is the exploratorium camera. air quality takes a decline. it is all in response to that high-pressure overhead bringing us warm weather today and tomorrow. that traps pollutants new the surface. 55 in pacifica.
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san ramon at 36 degrees. tomorrow winds pick up and that does increase our fire danger. daylight savings time does start this weekend. your sunrise on sunday is at 7:20 a.m. here are those winds. tomorrow they pick up along the coast and then late into the day they begin to ramp up in the north bay. dry, offshore wind. look at the fire danger index, which takes into account the temperatures. you will find mild conditions today and tomorrow.
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wendy on thursday. over the weekend -- windy on thursday. kumasi: today is international women's day. it is also meant to call attention to women's equality. there are several events going on today, including a handful of in person and virtual events in san francisco. reggie: drivers watching gas prices go up before their eyes. kumasi: plus what those rising gas prices mean for travel plans. reggie: i'm mark and i live in vero beach, florida. my wife and i have three children.
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kumasi: evacuations are in major cities in ukraine. russia has agreed to a temporary cease-fire overnight to get citizens out of the country. overnight shall announced they would stop buying-- shell -- shell announced they would stop buying gas and oil from russia.
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two san francisco agencies are calling for the permanent closure of jfk drive. the street closed at the start of the pandemic. reggie: ano ano major league baseball's already delayed season. if no deal is reached by tonight the league says it will cancel another week of regular-season games. drew: already into the 50's by 9:00 a.m. our warmer spots are headed back into the 70's. jobina: a very different commute compared to yesterday. not a single issue reported by the chp. kumasi: apple's first event of the year is today. we are expecting to see a new low-cost iphone. the event starts at 10:00. reggie: their countries may be
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at war, but on the court, they are a team. julia and rap for cal state northridge. the two have been paired up for a while and they say that the conflict overseas has not got in between them. >> we started talking and -- -- there is no tension between us. reggie: julia says most of her family was able to evacuate from kyiv except for her father. ekaterina says she needseedseeds careful with her words because her family is still back in russia. kumasi: there are w save money. here is more from gio benitez.
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>> concerns the cost of travel can climb. >> the price of oil will eventually get passed on to consumers in the form of higher ticket prices. >> the cost of oil climbing past $120 a barrel and now concerns it could go as high as $170 a barrel as tensions rise. if you are planning to travel, when should you book your tickets? >> the fall or winter. >> what about credit card points? should you use them now or wait? we will have all the expert advice coming up at 8:00. kumasi: gas prices are soaring everywhere. it is to the point where drivers are watching prices go up before
5:25 am
their eyes. this video was taken in pennsylvania and shows people staring as prices increase at the shell station. the price went from $3.99 $4.41, . it's like the price is right. $4.41? don't play with my heart like that. that is too much. reggie: do it at night when people can't see it. kumasi: > -- and don'ton'ton't't reggie: two local college students on the verge of getting kicked out are now suing the school. kumasi: a new ride opening in
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cease-fire allowing civilians to evacuate. reggie: if you did not do it yesterday, americans are faith -- maybe you need to fill up today. americans are facing high gas prices. kumasi: it is march 8. drew: this is the launching pad to warm us up into the 60's and 70's. 37 in napa. some 40's and 50's on the board. there is mild air close to the coast. outside, a live look from the tower showing you cold conditions over the city.
5:30 am
we jump into the 60's by noon. by 4:00 p.m. we will go into the 60's and 70's again. reggie: russia has declared a new temporary cease-fire. kumasi: the goal is to allow civilians to escape the capital city of cities. ukrainian officials claim to russian planes were shot down over the capital city of kyiv. ukrainian president zelensky gave an exclusive interview with david muir. >> what does it mean for our freedom? always american people speak aloud of freedom and they know
5:31 am
what it is. now when they are looking at ukrainians, you feel what it means for us. we are not far from you. that is why, americans, if you see and if you understand how we feel, how we fight against enemies for our freedom, support us, and not only with words, with direct steps. do it and i think we will win. kumasi: president zelensky says he plans on staying in ukraine until the end. the san jose city council plans to address a number of actions to support the people of ukraine . they vary from lighting up city hall in the colors of the ukrainian flag to helping refugees settle in san jose.
5:32 am
there is a possibility it could end its sister city relationship with a city in russia. many are waiting anxiously to hear from loved ones at home to hear that they are safe. some have had chilling conversations with friends with the sounds of explosives in the background. >> i realized i am not military trained. most likely i will be a burden. >> if it takes longer, i will consider going. kumasi: for now the safer option has prevailed, attending rallies and donating to humanitarian relief efforts. if you would like to help the people of ukraine, we have a list of verified groups sending
5:33 am
help to refugees. reggie: there is no escaping the increasing gas prices. overnight they jumped almost $.10 everywhere. here is a look at the national average, the state average and the san francisco average for a gallon of gas. it drivers across california are paying an average of $5.44 for a gallon of gas this morning. bart hopes these higher gas prices encourages people to get back on the trains. >> it is easy to find a seat right now. ridership is down. ridge tolls are up. a bart says it is a good time to ditch the car and get on the train. bart could really use the boost.
5:34 am
ridership is only 30% of where it was before the pandemic started. now that gas prices are inching towards six dollars a gallon in the bay area commuters, say they expect to see more commuter peon bart. >> even beyonce, it is hard for her to get gas. gases just not going to do it. >> even in bart's favor, the drastic drop in the number of covid cases in the bay area. ridership is so low bart has been predicting a $2 billion deficit over the next two years. they hope this will change the trend in their favor. reggie: valet transportation
5:35 am
authority is seeing an increase in writers again. they are adding two cars to the blue line on weekdays to help writers spread out. -- riders spread out. kumasi: two new studies study what happens to the brain after you get covid. jobina: both studies reached a common conclusion -- covid definitely causes neurological problems and those problems are showing up as crippling fatigue and memory loss. the first study included 64 patients. the study found evidence of blood leaks and inflammation in the rain leading to long-term damage. -- the brain leading to
5:36 am
long-term damage. >> neurons forming connections is how we remember, how we move. -- remember, how we move. jobina: researchers found significant differences in mri scans pointing to the brain shrinking in size after infection. that could lead to the nervous system disorders here but he is advocating for an in-depth look into both studies to identify what it is about covid that is causing damage to the brain. reggie: two students are suing santa clara university over the schools vaccine mandate, which includes a booster shot. one of them claims they had an adverse reaction after receiving their first dose of the vaccine. the second does not want to take
5:37 am
the risk. kumasi: a bloody man in a hospital gown -- reggie: we do not know when baseball will be back about one artist announced she is coming to oracle park. the show getting back on the road after the pandemic shutdown. drew: we are tracking breezy conditions in our hills this morning similar to yesterday. it these winds will warm us up quickly today but by thursday morning those winds get stronger and turn more widespread. satellite radar is showing you high-pressure control. there is a storm to our north. tomorrow and thursday it will kick up our winds as it passes
5:38 am
to our east. by noon we are seeing 70 s a comeback. we expect widespread 70's in our warmer spots away from the coast. near 70 in oakland. we will hit 74 in santa rosa. today it is all about that warmth. the winds strengthen tomorrow afternoon. by thursday the winds become areawide. we are tracking a windy morning on the way. that wind will drag in some dry air. we will take a much closer look at those winds coming up in eight minutes. jobina: we are doing very nicely
5:39 am
on our roads. we bring you alive picture in emeryville. those headlights are traveling towards the maze. good morning, walnut creek. those taillights are traveling southbound for you. it has been a nice commute. the only slow down is 19 minutes.
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5:41 am
>> the moment i saw someone standing in my home, threatening me, was paralyzing. kumasi: a frightening home invasion involving a bloody man in a hospital gown is a shedding light on a potentially bigger issue for residents in one san francisco neighborhood.
5:42 am
>> it was not the wind that jen brown from her slumber early saturday morning. >> i confronted him right here. " who are you? what are you doing in my house?" he runs down the hall, smashes this chair against the mirror. i saw he was wearing hospital patient clothing and a nightshirt from a hospital and a medical band on his wrist and blood on his face. >> despite trying to de-escalate the situation, asking the man to sit down, the man then made a dramatic exit. >> the next thing he did was
5:43 am
hurl this radiator through my bedroom window and jump out. >> a neighbor watched him jump out rear and first. -- rear end first. a number of neighbors descended here trying to figure out what was going on. one even found a severed finger in this garden. they arrested 47-year-old russell of writing. jen and a number of neighbors say there has been a number of incidents involving people wearing medical gowns. neither hospital could explain where he came from. >> my home is my sanctuary.
5:44 am
>> she hopes her story will spark positive change. reggie:oh kumasi: so many things. the state senator introduced legislation regarding dna evidence in rape cases. reggie: it would prohibit victims dna from being placed in a searchable database. santa clara county's district attorney reassured victims that it has never misused to their dna. >> we want to protect victims of
5:45 am
sexual assault, not collect evidence that could be used against them later. reggie: santa clara wil wil wil questions about its crime lab practices. kumasi: determining whether charges will be filed in an incident with fireworks that harmed two children. both kids who got hurt were 12 years old. a boy had major injuries to his hands and burns on most of his body. environmental groups are closely watching the supreme court case they believe could have significant repercussions in california. coal producers in west virginia have argued that the powers congress delegates to the epa
5:46 am
are being used too broadly. a ruling in the case could change the role the federal government plays in regulating air and water pollution. >> air does not respect state boundaries. you need federal laws to protect the things that. people share -- the things that people share. kumasi: the legislation on an obama era policy that no longer exists. reggie: students at michelle obama's school are eating organic cereal topped with local organic milk and farm fresh fruit. the founder calls this organic breakfast and achievable first step to providing organic food
5:47 am
to children across the city. >> we hope it makes it simple for schools to know that this is possible and we can feed our kids the best food imaginable. reggie: toni thurman was at the school for the launch yesterday. he says the school is -- state as providing the school several hundred thousand -- he says the state is providing the schools several hundred thousand dollars. lady gaga is coming back to oracle park. kumasi: she is bringing her tour to oracle park. she has added eight cities to her original run. if you have a citi card you can
5:48 am
get the presale tickets starting today. if there are any left ---you nee to find somebody with a citi card! drew: i looked at the schedule. there are 7 different presales before the general public on monday. what time does it hit this morning -- reggie: what time does it hit this morning? drew: 10:00 a.m., if you have a citi card. reggie: we have find who has a citi card. drew: that is one of only 15
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cities in the world. reggie: we are super fortunate. i love that album. no skips! drew: all bops. if you know oracle, if you do not get a ticket you will still hear it in the city. let's talk about the weather. reggie: that's awesome. drew: why did we all choose the wrong card? the camera is bouncing around a bit. we talked about the wind in our hills. the wind is blowing around tree pollens. your uv index is on the moderate side. right now 30's and 40's, some
5:50 am
warm spots in the 50's, but still i would take the heavier coat with you. it is warm sunshine again today. tomorrow and thursday morning winds increased areawide. daylight savings time does begin this weekend. we are going to the upper 60's to mid 70's -- above average for this time of year. overnight tonight that wind is in our hills. the and 40's on the board as we track that tomorrow evening. early thursday morning to become more widespread. you look at 11:00 a.m. thursday you can see offshore wind develop. we take that into account. s, the wind gust temperatures -- we take that into account.
5:51 am
extreme fire danger because of these winds right now. cooler and windier tomorrow but we will watch wind thursday morning. reggie: ne-yo at 6:00, you know the bay area is one of the most expensive rental markets in the country. now one university could help kumasi:. -- now one university could help. kumasi: the new apple unveiled this morning. a live look outside this morning at 5:51. reggie: that is the art museum isn't it?
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reggie: apple's first event of the year happens today and we expected to see a new low-cost iphone. according to reuters the budget friendly phone includes a better camera and a faster processor. introduce a series of upgrades to its current product lineup. you will likely have to wait until the fall for the iphone 14. kumasi: a new hotel is ready to welcome visitors to oakland. it is located along broadway in the uptown district. the hotel includes conference space and meeting rooms and there is a plan for a locally owned french restaurant to open
5:55 am
soon. reggie: great america is starting to -- getting ready to open for the season. the liberty twirler is a scrambler. we have learned the park is canceling halloween haunts but it plans to replace it with a more family friendly event that they are calling tricks and treats. drew:drew: have you never seen the liberty scrambler? reggie: do you have a citi card? drew: the sun is slowly rising. take a look at air quality as high-pressure continues its dominance on our weather pattern.
5:56 am
it is a little more hazy in our atmosphere. high-pressure overhead traps pollutants near the surface. it is a warmer start this morning compared to yesterday by about five degrees. we are on our way to another warm day. in about 35 minutes we quickly warm into the 60's. our warmest -- you will find breezy conditions in the hills. kumasi: at 6:00, a new policy in effect if you have to make a reservation to go to disneyland. reggie: agencies calling for the permanent closure of cars on a street. the mayor's response.
5:57 am
kumasi: a bay area native retells the story of his escape from kyiv. reggie: it is
5:58 am
in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >>
6:00 am
move as russia continues to bombard the country. the new cease-fire in effect right now. >> the woman accused of fakingcc her own kidnapping. >> jfk drive and golden gate park could be closed to cars permanently. >> good morning. it is tuesday, march 8. >> we want to check in with drew for a look at the forecast. drew: temperatures are already warmer compared to yesterday at this time. we are waking up to temperature is already climbing through the 40's. a couple of 30's on the board. for the most part it is not as cold as yesterday. here's how the day is shaping up. a lot of


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