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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 9, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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dollar gas, but good news on the horizon. your hearing about slightly cheaper spots and ways people are skipping paying altogether. kumasi: more bay area can panisse companies ready to bring workers back to the office, but it is not going to be like it was. we are getting ready for the tradition and -- transition ahead. [laughter] reggie: welcome back to all the rest of you on this wednesday. kumasi: we are glad you are here with us. checking in with you, drew. drew: it is nice. a little cooler. right now, we are in the 40's, basically, and a little bit warmer than we were yesterday morning. for the most part, it is not to, to chilly out there. here is a live look at the camera at kgo come where the sun is slowly rising on the horizon. temperature slowly climbing into
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the 60's by noon. later today, we are mainly in the 60's. it does turn windy along the coast. the wind advisory ends at midnight tonight. kumasi: there is new information this morning about the situation at the turn noble nuclear power plant in ukraine. his morning, ukraine warned that the power had been turned off and that they were worried a radioactive substance could be released. reggie: the international atomic energy agency has just tweeted that they believe that everything is ok. they say safety measures at the plant can operate without power. kumasi: vice president harris is heading to europe to figure out the next steps. >> vice president harris is headed to poland, where she will meet with leaders tomorrow and friday. she took off for her trip about an hour ago. the biden administration hoped the trip would highlight the strong unity between the united states and its allies in europe. it comes after the pentagon
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rejected an offer from poland to send military jets to an airbase in europe -- in germany, which would send to ukraine. there was worry the move would inflame tensions with russia and possibly trigger an attack on poland. vice president harris is expected to discuss alternatives with the polish government. the cia director told congress that russian president vladimir putin is frustrated. he anticipated a quick victory. >> he has been proven wrong on every count. where that leads i think is an ugly next few weeks. >> he told lawmakers that as prudent gets angrier he is likely to try to wind down the ukrainian military with no regard to civilian casualties. six humanitarian corridors are now open for 12 hours during a temporary cease-fire today. she called on russia to keep its commitment and not violate the cease-fire.
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kumasi: in the south bay, the san jose community is encouraging action. last night at a candlelight vigil, there is a call to action held, organized by orchard city and others. organizers use qr codes to direct guests to donate and access resources. if you would like to help the people of ukraine, we have a full list. that is on our website, reggie: the ban on oil could cause already high gas prices to go even higher. from left to right, here is how much dance -- how much rates have gone up around the country. you can see the national average has jumped from 365 to 425 a gallon. in california, the average price has gone up more than $.70. the average price has also jumped about $.70 some we have
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almost reached the peak. san jose state university economics professor says many oil companies russian oil use in preparation for s. >> we don't import a lot of russian oil. it is in the single digits as far as the fraction of oil we import. it is not a kit to our supply. reggie: if other countries put sanctions on the gas, he could rise even more. sky 7 cut this long line of cars waiting at an arco station. it was $4.95 for regular unleaded if you paid cash. however, we checked on gas buddy. it looks like it is up to 5:15. >> $60 and i only got 12 gallons of gas. that is outrageous. >> i would rather pay more for gas than give it to russia. >> price is going up.
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reggie: just down the road, people were paying one dollar more at a chevron station. kumasi: part of building a better bay area since the pandemic is examining the changing workplace. more than -- more and more local companies are going to be requiring workers to come back to the office in the summer. gloria rodriguez is finding out things are going to look a lot different this time around. daria: you are right. it won't be like it was before the pandemic. many employers surveyed said that most of the workers would be in the office three days a week or less, - mndsday. y area council new survey dating that more than 20% of surveyed employers plan on having their staff back at the office by the middle of the month. chief economist for the city and county of san francisco says that the city had a fairly weak recovery from covid, and this
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would extend things. government and small businesses rely on the commerce that the corporations bring downtown, but it can also bring new opportunities for local opportunities and businesses. >> the production is that no one is going to the officer everyone is going to the office. i think we are in this permanent flexible/hybrid environment. gloria: they are bringing back most offices in a hybrid work for ace next month. put it reopening offices next week, but letting employees choose whether to go in our work full-time from home. a majority of those companies surveyed say there noon long-term normal operations the new long-term normal operations will be fully implemented by june or july. reggie: gloria, thank you. a new plan to solve crime in san francisco. this attempt believes they can stop most before they even happen. plus, big showmanship with flashy newtek.
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apple's budget-friendly iphone finally revealed. a player showing up unannounced to teach steph and clay a thing or two about stopping. drew: 6:07 a.m., and we are tracking a wind advisory in the east bay hills. the winds will gust up to 55
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kumasi: australia has declared a national emergency in response to devastating floods. new video shows the moment a ceiling collapsed in a supermarket in southern sydney. life-threatening flash flooding, potential landslides impacting the city, with heavy rain prompting multiple evacuation warnings. drew: taking a live look at our camera, pretty colors from our
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sunrise as it slowly gets up at 6:29 a.m. by 10:00 a.m., we are coming to the 50's. by midday, we are mainly in the 60's. widespread 70's along the coast, so we are a little bit cooler. partly cloudy skies. most of us going into the 60's later on today. winds first ramp up along the coastline. late tonight and early tomorrow morning, the winds become more active, dragging and lower humidity. our fire danger does increase a bit. a check of traffic. >> we are going to start with the bay bridge toll plaza. there was a crash just past the metering lights that has moved off to the shoulder, and the metering lights came on at 5:43. san mateo, you had an earlier sluggish start.
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those should be right at the limit as you make your way into the peninsula. a commuter alert this morning is going to be about bart. the redline is suspended indefinitely because of power problem starting on monday because of a fire. service is limited to the orange line and shuttle buses will be provided between sfo and the bay bridge. reggie: major changes could soon become into the post office. the senate passed legislation to modernize agency operations. it would cut costs by requiring employees to enroll in medicare and drop a mandate that required the post office to pay for medical coverage years in advance. sps would also have to create an online dashboard to give delivery time data. that bill now headed to president biden's death. more top stories coming your way at 6:00. governor newsom' estate of the state. the main message he is describing as "the california way," plus a plan to offset gas prices. a song from 2020 is somehow
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billboard's number one. and watch out. a suspicious surge, and the states caught doing it the most.
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kumasi: we know gas prices are on a lot of your minds this morning. the governor is revealing a proposal to help bring them down. governor newsom said a tax rebate could help. governor newsom: in january, we propose to pause to the gas tax. now, it is clear we have to go farther. that is why we are working with the legislative leadership on submitting a proposal to put money back in the pockets of californians to address rising gas prices. kumasi: governor newsom also
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pledged to continue to address crime, public safety, homelessness, and the housing crisis, despite -- describing his approach as "the california way." we are plagued by the agents of a national anger machine, weaponizing grievance. this is a threat we must all face together and prove there is a better way, a california way forward. kumasi: democrats applauded the governor, saying he is committed to finding solutions. kevin kiley criticized the governor, saying while he gave a positive outlook on the state, california see it differently. reggie: happening today, the state of the city address as san francisco gets ready to run up for the return of workers to many offices around the city.
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the address is sched begin at 11:00 this morning. kumasi: a san francisco supervisor as proposed a new crime prevention plan. according to the proposal, police officers put stuff around? jobina: a supervisor require the 10 police districts to work with their community is to develop annual plans for crime prevention. according to the chronicle, the plans must include strategies for officers on foot and bike patrols in the neighborhoods. officers would choose which streets to patrol based on where crimes are reported as well as community impact. this comes after complaints of burglary and vandalism in the sunset district supervisor represents. he said relationships between the police department and the communities make for a safer place. reggie: shay panisse -- chez chz
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panisse is back open. diners are required to show proof of acts before entering. fans of cesar, the topless bar next door, showed up with protest signs. that bar is being evicted so the restaurant can expand. kumasi: how are you figuring out the wardell -- wordle every day. a new study says you are probably cheating. word finder x looked at google search data in the last three months and found searches for the word went up 196% since the new york times but the popular game back in january. the places with the most cheaters -- new hampshire, rhode island, and vermont. reggie: what is going on in new england? kumasi: what are they doing over there?
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you are right. reggie: there are a lot of ivs around there. -- kumasi: nobody wants to lose. reggie: but no one is forcing you to play the game, if it is that bad. try "wheel of fortune." drew: even better, jeopardy. reggie: word search. drew: a crossword. that might be hard, though. reggie: word search. drew: circle the words. they can be hard. reggie: compare the picture. drew: remember that in "highlights"? it was always in the doctor's office, and you are waiting to be seen. it is a whole thing. you get it or you don't. good morning. it is not too bad out there.
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waking up to temperatures not too chilly this morning. later, we will find a cooler afternoon compared to the last couple of days. we will go back down to the 60's. winds pick up first along the coast. tomorrow morning, winds become more widespread as a wind advisory goes into effect at midnight tonight. over the weekend, don't forget daylight saving time begins. and then a chance of wet weather. encouraging news on the horizon. it is all about cooler temperatures today, most of us going into the 60's. the winds pick up first along the coast, and become more widespread tomorrow morning. overnight, we will track the winds. temperatures in the 30's and 40's as we head to thursday. the strongest winds forecast in the north bay and east bay, starting at midnight tonight. this could go up to 55 mph, and the winds tend to bring tree branches down. we could have isolated power
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outages. we could track an increase in fire danger. in the north bay and east bay, you see we have heightened fire danger, something we will watch very closely as the winds move through. it looks like we could see higher amounts in the north bay, but it is still about six or seven days out. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. gusty winds tomorrow. winds relax friday. chance of showers monday night and tuesday. it is level one on the storm index. reggie: we turn to ginger zee with a look at what is happening on gma. hello, ginger. ginger: the hood is up and i am in the rain, changing over to snow. what a beautiful day here as we almost enter spring. i will be talking about this storm that actually has implications of tornado watches down in the south. a lot more to get to.
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you know we will start with the latest in ukraine. president biden announcing a ban on russian oil. we tell you what it means for gas prices at home. then new details on the proposed plan to give polish plane to ukraine. two americans being held in venezuela. they have been released following talks with the biden administration as it considers lifting oil sanctions. and we have got an abc news exclusive with the lead investigator who has been on the case since day one. and even though the snowflakes are mixing in here and we were just at record highs two days ago, maybe we are thinking about spring cleaning. we are going to take you to the dollar store, compare prices, and make sure you get clean on the cheap. reggie: it is a really cool jacket, though, right? gloria: the blue jacket is back. reggie: we love it for you. we will see you at 7:00.
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drew:drew: the time approaching 6:24 a.m. sunrise in about four minutes. air quality today and tomorrow, no matter whether you -- where you work or play -- we're looking at the planner throughout the day. partly cloudy skies. it is a cooler afternoon. most of us going into the 60's. kumasi: the warriors had a special surprise guest during pregame. see who it is. will ferrell showed up on the court in character as a character from the 2008 movie "semi pro." players included his biggest fan, klay thompson. it came at a great time for the ducks, who were in a losing streak. >> that was some of the most fun i have had on the court and i'm appreciative that will could come by and let you mood, especially after the losing
6:25 am
streak had. i'm not going to say he was responsible for the win tonight, what i think he was a huge catalyst. he came up, guns blazing. he is a legend. i had no idea that was coming. that was so cool. dreams do come true. kumasi: this is the whole thing. will ferrell's face, he is really into this. he is in character. like you can tell. he dressed up as jackie moon in 2018. and the warriors beat the clippers. reggie: you can start pre-ordering apple's new budget-friendly phone on friday. the company revealed that plus another new phone and other products during its first event of 2022. ♪ kumasi: something is happening.
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reggie: the new enhanced five gse starts at $429. apple is adding new shades of green to color choices for the iphone 13. >> this past fall, we have added more new users to the iphone 13 lineup than in each of the previous five launches. reggie: the se is what my mom has. apple along with other companies may be facing headwinds with higher gas prices dipping into discretionary income. a song that came out two years ago has broken a mariah carey record. >> ♪ been wrecking me out can't make me happy or not ♪ reggie: "heat waves" by glass animals is number one on billboard's top 100. it took 59 weeks to get there. they went for the long game. it wariah's "all i nt for christmas is you," which had a record of 35 weeks.
6:27 am
singer dave bailey did not think the song would be popular because it came out at the beginning of the pandemic. he said hitting number one is the cherry on top of the cake. kumasi: new at 6:00, you can play all the mariah carey you want with amazon's free new app called amp. live chat rooms let users turn the room into their own radio dj , so anyone who signs up 10 host their own show with access to millions of songs. they can wrap with other listeners in the room and share with calling guests. reggie: oh. kumasi: they got it. reggie: pg&e's new idea to let you power your home using your car. kumasi: it could be the best yummy bay area food to eat if you want to help save the planet. reggie: they are cute. they are cuddly. i do think grizzly bears are one
6:28 am
of the cutest animals. obviously, i don't want to be this close to one. the new job opening for those of you who love bears. kumasi: ok. i still -- reggie: aren't they beautiful, though? kumasi: they are very beautiful. they need some space. let's look outside right now.
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>> building a better bay area. finding solutions. this is abc7news. reggie: a bay area store clerk shot and killed while working overnight. the search for the shooter this morning. kumasi: with the extreme surge in gas prices, experts lay out the road ahead. plus, wider thought of turning to an electric vehicle might not be such a safe haven. reggie: a sunken ship discovery.
6:31 am
the underwater find in antarctica more than 100 years old. kumasi: good morning. it is wednesday, march 9. reggie: we are going to check on the weather. i'm trying to figure out what this is giving me this morning. it is not a 10. it is not a zero either. kumasi: it is an eight. give it an eight. reggie: it's a strong seven. drew: strong seven? i will take it. this is not the easiest day. temperatures are rising slowly through the 40's. we will track that gorgeous sunrise. you can see right on the hor the sun is slowly getting up. it is a littl littl compared to yesterday and monday, and the winds turned breezy on the coast. a advisory starting at midnight.
6:32 am
reggie: developing news in indonesia. the search is on for a person who shot and killed a store clerk during a suspected robbery at rose market, on rose drive and columbus parkway, around 10:00 last night. amy hollyfield is live in venetia with a new information from police. amy: the market has signs in the window saying it will be closed today. this is right next to the freeway. we are on columbus parkway, right off of interstate 780. we are about four miles from the vallejo border. the clerk shot and killed last night. police say it looks like this happened during a robbery. they got an alarm call at 10:00 last night. policepolicepolicepolicepolicepe arrests. they say the killer was gone when they arrived. they won't be releasing any more information at this time.
6:33 am
the police chief did put out a statement, mike green saying we are deeply saddened by the senseless violence that happened in our community. we have detectives and every available resource working to identify the suspect. they said they don't want to release any more information, especially about the victim, and respect for their family. we see several cameras. venetia also has those license place -- license plate readers. police have not told us whether they got any good images they can use in their investigation. at this time, they say they have not made any arrests. amy hollyfield, abc7news. kumasi: ukrainian officials -- reggie: ukrainian officials are worried that her noble nuclear power plant is damaged and is only 48 hours away from potential leaks, according to the washington post. it was disconnected from the power grid by the russians and cannot cool the spent fuel rods. russian troops are closing in on
6:34 am
several key ukrainian cities. the u.s. warns food and supplies in the capital of kyiv might be out in a matter of two weeks. evacuations are underway in six areas after russia agreed to a 12 hour cease-fire. the u.n. announces more than 2.1 million people have left ukraine since the invasion began. president biden announced -- >> we go for this leadership for this most powerful signal to the world. it is very simple. every penny paid to russia turns into bullets and projectiles that fly to other states. kumasi: pentagon -- reggie: pentagon has rejected an offer from poland to send made 29 jets to the ukrainian air force. the u.s. says that could lead russia to attack poland, and that would force the u.s. into a war. the quinlan says that the u.s. has declared an economic war.
6:35 am
a growing list of u.s. companies suspending operations at least temporarily. kumasi: the surprises causing gas prices to go even higher. reggie: according to aaa, the price for a regular gallon is up $.13 in the last 24 hours. the national average is in san francisco, it is 5.68 dollars. jobina is at the live desk with more on this. jobina: it is unclear what the impact will be on russia, the oil producer. the u.s. imports only 3% of its oil from russia, but overnight, oil prices went up, and gas prices have gone up $.56. an argument that the temporary freeze on new oil drilling leases has hampered u.s. ability to produce oil and gas. at the white house says more than a thousand leases are left
6:36 am
unused. biden suggests you ask oil companies why they are not using those if there is a desire to drill more. >> the president says he is going to do everything he can to reduce the impact on the american people, including the price of gas at the tank. jobina: the washington post announced that president biden has outpaced former president trump in issuing drilling permits on public lands. the biden administration previously set a record. kumasi: as the cost of gas continues to rise, some people might be searching for more options to get around. bart is hoping for a boost in passengers. some people think we could see a return to the casual carpool. that option was really popular before the pandemic. they can use carpool lanes and get pull discounts. >> the most valuable available asset we have is the empty seats in people's cars. kumasi: the metropolitan
6:37 am
transportation commission believes it will become a popular option again for commuters and professionals. in the 1970's, skyrocketing prices were the catalyst for the carpooling movement in the u.s.. reggie: could this mean higher airfares? taking a look at sfo, travel air prices have risen 2% or 3%. they are increasing as we head into the spring and summer travel season. so far we are not seeing a big surge in prices we are seeing at the pump. >> if we see these over $100 per barrel oil, i expect that would show up in airfares midsummer. reggie: a fair hike -- fare would be a major blow to airlines. kumasi: florida' is controversial "don't say gay" bill is headed to the governor's desk. it would limit what schools can
6:38 am
teach about sexual orientation and vendor identity, saying the lessons may not occur in kindergarten or in a matter -- manner that is not age-appropriate. the last part about being age-appropriate has lgbtq plus advocates concerned that the bill is so vacate could be applied to anything. the republican who wrote the bill is defending it. >> the bill, all it does -- it talks about what is appropriate in the classroom to teach. it talks about the fact that the parent has the right to be engaged in the education of their children. >> i think this bill is vague on purpose, because it is trying to push families, students, and lgbtq individuals back into the closet. kumasi: the biden administration has denounced the bill as anti- lgbtq plus. governor desantis has signed he
6:39 am
would -- has signaled he would sign the bill. reggie: a bill would put thousands more counselors in schools, and student mental health is becoming a growing concern. >> california has only had enough mental health professionals to provide about 30% of the need even before the pandemic. kumasi: a senate bill bill provide $25,000 grants to aspiring counselors who service to areas of high need. it could ultimately add 10,000 new counseling positions. the bill as part of a winter effort to address work shortages in california schools. reggie: -- kumasi: ghostbusters, but thieves. everything caught on camera.
6:40 am
and this is a live look at the big board. the new york stock exchange up right now. significantly, 560 points. we will have updates on the markets, next. >> the reading mother charged with faking her own kidnapping five years ago. released from jail. this morning, we are hearing from the investigator. make sure you stay with us for abc 7 at 7:00. we are talking women-owned small businesses, inflation, and so much more. it is on the abc 7 bay area 24/7 stream, and on our app and it jobina: checking in on traffic, we are going to start with the biggest issue which has been trending, bart. the redline is suspended indefinitely. it is limited to the orange line and the shuttlebus service. check out a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is packed. metering lights came on at 5:43,
6:41 am
which is a sign people are beginning to return to work. a very different story in san jose as we bring you this life picture showing the 101. heading out to minutes. good morning, drew. drew: sounds rough on 580, but here is a nice picture from the exploratorium camera. we are in store for a cooler afternoon compared to yesterday. most of us will top out in the 60's. hour-by-hour we go. future tracker temperatures by 10:00 a.m., slowly moving to the 50's by noon. most of us will be in the 60's. that is where most of us will sit later on this afternoon. a little breezy, especially on the coast. 62 in the city. 65 in oakland. 69 in concord. we are watching on live doppler 7, a storm which is in idaho.
6:42 am
that will kick off our winds late tonight and early tomorrow. a wind advisory begins at midnight for the north bay mountains and east bay hills. our mountains are going to take the brunt of this. gusts could go as high as 55 mph . we will show you the wind coming up in about eight minutes. here is a look at more high temperatures around the bay. it is streaming this disney plus. >> i wear what i want. say what i want. also, i a red panda. >> do you know how dangerous this is? >> just trust me on this. my whole life is a cryptic little. >> people have all kinds of sides to them. >> maybe i like this new me. >> literally goosebumps. >> "turning
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kumasi: san jose are investigating after another pedestrian was hit by a vehicle on bolero drive, a few blocks from a park. the pedestrian was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police say the driver stayed at the scene to cooperate with the investigation. this was the fourth person to be hit by a car in the last week. on of those victims died of their injuries. new develops -- developments this morning, a woman granted bail after being accused with faking her abduction. this comes as we hear exclusively from the lead investigator in this case. jobina: investigators have been repeatedly saying they have been upset about the amount of hours and money spent on this case, and the leads did not help them solve the case. >> is investigators, we want
6:46 am
answers. we need something tangible to hold onto. if you don't have that or you are dancing around some answers that may be there, it can get very frustrating. jobina: a judge sided with the defense, releasing the woman on bond. she has to surrender her passport and agree not to leave parts of southern california, and must participate in a psychiatric program. this video of papini running out of jail, tried to hide from reporters. dan abrams is on gma. he says he is surprised by the statement of the family representative. wes mat diday. they didn' ts is is crazy. ey comai abouman surrounng haidr clarification on some of the charges. jobina: a preliminary hearing will be held in two weeks. if a grand jury indicts for
6:47 am
them, it will go straight to trial. kumasi: burglars wearing similar clothing got away with a safe from a home in hillsboro. police say there were credit cards that have already been used in modesto, gardena, and los angeles county. after recovering two safes, hillsboro police say this appears to be the work of tourism theft groups. they are investigating three separate cases they think maybe connect to one group. supporters of an outgoing city manager are demanding an apology from one member of the city council. a coalition of groups are upset that a councilman used a dog analogy when discussing the firing with the san jose mercury news. they said his comments were not acceptable. >> this is about diversity, equity, and inclusion, standing against misogyny, against racism. we arelyta he to and raising our voices
6:48 am
m our el officials. kumasi: in voting a lack of confidence in her ability to lead the city. we reached out to park for a response but have not heard back. reggie: with rising gas prices, many are thinking about turning to buy an electric car. that is a problem because those prices could go up, because the price of nickel, which is used in electric car batteries, has also skyrocketed in recent weeks. when he percent of the nikole houston electric batteries comes from a single -- you guessed it -- russian company. tesla ceo elon musk calls nikole -- monickelnickelnickelnickel scaling. they will try to move to an alternative. gm is designing vehicle so you
6:49 am
can use them as a power source in the event of an outage. the home testing will start this summer. the hope is to do large-scale trials by the end of the year. it is estimated one in five electric vehicles in the country is impeach andy's service -- in pg&e's servicere pl to pay when acceptingve. credit cards, called interchange fees. card networks set those fees and merchants pay for them.analystso many online purchases. mountain view-based google is boosting its cybersecurity business. the company is taking over the cybersecurity firm mangiant. it will be folded into help google cloud operations. looking at the stock exchange,
6:50 am
we are pretty high already, up 625 points. stocks saw big swings from the u.s. ban on russian oil. they briefly turned upward on the ukrainian president's indication toward a possible peace agreement. well into positive territory as we start the day. kumasi: new at 6:00, you might want to eat oysters if you want to be more healthy. and environmentally conscious. a new study finds that certain types of seafood are just as climate friendly as some veggies when you consider nutritional content. farm shellfish can he bon dioxide and do not need to be fed. they can all be produced or harvested with low impact to thp found more than 100 years after it of sir ernest shackleton's ship, endurance.
6:51 am
the ship was found in really icy waters two miles beneath the ocean. national geographic is teaming up with history hit for a documentary about the endurance. it was crushed by sea ice and sank in 1915. amazingly, the crew survived. scientists and archaeologists say that much of the structure is still preserved. >> the idea that we can see the lettering, the gold lettering on the seabed, untarnished after over 100 years lying down there -- i never believed we would get that close. kumasi: national geographic should this exclusive video of the masts on the ship. gma will have a report coming up at 7:00, and a documentary will premiere this fall as part of the explorer series on disney. and it is going to be your most important person in the world today. our streaming show. drew: it is so intact. on hundred years, they found it
6:52 am
like that? reggie: and the people survived. i'm trying to figure that one out. kumasi: when you are blessed, you are blessed. reggie: i guess so. no jack and rose there. drew: no titanic. they fit more than one person on the door. it happened like ago? he is a fictional character. reggie: what? [laughter] drew: not today. i just broke news. let's look at the weather. i was like, what? reggie: that was pretty good. drew: that was not a real love story? we are in the 40's and 50's. we are at 50 in cloverdale. not bad on the water. cooler is our theme this afternoon. today, we were in the 70's.
6:53 am
it is gusty winds along the coast, first today and then tomorrow. that does increase our fire danger. this weekend, don't forget daylight saving time begins. temperatures a little bit cooler, in the 60's. the winds are strongest today along the coastline, and it will ramp up late tonight. tonight, we will track the winds and temperatures in the 30's and 40's under clear skies. here are wind gusts today. this is lunch time. strongest along the coastline. late tonight and early tomorrow morning, the winds are strongest in the bay. more widespread by midday thursday. drag in drier air. encouraging news monday night into tuesday. we will keep some eyes on that. we have to deal with the wind first, and then we track the rain. when the are on the coast.
6:54 am
the higher fire danger tomorrow. we change our clocks over the weekend, and there is that level 1 chance. kumasi: new this morning, pfizer has launched a study for its pill that fights covid-19 in young kids. it stays in kids ages six to 17. patients who are not hospitalized but are showing symptoms and are at risk of progressing to severe disease. right now, it is authorized to treat the virus in high-risk people 12 and older. pfizer expected to be fda approved in the second half of this year. reggie: if you are a san francisco resident, it will no longer cost you a thing to get into the japanese tea garden and conservatory of flowers in golden gate park. the board of supervisors passed legislation, and mayor london breed is expected to sign it. nonresidents still have to pay. kumasi: do you want to wrestle a grizzly bear? hiring in montana, a grizzly
6:55 am
bear manager. you can apply to manage conflict with these thousand pound beasts for the department of the interior. the position is full of fieldwork in dangerous terrain you have to navigate, and of course encounters with these guys. you do not really have to wrestle. we were kidding about that part. but you are required to be able to lift 50 pounds. grizzlies have been coming into contact with people more often, increasing the need to manage and facilitate protection programs because they are endangered. reggie: i am trying to think if i have ever seen a grizzly bear in the wild. i don't think i have. have you seen any bear in the wild? i have seen black bears multiple times. i someone in virginia. -- i saw one in virginia. kumasi: like close? reggie: no, we were in the car and mama was with little bears. it was really cute. i think there was a grizzly bear when i went to alaska, and every
6:56 am
buddy was like "it's over here," and when i got over there, it was gone. i was excited to see it. over here, family. kumasi: it just left. [laughter] reggie: coming up next, the seven things you need to know today. kumasi: and this is beautiful. - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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kumasi: here are seven things to know this morning. police are working to identify the suspect in a deadly shooting and a convenience store along the parkway. a worker was shot and killed during a suspected robbery. reggie: humanitarian corridors are scheduled to be open in six ukrainian cities for four more hours after russia agreed to a 12 hour cease-fire. the city of mariupol is telling cnn the cease-fire was broken there. kumasi: gas prices continue to search even higher. according to aaa, the price for a regular gallon in california is up $.13 in the last 24 hours. the average cost for drivers is 5.56. reggie: london breed will deliver her state of the city address as san francisco gets ready for the return of workers to many offices around the city after we are going into the third year of the covid-19
6:59 am
pandemic. drew: it is a cooler day ahead compared to yesterday. temperature slowly climbing through the 60's. that is where we max out for most of us. tonight, a wind advisory. jobina: we continue to see metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza turn on earlier and earlier, a sign that the density of traffic is picking up. metering nights came on -- metering lights came on at 5:44. kumasi: reggie, you can sing this. reggie: i cannot, because i never heard the song. kumasi: number seven, the song "heat waves," which would not help me be able to sing it either, has broken a mariah carey record. it has found its way to the top 100 chart. it took 59 weeks to get to number one, which broke mariah's record, i think on the chart for 35 weeks.
7:00 am
jobina: you can argue she had a small window for christmas. kumasi: and she was at good morning, america, for our viewers in the west on this wednesday. new fears putin will double down on his invasion of ukraine as the west delivers more blows to the russian economy. battle for ukraine. the head of the cia warns putin could escalate his attacks even further. >> we've been hearing the sound of bombardments over the last hour as civilians try to get out. >> russian bombs making it impossible for thousands trying to flee the war-torn country. the new message from president zelenskyy this morning, all as the u.s. imposes a ban on russian oil imports. prices likely to go even higher breaking overnight. two americans being held in venezuela released following talks with the bid


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