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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 11, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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to be long conversations likely about what went wrong on these tracks. investigators from the ntsb were seen coming every inch of thursday's tracks in san bruno where a southbound train collided with on track equipment including a crane used install electrification lines overhead. the biggest question for investigators, why was the equipment sitting on the tracks during the commute. any update on what might gone wrong? >> we are not going to know that until the investigation goes along. reporter: it sent five to the hospital. none of the injuries or life-threatening. passengers say the impact of the crash was terrifying. >> it was a very scary moment. we were all very anxious to gett off the train as soon as possible. >> my glasses are broken. reporter: possible damage to
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both southbound and northbound tracks are still being assessed, caltrans now operating a bus bridge to get passengers around the crash scene. >> it is good we got these buses set up. >> my reaction was it could be any of us. we ride the train and expect to have safe travel. the last thing i expected something to go wrong. >> we are glad none of the injuries are life-threatening and we hope they make a recovery as quickly as possible. beyond that we are eager to get service with sword and for the investigation to move along so we can determine what happened so we can make sure this does not happen again. reporter: ntsb officials from washington, d.c. just touchdown a short time ago and may speak with the meteor -- media later today. passengers who left items on
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board the train to retrieve them this weekend or monday at caltrain headquarters. it is still unclear how long this pricing and how long the train will be here. second anchor: thank you so much, we are posting updates about the story on our website, and on their various streaming apps. search abc 7 bay area to get the app now. larry: the united states and allies are taking new steps to ratchet up economic pressure on pressure over its invasion of ukraine. today president biden announced the u.s. along with g7 and european union are moving to revoke most favored nation status for russia. mr. biden says the rush -- the west must continue to punish russia's active aggression.
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pres. biden: doing it in unison with other nations it will make up half of the global economy, under the crushing blow to the russian economy already suffering badly. larry: in ukraine russian forces are stepping up their attacks, edging closer to the capital kyiv and expanding their offensive. the united nations says more than 550 civilians have but others insist the number is higher. 2.5 million iranians have left the country. second anchor: a bay area -- ukrainians have left the country. -- how she is working with a local organization to provide a much-needed aid for refugees fleeing the country. reporter: like many of us valerie cannot make it a day without seeing the devastating images of innocent lives lost in ukraine. the sights and sounds hit close to home.
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she was born in odessa, ukraine and left with her family during the fall of the soviet union. decades later she sees and hears the stories of others trying to leave as well. >> it is easy to feel helpless when you were watching these images. it is heartbreaking. anyone who has been through something like this or is watching this, i do not think we can turn our eyes away. reporter: she has focused her insights on how she can help, working in partnership with the northern california -- chapter. >> they are spending money to provide shelter and medical equipment, food and the basics. >> i cannot imagine this is the reality. reporter: on the ground near the ukraine border volunteers helping with mental health struggles of the refugees coming to terms with this reality. >> i cannot imagine this is the
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situation, and here is another family who has just arrived and she has received a dent until we find a solution. reporter: volunteers are running low on energy. >> the team's 1700 17,200 people. >> their work is so brave, they are sleeping for just a few hours tonight, it is so heartwarming that everyone -- someone would just give up everything and leave their country and to fly and help strangers who are in such a great need. reporter: if you would like to give back we have the details on second anchor: dusted dimension to visiting our website to see how to help ukraine. when you do you'll see a full list of verified groups and nonprofits and supplies at larry: abc 7 is helping to build
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a better bet area. part of our mission is to bring you stories about education. san francisco officially sworn -- sore in its new board members. we spoke to three women and she explains we will try to turn the page and get to work. reporter: just three weeks after a historic and divisive recall san francisco has three new school board members, all three of them women. >> i am so proud that we have three amazing women half who all have a common theme -- have three amazing women who all have a common theme of service. >> your efficacy was not just about your kids, it helps so many other kids that did nothatt
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have an advocate. we cannot make up for the last two years but we can try. reporter: all three members are parents of current students in the district. one is a chinese-american anchrum and or, a primary organizer of the recall. >> i think the reason for the recall and the attacks on the board is to send a message to the board that you have to put students first. reporter: prior to her appointment under their work closely with the san francisco board of education. she hopes this helps. >> for the last four years i've been cochair of a public education and enrichment fund and i have quality relationships with board members. reporter: another is a professor and immigration attorney. >> as we learned the importance of meeting people where they are. reporter: these members are stepping into a divided board. learning loss, declining
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enrollment and the need for a new superintendent. >> work on selecting the manager becaus two main liens said they are hopeful but will keep a close eye. >> there is loss and health crisis. >> i'm confident these folks are going to do a good job. larry: it is tax time as the april deadline gets closer. the irs is making keen to move to make sure you do not have to wait for your money. second anchor: sticker shock, what you need to know before buying an electric car as gas prices keep on soaring. larry: the bay area ready to ring in st. patrick's day in style. meteorologist: we have outdoor -- afternoon as part of us. a look at that sunset, 7:15 by
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larry: stanford researchers are working toward us the forces that may have driven the species, to the california coast much farther north. while climate change may be one of the drivers as spencer christian learned complete story and impact may be more complicated. reporter: if you come across a
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california markets would it may be on your dinner plate. when researchers from stanford came across the sea creatures it was unusual, what of the gulf of alaska. many hundreds of miles north of their normal west coast habitat. >> their typical range would be from basically washington state down to baja, california. they made a big leap. reporter: a marine researc reser was working as a graduate student when he began looking into the northern migration. he found the highly adaptable squid not only extend their habitat but in is to keep growing to their full size at the same time. >> they have the ability instead of having to reach a specific size or age in order to mature and breed, they can adjust that based on the conditions they experience. often what you will see is squid that grow up in poor conditions
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will mature at small body sizes. reporter: at a full size he says the alaska squid at the ability to hunt small fish, potentially impacting populations of baby salmon. a marine biologists have noted a number of other marine species also extending their range farther north to waters near monterey. theories have centered on climate change and warming ocean temperatures, but a stanford marine scientist says the forces could be even more complex. >> you cannot look at just the water temperature. competition with other things and lowering oxygen levels and things like that to explain it. reporter: they say it is critical to understand which species might be on the move in the coming decades along with where they might wind up. just as important is the impact they could have on everything from fishing to local ecosystems once they establish themselves. >> that is the first thing we
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want to know, what are these squid doing, what are they eating? who is eating them? reporter: at stanford stanford s christian, abc7news. larry: researchers identified climate change vectors like warming waters and decreased oxygen separation -- saturation that may have contributed to that shift. let's turn to the forecast. second anchor: mike, what do we need to worry about or be concerned with? mike: changes is already takingl place, you cannot see or across the golden gate bridge. the fog is starting to return, it is a shallow layer, and as we look from emeryville, the shallow layer is starting to bump up against parts of alcatraz and eventually angel island. more clouds and cooler
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temperatures. this weekend, my drain arrives. we have another chance to begins monday. let's show you the visible satellite. they are sliding south on that northerly wind and they will fill in coastal valleys overnight. it is going to be a chilly one for most of us. temperatures already changing, in half of the bay, 2° cooler. everybody else enjoying a wonderfully sunny and warm afternoon. still in the low to mid 70's. 70's as far north as send carlos, napa, 74. alameda and san francisco in the 60's. it will be chillier at the coast
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. mid 60's at 6:00. good news, away from the coast, there is not much of a wind chill. you should still be comfortable. because we have lingering, dry air, it will cool off significantly so we will have isolated areas of frost. maybe not as widespread this morning. down in the south bay, parts of the peninsula in the upper 30's. colder temperatures once again, make and mendocino counties. 50's tomorrow afternoon, 60's for the rest of us with increasing cloud cover. .3 one million of us are under this drought and nothing is changed. a pretty impressive atmospheric river will lead mainly to the north. we will get a little bit of
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rain. you see it moving into lake and mendocino county. when fullwhen fullwhen fullwhenl of 1 inch. monday afternoon, a better chance of rain especially in the north bay. about .10 of 1 inch is possible in the south of it. cooler temperatures tomorrow, 58 to 68. monday into tuesday, we have got a one on the impact scale and pass that it will be spring-like. kristen: the cult next door, the mystery and madness of heaven's gate, a diane sawyer special iss on abc tonight. it is taking a look at that largest mass suicide ever. 39 people died by suicide
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thinking they would go to heaven on a uso. we have a preview of the special. reporter: you covered heaven's gate tragedy, and i'm curious if it was just one of those stories that stuck with you and that is why you decided to revisit it 25 years later. >> is one of the most haunting mysteries in the history of colts in america, but also there was also a puzzle we could not solve that may be good prevent it from happening again. we have spent a lot of time looking at old tapes and audiotapes and film reels coming out of cans that had never been opened before to see if we could unlock the secrets. reporter: i think what strikes me most about this case is the members of the cult, they very much resemble people that you and i know, right? friends, family.
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tell us about that. >> will come to this thinking, they are not going to be like me. i would not do that, i would not be susceptible to that, and then you meet them, you see them and you understand what happened when they walked in the door, high achievers, people with so much promise in their lives, and someone said the one thing may have spent -- may have meant the next 20 years of their life is spent in a cult. we are told by the experts there are a few common denominators, it tends to be idealism, dreamers, seekers. people who were asking questions or maybe at a moment in time are looking for certainties, and they talk about a time of upheaval being a time when you see this, people are looking for
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new answers so they turn to someone who seems to have certainties. kristen: the diane sawyer special airs tonight right here on abc 7. larry: after a plandemic pause it is time to raise the irish flag, san francisco gearing up for a big st. patrick's day weekend. kristen: could it be, and love triangle involving some famous falcons. the unusual turn of events has researchers running -- scratching their heads. reporter: a warning about a clever and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her....
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kristen: time known for consumer news and the big news by the irs. larry: michael finney is here with the headlines and his favorite government organization. reporter: the internal revenue service is bulking up, the agency is funding to hire 10,000 new workers to help reduce a massive backlog. the government is on record saying that this tax season could be the most challenging history due to pandemic related programs, the irs faces a backlog of 20 million pieces of correspondence, more than 15 times as large as a normal filing season. the workforce is the exact same size it was today as it was in the 1970's when the u.s.
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population was 100 million fewer. a warning today about a clever new scam targeting instagram users. let me tell you how it works. users receive an official seeming email violated copyright laws. they are as to verify their email address or their account will be deleted in 24 hours. protect yourself by double checking the from email address and link destinations. never act on any emails first verifying claims. legitimate companies will never intimidate you by threatening to shut down your account within 24 hours. pg&e and ford motor company are collaborating on ways
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pickup truck can provide backup electric power to homes. this comes just today -- in the event of an outage. analysts say the moves are part of pg&e's effort to find ways to over stressing the grid. larry: it would be cool if we could individually giving electricity back. if you are thinking about getting an electric cart to find relief from record high gas prices, important things to consider. hybrid and electric vehicles cost more up front and gasoline powered vehicles, and many of those vehicles are selling for about the sticker price because of supply problems. if you want one experts recommend you keep it for a long time, and that way you can recoup upfront costs. >> you want to know how far you can go, how often can you charge
4:26 pm
and can you charge at home? that does become an issue, can you charge at work? larry: sales of hybrid and electric vehicles doubled last year, yet they still represent less than 10% of vehicle sales. kristen: fallback, spring forward, the clock will jump forward one hour but could it be for the last time. we dig in for misinformation during the crisis in ukraine, and what is up with
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- [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. >> building a better bay area, moving forward finding solutions. this is abc7news.
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warning russia will pay a severe price to vladimir putin uses chemical in ukraine. the president's stuffed outcomes as he and america's allies and a host of new sanctions against moscow blood pressure continues to escalate attacks on ukrainian civilians. reporter: in ukraine, ukrainian officials releasing this video showing firefighters extinguishing the flames at the side of a shoe factory. the site of an apparent russian airstrike. planes burning, cars damage, and signs of civilian casualties running the area. pres. biden: putin is an aggressor, the aggressor and pollutant must pay the price. reporter: today president biden
4:30 pm
warning russia will pay a severe price if vladimir putin elects to attack ukraine with chemical or biological weapons but he stopped short of saying that price would include a u.s. military response against russia. in a un security council speech, rush's ambassador to the you and accuse the u.s. and ukraine of developing chemical and biological weapons. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. called arrested accusations lies but when further. >> it is russia that as long maintained a biological weapon program in violation of international law. reporter: the u.s. along with other g-7 nations and eu partners are ending russia's trade statuses, opening the door to higher tariffs on western goods and bans uncertain products. the gremlin retaliating declaring facebook' as parent company meta --
4:31 pm
here at homehere at ho says he is looking forward to signing into law a $13.6 billion military and humanitarian aid package for ukraine that congress just passed. kristen: youtube said today it is blocking state pressure to media channels globally. it comes as shocking images emerge from ukraine. experts warned be careful what you share on social media. reporter: from ukraine have been shared online since the start of the war, but some of what you were seeing and maybe even sharing is not what it seems. abc's producer of visual verification spoke to me about some of the fakes that are out there. look at this image, it has an xx on it. allegedly showing a tank in kyiv , but that is not true.
4:32 pm
>> it showed russian tanks just outside of kyiv. that day in kyiv day and there was no one to vehicles. reporter: he says finding the truth is not always that easy. it usually starts with finding the source, which can be difficult coming from ukraine and russia. >> the way social media is used in ukraine, a lot of it is coming from telegram or tiktok. people will send it to some of their friends, it was tended to some of their friends, and then somebody else will post it publicly. it is very difficult to track the source of this content. reporter: he says there are way he and his team figure out what is real and what is not, like this image of a girl yelling at
4:33 pm
soldiers. >> many were saying it was a ukrainian girl yelling at soldiers. this was a video showing a young palestinian girl screaming at an israeli soldier. reporter: a simple search will prove this is a picture that has been rehashed. gallagher says social medias full of media propaganda. >> they found a few years earlier is similar looking woman and said this was the same woman, a crisis actor. reporter: when it comes to us seeing an image and wanting to share it, what should we do first or what should we not do? >> the first thing is to slow down. i have done it myself, it is myl job not to do it.
4:34 pm
i still find myself hitting that share button. reporter: gallagher says there are fact checking websites you can use, and his team is working with people in ukraine and russia to help them determine fake videos. larry: the fbi is asking the public's help in finding a teenager who has been missing. the 15-year-old went missing from his home and has not been seen or heard from since. police have been searching for brandon since then, and today they released a missing poster, rendered's family worried about his safety. >> the more eyes they get out there and see him or know that he has disappeared, we are hoping someone can come forward with information that will help them be return home safely -- him be returned safely.
4:35 pm
larry: brandon wears braces, anybody with information it is urged to call pleasant hill police or the fbi. kristen: new development in the case of several people accused of smearing pigs blood on the former home of a police officer. it occurred last year after barry justified derek chauvin's actions. after the testimony vandals smeared blood and left a pig's head on the lawn of his own. prosecutors say he splashe blood on the shopping plaza statue. larry: tattoos but for a limited time only
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kristen: it is time now, it is expected the next four months fs the u.s. will mark the one million death mark from covid-19. the idea for the white house is to have a place where people to leave flowers or remember those impacted by the pandemic. the memorial would be scalable. it can be set up in a small town or made bigger to be set up in the national mall. what are the considerations? mike: they have already done a
4:39 pm
temporary one back in september what we were at 650,000 where they put flags on the national mall and it was powerful in very moving. my only concern would be we did not do this for the other flu back when many more people perish. are we just going to center it on this one? kristen: we did do it for 9/11.. mike: but that is a war versus a pandemic. larry: i would look at the fact that we have kind of become numb to the numbers. i think it was at 100,000 deaths that the new york time printed the name of everyone has passed. we will hit a million. he wanted to go away, and so we are not going to focus on that.
4:40 pm
we should do something though. too many people lost. temporary tattoos are coming to san francisco's mission district. ephemeral tattoo is offering tattoos made with ink designed to fade in a year. the process is like a traditional tattoos such as with all safety regulations in place. the studio just opened last month and they went to their special disappearing tattoo ink in-house. there are so many people from decades ago that wished this product was available. like sandy. >> i have so many tattoos. kristen: since it is temporary, what would you get? >> you tell us, kristen? mike: the abc 7 logo. larry: mike, you have something,
4:41 pm
don't you? mike: i do. that is my favorite cat who receives all of the adoration and love i receive it home and my favorite marvel character dead ball. larry: you do have this or you do not have this? mike: that picture is real. larry: am i not getting this? mike: the tattoo is not come to fruition. larry: pain. kristen: let's pivot not to a drama, it involves annie the peregrine falcon. apparently she may be more interested in and on again off again relationship with her
4:42 pm
mate. she disappeared for a week, and she was back. nest observers are perplexed about where annie could be spending our time. >> we have seen her flying west. >> how do you figure out who th father is? >> take a feather sample to assess maternity. kristen: not appear to be interested in anyone else. he is staying true to annie. what do you think? does annie have aside falcon? >> she sounds complicated, let me go away for a few weeks. went do you think, larry? larry: i think we have to bring
4:43 pm
in an expert for this, and that would be maury povich. he can say you are the father, grinnel. kristen: i think we need a lesson in the birds and the bees. larry: i feel for grinnel. time to spring forward, we need to turn our clocks ahead before we go to bed saturday night or sunday morning. there is been a push to get rid of the time change. 18 states have push f f f f f year-round daylight saving time. another 22 are considering it. supporters doubt health and safety aspects. detractors point out kids going to school in the dark. any changes to be approved by
4:44 pm
congress. this has been one of our favorite debates between cindy and i. this is an issue you feel very strongly about. >> i love my sleep. if i could get eight to 10 hours every night i would be happy. this time of year is tough for me, but is nice to have some extra sun. mike: for may 15 until july if we did not have daylight saving the sun would come up before 5:00. who wants that. the sun would set so much earlier. for those of us who work irregular shift we would not get that time to spend outside. kristen: sounds like you do not what this switching back and forth, but perhaps we can entice you to stay on pacific daylight time. >> i think it would be great if
4:45 pm
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kristen: there when her 70th annual st. patrick's parade is making a comeback. larry: dion lynn gives us a
4:48 pm
preview and explains how one business is feeling particularly lucky. >> how many would you like? reporter: adverse claims you may think sweet passion for great asian pastries. >> those are our sausage rolls. reporter: looked closer and this at asian-avenue irish bakery is almost as if there famous scones made by a famous irish baker. it is not just the scones. by around midday there were almost sold out of all things irish. >> we have a second rack in. reporter: with the parade back on after a two year covid hiatus and the recent lifting of the mask mandate -- >> people come out more, they are more brave and they are happier and they buy more. reporter: compared to selling two dozen loaves of bread a day
4:49 pm
this he or she plans to sell around 18,000 loaves between and st. patrick's day. it is not anywhere near the parade route. imagine the excitement of everyone downtown. massless crowd the mayor declaring march irish-american french day in the county, fitting for a community so eager to get back to celebrating. >> we have never had such a big crowd for the fundraising -- flag raising. it is going to be fantastic. >> i have grown up at the parade. my family has been involved in the parade and the irish community for a long time. what would life be without the parade? reporter: back at sweet passion where customers really do come from far and wide -- >> people come from pacifica, we
4:50 pm
get seeing if we do shipments. reporter: it really is a st. patrick's day weekend to celebrate for all including this small business feeling the luck of the irish. kristen: nice, we could to be a little lucky around here if we could get rain. larry: a little. mike: if anything it will tamp on theologies, not enough to help out with the drought. a beautiful shot of the bridge from our east bay hills camera. the coast will be cool, down to 44 at 10:00. dress warmly. there is the pollen, i am not of tree pollen, juniper, cedar, l. as far as air quality on the other end, you see green all the
4:51 pm
way through the weekend. thinking about going to the beaches, limited sunshine and a chance of rain in the north bay as we head into the afternoon and evening hours there it mid to upper 50's. temperatures may rise a couple of degrees on sunday with a mix of sun and clouds. rainfall, we are getting a bit tuesday, a little bit of snow in this era. saturday night and again monday into tuesday for our rain chances. larry: san francisco as hosted many freda callow -- frida khalo exhibits but none like this. the paintings will be projected onto 500,000 cubic feet of wall. the producers worked with her family to include personal photographs and music that would give the viewer a sense of her
4:52 pm
thoughts while creating the paintings. >> you are going to see frida ar tist and frida woman. and you can feel her force and understand our political ideas better. larry: the immersive exhibit will run through june 11. kristen: i love those immersive art experiences. larry: especially at that size. kristen: a lot of families will turn red this weekend. larry: i knew pixar f
4:53 pm
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kristen: the latest animated film from disney pixar takes us back to our awkward teenage years. it is called turning red. a reporter from our sister station as the story. >> i wear what i want and i will not hesitate to do a spontaneous card will. reporter: a 13-year-old girl dealing with being a 13-year-old girl suddenly has one more thing to deal with in life. whenever she gets too excited she turns into a giant red band that. -- panda. >> this little quirk runs in our family. >> the director and the rest of
4:56 pm
pixar did a great job of re-creating a 13-year-old middle school seen where everyone, even the people who are supposedly making fun of me are awkward and awkward looking. reporter: at 16 she has grown out of the awkward phase but it came in handy to play the part. >> i remembered four years ago when she was 12 and she came to pixar with her cute backpack and she was so awkward and sweet and seeing her become a young woman, i was like, oh my gosh. reporter: sandra oh plays the mom. >> anything that can be embarrassing will be. >> you mean a mother's love for a child this embarrassing?
4:57 pm
born in canada, loves where this film takes place. >> it the first one set in toronto. there are a lot of easter eggs there for those who are canadian. reporter: the producer says it was screened and tweaked several times to get it just right. >> is nerve-racking because you were living with a broken version of your film for 3.5 years i do have to get comfortable with that. >> are you will werewolf? >> no. >> she is a red panda. kristen: that was george pennacchio returning, turning red is streaming on disney+ and disney is the parent company of abc. get the streaming tv app and join us whatever you want wherever you are. that is it for abc7news at 4:00.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> good evening thank you for joining us. larry: we start with russia divorces continuing with their attack on ukraine tonight, and now from multiple directions. they are now within nine miles of kyiv. russian president vladimir putin was quoted as saying talks are being held on an almost daily basis, and the capital of poland is becoming overwhelmed with ukrainian refugees. 1.5 million people so far. warsaw's mayor is appealing for help. >> a bay area woman could not help but feel she should be doing more to help her own


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