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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  March 12, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, abc7news. >> the driver in the truck, the foreman, saw the train coming and drum -- jumped out of the truck. >> new details on thursday's caltrain crash in san bruno. i'm liz kreutz. we will have the latest on the crash investigation in a moment. first, a look at the we can forecast with meteorologist lisa arjun. >> our fog has dissipated. still patchy along the coast. we are looking at a cooler day today. a system is on the way that will pickup went later this afternoon -- wind later this afternoon. 49 in oakland. 56 in san jose.
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you can see the flag blowing with wind on the way and fog. fg cool from the coast to downtown san francisco. in the mid 50's by the delta. temperatures from the 30's earlier to the 50's now in the mid-bay valley area there is a sunny shark tank. temperatures from gilroy to san jose inland east bay will be almost as mild as yesterday. elsewhere is cool and breezy with 50's and 60's. the clouds increase for parts of the bay area this afternoon and we will talk about rain chances tonight coming up. >> federal investigators are already piecing together exactly what happened on the caltrain tracks that left 13 injured. we get our update last night from the input -- mts b. >> knew details emerging friday afternoon. federal investigators touched down in san bruno to figure out
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what went wrong thursday morning when a caltrain commuter train crashed into equipment left on the tracks. >> there was a truck and two cranes working to install the electrification system. >> the mtsb will be here for her next several days collecting evidence and launching a thorough investigation. they are interested in finding out why the positive train control designed to prevent accidents like this one did not work. >> we can confirm the positive train control was on and active on the accident train at the time and day of the accident. >> tim: the agency will release a report in the next three weeks followed by a complete report anywhere from 15 to 18 months from now. when ntsb leaves, caltrans will get to work clearing the tracks and restoring service to the area, but it currently has no concrete timeline. >> it is difficult to tell. until we get the train out of there, it is difficult to assess the situation. we will do everything we can to
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move through quickly and safely to get service restored. tim: thursday's crash leaving many passengers rattled. >> it was a scary moment for everyone. we were all very anxious to get off the train as soon as possible.>> officials are assure there trains are safe and ready to use. >> what happened yesterday was absolutely an aberration and a surprise. >> in san bruno, tim johns. >> one of the people injured in thursday's collision has been released from the hospital. >>
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liz: long column of russian tanks has been advancing with satellite imagery showing the convoy nine miles from the city center. the president of ukraine is urging his for ukrainian to hold on. >> today, everyone is getting glory for ukraine. hold our ground, hold on, we will win. liz: also caught on camera in the city, the mayor is seen being detained and dragged away by armed men. he is reportedly accused of terrorism. ukrainian president zelensky is calling for his immediate
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release. a new russian media law has gone into effect, putting russians in an information blackout. people who log into facebook or instagram could be tried under the same laws as terrorists. moscow says it is in response to meta easing hate speech guidelines which allows for ukrainians to call for violence against russia happening in their country. locally, a humanitarian relief concert for ukraine will be held in san francisco. the event will be held at the golden gate park on the music concourse from noon to 4:00 p.m. musicians include sunset piano all-stars as well as a ukrainian singer and a performance by a ukrainian dance ensemble. this event is free but donations will be collected. organizers hope to raise $20,000 for refugees. along the river was a sea of blue and yellow as granville showed support for the people of
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ukraine. tara campbell tells us whether it is a big city or a small town, the message is a familiar one. tara: the flags, the signs, the cheering, all for the people of ukraine. supporters gathering. >> it is important that we show up. tara: the husband and wife showing their support. >> it is extremely distressing and i feel like i wish i could do more. tara: we have seen the big rallies in the big cities, smaller communities raising their voice too. >> i think we are showing other folks around the world that even smaller towns care about this. tara: and some helping by spreading the word. >> and decided i am making some flyers. i put them up and i called my friends. we can at least participate. tara: for this mother and
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daughter, the support goes a long way, fearing for their why the focus shooting is different for the family and ukraine. green zone >> no mother should excess go through what she is going through. tara: one daughter walking by her side, two others who just fled the country. >> i am happy that she cannot even find where youtube is because it is scary what they show. tara: holding onto one another while also holding onto hope. >> i am hoping the war will be over and ukraine will win and they can come back home and pick up where they left off and rebuild. >> hopefully these images make it to ukraine and hopefully they know that we are feeling what they are feeling and that we support them. >> it is people in the ukraine that can see that we are over your supporting them. tara: this family is here because they wanted to do more. >> after seeing the footage all week, it is horrendous.
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the children, the women being injured and harmed and the young men going out there and fighting for them, it is a big deal for us to be out here. it was too much just to watch on tv. tara: tara campbell, abc 7 news. liz: more than 2 million people have fled ukraine since the russian invasion. reporter luz pena found a family that has been driving to the romanian border to help hundreds of refugees. luz: with freezing temperatures, time is crucial as millions of ukrainian refugees wait in line to flee into neighboring countries. this is a convoy of the u.s.-based nonprofit save a life international at the border between ukraine and romania. >> our convoy, the guys just stopped and we started asking people who has babies and women, get into our cars. people started coming. we brought around 70 women and babies through the border. luz: once in romania, many refugees do not have anywhere to go.
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that is where he and his wife and five daughters come in. they partnered with save a life international. >> we are ready to serve. luz: throughout the day they meet refugees and drive them to safety. they own a summer cabin three miles from the border. luz: this family has helped 600 refugees with shelter and relocation to multiple countries around europe. >> nobody walks from here without knowing where to go. >> we are going to take them in the car with us. luz: this week they rescued 33 teenagers who fled ukraine. many of their parents stayed back to fight for their country. >> not in war, under the war. luz: weighing heavy on this coach is when the teenagers will
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see their parents again. >> it is our priority to keep them safe. luz: he is hoping more people help. his goal is to continue until this aid -- continue this aid until the summer. >> the love of god must be put in action. luz: he is teaching his daughters a life lesson on compassion and when i asked 7-year-old rebecca if she was glad they could help, she said -- >> she is. luz: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. liz: if you would like to help, we have a list of groups and nonprofits sending supplies to refugees on our website let's get a check outside. lisa: it is pretty nice out there right now but things are definitely changing. the winds will kick up. it will be breezy but not much left of the fog. 40's and 50's for most. we will talk about a cooler saturday and maybe some mist and
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drizzle. and a few showers for sunday. that is next. liz: thank you. also ahead, it is not over yet. the latest move that could allow uc berkeley full enrollment for the fall semester. plus, new details about the sexual assault allegations against former mayor dominic foppoli. what an alleged victim told police.
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liz: now to this weekend's covid headlines. it has been two years since the world health organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. starting monday, it will be voluntary for students, teachers and faculty to wear masks inside classrooms and childcare settings. oakland is keeping the mandate for two more weeks. san francisco businesses are no longer required to get proof of vaccination or a negative test but they can still choose to do so. you will still need to show your card or test result at large indoor events. new developments with the uc berkeley enrollment cap. the proposals give public universities more time to comply with california environmental quality act before student enrollment can be limited. news reporter amanda del castillo has the story. amanda: at uc berkeley, fears
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over thousands of rejections following a recent state supreme court ruling to freeze student enrollment could soon be relieved. california democrats have agreed to legislation allowing the university to accept thousands more students this fall. >> you have 5000 students who potentially would have been rejected or waitlisted or put online or spring admissions. i thought that was really unfair. amanda: a graduate himself, this assembly member introduced the proposal friday. senate bill 118 and assembly bill 168 are identical. they are retroactive and would give uc berkeley 18 months to address environmental issues related to growing enrollment before a court can issue a decision. in opposition, the president of the group save neigh neigh says they would be open to a version of sb 118 if it did not allow the university to game the system.
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>> they were concerned that this 18 month moratorium would allow the university to continue to increase enrollment during that period. liz: his group sued the university citing increased -- amanda: his group sued the university citing increased enrollment over the year not accompanied by adequate housing, negatively impacted the community. >> we are disappointed in the legislature because this bill does not address the real problem which is that students are unable to find housing. amanda: he says the group is assessing its next move. in a statement, the university said, "we are continuing to work on our enrollment mitigation plans as currently required and will be prepared to adjust as best we can if there is a change in the law." >> we took immediate legislative action because of the 5000 families who were going to be negatively impacted by this situation through no fault of their own. amanda: a committee hearing is scheduled for monday. amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. liz: three new school board members are on the job in san francisco.
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yesterday mayor london breed introduced and swore in the three women replacing the school board members recalled by voters last month. the new members are anne shu, laney montametie, and lisa wiseman. they are parents with children in the district. each with a diverse background but they all share a common theme of service and care deeply about seeing a change in how the board operates. a police report is revealing new details about the allegations made by reality television star farah abraham against the former winsor mayor. in a report, she claims she woke up naked with no memory of what happened the night she spent with him in florida. she accused him of sexual assault. police suspended their investigation due to insufficient evidence. her attorney is planning to file a civil suit. he has denied the accusations. do not forget, it is time to spring forward.
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you have to reset your clocks and watches because daylight savings time returns early at 2:00 a.m.. some states want to adopt it permanently but that does require an act of congress. news reporter will ganz has more. will: florida senator marco rubio joining the growing chorus of voices to do away with the time change. >> let's lock the clock once and for all and put all the stupidity behind us. will: life imitating art. >> daylight saving, not plural, time has never saved us from anything. will: at least 18 spades -- at least 18 states have passed bills to switch to year-round daylight saving time. and another 22 are considering it this year. but ultimately the decision hinges on congress who would have to amend the federal uniform time act of 1966. the court of popular opinion seems in favor of keeping daylight saving time year-round.
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i want it to be daylight saving time all the time. i hate early sunsets. daylight saving time is this sunday. our long national nightmare is over at last. speaking of nightmares, a survey by the american academy of sleep medicine found 63% support eliminating seasonal time changes. the national center for biotechnology information has published research indicating that time changes are responsible for an uptick in heart attacks, miscarriages, workplace injuries, and car accidents. the national retail federation supports the extra daylight shopping hours saying that businesses make more money during daylight saving time. will ganz, abc news, new york. liz: in 2018, 60% of california voters passed a proposition to allow the legislature to change daylight saving time if it was allowed by the federal government. lawmakers still had to to act, but time ran out in the session. a new bill has been introduced and may be heard this month.
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lisa: good morning, we are looking at a bright start to the day. that is nice. if you have been them on the coast, it has been foggy. even yesterday, a high of 50 nine half moon bay. 70's from gilroy to morgan hill. zillow pretty mild from the south bay to the east bay elsewhere, we are beginning to detect those changes with a cold front on the way. it is a weak one but it paves the way for a slightly stronger one monday night and not much left of the fog as we view this pretty shot from our camera. we had a couple of fogs earlier and now it is nice and clear. 30 in the city. 39 in oklahoma. 36 and mt. view. san jose, 53. half moon bay was in the 30's and now we are warming up
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everywhere. but the winds will certainly be a factor. southwest winds kicking up throughout the day. 43 santa rosa. 44 in petaluma with mid-50's fairfield to comport. 52 in livermore. as you look at our 24 hour temperature change, not everyone is down to about five degrees out there. feeling cooler and it will feel that way for the next several days as we get more seasonal weather in here to start the first workweek from the first couple of days of the work week and by the second half of the work, things begin to warm up. we do spring ahead. a few showers, we will call them a little bit of mist and drizzle along the coast. the next chance of rain arrives let monday into tuesday -- late monday into tuesday. the forecast models are pointing that way. tomorrow, your sunrise is at 7:23, setting at 7:15. here is the cloud cover that will continue to advance from the north bay and it will push
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to the south and east throughout the rest of the afternoon. if you need some sun, get out there early as we look at 10:00. there are a few sprinkles around , waking up some cloud cover. maybe a few light showers. otherwise, we will break out in the partly cloudy skies for your sunday. a level 1 system on the way allowing for some spotty showers . slick roadways. as we look at the rainfall potential here, the accumulating precip, you can see very little. some of you may not see any at all. just enough to get the ground wet. let's talk a -- let's take a look at monday and tuesday. this system to the north of us that w s getor generous in of precipitation. y.d of an inch for the north once again, a glancing blow for the rest of us. 65 in fremont. upper 60's and another mild afternoon for livermore and san jose. cooler for richmond with the winds picking up just 59. francisco come of the parade
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today, level 1 system late tonight. another one late monday into tuesday. although we are sunny and warmer wednesday, thursday, and friday, hopefully looking at some rain next weekend. liz: we certainly need it. just ahead, pixar's latest animated feature is still out. how the san francisco zoo is honoring the main character.
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liz: welcome back. congresswoman jackie a press conference at the south san francisco ferry terminal to highlight funding opportunities for ferries in the bay area. the infrastructure investment and jobs act added billions of dollars for transportation. the congresswoman says the bay area has an excellent chance to secure a slice of the pie. >> we now have $2.5 billion that was given to the federal transit administration and that $2.5 billion ended up in the ferry program.
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liz: last month, the administration awarded the san francisco bay ferry operator $3.4 million to purchase a second electric ferryboat and the proposed service extension from redwood city to san francisco and the east bay has already secured $5 million in state funding. the san francisco zoo is honoring pixar's latest animated feature. it is naming one of its pandas after the main character in the pixar film, "turning red." the movie is a film about a 13-year-old chinese canadian girl who one day wakes up a furry red panda. this happens at the same time that puberty kicks in. the actor who voiced her was 12 when she started working on the film so she knew exactly what the character was going through. >> the changes she was going through is something that i went through at that age so i was able to take my experiences and kind of plant them into my voice performance.
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liz: the director of the film is the first woman to direct a film for pixar. disney is the parent company of pixar and of abc7. still to come on abc seven mornings, footage from the war in ukraine that may not be what it seems. what you can do to spot what is real and what might be fake. also, rising from the ashes. a ski resort damaged and a wildfire last year that is planning a
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning. thanks for joining us at 9:29 a.m. we will start with another look at the weather. let's get back over to lisa argen. it was foggy this morning. lisa: the fog advisory has been dropped and it is mild. 56 degrees right now and san jose.
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-- in san jose. another mild day on the way. san francisco at 44. 49 in oakland. as we look at the golden gate bridge patchy clouds with 43 santa rosa. 49 in napa some 50's in concordd and livermore. a little bit cooler toward the afternoon. the clouds will increase and the temperatures are halted into the 50's coastline, san francisco and you will feel the breeze in the afternoon in emeryville, oakland, and hayward. highs today will be arranging in the 50's to 70's and there is a weak front on the way and it could bring us a few light showers. we will detail that in a few minutes. liz: thank you. this morning, there is evidence that the russians are repositioning forces to encircle the ukrainian capital of kyiv amid concern that russia could stage a chemical weapons attack to escalate the war even further. abc news correspondent maggie
9:31 am
rulli has the latest. reporter: local officials calling the attacks on ukrainian cities and armageddon. the mayor is saying his city is being shelled every 30 minutes, claiming thousands have been killed. in the capital, new images showing russian military units closing in, now close to nine miles of the city center and firing artillery toward residential areas. heavy fighting in the east leaving this town in ruins. this family trapped in their basement for more than 10 days as buildings fell around them. overnight, shelling in the stronghold on the region the governor sitting down with us remotely just moments after the city came under fire. >> there have been shots and bombs and rocket attacks and we have damages in the private sector and civilian sector. damages to electricity, heat, gas. maggie: speaking to the people
9:32 am
of the city almost hourly, letting them know what is happening on the ground in real time and he tells us that he feels -- that he fears for his family. president zelensky equating the kidnapping to isis terror and praising the mayor in a video message as someone who bravely defends ukraine and his community. and now new fears of false flags. russia doubling down on fake claims about chemical weapons by ukraine with help from the u.s.. it is believed an attempt to justify russia's use in warfare. a senior u.s. official telling abc news the russians are bringing hazmat suits into ukraine. >> prussia has a track record of falsely accusing other countries of the very violent -- violations that russia is perpetrating. maggie: president biden declining to say if a chemical attack would be met with the u.s. military response. pres. biden: super price if they used chemical weapons.
9:33 am
maggie: he says he cannot leave the city. these are his people and his land. how confident are you that you can fight russia right now? >> we have no choice. we have to fight and defend our land and prove that we will win this war. liz: that was maggie rulli reporting. pictures and videos from ukraine have been shared online since the start of the war about some of what we are seeing is not always exactly what means. reporter karina nova talk to an expert whose job is to figure out what is real and what is fake. karina: take a look at this image. it has an x on it for a reason. the russian defense ministry released this video showing a tank in kyiv but that is not true. >> it said it showed russian tanks just outside kyiv but there is snow on the video
9:34 am
-- on the vehicles. but on that day, it was a sunny day so we knew it was clearly false and it was russian propaganda. karina: he works to uncover fake images like this for abc news. he says finding the truth is not easy. it usually starts with finding the source which can be difficult, from ukraine and russia. >> the way social media is used in ukraine, a lot of it is coming from telegram or tiktok so the way content spreads, people will send it to some of their friends, some of their friends, and then somebody else will post it publicly so it is very difficult to track the source of this content. karina: but he says there are ways he can figure out what is real and what is not, like this image of a girl yelling at soldiers that went viral. >> committee were saying that it was a ukrainian girl screaming a russian soldier. in fact, this was a video from a few years ago showing a young palestinian girl screaming at an
9:35 am
israeli soldier after her brother had been arrested. karina: a simple google image search would prove this is a picture that has been rehashed. gallagher says social media is full of politically motivated propaganda that pushes people to also doubt what they are seeing. a picture of a woman who really was injured in ukraine. >> and they found from this incident in russia a few years earlier a similar-looking woman. this narrative was pushed. >> when it comes to us seeing an image and wanting to share it, what would you say? what should we do first or not do? >> the first initial thing is to slow down. that is the advice. and try and fight that urge. i have done it myself. it is my job not to do it and i still find myself trying to hit the share button because that is the way social media is designed. karina: before you share, use fact checking websites. karina nova, abc 7 news.
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liz: organizers are planning a youth climate march and a rally in antioch. they are protesting oil drilling in east contra costa county and to celebrate the recent ban of oil and gas drilling within city limits. the demonstration begins at 1:00 p.m. at the antioch community center. uber wants to help drivers with surging fuel prices so it is adding a surcharge on fares and deliveries in the u.s. and canada. riders will pay $.45 to $.55 more per trip and deliveries will add a $.35 to $.45 surcharge. new york city is excluded because drivers there already received a pay increase. the changes are temporary and will last for at least two months. the money will go to drivers who buy their own gas. the fbi is asking the public for help in locating a pleasant hill teenager missing for the past two months. a 15-year-old went missing from
9:37 am
his home on january 16 or 17th. he has not been seen or heard from since. police have been searching for him since then and the fbi issued a national missing persons poster. his family is worried for his safety. >> the more eyes that get out there and actually see him or know that it was him that his -- that has disappeared, we are hoping someone can come forward with information that will help him to return home safely. liz: brandon is 5'6" and weighs about 105 to 110 pounds. he also wears braces. anyone with information is urged to call pleasant hill police or the fbi. a federal jury has ruled for sutter health in a huge lawsuit. the verdict follows a month-long civil trial. the plaintiffs argued unsuccessfully that sutter used its outsized market power to inflate prices, overcharging patients by nearly $400 million. 3 million californians were
9:38 am
represented in the suit. sutter denied any wrongdoing and the jury agreed with the nonprofit system. sierra at tahoe will open for skiing on just one weekend this season. you might recall that the resort was badly burned in the caldor fire last year. but on april 9 and 10th, the resort will operate two chairlifts and a conveyor to celebrate their 75 anniversary. tickets will go on sale on wednesday. the resort hopes to open for a full season next winter. still ahead, the ride of the future that makes airport travel easier. where it is being tested out this weekend in the bay area for the very first time. and here is a live look outside this morning. the fog is gone. beautiful clear skies at the golden gate bridge. we will check in with lisa when we get back.
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liz: happening now, dublin's
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annual st. patrick's day celebration will be held for the first time in three years after being canceled the past two years because of the pandemic. the parade is starting. it just started 10 minutes ago. the st. patrick's day festival follows at 10:00 a.m. at civic center plaza with authentic irish food, carnival rides, three stages of music, and irish dance as well as more than 250 booths. the festival run today and tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. organizers are expecting a big turnout for the st. patrick's day parade. >> what will life -- what would life be without the parade? liz: the 170th st. patrick's day parade is making a comeback. they declared irish-american french of day in the county. organizers say there has never been such a big crowd for yesterday's flag raising at city hall. today's parade starts at 11:30 on the corner of 2nd street and market street.
9:42 am
the bees museum in san francisco is holding an open house in honor of jack kerry act jasper centennial year. -- jack kerryrryrryrryrryrryrryy year. today's event includes musical performances and live readings from his work. it runs from noon to 7:00 tonight at the museum on broadway. also today, bicyclists will take over the streets of san francisco for the annual world naked bike ride. that's right, the world naked bike ride. you can bear as much as you dare around iconic spots like north beach. organizers say the event is part of a global protest against fossil fuel dependency. similar rides are happening around the world and it starts at 11:00 this morning around the ferry building. good to be aware of that for those just aimlessly walking or driving around. if you see it, you will know
9:43 am
what it is. lisa: i think they will be a little chilly out there. and that is in the city. out into the eastbound, it will be nice and mild. right now it is in the mid-50's. upper 60's. some of the warmest locations where there will be the parade in dublin, we are looking at some changes already around the bay. we will time out the rain and talk about the cooler highs coming up. liz: also next, the giants making moves, adding to their pitching rotation as baseball's free agent frenzy begins. chris alvarez will have the details coming
9:44 am
♪hefty, hefty, hefty!♪ whoa... [john cena sniffs] how do they get these things to smell so good?
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♪hefty, hefty...♪ ♪hefty, hefty, hefty!♪ must be magic. hefty® ultra strong™ with fabuloso® scent. liz: tonight the warriors will try to win their third straight game. they face milwaukee at chase center. if you are not going to watch it in person, you can watch it here on abc7. tipoff is at 5:30 and you can join larry beil after the game at around 8:00 p.m.
9:46 am
the giants have made a splash in the free agent market with spring training set to officially begin tomorrow. here is abc7 sports anchor chris alvarez with the details. chris: good morning. the business of baseball is back. we are in for a flurry of activity with opening-day less than a month away. according to reports, the giants have agreed to a $44 million deal with starter last year. he had a career-high 13 wins, threw a no-hitter, and made his first all-star team. the president of operations spoke on friday before the news of the signing and says they are not done yet. >> we talked a lot about looking for a five-man rotation, a group that can cover us over 162 games and again, interested in adding a bat. we obviously love versatility. there are still some really interesting bats out there.
9:47 am
chris: what will the a's do with their matts? how about matt olson and matt chapman entering the final year of their contracts with plenty of trade rumors surrounding both. here is the new manager on the first call he made when the lockout lifted. >> there is an argument about the fact that they did not call the titan first in matt chapman. we stopped at matt olson first, connected with him, and had a good conversation and went down the line with all the guys. chris: stephen curry past 20,000 points. he finished with a game-high 34 after a season-high five game losing streak, the warriors have won two in a row. a little momentum coming into tonight's primetime matchup against milwaukee right here on abc7. >> it does not matter, we just want to feel good about ourselves and figure out what it takes to win and everybody that
9:48 am
steps foot on the floor contributing. the rest will hopefully take care of itself. every game is an opportunity to get better. chris: it is the dubs tonight. coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. immediately followed by toyota after the game. san antonio spurs head coach passed the former warriors head coach, her first on the all-time wins list. he now has 1336. he was an assistant early in his career and in a full circle moment, the warriors head coach back in the day, congrats. that is your look at sports. back to you. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. still waiting for some rain. lisa: we could get a little bit. most of the activity is to the north but there are a few systems that will visit us the next couple of days and looking out the next week and could be interesting for mark exploratorium camera. nice and sunny here and temperatures are in the 40's.
9:49 am
50 view. it has been mild on the peninsula. south bay into the mid-50's. the coast, 40's. you were into the 30's earlier. you can see the low cloud deck here. some patchy fog lingering but the dense fog is over with. 43 in santa rosa. 47 petaluma gear upper 40's from napa to the mid-50's. 57 in livermore area many of you on your way to another mild day in the east bay. the rest of us along the coast through the golden gate bridge, those winds will pick up and you will feel the breeze today. it is five degrees colder in oakland. in the north bay, here is the view where you can see that we have hazy and sunny conditions. it is a cooler start and clouds will increase throughout the afternoon. we will see a few sprinkles tonight in light showers. we spring forward and looking at the later sunrise and sunset tomorrow our rain chances, another one monday night into
9:50 am
tuesday. here is the cloud cover by noontime just pushing into cloverdale. the rest of us are nice and sunny but increasing clouds throughout the afternoon especially in the north bay along the coast and then the winds picked up. the southwesterly winds and we get a few showers and spotty light showers into your saturday night and by sunday morning, we have clouds that will send out throughout the afternoon but there is another system that will bring another chance of rain, a level 1 system tonight and into monday night. under five one hundredths with slick roadways is all we can manage. as we look at the precip accumulation tomorrow morning, it is just trace amounts. but we are looking forward to this, they later -- the later sunrise. sunset at 7:15. this is what arrives monday night. you can see the system to the north of us. some sierras now. tuesday morning, it will be breezy with the system and
9:51 am
rainfall amounts will favor the north bay. the rest of us not so much but they could pick up anywhere from 2/10 to one third of an inch but that means mount tam looking at sunshine and relative humidity is about 12% right now. it would be good to get a little bit of that liquid sunshine as we get through the next couple of days. 58 and half moon bay. it has been cool there. 62 on the peninsula. we will notice the breeze throughout the academic year 64 palo alto. level 1 system tonight barely. another one monday night into tuesday. the second half of the work week, sunny, mild, springlike. if you like it cooler and wintry , we have that coming up in the next few days. liz: sounds good. a little bit of something for everybody. thanks. in this era of autonomous vehicles, it comes as no surprise that someone will
9:52 am
develop autonomous wheelchairs. passengers cannot only check them out, but also ride one to get to their gate. david louis took a test ride himself. david: after standing in line to get through security, many passengers can be tuckered out by the time they start the march to their gate. a new solution is being tested, an autonomous mobility transport device. >> this is if you get to the checkpoint and realize you need some help, the help is here for you. david: just hop in, press the destination gate, and you are off. this technology is developed by a japanese company that is trying to service the needs of passengers with mobility issues. since it is autonomous, it also solves another issue. >> the labor shortage is a big issue so we can supplement labor issues with our innovative service. david: the power chair navigates with four-wheel-drive. they consist of 24 small rollers
9:53 am
to allow tight turns. in a crowded terminal, it stops if anyone is in the way. this is the first west coast airport to do a trial. another airport in japan has af2 they were used 3500 times during the busy travel period. >> if it helps one or two every day, that is a benefit to everybody. david: wheelchair users were fascinated by the technology. >> terminals are very long walks. >> a long walk. >> so you would trust a computerized device to take you to the gate? >> yes, i would. david: two power chairs will be available during the trial. regular wheelchair service remains available. more development is in the works for this technology. to allow a passengers and stopped to get a cup of coffee -- to allow a passenger to stop and get a cup of coffee or take a restroom break on the way to the gate.
9:54 am
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liz: san francisco has hosted many frida kahlo exhibits the producers worked nothing like the show opening today in the city. this exhibit surrounds the art lover with innovations of the artist's famous works. the paintings are protected until 500,000 cubic feet of wall. there producers worked with her family to include personal photographs and music that will give the viewer a sense of her thoughts while creating her paintings. >> you are going to see frida the artist, but also frida the woman and you can hear the music and feel the force of frida and understand her political ideas better. liz: the immersive frida kahlo exhibit will run through june 11 at svn west san francisco. let's get a check on the forecast now. a pretty nice sunrise this morning. lisa: we had some fog along the coast but left with a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the 50's for most.
9:57 am
as we go through the afternoon, not only will the clouds increase, the winds will increase as well. upper 50's downtown with near 70 san jose, morgan hill, and livermore. and then we get a level 1 system with a few sprinkles. monday we are looking mild but monday night into tuesday should be wet with breezy winds and by wednesday, thursday, and friday, we are back to a lot of sunshine and mild temperatures. liz: thank you and thank you all for joining us here on abc seven mornings. i am liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc 7 continues at 4:30 today because of the dubs on seven at 5:00 p.m.. nba countdown gets you ready for the game against milwaukee bucks. tipoff is at 5:30 and chase center gear you can join larry beil for toyota after the game at 8:00 p.m. thanks again for joining us and have a great day.
9:58 am
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jeff: today, on "wildlife nation" ... this is awesome. we're celebrating the men and women of modern american conservation. seth: we're up to around 16,000 animals. jeff: that's incredible. and the landmark legislation that empowers them. from the fastest animals on earth... between 60- and 200-miles per hour. north american icons. i see them. i see the crocs. the work to protect our country's wildlife is just getting started. come on, little guy, you can do it. oh, he's almost there. [music] jeff: i'm jeff corwin and i've teamed up with "defenders of wildlife" to celebrate the awesome creatures of north america and the


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