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tv   ABC7 News 430PM  ABC  March 12, 2022 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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>> the luck of the irish to san francisco, the st. patrick's day parade is back. >> next, bringing in the big equipment to the scene of a caltrain crash, an update on the investigation and the impact on service. ♪ francisco to support the people in ukraine. while u.s. officials say there is an indication russia may attempt a new tactic in the battle. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. ♪ >> we love to three years of silence, the sound of bagpipes across san
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francisco during a big moment in the city's recovery from the pandemic. thank you for joining us. you are watching abc seven news live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. the first major event to be canceled due to covid returned to san francisco two years to the day the pandemic began. cornell barnard was at the st. patrick's day parade and tells us the festivities took on new meaning. >> the sound of pipes and drums echoing down market street. the luck of the irish has returned to san francisco after a two year pause. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> it is nice to be back, to see all these people, to have the opportunity to come together, it is great. >> it is good to have it back for sure.
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you missed meeting other people or having an excuse to meet up with people around this time. it is good to see the crowd as well. reporter: thousands of people lined the street to see the st. patrick's day parade. this event was the first to vanish when the covid lockdown began. >> we were one of the first ones to get postponed and then canceled and we are the first -- one of the first to come back. >> look at all the people on the streets. reporter: the mayor excited to see her city celebrating traditions again. >> welcome back, san francisco. >> you get to watch all these people march around. it is fun for us to watch, entertaining. >> i am happy this is back. we can be out here without a mask. reporter: many say this is another step forward to getting back to normal. a lucky day for everyone. dion: moving onto new details on
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the caltrain crash investigation. crews and the ntsb are onside collecting evidence left behind after a commuter train crashed thursday morning into equipment left out on the tracks. investigators did turn the scene back over to caltrain which means crews can clear those tracks. caltrain is running on a normal schedule with a bus bridge available. passengers on board during the accident are able to pick up their personal items this weekend at the caltrain station in san francisco. the search is on for a minute suspected of murdering an eight-year-old girl who was missing since december. the girls mother is in jail, arrested on a separate a child abuse charge. police said they also charged her in connection with the death of her daughter. they are now looking for dhante jackson who they say is
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johnson's boyfriend. he is known to frequent the bay area. a child's body was discovered in his home but has not been identified. today, police have made an arrest in the shooting death of a convenience store owner. investigators released video of someone running from rose market after someone was robbed and killed on tuesday. officers arrested a suspect yesterday who was wanted for other robberies in the east bay. mr. singh came to the united states to provide for his family. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. those who knew him say he was hard-working, compassionate, and faithful. developing news on the war in ukraine. ukraine's president says about 1300 ukrainian troops have been killed since russia invaded three weeks ago. alex presha has the latest on
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efforts by our nation to stop the war. reporter: as russian forces move closer to kyiv, president biden authorizing 200 million dollars in military aid and assistance to ukraine, much of israel come from u.s. weapon stocks. satellite images show the russian convoy that once stretched 40 miles northwest of the capital has repositioned and is now as close as nine miles from the city. >> we assess that the russians are beginning to make more momentum on the ground. reporter: the mayor of mariupol says his city is being shelled every 30 minutes. >> the situation is awful. the russian army continues to do airstrikes and artillery shelling. reporter: a senior u.s. official says russian forces -- russian forces are wearing hazmat's, saying there could be a chemical weapons attack. >> russia has a track record of
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planning other countries of the violations that russia is perpetrating. reporter: president biden said russia would pay a severe price but did not say what that would become continuing to emphasize that u.s. troops will not engage with russian forces. >> i'm not going to speak about the intelligence but russia would pay a severe price. reporter: the humanitarian crisis continues to grow. more than 2.5 million people have fled ukraine since the invasion began. >> there were so many explosions. we had no choice to reporter: one million of those refugees are children. aid workers fear they are at risk for hunger and hypothermia as temperatures drop. dion: more developing news, a humanitarian relief concert in san francisco this afternoon
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raise money for refugees fleeing ukraine. ♪ dion: the golden gate park. people came to enjoy the concert and supplied the ukrainian -- and supported the ukrainian cause. they collected donthey colle world central kitchen. >> the sunflower in addition to being the color of the ukrainian flag is intended to symbolize love and warmth and hope. dion: organizers hope to raise $20,000, it kicks off a series of shows this month supporting the ukrainian relief effort. if you would like to help the people of ukraine, we have a list of groups and nonprofits sending donations and supplies to refugees. you can find it at our website.
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pharmacies are about are about t one-stop shop for covid care. the white house rolling out a plan to provide testing and treatment for covid in one spot. >> there is so little, the equipment does not fit. dion: tale of the birth of their baby, unsure if she would survive. now she is thriving and considered a miracle baby. >> clouds increasing and light rain on the way, i will have a look at the forecast coming
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dion: abc 7's commitment to building a better bay area focuses on health and the coronavirus. testing and treating is now available at some pharmacies. walgreens and cvs locations are ready to offer free testing and treatment. all of it part of the white house is tested to treat initiative. more than 1000 pharmacies received antiviral pills this week. in california, 20 cvs clinics are participating in los angeles county according to the los angeles times. starting monday, it will be voluntary for students, teachers, and faculty to wear masks inside classrooms and child care setting. the state allows counties and individual schools to keep mask mandates in place if they choose. oakland is one district that
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will require masks for the next two weeks. youth groups are banding together to protest against oil drilling within contra costa county. it happened on lone tree way alongside the protest, groups celebrated the antioch's areas recent ban on oil and gas drilling in city limits. the environmental group has gathered 3000 signatures against oil drilling from local residents. moving onto a heartwarming story about a miracle baby to beat the odds at kaiser permanente. meet valentina, she is six months old, but she was born 23 weeks old. the hospital celebrated her progress virtually with her parents and the stafford looked after her. >> she was feisty from the beginning. she was crying when we got her
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to the resuscitation bed and we did have to intubate her, we put a breathing tube in. she really fought from the beginning. dion: not only were her parents fighting for their daughter's life, her father got covid just after her birth. now their daughter is almost 11 pounds and thriving. san francisco was not the only bay area city with a st. patrick's day parade today. ♪ dion: isle without a passport in dublin. dublin, california. highlights from the celebration that brought the community together. taking a live look outside, sunny skies, a little cloud cover. we could see showers. spencer christian has the timing ahead. >> big game tonight, the wires
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and the milwaukee bucks up next, we will preview they came from chase center as the warriors looked to extend and
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dion: san francisco is getting greener. the public works department tweeted this video showing crews as they prepared worksites in the bayview neighborhood for the first beautification day of the season.
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volunteers and staff had a goal of planting more than 100 trees today. the next treeplanting is at april 19. to the east bay, they are celebrating st. patrick's day all weekend long, where else but in dublin. people kicked off the holiday with a tradition, the st. patrick's day parade. >> good morning. dion: that will get you up. it is the return of the parade since the pandemic. this is the city's 30 eight street patrick's day -- 38th street patrick's day celebration. weekend festivities three stages of irish music and dancing and more than 250 booths at the marketplace. the fun continues all day long tomorrow starting with the shamrock 5k walk and run.
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this is awesome to see everybody out, the sun is shining. spencer: great to have the parade back and that weather helped as well. it is breezy out there but still pleasant and dry in most locations, wind speeds generally 15 to 20 miles per hour. it is chilly right now. 11 degrees cooler in san francisco. 14 degrees cooler at saint carlos. the drop in temperatures, santa rosa, 15 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. increasing clouds from our exploratorium camera. 55 in oakland. mid-60's in mountain view, san jose. nice view looking over alcatraz. you can see the clouds above. a bit of blue sky at the moment. 55 at santa rosa.
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we have 60's at fairfield, it is a bit milder. and this view shows a beautiful picture of low clouds and some high clouds against a blue backdrop. we will see light showers and drizzle tonight continuing into tomorrow morning. another round of rain late monday into tuesday and we can expect milder weather by the middle of the week. the approaching system ranks only one on the impact scale. light intensity tomorrow morning. we can expect less than five hundredths of an inch of rain, that means we will probably have slick roadways. by midnight, we will see widespread, scattered light showers and they start to taper off going into the early morning. midday tomorrow, the showers should be over but we will have lingering clouds. by the way, i mentioned that totals will be light, under five
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hundredths of an inch. overnight, temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. heise tomorrow, upper 50's up the coast. mid-60's around the bay shoreline. mid 60's inland. here is the seven-day forecast. a light storm late monday continuing into early tuesday. a little milder on wednesday. milder still on thursday and friday with highs in the low 70's and lind although clouds will be increasing was the end of next week and we are expecting cooler weather next saturday. >> now abc 7 sports. reporter: hey, everybody. what a game we have tonight, the warriors and the milwaukee bucks , 40 minutes until tip-off here on abc 7. let's get you into your game preview from chase center. after a season-high five game losing streak, the warriors have responded with consecutive wins
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this week. you see stephen curry there. this is huge for getting ts hugf on abc 7 against those defending champion bucks. yiannis expected to play a huge role. importance of protecting home court. >> we feel like we halted by winning the last couple games . but we would like to carry it forward. we know that will be difficult playing the defending champ's tonight. the schedule is not easy going forward. we got to try to keep getting better, defending our home court is always a goal from the beginning of the season. i think we have lost -- we won our last one, but we lost a few in a row so we have to
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reestablish that. reporter: this is the 75th season for the warriors and the nba. every home game this year, the warriors have honored a historic member of the franchise and tonight, it is donald, you will see him after the game. pregame festivities, he was in the pregame pressroom, some video of that there. you see him slamdunk with authority. nice fact sheet. o'donnell always with a smile. i asked steve kerr if he had a story from o'donnell, his playing days or on the golf force -- golf course. >> i have never played golf with him, but he is a beloved figure around here, the work he does in our community, always a smiling face, a supportive person for coaches and players. we love having him as part of the organization. i love seeing him around. reporter: can't wait to see
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o'donnell in a little bit. what will the a's roster look like on opening day? there have been trade rumors but the first guy to get traded, that guy, chris bassitt. they have treated him to the mets for minor leaguers, one of them expected on the mets side is the best prospect in their system so hopefully a good player coming back to oakland. chris bassitt coming off his all-star season in 2021. part of his season was interrupted when he was hit in the face and he battled back from that and finished the season. it is going to be a huge game tonight. a lot of fun coming up, we will have the pregame coverage at 5:00. then toyota after the game, there he o'donnell, i will be here with your post game interviews. that is it for sports. dion: before you go, correct me if i am wrong, but i believe this week was also o'donnell's
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birthday. what a way to celebrate with this recognition. really special time. reporter: you are right, it was his birthday. did we get him a cake in the studio? i don't know. it is his birthday. he just showed up, there was a lot of traffic. also steph curry's birthday is on monday. o'donnell can come whenever he wants. he will be on after the game. dion: i might have something up my sleeve, don't spill the beans. we will see you later this evening.
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dion: a bale of hay contained a surprise in san jose. seven young barn owls were discovered in the hay. the outlets range in age from a few days old to up to a month. they are really cute. not conventionally cute, but cute altogether. they were taken to the wildlife center. veterinarians say the birds are expected to survive and once old enough, will be released. there must be some owl joke somewhere in here. spencer: well albie. -- well owl be. dion: what a hoot. i did not say they would be good jokes. thank you for joining us.
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we have got steph curry on abc tonight. he reached 20,000 career points this week. first warrior ever to do it. he is a two-time league mvp. so is giannis. that's who he faces tonight. and the man is red hot. he's scored 82 points in 65 minutes in his last two games. this could be a finals preview. the bucks and the warriors on abc right now. ♪ it all starts with a dream. a dream one truly believes in.


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