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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 13, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> i i i i go there to visit ukraine, to eat the food, to experience the culture and ukraine hospitality. >> a san francisco-based chef joining a global movement. cooking to raise money for her homeland. good morning. it's sunday, march 13. i am liz kreutz. happy daylight savings time. we have entered it. let's get a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: most of the fallen below the radar.
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in between just trace amounts. lowlowlow 52 in mountain view. showers, hit-or-miss out there and drizzle before sunrise which is officially at 7:23 this morning. we will be left with partly cloudy skies with mid-60's for the warmest locations. we will talk about our next chance of rain in a few minutes. liz: we begin with the latest developments on the war in ukraine. 35 people were killed by russian airstrikes in western crane at a military training facility near the polish border.
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134 others were also injured and taken to the hospital. authorities say more than 30 missiles were fired from planes. talks between russia and ukraine could take place this week. a bipartisan group of u.s. senators will meet. they say they will reaffirm the u.s. commitment to poland, ukraine and other allies. president biden has authorized more military aid to ukraine as ukrainians continue fighting back against russian forces. he's karina mitchell with more. >> more people are leaving ukraine. evacuated saturday. a defiant volodymyr zelensky morning the russians they will have to carpet bomb kyiv and all of its residents if they want to
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take the city. ukrainians unwavering in their resolve. >> we will fight from every basement. they will lose tanks every street, every block, every crossroads. >> russian tanks bombarding residential areas. this apartment building hit in this hospital corridor. anastasia losing one of her children, holding the one that survived. i don't know where to run to, she says. president biden authorizing another $200 million in military aid crane including small arms and large weapons. vladimir putin chemical weapons attack. the humanitarian crisis continues to grow.
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neighboring countries of hungary and moldova. >> i can't speak without tears. i'm sorry. i'm really sorry for my country. liz: john kirby will talk about the fighting and ukraine has a widens its attack and president biden's warning to putin over using chemical weapons. the bay area are continuing to assist those in need in any way they can. tim johns spoke with one san wi francisco-based ukrainian chef using her talents to support her country. >> 6200 miles away from her home , she has watched the war unfold in her native ukraine in horror.
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a san francisco-based chef decided she had to do something. so she joined cook for ukraine, a global movement of chefs, bakers and others in the culinary world using food to raise money and show support for the eastern european nation. >> we will donate all the proceeds to world central kitchen which is feeding our refugees. >> she will be hosting a sold-out fundraising dinner. her way of supporting her homeland. >> i don't want to be a cook in the united states who will pay for if the culture. i want to develop the culture. i want people to be able to go there and experience the culture and ukrainian hospitality. >> the by the san francisco cooking school. several members of which are also volunteering.
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>> to help and contribute. >> it has brought her comfort in a difficult time. >> i'm smiling for the first time today because they have something to do. >> she is planning on hosting more in the future. >> it will just grow and i hope it will contribute and help other people, not only ukraine liz: we have a full list of verified groups and nonprofits sending donations and supplies to refugees on our website. the santa clara county sheriff's office needs your help to identify a woman who stole a $4000 bottle of liquor from a restaurant in san jose. this happened at the grandview restaurant. surveillance video shows a woman grabbing a unique spirit behind
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the bar. the woman and other individuals are wanted for felony grand theft. anyone with information is asked to contact the santa clara sheriff's office. the investigation into thursday's crash in san bruno continues. federal investigators turned tht scene back over caltrain. caltrain is running on a normal weekend schedule. passengers who left belongings on the train involved in the crash can pick up their items this weekend. now to our efforts to build better bay area. a san francisco nonprofit is pushing for more transitional and permanent housing for women.
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tara campbell has the story. >> kayla is on the verge of living on the streets. she has been there before and doesn't want to go back to >> my worst fear is being on the street with a tent. >> not enough. >> are not being dramatic when i say women on the streets will die. >> living on the streets women die in their late 40's and that more women only shelter and housing options are a must. >> there's about 2700 women who experience homelessness in a given year in our city and there is only 99 shelter beds and 157 housing units that are gender specific.
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to live on the streets over going to shelters where they don't feel safe. facing homelessness are also experiencing trauma. >> 90% chance she will have experienced violence or abuse in her lifetime. and that's probably are being real. >> that's why the nonprofit is petitioning support to buy 120 unit building just for women. >> this would be a safe space for unhoused women can access drop in day services, shelter and permanent supportive housing. >> what would be most helpful about having a place to stay where there's only when?
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>> it would be helpful because i would be able to just be myself. >> providing stability for women like kayla. i had a place of my own before and i loved it. lisa: a little damp out there. we have seen a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. not only one more chance of rain and it's looking interesting in the extended outlook. liz: scary moments at the new york moma. the museum closed after a stabbing left two people injured. >> happy st. patrick's day. welcome back san francisco. liz: the st. patrick's day
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liz: new york's museum of modern art will be closed today after two employees were stabbed. the suspect had recentlyad recer his membership because of disorderly conduct. investigators say he became angry when he was denied entry to the museum and jumped over the reception desk. two employees were stabbed several times and taken to the hospital. it's now voluntary for students and faculty to wear masks inside classrooms and child care. the state is allowing counties, districts and individual schools to keep mask mandates in place if they choose. san francisco unified has made them optional. the dancing grannies were back
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at it in milwaukee's st. patrick's day parade. this is the first time has performed in the parade since the waukesha christmas performance. they were met by a cheering crowd. the surviving grannies have brought on 20 new grannies in training. before the parade group met for a special toast to those they love -- those they lost. the first major event to be canceled due to returned to san francisco nearly two years to the day. cornell barnard was at the st. patrick's day parade and tells us the festivities took on new meaning. >> the sound of pipes echoing down market street.
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the luck of the irish has finally returned to san francisco after a two-year pandemic cause. -- pause. >> to see all these people, to have the opportunity to come together. it's great. who doesn't like a nice that's out. >> dozens of people lined the street to see the st. patrick's day parade. >> we were one>> we were one>> e to get postponed and then counseled -- canceled.
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see traditions back. >> you have to watch all these people march around in the parade. it's kind of fun to watch. entertaining. >> this is awesome. we can be out here without a mask. >> another step forward getting back to normal. celebrating st. patrick's day all weekend long. i liz: it's the city's 30 eight street patrick's day celebration. it all began with a firefighters pancake breakfast followed by the parade. include irish music and dancing and more than 250oo
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irish rkplace. center in san francisco is hosting a green fest block party. there is going to be live music, irish food, beer and wine. there will be facepainting and a slime booth as well. more experiencing a powerful late winter storm this weekend. there's heavy snow hitting louisiana through maine, georgia and central florida. this waterspout a beach in fort myers. the governor of florida declared a state of emergency in multiple counties. parts of kentucky expect heavy rain. the storm is expected to last through the end of the weekend.
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much different picture here in california. still pretty chilly. >> the winds picked up yesterday. squeezing out a little bit of precip. damp anymore. son coming up. -- the son coming up -- the sun is coming up. in the mountains you can see a thunderbolt. we are looking at mixed precip. what's left of this system will be pushing to the south and east. current numbers are in the 50's. all the 50's from san carlos to
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mountain view. we are looking at a jumpstart on the numbers. a little bit warmer. 20 degrees warmer at this hour with nine degrees warming in hayward. we have that morning drizzle and then probably by 7:00 or 8:00 we will get partly cloudy conditions late tonight into monday. that will lead to rain around 9:00 or 10:00 monday night. rainfall amounts that are leftea with this system barely a trace out there. very little to speak about as the system winds down.
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partly cloudy conditions that will be breezy at the coast. elsewhere we will get some sun. this is 11:00 monday night. you'll notice that as we are sleeping the rain pushes on through. still some scattered showers san francisco and by the afternoon we are partly cloudy. rainfall amounts favoring north bay. a little bit more impressive through santa rosa. the rest of the week we are dry and milder. another weather maker could bring even more rain. mid 60's in san jose.
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night into tuesday. looking forward to the first day of spring on the 20th and also the rain hopefully. liz: just ahead, new moms start their maternity to find their benefits were frozen. how michael finney was able to step in and help.
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liz: edd had flagged their benefits as potential fraud. family were filled with joy when little quinn was born on new year's day. >> we were the first to give birth.
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>> she also faced difficulties. >> i had a c-section infection of the incision. infection of the incision. >> she was struggling to care for her newborn. the mail. >> the edd had stopped paying her disability benefits without any notice. >> i literally called over 100 times. >> i'm kind of upset because no one has ever reached out to me and told me anything. >> hers was among 345,000 claims flagged as potential fraud and frozen by the edd to crack down on a massive disability scam. she and her doctor both had to
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prove they were legit or she would lose benefits for good. >> you can go to the disability office in sacramento. great. i'm dealing with an infection. i'm supposed to be lying down and i also have a newborn baby and it's in the middle of covid and omicron is spreading everywhere. >> mom and baby waited nearly four hours in a crowded room with others. >> it's nerve-racking to sit in a small room with a crying newborn. >> when it was finally her turn to the counter, no one there could help. >> they have no idea what i'm talking about, they can't handle any of these fraud type claims. >> she was told to mail in her certification. never mind that she was standing right there with her baby and all of her documents.
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>> the same thing happened to a random arroyo of san jose. when she finally got through by phone, edd had no answers. >> it's stressful. i think about it all the time. you have no idea if you're going to run out of money. >> amanda went to an edd office with her newborn in tow. they waited for hours in a stuffy room. >> i didn't want to bring my baby in their, weight three hours to get no answers. >> we told edd affecting new ones their families. >> overnight they were able to solve the problem. >> they reached out directly to doctors to verify their
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credentials and edd issued all the payments they had missed. >> huge relief. >> so relieved. liz: no end in sight to the war in ukraine and the economic toll on americans is getting worse. how some people are now changing their habits. this baby who weighed just one pound out birth
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54 bellemont 51 looking out towards the east bay. keeping the temperatures of 10 to 20 degrees from what we had saturday morning. there is fog. two and a half mile visibility half moon bay. for the next several hours we are partly cloudy. 60's arrived. we have more rain to talk about coming up in a few minutes. said in the face had been launched from neighboring iran. there were differing accounts of the strike and the damage it caused. an iraqi official said the
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consulate had been hit. a second american official said there was no damage to any u.s. government facility and no indication the consulate was targeted. americans continue to feel the economic impact of russia's war in ukraine. war in ukraine, the economic toll on americans only getting worse. gas prices at record highs. the situation dire for people like timothy. the driving instructortructor asking his customers to meet him in the middle to save on gas. >> it changes how you drive and how you teach. i like to cover every base. if you are taking students out on the highway, you are wasting gas. >>'s urgent crisis threatening
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the fragile post-pandemic recovery. this mississippi motherherherher living paycheck-to-paycheck. >> i have missed meals so the kids could eat. >> uber adding a fuel surcharge of up to $.55. >> i'm going to have to do something else part-time. >> growing concerns over major j companies offering less product. suspend the federal gas tax. the white house is reviewing all options.
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concert raised money for refugees evacuating ukraine. it was held at the golden gate park bandshell yesterday. the sisters of perpetual indulgence handed out sunflowers. olorf e ukrainian flag is intended to love and warmth and hope. liz: a coalition of organizers launched the campaign yesterday. this wthis wthis wthis wthis w since the deadly atlanta spa shootings.
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a gunman went on a rampage at the response, killing asian women. and the remaining shootings. he says he was hopel was suicidal because of a sex addiction. authorities are looking for a man suspected of murdering an eight-year-old girl from hayward. the girl's is currently in jail. police have also charged her inr connection with the death of her daughter. december. a child's body was recently discovered jackson's home. police made an arrest in the
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shooting death of a convenience store owner. investigators released video of someone running. officers say the suspect was also wanted for other robberies in the east bay. he came to the u.s. to provide for his family until they joined him a couple years later. those who knew him say he was hard-working, compassionate and faithful. a miracle baby beat the odds. she is now six months old but was born at just 23 weeks. the hospital celebrated her progress virtually with her parents and staff who looked after her. >> she was feisty from the beginning. she was crying when we got her to the resuscitation bed. we did have to put a breathing tube in to help her and she just
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really fought from the beginning. liz: her fathez: her fathez: he: after her birth. now she is almost 11 pounds. very sweet and thriving. hollywood awards season is well underway. west side story and doom. that gives her more of an edge in the oscars race. maggie gyllenhaal took home the award for first time feature for her film the loss daughter. -- the lost daughter. still ahead on abc seven mornings.
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liz: san francisco is getting a little greener thanks to the help of volunteers. works department tweeted this video volunteers and public works staff had a goal of planting more than 100 trees in the area. with more dry dry dry dry dry dy ones, ski resorts that rely on snowmaking to stay open as long as possible are looking toward more efficient ways to keep the industry alive. traditional air water guns require an employee to turn them on. handguns are more efficient
5:40 am
technology that uses less energy and no manual labor. ski resorts say they make their quality snow. northstar also says there is another benefit. >> we want to consumption. this morning. lisa: a little bit. it was something. emeryville picked hundreds out there. we will our next chance of rain and my extended outlook which includes more rain coming up. liz: a huge game for klay thompson knocking down 83-pointers as the warriors defeat the box. defeat the box. postgame reaction coming u
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liz: welcome back. here's a live look outside. a little foggy there this morning as well. draymond green is expected to return to action tomorrow night for the first time in more than two months against washington wizards. here's chris alvarez with the highlights. >> doesn't the warriors season high five-game seem like so long ago. stephen curry. giannis antetokounmpo. klay thompson had 17 in t quarter. thompson was feeling it.
5:44 am
jonathan coming up is going to be special. dribbling hard. monday. the milwaukee native had 30 and he was good. season high 38 again. chase center and the reaction. it was unreal at chase. time for a poster. warriors win. he showed a little frustration with all the what's wrong with you shooting questions. >> everyone makes a big deal out of my shooting man. i'm not happy with how i'm shooting. i know these notes are within me.
5:45 am
i have done too many great things that a lot of players haven't done before doubt myself. >> it's all about winning and trying to build toward playoff type performance. >> dray was dancing. opens the scoring on saturday night. gave up a goal. he had 29 c shut out on saturday night. tomas hertl. will he be with a new team in san jose. what will the a's roster look like on opening day. the first guy to get traded was chris bassitt.
5:46 am
the a's have traded to the mets. bassitt coming off his first all-star season in 2021 as well as that devastating injury where he took a line drive off the face. that is your look at sports. back to you. liz: it's a little bit raining this morning. lisa: you can see a little bit that the radar is picking up onto the north and east of us. much of this is the low-level moisture. we are not able to show you much of it from life doppler seven but we can show you the fog. temperatures are much milder this morning. plentyfremont is 51. t north bay we've got some upper 40's.
5:47 am
coolest locations santa rosa. 52 in pacifica. maybe a quarter of an inch elsewhere. santa cruz mountains picking up the 10th of an inch of rain. 18 degrees warmer with the cloud cover that kept it on the cool side. morning drizzle becoming partly cloudy. rain moves and lights. it's going to stay with us through the early morning commute on tuesday. warmer days wednesday through friday. what's left of the system is just a couple hundreds. we will get into partly skies by about 9:00. as we get into late sunday we will clouded up again. temperatures will be in the 60's
5:48 am
and then here comes the next system. 11:00 monday night where the emphasis through napa, sonoma county. you can see the scattered showers from the east bay even along the coast. the numbers aren't going to be on the cool side. we will be more mild. advertise in the mid 60's. we will bump up the numbers bit with a little bit more sun and then that system on tuesday. saturday guys in the 60's. that's when we are looking at pretty decent rainmaker. monday night into tuesday coastal hills. this early week system will allow for more widespread rainfall. notice that the low 60's will be
5:49 am
with us for oakland and san mateo. 66 san jose. mid-60's up into the north bay. showers and drizzle this morning. we are milder and sunnier the rest of the week. next saturday looking rainy. liz: oakland ballet company will host its dancing moons festival. new ballets balle american choreographers, dancers, composers and designers. julian glover has the first look. >> with every turn, these oakland ballet dancers are breathing new life into old narratives. >> really trying to shift this
5:50 am
art form into be more inclusive or else it dies. premiere later this month. a reimagining of a tale with the problematic plot. >> we are staying true to the libretto and the music but flipping the script so instead of triumphing over asian people, it's about asian people saying don't treat us as dolls, treat us with nuance. >> fan favorites like the nutcracker for decades featured bigoted stereotypes. and white performers wearing yellow face. he set out to change that years ago. >> that larger shift started with putting up a simple pledge saying i love ballet and i'm committed as a result to
5:51 am
improving how we represent people on our stages. >> the oakland ballet artists in the dancing moons festival. >>'s work is a step in the process of showing people who come and see dance that asians are not just a caricature. we are as human as anyone else. >> i'm so proud of what we are doing as an organization. it's so unique in the world of dance. it's vital work. >> as the country deals with a drastic rise in hate crimes against asian americans. >> this is very personal to me as well because my dad has been afraid to leave the house and has been wary of coming into oakland to see the performances. >> & co. artistic director are also proudly debuting works at
5:52 am
the festival. the final bell for yellow face while raising the curtain on a more inclusive future. >> isn't it fun that we are just a little bit different. liz: at the festival begins in less than two weeks with opening night on march 24. tickets are available at oakland you can find a link within the story. pi day is almost here and that means deals on pies. where you can get discounts tomorrow a
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's power ball drawing. the number 8. nobody picked all six numbers
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so tomorrow night's jackpot increases to $124 million. the winning number from the super lotto plus drawing. nobody matched all six numbers and that drawing, wednesday's jackpot grows to $25 million. tomorrow is pie day the numbers in tomorrow's date 314 match the first three digits of the math matcal constant pi or 3.14. to celebrate several chains are offering deals on pizza pies. here's some of the offerings that you can take advantage of tomorrow if you want. 711 is going to have a $3.14 deal. bj's restaurant is offering a mini one-topping pizza. order your pizza on line instead of getting delivery. the explore torium is also
5:56 am
hosting its 35th annual pie day tomorrow. there's going to be a live performance of poetry film and music. also holding a parade and giving away free pizza slices. this starts tomorrow at noon. you will need to buy a ticket to attend. if you can't it the program will be livestreamed on the explore tor combrum facebook page. next, a san francisco chef hosting faubd raiser today to show support for ukraine. the global movement that's using food to raise money. plus, a nonprofit's efforts to get permanent housing for women experiencing homelessness. their mission for a safe shelter.
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>> i want people to be able to go there to visit ukraine to eat the food to experience the culture and ukraine hospitality. >> a chef joining a global movement as the war continues on. she is cooking to raise money for her homeland of ukraine. good morning. we have a lot to get to this morning inclauding the start of daylight savings. let's start with a quick look at the weather. >> the sun not coming up until 7:23. it sets at


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