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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 16, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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pushoverseas to put tourism. in san francisco's pocket abc
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. we're gonna give you crane the arms to fight and defend themselves through all the difficult days ahead. after a desperate plea from ukraine's president president. biden is plunging 800 million dollars in new military aid for ukraine that brings the total amount of us assistance to 1 billion dollars in just one week. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates today was another day of merciless shelling in the capital city of kiev video shows the aftermath as another residential neighborhood fell under attack with dozens pulled from the rubble. ukraine's president spoke to the united states congress today asking more help. he invoked tragedies like pearl harbor and 9/11 to illustrate how serious the situation is. innocent people were attacked
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attacked from air you could not stop it our country experience the same everyday. he once again asked president biden for a no-fly zone that would shut down the skies over ukraine. the us has rejected that request. ukrainian baby traveling with his mother was recently denied a flight to sfo over the four month olds travel documents now stuck in germany. the boy's mother tells abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo. she's doing all she can to get her son to safety and reconnect with family in the bay area. these photos are proof of a more peaceful time for new mom olga kroll her husband and their four month old son severin. he's trying to make the same intonation rep scenes now he can hold a toy in his hands the family left their home in kiev in early march and they're escaped sirens blair forcing them into a shelter described as
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freezing and unfit for an infant has russia's armed invasion grew more destructive and deadly she and her husband remained focused on severance safety. she knew they had to leave ukraine and plan to reach family here in the bay area on the possible way to leave the country by bus. which took us almost 20 and we spent from 8 to 10 hours at the border control's husband and her father stayed behind she severin and her mother flew from poland to frankfurt germany their final destination. at first san francisco, but they never made it on that connecting flight to sfo instead their itinerary impacted without necessary travel documents for little severance. he only has a birth certificates and he doesn't have a passport. i applied in queue for passport, but and then russia started to bomb all the city currently
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ukrainian embassies and consulates cannot issue new passports, but the consulate general of ukraine in san francisco says the ministry of foreign affairs in the case of a baby without a passport has allowed the infant to be included on a parent's passport with a photo coroll completed that step meaning severance passport is now a page inside of hers on the us side. he did not have a valid visa and in order for him to get that visa to travel to the us he needs to have a passport and in frankfurt him being written into his mom's password passport was not sufficient coroll's family in the bay area has spent last two weeks reaching out to lawmakers and others for assistance cousin linda tutko put up an online campaign to help cover. carol's hotels airbnbs and other expenses as seemingly stuck in a foreign country part of moving forward would be providing the
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passport. she has now she didn't feel comfortable dropping off her passport her only form of documentation into some slots somewhere in germany and then being without any documentation worry when corolla should be enjoying new motherhood girl doesn't want to apply for refugee status saying it feels too permanent. she hopes to one day return back to her country back to the family's home. back to her husband. i miss him every day. he's now in terroristic defense and i'm afraid it's i'm afraid you know, because i didn't want to think about it. i tried to concentrate on the baby and just to be bringing good vibes to him because he feels everything in san jose. i'm a magic doctor still your abc 7 news to find out how you can help ukraine visit our website. you'll find a full list of verified groups and nonprofits sending donations and supplies to refugees. that's at abc 7 news com slash take action the alameda county
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district attorney's office is charged three people with the murder of kevin nashida. he's the former bay area police. officer who was shot and killed while protecting a tv news crew last november police in oakland announced two people are in custody and investigators are working to ■locatethe third opd chief laron armstrong plans to provide more information in a news conference tomorrow afternoon. tonight's covid headlines. california's test positivity rate is on a steady decline. the seven-day ray is at 1.4 percent a month ago. it was 5.6 percent federal covid response funding is running out with cuts to drug supplies set to go into effect monday. some treatment supplies are set to decrease by as much as 30 percent more pandemic housing aid is coming to california 136 million dollars the biden administration shifted 377 million from states and counties most of them controlled by republic. chickens and redirected the cash to states that are asking for more help the san francisco mayor london breed is traveling
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in europe this week trying to lure international tourists back to the bay area her 10-day trip includes stops in london, brussels frankfurt and paris abc 7 news reporter. tim. johns explains why foreign visitors play a key role in our local economy a key part of building a better bay area roughly two years since the start of the pandemic tourism is still a long way away from a full recovery. that's one reason why san francisco mayor london breed has headed to europe to try and lure international visitors back to the city meeting with both existing airlines will also be meeting with airlines that don't currently serve sfo in the hopes of launching new air service into our airport doug. yako a spokesperson for sfo says the airport is recovering passengers at a slower rate than other major air hubs and part of the reason for that is because international passengers are such a large portion of our overall picture about 25% of all pre-pandemic passengers were
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actually international covid requirements for travelers have played a key role in the lag. however with most european countries dropping covid restrictions, it remains the part of the world where people are most able to travel to the us but the desire to bring international tourists back to san francisco is about more than just rotting in the city's appeal. it's also about strengthening. the bay area's local economy. pre-pandemic. there were about a hundred thousand jobs around the bay area that rely on the air service that sfo provides experts say that many of those jobs rely on tourism and the money international visitors bring mainly because they generally stay longer spending more money on things like hotels and restaurants instead of two days, you know, maybe a quick city escape these four planning like two california but with tourism numbers expected to take years to get back to 2019 levels the full extent of the benefits could take a while to be felt worried about 2/3 of prepandemic levels. we're hoping to get to about 75%
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of prepandemic levels by the end of this year in san francisco tim johns abc 7 news. new developments involving those high prices were paying for gas. there's an effort to get us a guest rebate a group of state lawmakers say they will unveil proposal tomorrow to give every california taxpayer of 400 dollar rebate lawmakers say it will cover one year of weekly fill ups for a car with a 15 gallon gas tank 9 billion dollars of the state's budget surplus would cover the cost numbers at the pump are not pretty california state average is higher than ever before triple a says it's at per gallon gas in napa is most expensive in the bay area at 591 san francisco drivers pay 588 and is gas prices. stay high and oil markets are still uncertain people are trying to reduce their gasoline consumption as best. they can you're probably trying to figure this out and there are ways to save money that you may not have thought of abc 7 news reporter lianne melendez has some helpful advice.
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when larry purcell paid for his gas today, he received an automatic discount just for using his cash back credit card. i use my credit card and the price went down it wasn't a huge amount six cents per gallon, but any kind of discount is welcomed because prices are still very high. it's killing me. some credit cards have a buy now pay later option, but seven on your side's michael. finney says be careful with the high interest rate. that's the bottom line becausea. even though gas prices are going pre of bart isn't so think about if you're really hurting for money using public transportation to get you over some of these homes. we've been here before. drive up the price thehe few things you can do not to bore you. i'm sure.
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you've heard them before probably just try to plan things better. like just go one way and do everything that i need to and then go back instead of back and forth back and forth. you know, i'm a nerd so i keep my tires inflated properly and drive less. another good do leave se se se add it to your vehicle reduces your fuel economy by one percent. a dollar here a dollar there it all adds up. i'm done. the volatile oil market has left people wondering if now is the time to go electric? get in line the wait for certain models could be up to 10 months in san francisco leanne melendez abc 7 news. united in hope and healing rallies were held across the nation today urging people to combat asian hate the effort now to keep the message front and center. cooler for saint patrick's day
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and rain for the weekend. i'll have the hour by hour forecast coming up. we are on the eve of one of the biggest party days of the year bar owners here in san francisco. so they're excited to be open
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country today marking one year since the atlanta spa shootings eight people were killed including six asian women a vigil in sacramento tonight drew people to the steps of the state capitol they mourn the victims and called for justice for asian. we're deeply moved to by our many activists willing to to take action. to remain vigilant in our enduring fight for civil rights and racial justice for all. the vigil also included an open
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mic discussion for aapi community members to voice their concerns attendees left flowers and notes to honor all victims of racial injustice and crime. and now available on the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app stopped the hay to call for unity. our own dion limb is part of the special to stream on demand to open up the abc 7 bay area tv app and go to the new and popular section. burt reitership is booming now as covid-19 cases decrease people return to the office and gas prices of courses. we've talked about here tonight. keep climbing bart's chief of police spoke today about the agency's efforts to increase safety. he says there has been a decline in crime. thanks to the work of police officers transit ambassadors and crisis intervention specialists those specialists carry narcan to treat overdoses and are paired with a bart police officer on every ride when we're patrolling stations, we pay attention to people who are not taking the train. someone may be sleeping in an area where mostly people would
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put traffic back and forth. maybe science of some drug use. bart's belief chief says violent crime dropped 36% last year compared to 2020. seeing rid of its parking meters and replacing them with new ones. the switch has already begun sfmta says the current meters rely on older 3g technology and have reached the end of their useful lives 11 neighborhoods will move to a pay by license plate system. that includes new pay stations that system allows people who leave and still have time on the meter to return to the same block and park until their time expires. new at 11. we're just a little less than an hour away now from an official start of saint patrick's day. celebrations will have special meaning in san francisco because of past covid restrictions that began around saint patrick's day. remember two years ago abc 7 news reporter jr. stone is in san francisco where the bars are preparing for the party. green pants green shirts lots of
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people and lots of beer means that saint patrick's day is upon us. i think people are overdue for a party. yes those here in san francisco. came close to an irish party back in 2020. the 24 to 48 hours before saintt patrick's day, california state covid restrictions closed bars and limited gatherings during my 2020 live shot on saint patrick's day bars like this one on polk street were boarded up and closed. i remember that week very vividly. and again, just that scaling back. just having to say hey, sorry guys. hey, sorry guys, say sorry guys, brian martin manages, this san francisco bar called the irish bank. they're 2020 block party. never happened but on thursday night saint patrick's day two years later. it will according to martin this wednesday crowd that you're looking at both outside and inside is the biggest they've seen since before the pandemic. i feel like i'm feeling more normal about going out now that
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the mass mand. on i see already. i mean this is the day before saint patrick's day and it's starting to look like it would be a good saint patrick's day and the san francisco showcasing. multiple saint patrick's day street parties this entire block of front street near the royal exchange and schroeder's will be closed for traffic and open to drinkers something not seen since 2019. this is probably the most beer we have in there in the restaurant since before. covid started. yes and to give it up not give it away. but so sell it all definitely. please come down and drink our beer andrew mod of the royal exchange. bar says they survived the pandemic even as their neighbors at tin shut down. he says foot traffic is up lunch patrons are coming in more often and happy hour drinking is again gaining popularity. i think we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel in san francisco jr. stone abc 7 news. all right.
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so, how's the weather going to behave for us? yeah, that's the big question on saint patrick's day. sandy patel is here with the forecasted. yeah, it's gonna look good actually, but changing cooler tomorrow. it could see some sprinkles as well. so dan and alma. let me show you the hour by hour planner for saint patrick's day. there's a chance of sprinkles tomorrow morning 40s to start off. mostly cloudy by noon and you are looking at breezy and cooler weather than today. most areas today came up that's going to be reverse tomorrow by 7 o'clock. the sun is out. the skies will start to clear out a bit the sun sets by the way at 7:18. so if you're going to be out and about for saint patrick's day, the weather should be nice tomorrow. this is a system that's going to bring us the extra clouds already starting to see those clouds advancing and could bring us a few sprinkles, but that's not a game changer this weekend. we have a storm coming in and this one will bring us rain on saturday. here's a stunning view from our suture tower camera as we look at downtown san francisco tonight cloudy cooler tomorrow possibility of a few sprinkles wet and windy saturday. base spring starts on sunday and
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we have a big warm-up coming next week with records possible numbers right now in the 40s and the 50s as you head out the door tomorrow morning. it's not going to be terribly cold as a matter of fact because of the cloud cover you'll be insulated a bit mostly forties the apache fog right now in half moon bay, and you're going to see some patches tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures will range from the upper 50s at the coast where it's going to be breezy all the way to the lowe's 70s in places like fairfield for your thursday now, monday we're just going to fast forward to the warmth. i mean sunday spring begins and we're already feeling the warmth on monday going into tuesday. we're talking about 80s records, but before we get to that we have a level one system light to moderate rain for saturday gusty winds small possibility of thunder those winds arera satur0 miles an hour expect strong winds in the evening as well as specially near the coast over 45 miles an hour as we go hour by hour early saturday morning plans include rain. 7 am by 10 am.
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it's light to moderate rain across the entire region we go into 4 pm and it turns to scattered showers and then those showers wind down by evenings certainly will bring snow to the mountains not expecting a lot of snow but something and as far as the rainfall totals go anywhere from about 1,500 of an inch to three quarters of an inch of rain now in the sierra, nevada, you're looking at one to four inches by late saturday into early sunday if you are going up to the mountains tomorrow, you're good to go isolated. snow showers are possible certainly sunny and milder and then we're looking at rain snow mix on saturday and breezy conditions the accuweather 7-day forecast features possibility of a few sprinkles for saint patrick's day dry on friday and then level one storm bringing us that wet windy weather saturday with spring beginning sunday. we're going to bring you. potential for record warm flow to mid 80s inlands 60s 70s coast side i'm again. okay,
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here in the bay area has a new job. check it out. alex has joined san francisco international airports wag brigade the 28-pound flemish giant rabbit is now one of the trained animals that make travel more enjoyable alex's first voyage into the spot. happened last april at a giants game. he was in the stands with his owner when he captured the
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attention of the camera crew. we are sure travelers will find him just as year res res here. so cute. alex is pretty sweet. all right. well, it's enough to make your heart. skip a beat when we use steph curry and injured in the same sentence. yeah. larry bills here were sports larry. yeah, i keep waiting for twitter to refresh for mri results. oh boy took a thousand five days for the warriors to get steph clay and dre together. again. steph limped off tonight couldn't finish. was it a dirty play that took him out right there latest on
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rock casino good evening, the warriors 4 game win streak came to an abrupt ugly and painful
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end tonight the celtics put the clamps on and steph curry left injured. kanye west at the game at chase center now the warriors were down double digits into flash jonathan comminger coming in hot that is with authority, but he only had five points and things went south really fast second quarter. this all happened one play marcus smart dives of the ball rolls up on steph's left foot curry couldn't return outward left with soreness. and then the ninja kick on clay. this is all the same. the same sequence and steve kerr was not happy sells up 14 the defense smothering jordan pool rejected by robert williams smart doing damage the conventional way with the jumper sells up 20. he had 20 jordan pool catches fire 19 in the third alone hits the three to get within 10 finished with the game high 29 clay thompson 18 points, but on 24 shots dubs cut a 24-point deficit down to 10, but xcal star jalen brown three of his game high tying 26 celts win 110. age curry and mri after the game no results yet steve kerr on
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smartsplay. i thought it was a dangerous play. i thought i thought marcus dove into steph's knee and i then that's what i was upset about we talked after the game. we're good, but i thought it was a dangerous plan. you know, i'm just let him know this --. but sometimes that's just how to cookie crumble you figure it out and deal with it. but boy it's rough. prophecies out if steph is for any length of time great finish in brooklyn kevin durant nets down to 11 seconds left kd rises fires. three ball nets up one 11 to 110 five seconds left dallas going to go to luca right? he's doubled gives it up. its former net spencer dinwiddy. good night game over drive home safely. 113 111 mavs. it's a second game winner dinwiddy has hit this week. sorry to scream sandia. she's looks scared over there rough time to be an a's fan as they sell off their best players. a matt chapman to toronto for four prospects chappie gold glove third baseman hit 27
11:31 pm
homers last year. wish him. well like all the others on the next stop the giants. they let chris bryant walk to colorado for 182 million. the dodgers signed freddie freeman six years 162 or the giants doing they're bringing back local boy. jock peterson outfield to grew up in palo alto reportedly gets a one-year deal for six million dollars. this is an interesting stat. peterson's been on the winning world series team the past two years dodgers and braves a lot of people thought the sharks would trade tomas hurdle instead. they're paying their popular forward eight years 65 million dollars and the sharks. they don't want to do a rebuild. they want to get right back on top sports on abc 7 sponsored
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thanks for watching. i'm on the dates and i'm dan ashley for sandy patel. erieville. all of us. we appreciate yo >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- andrew garfield, keke palmer, and music from ghost. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: hi there. welcome. thank you for watching. i'm jimmy, the host of the show. i'm glad you're here. we are very fortunate to be able to gather together for a fun show. in washington this morning, lawmakers gathered for a special address from


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