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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 19, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> i do not feel safe here. i do not feel safe here. >> a bomb scare in east bay neighborhood forces people from their homes. police recover a device leaving people on edge. good morning. i am liz kreutz. thank you for joining us. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: the last day of winter and we will see some rain. it is knocking on our door, probably by sunrise, 7:14, more scattered showers will be
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entering the picture. it is still offshore, maybe some sprinkles. a level 1 system. light to moderate rain, gusty winds and there is a chance for thunder and hail in the afternoon. 53 in oakland, 45 in santa rosa. it is much milder with all the cloud cover, numbers anywhere from six to eight degrees warmer. there is the golden gate bridge. t south, spread east and we could see the possibility of a thunderstorm. we will be looking at a cool and breezy sunday with more rain in the extended outlook. liz: developing those this morning. four people are in the hospital after an apparent head-on crash in contra costa county. this happened after 11:00 last
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night. firefighters say two people were critically injured and flown to a trauma center. the other two people were taken to the hospital with less significant injuries. neighbors are back in their home after a bomb scare. an evacuation order was lifted last night but the situation was enough to leave some people very shaken. tim johns has the story. >> an apartment complex in pleasant hill turned into the scene of a nightmare friday night. >> i do not feel safe here. >> the pleasant hill police department said they were investigating a series of vandalisms in the area. >> as a part of the investigation, detectives discovered it was possible our suspect in the vandalism case was acquiring explosive devices. >> law enforcement agencies said they got a search warrant for an apartment.
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in their search, officials say they found bomb making materials and some type of device. pleasant hill said they arrested a 27-year-old man. >> hazmat was here, fbi was here, we did not know what was going on. >> she was one of 20 residents evacuated around 3:00 friday afternoon. she said the suspect cap to himself and never had much interaction with others in the complex. >> he put plastic over his windows, which we thought was kind of weird. >> that sentiment shared by other residents, many of whom were shellshocked over what happened. >> we had suspicions of something way lower level, may growing some pot. no clue something like this could have been happening. >> as the shock wears off and
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residents return to their home, they said it might not much be longer. one person said she is moving as soon as she gets the chance. >> as soon as i am physically able, yes, that is what i will do. liz: fire crews are investigating the cause of this fire at a commercial building in campbell. the four alarm fire destroyed this yesterday morning. you can see the thick smoke coming from the three-story building. the structure is deemed unstable and dangerous. people working from nearby buildings watched it, finding it hard to breathe. >> all you could see was smoke pouring out of the second-story windows. excuse me. liz: a large amount of the fire has been put out. crews are still there, monitoring hotspots.
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morgan hill police arrested a 17-year-old after they say he shot gel balls at pedestrians. this happened thursday afternoon. the behavior is being tied to a viral social media trend that encourages people to fire pellats unsuspecting people. >> a social media challenge is landing teenagers in real trouble. a 17-year-old boy was arrested thursday after police say two people walking along east main avenue were hit with gel balls fired from a moving car. these pellets hit one person in the head and another in the arm. >> if someone was struck in the face or an eye, that will cause significant damage. >> if you are on a bike and get
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hit with something like that, you can fall into oncoming traffic. >> residents say there is concern because this is the third incident to happen in the last two weeks. morgan hill police say they do not believe the incidents are connected. in thursday's investigation, they identify the car involved and later found the teen driver at home with a blaster gun. he was booked into juvenile hall. what is challenging is it does not take much to gather needed material. >> it is sold as a toy for children 5 years and up. the accessibility is easy for anyone to purchase deeds. >> the department does not have any direct evidence that thursday's case was related to the tiktok challenge but it is likely that social media
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encouragement is there. >> you never want that to happen to anyone. it will not stop me from going out for my evening walk. it is not a big problem. >> others to consider viral social media trends that glorify harming others a huge problem. >> that is crazy. i do not get this tiktok challenge stuff. the kids, they need something else to do. >> police are asking parents to speak with their children about the serious dangers and consequences of this behavior. liz: now to the latest on the pandemic as several european countries are detecting a rise in covid ba.2 cases. experts in the u.s. are predicting the variant could become the dominant strain in a matter of weeks. >> trying to assess the ultimate impact whether people will be sick in large numbers. liz: a doctor says the u.s. is
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typically four to six weeks behind covid trends in europe, which is why the white house is keeping a close eye on the u.k. hospitalizations have not increased in the bay area despite ga to being 30% more transmissible. effective april 1, people attending mega events indoors will not have to show proof of vaccination or a negative test. it will be strongly recommended. mega events are 1000 people or more. starting monday, the oaklandday, unified school district is making masks optional when outdoors at a school. masks will still be required in classrooms and other indoor locations. ks to students and
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teachers as they head into spring break. they are asked to take the test before returning to school. teachers from mount diablo unified school district -- they have already voted to strike, a move that would impact thousands of students. yesterday they piled on the pressure in their boss agrees with them. >> we call this a getting ready to strike awareness campaign just to let the community know we are ready to do what it takes to get fair wages. >> all of our employees deserve an increase in salary. liz: the teachers are asking for a 12.5% increase over six years. the earliest they can strike would be march 28. president biden signed a bill into law aimed at helping health-care care workers who have been on the front line. the bill is named after a new york city hospital worker who died by suicide.
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the act offers mental health care services to health care workers. a documentary on national geographic called the first wave looks back at what happened in the early weeks of the pandemic and chronicles the lives of a group of doctors, nurses and patients in the new york hospital system. you can watch it live streaming on hulu. 5:10. lisa: we have cloudy skies in san francisco. temperatures are in the 50's and rain is a few hours off but it will be a cool, breezy and wet saturday. we will talk about a much warmer work week heading our way in my extended outlook. liz: also ahead, as our historic drought continues, cutbacks are coming to cities and farms across california. san jose residents sound off on the homeless problem plaguing
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exactly. i'll take 'em. ♪ ♪ liz: four u.s. marines were killed when an aircraft crashed during a military exercise in norway. the plane was heading toward a norwegian city when it disappeared. it was taking part in a large nato military exercise held every two years. there are 3000 marines in norway taking part in the exercise and it was planned well before the russian invasion of ukraine. we will have more from kyiv about the war. liz: you can update to the ukrainian people. i am sorry, we do not have that piece right now, we will have
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the latest on president zelensky calling for peace negotiations, saying that is what he wants. we want to say former president bill clinton and george w. bush laid sunflowers at a ukrainian church in chicago. they are calling on americans to rally in ukraine. he said russia's only chance to reduce the damage -- president zelensky said this, rescuers are continuing to search for survivors at a theater hit by an airstrike. we have put together a list of resources on we will try to get you the update on ukraine. google is facing a lawsuit over alleged discrimination against black employees and people of
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color. a former employee is leading the charge against google. a lawsuit claims the company pays black employees last and employees of color face arrest but at work, including being asked to serve their white colleagues. google has not responded to the claims. in the south bay, frustrations over homeless encampments, it describes an epic crisis. >> from one homeless encampment to the next, it is a site some are getting sick of in san jose. >> the amount of trash that is there is appalling. it is not safe. it is unsanitary. >> she lives near several of these encampments. >> it is right here. you caught the corner it is all right there. >> every time she drives by, she worries. >> i am lucky i do not hit
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anyone or nothing falls down. >> frustrated having countless complaints go unanswered. >> call this person, it is not my district, call that person. >> she is asking the city to do more to keep these encampments contained. >> provide them with a dumpster. >> the city is planning on bolstering that service as well as adding more porta potties. >> city council provided our department with quite a bit of american rescue plan dollars so we could up our game. >> a big part of the plan is picking up garbage every week by the end of april. >> move from biweekly service to weekly service to approximately 200 encampments citywide. >> working to keep tabs on all
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of them. >> if garbage is going everywhere we will do what we call an escalated cleanup. >> one of those cleanups happened a few days ago at watson park. >> we took camps that were sometimes two stories high and 200 square feet and we removed the debris but we said, this is how you can stay. >> a relief for people like jody who calls the camp home, at least for now. >> i ended up over here in the encampment. the people are wonderful. >> she has been living at the corner for a year, waiting for her family to pick her up. >> have you thought of going to a shelter? >> i told my family should be here any day. >> the city is calling for patients. >> tolerance while we are
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grappling over this. it is an epic crisis. >> thepmt could be winth citys t into emergency housing. >> instead of eight to 10 people living outside, we can hopefully have dozens and dozens of people living inside. >> whatever it takes to get her neighborhood cleaned up. >> that would be wonderful. but the trash that is there now needs to be gone. liz: the multi-your drought we are in means cities and farms will get even less water this year than the about they were promised. governor newsom's administration said the project will provide only 5% of water. that is down from 15% earlier this year because of record dry conditions. the state water project is a system that provides water to 27
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million people from silicon valley to san diego. as we are talking about the drought, you said there might be some rain this morning. lisa: yes, we desperately needed. nothing yet. the sun comes up after 7:00. maybe a few hours after that we will get some scattered showers. a cool and breezy saturday with rainfall amounts -- not much -- a level 1 system. we look at live doppler 7, rainfall on top of cloud cover. we look at the last image, it is close to the coast and moving in. cloudy skies right now. this will continue to move in an advance to the south and east slowly throughout the day today. it could even be a thunderstorm and the afternoon for the south bay. that could put down some have your rate at times. 53 in san bruno, 47 and half
5:20 am
moon bay, 48 in redwood city. as we look outside, the clouds are with us, southerly winds allowing for milder air. spring begins tomorrow at 8:33. we will look for a cool start. temperatures in the afternoon will be cool, 50's and 60's. records are possible. we are talking well into the 80's on tuesday and wednesday. by the next hour or so, you will notice the north bay is looking at a few showers. stopping this by noon time. the bulk of activity offshore. the first part of the day, it begins to shift into the east bay across san francisco. by 4:30, it is already in the south bay. we could see a thunderstorm perhaps with some hail and you could get down to more than 1/10 of an inch.
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less than that in redwood city. a light system, for sure, but it will kee cool and allow for breezy west-northwest winds to build throughout the afternoon. as we bill through the first half of the day, the wind throughout napa and fairfield. by 5:00, the winds are moving faster and the cold frtomorrow s well. a winter weather advisory, 35 at the airport. two to six inches of snow expected above 5500 feet, eight inches at 7500 feet. winter travel conditions on the west slope. we are looking about two to four inches from tahoe city to kirkwood. that is something, right? it allows fire danger to drop for the next two days until the
5:22 am
80's arrived by the middle of next week. upper 50's today for the warmest locations. it will be a cool day. 56 enrichment, 60 in san jose. the seven-day forecast, a level 1 system today. spring arrives early tomorrow. spring warmth monday. temperatures near 80. 70 around the bay. tuesday and wednesday, 80's inland. clouds increasing thursday and friday. next weekend, we could see more rain. liz: looking for a tourism come back. why the city of monterey is
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is looking for a turnaround. there are some positive signs. there could still be some rough patches ahead. >> a picture-perfect day with a lot of visitors reflects hope the pandemic downturn is over. this family spent five hours on the road to get here from chico. >> we are heading over to the aquarium and that will be awesome if it is as good as i remember from being a kid. >> it has been a rough two years as covid eliminated half the jobs in monterey county supported by tourism. the president and ceo of the county's convention and visitors bureau returned from mexico to promote the region. >> you have to reach out and make connections and let them know they are important and valuable to us at the destination. >> weekend visitor numbers are increasing. a medical conference boosted occupancy at a hotel to 60%. there are headwinds building.
5:26 am
for visitors who are seeing higher inflation and higher gas prices. that could impact visitors drive here, a segment known as the drive market. >> we are at a point where international travel is not yet opening up and we are depending on drive market travel. >> staffing at his hotel is still down 25% from a pre-pandemic team of 400. the owner of four restaurants and a bakery in carmel said he is that 100 employees. >> most of us are chefs with our jacket on, boots on the ground. that is one of the reasons i think we can survive. >> the road ahead may not be perfectly smooth but there is optimism may come back is on the horizon. liz: it has been 16 years sense it started in san francisco and the nonprofit is celebrating its achievements.
5:27 am
the sweet sixteen anniversary gala. she was one of the honorees last night. there was a reception with the sit down dinner and live auction. >> this pandemic has really hit women disproportionately and we are on the front lines trying to get them back to work. liz: a former abc 7 news anchor was among the guests. dress for success san francisco has helped 9000 women suit up for the office and received economic independence. a local ice cream shop doing its part to help the people of ukraine. how you can show your support. cruising through airport security where facial recognition technology is being tested right now to take over the tsa.
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♪ one thing leads to another ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, everyone.
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thank you for joining us. we will start this half hour with another look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: good morning, everyone. rain is on the way. it will not be much. it will be a level 1 system. you can see a little bit of snow along the shasta area will up to the north. here is a look at current live doppler 7. a level 1 system bringing in scattered showers today. we could see the chance of a thunderstorm with some hail. temperatures are mild, low 50's for most, 40's and the north bay. much warmer than we were yesterday at this hour. 8:00, a few scattered showers from santa rosa to san mateo. 11:00, they are scattered about. by the afternoon, they will probably become more intense along the coast. with the heating of the sun, we
5:31 am
could see a thunderstorm from the east bay to the south bay. clear and chilly tonight. we will talk about a dry first day of spring and a warm look ahead at the workweek. liz: the war in ukraine is entering week 4 with attacks increasing on the v. ukrainian president zelenskyy says 108,000 ukrainians have as russia's war on ukraine enters its fourth week, the russians firing missiles from the black sea. hundreds of miles away. >> with today's missile strike just there beyond the airport, the russians are sending a powerful message. lvyv has been a critical place for ukrainians trying to get out in a critical pipeline for humanitarian aid. >> those strikes as president biden met virtually with
5:32 am
chinese president xi for two hours. russia has asked china for help and the u.s. that china will pay if they assist russia in any way. >> china has to make a decision for themselves about where they want to stand and how they want the history books to view their actions. >> the u.s. and nato are worried russian president vladimir putin may turn to deadlier attacks, consider chemical, biological or small yield nuclear weapons to gain an advantage. >> these are smaller weapons but they carry a lot of radioactivity and they are big step along the scale of escalation to strategic nuclearr zelenskyy remains defiant, telling the russian government it is time to talk, otherwise russia will suffer huge losses that several generations not be enough to rebound. 109 empty baby strollers were
5:33 am
lined up in the city square, symbolizing 109 ukrainian children killed in the war. liz: today, a san francisco ice cream shop is hosting a fundraiser for the people of ukraine. it will donate 100% of today's sales to ukrainian relief. it is in the russian hill neighborhood. it is open from noon until 10:00 tonight. the tsa is getting a technological upgrade making it easier for travelers to check-in hands-free. new facial recognition at 12 airports across the country. this is video from lax. the technology is also being tested at sfo. travelers can check bags and pass through security by matching facial features to a government issued id. >> i feel like it is a lot safer that way because we do not have to touch anything. >> i was surprised at first
5:34 am
because i did not expect it or see it before. liz: the tsa will test the new feature for 90 days. if it goes according to plan, it could expand nationwide. it is nothing new for bay area homebuyers but housing prices are higher than they have ever been. it is a story we have heard for years. experts say this spring will take prices to another level. dustin dorsey explains. >> if you are someone in the market for buying a home, you have probably heard this before. being a first-time homebuyer is a stressful experience. 2022 is a new level. >> we have to make the tough decision between do we pay $3500 to rent or spend over $1 million to buy a house? >> home values are only growing. more than 45% of homes sold in san jose went for at least
5:35 am
$100,000 over asking. while the median income in san jose is $93,000, home values increased more than an average of $229,000 over 2021. >> we have gone through crazy markets before appeared this one is different. >> this year is off to a record start. springtime is typically the best time to sell your home. high demand, low supply. will this season be the craziest one ever? >> it was the craziest january, february, march i have seen. >> experts say it is a great time to sell. when will it be a good time to buy? federal interest rates have gone up. >> when you get up to market will subside. >> in the meantime, what is the
5:36 am
best advice? >> you need to be in a position in your mind thinking -- the winners in this market -- >> you will be able to get into a property, it might take you longer than typically. liz: still ahead on abc 7 mornings, winemakers hitting the smoky flavor just right. it is not just about the taste. we are counting down to oscar sunday on abc. tonight at 8:00, there is a special edition of on the red carpet. it is all of this year's academy award nominees. a look at the dramatic transformation some nominees made to get into character and the top 10 best dressed man on the oscar red carpet ever. the team hands out awards, as well. on the red carpet cap tent
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serious infections, which could need hospitalization, skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. don't wait for a break. call your doctor now and ask how prolia® can help you. liz: welcome back. a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. lisa is tracking some rain in the city. we will check in with her in a minute. it is time to hop to it. the easter bunny is back at bay area malls this weekend. think of it as some normalcy. it will be in palo alto. reservations are encouraged but not required. the bunny is visiting a shopping center in pleasanton. you can stop by for pictures until april 16.d thmarathon is o an end person race for the first
5:40 am
time in two years. it kicked off yesterday with the 13th annual running festival at snow park in oakland. participants picked up their packets and enjoyed music and beer. the marathon starts at 7:00 tomorrow and the half marathon starts two hours later. lisa, let's get a check outside. lisa: we are starting out mild, cloudy skies and in the 50's. temperatures not going too far, just upper 50's for highs with scattered showers and gusty winds for your saturday. stay tuned, my accuweather 7 day forecast is next. liz: an exclamation point on stanford's opening-round victory in the ncaa tournament. in the ncaa tournament. for you i wish many things... to see all the world can be.
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which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. the choices you make can help control your a1c. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity.
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researchers at uc santa cruz are hoping to help winemakers adjust to climate change. as spencer christian being able to better detect smoke damage can be critical moving forward. >> a slight smoky taste can add character to a fine wine but not too much. >> i have encountered wines in the bottle and thought, wow, this is an ashtray. how did it make it this far? >> she is a winemaking consultant who sometimes judges competitions. she said effects on recent wildfires on grants can be tasted in wines from oregon to california. identifying which vines are damaged can be tricky and expensive. >> we did not know what to do. >> enter a winemaker and uc santa cruz professor.
5:44 am
he took note of the smoke damage after the devastating complex fire in 2018 and began studying better techniques to identify which grants contained so-called smoke taint. it can sometimes remain hidden. they can be released later by enzymes during the fermentation process or when the compounds come in contact with the saliva of a wine drinker. >> the enzymes in your saliva will free the volatile foul-smelling phenols. >> to better identify the process and the taint, the professor expanded on work done in australia. he said the key is to test for smoke derived compounds that can be used as biomarkers. techniques can help identify the compounds, even if they are not
5:45 am
producing the full smoky taste in the current form. >> you separate compounds and these complexes and you measure them by visualizing them. >> the hope is more accurate testing can save winemakers around the world millions of dollars a year by identifying just the affected grapes and saving the rest. >> making better decisions and hopefully salvage more. >> all in an industry with tight profit margins. liz: researchers said the study is based off an analysis of more than 200 samples of grapes and wine from california and oregon. let's get a check of the forecast. with dry weather, there is always the concern of fires this year. lisa: if you were paying attention to the forecast at all
5:46 am
and had been tuning in previously, we are forecasting temperatures well into the 80's on tuesday and wednesday so what rain we get today will dry it out significantly. next weekend, we could see more rain. here is a look at the system coming in from the north, it is a cold one. you can see a few showers to the north. it is beginning to fill in along the coast but nothing of significance yet. temperatures are mild in the 50's by san jose with all the cloud cover. 50 in livermore. a look outside, it is quiet. wet, windy and cooler today. spring starts 8:33 tomorrow morning. it will be a cold start and a breezy afternoon. plenty of sunshine. much warmer weather tuesday and wednesday. and then temperatures will begin to subside.
5:47 am
rain showers are scattered about. by noon time, much of the activity offshore. we begin to see it move on shore and it presses to the south and east. some of the cells could initiate heavier downpours, a thunderstorm with some hail, but it is a quick mover. by 4:00 in the afternoon, we could see scattered areas of broken clouds with sunshine in the north bay. skies will clear overnight for a cold night and rainfall amounts will be anywhere from a couple hundredths to 2/10. if we look at any thunderstorms, there could be heavy downpours around the santa cruz mountains, maybe 2/10. going for the 60's later on this week. they will get a little bit of snow out of this. 15 to 30 miles per hour
5:48 am
throughout the afternoon. up to 40 miles per hour at the coast out of the northwest and will continue into sunday. our winter weather advisory this morning through 11:00 tonight, two to six inches at 5500 feet. maybe eight inches at 7000 feet. maybe a couple inches at southlake. highs today underneath the clouds, the scattered showers, breezy winds, level 1 system, well below average in the mid to upper 50's. you could even see a thunderstorm. 58 in palo alto, 57 in san mateo. we will clear quickly for a chilly evening, cold morning and then spring arrives tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. breezy in the afternoon. 70 inland. 80 inland.
5:49 am
tuesday and wednesday are the warmest days, mid 80's inland. more clouds thursday and friday. liz: the warriors community foundation is launching a first of its kind program for at risk children. it is called generation thrive and it is located in oakland. the program will provide educational equity and college readiness programs for children. generation thrive will provide support and resources for community youth organizations. he talked about his experience growing up in oakland's youth programs. >> oakland has given me so much, the people have given me everything i have in my life and i am fully aware of that so i try to pay it forward every opportunity i can. liz: the foundation is known as one of the top in sports.
5:50 am
the second round of the ncaa tournament gets underway today. in the east region, st. mary's takes on ucla at the moda center in portland. that tips off at 4:10. you can sister network, espn. last night, the cardinal dominated montana state. here is larry beil with the highlights. larry: i do not think i have ever seen a basketball team get shot out for an entire quarter until last night -- basketball team get shut out for an entire quarter. new ronco's quarterback russell wilson watching his sister play for the cardinal. 20-0 after one qrtthe second tis happened in tournament history. throwing it down with authority. reaction from the stanford bench
5:51 am
is priceless. stanford would cruise, someday 1-37. they will face kansas in round 2. he is gone, off to coach the florida gators. he is one of the top young coaches in the country. usf has named his assistant as usf's new head coach. draymond green went to michigan state, steph curry went to davidson. davidson up three, ties it up. the spartans would never trail after that. michigan state wins, 74-73.74-7. apparently steph owes draymond gree watch. official diagnosis, a sprained ligament in steph curry's foot
5:52 am
caused by the marcus marsmart dive. giants spring training opener against the cubs. the little baby is so cute. logan webb looking good. he struck out five in two innings. the giants did not have a single base hit in seven innings. leads off the eighth with a double. the giants would lose, 7-3. the a's won their opener, 10-8 frustrating night for the sharks. colorado makes it 2-0 in the ine first. the sharks come up short, 5-3. have a great weekend, everybody. i am larry beil. >> that is how it started. the inspiration came without
5:53 am
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liz: welcome back. here are the winning numbers from last night's $29 million mega millions drawing. nobody picked all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot increases to $39 billion. a documentary film is out that presents a view of american labor leader cesar chavez. it was produced by a san francisco native. sanchez also co-wrote the title song. ♪ >> we did not ♪ liz: a song for caesar tells the
5:56 am
story of the musicians and artists who dedicated their talents to advance the movement for protections for farmworkers. sanchez spoke to abc 7 news about the motivation behind the film. >> it felt like he was with me in the studio when i was recording and the song came about. people said the song is great. that documentary. that is how it started. the inspiration came without intention. liz: a song for caesar is playing this weekend at san francisco's opera plaza. next on abc 7 mornings a.m., dozens of people had to evacuate their homes after a bomb scare in the east bay. some say they are ready to get
5:57 am
out for good. a warning from police involving gel balls. the attacks involved with social media trends.
5:58 am
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and renovate before it's too late! and remember - we do kitchens too! ♪ ♪ okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner for most caring airline. funshine bear, you did some of your own research, right? i sure did. ♪ according to the web, their program's number one, ♪ ♪ earning alaska miles is quicker and more fun! ♪ cute! ooh, that was wonderful, sweetie! oh, oh, oh, i have a song about their cheese plates. ♪ cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! ♪ uh- it's time for lunch. aw... ♪ ♪ announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> i do not feel safe here. liz: a bomb scare in an east bay neighborhood forces people from their homes.
6:00 am
police recover a device leaving residents on edge. it is saturday, march 19th. thanks for joining us. we will get to that in a moment. first, they look at the weather with lisa. lisa: good morning. the next couple of hours will be transitioning into some scattered showers. a cool day on the way with the briefing northwest wind as the front sweeps through the bay area. there is live doppler 7 where most of the activity is offshore. you will notice that the north bay is looking at some returns but the activity is there just off the coast. as you look at our storm impact scale, here is what you can expect. light rain and gusty winds, chance of a thunderstorm with possible hail. 50 in one a clear -- walnut creek. 45 santa rosa. 46 in pacifica. the golden gate bridge is dry.


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