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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  March 19, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: windshield wipers on in the north bay. the rain has arrived this morning. good morning. it is saturday, march 19. thank you for joining us, i'm liz kreutz. let's look at the weather with lisa argen. good morning. good to see that. lisa: it is great. it is a level 1 system so we ry conditions with scattered showers throughout the day. here is a look and you will notice much of northern california and parts of the central coast looking at the shower activity. getting in closer you can see from union city some showers. out toward the east bay, concord and pleasant hill wet weather. into san francisco not a whole lot happening but you had rain.
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from monterey along the central coast rain shower activity. the north bay a bit of a break. there is more offshore and as we look toward the sierra nevada we have a winter weather advisory. this is a level 1 on the storm impact scale. gusty wind later on. it is a quick mover and as we look outside -- that was a nice shot -- temperatures in the 50's. 54 san jose where we are looking at the wet tarmac. 49 by the delta. that level 1 system will keep the clouds with us and looking at the winds, numbers below average in the mid and upper 50's. brighter start your day tomorrow which is the official start of spring. liz: thank you. developing news this morning, four people in the hospital after an apparent head on crash in contra costa county before 11:00 last night on byron highway near camino diablo.
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two people were injured and flown to a trauma center. the other two people were taken to the hospital with less significant injuries. in the east bay, neighbors are back in their homes after a bomb scare at an apartment and pleasant hill. an evacuation order was lifted last night but the situation was enough to leave some shaken. tim johns has the story. tim: a quiet apartment complex turned into the scene of a nightmare friday night. >> i don't feel safe here. i do not feel safe here. tim: the police department says they were investigating a series of vandalism in the area. >> as part of that investigation pleasant hill pd detectives discovered it was possible our suspect in that vandalism case was acquiring explosive devices. tim: as a result, law enforcement says they got a search warrant for an apartment on the 300 block of long broke away.
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officials found bomb making materials along with some type of device. pleasant hill pd says they arrested a 27-year-old man. >> the hazmat was here, fire department was here, fbi was here. we did not know what was going on. tim: one of 20 residents evacuated said the suspect kept to himself and never had much interaction with others in the complex. >> he put plastic over his windows, you know, which we thought was weird. tim: that sentiment shared by other residents, many of whom were shellshocked over what happened. >> we had suspicions way lower level, may be growing pot or something like that. had no clue something like this could have been happening. tim: as the shock wears off and residents begin returning to their homes some say it might not be for much longer.
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the events of the night causing at least one to say she is moving as soon as she can. >> as soon as i am physically able yes, that is what i'm going to do. tim: tim johns, abc7 news. liz: fire crews are investigating this fire at a vacant building in campbell. the fire destroyed at yesterday morning. sky7 was above and you can see the smoke coming from the three-story building. that thick smoke. crews kept the flames from spreading to nearby buildings of the structure is unstable and dangerous. people walking and working nearby watched and said it was hard to breathe. >> all you could see was smoke pouring out of the second-story windows. this is three stories and it was -- [coughing] -- excuse me. liz: crews are still monitoring hotspots. there are no reports of injuries. morgan hill police have arrested
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a 17-year-old after they say he shot gel balls at pedestrians. this three days after similar attacks. the behavior is tied to a viral social media trend that encourages people to fire pellets at unsuspecting victims. amanda del castillo io has the warning. amanda: what tiktok users might consider a social media challenge is landing teens in real trouble. in morgan hill thursday, a 17-year-old boy was arrested after police say two people walking along east main avenue were hit with gel balls shot from a blaster gunfire from a moving car. these water-based pellets hit one person in the head and another in the arm. >> if someone is struck in the face or eye, that is going to cause significant damage. >> for worse. if you are on a bike and get hit with that, you could fall off
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into oncoming traffic. amanda: residents say there is concern, especially since this is the third similar incident in the past two weeks. morgan hill police say they do not believe the incidents are connected. pd says in thursday's investigation they were able to identify the car involved in later find the teen driver at home with a splatter ball blaster gun in the backseat of the car. he was arrested and booked into the santa clara county juvenile hall. sergeant scott purvis said what is hard is it does not take much together needed material. >> it is sold as a toy for children five years and up. the accessibility is extremely easy for anybody to go out and purchase. amanda: he says the department does not have direct evidence that thursday's case was related to the tiktok challenge, but pd believes it is likely seeing social media encouragement to shoot strangers. >> you never want that to happen in anyewhere.
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on the other hand, it will not stop me from going for my evening walk. i do not think it is a big problem. amanda: but others consider viral social media trends that glorify harming others a huge problem. >> that's crazy. that is just crazy. i don't get this tiktok challenge stuff. the kids, i don't know, they need something else to do. amanda: police are asking parents to speak to their kids about the dangers and consequences of this behavior. i am amanda del castillo, abc7 news. liz: several european countries are detecting a rise in covid ba-2 cases. the new variant could become the dominant strain in a matter of weeks. >> it is time to assess the ultimate impact on whether people will be sick in large numbers, whether it will increase mortality. liz: the senior advisor to the
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white house covid-19 response team says the u.s. is typically four to six weeks behind trends in europe which is why the white house is keeping a close eye on the u.k.. so far, hospitalizations have not increased in the bay area despite ba-2 being more transmissible. the state is updating more covid-19 guidance effective april 1. people attending mega events indoors will not have to show proof of vaccination but it will be strongly work amended. these are 1000 people or more. new details on oakland unified school district's mask policy. monday the district is making masks optional for students, staff, volunteers and visitors when outdoors. masks will still be required in the classroom and other indoor locations. the district will hand out covid test kits to students and teachers heading into spring break. they are asked to take the tests
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before returning to school. [horns honking] teachers from mount diablo unified school district mean business after an impasse over a pay dispute. they already voted to strike which would impact thousands of students. yesterday, they piled on the pressure and their boss agrees. >> we call this getting ready to strike awareness campaign. just to let the community know that we are ready to do what it takes to get fair wages. >> all employees deserve an increase in salary. liz: the teachers are asking for 12.5% increase over six years. the earliest they could strike would be march 28. president biden signed a bill into law aimed at helping health-care workers who have been on the front lines throughout the pandemic. it is named for dr. breen who died by suicide in 2020. she worked at a new york hospital hit hard by covid. the health care provider protection act offers mental
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health services to health-care workers and will fund research on the best mental health strategies. a documentary on national geographic called "the first wave" looks at what happened in the early weeks of the pandemic. it chronicles the lives of a group of doctors, nurses and patients in the new york hospital system. you can watch it on hulu. 9:10, thank you for waking up with us. let's get a check outside. lisa: some showers as we look at the golden gate bridge. not much happening but they are in the east bay and along the peninsula. level 1 system bringing the clouds, light rain, possibility of a thunderstorm and we will talk about amounts for today's wet weather and look at weather whiplash for midweek coming up. liz: also, our historic drought continues. water comebacks are coming to cities and farms across california and san jose residents are sounding off over the homeless problem.
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liz: developing news, four marines were killed when an osprey aircraft
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it was taking part in a large nato military exercise held every two years. there are 3000 u.s. marines in northern norway taking part in the exercise. it was planned before the russian invasion of ukraine. now to the latest on the war in ukraine. ukraine's president is calling for peace negotiations without delay. he says it is only russia's chance. otherwise losses would be huge. for the first time since the russian invasion missiles have hit 130 people have been rescued but hundreds are still missing. russian military at a patriotic rally in moscow. president biden spok's leader fo
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hours -- china's leader for two hours yesterday. >> he described the implications and consequences if they were to provide material support to russia. liz: former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush laid sunflowers at a ukrainian church in chicago. they released this video on their social media accounts calling on americans to rally in support of ukraine. if you want to help people in ukraine, we put together verified groups and nonprofits sending donations and supplies to refugees on the website record gas prices closing in on six dollars a gallon with california's average price at 5.83 dollars. in the bay area, we are seeing new all-time highs of prices inching up from yesterday. according to aaa, the average
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price is $4.91 in san francisco and $5.82 in san jose. hurts to see. new this morning, google is facing a lawsuit over alleged discrimination against black employees and people of color. according to the chronicle, former employees are leading the charge against google. the lawsuit claims the company pays black employees less and that employees of color face harassment at work, including being asked to serve white colleagues. the lawsuit is seeking punitive damages and fees. google has not responded to these claims. in the south bay, frustrations over homeless encampments and is city call for tara campbell has the story. tara: it is a site some are getting sick of in san jose. >> the amount of trash is appalling.
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it is not safe. tara: jamia lives near several in cap its. >> i live off capital expressway. you cut the corner and it is right there. you go down to the library, it is right there. tara: and every time she drives by she worries. >> you better be lucky you do not hit nobody or nothing falls down because you're going to get into an accident. tara: frustrated having countless complaints go unanswered. >> call this person, call that person. cap was emails, phone calls. tara: she is asking the city to do more to keep these in camas contained. >> provide them with a dumpster. provide them with the porta potty. tara: and the city is planning on bolstering that service as well as adding more porta pottys . the deputy director for keeping camps clean says. >> there is quite a bit of american rescue plan dollars so
9:18 am
that we can up our game. tara: a big part of the plan is to start picking up garbage starting at the end of april. >> and move from biweekly service to weekly service to approximately 200 encampments citywide. tara: working to keep tabs on all of them. >> if garbage is going everywhere, we are going to do escalated cleanups. tara: one of those happened a few days ago at watson park. >> we took camps that were sometimes two stories high and probably 200 square feet and we removed the debris but we said, you know, this is how you can stay. tara: relief for people like jody bell who calls camp home for now. >> i ended up over here in the encampment. the people are wonderful. it is like family to me. tara: she has been living at the corner of monterey road for a year, waiting for her family to
9:19 am
pick her up. have you thought about going to the shelter? >> they too they too me and i told them not yet, because i feel they will be here any day. tara: meanwhile, the city is calling for patience. >> while we are grappling with this really epic crisis. tara: in the encampment where jody lives could be a small win in the bigger battle, the city is looking to turn it into emergency housing. >> instead of eight or 10 people living outside we could have dozens of people living inside. tara: as for jamia, she is all for it. whatever it takes to get her neighborhood cleaned up. >> that would be wonderful. but the trash that is they now needs to be gone. tara: tara campbell, abc7 news. liz: the multiyear drought we are in means cities and farms will get even less water this
9:20 am
year than the amount they were promised. governor newsom's administration says the state water project will provide just 5% of the water cities of contracts receive. that is down from 15% earlier this year because of record dry conditions. the state water project is a system of dams, pipes and canals that provides water to 27 million people from silicon valley to san diego. speaking of the drought, let's get a check on the forecast. nice to see rain this morning. lisa: those two atmospheric rivers in november and december saved us. 80% to 90% for san francisco and santa rosa. what you see behind me not a drought buster but it is the most significant rain in quite some time. it is a level 1 system. january, february, march going down in the history books as the driest ever. as we look at live doppler 7 the
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first wave of rain pushing through. would you believe the east bay and peninsula has seen more than the north bay? livermore you can see wet weather. pleasanton a little bit of sprinkle activity. taking you through sunnyvale and mountain view with wet weather in cupertino and the santa cruz mountains. break in the north bay for n but there is more activity offshore. it will be scattered about and as we look toward emeryville you can see all the clouds stacked up with mild numbers. 51 san francisco, 53 mountain view, 54 san jose, 50 on the coast, and the roof camera showing you the clouds and light wind. 48 santa rosa, 51 napa, 52 concord. as we look toward the east bay hills camera a little bit of precip on the lens. today it will be on the order of wet with shower activity.
9:22 am
windy weather and cool today. everyone in the 50's, maybe 60. spring arriving at 8:33 tomorrow morning. cold morning with a mild afternoon and record heat possible tuesday and wednesday. 10:30 you can see light, scattered showers. looks like the second half of the day will become more active from san francisco and south along the san mateo coast. over into the east bay santa rosa getting wet weather through the early part of the day. by 5:00 this system on the move out of the south bay. it is a quick mover. we clear out for a cold night tonight and still rainfall amounts not much but if you are under a thunderstorm or one of those cells, you can pick up anywhere from 2/10 to one third of an inch. most of us seeing 1/10 or less. we hope to tenths and one third verifies but we would need many
9:23 am
of these systems to help with the drought. as we get into the afternoon the winds moving faster out of the northwest over 30 miles per hour. 40 miles per hour later today. winter weather advisory throughout the day today. two to six inches of snow above 5500 feet. two to four inches for the mountains. it is going to be slick. the roadways are going to be slippery. be careful. we are still looking at the possibility of good downpours now and throughout the afternoon. that is certain only some good news. the accuweather 7 day forecast featuring the first day of spring. 60's and 70's bayside and inland. the coast remaining in the 50's. warm for a beautiful day on
9:24 am
monday at the hot weather is with us tuesday and wednesday. as we cool off the end of the week we are looking at next weekend that could bring more rain. liz: that would be great news. thank you. also, tomorrow is spring. we will chat about that in a minute. looking for a tourism come back. why monterey is specifically trying to attract international tourists. ♪
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liz: welcome back. as mask rules relax california's
9:27 am
tourism economy is hoping for a turnaround after two tough years. there are positive signs but as david lui points out there could still be rough patches ahead. david: a picture-perfect day with lots of visitors reflects hope the pandemic downturn is over. the tucker family spent five hours on the road to get here from chico. >> we are headed to the aquarium at that will be awesome if it is as good as i remember. probably spend a few days at the beach hopefully. david: it has been a rough two years as covid eliminated half of the 27,000 jobs in monterey county supported by tourism. the president and ceo of the county's convention and visitors bureau returned from mexico to promote the region. >> you have got to reach out and make a connection. let them know they are important, they are welcomed and valuable to us. david: weekend numbers are increasing. and conference boosted occupancy
9:28 am
at the monterey plaza hotel to 60%. there are headwinds building though not only for the hospitality industry but for visitors who are seeing higher inflation and higher gas prices. that could impact visitors who drive here, a segment known as the drive market. >> we are at a point where international travel is not yet opening back up and we are depending on drive market travel. now the drive market is impacted. david: staffing is down 25% from a pre-pandemic team of 400. rich owns four restaurants and a very kerry in carmel -- in carmel -- a bakery in carmel. >> we are in the kitchens and storing the pots and pans. that is one of the reasons i think we can survive in carmel. david: the road ahead may not be smooth but there is optimism a comeback is on the horizon. david lui, abc7news. liz: it has been 16 years
9:29 am
since dressed for success got started and it is celebrating its his treatment. dion lim went went went and was one of the honorees. it included a reception with the sit down dinner and live auction as well as the presentation ceremony. >> this pandemic has hit women disproportionately and we are on the front lines trying to get them back to work. liz: you may recognize former abc 7 news anchor karen tyler. dressed for success has helped over 9000 women to suit up for the office and achieve economic independence. still to come, a local ice cream shop doing its part to help the people of ukraine. how you can show your support today. plus, cruising through airport security? where facial recognition is being tested to take over the tsa. ♪
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning. thank you for joining us at 9:30. we start with another look at the weather so let's get to lisa arjun. lisa: if you are up early, you had the clouds and mild weather. now the first wave of rain moved through the bay area especially along the peninsula and east bay. you can see a break right now but we go into closer around the altamont pass, livermore sprinkles, down in the south bay from alan rock and san jose wet weather. the main activity is here offshore of the central coast. carmel, salinas and santa cruz looking at wet weather but there is some more west of the city. the north bay getting a break. this is a level 1 system for light to moderate rain throughout the second half of the day. i think we will be more active. the wind will kick up. could see a thunderstorm. looked toward the golden it is
9:33 am
51 san francisco, 54 san jose, and there is san jose. a few drops, 48 santa rosa, 49 by the delta and concord. the next few hours of scattered showers with temperatures in the 50's. we passed new net you can see the more organized lot of rain from san francisco into oakland through san mateo. by 5:00 it is exiting the area and we have a cold night for tonight. we will detail the rest of the weekend and the lookahead coming up. liz: thank you. the war in ukraine is entering week four with a increasing on lviv. president zelensky says 80,000 ukrainians have been evacuated. christine sloan has the latest. christine: as russia's war enters its fourth week the russians firing missiles from the black sea hundreds of miles away. martha raddatz is there.
9:34 am
martha: with the missile strike beyond the airport the russians are sending a powerful message, lviv has been a critical place for refugees trying to get out of ukraine and a critical pipeline for humanitarian aid and supplies. christine: those strikes as president biden met with chinese president xi jinping for almost two hours. russia has reportedly asked china for military or economic help and the uss china w decisin for themselves about where they want to stand and how they want the history books to look at them and view their actions. christine: the u.s. and nato are worried russian president vladimir putin may turn to even deadlier attacks, including chemical, biological or even small yield nuclear weapons to gain the advantage. >> these are smaller yield weapons but they carry lots of radioactivity and they are a big
9:35 am
step along the scale of escalation to nuclear war. christine: but ukrainian president zelenskyy remains defiant telling the russian government it is time to talk otherwise russia will suffer huge losses that "several generations will not be enough to rebound." in lviv, baby strollers were lined up in the square symbolizing the 109 ukrainian children killed in the war. christine sloan, abc7 news. liz: today a san francisco ice cream shop is holding a fundraiser for ukraine. swanson's will donate 100% to ukrainian aleve. it is on hyde street from noon until 10:00 tonight. the tsa is getting a technological upgrade mingthero2 airptsom lax.
9:36 am
the technology is being tested at sfo and minette of san jose. it allows them to check bags, board flights, and pastor security by matching facial recognition to a government issued id. >> i feel it is safer because we don't have to touch anything. >> i was surprised at first because i did not expect it or see it before so it went very smoothly. liz: the tsa will test the new feature for 90 days. if it goes according to plan, it could expand nationwide. the warriors community foundation in partnership with kaiser permanente is launching a first of its kind program for at-risk children. it is called generation thrive located in oakland. the new program will provide educational equity, health, career and college readiness programs for children. in addition, generation thrive gaone member talked about his
9:37 am
experience growing up in the oakland youth program. >> it has given me so much, everything oakland has given me in my life. i am fully aware of that so i am trying to pay it forward at every opportunity i can. liz: the warriors community foundation is known as one of the top foundations in sports. still ahead, winemakers getting the smoky flavor just right after years of wildfires. it is not just about taste though. now there is a test. we are counting down to oscars sunday on abc. tonight at 8:00 there is a special edition that takes us into the exclusive oscar luncheon. it has all of this year's nominees, a look at the dramatic transformations some nominees made to get into character, and the top 10 list of the best dressed men on the red carpet ever.
9:38 am
all this and beyond the red carpet team will hand out awards of their own. on the red carpet countdown to oscars airs tonight at 8:00 on abc 7. as we had to break, live look outside.the at the embarcadero. little rainy this morning. we check in on the forecast. we check in on the forecast. the final day of wint centuries ago, native californians thrived on this land. now, we share a destiny with all californians. when voters granted our sovereign nations exclusive gaming rights, it advanced self-sufficiency and created thousands of good jobs. but now, out of state corporations are coming to california. their online sports betting initiative would break the promise between us.
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it's bad for tribes and all californians. join us. protect the promise.
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liz: it is time to hop to it. the easter bunny is back at malls this weekend. think of it as normal hopping back into town. the easter bunny will be at the stanford shopping center in palo alto. reservations are encouraged but not required. the bunny is also visiting the stoneridge shopping center in pleasanton. you can stop by both locations for pictures with you, the kids or your pets until april the oakland marathon is back to an in person race for the first time in two years. it kicked off yesterday with the 13th annual running festival at snow park in oakland.
9:41 am
participants were able to pick up packets and enjoy live salsa music, food trucks and beer. the marathon starts at 7:00 tomorrow and the half marathon starts two hours later. each runner will get a medal, snacks and two tickets for free alcoholic drink after the race. lisa, rainy today but nice to drive for the marathon tomorrow. lisa: we need every drop. live look outside from the golden gate bridge. 52 degrees here. 1/10 to one third of an inch for the level 1 system. not too shabby. we talk about it in detail coming up. liz: also, an on the opening victory in the ncaa tournament. larry will have the highlights in sports. ♪ since i left for college, my dad has gotten back into some of his old hobbies. and now he's taking trulicity, and it looks like he's gotten into some new healthier habits, too.
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liz: researchers at uc santa cruz are hoping to let winemakers adjust to climate
9:44 am
change, wildfires and the smoke that comes with them. as spencer christian reports, being able to better detect smoke damage could be critical moving forward. spencer: a slight smoky taste can add character to a fine wine but not too much. >> i know i have encountered wines in the bottle and thought, this is an ashtray. how did it make it this far? spencer: she is a winemaking consultant who judges competitions as well. she says the effects of wildfires on grapes can often be tasted in wine from oregon to california and around the world. but identifying which vines are damaged by smoke can be tricky and expensive. >> do you scrap the entire vintage for an entire part of the world? we did not know what to do. spencer: enter winemaker and uc santa cruz chemistry professor phil cruz.
9:45 am
he took note after the mendocino complex fire of 2018 and began studying better techniques to identify which grapes contained so-called smoke taint. he said it can sometime remain hidden when smoky compounds bind with sugar molecules in the grapes. but they can be released later by enzymes during the fermentation process or even when the compound comes into contact with saliva of a drinker. >> the enzymes in your saliva and bacteria in your mouth will cleave this context and free the phenols. spencer: to identify the process and the taint he expended work done in australia where wildfires have also devastated grape products. the key is to test for smoke derived compounds can be used as biomarkers. modern techniques like spectrometry can identify the compounds even if they are not producing the full taste in their current form.
9:46 am
>> that was a technology we put on the table. we separated compounds and it is these complexes. you measure them by using -- you visualize them using spectrometry. spencer: the hope is more accurate testing can save winemakers around the world billions of dollars a year by identifying just the affected grapes and saving the rest. >> we make better decisions and hopefully salvage more. spencer: all in an industry with tight profit margins and discriminating consumers. spencer christian, abc7 news. liz: fascinating. let's get a check on the weather. speaking of wildfires, we are entering spring and always get concerned. lisa: of course. only six inches of rain since october in san jose, 16 in oakland and that sounds like a lot but it was just twomohec vee . lioppler 7 picking up on the
9:47 am
first wave of rain that got the ground wet providing slippery conditions. as the rain exits livermore into the central valley you can see a break over the greater bay area but there is more offshore. we will continue to see light to moderate rain. from santa cruz to watsonville wet weather along the coast. into the mountains the snow levels are up but there is snow on way with a winter weather advisory. two to six inches here. look at the shark tank and it is mild. 52 half moon clouds it is mild. you can see the fog and the layer of clouds from mount tam. 48 santa rosa, 52 concord. a little bit of sun from the exploratorium camera.
9:48 am
below average and springtas tomorrow. cold to start and then mild in the afternoon. much warmer next week with records possible. mid and upper 80's tuesday and wednesday. the rain continuing to increase throughout the afternoon. it is on the light side and scattered roughout the we ge wen francisco to oakland along the san mateo coast. the north bay not getting much in the action although there were still be showers throughout the day. we clear out quickly throughout the afternoon. rainfall amounts have been trending a little bit up which is good. 2/10/10/10/10/10 if you could under a heavy downpour or thunderstorm, you could pick up 2/10 to one third of rain. wind switching to the northwest
9:49 am
after the front pushes through. 15 to 30 mile-per-hour wind by dinnertime and they pick up throughout the evening. sunset they will dial back a bit and pick up for your sunday. there is our snow on the west slopes of the sierra nevada. 2 to 6 inches above 5500 feet. just a couple of inches here and there at the ski resorts. kirkwood may be five inches. highs today underneath the clouds and scattered rain, maybe if you downpours, in the upper 50's. that level 1 system with us today is a quick mover and as we get into tomorrow it is the first day of spring. that arrives at 8:33 officially. we warm up throughout the afternoon and it will be breezy. 60's bayside, fremont and yuba city. a 10 degrees jump inland. how about 70 at the coast on tuesday? as we get into wednesday those
9:50 am
temperatures could even be conservative but we will cool it off by the end of the week. liz: thank you. in sports, the second round of the ncaa gets underway today in the east region. st. mary's takes on ucla at the center in portland. the gaels and bruins to profit for 10 -- 4:10. you can watch the game on the sister network espn. last night the colonel dominated montana state. here sports director larry beil with the highlights. larry: good morning. i don't think i have ever seen a basketball team get shut out for an entire quarter until last night. defending national champion stanford hosting montana state. round one of the women's tournament. russell wilson watching his sister play for the cardinal and this would be double trouble. lacy to lexie and 20-0.
9:51 am
fran bringing the house down, throwing it down with authority. reaction from the stanford bench is priceless. stanford wood cruise to the 21st consecutive victory. they will face kansas and around to. one day after the first game in 24 years todd golden is gone. often coach the florida gate -- off to coach the florida gators. usf is already named golden's assistant as usf's new head. draymond green went to michigan state, steph curry meeting in the ncaa yesterday. three minutes to go and joey hauser ties it up. the spartans would never trail after that. julia's marble for second in the lane. michigan state wins 74-73. steph
9:52 am
will be reevaluated in two weeks. fingers crossed he is healthy for the playoffs. giants spring training against the cubs -- so cute. that is the giants did not have a single base hit that are seven innings. they were going to get no-hit in the opener? bryce johnson leads with a double. the a's one there opener and look at the fan behind the fight. that is why you pay for those seats. frustrating night for the sharks. giveaway by eric carlsen. the sharks rally and made it interesting that they come up short 5-3. have a great weekend.
9:53 am
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ok, floor and decor, show me what you've got. this tile says "spa day, all day." but this modern look is so me. how's that for on-trend and on-budget? at floor and decor, with our high-quality selection at everyday low prices, your upgrade has never been more "you." explore floor and decor today! liz: this week and a new documentary is out the presents a unique view of the life and legacy of labor leader and civil rights activist cesar chavez. it was coproduced by san francisco native abel sanchez. he cowrote the title song with carlos santana's brother. >> we did not know who did not we were singing identity. cesar chavez gave us that. liz: the song tells the story of the musicians and the artists dedicated their talents to peacefully advancing the movement. sanchez spoke with abc 7 about
9:56 am
the inspiration behind the film. >> it was still with me when i was in the studio recording with jorge santana and that evolved into people saying, this is great. it was dedicated for caesar. that catapulted into, do a documentary, do a full documentary. that is how it started. the inspiration came without intention. liz: a song for caesar is playing this weekend at san francisco's opera plaza. it will be shown at 7:30 tonight and tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. lisa, let's get a final check on the forecast. lisa: just a little bit of a drink of rain for the plants and the farms because we have had one wave move through. more offshore but only a level 1 system. along monterey and the central coast more impressive cells. anywhere from 2/10
9:57 am
and less in the north. hopefully one third along the coast. this winds down quickly after 5:00. clear and cold tonight with a sunny day to start spring. into monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures rapidly warm beer cooler by the end of the week. liz: thank you. and thank you for joining us on abc7 mornings. i am liz kreutz with lisa argen. we have a packed day of sports ahead. next at 10:00, first round ncaa women's tournament action from the bridgeport region. mercer takes on uconn. at noon in the wichita region buffalo faces tennessee. and then abc7 news continues at 4:30 followed by 5:00 hockey on abc. the rangers face off against the tampa lightning. busy day. have a great day. we will see you tomorrow morning. ♪
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