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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 20, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> the r r r r r r r r r stare, the stare of the unknown. >> a volunteer leaving the bay area to try and help save lives in ukraine. he is sharing his story from the war zone. good morning everybody. thank you for joining us. we will get to that exclusive story in just a moment but first let's start with a click -- a quick look at the weather with lisa argen. lisa: i didn't have any rain there were a few drops out there and it was a little exciting on the peninsula at times throughout the afternoon but overall, we were looking at clear skies and as we look at
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live doppler 7, a ridge of high pressure is offshore. cold temperatures with a little fog at the coast. he seven in foster city temperatures in the upper 30's in napa and low 40's in livermore. we are five to 13 degrees colder than we were yesterday. as we look toward the next few hours, nothing but clear skies and by noon, upper 50's to low 60's, bayside and inland. we will be approaching the upper 60's and low 60's for morgan hill. we will talk about that warming trend that begins on monday and takes us through the middle of the week in just a few minutes. liz: we begin with developing news on the war in ukraine. city officials say russian forces bombed a school sheltering 400 people in
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mariupol. no information on casualties are available but people remain trapped in the rubble. ukrainian president zelenskyy says russia's attacks on will gy as a series of war crimes. russian forces are pushing deeper into the besieged and battered port city. christine sloan tells us the russians used in new weapon. christine: the russian defense ministry says there forces fired hypersonic missiles for the first time in this war. those missiles seen in this video from a february training exercise before the invasion were used in a strike on a ukrainian armed forces and ammunition depot. the dented nations reports at least 847 civilians including steve or children have been killed since the conflict began, figures of the organization says are in undercount. this mariupol police officer
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pleading for the west to intervene, saying children and elderly people are dying, the city is destroyed and is wiped off the face of the earth. the u.n. also estimates at least 10 million people have been displaced from their homes or have left the country. lviv is a hub for many refugees seeking to leave ukraine. the city has been considered a safe haven but was the target of a russian air strike. >> nearly every conversation we hear down the street is about that explosion on friday. lviv has already welcomed hundreds of ou of displaced people. this city is at capacity and now the big fear is where all -- where are all of these people going to go? christine: the white house is hoping to fast-track the process for refugees coming to the u.s.. >> hoping to because there are so many opportunities. christine: ukrainians already in
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the united states as of march 1 have protected status, which allows them to stay here legally for 18 months. liz: in our class in a bomb shelter in -- an art class in a bomb shelter in lviv -- one of the teachers studying art in lviv decided to stay and help the kids as much as he could. they have helped more than 200 refugees from the war zone. >> i believe none of the children should have to live through the trauma. that is why we decidedidedidedid this meeting for children, just to help them live everyday life. liz: she wants to bring some kids -- bring kids some joy erring a tough time in their country.
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a bay area man is taking his support for ukraine to another level. the american red cross volunteer made his way onto the front lines. terry campbell spoke to him from kyiv and has the story you see only on seven. . >> dennis says he just had to do more. >> every time i turned on abc seven and i saw what was going on, i got angry. i felt like i needed to do something aside from waving a flag. >> his flag now hangs at the headquarters in you -- headquarters in kyiv. a volunteer with the red cross using his connections to get into the country. >> my contact was friends in the ukrainian red cross and i said do you need help and they said of course. i immediately flew to warsaw. >> eventually making his way into ukraine. >> it took me a week, and i
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finally caught a refugee train going back in the opposite direction. >> he's been putting his nursing skills to use ever since. >> as soon as i hit the ground, i responded with the emergency response team. we went off in a large convoyvoy one of those buildings last tuesday that was hit by missiles. >> on the scene for hours on end, holding onto a report card pulled from the romans. unsure if the girl is alive. >> we were gathering up and he survivors and we were also talking to people, the relatives -- gathering up any survivors and we were also talking to people, the relatives. you occasionally hear what sounds like the blue angels but then all of a sudden there is a boom. that means their defenses have successfully knocked it out. >> dennis is no stranger to a crisis.
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he has served around the world. >> the wildfires we've floods we've had in louisiana and texas, hurricanes, tornadoes. >> but nothing quite compares to being at the center of war. >> no one was shooting at me. >> creditingrediting serving with his upbringing. >> just being from san francisco, where people need help and you reach out. >> and his deep desire to help in ukraine has a tie to home. >> i grew up with and ukrainian and belarusian community. >> as far as the risk factor, the danger of this mission, dennis says he is at peace. >> now that i'm in ukraine, i can sleep well even with the noise and the possibility of getting blown up because i am doing something directly for the
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ukrainian people. >> dennis says he plans on being in ukraine for as long as he is needed, going as far as to give up his giants season tickets. he even filed his taxes and said the refund will help pay for his travel. liz: incredible that he is doing that. dozens of bay area musicians will take part in a concert today to help ukraine. it is called peace train for ukraine. it starts at 4:00 this afternoon in vallejo. dan ashley is going to perform their. all the proceeds from the concert and midget -- admission charge will go to doctors without borders in ukraine. for more information, you can check out their website. an ice cream shop in san francisco hosted a fundraiser for the people of ukraine. they donated 100% of yesterday's sales to ukrainian relief. we spoke with customers who showed up to support the cause. >> this turned out to be a pretty good thing.
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it is not going to stop the war, but every little bit helps. liz: even before yesterday, they raised more than $1000 from friends and family. if you want to help the people in ukraine, we have put together a full list of verified groups and nonprofits sending supplies and donations to refugees. that is on ction. thousands of people are taking part in the largest running event in oakland this morning, the first time in three years. the elkin marathon is being held in -- the oakland marathon is being held in person. there is also a virtual version for those who cannot make it in person. the course takes runnersthe 5k'm
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our emeryville camera. yesterday you were about 58. we will look for dry and warmer weather for all of us around the bay area. liz: also ahead, new ballpark for the oakland a's could be decided by voters. the team reaction to a possible ballot measure. the mayor of antioch apologizing this morning after being arrested for dui. some are calling for his immediate resignation.
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he posted a video saying he had dinner and a drink with a friend. at least one other city official wants the mayor to step down immediately. >> i am deeply sorry for the lapse in judgment and i hope you can forgive me. >> the antioch mayor issuing a video statement following an arrest on a dui charge saturday morning. the chp report shows officers pulled him over in pleasant hill. he did not crash his car and chp did not mention what his blood-alcohol level was. >> you have my full commitment that i will grow and learn from this moment and continue to work diligently on behalf of the residents of antioch. >> he declined a request for interview, referring to the video he put out saturday morning. he is also facing a recall effort that is collecting sick interest from antioch residents. >> surprised and disappointed. i hope he gets better and learns from it. >> cody battle says he lives in india -- lives in antioch and he likes the mayor but does not agree with him. >> i understand people make
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mistakes but as mayor you have tobett r the recal h out of t000 signatures . some on the city council say the mayor should resign now. >> we need our elected officials to be held to a higher standard. >> one council member says the mayor has a right to due process but that this incident is not a good look for the city. >> i'm asking the mayor to step down and deal with your issue that occurred, and don't put the city through this. liz: the fate of th fate of th o proposed waterpark ballpark may be decided by voters in november. oakland city councilmember carol fife is now considering sponsoring a ballot measure. she told the chronicle she will make a decision after further discussions with colleagues and studying the potential cost of a ballot measure.
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the a's president says it is the first he has heard of it, calling the news concerning. he says the team hopes the city council will vote as soon as possible on the $12 billion project proposal, and not continue to delay the project. a vigil was held in honor of an eight-year-old hayward girl who was found dead in the central valley. people gathered for a candlelight vigil for her. her body was found at the home of her mother's boyfriend earlier this month. relatives appealed for help in finding her killer. they don't believe enough is being done to track him down. >> if any of you know anything, we can't save sope can do thionthing we can find the pd this. liz: sophia's mother is facing surf tick -- is facing first-degree murder charges. police are still looking for her boyfriend, dante jackson.
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in antioch, font -- family and friends of a missing woman to hold a special lantern release to celebrate her 24th birthday. volunteers held a search in brentwood. they are asking others to join the effort. >> you can still come out and help. just anybody that can come and do the legwork or even the handwork, it is very important for you to come and help. liz: the foundation has teamed up with the game family to find alexis. they are in need of volunteers and gently used laptops. yesterday's rain was certainly welcome in the midst of our drought but a big weather change is coming. cornell barnard explains an approaching heatwave has firefighters concerned about a heightened risk of wildfires. cornell: rain made a cameo appearance in the bay area on the last day of winter, giving wipers a workout. umbrellas were up in north beach
5:17 am
. the much-needed rain is a welcome sight for our ongoing drought. jessica deas and her friends say we will take it. >> we have a lot of plants that want water. it really helps us when it rains. cornell: but our cool wet weather will be gone before you can say heatwave. temperatures are forecast to spike next week, a big concern for firefighters. >> we are already seeing some early-season drying of our grass and light fuel. cornell: hillside grass is drying out by the day. they have not seen considerable rain since the start of the year. the county is preparing for wildfires through an ambitious project underway creating fuel break bumpers across 38 miles of fire roads. here is what one section looked like before and after the clearing of brush. >> we have our inevitable wildfire, we will give our
5:18 am
firefighters the greatest chance to be successful in its suppression. cornell: the chief believes climate change is moving the timeline on wildfire season. >> the climate that has been affecting us the last five to 10 years is showing this inherent pattern of earlier starts and later and later fire seasons. cornell: some fire departments are already tweeting asking homeowners to clear defensible space around their properties. it is hard to believe it is only march. liz: lisa, let's get a check of the forecast. we are coming into this heatwave. lisa: we were looking at warm temperatures last week in southern california, and they had a huge fire that was not acting like march for sure. as we get into the next few days, certainly feeling the warmth but we did not tell you about what is forecasted for next weekend.
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let's look at live doppler 7, where the clouds are offshore, as well as high-pressure and we won't expect sunshine. it is 45 in mountain view and sunnyvale. in the north bay, temperatures in the 40's with 50 in brentwood, 41 in half moon bay, 47 in san francisco. looking at temperatures in the upper elevations in the upper 30's. the wind is gusty above 10,000 feet. 10 degrees colder in concord this morning as well as napa. five to eight degrees colder in the south bay. here is a look at the wind profile which is showing the north wind from 25 to 30 miles per hour. they will continue to stay breezy and we will have the coast today, but not expecting that to make its way down to the surface but it is mixing the atmosphere for that
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inversion and allowing the air to warm up throughout the mid morning hours. there is a look at our shaky camera. it is clear and cool this morning. spring is here with milder temperatures for today and then you heard about the heat that is on the way for tuesday and wednesday, as much as 10 degrees above average. tomorrow, we are looking at low 60's in the city, upper 60's across the bay and upper 70's heading out toward antioch. you can see 80's arriving, mid 80's from napa. mid 70's by the water in richmond. you'll notice 60's at the coast that as we get into wednesday, a little bit of sea breeze picking up at the shoreline, but still pretty warm with 80's in our inland valleys and 70's at the bayshore. that is a look at midweek. we have a cool down by the end of the week. this is the ten-day outlook toward the 30th of the month and
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we still have active weather out in the pacific that could bring rain to the bay area and as far south as santa barbara. that is for next week. for today, 65 today. oakland look for 67. santa rosa rosa rosa rosa rosa a antioch. spring has sprung. today, cool at the coast but otherwise mid 60's bayside, upper 60's inland and looking at that warmth into monday with mid 70's inland and then tuesday and wednesday, pretty warm for march and as we get to the end of the week, we will cool it back, but still above average with that morning fog and a few clouds by saturday. liz: just ahead, a colorful start to the spring season at a festival in the south bay. we will check it out next. i may have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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liz: small businesses are still recovering from the pandemic but now more help may be on the way. our reporter tells us how those awarding new grants in the south bay hoping to help. >> diaz menswear has no employees, run only by alfredo and his wife. the business has been a downtown san jose for 37 years. the last two years have been some of the most difficult. >> we couldn't get merchandise, we are just try to protect ourselves from the virus. >> small businesses like this one that partner nonprofits have been working to help since the start of the pandemic. the earliest effort is to help the smallest of small businesses, or micro businesses. >> this grant is very different than other grants. it was focused on those who have been overlooked in the past. >> ed awards up to $2500 to micro businesses opened and 2019 who made less than $50,000 and
5:25 am
have five employees or fewer. santa clara job of giving those grants out to the enterprise foundation and their goal is to reach 875 micro businesses. they hope that by may they would reach 500 been the first day alone they have already met and exceeded that goal. >> as of 11:00 this they already have 528 people in the process. >> dennis with the foundation says the huge response speaks to the need that still exists for businesses. >> we are very hopeful in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but the reality is we are still in that tunnel. >> alfredo reminds the importance of supporting small businesses. >> help us to do business. liz: in the the the the the
5:26 am
celebrated the ancient hindu festival of colors. festival of the globe hosted the event in fremont. it marks the end of winter into spring. the tradition includes throwing colorful paint and powder into the air and immersing yourself d eats from local food trucks. still to come, growing humanitarian crisis. millions arriving in poland from deadly car show shooting. more than a dozen injured, including children. what police are saying about the crime. plus mystery surcharge? what is adding to those gas prices that you might not even know about.
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steven, did you know a turbotax live expert can do your simple tax return for you? hmm. for free. it's true. for a limited time turbotax is free for simple returns, even when an expert files for you. >> building a better bay area. moviso, luti this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning everyone.
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we will start this half-hour with a look at the weather. we will get back over to lisa argen. lisa: it is spring and we are going to look at some very comfortable temperatures today. a bit of a warm up in store, and it will still be breezy along the coast. we are looking at temperatures cooler than yesterday at this time. it is 45 in fremont with some upper 30's in napa and clearlake. 10 degrees colder in concorde with eight degrees colder in livermore and that was chilly this morning i 9:00, looking at temperatures near 50 in san mateo, upper 40's elsewhere. low 60's in concord, still cool from the coast to the city with mid 50's and as we get toward the afternoon, 60's arriving from mountain view and mid and upper 60's and our warmest inland locations. we are looking at a clear night
5:30 am
tonight and a big warm up underway. we will talk about that in a few minutes. liz: developing news. ukrainian president zelenskyy is demanding an immediate meeting with russia and warning against further escalation as the fighting intensifies, destruction widens and people flee. russia launched new military strikes at a barracks, reportedly killing dozens of ukrainian troops. the u.s. defense secretary says russia has used brutal savage techniques to target civilians. >> putin's war of choice against ukraine has been tragic. russia's invasion has taken a terrible toll on ukrainian lives. liz: in mariupol and coastal ukraine, russian forces damaged -- heavily damaged steel plants. relief agencies are ramping up efforts to deliver aid. now to the worsening
5:31 am
humanitarian crisis from the war in ukraine. the u.n. fears we are facing only the first wave of human to terry and refugees. most refugees are going to poland, many ukrainians hoping to receive polish government id numbers that will allow them to receive jobs and health care and other services. >> the siblings -- the simply staggering numbers of refugees streaming from ukrainian towns and cities reduced to rubble. the human estimating more than 20% of the country's population have now either been displaced from their homes or left the country altogether. at this polish border crossing, the u.s. office of -- the human office of migration helping civilians. >> they want to stay close to the border in the hopes that the war will be over soon and they can return home. >> the u.s. has taken in only a few hundred refugees, some even claiming asylum at the u.s.-mexico border.
5:32 am
for children, the war possibly even more unsettling as places like this polish theater become a temporary home. around hospitals, one visitor, pope francis doing his best to spread hope to the smallest victims, sick ukrainian children. liz: an estimat estimat children have fled ukraine since the war began. volunteers from the u.s. are trying to make this terrifying time a little more tolerable. >> good! liz: that is a batman impersonator and his sidekick, wonder woman. they traveled from west virginia to poland for soccer with some ukrainian children. john runs a nonprofit called heroes for higher and he says it is a simple thing that can give kids hope. at home, a vigil will be held in san mateo county.
5:33 am
a supervisor is partnering with the ukrainian consul general in san francisco for a pray for ukraine and stop the war vigil. it starts at 5:00 in front of the hall of justice in redwood city. coming up on this week, dick durbin will talk about congress's latest response to the war. you can watch the full interview at 8:00 this morning right here on abc seven. we are constantly updating our bay area streaming app with the latest updates on ukraine. the app is available anywhere you stream. just search abc 7 bay area. 20 people were shot including children at a car show in arkansas. at least one person has died. this happened about 90 miles southeast of little rock last night. the police chief says children are among those injured in the shooting. police have a person of interest in custody but continue to investigate if more people may
5:34 am
have been involved. it is unclear what caused the shooting, or the conditions of many of those injured. more developing news. cruise in texas are battling deadly wildfires in the central part of the state. wind gusts and dry grass are fueling these fires that have destroyed at least 50 homes west of fort worth. officers went door-to-door, urging residents to get out. a sheriff's deputy died while trying to help an elderly person evacuate. many families have lost everything. the fires have burned more than 125,000 acres. the cause of the crash that left for u.s. marines dead is currently under investigation. they died when their military aircraft crashed into a mountainous area in the arctic circle in norway. the aircraft was taking part in a nato training exercise called cold response. it involved 30,000 troops from more than 27 countries. >> this area of norway is very rugged. steep high mountains and high
5:35 am
wind and weather that changes very rapidly. liz: authorities confirmed the exercise was unrelated to the war in ukraine. norway's prime minister is offering his condolences on twitter, writing our deepest sympathies go to the soldiers, families -- abc 7's commitment to building a better area focuses on the economy. part of what you are paying at the pump has to do with a mystery surcharge. amy powell from los angeles explains that surcharge went into effect years ago and never went away. amy: california drivers know that gasoline is much more expensive in the golden state than anywhere else in the nation, and they know the cost of fuel is pumped up by state taxes, but there is also extra $.30 added to the price of a gallon of gas and no one can explain why. >> this mystery gasoline
5:36 am
surcharge is just going to suppliers. we don't know what it is paying for or who is getting the money. amy: professor ward steen at the university of california berkeley says that $.30 a gallon is constant california drivers about $4 billion a year. he says the surcharge was tacked on after a disastrous 2015 fire at the refinery in southern california. >> after the torrance fire in 2015, prices went way up relative to the rest of the country, and they never came back to the same relationship. amy: experts say california's higher prices are due to a combination of factors including gas taxes and the cost of making cleaner gasoline. the state is also a fuel island weaning it does not receive any supplies through interstate pipelines. an effort started years ago to investigate the surcharge that it was abandoned due to a lack of progress. as gas prices continue to
5:37 am
skyrocket, this professor says it is time to solve the mystery. >> it is costing californians about $4 billion a year. it seems spending a few million dollars to figure it out would be a wise expenditure. liz: here are the average prices for a dell of gas in the bay area. in san francisco, it is $5.92 a gallon. a bit less in oakland, $5.84. the average price in san jose is $5.82. still ahead, a little care and sympathy from an unusual source, a robot. how it is helping the elderly. it is oscar's season and the awards are one week from today. join us next sunday for the 94th annual oscars, live only here on abc seven. here is a live look outside,
5:38 am
looking out over the bay bridge. we will check in with lisa when we get back. i'm mark and i live in vero beach, florida. my wife and i have three children. ruthann and i like to hike. we eat healthy. we exercise. i noticed i wasn't as sharp as i used to be. my wife introduced me to prevagen and so i said "yeah, i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. at adp, we understand business today looks nothing like it did yesterday. while it's more unpredictable, its possibilities are endless. from paying your people from anywhere to supporting your talent everywhere, we use data driven insights to design hr solutions and services to help businesses of all size work smarter today. so, they can have more success tomorrow.
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liz: community leaders came out to celebrate the year of the tiger. hundred hosted the event at harborview restaurant last night. the city attorney abouantmentf asian american issues in the bay area. 18 activist presented the award. san francisco rec and park opened their first tai chi park. the city converted a parking lot into a nearly 5000 square-foot area for people to practice.
5:41 am
>> it is with great honor that rec and park answers to the community and everyone could come out for health and recreation because this open-space is what -- is one of the gems of san francisco. liz: the chinese martial art was introduced to san francisco in the late 1940's. lisa, let's get a check outside right now. lisa: it is cold right there -- out there. skies are clear, the rain is over and we have a warming trend heading our way. 61 today downtown but we will see 70's in the not-too-distant future. we will talk about it and things changing by the end of the week as well, next. liz: also, saint mary's oaks to continue their ncaa tournament run. could they get past ucla and advanced to the sweet sixteen? chris alvarez will have the post game highlights coming up in sports.
5:42 am
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liz: here is a live look this morning out over the white tower. let's talk sports. tonight, the warriors are back in action closing out a four-game home stand. tipoff is at 5:30 at chase center. yesterday, saint mary's faced ucla in the second round of the ncaa tournament. here is chris alvarez with the highlights. chris: good morning. what a year it has been for saint mary's. earning the school best number five seed taking on number four seed ucla. a win would advance them to their second sweet 16 in the modern era. the gaels trying to keep it going against the bruins. the gales with the early lead. gales down seven at the break. tommy cousy, he had 11 points. off the glass, has parents like
5:45 am
seeing that. the gales cut it to one point several times but they struggle to make the shot. there great season comes to a finish, 72-56. >> our story should not have ended here. unfortunately we did not play that great of a game but in these arenas and situations, you have to play good to win these games. >> it stinks losing. you want to fire your best shot and we don't feel like we played well. i don't think we should. we were always trying to do things right. >> the guys sacrifice every single day for one another. super proud of our guys. our story does not end here. chris: top-seeded gonzaga fans not know what was going on. they were trailing behind tennessee in the first half. second half was a different story. andrew added 21.
5:46 am
their seventh straight 6 -- 7th street sweet sixteen, they were take on arkansas on thursday. saint peter's and murray state, the peacocks guard, the big triple goes. the man with a mustache becoming the face of the tournament. saint peter's who upset kentucky in the first round wins 70-60 to make the sweet sixteen. the nba playoffs begin in less than three weeks now and it has been tough on the warriors on the injury front. james wiseman's return has been pushed back due to more swelling wot py inod's ge. the warriors lottergolden statee west with just 12 games left in the regular season and there is no official timetable as a
5:47 am
return for the wiseman is the warriors play the long game. >> he is 20 years old. he's got his whole future ahead. we have to be really cautious. the main thing is we can't make a sad -- make a decision based on the playoffs. every decision should be made around james's career. chris: that is your look at sports. have a great sunday. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. we are bracing for a heat wave. lisa: we are but for right now, 35 on top of mount diablo. certainly some colder air in the upper elevations while here, we are in the 40's and 50's. certainly colder than it was yesterday but a big ridge of high pressure is offshore and builds and for the first half of the workweek and that will allow for a big warming trend, a modest one getting going today. it is going to be breezy and cool, 40 in half moon bay, 46 in
5:48 am
belmont with mid 40's in hayward down towards fremont. a little rain yesterday. the north bay not so much. much of the peninsula picked up. as you look at our 24 hour temperature change, look how much colder and you probably feel it out there already, so bundle up. we are on our way to temperatures above average. these upper-level gusty winds will stay in the upper elevations, except it will get breezy at our beaches. 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts on mount diablo. that is why the camera is so shaky. clear and cool this morning. spring has arrived with milder temperatures today and even out toward the delta we will see a big jump or elsewhere, not so much. that will happen as we get into tomorrow and tuesday but it will be much warmer tuesday and wednesday with widespread 70's bayside.
5:49 am
monday, numbers will be in the low 70's from petaluma, near 70 on the peninsula and then by tuesday we are well above average with 80's arriving inland, a little too soon. as we get into wednesday, temperatures barely cooling and that sea breeze is going to kick up a little bit but there is still a lot of activity in the pacific. we will get this ridge to break down, picking this up on thursday and friday. clouds increase on saturday. this time next week, this forecast model wants to bring in widespread rain and mountain snow that will take us through sunday night. could bring better rainfall than we had yesterday. that would be nice. forecast models have been an agreement for some time, so we can hope that materializes. today with the north wind, northwesterly wind, san francisco will be on the cool
5:50 am
side but certainly warmer than yesterday. 64 in fremont today as well as palo alto, six to seven in morgan hill's, upper 60's for one country and a springlike day today after the morning chill passes us as we look forward to monday, numbers will continue that warming trend with temperatures steadily warming but slowly at the coast. thursday, a little cooler and then by the end of the week, hopefully getting some changes but in the meantime, clear and chilly to start. liz: technology may sometimes leave people behind because devices can be too difficult to master. a robot with artificial intelligence is trying not only to bridge the learning gap but also provide seniors with companionship. david louis introduces us to a new kind of caregiver. david: this is the new frontier for robots, helping seniors use
5:51 am
technology as they age at home, this tabletop device has a name and with the help of artificial intelligence, it listens as a human convenient might and provide synthetic responses -- human companion might and provide's a pathetic responses -- provide sympathetic responses. david: it is tailored for older adults who may not be adept at using robotic technology. it does far more than smart speakers like alexa that execute commands. it listens and responds differently. >> remembering what people tell you, using that in future conversations. showing them you acknowledge what they said and that you listened and take that into account. david: the speaker was designed in israel. his face lights up when having a conversation and offers exercise routines and plays trivia games to enhance physical and mental prowess.
5:52 am
it also tells jokes. >> i am reading a book about antigravity. it is impossible to put down. david: there is a growing care gap for seniors and their families. elli-q wants to provide seniors with more options. it also has videoconferencing so families can see how their loved ones are doing. intuition robotics says three fourths of seniors in their 70's and 80's were able to set up elli-q on their own within five or 10 minutes. the resident -- there is an initial cost of $200 plus a sub scription fee. -- subscription fee. liz: coming up next, a puppy is starting her journey to becoming a guided dog. while hearn -- why her name is a trib
5:53 am
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5:55 am
liz: in the north bay, betty rose, thebetty white, is now wih her puppy raiser in san rafael. it is part of her journey to become a guide dog. betty white was a long time supporter of guide dogs for the blind and this cute hooch is a nod to her iconic character on the television show called in girls. betty rose will -- will be put through her paces to prepare her for formal training as a guide dog. >> raise her to be the best she can be, teach her house manners and all about her new world. liz: look at that face. guide dogs for the blind is the largest guide dog school in the country. betty white's legacy will live on through the organization and that he rose. next on abc -- and betty rose. next on abc seven, a bay area volunteer now on the front lines in ukraine. how he is putting his nursing
5:56 am
skills to use. russia now using a new weapon in the war in ukraine, as forces move deeper into the battered port city of mariupol.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> the refugees have a kind havv blank stare, the stare of the
6:00 am
unknown. liz: a volunteer leaving the bay area to try and help save lives in ukraine. he is sharing his story from the war zone. good morning again. thanks for waking up with us. we are going to get that story in just a moment. first, let's start with a quick look at the weather. good morning. lisa: it's a lot writer out there today. yesterday, we had clouds. as we look at live doppler 7, are looking at clear conditions and a chilly start out there with temperatures in the 40's. we've got mid 30's on top of mount diablo. it is 40 in pleasant hill. temperatures are in the mid 30's, for everyone it is a colder start anywhere from a few degrees to 10 degrees colder in the east bay.


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