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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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unknown. liz: a volunteer leaving the bay area to try and help save lives in ukraine. he is sharing his story from the war zone. good morning again. thanks for waking up with us. we are going to get that story in just a moment. first, let's start with a quick look at the weather. good morning. lisa: it's a lot writer out there today. yesterday, we had clouds. as we look at live doppler 7, are looking at clear conditions and a chilly start out there with temperatures in the 40's. we've got mid 30's on top of mount diablo. it is 40 in pleasant hill. temperatures are in the mid 30's, for everyone it is a colder start anywhere from a few degrees to 10 degrees colder in the east bay. we are mainly in the upper 40's
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and by noon, low 60's in concord. it's mid 50's in the city. as we get to the afternoon, it is more sunshine with temperatures warming through the 60's away from the bay. elsewhere, the low 60's. we will talk about that rapid arming trend for the week ahead. liz: developing news on ukraine. city officials say russian forces bombed a school sheltering 400 people. no information on casualties is available now. people remain trapped in the rubble. the ukrainian president said russia's attacks will go down in history as a series of war crimes. russian forces are pushing deeper into ukraine. christine sloan tells us russian forces say they used a new weapon. >> the russian defense ministry
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says there forces fired hypersonic missiles for the first time in this war. those missiles are seen from a training exercise for the evasion. thisthisthisthisthis country. the u.n. it reports at least 847 civilians including 64 children have been killed since the conflict began. they say it's in undercount. this police officer was pleading for the west to intervene it, children and elderly people are dying. the city is destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth. the u.n. estimates 10 millionon people have been displaced from their homes or have left the country. the city has city has city has t safe haven, was the target of a russian airstrike. >> nearly every conversation we hear walking down the street is about that explosion.
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they have welcomed displaced people. this city is at capacity right now. the big fear is as this war moves further west, where are these people going to go? >> the white house hopes to fast track the process for year fiji's coming to the u.s.. >> usa. >> ukrainians in the u.s. have protected status, which allows them to stay here legally for 18 months. >> this this this thi place for children. they haven't been in school since the invasion started. one of the teacher studying art decided to stay and help the kids as much as he can. he is staying with his landlady and her family who have helped 200 refugees from the war zone. >> none of the children has to
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live through the trauma. this for the children. just to help them lead every day life like they are used to. liz: she just wants to bring the kids some joy during a tough time. a bay area man is taken and support for ukraine to another level. the red cross volunteer made his way onto the front lines. we spoke with him from kyiv and it's a story you will only see here on abc. >> from the front of city hall to the front lines of ukraine, dennis says he just had to do more. >> every time i turned on abc 7, i got angry. i felt like i needed to do something aside from waving a
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flag at the rally. >> this hangs in kyiv, where he is part of the emergency response team, a volunteer with the red cross using his connections to get into the country. >> i contact my friends at the ukrainian red cross and said do you need my help. they said of course. i flew to warsaw. it >> he made his way into ukraine. >> it took me a week. i finally caught a refugee train going the opposite direction. it >> he's been putting his nursing skills to work ever since. >> i responded with an emergencc response team. we went off in a large ambulance to one of these buildings. it was hit by a cruise missile. >> holding on to a report card pulled from the ruins, unsure if the young girl is alive. >> we were gathering up any of the survivors and we were
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talking to the relatives of the people. we would try to calm them down. >> that can be tough. >> this is what sounds like the blue angels. all of a sudden, there is a boom. that means the air defense system knocked it out. >> dennis is no stranger to a crisis. he has served around the world. >> the wildfires we have had, the floods in nebraska, louisiana, texas. >> nothing quite being at the center of war. >> no one was shooting at me. that's different. it >> crediting his spirit to serve with his upbringing in the bay area. >> the nature of being a san franciscan. people need help, you reach out. >> his desire to help in ukraine
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it, that has a tie to home. >> i grew up with the ukrainian you can't -- community. that was part of my upbringing. it >> the danger of this mission is he is at peace. >> now that i am in ukraine, i can sleep well, even with the noise and the possibility of getting blown up. i am doing something directly for the ukrainian people. >> he is planning on being in ukraine for as long as he is needed, giving up his giants season tickets. heil his taxes and said the refund will help pay for his travel. liz: dozens take part in a concert today help ukraine. it is called peace train and it starts at 4:00 this afternoon. dan is going to perform. all of the proceeds will go to
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doctors without borders in ukraine. for tickets, you can go to the theater website. an ice cream shop hosted a fundraiser for the people of ukraine. swenson's donated 100% of sales to ukrainian relief. we spoke with the owner whose happy customers showed up to support the cause. >> it turned out to be a pretty good day. it's not going to stop the war. every little bit helps. liz: yesterday, they raise more than $1000 from friends and family. that looks good. if you want to help people in ukraine yourself, we have a full list of verified groups and nonprofits sending donations and supplies to refugees. that is on our website thousands of people are taking part of the largest running event in oakland. for the first time in three years, the oakland marathon is
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being held in person. there will be a virtual portion for people w in person. 7000 runners art registered for the races. the course takes them around lake merritt. the marathon and the 10k start at 7:00. the 5k is that 7:30 a.m. it should be nice and clear weather for this. lisa: it's another hour until sunrise. temperatures are in the 30's. we have 40's elsewhere. we have more 60's today. we will talk about the 70's and 80's arriving coming up. liz: the ballpark could be decided by voters. the reaction to a possible ballot measure. ballot measure. the mayor of antioch arrestedesd with less moderate-to-severe eczema,
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in the east bay come the mayor of antioch was charged with dui. he posted a video saying he had a drink during dinner with a friend. ryan tells us at least one other official once the mayor to step down immediately. >> i'm deeply sorry for the lapse in judgment. >> the mayor issued a video statement following an arrest on a dui charge. a chp report shows officers pulled him over near the
6:13 am
monument boulevard exit. he did not crash his car and they did not mention what his blood alcohol level was. >> i will grow and learn from this moment and continue to work diligently on behalf of antioch. it >> he declined a request for an interview. the mayor is facing a recall effort that is currently collecting signatures. >> surprise and disappointment, other than that, i hope he gets that her and learns from it. >> he says he likes the mayor but does not agree with his recent actions. >> everybody makes mistakes. as a mayor, you have to make a better representation of your city. it >> the recall team has over 4000 signatures needed to hold a special election. some on the city council think the mayor should resign now. >> we need our officials to be held to a higher standard. >> mayor thorpe has a right to
6:14 am
due process, he doesn't think this is a good look for the city. >> i'm asking the mayor to deal with your issue that occurred recently. don't put the city through this. liz: the fate ballpark maybe decided by voters in november. the chronicle reports the city council members are considering sponsoring about measure. she would make a final decision after discussions with colleagues. the a's president said this the first he is heard of it, calling the news concerning. he said the team hopes they will vote as soon as possible on the project proposal and not continue to delay the project. a vigil was held in honor of an eight-year-old girl who was found dead in the central valley. people gathered for a candlelight vigil. her body was found at the home
6:15 am
of her mother's boyfriend earlier this month. relatives appealed for help finding the killer. they don't believe enough is being done to track them down. >> if interview know anything, we can't save sophia, we can do this one thing for her. we can find the person who did this. liz: the mother is facing murder charges. police are still looking for the boyfriend. in antioch, family and friends of a missing woman will hold a lantern release to celebrate her 24th birthday. they are asking for others to join the effort. >> you can still come out, anybody that can come and do the legwork or handwork, it's very important for you to come help. liz: their trying to find alexis.
6:16 am
they need gently used laptops to organize the search. she was last seen in antioch. to our weather, the rain yesterday was welcome in the midst of the drought. a big weather change is coming. we explain that a heatwave has firefighters concerned about wildfires. >> rain made an appearance in the bay area the last day of winter, giving vipers work out. umbrellas were up in north beach. the much-needed rain is a welcome sight during our drought. jessica and her son will take it. >> we have lots of plants that want water. we have a little veggie garden at home. that helps us when it rains. it >> our weather will be gone before you can say heatwave. temperatures will spike next week, a big concern for firefighters. it >> we see some early season
6:17 am
drawing of our grasses. hillside grasses are drying out by the day. they haven't seen rain since the start of the year. marin county is preparing for wildfires through an ambitious project, creating buffers across 38 miles of flower roads. -- fire roads. >> but we have our inevitable fire, we will give firefighters the greatest chance to be successful. >> climate change is moving the timeline on wildfire season. >> this has shown us the inherent pattern of earlier starts and later fire seasons. >> the authority is funding the fuel break project. some departments are already tweeting, asking homeowners to clear defensible space around
6:18 am
their property. it's only march. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. it been tracking this heatwave. it is going to take effect soon. lisa: we've got 30's and the upper elevations and some of the valleys as well. yesterday, some of you picked up 2/10. if you had a few was a lucky thing. as we look at live doppler 7, you don't see the cloud as pressure will be building in. we have been advertising that rapid warm up as we get toward the early part of the week. as we get closer, it is 44 a you get to bless santos hills. we have some upper 30's for lafayette. it is 38 with 47 in san francisco. the temperature change is
6:19 am
dramatic out there. peninsula is cooler, you will feel that sea breeze today. san francisco will be warmer. we are in the 50's at our beaches. we have strong north winds from mount diablo. that in version, these these winds will allow for the mixing of the atmosphere and we will warm up quicker. we are not expecting any dry offshore winds in the near future. the onshore flow is with us today. we are looking at a view from the bridge there. as we look at the springtime temperatures will start out the workweek. tomorrow is is is is is is is is inland. average high's should be in the
6:20 am
mid 60's. look what happens on monday. week and we will cloud up. it's going to be mild out there. there is nothing near our average. this is the potential after next week as we round out march. it looks like there is potential out there for much of the state to see more wet weather. that would be great news. look for mid 60's in richmond. up in wine country, upper 60's. there could be a few 70's out by the delta. it is breezy out there. we have mid and upper 60's. temperatures are surpassing seasonal reasons -- readings.
6:21 am
tuesday and wednesday, we will see 10-15 degrees above average. by thursday, we are a little bit cooler. it's a dry week for us. it's the first week of spring, no rain in sight. liz: a colorful start to the spring season in the south bay. we will check it out next. as a small business owner, your bottom line is always top of mind. so start saving with comcast business mobile. flexible data plans mean you can get unlimited data or pay by the gig. all on the most reliable 5g network. with no line activation fees or term contracts. saving you up to $500 a year. so boost your bottom line by switching today. get the new samsung galaxy s22 series on comcast business mobile and for a limited time
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allow us to reintroduce ourselves... folgers”. not me! good morning america. it >> the latest on the war in ukraine as push deeper into the siege port city. local authorities say civilians been taken by force into russia. we have more on the mounting refugee crisis as president biden prepares for a meeting in
6:24 am
europe. terror at a car show in arkansas, at least wanted in 20 people wounded, including children. the massive crime scene this morning as there is one person of interest in custody. march madness bracket busters, history made overnight and the major upset. it's all a on gma. liz: small businesses are recovering from the pandemic. more help maybe on the way. this is how those awarding new grants hope to help. >> diaz menswear has no employees, it is run by alfredo and his wife. the business has been in hosanna -- san jose for 30 years. the last two years of been difficult. >> we couldn't get merchandise. we were just trying to protect ourselves. >> small businesses like this
6:25 am
one that they've been working to help since the start of the pandemic. the latest effort is to help what they call the smallest small businesses. >> this is very different than the other grants. it is focused on places that have been overlooked in the past. >> businesses that were opened in 2019 made less than $50,000 and have five employees or fewer. applications can be found. santa clara county is giving the grants out to the enterprise foundation. the goal is to reach 875 micro businesses. they hoped they would be able to reach 500 by may. they have already met and exceeded that goal. >> as of 11:00 this already have 528 people who are in the process. >> the huge response speaks to the need that exists for
6:26 am
businesses. >> we are very hopeful to see the light at the end of the tunnel. we are still in that tunnel. >> alfredo reminds everyone of the importance of supporting small businesses. >> if they don't come and help us to business, i'm going to have to sell. liz: people festival of colors. it marksksksksksksks spring. tradition includes throwing colorful paint and powder into the air and immersing yourself in color. this included eats from local food trucks. that's a really cool festival. growing humanitarian crisis, millions arriving in poland. hoping to get polish ids so they can get jobs in health care. a deadly car show shooting, more
6:27 am
than one dozen injured. what police are saying about the crime. mystery surcharge, what's adding to high gas prices you may not even know about. since i left for college, my dad has gotten back into some of his old hobbies.
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning it, everyone. let's start with a quick look at the weather with lisa argen. mike: we have some pre-shots prp the bay. it looks calm if you look at the water. there are no gusty winds. we will save that for the beaches later on today. that's a look from the exploratorium camera. temperatures are in the mid 40's. it is 47 in san francisco, 48 in half moon bay. the numbers are in the 30's in napa. it is 41 in livermore.
6:30 am
the winds will be onshore later on today. the winds were 10 degrees colder inland. the numbers are warming quicker. it will be in the 60's by noon around the delta. livermore is still in the 50's. we are talking about 70's for your monday. we will detail that in a few minutes. liz: zelenskyy is demanding a meeting with russia, warning against further escalation. the fighting intensifies, destruction widens and more people flee. russia launched new military strikes, killing thousands of troops. the defense secretary said russia hasge techniques to target civilians. >> the war of choice against ukraine has been tragic.
6:31 am
russia's invasion has taken a terrible toll on ukrainian lives. liz: russian forces heavily damaged one of europe's steel plants. 3.3 million people have fled ukraine. relief agencies are ramping up efforts to deliver aid. now to the worsening humanitarian crisis. the u.n. fears we are witnessing the first wave of refugees, the total number could triple. most are going to poland. many are hoping to receive id numbers that will allow them to get jobs and receive health care. we have the story. >> the staggering number of refugees streaming from ukrainian towns and cities reduced to rubble. 20% of the displaced people from their homes.
6:32 am
the u.n. assisting some of the millions. >> over soon. >> the u.s. has taken in a few hundred refugees. some claim asylum at the mexico border. >> we are trying to figure out where our new home will be. >> the children find the war unsettling. this is a temporary home. one visitor is doing his best to spread hope to the smallest victims. they themselves are now refugees. liz: an children have fled ukraine since the war began. volunteers are trying to make this time>> goal.
6:33 am
liz: and his sidekick wonder woman. they traveled from west virginia to poland for a game of soccer. he runs a nonprofit called heroes for hire. if the simple things that can give kids hope. back here at home, a vigil for san mateo county. it starts at 5:00 in front of the hall of justice. coming up, judiciary committee chair dick durbin will talk about the latest response to the war. you can watch the interview on this week at 8:00 this morning. we are constantly updating our bay area streaming app the latest updates on ukraine. the app is available for roku, amazon fire, apple, android tv.
6:34 am
developing news, 20 people were shot, including children at a car show in arkansas. at least one person has died. this happened 90 miles southeast of little rock last night. children are among those injured and the shooting -- did not have a pacific number. please continue to investigate if more people may have been involved. it's unclear what caused the shooting or the conditions of those injured. more developing news, crews are battling deadly wildfires in texas. wendy goss and dry grass or fueling the fires that destroyed 50 homes west of fort worth. officers went from door to door, urging residents to get out. a sheriff's deputy died helping an elderly person evacuate. many families of lost everything. the fires of burned 125,000.
6:35 am
the cause of the crash that left four marines debt is under investigation. there miller haley -- military aircraft crashed. the aircraft was taking part in a nato training exercise called cold response. it involved 30,000 troops. >> this area of norway is very rugged, steep high mountains. the snow is deep. the weather changes rapidly. >> the exercise was unrelated to the war in ukraine. the prime minister is offering his condolences on twitter. abc 7's commitment to building a better bay area focuses on the economy. you might be surprised that part of what you are paying at the pump has to do with the mystery surcharge. amy powell in los angeles explains.
6:36 am
it went into effect years ago and never went away. >> drivers know that gasoline is much more expensive in the golden state than anywhere else. they know the cost of fuel has popped up state taxes. there is a $.30 added to the price, and no one can explain why. >> this surcharge is going to suppliers. we don't know what it's paying for. we don't know who's getting the money. it >> the director of the energy institute at the university of california berkeley says it is costing california driver's 4 billion dollars a year. the surcharge was tacked on after a disastrous 2015 fire in southern california. >> after the torrance fire, our prices went way up relative to the rest of the country. they never came back to the same relationship. >> higher prices are due to a
6:37 am
combination of factors, including the cost of making cleaner gasoline. the state is a fuel island, it does not receive any supplies through interstate pipelines. an effort started to investigate the mystery surcharge. that was abandoned due to a lack of progress. gas prices continue to skyrocket. it's time to solve the mystery. >> it's costing $4 billion a year. spending a few million dollars to figure it out would be a wise expenditure. liz: here are the average prices today. in san francisco, it is $5.92 per gallon. it is a bit less in oakland. the average in san jose is $5.82. they are $1.60 higher than the national average. a little care and sympathy.
6:38 am
this is from an unusual source, a robot. how it is helping the elderly. the awards are one week from today. you can join abc 7 month for the oscars live only here on abc 7. here's a live look outside over the area. it's a chilly start to the morning. we will check in with lisa when we get back.
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hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. community leaders celebrated the year the tagger. we receive the first ever champion of truth award from the nonprofit. they posted the event at harborview restaurant last night. the city attorney and a new school board member were there
6:41 am
to talk about the advancement of asian american issues in the area. san francisco rack and park opened up its tai chi court. many members advocated for a place dedicated to tai chi. the city converted a parking lot into a 5000 square-foot area for people to practice. >> it is with great honor that we answer to the community and everyone could come out for elfin recreation. this is what the gems of san francisco. liz: anyone the new court and take in views of the city. let's get a check outside. lisa: we are going for a high 65, a few degrees above average. we have a lot of sunshine today, warmth arrives in the next
6:42 am
couple of days with temperatures 15 degrees above average. i will track that for you and you know the seven-day forecast next. liz: saint mary's looks to continue their run. but they get past ucla? chris has the highlights and postgame reaction coming up in sports. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more— yardwork— teamwork— long walks. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe.
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very pretty. it is 49 degrees right now in san francisco. tonight, the warriors are back in action, closing up home stand. they face the spurs and their first game since steph curry's injury. tipoff is at 5:30 p.m. yesterday, sais -- saint mary's faced ucla. here is sports anchor chris alvarez with the highlights.
6:45 am
chris: good morning. what a year it's been for saint myers. a first number five seed taking on ucla, a win would advance them to their second sweet sixteen. they tried to keep it going against the bruins. they had the early lead. they were down at seven at the break. tommy at the end of his 60 year, he had 11 points. he gets it off. his parents liked seeing that. they struggled to make a shot. the gales great season comes to finish, 72-56. >> our story should not have ended here. it did. we didn't play that great of a game. in this situation, you have play to win these games. >> you want to go out firing your best shot. we probably don't feel like we
6:46 am
played well. we played hard. >> every single day sacrifice the close off our back bridge of the. i am super proud of our guys. chris: can zagat points of the hat. 21 of his 25 after halftime, andrew added 21. they win 82-78. it is their seventh straight sweet sixteen. they will take on arkansas thursday. saint peters and murray state, the peacocks guard had the big trouble. he is becoming the face of the tournament. mary states 21 game streak is over. saint peter's wins, 70-60, the third 15 seed to make sweet
6:47 am
sixteen. the playoffs begin in less than four weeks. it's been a tough week for the warriors. steph curry sprained his foot and another setback for james wiseman. he has more swelling in his right knee. he will not play in santa cruz. the lottery pick has looked good in his three rehab games. golden state is third in the west was just 12 games there is no timetable as a return for wiseman. >> we just keep going back to the fact that he's 20 years old. he's got his whole future ahead. we have to be really cautious. we can't make a decision based on the schedule. every decision should be around his future. chris: that's a look at sports. liz: we just got a colleague sending us pictures from the
6:48 am
marathon in oakland getting underway in about 10 minutes. it's chilly this morning. lisa: goodli we have a windchill factor of 32 degrees in napa. it's in the 30's on mount diablo. we have colder numbers as well. with the lighter winds at the surface, numbers have dropped. it is 45 45 it is 43 in santa clara. 42 in santa rosa. it is 40 in petaluma. the north wind is 10. it is 41 in livermore. the 24 hour temperature changes pretty dramatic, 2-14 degrees colder. you feel that radiation won't cooling. that is where they are going to
6:49 am
stay, it is mixing in the atmosphere. you can see how easy it is. as we look at the golden gate bridge, it is classy on the bay. spring is here. we have milder temperatures and a much warmer forecast for tuesday and wednesday. as we look at monday, it is above average. it is upper 60's in oakland for monday. san jose should be in the low 70's as well. look what happens on tuesday. this could be the warmest day of the week. if you head out tomorrow fairfield, 90 degrees. we could be in the 80's. this is conservative for tuesday. you will see some 70's. a sea breeze is kicking in wednesday. the numbers are well above average. the cooling will be at the coast.
6:50 am
thursday, the weather systems continue to misses to the north. the clouds increase friday and saturday. on sunday, many models have been in agreement that things are active in the pacific and they could bring us rain. wewewewe we did not pick up much yesterday. upper 60's in concord, 468 in cn napa today. half moon bay is in the 50's and we will look at low 60's from the peninsula with the sea breeze in palo alto. it's a cold start. it's a breezy afternoon at the coast. otherwise, we are looking at mid 70's inland tomorrow. we have upper 70's bayside.
6:51 am
we will get some cooler weather i the end of the week. liz: technology may leave people behind because devices can be too difficult to master. a robot with artificial intelligence is trying to bridge the learning gap and provide seniors with companionship. david introduces us to a new kind of caregiver. >> this is the new frontier for robots, helping seniors maintain their independence. this tabletop device has a name. with the help of ai, it listens as a human companion might and provides empathetic responses. >> we want to create a real companion. it needs to feel like it has a mind of its own. >> older adults may not use robotic technology. it does more than spark's makers
6:52 am
-- smart speakers. it listens and responds differently. >> remembering what people tell you, showing them that you acknowledge what they said, taking that into account when planning future interactions. >> it was designed in san francisco in israel. it offers exercise routines and plays trivia games. it also tells jokes. >> i'm reading a book about antigravity. it's impossible to put down. >> there is a growing care gap facing seniors. this tries to provide isolated seniors with solutions, like how to get to a doctors appointment. can we order you and huber? >> families can see how their loved ones are doing. intuition robotics is three fourths of seniors were able to set up the robot on their own.
6:53 am
there is a cost of to hunt a cost of two hunter $50 plus a subscription fee. liz: sg hee g. why r name's attribute tribute to the late betty
6:54 am
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numbers from the powerball drawing. the powerballthe powerballthe pl nobody picked all six numbers. tomorrow night is $156 million. from the $26 million super lotto plus drawing. the mega number was 17. nobody matched all six numbers and that either. the jackpot goes to $27 million. betty rose, the puppy who was named after betty white is with
6:56 am
her puppy raiser in san rafael. it's the part of her journey to becoming a guide dog. betty white was a supporter of guide dogs for the blind. this cute pooch is a nod to her character on golden girls. she will be put through her paces to prepare as a guide dog. >> we will teacher manners all about her new world. liz: guide dogs for the blind is the largest school in the country. petty whites legacy will live on through the organization and betty rose. that is so cute. mike: great day for a dog walk. as we look outside at 280, that's a pretty shot. it is 46 in oakland, mountain view is 44. half moon bay, there's look at
6:57 am
the bridge where temperatures are colder. we are beginning to see a bit of a recovery as we get a springlike afternoon in here with milder temperatures and the warming trend continues. napa is 68. the seven day forecast, we are warming up slowly. it's cooling on thursday with partly cloudy friday and saturday you can still see dry weather with temperatures. liz: thank you all for joining us on abc 7 this first day of spring. the news continues at 9:00. we hope to see you then. gma is next followed by this week with george stephanopoulos. have a great day.
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good morning, america. new attacks. russia says it's fired more hypersonic missiles. president zelenskyy calling for urgent negotiations. beijing and moscow boosting bilateral cooperation. as president biden prepares for an emergency nato summit. plus, why elon musk's satellite suspect is being called a game changer. human toll. 10 million ukrainians homeless. finding help next door and beyond. the process in poland starting over. pope francis shows his support. breaking overnight, mass shooting. at least one person killed and at least 20 others wounded at a car show in arkansas. was more than one shooter involved? >>


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