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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 21, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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passenger plane crashes in china overnight. more than 130 people aboard that boeing jet. what we know so far. jobina: hundreds of local refinery workers working off the job david the impact this could have on our gas prices. reggie: confirmation of katarzyna brown jackson. what can we expect to see? jobina: disney resort with no visitors today. reggie: good morning. it is march 21. jobina: let's talk about the weather yesterday. drew: really ramps up tuesday and wednesday. we are finding me clear skies, just patchy clouds along the immediate coast line. half moon bay dealing with fog but not too thick. temperature is basically in the
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40's and 50's. san48 i compton. pretty calm conditions from this vantage point. most of us waking up to clear skies this morning. sunrise at 7:11 this morning, climbing into the 60's by lunchtime. by 4:00, getting close to 80 degrees. even warmer weather set to move in tomorrow. we will show you those numbers in about seven minutes. reggie: following breaking news out of china this morning. a boeing 737 plant with more than 100 people aboard has crashed. this is from flight radar 24, showing the path of the flight. video from chinese state media shows rescuers rushing to the scene and looking at the debris. there were 123 passengers and
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nine crew members aboard. we don't know about survivors. here is a map showing where the plane took off from its destination and crash site. this comes after two other deadly crashes involving boeing jets in the past years but this was not the same model. >> those crash crash crash 737 max, a newer model. this was a regular 737, and the plane was just six years old, so it's important we found out exactly what happened here. reggie: we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. jobina: gas prices are already crushing us at the pump, and right now a strike could make that even higher. hundreds of workers at the chevron refinery in richmond walked off the job overnight. amy hollyfield is there overnight -- is there with the latest. amy: workers are ready to go
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this morning, this is video of them getting started this morning. 500 workers at this refinery in richmond will be on strike. the union says it wants chevron to keep wages up with rising inflation and was motivated by other unions going up against large corporations. so will this impact gas prices? chevron says it will not, the refinery will be able to continue to produce. we spoke to a berkeley professor about that and he thinks it is still to be took determined. >> in the worst case, we lose a lot of output from this refinery, which is producing more than 10% of california's refined products. it takes a few weeks or longer to replace it. amy: in a statement, chevron says we believe our contract offer is fair and responsive to union concerns, however, the
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union's demands exceeded what the company believes to be reasonable. this is the first strike in 40 years. workers contract expired february 1. there are no plans to come back to the bargaining table. jobina: thank you. today marks the beginning of the confirmation hearings for judge ketanji brown jackson. it is expected that democrats will secure the vote to make her the first black woman on the u.s. supreme court. vice-president kamala harris could serve as the tie-breaking vote if needed, but tough questions are ahead for jackson, as republicans question her about her record and view of the constitution. democrats hope to finish the process by easter. the hearings get underway this morning at 8:00 our time, and we will be bringing them to you on and on our bay area streaming app.
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download it now for free on your devices. we will also carry it live in an abc news bus report online and on air. reggie: justice clarence thomas in the hospital this morning receiving iv antibiotics for an infection. he was taken to the hospital friday with flulike symptoms. it is not clear what type of infection he has but we are told he is improving. thomas is vaccinated and boosted against covid. jobina: president biden will gather with world leaders to discuss the coordinated response to ukraine. 10 million people are either displaced or have fled the country. overnight, there were explosions in the capital city of kyiv and a major port city, both refusing to surrender to russian forces. >> overnight, a city under siege, taking stand. leaders have rejected the
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offer to turn over the city to russian troops. as the operation stretches into day 26, russia is upping its attacks on nonmilitary targets. in kyiv, officials say this missile strike hit a shopping mall, killing one person. and mary opal, an airstrike destroyed a school where hundreds had been sheltering. >> we have been seeing deliberate targeting of cities and towns and civilians about the last couple of weeks. . i believe he is taking these kinds of steps because the campaign is stalled. >> this local park has been turned into a temporary cemetery . president zelenskyy said sunday he is willing to speak to vladimir putin about how to end the war. >> we have to use any format of any chance to have the possibility of negotiating,
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talking to putin. but if these attempts fail, that would mean that this is a third world war. >> president biden travels to europe to meet with european leaders thursday. from there he will go to poland to discuss the growing humanitarian crisis. according to the u.n., 10 million people have been forced out of their homes. now officials accuse russia of forcibly deporting people. >> forcing people from ukraine to russia is unconscionable. it is something that we need to confirm. but i don't put it past the russians. >> one issue up for discussion when president biden travels to europe this week is poland's proposal for a nato peacekeeping force in ukraine, an idea that some say could be dangerous and provocative. jobina: medical experts have
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concerns about the subvariant of the coronavirus, ba.2. it is believed to be more transmissible than omicron. >> it is about 50% to 60% more transmissible, which means, over time, it may take over as the dominant variant. jobina: dr. fauci says the cases are not as severe as omicron and still suggest getting our vaccine and booster. shanghai disneyland has shut its doors this morning in response to the growing covid-19 cases. disney posted a statement on its website saying it will continue to monitor the situation and consult local authorities. they will notify guests as soon as they have confirmed a reopening date. reggie: open unified school district is changing its mass policy today. masks are now optional f f students and visitors when outdoors.
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they are still required in classrooms and other indoor locations. drew: line look camera on this early monday morning. clear skies over the city. on our way to a lot of sunshine and warm afternoon. tree pollen is still running high. mulberry, oak is blooming, sycamore, as well. the sun angle is getting higher and higher, so the uv index is high today. sunshine in full effect. this big area of high pressure is building as we speak. it will move east over the next couple of days. tomorrow is the warmest day that we have all week. hour-by-hour on future weather, by 10:00, climbing into the low 50's, 60's. by noon come into the 60's, close to 70 in the warmest cities.
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this afternoon is warm. 60's and 70's along the shoreline. 80 degrees in the warmest spots away from the coast. warmest spots today, 72 in oakland. 73 in san jose. 79 in santa rosa. 59 in half moon bay with an onshore breeze. spring warmth takes hold across california over the next few days. 60's today, 70's tomorrow and wednesday. southern california going into the upper 80's tomorrow and wednesday. we will have the warm weather sticking around for couple of days. spring warmth today. tomorrow, records are possible. 70's in the bay shoreline. still warm on wednesday. we have rain over the next few days. i will show you that in about eight minutes. let's say good morning to sue
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and traffic. sue: live look at one of our maps. slow traffic beginning to build between san lorenzo with an accident, a car flipped blocked off area on the northbound side of 880 near washington. otherwise looking at similar conditions on the south bay. an earlier accident approaching 101. so far, early morning commute beginning to build out of the central valley, altamont pass. 35 minutes from tracy into dublin pleasanton. reggie: accountant to the oscars. the first all-female trio to host the big night. jobina: beware. we have a lotion recall of a
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popular moisturizer that could have bacteria in it. reggie: a man stuck in a storm drain. a look
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jobina: in the south bay, one person is dead, another in the hospital after a fire. our cameras caught some of the large plumes of smoke. when crews arrived, they found the home engulfed in flames. firefighters say the home was surrounded by a chain-link fence and appeared to be boarded up. >> our responsibility when a house is fully involved is to see the nearby structures, save the block. we took defensive action to save those homes. jobina: no word yet on how the fire started. reggie: in the east bay, a man is free after getting stuck in a storm drain in antioch. the drain at buchanan and summersville road was 15 feet underground and over one foot wide. the man was trapped for at least
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four hours. someone walking to the store happened to hear him and called for help. >> just walking by and heard him yelling. all of a sudden, started getting louder and louder. i heard him screaming for help, asked me to help him. i ended up calling the police. reggie: firefighters freed him just before 10:00. medics took into the hospital. we don't know his condition. it is not clear how he got stuck in the drain. jobina: now to the oscars. after three years without one, regina sykes, -- wanda sykes, regina hall, and amy schumer are hosting. >> after three years with no hosts, this year's academy awards is giving us one for
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every year missed. regina hall, wanda sykes, amy schumer making history as the all woman trio to mc the big night. >> they have credibility, if that matters, with the first 15 rows of the show. that means they can launch a few zingers at the people there and keep us all entertained. >> actress and comedian amy schumer she has those zingers ready to go, although she has had to adjust her usual comedy style for the oscar audience. >> i consulted my lawyer. he said you cannot say half of those things. the one that i can say, i'm going to. >> sharing the stage with wanda sykes, alongside regina hall. the actress ready for girls night at the academy awards. >> it is also a treat because i love amy and wanda. >> and epic list of oscar mc's''
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including whoopi goldberg and billy crystal. >> things are a little bit different. the host is wearing a dress, yes. >> while we don't know much about the show itself, we know that with these three women, anything can happen. >> super talented, hard-hitting, will not be pulling any punches. jobina: my favorite thing about the oscars, our friend kumasi aaron will be traveling to los angeles for the show. she has special coverage starting friday night. you can watch sunday night at 5:00 right here on abc 7. i cannot wait to see her hair. reggie: it will be a whole thing. and the address-- the dress dres she is joyful about this. jobina: i am going to interview some people.
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i'm not happy about this outfit. it is going to be good. i'm excited. drew: we are tracking rain on sunday, so why not watch the oscars? they will find some showers on monday. for us, about a week away until wet weather. this week is all about warm spring sunshine. clear skies overhead. air quality is good to go today. santa clara valley has moderate air quality. 40's around the board for most of us. 42 in santa rosa. 54 and annex. a little bit warmer in the east bay. a little bit of a breeze out there. that will help to warm us up quickly. spring officially began at 8:33 in the morning.
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the week ahead is warmth and sunshine. warmest day is tuesday. highs today, warm sunshine, 60's and 70's. warmest spots close to 80 degrees. 64 in the city. 71 in san rafael. hour-by-hour, wind afternoon, a little bit breezy out there. we don't have any wind advisories, but that will help to warm us up again into the 60's and 70's. the wind stays breezy overnight, keeping temperatures elevated. sitting in the low to mid 50's for a lot of us. tomorrow morning will feel pretty mild. the warmest day in the forecast. rain on saturday at 9:00. sunday is our next chance of wet weather. this looks to be a pretty wet
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storm. there could be some snow in tahoe, but those levels will be pretty high. next seven days, look at all of that sunshine. records possible tomorrow, still warm on wednesday. cooling off on thursday and friday. there is the rain possible on sunday. right now only a level 1. reggie: thank you. a popular skin moisturizer being recalled because it could have bacteria. the recall of facts three and 10 ounce bottles of jurgens ultimate moisturizing. if you have that that that contact the manufacturer or by phone or email to get a coupon for another free product. jobina: coming up, the seven things to know. reggie: and celebrating rosie the riveter in the east bay.
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jobina: here are the seven things to know this morning. breaking news out of china. a boeing 737 plane has cracked with over 100 people aboard. no word on any survivors.
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reggie: hundreds of workers at the chevron refinery in richmond are on strike this morning. the union claims negotiations over a new contract are going nowhere, adding concern about the impact of gas prices. jobina: president biden will huddle with world leaders today to discuss their coordinated response to the russian attacks on ukraine. reggie: senate confirmation hearings continued today for katarzyna brown jackson. democrats hope to secure the simple majority to maker the first lack woman to serve on the u.s. supreme court. drew: we are tracking a more week ahead with a lot of sunshine. later on this afternoon, warm and breezy, going into the 60's and 70's. sue: your early morning drive over the altamont pass, slowing down to speeds under 20 miles per hour in certain spots. jobina: the open unified school district is changing its mass
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policy today. masks are optional for students and staff as well as volunteers and visitors when outdoors. reggie: the faa looking closer into recent close calls at some busy airports across the country. here is gio benitez. >> recent close calls at airports hoping to prevent any potential midair collisions like this one last fall in reno. one plane about to take off, another about to land. >> he is barely under the nose. >> documents showing escalating midair risks last year near minneapolis-st. paul international airport and hollywood burbank airport. >> we don't wait for somebody to break before we start to fix it. jobina: today is a special day in the east bay. it is rosie the riveter day in richmond. the museums aationaors wome forn
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this year. the museum is known as the home to the country's oldest national park ranger. she is now 100 years old and works for the museum. reggie: the start of spring means free ice cream for you. jobina: we could all use a break on rent. an expert is talking about the best ways to negotiate a lower price. jobinreggie: bay area sideshow concerns. jobina: live look at sfo this morning.
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(typing) (toddler laughs) ♪ (train whizzes by) ♪ (toddler babbling) ♪ (buzzing sound) ♪ (dog barks) ♪ (wine glasses clink) ♪ (typing) ♪ (toddler babbling) (typing) ♪ ♪ ahhhh! we're no one hit wonder.
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♪ i don't give a med bout' my reputation ♪ allow us to reintroduce ourselves... folgers”. not me! >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this abc 7 news. reggie: now i 5:30, on the local workers who walked out the job and the impact it could have on our gas prices. alex: supreme court confirmation get underway for ketanji brown jackson. meanwhile, an update on the health care of justice clarence thomas. all of that coming up. jobina: spring is here. drew says we can expect a more week good mo evee. let's check m up. drew: warmer weather moving in today, really peeking tomorrow into wednesday. right now just a few clouds
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around half moon bay. not too thick right now but starting out with clear skies for many of us. temperatures in the 40's in concord. 42 in santa rosa. warm spots in antioch, low 50's. mild air is in place. warmer temperatures will move in this afternoon. suture tower, live look. the camera shaking just a little bit in the breeze. temperatures in the 50's, gradually climbing to near 70 by noon. by 4:00, warm and breezy into the 60's and 70's. tomorrow is even warmer. we will show you those numbers, coming up. jobina: history you will be made in washington as confirmation hearings start for ketanji brown jackson, the first black woman nominated to the supreme court. reggie: meanwhile, justice clarence thomas was admitted to the hospital over the weekend. alex presha has more. alex: good morning.
5:30 am
the supreme court set to convene in about one hour and a half from now, but it will be without the most senior conservative justice. justice thomas hospitalized. he does not plan to participate in arguments remotely. this morning, supreme court justice clarence thomas hospitalized. the court saying he was admitted to the hospital friday evening after experiencing flulike symptoms. he was diagnosed with an infection and is being treated with intravenous antibiotics. the court saying she is expected to be released in a day or two. at 73, thomas is the second oldest justice and most senior conservative. he doesn't have any health issues and is both vaccinated and boosted. the news comes as a confirmation hearing kicks off today for a judge looking to join him on the supreme court. judge ketanji brown jackson, the first black woman nominated into the courts history, set to
5:31 am
address u.s. senators. >> my life has been blessed beyond measure, and i do know that one can only come this far by faith. alex: since her nomination, the harvard graduate has sat down with a bipartisan list of more than 40 senators, and has held sessions with the white house before today's remarks. >> judge jackson has been scrutinized more than anyone i can think of. this is her fourth time before the senate judiciary committee. in those times, she came through with bipartisan support. alex: still, republicans are on the fence. >> i have not made a decision on how i will vote. alex: josh hawley suggested that jackson has a long record of letting child abuse offenders off the hook. the white house pushing back. >> a group of far right republican senators have launched a last ditch effort of
5:32 am
attacks against her record. alex: democrats don't need any republican votes to push jackson through, although they want gop support to show the credibility of the court. jobina: hearings get underway this morning at 8:00 our time. we will bring that to you on and our 24/7 bay area streaming app. download it now for free on your device. we will also carry an abc news special report online and on air at noon. reggie: a strike this morning could have a big impact at the chevron refinery in richmond. the facility makes more than 10% of the state refined oil products. amy hollyfield is live this morning. amy: good morning. 500 workers here at chevron are
5:33 am
now on strike. this is video of them earlier this morning getting ready for the strike that was into effect at midnight. thethethetheth strike impact gas prices? chevron says it will not, that the provider will continue to produce. but a uc berkeley professor we spoke to said he is not so sure. >> it depends on two major factors. how much does chevron have directed down production from this refinery? it is claiming it will continue to be able to produce what we don't know how much output will go down. amy: he says, will california be able to get gas into the state and how quickly? a statement, from chevron reads we believe our contract offer is fair and competitive to concerns. however, union demands exceeded what the company believes to be reasonable.
5:34 am
the union and most refineries across the country last month agreed to a 12% raise. the local union has asked for 5% more on top of that because of the high cost of living in the bay area. union leadership says both sides are far apart and there are no plans right now to return to the bargaining table. reggie: thank you. president biden will huddle with world leaders today to discuss the response to russia's attacks on ukraine. jobina: this comes as we learn 10 million people are either displaced or have fled the country of ukraine. russia has demanded ukrainians put down their weapons in exchange for safe passage out of the city of mariupol. ukrainian officials rejected the offer yesterday and said russia used an airstrike hitting a shelter for children. hundreds are still missing. >> he is resorting to types of
5:35 am
tactics that we see on display every day. again, this is really disgusting. jobina: ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says he is willing to negotiate with vladimir putin. joe biden plans to travel to warsaw, poland on friday. volunteers of the georgian american community are helping thran p they spent the weekend boxing supplies for people in need. volunteers there relieve that they can stand with the people of ukraine. in 2008, russia invaded georgia, killing hundreds of people. >> we hope this contribution will be valuable to the people in need in ukraine. georgette and georgian people stand with ukraine, ukrainian people, support their territorial integrity and sovereignty. jobina: volunteers wrote messages of hope on the supplies.
5:36 am
it will be flown into poland and then trucked into ukraine. we have put together a loosed of groups and nonprofits sending donations to ukraine. that is on our website reggie: there's a growing debate on how to help drivers with gas prices. gas is averaging $5.85 a gallon across the state, up one penny from yesterday. in the bay area, prices are holding steady. drivers are paying about $5.84 in oakland. here is the argument over suspending the gas tax. >> this morning, there is no escaping the pain at the pump. >> everybody cannot afford those gas prices. >> prices averaging $4.26 a gallon in the u.s., approaching seven dollars in parts of california. lawmakers in several states are trying to ease the burden. maryland has become the first date to suspend the gas tax,
5:37 am
shaping $.37 off of every gallon, saving about five dollars per fill up. >> it is almost unheard of for a major piece of legislation to pass in such a short period of time and with universal bipartisan support. but together, we have all risen to the occasion. >> in georgia, the governor signing a similar bill to eliminate the gas tax. about $.29 per gallon through may. in michigan, the state senate approved suspending its gas tax for six months, but governor gretchen whitmer is not on board, saying it would hurt road repair and infrastructure projects funded by gas tax. instead, she wants the federal government to step in. >> there is conversation at the federal level as to how we can help families. >> gas prices began climbing as inflation grew worse and supply chain issues unfolded, then soared after russia's invasion
5:38 am
of ukraine. many americans are being forced to make changes. 59% of americans say they plan to change their driving habits now that gas is more than four dollars per gallon. three out of four people say they will try to drive less if prices top five dollars. >> in response to those rising prices, in california, lawmakers have proposed a $400 rebate for taxpayers. supporters say it is a better approach because it does not affect funding for future transportation projects and helps more people. jobina: the increasing level of violence neighbors say they are seeing at neighborhood sideshows. jobina: a delivery driver caught on camera doing something he should not have done. first, drew. drew: good morning. live look at the bay bridge, clear skies up above and light wind.
5:39 am
the update on the tree pollen, still high. oh, mulberry, sycamore are the main defenders. the sun angle is getting higher and higher, and the uv index is high now. lots of sunshine today and much of the weekend. high pressure in the forecast this week, building as we speak. it will be moving over california over the next couple of days, bringing us some warm temperatures over the next couple of days. by 10:00, mainly sunny skies, aa few clouds out there. by noon, another nice day to grab the meal outside. 60's, low 70's. into the afternoon, well into the 70's, approaching 80 later today. 77 in concord today. 73 in san jose. 79 in santa rosa.
5:40 am
near 80 in napa. 81 the forecasted high in fairfield. this warm weather is all across california. tomorrow in san francisco, in the 70's. fresno into the 80's. near 90 by tuesday and wednesday in fresno. 80 tomorrow and wednesday. back here at home, here is the forecast. spring warmth today. lots of sunshine. a few records possible tomorrow afternoon. warmest spots going well into the 80's. even along the bay shoreline, feeling like the opera 70's. in the inland and bay, around the 70's. cooling off by the end of the week and we have a chance of rain. first, let's say good morning to sue. how are we doing with the roads?
5:41 am
sue: we go to the richmond-san rafael bridge. reports of an accident on the marin county side of the plaza. traffic starting to stack up early. it is blocking one of the right lines there. overall, slow and go over the altamont pass. windy there, as well. reports of an accident on west 237 near great america parkway blocking the slowly. you can see traffic slow toward milpitas. here's a look at the backup at the richmond-san rafael bridge. looks like it is farther pass the tall plants on the westbound side. we still have this barred issue, you have known about it for quite some time. service between richmond and macarthur is limited to the orange line. there is a shuttle between sfo and millbury. the red is suspended indefinitely.
5:42 am
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jobina: a series of sideshows over the weekend across the bay area have many annoyed and concerned. reggie: many say their biggest concern is the level of violence. there have been three sideshows over the weekend naming a man died after suffering trauma, a gunshot in what oakland. witnesses in fremont say there were fireworks and people driving on the sidewalks. >> it is dangerous. young kids. it doesn't seem to be any concern for safety there. >> culture is very rich in the bay area, but to terra property, to waken neighbors, scare children, that is not the culture of the bay area at all. reggie: it is unclear if any
5:45 am
cars were towed or if people were arrested. jobina: berkman city council could take a landmark step to begin reparations. the city will weigh allocating $350,000 in next years budget to address america's legacy of enslavement and discrimination. the proposal calls for a it would include four parts, reckoning, acknowledgment, accountability. reggie: how does former mayor brown celebrate her birthday? she marked the occasion with governor newsom and former governor schwarzenegger. he tweeted the picture calling her a legend. brown was the first african-american speaker of the california assembly and spent 15 years in the role being that before being elected in san francisco. jobina: that looks good.
5:46 am
what you are about to see is not so much. one of the worst things a delivery driver can do with your food before it is delivered. was he talking to him through the camera? reggie: the doorbell camera caught the man eating some food while waiting for the customer to answer the door. this happened in england last week. the customer set over the intercom, the driver ate one of hischips. it is unclear if the driver was paid. jobina: did he take a tow truck to deliver the food? reggie: is that just there? drew: i don't even know what is going on. oh, there is a confrontation. reggie: why is that person
5:47 am
paying the driver at all after you see that? keep it. you can pay for it. drew: i may have thought about this sometimes. reggie: why do i think that you thought of delivering? drew: side hustle. jobina: what if we saw drupal up. reggie: the one time i was a little dishonest and it cut me a -- taught me a good lesson. i will not say the name of the restaurant. i was working, was really hungry. i went into the freezer and snuck some cheesecake. jobina: we know where you used to work. they have cheesecake there? reggie: i worked at two food places. so, i ate some of the cheesecake. wouldn't you know it, in that
5:48 am
bite, the end of a glove. drew: what is the end of a glove? reggie: what am i supposed to do? should i report it? there should not be a glove in the cheesecake, and i should not be eating it. drew: what did you do? reggie: i threw it away and my did my own business. jobina: i am stressed. reggie: told no one, learned a lesson. jobina: the tip of the finger? reggie: not an actual finger. and that is storytime with reggie. be honest at work. drew: i used to steal some fries. they were good. jobina: what place was this? drew: i am not saying, don't get me in trouble. [laughter] good morning. the tip of a glove.
5:49 am
5:49. live look from the rooftop camera along the embarcadero. mainly clear skies, good air quality today. tuesday, moderate air quality. high pressure is building up. this time of the year, it tends to bring a decline in our air quality. right now in the 40's and 50's.6 degrees. light breeze out there, the camera is bouncing around just a bit. the wind will be warming us up this afternoon. the week ahead features warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine. warmest temperatures likely on tuesday, and then a chance of rain on sunday. warm sunshine on monday. 64 in the city. 70 in palo alto.
5:50 am
we do have some warm spots, north bay and east bay. a bit of a breeze through the afternoon. 4:00 today, when the strongest along the coast. breezy from time to time. no winter advisories but the breeze will keep us warm overnight. temperatures in the low to mid 50's for a lot of us. it will feel milder on tuesday. this weekend, saturday is dry. sunday brings our next storm system, on and off showers to northern california, possible snow in the higher elevations. accuweather 7 day forecast, lots of sunshine, records possible on tuesday. cooling off on thursday and friday. over the weekend, a chance of rain. scores of sunday, not a bad day to watch tv inside. jobina: thousands of people participated in the 13th annual
5:51 am
open running festival. it included multiple races. it is the first time the event was open to spectators and in person participants since 2019. >> it is still such a big rush to be out here in person after two years off. the energy is huge. the town is cheering us on. a really special day. jobina: that guy looks like somebody, we just cannot place it right now. here is video of our colleagues showing people crossing the finish lines. i thought we had somebody in the race. they are just behind the camera. you did it, sue? reggie: that makes sense. she is in such good shape. jobina: the first place winner was a berkeley resident who finished the marathon in 2:31. my friend did it yesterday. impressed. reggie: was he eating aeating aa
5:52 am
jobina: beverages. reggie: the road to the oscars always travels through with the rocket man. elton john, randy carlyle. giving hints about his epic oscars party. jobi
5:53 am
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and tj maxx is where you can afford to be you to the maxx. jobina: pretty much everything is more expensive these days, including housing. twt of the pandemic. good morning america is talking about what you can do to negotiate a lower payment. >> can negotiate rent. it is not a firm number, simply an offering price. you also don't want to just send out a lower number for the sake of it. compare it to lower listings. let them know what something
5:55 am
else has that has something that your student. it will cost your landlord money to replace you. also sell yourself. make sure you pay your rent on time, you are clean. you might be a better tenant. jobina: you can watch the full report on how to negotiate your rent coming up on gma. reggie: head over to dairy queen for a free ice cream cone today. it celebrates the start of spring. each person can get a small vanilla ice cream cone. the deal does not apply at mall locations. jobina: which means you are going to concord. reggie: we have three? jobina: san bruno is in the mall. drew: another one in the east bay is in the mall. reggie: congratulations to the conquered people watching this morning. this applies only to you. drew: i think there is one in the north bay i have to check. not a bad day for ice cream.
5:56 am
spring arrived yesterday, featuring some pretty warm numbers. sunrise coming in at 7:11 with lots of sunshine. in the 60's and 70's this afternoon. 9:00, temperatures are still warm in the 50's and 60's. 77 in concord. 64 in the city. 79 in santa rosa. this warm-up begins across all of california. 81 in sacramento. tahoe, 55. l.a., 74 today. tomorrow, about 87 degrees. jobina: the study on sweatpants. the research saying they may hold unleashed superpowers while you work. i am ready for that story. reggie: who is studying this? [laughter] people were really bored. bay area musician standing up to support ukraine. jobina: a tesla driver seen
5:57 am
trying to pull off this dangerous stunt. no. it is in los angeles. what came next and why police say they have seen this before. say they have seen this before. reggie: live look out say they have seen this before. reggie: live look out ♪ windows open, i'm yelling unity ♪ ♪ side by side with my community ♪ ♪ celebrate, let's have a jubilee ♪ ♪ they've been there for us ♪ ♪ let's be there for them ♪
5:58 am
fantastic things start to happen
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when you step aboard a princess cruise. doors open up for you, your favorite drinks start finding you, and everything seems to be just how you like it. how does it all happen? it's no secret. it's our job to discover what makes you feel special. yes, you! and you. and you too. making sure you feel taken care of, that's what a princess cruise is all about. get the princess treatment with up to 40% off cruises to alaska. a forceful order to surrender,
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denied by ukrainian officials. the kremlin shifting to plan b. children caught in the crosshairs. reggie: hundreds of chevron workers walking off the job at a refinery in richmond. jobina: confirmation hearings kickoff today for ketanji brown jackson. the key things to look for, the easy way to watch, and the crucial role we could see vice president harris play in the process. reggie: good morning. jobina: we have sue with a nice forecast. drew: yesterday, sunshine. warm weather continues before the next couple of days. some 50's out there in antioch. those warmer


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