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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 23, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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tracking another day of warm spring weather. kumasi: and we are on the countdown to the oscars, days away from hollywood's biggest night. right here on abc seven. reggie: kumasi is going to the red carpet. kumasi: i'm going to be out there. got to be ready. reggie: who is your number one? drew: that is a good question. kumasi: i know they are not nominated, but "king richard" is about their journey and they have been coming to a lot of award shows. i want to see serena. drew: there is a good chance. jobina: serena was already at dolores park. it is like she has been getting closer and closer. kumasi: that would be great. reggie: ok. drew: good morning. we have fog out there, and warmer temperatures away from
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the coast. there is the fog from live copter 70. -- live copter seven. where we find the fog, we will see some drizzle as well. temperatures are cooler than yesterday by almost 20 degrees in some spots. your waking up in the 40's into the 50's. here is how your day shapes up. the fog lingers through noon. the afternoon depends on location as to how warm you get. 80's around the bayshore. 60's and 70's for some of us here. i will detail your chances for rain in about nine minutes. wildfires burning -- reggie: wildfires burning on an island near antioch, affecting our quality in contra costa county. people nearby have been reporting smoky conditions, and firefighters say it is going to be like that for a while, because they are not going to intervene. they are going to let this burn out because it is so hard to get
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to this location. it is going to be several days, because there is a lot of dry brush and fuel to ignite. kumasi: major concerns in the bay area today as we expect another day of high temperatures. we are live in moana creek with more on this heat wave and what it could mean long-term. >> good. it is pretty pleasant right now, and the temperature gauge behind us will show us how we are feeling. don't let this fool you as you are planning what to wear today. as drew was telling us, inland we are going to have some really warm temperatures today. it is not the kind of heat that is going to cause severe health problems or concerns, but it is unusual for this time of year. that is what has professionals who deal with fires feeling a bit worried. plants are drying out about a month earlier than usual, which means wildfires could start happening earlier this year. >> any of these heat waves we
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have so early in spring helps dry out the fuel, so it can actually cause our fire danger to increase earlier than we typically would see in the late spring, early summer. >> we are coming out of the driest january and february since the 1920's, and fire officials say wildfires generally tend to start in the grass, they say burns very hot. and it is very dry right now. then it heads to the shrubs and trees and takes off. so the early drying of the grass could lead to more and earlier fires. rain would be a big help. i know storms are currently expected. with heat like this, firefighters are starting to think they will have a very bus june. kumasi: developing news in the south. there is still risk of severe weather from central florida into michigan. reggie: last night, deadly storm
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slammed louisiana. jobina: tornado tore through homes and knocked out power in the area of new orleans. at this. it caused widespread damage across the city's lower ninth ward and a parish devastated by hurricane katrina back in 2005. authorities say there were multiple injuries and at least one death. >> this is going to be a long haul. i just got off the phone with the governor. tomorrow, we will have a better assessment of the number of homes, the number of people affected. jobina: at least 40 tornadoes were reported monday across texas, oklahoma, and mississippi, all from the stain -- same storm system. damage was also reported in alabama and storms moved east. reggie: the contra costa sheriff
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office investigating after deputy shot and killed a person in discovery bay. officials say the deputies were responding to a domestic situation at a home on westport circle. they say the person who was shot came at the deputies with a weapon, forcing them to open fire. the neighbor said he heard deputies yelling for the suspect to put down their gun before hearing at least five shots. the sheriffs office says they will release more details later. kumasi: one of the most iconic structures in the entire san francisco bay area is getting a makeover. transamerica pyramid is reportedly going to be undergoing his biggest redesign in its 50 year history. a reporter is joining us live in the newsroom with a look at what is in store. gloria? gloria: according to the san francisco chronicle, work is expected to begin this week. there are plans for restaurants, a bookstore, and a flower shop on the ground floor of the pyramid, all open to the public.
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the transamerica pyramid center in san francisco's financial district takes up an entire city block. the clinic pyramid stands -- iconic pyramid was completed in 1972. the owners plan to invest at least $250 million in the renovation, and plans include a majorig park area at the base of the building. it would add new shops and cherry blossom trees to the small alley connecting to samson street, known as mark twain street. the building next door to the pyramid will be known as three transamerica, creating a new office building there. or all of this, the owners have hired architect norman foster to redesign the inside. foster also designed apple park in the bay area, and is redesigning the ocean wide center. the vietnamese restaurant next door is going to be relocated. a high-end club will also be
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adding a luxurious members only facility with three restaurants and bars on the bottom floors of the pyramid. the entire project is expected to take a year to complete. reggie: that all sounds really nice and kind of bougie, so we are into it. in the east bay, city leaders are considering an ordinance that would ban oversize vehicles, including rvs, from parking on certain streets. the east bay times reports the proposal would ban oversize vehicles from parking on all streets with a width of 40 feet or less. that is the size of a typical two lane road. lathn aimsurb laev enmpntkusi safe shelter for all. a look at the plan to provide for anyone who lives in san francisco. the arguments on both sides. and make sure you check your cabinet. a blood pressure medicine has
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been pulled from shelves this morning. and why don't you whine about it? the new tactic from bay area winemakers. drew: we are tracking a dry start to the upcoming weekend. rain continues sunday night into monday, so prepare for a wet monday morning commute next behold...unlimited wireless for only 30 bucks. that's pretty cool, but you know what's cooler? saving up to 400 bucks! exactly. and if we really want to take it up a notch... get all that and nationwide 5g included.
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drew: it is 6:10 and we are looking at temperatures today hour-by-hour. by 10:00 a.m., some patchy flog -- fog around the bay area. temperatures in the 50's and low 60's. by lunchtime, we will likely find 70's in our warmer spots, closer to the coast, cooling has begun. today, 50's and 60's close to the ocean, at 70's and 80's away
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from the coast as spring warmth holds on for some of us for another day. not nearly as many records as we saw yesterday, but 79 in san jose. 66 in the city. 83 in santa rosa. that is the weather. let's say good morning to jobina. jobina: we are going to start with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:45 and the backup is beginning. if you are live on the golden gate bridge, very foggy start there. we do not have an advisory issued by the chp. nearby, the toll plaza on eastbound 80 before 580, a crash starting to slow you down. the counter commute direction for super commuters, tracy, the dublin commute very slow right now, 51 minutes. antioch slowing down as well. there was a crash in that area. highway four is a mess. reggie: thank you. back to the war zone.
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a former dancing with the stars pro going back to his homeland. what he is doing to assist in the fight. plus, if youo go to yosemite this summer, need to be it is 6:12, and you can see the fog at the top of san francisc'' is golden gate bri
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reggie: a man accused of pushing a fremont native in front of a new york city subway train is been found mentally unfit to stand trial. the manhattan district attorney's office had doctors perform a psychiatric evaluation of the 61-year-old. a woman was struck and killed in the apparently random attack at the times square station in january. we are hearing from a san
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francisco supervisor about a plan to help shelter all homeless people in the city. rafael planned to provide shelter for every single homeless person. supervisor said while the costs could run into the tens of millions of dollars, the ultimate goal to eliminate homeless encampments on the streets is worth it. >> the biggest challenge that i hear about from my constituents on a daily basis is the experiences francisco where they are confronted with encampments and people with serious mental health issues and substance use issues who are living in those encampments. reggie: some experts say more has to be built into this plan to deal with those who don't want to be housed. if the plan is approved, the process would take time. four supervisors firmly support the approval. it takes six votes to pass. kumasi: the school board has welcomed new members. >> we want to mention three --
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welcomed three new commissioners. kumasi: mayor london breed appointed the women after the recall election. all three of them have kids in the district. reggie: the san francisco school board has approved an agreement to pay employees 15% in interest from late payments in response to a payroll problem. the school board delved right into that issue last month. last month, some employees only got partial paychecks, or no paycheck at all. there was a glitch in the new payroll system. >> in addition to what your staff are owed, we need you to do better by us. if we are moving toward civility, this is not it. >> we are committed to having a transparent process and understanding what happened. you are committed to making sure any worker that did not receive their proper payment is made whole. reggie: the district is setting aside as much as $300,000 for
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interest on underpayments. kumasi: countdown to the oscars. it is coming up in just four days and is going to be right here on abc 7. this morning, we are getting some hints on how the show might play out. reggie: before our friend departs from l.a. to provide special coverage of the red carpet, she has to know the nominees performing for the best original song. >> ♪ ok, ok, ok get information ♪ -- in formation ♪ reggie: she is not going to do "formation," sadly, but will do "be alive" from "king richard." billie eilish is up for a nomination for "no time to die." reba mcentire will perform. and sebastian is going to perform the song from "encanto." coverage begins sunday morning
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at 10:00 a.m., with the oscars countdown live. the big show starts at 5:00. no hold on. aren't they also talk 8 -- also doing "we don't talk about bruno," even though it is not nominated? kumasi: because people just want to listen to the song? ok. i am going to be in l.a. for the oscars, bringing you special coverage to start friday, and going all the way through the weekend. someone nominated is van halle berry' his boyfriend, so maybe she will be there and i can meet halle berry. reggie: is that what you are going to tell him if you meet him? drew: good for you, ma'am. what about you? how are you doing? reggie: i just read that beyonce will not be performing on stage. drew: opening opportunities.
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do you know? reggie: according to one report i just read -- one report. drew: good source. reggie: she may be performing at the tennis court. drew: that would make sense. reggie: in compton. where the williams sisters practice. kumasi: i will go. reggie: before you go to the red carpet, real quick, roll by compton. kumasi: just look and see. reggie: if you see a big trailer -- drew: and keep screaming "beyonce." reggie: if you see blue ivy anywhere -- kumasi: i will do that. reggie: you should get an ice cream truck. drew: blue ivy might come out -- reggie: when she hears the ice cream truck. these are the things you have to do. drew: listen. maybe short of renting an ice cream truck. kumasi: i will just drive by. reggie: ice cream pushcart.
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drew: like on the beach. then day. reggie: free popsicles. kumasi: in my gown. drew: i would pay to see that. we find fog on the exploratorium camera. we are known to a quarter-mile in petaluma, so thick fog along the coast. even some coastal drizzle. we are not nearly as warm this morning as we were yesterday morning. wicking up, temperatures in the 40's and 50's, so take your jacket with you. we had fog this morning. it is leading to a cooler afternoon along the coast and around the bay. inland, we are still warm, with a chance of rain late sunday into monday. 80's in concord and into livermore. fairfield at 82. 79 in san jose. the shore a little bit cooler compared yesterday -- compared
6:21 am
yesterday because of that fog. 66 in the city today. 64, half moon bay. cloud cover gathers around the shoreline, leaving temperatures nearly in the 40's as we get into thursday. i will fast-forward into the second half of the weekend. saturday is dry. someday, cloudy conditions in the morning. the afternoon and the evening, some light rain moving through. it looks like it continues on and off through monday morning before it departs monday afternoon and monday evening. monday morning commute will likely feature wet roadways as the storm moves through. the seven day forecast, the coast cools. that spreads everywhere tomorrow and friday. we'll track that late sunday into monday. kumasi: ginger zee has a look at what is ahead. ginger: quick to be with you on aim -- on a wednesday morning. this tree went on to three cars at the university campus.
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but he hurt here, but that was not the case in newark the -- nobody hurt here, but that was not the case in new orleans. president biden visiting europe to meet with oies. the war in ukraine and growing desperation in the city of mariupol. ukrainian forces have taken back some territory outside of kyiv. and we are speaking to a dancing pro who got out of ukraine and has gone back to poland to help refugees. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez!
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kumasi: general motors is recalling suv's because the headlights are too bright, made in 2010 and 2017. they are very bright for other drivers. if your vehicle is part of this, expect to get a recall notice month. if you take blood pressure medication, pfizer is
6:25 am
voluntarily recalling its blood pressure drug because of medication presence chemical which is present in water but can increase risk of cancer if present too long. there recalling a brand name and to generics. -- two generics. reggie: if you want to visit yosemite, snag a reservation this morning. they are limiting day users because of traffic concerns. can book a reservation starting at 8:00 this morning. thee at upou enter parketween 4:00 p.m. and 60 natiouid. bay e looking to frontiers to sell cases to millennials and younger customers. reggie: one of the biggest
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trends -- tiktok. according to the chronicle, the industry is seeing a boom of wine influencers. industry insiders who provide guidance and help boost sales. videos tend to be more educational rather than the hyper stylized content. sign-ups almost doubled after a viral video. hashtags like winetok than 200 million views. jobina: they are trying. reggie: we are still not on tiktok. jobina is the only one. she is constantly tried to influence us to get on there. you are not on tiktok, right? you don't post content. drew: no, i just enjoy the scroll. reggie: coming up your way at 6:30, a top-tier ceo by day, a dj by night.
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the head of a global corporation will be performing in front of one of the biggest music festivals of the summer. kumasi: moderna releasing big news about its vaccine in youngh site in china, the plane wreck.
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>> moving forward. funding solutions. reggie: another round of heat on the way for parts of the bay area. it sparks new concern about wildfires. drew is tracking it where you live. kumasi: in the fight for fair housing. our in-depth report on racism and housing is taking abc7news to washington, d.c., or a task force is meeting on an issue. reggie: and good morning to these puppies. we are celebrating national puppy day i showing off some
6:30 am
four-legged friends you can bring home to your family. kumasi: it is wednesday, march 23. reggie: all of that is coming up. drew: warmer temperatures again, going back to the 80's and our hottest spots. there is an issue with fog. we are down to a quarter of a mile in petaluma. the marine layer is back and creating cooler temperatures. not nearly as warm this morning as yesterday, waking up to the 40's and 50's. the camera is showing you fog. it is going to slow the warming process close to the coast and around the bay. inland again will go back into the 80's. clouds coming up in about nine minutes. reggie: early warm weather like this does have consequences, and people who pay attention to fire season are worried about what
6:31 am
they are seeing. amy: if you like a warm day, today is going to be one for you. the temperature gauge is key -- is teasing us a little bit. we are experiencing that it is still cool this morning. it feels pretty pleasant. yesterday morning was much warmer and we are headed into another day inland of near-record heat for this time of year. the coast is expected to get a bit of a break. those in the business of dealing with or studying wildfires say this is not good news to see these temperatures in march. we are coming out of the driest january and february since the 1920's. grass is already drying out or curing. that is a month ahead of schedule >> grass fires burn very hot very easily and can carry up
6:32 am
into the shrubs. we can potentially see more fires because of the early drying of the grasses. amy: some late spring rain would go a long way in helping our fire season. without that, fire officials think we could be headed to a busy june since we are in severe drought. amy hollyfield, abc7news. reggie: amy, thank you. you can check real-time temperatures anytime you want. you can download it for your roku, apple tv, amazon fire, and android tv. kumasi: researchers have found one of the two black boxes in the china eastern plane crash. a boeing 737 crashed on a remote mountainside monday. this video shows people believed to be family of passengers at the entrance of a village near the crash site. rainfall is making it pretty hard for crews to find out what caused this plane to go down. president biden is heading to
6:33 am
belgium today for an emergency nato summit. he is expected to announce new ways to punish russia for the war on ukraine. reggie: this comes as the russian military suffers new setbacks on the front lines. russian military has lost 10% of its combat power in ukraine. new sanctions expected at the summit tomorrow are reportedly targeting hundreds of russian lawmakers. officials say the summit may also address new security questions and plans for eastern europe. >> we are not sure where this is going to go but the secretary is convinced that wherever he goes the security environment on the euro came -- european continent is no change, and we have to think about it in a completely different way, no matter how this all ends up. reggie: all 27 leaders of european union countries will be attending the summit. their goal -- a show of force and unity against the kremlin. abc 7 is focused on building a better bay area, and that means tackling topics related to race and social justice. kumasi: an issue we have been highlighting his appraisal
6:34 am
discrimination. investigations from julian glover have led to the proposal of new state laws, federal lawsuits, and a white house task force. let's take a live look from the nation's capital. right now, we are in washington, k force is set to release findings. a senior biden administration official confirms that the property appraisal evaluation equity task force is releasing its report addressing root causes and solutions to discrimination in the home mortgage appraisal process. >> had a conversation with one of my white friends and she was like, no problem. i will bring over pictures of my family. kumasi: the story of this marin city family caught the attention of the nation and the white house. first reported by abc7news, a were lowballed in their appraisal by half $1 million. they took out family photos and a white friend stood in for the black family.
6:35 am
their home value skyrocketed. now, a task force will address issues leading to the devaluation of neighborhoods of color. >> household discrimination has existed since housing was created. had this kind of action -- nothing has happened like this since the fair housing act. kumasi: a senior administration official confirms vice president kamala harris will be part of the roundtable conversations addressing the root causes of racial discrimination, signaling how important this issue is to the biden administration. abc7news will be there when the white house task force releases its findings today. julian glover will have live reports later today and at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. kumasi: a new law to make abortions more accessible would allow people on private health insurance to get abortions with no out-of-pocket costs. the law bans health plans and insurers from requiring things like co-pays and deductibles for abortions and related services. these fees can sometimes add up
6:36 am
to more than $500. this is the first of more than a dozen bills the state's democratic leaders went past this year, prepare for a u.s. supreme court ruling that could overturn roe v. wade. kumasi: encouraging news for parents with young children. moderna is planning to request authorization from the fda for its pediatric low-dose covid-19 vaccine in the coming weeks. the pharmaceutical company just released results from its trial in children between six months and under six years old. moderna says the pediatric dose shows a robust antibody response. however, it was just under 44% for children six months to two years old. no severe cases of covid-19f co- reported. the final day of questioning for supreme court nominee ketanji brown jackson after sharp questions from republicans yesterday. and this is a live look right now at the big board of the new
6:37 am
york stock exchange. restarting down by 201 points. another update of the markets, next. and new at 6:00, 10,000 steps -- is it need to hit? dr. jen ashton is breaking down what you need to aim for. you can watch essay whole extra hour. that is live every weekday from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. you can download it now for your phone, tablet, roku, apple tv, amazon fire, or android tv. drew: you are finding a cooler morning for a lot of us compared to yesterday morning. 18 degrees in vacaville. 16. this will lead to a warm afternoon inland, but we start to see cooler temperatures closer to the coast. fog is along the coast crating visibility issues. where we have that fog, we will likely have a little bit of drizzle.
6:38 am
hour-by-hour, by wednesday, 10:00 a.m., we are finding that cloud cover still on the coast, slowly warming to the 50's and 60's by 10:00 a.m. noon, our warmest cities away from the coast in the 70's. later in the day, we do expect some 80's. i do not think we will see widespread records, especially along the bay shoreline. we are cooler today, in the 60's and 70's compared to the widespread 80's yesterday. spring warmth continues. 60's and 70's along the bay shoreline. and we are tracking rain for the second half of your weekend into early next week. we will show you that timeline and about nine minutes. how is traffic looking? jobina: traffic has been better, i would say. we have stalls starting to slow you down, the san mateo bridge. can see the brake lights. that is happening for people traveling in the westbound direction. we do have a stall on the ridge as you make your way into foster city. we also have a stall in berkeley that is really slowing people
6:39 am
down. speeds have dropped to around 19 mph the highway for commute is really slowing down. for our super commuters, tracy to dublin, 57 minutes for that ride. we will wrap up with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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worsening shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor about new or worsening joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. kumasi: judge ketanji brown jackson is back in front of senators. yesterday, she set for nearly 13 hours. jobina: judge ketanji brown jackson is back in the hot seat. a life picture of the hearing. judge jackson began answering questions about 20 minutes ago, with two senators remaining in the first round of questioning. the hearing then moves on to the second round of questions.
6:42 am
yesterday, she faced a barrage of questions on republicans on a variety of topics. they claim she was soft on crime. jackson also responded to misleading accusations that she has let child port offenders off the hook. they do, senator ted cruz questioned the judge on the political issue of critical race theory. he then asked jackson about one children's book after another. the judge said this. ms. jackson: senator, i have not reviewed any of those books, any of those ideas. do not come up in my work as a judge, which i am respectfully here to address. jobina: senator sheldon whitehouse, who is on the judiciary committee, tells abc news he thinks judge jackson is weathering the hearings extremely well. this is likely a formality. democrats do not need any gop votes to push her through. the second round of questioning will begin from the 22 committee members. the each of 22 minutes. reggie: the trial of the former
6:43 am
theranos president is expected to resume in san jose with the first witness back on the stand. erica chung worked for theranos between 2013 and funny 14. she says she quit because she was uncomfortable testing patients with technology that she thought was unreliable. attorneys are trying to distance the man from elizabeth holmes, saying he was an entrepreneur, not a scientist. >> that is the distancing that needs to go on here. give me a fresh look. don't convict based on what you heard about elizabeth holmes. it is really important to the defense us a fresh star. reggie: the government alleges the two schemes to defraud investors and patients. he faces counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. he has pleaded not guilty. holmes was convicted in january on four counts in a separate criminal trial. a newly formed cold case uni uni
6:44 am
identified a suspect on a homicide that happened for the five years ago. the victim, 43-year-old killed during an attempted burglary at his home. police say after a nine-month investigation, dna evidence helped identify the suspect as richard bernard. he was a suspect in 1977, but never arrested because of a lack of evidence. renard was nader -- was later convicted for a string of burglaries and was shot and killed in texas in 1989. >> a long, hard road. we have a final resolution to this. on behalf of my family, my mother, my brothers, i would like to say thank you. reggie: richard bushell at his father's side when police arrived that night. he did not know the suspect. he says his father, a korean war vet, is a good man who would go out of his way to help others. kumasi: much-needed federal
6:45 am
funding is heading to the bay area to support the heal $5,000 in funding to further work done at the marine mammals center, the world's largest marine hospital. the money will help to provide medical and rehabilitative care, as well as to protect marine biodiversity. >> we desperately need to continue and to broaden this important work, because our marine mammals are critical indicator species for the health of our oceans. kumasi: another $2 million will help restore the kelp on the north coast. since tony 14, 90% of kelp forests in northern california have disappeared. reggie: two big changes to major travel companies on the ground and in the skies. with uber, it is temporarily disabling the split fair option that allowed you to share a cost of a ride with a family or
6:46 am
friends. uber says it is reworking the feature and plans to roll out a new and improved option soon. huber first started offering split fares back in 2013. southwest airlines will add a rumored new category of ticket fares. the company says this new class ailable on the cheapest "wanna get away" ticket class. perks may include early boarding, extra frequent flyer points, free wi-fi, or more flex ability. that new fair offering will roll out by june. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway today, we are down about 280 points. kumasi: more affordable housing is coming to the south bay. supervisors just approved for projects. there are two locations in san jose. others are in santa clara. county officials expect to spend more than $17 million to buy these properties. when the projects are done,
6:47 am
there will be more than 220 new housing units. inflation might be changing the way you tip your servers when eating out. according to the wall street journal, people started tipping more during the pandemic, but that might be slowing down. new data from square shows tipping habits are changing. the average tip amount across different businesses declined almost 1.5% from march of 2021 february ofhis arexrts tip whene loer, what if you areayo hethier e,e y not need to drjenn walking us through the new research. dr. ashton: that 10,000 steps a day we have all heard of, not based on evidence. it actually came out of a marketing campaign in japan. this latest report tracked all cause mortality -- that means death from all causes --
6:48 am
associated with steps for day. what they found, and this may be good news for some, is that if you are under the age of 60, you should try to get around 10,000 steps a day. however, if you were over 60, it is about 6000 to 8000 steps a day. it lowered the risk of early death by anywhere from 40% to 53%. reggie: that was fascinating. 10,000 was a marketing number? kumasi: i thought that was just scientific. reggie: dr. ashton will talk about walking and a longer life, coming up on gma at 7:00, right after abc seven mornings. i guess it can't hurt, right? it is national puppy day. to celebrate, i want to introduce you to some of the pets who deserve to be with a loving family. kumasi: we are teaming up to these puppies with their forever homes. bay area shelters are full of puppies available for adoption. all day today, we are going to
6:49 am
hear from the staff and show you some of the four-legged friends that you can make part of your family. >> right now on the puppy front, we actually have quite a lot, which has been unusual for us lately. but right now we do have nine chihuahua mixes. think maybe there is a little shi-tsu in there because some of them have a little fluff going on. we have six larger puppies that we think are probably husky and great baronies. we also have some border collie mixes. kumasi: did you see the husky puppies? reggie: i missed it. kumasi: they are also cute. if you want to find information on how to adopt a furry friend, our pet partners are on our website, drew: joey. ago. i'm not sure exactly where, somewhere in california. i love that my feed right now on
6:50 am
twitter is just dog pictures. reggie: that's what it should be. drew: it is the happiest i have ever been at 6:49 in the morning. reggie: there is this thing called woofstock, a fundraiser where you can bring your dogs. drew: and when is that? reggie: may 22, and this is the first time they are having it in a couple of years, so it should be really big. i love the idea of taking a dog to a fundraiser. woofstock. that's cute, right? drew: good weather away from the coast today. the fog has ret fog has ret fogs tonight. coastal clouds and some visibility issues in the north bay. look at disability right now. a quarter-mile, a half a mile from santa rosa and petaluma. not out of the question to have some drizzle where we have the fog. this marine layer has led to a
6:51 am
significantly cooler morning this morning. temperatures already in the 60's at this hour. way cool this morning. i would take the heavier jacket with you. here is a live look at the exploratorium camera. a cooler afternoon close to the coast. inland, we are still warm. we could have a couple of records inland. and a chance of rain late sunday into monday. we are littl are littl are litrl 60's and 70's. not nearly as warm a tonight, tg gathers along the coast again and spills into the bay shoreline. most of us in the 40's. saturday is totally dry. sunday, we cloud up. sunday afternoon into sunday evening, scattered on an on an n
6:52 am
monday morning, we will likely track a little snow in the sierra as well. monday morning would also feature somewhat conditions. we will track the cool down toward the end of the week. it is a a a a impact index. kumasi: full commitment to bringing back on anti-crime program that has been credited with cutting violent crime before. the police chief and clergy announced the cease fire unit will be fully staffed and sent back out to the streets. this program takes aim at group and gang violent crime. officials say the cease fire unit cut crime in oakland a decade ago. the mayor announced she will support a call to drop no bail policies. >> we are now joining with d.a. o'malley to ask the court to return most of those bail policies back to pre-covid policies.
6:53 am
we believe that also will have a profound effect on repeat offense, on recidivism, and on the cycles of retaliation that cease fire was designed to interrupt. kumasi: a cease fire program not only involves police, but community groups and clergy. 26 officers are being assigned to the cease fire program, and that number will be going up as cadets graduate from the academy. reggie: the solano county district attorney's office has not received the results of a vallejo police investigation into allegations of badge bending. some officers are accused of bending down the corners of their badges to commemorate a shooting. the vallejo police chief launched a third-party independent investigation in july of 2020. the da's office says they are providing the entire report to the judge. kumasi: more than a century old tradition in santa rosa is not happening for a third straight year.
6:54 am
they say the omicron search in sonoma county set the planning back for this 125-year-old event. the parade was supposed to happen on may 21. the event typically draws over 10,000 people. reggie: a big bank executive has scored his next big gig as an electronic dance dj. goldman sachs ceo david solomon performed at chicago's lollapalooza music festival this summer. he leads one of the largest investment ranks in this cck rul-so aloozata in july. ku l u to satilendsk for your ierts. reggie: isust not what you expect. kumasi: i think it is good if he is playing well the palouse. reggie: is he doing the whole thing? we have got to look at this. i want to see what his moves are. kumasi: i need to correct
6:55 am
something i was wrong about. halle's boyfriend is not nominated this year, so i don't think she is going to be there. reggie: but he is highly very -- halle that is award enough. that is better than the oscar. kumasi: so i can focus on serena and the tennis court. reggie: go see if she is there. see if blue ivy wants to do an exclusive. kumasi: blue ivy. reggie: just start singing the beginning of some song and see if she finishes it. that's what i do. now you go. brown skin girls. kumasi: we will have a moment. up next, seven things you need to know today. reggie: you can watch all our newscasts from the connected tv app, available for apple tv, amazon fire, roku. you can start streaming. kumasi: let's take a live look
6:56 am
outside. carl the fog. reggie: you will not be taking him to the red carpet. hi, i'm mike holmes. i'm here with ivan from agm renovations america's kitchen and bathroom renovators i'm excited to introduce agm's 3d creator.
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it allows you to create your new kitchen or bathroom online, and get an exact quote in minutes. [ivan] that's right mike! design your kitchen or bathroom in 3d, choose your fixtures and finishes, without leaving your home or inviting strangers in. visit and create your new kitchen or bathroom today! ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off!
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. drew: we are tracking some spring warmth away from the coast. inland back into the 80's this afternoon. morning clouds giving way to sunshine. the bay in the 60's and 70's. kumasi: fire danger concerns becoming a reality in this remote island north of antioch. firefighters are letting this fire burn itself out. air quality effects may linger in contra costa county. reggie: last night, a tornado swept through new orleans, killing at least one person. officials say the tornado tore through homes in the eastern part of the city. kumasi: president biden is heading to brussels for a summit with nato allies to discuss the response to the russian invasion of ukraine. the president is expected to announce sanctions covering hundreds of russian lawmakers. reggie: it is the final day of
6:59 am
supreme court nominee judge catania brown jackson's -- ketanji brown jackson's hearing. kumasi: -- jobina: bringing you a live look from the richmond san rafael bridge. packed traffic at a crash reported on the upper deck that will slow you down as you travel into san francisco. kumasi: number seven, you can be a fox, a rabbit, a dog, a cat. you have got options if you want to be a cow on your next zoom meeting. there are avatars that replace her face with a virtual animal. jobina came with the flashback at the beginning of covid. jobina: i hope everyone at home or wherever you are watching remembers the attorney that was like, i think you are a cat. kumasi: he was trying so hard to turn it off. jobina: he was saying, i have to look it up. reggie: this has existed for
7:00 am
years. jobina: but it was morphing your real face. drew: with the whiskers on. good morning, america. for our viewers in the west. nearly 60 tornadoes touching down in five states in the past 48 hours as we take you through this wednesday morning. breaking overnight. tornado outbreak in the deep south. at least 27 reported in 3 states. >> whoa. >> this massive twister tearing through the new orleans area killing at least one person causing widespread damage. >> that was a church. >> ripping homes off their foundations. this morning, we're hearing from the survivors. the search and rescue efforts under way. brutal siege. 100,000 trapped in the city of mariupol with critical supplies dwindling. why ukrainian forces reclaim some territory outside kyiv as a senior u.s. defense official says russian troops are running low on food and fuel.


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