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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 26, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. this morning a major bust a statewide retail theft ring taken down hundreds of thousands of dollars and stolen merchandise and cash what we know about their involvement in the bay area. good morning everybody. it's saturday, march 26. i'm liz scored. thanks for joining us. so let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa origin. hey, lisa. good morning. good morning, liz. we have temperatures from the 30s to the 50s this morning with cloudy skies, and we do have a big change in our forecast coming by the end of the weekend. here's a look at doppler 7 where it's quiet right now. it is 43 in novato just dropped a 49 in san francisco. we we do have upper 30s from napa to santa rosa with 43 in san ramon and 48 in san jose. so we are anywhere from oh a
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couple degrees to eight degrees colder this morning with some fogs santa rosa napa down to three quarters of a mile and looking live outside here where the visibility is good. we will see some high and low clouds to start out the day then the low clouds thin. it'll be partly cloudy throughout the afternoon still some 70s down towards san jose out towards livermore and then we'll talk about the chances of rain arriving tomorrow and totals coming up liz. alright, lisa. thank you. developing news in the east bay or more than two dozen people including children have been displaced after a fire firefighters. say flames ripped through 10 apartment units in antioch just before 8:30 last night crews were able to get the fire out after about an hour 21 adults. 12 children are having to find a place to stay. thankfully though. nobody was hurt the cause of the fire is under investigation, but preliminary reports find the fire started in the vicinity of gas meters outside the building officials.
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say the flames cause 1 million dollars in damage. and as we mentioned a big bust amid the ongoing fight against organized retail theft the california attorney general announced felony charges against several members of what he says was a statewide theft ring abc 7 news reporter tara campbell spoke with the state attorney general and has the story. this was a very sophisticated organized operation involving multiple individuals multiple counties throughout the state going out of state as well and selling product overseas prosecutor shared these photos showing some of the more than $150,000 in stolen merchandise. they say investigators seized on monday along with more than $60,000 in cash. this is a big deal. these were hundreds of thousands of dollars being stolen the all criminals targeting major retailers like this jcpenney in pleasanton and the list goes on macy's in columbia sportswear ambercrombie and fitch jcpenney
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lululemon in multiple counties from you know, our southern counties to our central to even northern so this was a major operation a major operation that included alameda san mateo and santa clara county the investigation began last year a joint effort including peas organized retail task force local law enforcement and the retail industry rachel michelin is the president of the california retailers association retailers are starting to track their product and they'll turn that information over so that the task forces can follow that product and then make an arrest retailers doing what they can to tamp down on what's become an overwhelming problem. you're seeing more and more retailers hiring security guards armed security guards, you know, it's taking away from shopping experience and she says every arrest matters when it comes to retail theft anytime. we make arrests it does it it makes a little bit of a dent and
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the attorney general is confident the charges brought in monday's arrests will go a long way into touring more large-scale retail theft for most of the individuals who are involved. it will be a range of 12 to 19 years of prison and michelin says the arrests come at a critical time. she's worried as consumers start to take matters into their own hands and that's what's really scary. is that if we start seeing this vigilante justice out there because people are getting fed up by witnessing this retail fact over and over again. we're gonna have a whole nother set of problems. now these suspects were all charged in los angeles county and could face charges outside of the state attorney. general rob bontes said because of some of the contact some of the conduct and where it took place that is a potential in the newsroom tara campbell abc 7 news three pittsburgh police officers have been placed on administrative leave as part of an investigation into criminal misconduct the fbi and the
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contra costa county district attorney's office is investigating the case. we've learned to involves at least one antioch police officer the da provided few details, but in a statement said quote the broad range of offenses under investigation involve crimes of moral turpititude, excuse me, and the da war review current and former cases involving the officers to see if they are compromised. all right in oakland teenager has died after a shooting at an apartment complex in sacramento. the teen has been identified as 16 year old marcela garcia. she went to castlemont high school in oakland and she enjoyed singing in the school's choir. the school district said this in a statement that she was a bright light at castlemont whose natural talents were obvious to those around her the fact that she passed away. it is another tragic example of our country's issues with gun violence, which must come to an end. all right turning now to russia's invasion of ukraine. there was a major change in tone from the kremlin and attempt to
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reframe its ejectives in ukraine, and this comes ahead of a major speech by president biden happening right now. president. biden is meeting with poland's president to discuss ukraine. this is video from a few minutes ago after biden arrived at the presidential palace in warsaw. the meeting comes as russia is signaling. it may be backing off of its original goal facing unrelenting resistance from ukrainian fighters. senior us officials says russian forces around kiev have fallen into defensive positions. russia is now saying the purpose is to liberate the eastern don bass region and not to seize other parts of ukraine. and today president biden is scheduled to meet with ukrainians who fled into poland. he will also deliver what the white house is calling a major address on the ukrainian crisis if you want an alert when this happens, you can watch it just download the abc 7 news mobile app and now an update to a story first brought to you earlier this month on abc 7 news a bay area. nonprofit has helped to save hundreds of animals in ukraine since the start of the war there
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abc 7 news reporter. tim. john says now it's looking to do even more. for the past month mandy allen has been tirelessly at work. we weren't sure how we were going to do it at all since 2018. the pacifica residents has run a nonprofit called transform a street dog that helps rescue disabled and abandoned ukrainian animals. but once the invasion started their operations were turned upside down and an early march. alan was left with $35 dogs and 15 staff members caught in the middle of a war zone we were able to evacuate them to austria and they are now safely there. it's in part to our coverage. the group's efforts went viral. they partnered with other animal groups and neighboring european countries and were able to get not just the initial batch of dogs to safety, but also hundreds more but despite the work that they've already done. alan says, there's still a lot more to do as the war continues to decimate the country. alan showed us photos of the
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animals. the group has helped to save so far many of which have adopted she said they're currently in the process of trying to save at least 100 more. we are planning an evacuation to romania again and another one to poland. but alan says she could never do it without the assistance of her team some of which she said are risking their lives to stay in ukraine and help we spoke to one of them hiding out in kiev the assume if i know that i can do something. for the animals and i will get another achievement. then i do it and despite the challenges. they faced ellen remains determined not just to save as many animals as possible. but also the people she's come to know and love i've been doing this for four years and i'm friends with all of these
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people. so when this crisis started i'm not just going to stop i have to help them in pacifica tim johns abc 7 news incredible work and one of the three men convicted of hijack. a school bus and chowchilla has been recommended for parole commissioners decided 70 year old frederick woods is no longer a danger to the public. he's been denied parole 17 times before this in 1976 woods and two others abducted the kids and their bus driver in the central valley. they then buried them alive in a ventilated bunker in livermore and demanded five million dollars in ransom the victims were able to dig their way out more than a day later. okay, lisa 509. let's go check outside. all right. well, we are near 50 at the airport 49 san francisco. you can see visibility is good here. there's fog in the north bay more clouds entering the picture today, but still some very mild temperatures then the winds kick up and the rain arrives. well time it out for you next.
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thank you lisa. also, i had taking the plunge why people will brave the chili waters of san francisco today all for a good cause and a pixar film up for best animated feature at the oscars. we talk with the producer and director. director. luca about their nomination hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ ♪ i'm here for - your annual eye exam. because i'm having trouble - reading? exactly. they sort of make me feel... like i'm the most fabulous thing you've ever seen?
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(swords clashing) get your first 3 months free at -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. welcome back. here's a live look from the golden gate bridge this morning time right now 5:12. thanks for waking up with us on a saturday okay happening today funeral services are set for rookie, san jose police officer and former, san jose state football star to john packer services start at 10 this morning at redemption church in san jose for the former star running back packer was found dead at his milpitas home earlier this month. he was a recent addition to the san jose police department the as of his death remains under investigation. he was 24 years old. today marks two months since an oakley woman went missing an organizers of the search for
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alexis gabe are asking people to look at their own property for any signs of her. they want farmers ranchers real estate agents and other people to access with access to unoccupied buildings to continue to look for gabe anyone who may find items or information relating to her disappearance should contact the oakley police department. taylor hawkins drummer of american rock band the foo fighters has died at the age of 50 hawkins was the band's drummer for more than two decades the group announced his death on social media saying they'll remember him for his musical spirit and infectious laughter the cause of his death has not been released. he does leave behind his wife and three children. today families with an oakland unified will hold a rally in a march against school closures parents and teachers are demanding. no cuts or closures, especially in the district's most marginalized communities the school board voted to close or merge 11 schools over the next two years today's rallies starts at 11:00 this morning at la
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escuelita and they plan to march to frankagawa plaza. a tragic loss in the north bay a fire in samuel p taylor state park in marin county destroyed a redwood tree known as the pioneer tree. the tree is believed to be 800 years old. it is one of the last few remaining old growth redwoods park employees are devastated by the loss. it's just upsetting because they're so old they're so big and they they harbor great life, you know within them and losing just one tree is is the big disappointment 200 foot tall tal tree collapsed unable to withstand damage from the fire officials say an illegal campsite may have led to the fire visitors left flowers and cards park rangers are still looking for information leading to the person who sparked these flames. all right, and happy your news we're counting down to oscar sunday. you can watch it. all right here on abc 7 our coverage begins at 10 am
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tomorrow with the oscars countdown live and then the big show starts at 5 pm. the bay area does have some ties to some films that are up for big awards and abc 7 news. anchor kamasi. aaron got a chance to speak with the director and the producer of one of the movies nominated for best animated feature film alberto scottfano. look up this is luca one of five movies that could win the oscar this year for best animated feature film developed here at pixar studios in emeryville. the film's director enrico casarosa and producer andrea. warren told me they are still trying to process it. all it really is a dream come true to be nominated for an oscar. i mean, i'm a kid from south dakota. i grew up watching the oscars and rico's been nominated for an oscar before for his short film la luna and still doesn't feel completely real. dangerous look a story of a young boy named luca and his best friend alberto. both are part human in part sea monster and both are trying to
5:16 am
keep that a secret during a summer on the italian riviera. now this sea monstereners felt like the perfect prism and metaphor to represent anything. we might be feeling different feeling ashamed of it's a story inspired by enrico's. he grew up and spent his summers on the italian coast with his best friend who really is. named alberto. what did he think of the film and seeing your relationship portrayed? that way got very very emotional and his wife had to really kind of pat him on the show. they're gonna come down and rico first pitch the idea for luca 10 years ago in 2012, so it's been a journey to say the least. one covid-19 almost brought to a stop many many different things couldn't work the way they used to so you to find a new way. andrea says the final project is a reflection of the entire team's experiences a friendship otherness and acceptance. what's amazing about the collaborative process?
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filmmaking here at pixar is that everybody's bringing those insights those memories those stories and it just makes it richer and deeper all those moments creating an unforgettable film an oscar nomination and hopefully an oscar win kumasiaran abc 7 news. and again, the oscars are tomorrow and kamasi is right now in hollywood at the oscars and she will have special coverage for us all week and long right here on abc 7. okay today people are going to brave the cold san francisco bay waters to take the polar plunge. it starts with a scenic 5k fun run along the bay with views of the city in the golden gate bridge and then after the 5k mini are going to make a splash for the iconic polar plunge into the bay the event at aquatic park benefits the northern california chapter of the special olympics so far. they've raised 118,000 this year of the goal of 184,000. all starts at 10 this morning,
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and i'm happy just to watch it. we sell this watch it from the comfort of our my house or station. that sounds great. yeah. i've known a lot of people who do that and love it. they wow. yeah looks fine. yeah cryotherapy almost although the water temperature in the low 50s so far from it, but still yeah we are looking at a cool day in san francisco with that onshore flow elsewhere. we've got 70 still in our inland valleys in the east bay, but you can see was queuing up. sure. it's a weather system one under storm impact scale that is going to move into the bay area tomorrow, and this will provide some welcome rain for much of the bay area now. it's down here for once though. we're going to see the rain really focused from san francisco south and even southern california so we won't be looking at the amounts. upwards of more than likely what we usually get in the north bay. so that's going to be a switch 42 in dublin right now. it is 47 out there in walnut
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creek 50 in pleasant hill. so looking at those milder numbers with the cloud cover 43 in pleasanton and as we look up towards the north bay, this is where we have the fog from santa rosa over into napa with low 40s 48 in san carlos and looking outside visibility pretty good right now more clouds today looking for the rain arriving tomorrow and then showers will be ending on monday. so it is going to be somewhat wet monday morning commute. it's here's our level one system for tomorrow into monday moderate rain at times haven't said that in months now our last rain was about january 3rd. so as you know, not only three pretty much three months of dry weather, but our third year of drought gusty strong winds at the shoreline about 50 miles an hour and looking at a chance of thunderstorms as we get into monday, but the system quickly to the south and as we look at our play-by-play throughout the day today, you can see the cloud cover it continues to advance in on sunday stopping this at six o'clock and you can see offshore
5:20 am
here the rain as we move into the later sunday afternoon and late hours towards the evening. this is pushing through the east bay holding together, but look how quickly it moves and then there is the parent low to the south of us that really is going to push much of the weather out of the bay area. so is more like the santa cruz mountains san benito county. so overall rainfall amounts with that push coming tomorrow afternoon into late sunday should bring us about three-quarters of an inch region wide from san mateo redwood city, but mountain view ben lomond, that would be nice if we could pick up nearly an inch there looking at lesser amounts, but still a nice dose of rain for everyone everyone as we get through. late march, it looks like perhaps, you know as we get into april this could be winding down for sure our chances. anyway, here's a look at the winds by tomorrow. you can see those 50 mile an hour gusts at the coast. so it's going to be blustery out there cloudy and snowfall.
5:21 am
well, we've got that sun angle that's pretty high this time of year. so two to five inches in the sierra, nevada with rapid snowmel going on as of late 65 in oakland 69 in fremont today in the accuweather 74 forecasts are level one system. or oscar sunday into monday and we'll warm up by the end of the work week and dry conditions after that rainless. all right, lisa. thank you. just had womanhood project the artwork you can find across one south bay city to celebrate women's history month. no matter what type of dog you have...
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or, cat you have... frontline® plus lets you take them everywhere... no matter how you define it. frontline®. the #1 name in flea and tick protection.
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eight judicial appointments to the state bench including one woman making history. andy mudrick is the first openly transgender judge appointed to the bench in california. she will serve in the sacramento county superior court mudrick is long-time advocate for disability rights and currently works as the chief deputy director at the california department of rehabilitation. celebrating female leaders in santa clara county that's part of women's history month and all
5:24 am
the way through may visitors can find artwork across the city of san jose that recognizes the diverse women who have helped build the valley. this is all part of the long-awaited womanhood project abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo explains the message and motivation. there is new artwork across downtown san jose the pieces of faces many may not recognize and stories. most may be unfamiliar with but that's the motivation behind the womanhood project two years in the making we know about the amazing women who've been a part of our our county and our city of blanca overado right dolores guerta, but who we also want to know about the women who helped them leaning on impactful local contributions the project launched by santa clara county's office of women's policy and led by the arts build community celebrates 25 women on banners and window displays designed by 13 artists. these are the folks whom are
5:25 am
community was built upon their blood their sweat their tears all poured into building santa clara county and making it a great place to live organizers say throughout history women have largely been stuck in the background but anonymous no more as the project title and hopefully the takeaway. i think it's okay for them to say that like, i've never seen someone like that before. i want to find out more on a race. sarah. fernando says public sculpture often depicts men an example of why the womanhood project is so needed by having this type of representation. that's us stepping out of the shadows. that's us being out there being bold representing womanhood and just being part of this community from here. the goal is to expand the project across the cat and to continue to inspire and empower in a time when women's rights are under this project really underscores the the need and the desire to uplift women to
5:26 am
celebrate women and to recognize them in san jose. i'm amanda del castillo abc 7 news and women are hoping a history at the oscars this year the composer of the pixar film in kanto is the first woman ever to score a disney animated feature film jermaine. franco is also the first latina and woman of color to be nominated for best original score. i haven't been this speech, but i have a beautiful dress. i'm wearing of lydia levine who's a mexican designer. she also designed this outfit and i'm gonna do my best to represent the spirit of encanto and mojit. latinas de todo latino america ari wagner who worked on the power of the dog could also make history as the first female cinematographer to win an oscar. welcome on abc 7 mornings preventing more covid cases than you study proving contact tracing works. final preparations underway here in hollywood for hollywood's biggest night. we're talking about the 94th
5:27 am
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. morning, everyone. thanks again for joining us here this half. we're going to start with another quick. look at the weather with lisa arjen. hey, lisa, i was starting out with cloudy skies a dry day today. it's gonna be pretty mild if you're heading down to san jose or living in the inland valleys elsewhere. you'll notice the clouds and the breezy winds from the coast to the north bay 47 in pacifica right now 15. uno 41 redwood city with fog napa santa rosa 38 there we are cooler this morning for some of us anywhere from two to four degrees cooler from mountain view out towards livermore nine degrees colder in napa, there's the fog a mile and a quarter visibility santa rosa and by nine o'clock, we've got partly to mostly cloudy skies upper 40s to low 50s noon time low to mid 60s with a few holes in the
5:30 am
clouds for partly sunny conditions inland, but it's gonna take some time. a clouds to clear and overall will be partly cloudy partly sunny today with a wide range from 50s at the coast to the 70s inland. we'll track the rain coming up liz. alright lisa. thank you developing news now on the war in ukraine russian forces seem to have shifted their focus from a ground offensive aimed at kiev to instead prioritizing what moscow calls liberation of the contested don best region in the country's industrial east abc news reporter ty hernandez has more russia now saying it's military purpose in ukraine is deliberate the eastern dombas region and not to seize other parts of the country claiming it. never had any intention of capturing kiev or any other major, ukrainian city our forces and means will concentrate on the main thing the complete liberation of don bess officials and maryupal a town nearly flattened by russian. shelly aren't buying it. all than boss they want
5:31 am
than ukraine. it's absolutely lie what they say a senior us defense official says russia has lost up to 15% of its combat firepower and is now bringing reinforcements in from a russian occupied region of georgia us intelligence believes as many as 10,000 russian troops may have been killed so far in a new address ukrainian president velodemir zielinsky says ukraine's heroic armed forces dealt powerful. lowes and significant losses to the enemy as president joe biden touched down in poland. he once again called russian president vladimir putin a war criminal. democracy's united in our opposition and effort to devastation that is occurring at the hands of a man who? quite frankly think is a worker president. biden will not tour humanitarian efforts in ukraine, but biden is scheduled to meet with
5:32 am
ukrainians who fled to poland in warsaw today ty hernandez abc news, new york and today bay area musicians are going to gather to perform ukrainian songs and other pieces of hope and peace the benefits starts at two this afternoon at saint mary's cathedral in san francisco concert tickets cost $20 and are going to be donated to ukrainian relief. okay, there's some growing criticism involving supreme court justice clarence thomas. this comes after news that his wife texted the trump white house urging officials to overturn joe biden's victory. here's abc news chief washington correspondent john carl. just as clarence thomas is facing tough questions about the alarming messages. his wife jenny sent to then white house chief of staff mark meadows in the days after the 2020 presidential election. the messages urged extreme measures to overturn the results calling biden's victory quote the greatest heist of our history in one message obtained by the january 6 committee jenny.
5:33 am
wrote quote make a plan release the kraken and save us from the left taking america down. the messages are under particular scrutiny because at the time president trump was openly talking about taking his case to the supreme court. we'll be going to the us supreme court. it's going to end up perhaps at the highest court in the land. hopefully they will do what's right. for our country when the supreme court refused to hear a case challenging a lecture results in pennsylvania clearance. thomas was one of three justices who dissented calling it quote baffling, but perhaps more striking. he was the only justice to support trump's efforts to block the release of white house documents related to january 6th documents that could have included messages from his wife. now several democrats are crying foul senator ron weiden saying at bare minimum justice thomas needs to recuse himself from any case related to the january 6th investigation and should donald
5:34 am
trump run again any case related to the 2024 election? and that was john carl reporting and it's official. you may only have a few more weeks to buy locally caught dungeness. crab the california department of fish and wildlife announced its ending commercial crab season on april 8th. that's two months earlier than usual the state made the decision after two humpback whales were caught in fishnets off the coast of monterey and san mateo county right now. whales are starting their peak migrating season from baja to alaska. in the south bay high school students got the opportunity to engage with professionals in the field of healthcare technology and biosciences abc 7 news reporters. zach fuentes tells us about yesterday's career day. the last two years have been difficult for everyone especially students who had to work even harder to learn during the pandemic but friday more than 100 san jose students from the east side union high school district got to learn outside of the classroom together and in person. it's been really nice having
5:35 am
having been co, up for two years junior year was really a struggle, but it's gotten really nice. now the students here like kenneth williams are members of the steam program which stands for science technology engineering arts and mathematics each of the experts. they heard from specializes in those areas. we have a variety of speakers who are within both healthcare technology biosciences the diverse panels who spoke to the students started out much like them this full circle for me being raised, you know, in a quarter mile of regional medical center and being a high school volunteer here many many years ago regional medical center of san jose. ceo. ken west said, he jumped at the chance to have the hospital host the event their first in person since the start of the pandemic the hope, is that the diversity on each panel sends an important message to the students. it's hard to be what you can't see and having individuals who look like them and i think that representation matters. it's important to show them
5:36 am
kenneth williams and the other student soaked up every moment they had with the panels of experts and hope to have more chances like it. well emotionally. i think it's mainly the connection with the people here and the possibility of an opportunity to contact them more but it's the experts who gave their time to these students who say they're the real winners. i got way more out of today than i i gave these young people if this is part of our future it's in good hands in san jose zach fuentes abc 7 news. a new study finds contact tracing works in reducing the number of covid-19 cases researchers estimate contact tracing reduce covid cases in the us by an estimated 21% in late 2020 as vaccines were first becoming available the study estimates that contact tracing prevendore a million covid-19 cases and up to about 33,000 hospitalizations over the course of just two months. drinking coffee may do your heart some good according to new
5:37 am
research having two or three cups of coffee per day appears to lower a person's chance of developing heart disease and heart failure researchers say they're not sure if caffeine is the main factor for the apparent health benefits, but there are numerous other compounds and coffee that could help reduce inflammation and reduce stress. so keep drinking that coffee. all right, so i'll add on abc 7 mornings. so after more than 115 years of beloved san francisco business is getting ready to close for good. we'll tell you about the impact it had on the community and the crowd of supporters that have been lining up for one last visit and here is a live look outside this morning looking out over the bay bridge ferry building there. it's so dark outside. we'll check in with lisa when we get back.
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age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. oscars is just hours away. it's going to be at the dolby theater tomorrow where the stars will gather on the red carpet abc news reporter morgan norwood joins us live in hollywood with
5:40 am
a breakdown on hollywood's biggest night. good morning, morgan. you look great. egg. oh, thank you so much liz. good morning to you. it's great to be with you. yeah cruise right behind me putting the final touches on the red carpet and a lot of big changes this year. but the one thing that remains the same is the excitement everyone wants to know who's taking home that oscar gold. the countdown to hollywood's biggest night is on. and after three years without an mc the 94th academy awards emerging with the trio of comedic powerhouses on a mission to roast in toast hollywood's brightest stars want to sykes regina hall and amy schumer. we're troublemakers. we're really having fun together and we you know playing off each other 10 films are up for the coveted title of best motion picture including king richard. story and cota sometimes i get t good feeling traditional in theater films going head-to-head with streaming movies making
5:41 am
four diverse set of contenders king richard cota, you know, it's that is diversity without anyone having to wag their finger at the academy and say you should look for death actors and reward of film that has a cast as primarily deaf actors. they did it on their own and when it comes to best actor, it's a battle of heavy weights will smith denzel, washington, javier bardem benedict cumberbatch and andrew garfield a lot of people think this is the year for will smith for playing richard williams the patriarch of the tennis greats, serena williams and venus williams in film king, richard. this year's awards already won for the record books. we've beenwe've beenwe've been'n story the first remake of a best picture winner that's nominated for best picture that film landing ariana dubose the honor of being the first afro-latina to be nominated.
5:42 am
it's surreal to have all these first. attached to your nomination. it's when i'm extremely proud of for so many reasons. i'm proud of the first so not only is this a celebration of hollywood's biggest and brightest, but this year's ceremony really marks the beginning of a return to normalcy, especially for hollywood and the film industry live in hollywood. i'm morgan norwood abc 7 news. all right morgan. thank you. we'll check in with you in just a little bit great to see you this morning. okay, abc 7 is your home for everything oscars abc 7 news. anchor. kamasi. aaron is in la for the oscars and she will have special coverage throughout the weekend. of course. can watch the 94th annual award show tomorrow night at five o'clock right here on abc 7. all right tomorrow live coverage just you know begins at 10 am with on the red carpet live countdown to the oscars than the show starts at 5 pm. you can stay with american idol at eight then at 9:00. it's on the red carpet. after the oscars and then at 11 abc 7 news will have a local
5:43 am
reaction plus the day's headlines and the latest information on that storm that's moving in sunday evenings that will all be here on abc 7 and speaking of that storm lisa. rain on the way. mm-hmm. yes. it's a level one on our storm be the most significant storm of 2022. and of course that's not saying much because it hasn't rained very much in three months, but it is gonna be something to write home about terms of amounts more impressive than we've seen even in parts of 2019, so we'll talk about it. i should say 2021. all right. i'm confused. come back after your break and we have more coffee and we'll have a full weather report. i hear coffee is good for you lisa. i've also next the stanford women march on to the elite eight. where the win over maryland larry beale's gonna have the highlights coming up in sports. highlights coming up in sports. ♪ at usaa, we've been called "too exclusive" because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served.
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5:46 am
elite 8 tip up of the west regional final is at 5:49. tomorrow. the warriors will play their fourth game of a grueling 5 game road trip in washington dc yesterday, the dubs learned that they will not get back one of their injured players this season before taking on the atlanta hawks. here's abc 7 sports director larry beale with the details in this morning sports. good morning, everybody. yeah, not gonna see james wiseman play for the warriors this season the knee swelling following the two procedures than the extensive rehab basically convinced the dubs just shut him down not worth the risk. weisman didn't play in a single nba game this entire year rest of the warriors continuing their road trip in atlanta without steph curry. it is jordan pool who has turned into a spectacular understudy three plus the foul play little piano there tickle the ivory warriors were in complete control in the second quarter draymond green right down broadway flex on them trey warriors led by nine, but the hawks flip the game just before the half. they pour it on in the third
5:47 am
trey youngest for 33 points. 15 assists. suddenly hawks by 18 klay thompson a season high 40 minutes on fire 9 threes dubs back within five, but too much ice. tray who buries a triple in the final minute and that puts it out of reach hawks victorious 121 110 college hoops women sweet 16 in spokane, stanford and maryland. wilson's brother russell taken videos. he also plays quarterback occasionally friendlyby franco doug. but does not choose to right there. stanford up eight inulshead 1s'r lacy. back to back buckets for the twin sisters and their homecoming in spokane stanford coasting up by 22 haley jones. de awa ties it at 57 momentsnks later banks again little floater
5:48 am
here saint peters up 59:57. they led by four after free throws 13 seconds left jayden, ivey. oh splash on a three to one point game three seconds left purdue needs another three ivy again. no. peacocks struts saint peters from jersey city, new jersey first 15 seed to advance to the elite 8 ever. 67-64 is your final battle of blue bloods ucla north carolina tied at 64 caleb love for three. he had 30 points 27 in the second half. 20 seconds left love with a rare miss tipped in by armando baycott the eight seat carolina upsetting four-seed ucla 73-66, you know in portland they have a promotion called the go for the green challenge. this guy goes the length of the court 94 feet dead center. come on. and that was worth $50,000. nice way to start your weekend, right?
5:49 am
that is a wrap on morning sports. you have a great weekend, even though you're not going to get the 50 grand put i'm larry. lisa we need larry energy this morning. that's what we need to give it to us. exactly. that's for sure. all right. well, we are looking at some rain to energize our storms that have not happened for the last three months and so this could be the last one that brings some significant rainfall. we're talking anywhere from a half inch to an inch and like i said, we haven't seen that in quite some time. so it's right there down there that's going to move on in tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. sunday highest amounts believe it or not into the santa cruz mountains one to two inches there 45 cupertino 48 in the los altos hills with 44 and mountain view 42 in campbell and looking up to the north bay. we've got a little fog in santa rosa we had some in napa 44 in danville as we look at the cloud cover here san francisco. so more clouds today rain
5:50 am
arriving tomorrow and looking at the showers ending on monday where the heaviest rain and even a rumble of thunder not out of the question into the noon monday for us even though the most activity will be ending by the commute time monday morning looking at rain moderate at times gusty winds right along the shoreline and looking at the thunderstorm potential even with some hounds. so here's the way it looks hour by hour today with some cloud cover thinning out at times, but overall it's a cloud of your day out there and as we look at your sunday more clouds breezy winds, the rain is offshore six o'clock and you can see the yellows there that will be pushing. the bay area so by 11 o'clock at night. it's raining pretty good from the peninsula to the east bay the south bay into the sacramento valley and you'll notice that the north bay sure you're going to get some rain but as the system begins to bring in the second part of it, it's going to miss the north bay and we're going to see more rain in southern california as well from santa barbara even into san diego so we will certainly get a
5:51 am
dose which is welcome anywhere from three quarters of an inch from san mateo red. city in san francisco rain shadow effect for sure down here in the south bay. so this is probably overplayed but still you can see the darker shading of blue here where the north bay will see six tens to three quarters of an inch. so certainly some good news here and as we look at our winds, they'll come up from the south. this could allow for some shower activity to start here. mist and drizzle along. coast and then look at the winds come midnight tomorrow anywhere from 40 to 50 miles an hour and elsewhere 30 mile an hour winds plus so it is going to be gusty out there. this is an energetic system and the second part of it moves in monday morning. we will see some snow with it, but unfortunately not too much anywhere from two to four inches in the winds kicking up to over 40 and 50 miles an hour as soon as your sunday in the mountains. so today with the cloud cover partly to mostly cloudy out there with mid.
5:52 am
is in oakland 69 in fremont, but look at the 70s returning for much of the north bay from santa rosa to napa 73 in san jose antioch in the upper 70s. so more cloud cover tonight, so it's not as cold our level one system on sunday continues into monday, but most of the activity will be ending early monday and outside chance of a thunderstorm monday afternoon, and then temperatures rebound for tuesday and wednesday. look at the end of the week though. we are still with a mix of clouds and sun and very mild to warm. inland and along the shoreline still in the 50s, so we'll be looking at this system and wishing there were many more like it but at least this is on the wait list. absolutely lisa. all right. thanks. the end of an era is drawing near as an iconic san francisco business that's ready to close next week bank yodo, mochi shop has called japantown home for a years. abc 7 news reporter liam melendez talked to customers who said it's like losing a member of the family. knowing the end is near people
5:53 am
many of them young adults waited in line for hours this cold foggy morning to get a taste of banquioto's famous japanese mochi. these are the keepers of that tradition, bobby and ricky okamura, just all handmade so we can't rush it you just had to do it, you know at our pace the brothers know that what they make today will not satisfy the masses. well, the 13 1400. yeah. it's a stone enough. mochi is glutinous rice that's mixed and pounded into a paste when you add any type of filling. it's called manju they will officially close on march 31st, since that announcement. people have made the journey here. we just flew in from boston yesterday. so and this is like a special trip just to come. to this place. it's no secret. most people post their manju on social media as to say i came i tasted. hip been kyoto has been around
5:54 am
since 1906. it survived the great depression several recessions. even the japanese internment and most recently covid. but it's forced to close for the simple reason that none of the children or family members are willing to take over the business kids don't want to do this. just kind of work the old school kind of laborers intensive work many worry about the impact to the closure will have on japan town it definitely will there's a lot of old timers that come to japan town and frequent. thank you doll. hopefully that we'll be able to find somebody to replace it. but there's no replacing banky yodo. that's why aaron kimura is making a documentary on this iconic business making sure we preserve this story this food way this history this culture specifically for the generations to come the community is planning to celebrate the family's contribution. we're asking people to come out bring signs of appreciation and
5:55 am
just to show them how much care and how much we wish them a happy retirement for the okamura brothers. just news oh, that is so sad to hear but what an amazing legacy they live behind right stick w
5:56 am
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mornings at 6 am flames tearing through apartments in antioch who is displaced right now after this close call plus operations turned upside down how one nonprofit is providing for pets caught in the middle of the war in ukraine.
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