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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 26, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: this morning, major bust. hundreds of thousands of dollars of stolen merchandise and cash. their involvement in the bay area. good morning, it is saturday, march 26, thank you for joining us. we are starting with another look at the weather. hey, lisa. lisa: we are looking at a dry day
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tomorrow. you will have to dig out the umbrella today, maybe get the gutters working as rain, level 1 system is headed our way sunday afternoon. right now, in the 40's near 50's in pleasant hill with fog up toward santa rosa. also along the coast. 43 in pacifica, colder this morning. the five to seven degrees colder from livermore to half moon bay. good visibility in the city, clouds will overtake many cities today, allowing for partly cloudy conditions. 70's for san jose and livermore, 60's elsewhere. around 60 for you in san francisco. we look for mild numbers, it will be breezy along the shoreline. sun setting nearly at 7:30, we talk about a rainy oscar sunday night coming up. liz: thank you. developing the east bay where more than two dozen people, including children, have been displaced after a fire. firefighters say flames ripped through 10 apartment units in antioch before 8:30 last night. crews were able to get the fire out after about an hour.
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21 adults and 12 children are having to find a place to stay right now, thankfully nobody was hurt. because of the fire is under investigation. luminary reports find of the fire started in the vicinity of gas meters outside the building. officials say the flames caused $1 million in damage. a big bust amid the ongoing fight against organized retail theft. california attorney general announced felony charges against several members of what he says was a statewide theft ring. abc 7 news reporter spoke with the state attorney general and has the story. >> this was a very sophisticated and organized operation involving multiple individuals, multiple counties throughout the state going out of state and selling product overseas. reporter: prosecutors shared these photos, showing some of the more than 150 thousand dollars in stolen merchandise they say investigators seized on monday. along with more than $60,000 in cash. >> this is a big deal.
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these were hundreds of thousands of dollars being stolen. reporter: the alleged criminals targeting major retailers, like this jc posey -- penny. >> columbia sportswear, abercrombie and fitch, in multiple counties from southern counties to central to even northern. this was a major operation. reporter: a major operation that included alameda, san mateo and santa clara counties. the investigation began last year. a joint effort including chp's, organized we tell task force, local law enforcement and the retail industry. rachel michelin is the president of the retailers association. >> retailers are starting to track product, they turned information over to so the taskforces can follow the product and make the arrest. reporter: retailers doing what they can to clamp down on an overwhelming problem. >> you see more retailers hiring
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armed security guards, it is taking away from the shopping experience. reporter: every arrest matters when it comes to retail theft. >> any time we make arrests, it makes a little bit of a dent. reporter: the attorney general is confident the charges brought in monday's arrest will go a long way into deterring more large-scale retail theft. >> for most individuals involved, it be a range of 12 to 19 years of prison. reporter: michelin says the arrest schematically occult time. she is worried as more consumers start to take matters into their own hands. >> that is what is really scary. if we start seeing this vigilante justice because people are getting fed up by witnessing retail theft over and over again , we are going to have a whole other set of problems. reporter: the suspects were all charged in los angeles county and could face charges outside of the state. attorney general said because of some of the conduct and where it
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took place, that is a potential. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. liz: three pittsburgh police officers have been placed on it ministry to leave as part of an investigation into criminal misconduct. the fbi in contra costa county district attorney's office are invested in the case. it involves at least one antioch police officer. the da provided few details, in a statement said quote the broad range of offenses under investigation involve crimes of moral turpitude. the d.a. will review current and former cases involving the officers to see if they are compromised. an open teenager has died after a shooting at an apartment complex in sacramento. 15 has been identified -- 18 has been identified as a 16-year-old who enjoyed singing in the school choir. the school district said in a statement she was quoted bright light whose natural talents were obvious to those around her. the fact she passed away she did
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is another tragic example of our country's's gun violence, which must come to an end. turning now to russia's invasion of ukraine, there was a major change in tone from the kremlin in an attempt to reframe objectives in ukraine. his comes ahead of a major speech by president biden. happening now, he is meeting with poland's president to discuss ukraine. this is video from about an hour ago when mr. wyden arrived at the presidential palace in warsaw. these meetings come as russia is signaling it may be backing off its original goal, facing unrelenting resistance from ukrainian fighters. a senior u.s. official says russian forces around kyiv have fallen into defensive positions. russia is saying the purpose is to liberate the eastern donbass region and not seize other parts of ukraine. president biden is scheduled to meet with ukrainians who fled to poland. he is going to deliver what the white house is calling a major address on the ukrainian crisis.
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if you want an alert when it happens, you can download the abc 7 news mobile app. no to a story, an update we brought you earlier this month on abc 7, a bay area nonprofit has helped save hundreds of animals in ukraine since the start of the war. tim johns says now it is looking to do even more. reporter: for the past month, mandy allen has been tirelessly at work. >> we were not sure how we were going to do it all. reporter: since 2018, she has run a nonprofit called transform a street dog, that helps rescue disabled and abandoned ukrainian animals. once the invasion started, their operations were turned upside down. in early march, she was left with 35 dogs and 15 staff members, caught in the middle of a war zone. >> we were able to evacuate them to austria, they are now safely there. reporter: thanks in part to coverage, the groups effort viral.
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they partnered with other groups in neighboring countries and were able to get not just the initial batch of docs to safety, but also hundreds more. despite the work have already done, she says there is still a lot more to do. the work continues to decimate the country. she showed us photos of the animal big group's help to save so far, many of which have been adopted. she says they are currently in the process of trying to save at least 100 more. >> we are planning an evacuation to romania again, and another one to poland. reporter: she says she could never do it without the assistance of routine. some of which, she said, are risking their lives to stay in ukraine and help. we spoke to one of them via zoom. >> if i know i can do something for the animals, i will get another achievement, then i do
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it. reporter: despite the challenges, she remains determined. not just to save as many animals as possible, but also the people she has come to know and love. >> i've been doing this for four years, i am friends with these people. when this crisis started, i am not just going to stop. i have to help them. reporter: in pacifica, tim johns, abc 7 news. liz: one of the three men convicted of hijacking the school bus has been recommended for parole. commissions decided he is no longer a danger to the public. he has been denied parole 17 times before this. in 1976, he and two others abducted the kids and their bus driver and buried them alive in a ventilated bunker in livermore and demanded $5 million in ransom. the victims were able to dig out more than a day later. 6:09, still dark outside. lisa: the sun coming up at 7:03,
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can you make out the towers? it is engulfed in fog, we have the low clouds and high clouds on the increase today for about 60 downtown with breezy wins at the coast. that is the coolest location, 70's with a little sun on the way, then we've got rain headed into the bay area. we will talk about it, time it out and you may be impressed with the totals next. liz: also ahead, taking the plunge. i people will brave the chilly waters of san francisco bay for a good cause. a pixar film up for best animated feature at the oscars. we talk with the producer and director of lucca ab
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because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. lisa: welcome back a live look outside. 6:12, tracking rain on the way tomorrow.
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liz: the tragic loss in the north bay. it destroyed a redwood tree known as the pioneer tree. it is believed to be 800 years old, it is one of the last remaining old-growth redwoods. park employees are devastated by the loss. >> it is just upsetting, they are so old, so big. harbor great life within them, losing just one tree is a big disappointment. liz: the 200 foot tall tree collapsed, unable to withstand damage from the fire. officials say an illegal campsite may have led to the fire. visitors left flowers and cards and park rangers are still looking for information leading to the person may have sparked the flames. happening today, funeral services are set for rookie san jose police officer informer san jose state football star packer. services are starting at 10:00 this morning in san jose for the
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former star running back. he was found dead at his home earlier this month. he was a recent addition to the san jose police department. the cause of his death remains under investigation. he was 24 years old two months since an oakley woman went missing. organizers of the search are asking people to look at their own property for any signs. they want farmers, ranchers, real estate agents and other people with access to unoccupied buildings to look for her. anyone with items or information related to her disappearance should contact the police department. the drummer of american rock band foo fighters has died at the age of 50. he was the drummer for more than two decades. the group announced his death on social media saying they will remember him for his musical spirit and infectious laughter. because of his death has not been released. he leaves behind his wife and three children. today, families with an open unified are holding a rally and march against school closures.
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parents and teachers are demanding foreclosures, especially in the district's most marginalized communities. the school board voted to close or merge 11 schools over the next two years. today's rally starts at 11:00 this morning. they plan to march to the plaza. good news, we are counting down to oscar sunday. you can watch it right here on abc 7, coverage begins at 10:00 tomorrow with the oscars countdown. the big show starts at 5:00 p.m. the bay area has ties to films up for big awards, kumasi aaron got a chance to speak with the director and producer of one of the movies nominated for best animated feature film. reporter: is lucca, one of five films that could win for best animated feature film. the film's director and producer told me they are still trying to process it all. >> it is a dream come true to be
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dominated for an oscar. i'm a kid from south dakota, i grew up watching the oscars. >> she has been nominated for an oscar before for a short film. >> it does not feel real. reporter: luca tells the story of a young boy and his best friend, both are part human and part sea monster. both are trying to keep that a secret during a summer on the italian riviera. >> the sea monster felt like the perfect metaphor to represent anything we might be feeling different, feeling ashamed of. reporter: it is inspired by his life, he grew up and spent his summers on the italian coast with his best friend, who really is named alberto. >> what did he think of the film and seeing your relationship to trade that way? >> he got emotional. his wife had to pat him on the shoulder, calm him down. reporter: she first pitched the
6:17 am
idea for luca 10 years ago, it has been a journey. one covid-19 almost brought it to a stop. >> many things can work the way they used to. reporter: the final project is a reflection of the entire team's experiences of friendship, otherness and acceptance. >> what is amazing about the collaborative process of filmmaking here at pixar is everybody is bringing those insights, those memories, those stories. it just makes it richer and deeper. reporter: all those moments creating an unforgettable film. an oscar nomination and hopefully, an oscar win. abc7news. liz: the oscars are tomorrow, kumasi is in hollywood at the oscars. she will have special coverage all weekend long here on abc7news. today, people are going to brave the san francisco bay water to take the polar plunge.
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it starts with the scenic 5k fun run along the bay with views of the city into golden gate bridge. after the 5k, many will make a splash for the iconic polar plunge right into the bay. the event benefits to northern california chapter of the special olympics. so far, they've raised a hundred $18,000 out of their goal of $184,000. it starts later this morning and lisa, you say you have friends that have done and enjoyed it. lisa: big-time swimmers, you have to be into it. liz: it feels so cold. lisa: the seals bump up and met you, the sea lions. anyway, we are looking at a non-atmospheric river, but a storm system that will bring pretty good rain coming our way late tomorrow into monday. it is about time as we look at live doppler 7 out in the pacific, still forming. as we g notice the changes with the breezy wins at the coast, increasing clouds.
6:19 am
as we look to the golden gate bridge, we have fog. not only low cloudsn rosa, napg the coast. 49 in san francisco, 45 in oakland. 43 and mt. view. san jose checking in at 47 with 41 in santa clara and half moon bay. from the east bay hills camera, visibility is good. temperatures ranging from the upper 30's in santa rosa and petaluma to upper 40's in fairfield and concord with 40 in livermore. exploratorium camera, san francisco looking at more clouds today, pretty much for everyone. rain arriving tomorrow, it will be offshore most of the day. by about dinnertime, we will see advancing. we could see mist and drizzle along the coastal hills before then. showers will be ending monday, the atmosphere is still unstable , allowing for the possibility of a thunderstorm. the bulk of the activity heading south into the santa cruz mountains, they could pick up
6:20 am
one to two inches of rain. rain will be a possibility -- accumulating rain for santa barbara down to san diego sunday night into monday, moderate rain at times. gusty, strong wind at the coast. late tomorrow, winds up to 50 miles an hour and the chance of hail with thunder. today, you will notice the cloud cover. it will not be as warm for many of you around hayward and san rafael, still mild from livermore to san jose. this is your sunday, even getting some sun into the east bay and south sunday. offshore in the evening hours as well as to come pretty late overnight. here we are 11:00, the rain is coming down in the inland valleys. it's been raining in the north bay quick mover. second push of rain coming in monday night, you see it well to the south. it is probably going to miss most of us as it heads to the central coast. rainfall amounts have been consistent with recorders of an inch from san mateo up through
6:21 am
marin, a little more into the east bay. wouldn't that be nice if we picked up nearly an inch of rain as the system six south? winds on sunday, even 50 miles an hour. you can see the breeze all throughout the day, by late sunday into monday, still breezy. snow anywhere from two to five inches in the mountains, gusty wind tomorrow. heist today from the upper 60's from palo alto, low 60's in richmond. upper 50's half moon bay. accuweather 7 day forecast, partly cloudy skies today, level 1 system tomorrow and monday, may a thunderstorm. we dry out late monday, tuesday and wednesday we are warming up. it is going to feel like spring, temperatures above average toward the end of the week. liz: just ahead, womanhood project. the artwork you can find across one southbay city to celebrity women's history month.
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liz: governor newsom announced 80 traditional points to the state bench, including one woman making history. she is the first openly transgender judge appointed to the bench in california. she will serve in the sacramento county superior court. she is a longtime advocate for disability rights and currently works as chief deputy director at the california department of rebuild attention. celebrating female leaders in santa clara county as part of women's history month. visitors can find artwork across the city of san jose that recognizes women who helped build the valley. this is all part of the long-awaited womanhood project. our reporter explains the message and motivation. reporter: there is new artwork across downtown san jose. the pieces of faces many may not recognize and stories most may be unfamiliar with. but that is the motivation behind the womanhood project two years in the making. >> we know about the amazing
6:25 am
women who have been a part of our county and city. but we want to know about the women who helped them. reporter: meeting on impactful, local contributions, the project launched by santa clara county's office of women's policy and led by the arts build community, celebrates 25 years that attorney five women on banners and window displays designed by 13 artists. >> these are the folks our community was built upon. their blood, sweat and tears all poured into building santa clara county and to making it a great place to live. reporter: organize say throughout history, women have largely been stuck in the background. anonymous no more is the project title and hopefully the takeaway. >> it is ok for them to say i have never seen someone like that before. i want to find out more. reporter: fernando says public sculpture often depicts men, an
6:26 am
example of why the womanhood project is still needed. >> by having this representation, that is a stepping out of the shadows. that is as being out there, being bold, representing womanhood and being part of this community. reporter: the goal is to expand the project across the county and continue to inspire and empower. >> and a time when women's rights are under attack, this project really underscores the need and desire to uplift women, to celebrate women and recognize them. reporter: in san jose, abc7news. liz: women are hoping to make history the oscars this year, the composer of encanto is the first woman to score a disney animated feature film. jermaine franco is the first latina and woman of color to be nominated for best original score. >> i haven't made a speech, but i have a beautiful dress i am wearing. a mexican designer, she designed this outfit.
6:27 am
i am going to do my best to represent the spirit of encanto, latinas. liz: dog could make history as the first female cinematographer to win an oscar. still to come on abc seven mornings, preventing covid cases. the new study proving contact tracing works. reporter: final preparations underway in hollywood for the biggest night. the 94th annual academy awards, i am morgan norwood.
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argen. lisa: we have clear conditions and a little fog along the coast and north bay. dray tate today, we've heard about the rain headed our way. -- dry day today. the rain is holding together, you can plan on it late tomorrow to monday. 49 in san leandro, the fog is upward santa rosa. only upper 30's there. even though temperatures are coolest in the north bay, we have 45 degrees cooling since yesterday along the east. 9:00, we've got clouds into low 50's. by noon, some sun with upper 60's from concord. mid-60's in san jose and santa rosa. it is mild come along the coast of the winds are picking up. temperatures topping out from the mid to upper 50's. change on the way, tracking the rainfall and amounts in a few minutes. liz: developing news now on the war in ukraine, russian forces seem to have shifted their focus
6:31 am
from a ground offensive aimed at kyiv to prioritizing what moscow calls liberating the donbass region. reporter: russia russia russia military purpose in ukraine is to liberate the eastern donbass region, not to seize other parts of the country. claiming it never had any intention of capturing kyiv or any other major ukrainian city. >> our forces and means will concentrate on the main thing, the liberation of donbass. reporter: officials in mariupol are not buying it. >> they want more than donbass. it is a lie, what they say. reporter: a senior u.s. defense official says russia has lost up to 50% of combat firepower -- 15% of combat firepower and is bringing reinforcements information russian occupied region of georgia. they believe as many as 10,000
6:32 am
russian troops may have been killed so far. in a new address, president zelenskyy says ukraine's heroic armed forces dealt powerful blows and significant losses to the enmity -- enemy. as president joe biden touched on in poland, he once again called putin were criminal. >> keep democracies united in opposition and effort to curtail the devastation that is occurring at the hands of a man who is a war criminal. reporter: president biden will not tour humanitarian efforts of ukraine, but he is scheduled to meet with ukrainians who fled to poland in warsaw today. abc news, new york. liz: bay area musicians are going together to perform ukrainian songs and other pieces of hope and peace. the benefit concert starts at 2:00 this afternoon at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. gets cost $20 and they will be
6:33 am
donated to ukrainian relief. there is growing criticism involving supreme court justice clarence thomas. this comes after news his wife texted the trump white house, urging officials to overturn joe biden's victory. here is abc news chief washington correspondent. reporter: justice thomas is facing tough questions about the alarming messages his wife sent to then white house chief of staff mark meadows in the days after the 2020 presidential election. the messages urged extreme measures to overturn the results. calling biden's victory quote the greatest heist of our history. in one message obtained by the january 6 committee, ginni thomas wrote quote upland, release the crack in and to save us from the left taking america down. the messages are under particular scrutiny because at the time, president trump was openly talking about taking his case to the supreme court. >> we will be going to the u.s.
6:34 am
supreme court, it is going to end up perhaps at the highest court in the land. hopefully they will do what is right for our country. reporter: when the supreme court refused to hear a case challenging election results in pennsylvania, clarence thomas was one of three justices who dissented, calling it quote baffling. perhaps more striking, he was the only justice to support trump's efforts to block the release of white house documents related to january 6. documents that could have included messages from his wife. several democrats are crying foul, senator ron wyden saying at bare minimum, justice thomas needs to recuse himself from any case related to the january 6 investigation and should donald trump run again, any case related to the 2024 election. liz: that was giancarlo reporting. meantime, it is official. -- john carl reporting. you only have a few weeks left to buy crab, the department ended it is ending the
6:35 am
commercial crab season april 8. is two months earlier than usual. the stately the decision after to hunt back wheels were caught in fishnets of the coast of monterey and san mateo county. whales are starting peak migrating season from baja to alaska. a new study finds contact tracing works and reducing the number of covid-19 cases. researchers estimate contact tracing reduced covid cases in the u.s. by an estimated 21% in late 2020 as vaccines were first becoming available. the study estimates contact tracing prevented more than one million covid-19 cases and up to 33,000 hospitalizations over the course of two months. drinking coffee made to your heart some good. according to new research, having two or even three cups of coffee a day appears to lower a person's chance of developing heart disease and heart failure. researchers say they are not sure if caffeine is the main factor for the apparent health benefit, but there are numerous
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other compounds in coffee that could help reduce inflammation and reduce stress. keep drinking it. still ahead, after more than 115 years, a beloved san francisco business is getting read to close for good. we tell you but the impact it had on the community and the crowd of supporters that have been lining up for one last visit. a live look outside this morning, pretty blue skies as we await the sunrise. time six: 36, we will check in with lisa when we get back. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more— beginners' yoga. namaste— —surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks— —for 3! —so i can du more of the things i love. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks.
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liz: the highly anticipated 94 the oscars is now just hours away. we have a live look at the adobe theater as preparations are underway. the stars are going together tomorrow on the red carpet. morgan norwood joins us live now from hollywood with a breakdown on hollywood's biggest night. good morning. reporter: hey, good morning. good morning at home.
6:39 am
things are getting busier at the adobe theater over the past hour, let more crewmembers showing up to put the finishing touches on the red carpet. big changes for this year's oscars, the one question that always remains the same is, who is taking home the coveted oscar gold? the countdown to hollywood's biggest night is on. after three years without an mc, the 94th academy awards emerging with a trio of comedic power houses on a mission to roast and toast hollywood's brightest stars. one dislikes, regina hall and amy schumer. >> we are troublemakers, we are having fun. lang of each other. reporter: 10 films are up for best motion picture, including king richard, west side story and coda. traditional and theater films going head-to-head with streaming movies, making a more diverse set of contenders. >> king richard, coda.
6:40 am
that is diversity without anyone having to wag their finger. hollywood's biggest night is on. after three years without an mc, the 94th academy awards emerging with a trio of comedic power houses on a mission to roast and toast hollywood's brightest stars. wanda sykes, regina hall and amy schumer. >> we are troublemakers, we are having fun and playing off each other. reporter: 10 films are up for best motion picture, including king richard, west side story and coda. traditional in theater going head-to-head with streaming movies, making for a diverse set of contenders. >> king richard, coda. that is diversity without anyone having to wag their finger at the academy and say, you should
6:41 am
look for deaf actors and water film that has a cast is premier league deaf actors. they did on their own. reporter: when it comes to best actor, it is a battle of hollywood heavyweights with will smith, denzel washington, javier bardem, benedict cumberbatch and andrew garfield. >> a lot of people think this is the year for will smith for playing richard williams, the patriarch of the tennis greats serena williams and venus williams in the film king richard. reporter: this years awards already one for the record books with several actors and directors making history. steven spielberg west side story the first remake of a former best picture winner that is nominated for best picture. the film landing ariana debose, the honor of being the first afro latina to be nominated. >> it is surreal to have these firsts attached to your nomination. i am proud of it. reporter: not only is is i
6:42 am
celebration of hollywood's biggest and brightest, this year's ceremony marks the beginning of the return to normalcy. not only for hollywood, but the film industry. morgan norwood alive in hollywood, abc7news. liz: we appreciate it, see you soon. we are your home for everything oscars, kumasi aaron is and l.a. four the oscars and is going to have special coverage throughout the weekend. you can watch the 94th annual awards show tomorrow night at 5:00 right here on abc 7. tomorrow, live coverage begin at 10:00 a.m. with red carpet life countdown to the oscars, the show starts at 5:00 p.m., then you can stay with us or american idol at 8:00. 9:00, on the red carpet after the red carpet after the oscars. 11:00, abc7news will have local reaction and the days headlines. that is all here on abc 7. lisa, let's get a check outside. lisa: there is the fog
6:43 am
about 1000 feet, the marine layer. clear sky now besides the low cloud deck, high clouds increasing, making for a partly cloudy day today. still mile before the rain arrives tomorrow, rainfall amounts we have not seen in quite some time. i will have the full accuweather 7 day forecast next. liz: the stanford women marched to the elite eight with a win over maryland. we have the highlights coming up in sports.
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hi, i'm mike holmes.
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6:46 am
beil with the details in this morning sports. larry: not going to see james play for the warriors, the knee swelling basically convinced the dubs to shut him down. not worth the risk. did not play in a single nba game this entire year. the rest of the warriors continuing the road trip in atlanta without steph curry, it is jordan poole who has turned into a spectacular understudy. play a piano there, tickle the ivory. warriors in complete control in the second quarter. write down broadway, flex andre. the hawks flip the game, poured on in the third for 33 points, 15 assists. hocks by 18, klay thompson season high 40 minutes on fire. dubs back within five, but too much ice tray who buries a triple in the final minute, putting it out of reach. hawks victorious. college troops, women's sweet
6:47 am
sixteen, stanford and maryland, fran can dunk, but does not choose to. update in the second, lexi had 19 points, stanford leading up to 10. then sister lacey back-to-back buckets for the twin sisters, their homecoming. stanford coasting up by 22, hayley jones had 17. the cardinal advance to the elite eight. 72 66. seems fitting a national peacock day, the three c produce daryl banks fading away ties, moments later banks again, floater. saint peter's at 59 57. weeding by four after three throws, jaden ivey. splash on a three to one point game. purdue needs another three, iv again. the peacocks struck. saint peter's, jersey city, new
6:48 am
jersey. first 15 seed to advance the elite eight ever. 67-64. battle of blue bloods. ucla north carolina tied, 30 points. 27 and the second half. 20 seconds left. tipton by armando, hc lina setting ucla. 73-66. in portland, a promotion called the go for the green challenge. this guy goes the length of the court, 94 feet, dead center. come on. that was worth $50,000. nice way to start your weekend. that is a wrap on morning sports, have a great weekend, even though he will not get 50 grand. i'm larry beil. liz: he is on fire this morning. he has that coffee, that three cups. [laughter] lisa: something, i don't know. we need it. i do, anyway. good morning, we are looking at
6:49 am
this system developing and bringing us some pretty good rain. delaying fire season, certainly not a drought buster, but we will take it. here's a look at the camera being repositioned, this is mount tam. it's pretty with the clear sky, clouds on the increase. 49 in san francisco, 45 in oakland. what he three and mt. view, 47 san jose. 43 and another view of the golden gate bridge, skies are clear. winds picking up along the coast, keeping it breezy. nothing compared to the winds we are going to get tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at wind gusts in excess of 40 miles an hour at the beaches. 38 petaluma, have some fog. 38 in livermore. if you are wondering if that is colder, it is. we had more dense fog insulating us the past couple of days, we are 47 degrees colder than some
6:50 am
of those locations around the bay area. a picture of the roof where we are looking at cloud cover increasing, rain arrives tomorrow. it will be ending monday. because of the unstable air mass, the possibility of a thunderstorm with hail in the afternoon on monday. level 1 system on the way, moderate rain at times. gusty wind at the coast. looking at the chance of thunder and hail possibly is the area of low pressure moves out of here. a look at today, some high clouds, partly sunny conditions into sunday. about the same deal. stopping 6:00 tomorrow evening, there is the rain holding together, pushing across the bay area through the evening. it is a fast mover, there is the low. looks like it wants to miss the city altogether. even the south bay spreading anywhere from one to two inches of rain, more in southern california. rainfall totals looking fairly uniform with three quarters of an inch from san francisco through san mateo, perhaps that
6:51 am
in concord wants to bring in a little more into the east bay, maybe under a thunderstorm. could bring you a little more rain. otherwise, gusty winds we are dealing with as they continue to increase right through the afternoon. new tomorrow, 20 to 30 miles an hour. then, everywhere gets windy by 4:00, gusty along the coast. still windy as we get into late sunday, the front is about to push into the bay area. temperatures will be cool with a little bit of snow in the mountains, anywhere from two to three inches. we astinnfortunately not a big snowak. the g thetions, i ll be a little b co. ayndalf moon bay, 60 upper 60's in fremont with low 70's in san jose, upper 70's outright antioch. mid 70's in sonoma. accuweather 7 day forecast
6:52 am
looking at mild temperatures, click the coast. level 1 system tomorrow taking us into monday, chance of a thunderstorm. late monday through tuesday, we see temperatures spawned with the springlike son that will push temperatures in the mid-70's and lend by the end of the week. liz: nice to see the ring tomorrow night. the end of an era is drawing near is an iconic san francisco business gets ready to close. benkyodo mochi shop has called japan townhome for 115 years. we talk to customers who say it is like losing a member of the family. reporter: knowing the end is near, many young adults waited in line for hours this cold, foggy morning to get a taste of benkyodo famous japanese moji. these are the keepers of that condition, bobby and ricky okamura all handmade, we can't h it. we have to do at our pace. reporter: the brothers know what
6:53 am
they make today will not satisfy the masses. >> 1300, 1400. it is still not enough. reporter: mucci is rice that is mixed and pounded into a paste. when you add any type of feeling, it is called manju. they officially closed march 31. since the announcement, people made the journey. >> we flew in from boston yesterday. this is a special trip just to come to this place. reporter: most people post their manju on social media to say i came, i tasted, i am hip. benkyodo has been around since 1906, it survived the great depression, several recessions and the japanese internment. most recently, covid. it is forced to close for a simple reason none of the children or family members are willing to take over the business. >> the kids don't want to do this kind of work, the old-school labor-intensive work. imhepato>> there are a lot of os
6:54 am
that come to japan town and frequent benkyodo. hopefully they will be able to find someone to replace it. reporter: there is never placing benkyodo, that is why aaron kimura is making a documentary. >> making sure we preserve the story, the history. this culture. specifically for the generations to come. reporter: the community is planning to celebrate the family's contribution. >> we are asking people to come out, bring signs of appreciation. just to show them how much we care and how much we wish them happy retirement. reporter: for the okamura brothers, ambled goodbye will do. in san francisco, abc7news. liz:
6:55 am
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liz: oscar movie week film festival is coming to a close, that does not mean you have to miss out. you can still buy a digital past to see the nominators for big best picture in best short. you also get money off popcorn. all nominees are bundled into one viewing for $10. that's get a final check of the forecast. lisa: clear sky and fog at the coast, that is going to change as the winds kicked up and clouds increase. high temperatures today, warmest inland and south bay. mid and upper 70's from concord to antioch, morgan hill and even santa rosa. closer to the bay, 60's, 50's at the coast. level 1 system tomorrow for oscars sunday, ends monday. three quarters of an inch of rain for most. liz: thank you for joining us on abc seven mornings, i am liz kreutz with lisa argen. abc7news continues at 9:00, we leave you with a live picture outside. have a great day.
6:58 am
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hurry! offer ends march 28th. good morning, america. shifting strategy? russian forces pushed back from kyiv by ukrainian troops now said to be refocusing their efforts in eastern ukraine, but is it more misinformation? the latest destruction we're seeing from the assault as president biden in poland prepares to deliver a major address. team coverage from the region. amusement park death. a 14-year-old boy plummets off a ride. the video taken just moments before that horrific accident and the investigation into the ride that opened just three months ago. kidnapping arrest. a man taken into custody in the disappearance of a nevada teenager after a nearly two-week nationwide manhunt. her family on edge.


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