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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 27, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> high drama tonight than hollywood as will smith takes a swing at chris rock earned the oscars. thank you for joining us. i am dion lim. you are watching abc seven 11:00. a lot of talk when it comes to the oscars is will smith smacking chris rock in the face. this after the comedian made a joke about the actor's wife. smith later took home an oscar and became emotional, issuing an apology to the academy during his acceptance speech. the night many people will never forget. >> for the 94th academy awards. reporter: it is the moment the entertainment world had been
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waiting for, the academy awards back in the dolby theater. it was the first time in three years that hosts where in the oscars at all. amy schumer, wanda sykes, and regina hall. making history together as the first team of three. >> i really want to thank all of the wonderful death theater stages where i was allowed and given the opportunity -- deaf theater stages where i was allowed and given the opportunity. >> clear women of color and afro latina who strengthened the arts. >> i am honored to be a part of a film that puts diversity front and center. reporter: and this year performances happening again live.
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>> i love you. g.i. jane two. reporter: chris rock made a joke about will smith's wife, jada pinkett smith. getting up from his seat slapping rock. smith later apologized his acceptance speech. >> art imitates life i look back to crazy father. it is like how they said. reporter: anna historic moment as a streaming movie won an oscar for the first time ever. and stars made their way to elton john's foundation aid party. lady gaga stepping up to make
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sure the party still goes on. dion: what a night it was. it was a slap heard around the world. j.r. stone went to some oscar watch parties and got reaction about the will smith slap from a stunned audience. j.r.: will smith appearing to slap chris rock at the oscars has taken center stage. crocks -- crowd like this in awe. >> i was in shock. j.r.: this was after chris rock said this. >> g.i. jane two, can't wait to see it. j.r.: but jada pinkett smith suffers from a hair loss condition. this was a hollywood moment. >> i thought this was rude of
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chris because he is a funny man. he doesn't need to do that. and will smith was right so get up there and punch him out. it was unbelievable because it was in the moment. that is why i love oscars because things are not planned. j.r.: but some we spoke with did not disagree. >> -- some did not agree. many told us that the curse words he announced in front of people were not appropriate. >> i think comedians have a hard time every single award show and will smith was wound up tight and he was trying to protect his wife but i think he went a little overboard. >> i can understand defending your family but it was a joke and i don't think it was meant to be as offensive as he took
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it. >> it looked like he did strike him for wheel -- for real. i am glad he did apologize during his up sefton's speech -- acceptance speech. dion: everyone has an opinion. it was also smiles -- all smiles before this incident. we go now to kumasi aaron who was on the red carpet tonight. first, you look fantastic, my friend. you have been slaying that red carpet and i am proud of you. >> thank you. when you are on the red carpet you have to step your game up and there is so much excitement because this wasn't here last year so now you have people ready for things to get back to normal. right now people are leaving the
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governor's hall but so much of what happened outside of the building theater and inside is being overshadowed by that moment that jr talked about between will smith and chris rock. i got a chance to see will smith when he was coming into the dolby theater on the red carpet and he was all smiles. he was with his wife, they were talking to people on the red carpet, doing interviews. i tried to get an interview with him, he was on the other side of the carpet, i couldn't get him to come over, and hours after this the lapd saying they are aware of the incident that happened inside. chris rock has declined to file charges. it has been a surprising turn for what has been an exciting time on the red carpet. i had a great time here and i got to talk to a lot of celeb elise -- celebrities as they made their way down. how do you feel being here tonight? >> i look forward to presenting
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and seeing old friends. i look forward to laughter and the after party. >> the after party. what is your relationship like with venous? >> -- venus? >>she has the best fashion sens. >> how do you feel like getting ready for the performance? >> i am just trying to live the moment for what it is. i am at peace right now. >> why was it important for you to wear black tonight? >> i played a part that started the tipping point of understanding the value of black creative's. >> it is king richard but to me you showed how important your mother was in this journey. >> she is the heart and soul of this family so it was my joy. i keep saying joy, but yeah. >> san francisco loves you and
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reclaim you, honey. how did you feel about seeing your family's story pretrade like this -- portrayed like this? >> it was good and it was a process so it was great to see the process come together. >> it is nice to be a part of the community. i am not here all of the time and they asked me to present the best director tonight i want to make sure that -- it is nice to be home. >> it was six months ago that we are across the street premiering shang-chi and everywhere i look, there are my childhood heroes. >> it feels great to be back. just being able to chair and have a good time, it was amazing. >> you inspire me with the short
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and natural, i have my hair up today. talk about what you are wearing tonight and how it feels to be here. >> i feel great with this custom-made dress and beautiful jewelry. italian from head to toe. >> thank you for talking to me. you look amazing. denzel! please talk to me. oh, well. and it doesn't happen, but i had a great time today on the red carpet and really excited i got to talk to so many stars because the stars are leaving and you cannot talk to them. i am glad i had that moment already today. i think there were good things that played in my favor.
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i will see who we have walking down right now. i was not to the kelly and ryan interview set and they had a lot of gas -- guests talking to them today. i think the dress also helped. dion: absolutely. >> i appreciated all of the abc 7 viewers who weighed in. hello, there. hello, there. how are you? i love summer of soul. if you would talk to me i would be happy. are you going to get in trouble? >> not it all. >> thank you for bringing this to so many people. >> i thank questlove for his his direction and this award is really for everyone that has lived in the past, present, and future. >> how do you feel? >> this was an extraordinary
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night and it was the dream of tony lawrence over 50 years ago to put on a concert to heal a community. this just validates their dream. >> congratulations and enjoy. just moments. you turn around and who was it here? sometimes like that they talk to you so it has been a great time here and a wonderful return to the dolby theater for the oscars. reporting live from los angeles, kumasi aaron's. dion: perfection. you have got all of those other great stars and girl, you are doing just fine. >> thank you, di i am a denzel fan fan fan trying. dion: many thanks.
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you will find much more oscars coverage on demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app. we have everything from the will smith slap to his acceptance speech. it is available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. download the app and start streaming for free. happening right now, rain has returned to the bay area. it is wet out there as we take a live look at our rooftop camera. spencer joining us now with a track of the rain and we need this. spencer: a strong storm might have a few more before it is open. we have got downpours over the east bay right now and a wave of steady downpours just pushing through san francisco to the east bay. the storm ways a one on the impact scale. gusty winds especially over the
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hills and along the coast. we have a wind advisory until 5:00 a.m.. gusts could reach 50 miles per hour and there will be snow in the sierra. we expect six to 12 inches 6000 feet, slippery roadways, and windy gusts. i will give youhe tra is going . dion: thanks. just ahead, colorful and passionate protest today over the war in ukraine. why baby strollers took center stage this afternoon and the message demonstrators were trying to send to the world. and now renowned activist colleen jones now has a new mission, soaring right. -- rent. chris: ♪ ♪ it's electric... made extraordinary.
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volodymyr zelenskyy for the first time laid out his goals for the peace agreement. he says a deal is only possible if russia withdraws its troops to territory part -- occupied prior to the invasion. meanwhile ukrainian forces have reported taking back towns in the northern and eastern parts of the country. united nations says 3.4 million refugees have country since the invasion began. the demonstration this afternoon in san francisco more poignant as they point to the countless
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children who have been killed during the war in ukraine. tara campbell was there for an emotional protest. reporter: somber moments sunday in san francisco as hundreds gathered in supportive ukraine, honoring the young lives torn by war. >> because we are here and i don't have to worry about my children, but on the other hand our hearts are split for the children in ukraine. reporter: they are here with their two-year-old daughter. they were visiting family in ukraine before the war broke out, making it home in time. >> it was 7:00 p.m. in the bay area and we saw the news. i started crying and i was vomiting because it was devastating. reporter: the devastation continues.
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ukraine reporting 136 children have been killed since the start of the war. >> it is killing me that children are dying, that children are dying. reporter: and these 136 strollers and car seats lined up in honor of the children killed in the war so far. >> i am scared for my relatives in ukraine. reporter: charlotte was born in ukraine. her family moved to the bay area a few years ago. she is here rallying with her dad. >> there might be children in america that don't even know the war is going on. more people should know about it. reporter: father and daughter supporting their homeland, worried for family and friends. >> i have my parents in ukraine, my grandma who is still in
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and they heard the explosions yesterday. >> it makes me angry and mad because who could do such a horrible thing? dion: heartbreaking to hear that coming from a child. attendance rights battle is brewing in san francisco. keith jones is fighting landlord to stay in this apartment which he lived in for more than a decade. >> what a disgrace, show some grace. dion: dozens of activists gathered in support of jones. he is fighting a move by his new landlord or that would double his rent. jones says his landlord is hiking the rent, claiming the apartment was being subleased to a roommate and that it was not
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his primary residence. jones denies this, saying he does own a small home on the russian river where he went during lockdown because he is immunocompetent -- immunocompromised. >> i don't have a clue, but to just walk away, that is not me. >> today is not just about showing solidarity. today is about the thousands of people across this city who have lived in their homes for decades and who are being harassed and rent challenged as a forced -- a way to force the community. dion: this will include a hearing on the matter in of the future. we have reached out to jones' landlord we have not heard back. more on the timing of the rain and when it will be moving out. spencer: it was moving rather
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slowly at first but once it arrived offshore it started to pick up speed. you can see the heaviest rain right now is way over the east bay moving out towards central valley right now. we have still got rainfall that is hitting many parts of the east bay around love i-8 -- around lafayette. as you can see we have still got other developing showers offshore so the storm isheavilyt of the area. here's a look from our rooftop camera. a few minutes ago we had downpours right here near abc 7 it has eased up a little bit. in oakland and mountainountainou 53. 57 at san jose. here's a look at wet pavement at the approach to the bay bridge
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toll plaza. you can see a few raindrops falling in the area right now. 53 degrees in fairfield and 50's also in livermore. here's the camera right across the embarcadero so abc 7 is looking back on the cityscape and it is stormy overhead over much of the region. rainy and windy conditions. we expect wet roads and gusty winds during the morning commute tomorrow though if you are driving, drive carefully. give yourself extra time to head to work. this storm ranks one on the impact scale for tomorrow. tomorrow we expect periods of moderate to heavy rainfall. gusty winds especially along the coast and over the hilltops. here's the forecast starting at 11:30 which is a few minutes away. you can see the bulk of the rain paul -- rainfall pushing northward a bit but that is
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followed by more showers tomorrow. the morning commute is going to be quite wet and windy. as the storm breaks up into scattered showers, we still have wet pavement and slippery roadways. the commuting conditions might not good -- be good, but by the evening we should have an and to the rainfall by 10:00. 0.6 inches in the city. wind advisory in effect. winds will be gusting up to 50 miles per hour in higher elevations. in the winter weather advisory in effect until 8:00 tomorrow night. mainly mid to upper 40's and highs of tomorrow will not get above 62 degrees. we will have sunnier and drier conditions on tuesday and by
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thursday you're looking at a warming track taking us to the weekend with temperatures bouncing back to the mid-70's. dion: thanks. a reminder to tune into abc7news at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. the weather could commute as well so paul will be keeping an eye on the roads. just ahead, check out these wheels. it was a car lover's weekend in east bay. centuries ago, native californians
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at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. county fairgrounds to gather for this this weekend. thousands of american-made hot rods and cars participated in the show. this included an endure -- indoor car show and live activities for kids. >> based on the turnout you could tell people were itching
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to get out. now that some of the mandates have lessened in california, people are trying to get out and enjoy outdoor entertainment read -- entertainment. dion: the event wrapped up today and ended in an awards ceremony. chris alvarez now joining us with a preview of sports. chris: stanford is the best out west again. next up the twin cities. how the
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championship -- champions have only lost one game back in november. tonight the cardinals had a chance to tangle with texas again with the final four on the line. close game game game hayley jones beats the first-quarter buzzer. double-double 18 points with 12 rebounds and named the most outstanding player in the region. how about 10 points in a flash? one of her six blocks and dad knows you can't stop that. stanford up five after three. this three gives stanford a six point lead. the hoop and the foul. cardinal win not only are they still dancing, they are doing the electric slide, going to minneapolis for
11:34 pm
their final four. >> super proud of our team for sticking with each other and being gritty. it came down to who was the grittier team tonight and getting on the floor and going inside. i am really proud of our team and how we came out today. >> i am really happy for our team and we are going to minneapolis and we are dancing. chris: men's tournament. looking to extend the cinderella run. unc was up 19 at the break second half. jay davis, the steel headed to caleb love for the slam. this coach k who is retiring after this. the kansas jayhawks trail the 10th seed miami allowed 15 points in the second half. christian brown ties things up and o
11:35 pm
second half. the jayhawks will face villanova on saturday. warriors in washington, d.c. for the road trip. jordan poole with a game-high 26 and a career best 13th straight game with a war. they thought he was found on a layup and a three foul sequence but it is all set and done. the rookie with some of his career-high six threes. warriors lose and they have lost five of six. they will play in emphasis tomorrow night read abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. dion: coming up next, the pain at the pump prompting thieves to take drastic measures.
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thousands of dollars of damage to unsuspecting victims. and much more on the war in ukraine.
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[ "praise you" by fatboy slim starts playing ] hey mercedes, turn the music up. ♪ we've come a long, long way together ♪ ♪ through the hard times and the good ♪ ♪ i have to celebrate you, baby ♪ ♪ i have to praise you like i should ♪
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the all-new mercedes-amg sl. ♪ ♪ the star is reborn. moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dion: ukrainian forces are making gains as they launch counterattacks against russian troops. stories of the human. -- humanitarian crisis are growing. ukrainian and russian officials have been talking every day. the two sides have agreed to meet in person in the coming
11:40 pm
days, however the siege continues. ukrainian residents say that they do not have food or water. our reporter is following this developing story. reporter: ukrainian and russian officials announcing they have agreed to a new round of in-person peace talks to be held in turkey this week. that's news as the war in ukraine takes a heartbreaking toll. ukrainian officials say at least 139 children have been killed. in mariupol, residents say they are running out of supplies including food and water. in lviv at missile hit injured. president zelenskyy renewed his call for 1% of nato's arsenal. zelenskyy said ukraine is
11:41 pm
especially in need of more planes and tanks. secretary of state antony blinken now announcing $100 million of additional assistance to ukraine including armored vehicles and communications equipment. saturday's attacks were not far from ukraine's order with poland. >> don't even think about moving on one single inch of nato territory. reporter: but the president facing some fallback after saying this. >> this man cannot remain in power. reporter: the white house saying that the president is not calling for a regime change in russia. >> yesterday night biden said that putin cannot remain in power. in the mind of putin, it,
11:42 pm
complicate matters going down the road. dion: gas prices in the bay bayy aren't dropping out all. aaa reports they hit the highest recorded average price today across the bay area. the average cost in san francisco is $5.93. oil prices are up 3 ce gallon in oakland and san jose. the soaring price of gas is inspiring criminal activity. security video shows a thief stealing gas from vehicles at a car dealership. this was the third time in a week. the man got away after drilling holes into gas tanks and carrying buckets away of gas. you can see gas leading from -- leaking from this truck.
11:43 pm
>> it is it is it is it is it is i feel sympathy for someone risking his life just for $10 or $20 of gas. dion: i would be mad too. the damage to repair vehicles is costing thousands of dollars despite having several security cameras already. they plan on adding even more. a california man has been charged on multiple accounts of smuggling thousands of reptiles across the border. emmanuel perez was arr after officials found 60 reptiles hidden in his clothes. authorities found heatley -- he a legally imported thousands of reptiles worth more than $2000.. he could face up to 20 years in prison. still ahead, on your marks, get
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the united states sale grand prix. eight national teams took part. the races featured athletes then cutting edge cataracts. the u.s. team came in third. back to spencer and good weather for sailing out there. spencer: nice wins and we have
11:48 pm
got winds blowing through the bay area right now. you can see that we have got downpours all across the region but the bulk of the rain right now is pushing through the east over toward the central via -- central valley. through tomorrow, expect more periods of rainfall. this is especially along the coast and over the hills. notice that the heavy rain will continue pushing eastward. as the commute begins we will still have wet roadways but the rain will taper off a bit and it will wind down to almost nothing. tomorrow we will not get a a a a 62 degrees in the mildest locations. a warming trend begins on thursday that will take us into the weekend with more springlike warmth. dion: there is that springlike temperature. thanks. once again, let's get to chris
11:49 pm
alvarez with a preview of sports. chris: the warrior struggles continue. meanwhile stanford is dancing into the final four. we will have centuries ago, native californians thrived on this land.
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now, we share a destiny with all californians. when voters granted our sovereign nations exclusive gaming rights, it advanced self-sufficiency and created thousands of good jobs. but now, out of state corporations are coming to california. their online sports betting initiative would break the promise between us. it's bad for tribes and all californians. join us. protect the promise.
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basketball team has won 24 straight basketball teams and the cardinals clinched weight in history. the electric slide as part of their celebration. 59-50 win over texas means the cardinals will take on the winner of tomorrow's n.c. state-uconn game. >> it is crazy to say this but you are always happy to go to the final four but sometimes you
11:53 pm
are really happy. i am really happy. it is a great group to be with. whoever we play will be ready. >> i don't think there's any point in any game that you are comfortable. you can ever be comfortable if you want to achieve what we want to achieve. >> if we got to would get the nuts and we have had that opportunity tonight. >> we never talked about going to the final four. now we are really going. it does not get old. chris: those dance moves don't get old either. the warriors are in the worst stretch of the season after losing in d.c. lots olots olots olots olots olo for both fans and the warriors. you can see the frustration on
11:54 pm
draymond green and company. raymond was a team worst giving up 16 three-pointers. washington shot 16 of 28. draymond green still working his way from a back injury and with stephen curry still sidelined, there is nothing easy for the doves these days. >> i have never been on a team that gets worse on the floor. some days i can correct and sometimes it is what it is. >> it is not on him. it is on me, jp, williams, we have got to be better of everybody. >> we can still find -- i believe in our guys, i believe in our ability to put it together. but we have got to work for.
11:55 pm
chris: charlotte tonight. i re-came alive in the fourth and he has got a handle on the two-point game and the brooklyn crowd loving it. nice move here and he finished with 16 but in a twist, the hornets playing spoiler, took back the lead. jerome being scary once again. cactus league spring training baseball. and angels to the top three scores from murray seo and gets all of this one. three in the third innings and giants win 6-1. usa soccer fans always fired up. getting real close to a world cup birth.
11:56 pm
christian makes it 4-0 on a peak game. panama didn't like that one because moments later he gets shoved and he is getting testy. someone else on panama zings the ball and he is ready to go. he was composed enough to get three goals. his first hat trick the national team. the u.s. wins and as long as they don't lose by six or more on wednesday, they will clinch a spot in the world cup. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. dion: that is it for this edition of abc7news at 11:00. the news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. on behalf of all of us here, thank you for joining us. we leave you with a live look outside where the roads are indeed wet. the rain is moving out. we have meteorologist tuma cunha here for your monday morning and
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>> live from the hottest after parties in los angeles, this is "on the red carpet after dark." >> on a night of historic oscar wins, the biggest moment everyone is talking about is will smith slapping chris rock for a joke at jada pinkett smith 's expense. hello and welcome, everyone, to "on the red carpet after dark." i'm veronica miracle. tonight's oscars had a serious moment when will smith slapped chris rock, and our george per nokia is live with reaction -- george pennachio is live w reaction. what are people saying? george: i think they are saying they cannot remember that happened -- they cannot believe that happened at the oscars. we all remember crazy moments, thst


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