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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  March 28, 2022 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," what some are calling the most dramatic oscars moment ever. >> will smith walking up on stage and slapping chris rock after rock made a joke about smith's wife. minutes later, smith accepting the best actor award. the latest developments overnight, wore he a live e're hollywood. also the new talks set the cinderella story coming to an end. saint peter's leaving the ncaa tournament with their heads held high. what's next for the school after its record run. and putting the red in red carpet. see who chose the bold hue for the red carpet, even a red tuxedo. it's monday, march 28th. from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> good monday morning, everyone. we had to get in our oscar -- >> we did. >> -- gear as well. >> you can't see from here, but this is a full-on gown. this is my oscars gown. andrew came through with a black on black on black. >> like i said, i'm trying to get that invite to those after parties. they're still going on. we're on the east coast here. they're still partying on the west coast. >> what's the opposite of a red eye? if we just take a normal flight from jfk to l.a.x., we might still be able to make it. >> got to make the vanity fair party, that's the big one. >> you put in a lot of thought into your outfit, y'all, he was looking for that red tuxedo. >> maybe something in velvet or purple. they're not that easy to come by. >> no, but the black on black is always, you know what, black is always the new black. we will get to that, the
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fashion, the awards. but of course we're going to begin with the real-life drama on hollywood's biggest night. >> fireworks erupted at the oscars when best actor winner will smith slapped chris rock on stage after taking offense to a joke about his wife. the stunning moment interrupted the ceremony, hosted for the first time by three women. >> for more on the on-stage altercation and the night's big winners, zohreen shah joins us live from hollywood. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. what a night. the stars are coming out. "coda" of course won best picture. it was a night of firsts. ariana dubose and others making history. but the one thing everyone is talking about, what on earth happened between will smith and chris rock. >> for the 94th academy awards. >> reporter: it's the moment the entertainment world had been waiting for. the academy awards back at the dolby theater. it was the first time in three years that hosts were back at the oscars at all. amy schumer, regina hall and wanda sikes.
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>> this year the academy hired three women to host, because it's cheaper than hiring one man. >> reporter: and it wasn't the only historic moment from this year's show. >> i want to thank all of the wonderful deaf theater stages where i was allowed and given the opportunity to develop my craft as an actor. >> reporter: many eyes on the night's prizes after the oscars continued expanding their membership over the past few years. >> openly queer woman of color, an afro latina who found her strength through art. >> i am so proud to be part of a film that puts beautiful, diverse characters in front and center. >> reporter: and of course this year the performances happening again live. ♪ we worked and built it on our own ♪ >> reporter: performing to the excited crowd.
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♪ mountains too high ♪ >> jada, i love you. g.i. jane 2, can't wait to see it. >> reporter: but an explosive moment came when will smith seemed to take offense at a joke from chris rock, and a moment that was censored on the broadcast. moments later, smith won best actor and appeared to apologize during his acceptance speech. >> i want to apologize to the academy, to all my fellow nominees. art imitates life. i look like the crazy father just like they said. >> reporter: and another historic moment as a streaming service movie won best picture for the first time ever. >> okay. "coda." >> reporter: and back to that moment between will smith and chris rock. the academy saying they do not condone any form of violence. we have been keeping a very
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close eye behind us to see if will smith or chris rock walks out. we have not seen either of them. guys? >> that fallout has been swift. what are you hearing about any charges that might be filed against will smith? >> reporter: the lapd says they are aware. they're aware of an incident that involves one person slapping another. clearly they're talking about will smith and chris rock. they say that the individual has declined to press charges. so clearly they're talking about chris rock saying no, he doesn't want to press charges, but they say if the individual does, then they will investigate. >> thank you for staying on top of this for us. you look stunning by the way. love that dress on you. >> reporter: thank you, having so much fun. purple velvet. >> get ready for that after party, too. send us some invites as well. >> there we go. we'll have much more about will smith ahead in this half hour coming up. turning to the war in ukraine. in-person peace talks between the russians and ukrainians are resuming, set to take place in istanbul.
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as the war rages on, ukraine's president congratulated his forces for regaining control of several towns. terry moran has more. >> reporter: ukraine claiming new victories on the battle field. ukrainian forces have retaken several villages around kharkiv in the east. that's a city that's held out against russian assaults for weeks. ad they say more territory has been retaken near sumy in the north, threatening russia's overstretched supply lines, and villages outside besieged mariupol were also retaken, officials say. president zelenskyy addressed his people and accused the west of lacking the courage to take on vladimir putin, calling on nato to give his country more tanks and planes, asking for 1% of its arsenal of those weapons. meanwhile, russia continues to pound cities across ukraine. the russians released this new video, showing depots targeted in lviv. and damaging supplies for
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ukrainian forces. our james longman on the scene. >> reporter: this is an oil depot, you can see the flames burning. this city was meant to be a sanctuary for thousands. now it feels like the war has come to them. >> reporter: some of those attacks struck very close to the border with poland, and right before president biden issued this blunt warning to putin. >> don't even think about moving on one single inch of nato territory. we have sacred obligations. we have a sacred obligation under article v to defend each and every inch of nato territory. with the full force of our collective power. >> reporter: and then in the last lines of the speech, perhaps carried away by the moment, biden seemed to call for
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an end to vladimir putin's rule. >> for god's sake, this man cannot remain in power. >> reporter: secretary of state antony blinken quickly walked back biden's words. >> we do not have a strategy of regime change in russia or anywhere else for that matter. >> reporter: the kremlin said that the president of russia is elected by russians. zelenskyy gave an interview to independent journalists saying that ukraine would do a peace deal if russia withdraws troops in eastern ukraine and crimea. and in exchange, ukraine would maintain neutral status. and the whole deal would have to be guaranteed by third countries, probably including the united states. peace talks will resume in turkey. >> terry moran, thank you so much. breaking overnight, half of china's biggest city of shanghai entered a lockdown in hopes of stopping a covid-19 surge. the eastern half of the city is shuttered from now until friday. then the western half will begin a similar lockdown. some 26 million people live in shanghai. the city now accounts for almost
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70% of china's current covid cases. now a rescue mission that started on a beach down under. >> a penguin far from its colony didn't move for 20 minutes. so a beachgoer got it in a towel and placed it safely in a cage. a friend brought it to a shelter where they've taken care of it for ten days, nursing it back to health. >> the penguin is getting stronger by the day and will be returned to the wild when it's ready. the penguin would have been fine if it was in the water. but witnesses said it had continuously returned to the beach where it was in danger of being messed with by other animals, potentially dogs. a lot of people there. >> i'm glad it was the right moment at the right time. it looked like a dove commercial, you know when they're rescuing animals. it hit me right in the feels. >> and it's a happy ending for the animal, too, who will be released back into the wild. love hearing that. coming up, who's headed to the final four. plus the terrifying moments on the racetrack for a formula 1 superstar. what we're learning this morning about his condition. and later, a trip down the
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oscars red carpet with some of this year's best-dressed stars. are we included in that? you're watching "world news now." rip douwn the
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check this out.
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scary moments on the track for a member of formula 1 royalty. mick schumacher is out of the hospital after this crash during qualifying for the saudi arabian grand prix. his car slammed into a barrier saturday at an estimated 170 miles per hour. amazingly, he didn't suffer any serious injuries. he is the son of michael schumacher. >> glad he's okay. the men's side of march madness is down to the final four. and after two weekends of buzzer beaters and upsets, some of the usual suspects are headed to new orleans. the clock may have struck midnight and the cinderella story may be over. >> north carolina is heading back to the final four! >> but saint peter's gets to leave the ncaa tournament with their heads held high. >> words can't describe what we did out there.
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>> just to do what we did is incredible. >> we are going to walk out the same way we walked in, with our head up. >> the peacocks losing to north carolina, but they had already made history. the team becoming the lowest-seed ever to advance to the elite eight. >> saint peter's did it. >> saint peter's run made even more incredible considering how small the school's athletic budget is. in 2020 they spent just over $7 million on athletic programs. for comparison, number two-ranked kentucky spent more than $138 million. but now it's on to the final four and more history to be made. unc is set to face duke. the two teams form one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports. they faced each other 257 times, but this will be the first-ever matchup in the ncaa tournament. >> i think we're scheduled to leave on wednesday. i want to leave tonight. i want to get there tonight. >> the big question now, will coach k punch a ticket to his tenth championship game oril ena bitter rival. there was another cinderella story, the miami hurricanes are no more.
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and let's not forget about the other final four game. villanova taking on kansas on saturday. >> all right, should be an exciting -- i just learned this, hold on, the elite eight, final four. you just said it, and then the championship. >> and then the championship. >> "sports with mona," y'all. coming up, the super bowl of fashion. we are checking out some of the biggest head turners on this year's oscars at the red carpet. >> and later we're taking our own spin down the red carpet with a brand-new, special edition red carpet quiz. you're watching "world news now." brand-new, special edition red carpet quiz. you'
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♪ hollywood ♪ i was going to make a joke, but you know, not today. >> not today. >> there was quite a bit of swinging going on in hollywood last night, in more ways than one. >> got it in there. there was a lot of reaction to this moment when will smith slapped chris rock after a joke about jada pinkett smith. the academy says it doesn't condone violence. at least one person is coming to smith's defense, will smith's son jaden," tweeting "and that's how we do it." >> i would say even more than one person. twitter was flooded with a lot of people. it was very divided. there were people who said what he did was not right. that violence is not the answer. but there were a lot of people saying, you know what, that joke was in very poor taste, inappropriate, and they stood by will smith. almost just as important as what happened inside the dolby theater last night is what happened outside on the red carpet. >> oscars aren't just the super bowl of hollywood.
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they are the super bowl of fashion, right? look at us. everybody else wore it. we got best supporting actress winner ariana debose looking like a valentine in head to toe valentino. >> and she was joined by the legendary rita moreno, looking stunning. >> also a vision in red, a very daring vision in red. tracee ellis ross, also in carolina herrera, strapless tea lint with matching red shoes and lipstick. >> red was the color on the carpet, on the stars, sometimes on the tuxedo. >> andrew went more like rita moreno with black on black on black. >> that's all i could find. >> someone who is always stunning is zendaya, who sported this silver sequinned maxi
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skirt. looked amazing, as usual. the biggest head turner was kristen stewart in shanell, a black satin jacket with black shorts. i love a good suit with shorts. i feel like she was inspired by lebron james. remember when he did the suit with shorts? >> russell westbrook has done that a couple times, too. maybe you're right. hollywood does it first when it comes to fashion. meantime the williams sisters served up a couple of winners on the fashion carpet as well. then timothee chalamet bringing his signature shirtless style to the red carpet in a louis vuitton suit. producers said i could not do this for our family-friendly show. >> this would be a lot. sometimes you do throw a button down or two. and this vivid red tuxedo with a gold buttoned, form-fitted skinny slacks. and our very own glamorous power couple, amy robach in a canary yellow sheer gown with a plunging neckline.
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♪ super duper ♪ ♪ come let's mix where rockefellers walk with sticks or umbrellas in their mitts ♪ ♪ puttin' on the ritz ♪ ♪ ♪ the hollywood stars were all puttin' on the ritz for last night's academy awards. >> but when it comes to the red carpet fashion, how much do we really know. this morning our own angelica is putting us all to the test. angelica, girl. >> good morning. happy oscars sunday. we are getting into the details. wearing a double breasted velvet aubergine dinner jacket, andrew garfield sported this unusual tie, what is this tie called? >> it's not a bolo tie. i thought about wearing that today.
3:56 am
i do know what that is. >> oh, kentucky colonel tie. >> exactly. kentucky colonel tie. question two. a midnight blue gown with a high waist. is it empire, french waist, gilded waist or modern waist? >> i'm going to go c, gilded waist. >> empire waist. >> empire waist. yes, mona gets the point. she knows her fashion. question three. olivia coleman wore an elegant silver gown that also drapes nicely. what is the term for all those micro creases, pleats, cuts, pas de boure. >> this one i think i know. it's, a, pleats. >> i was going to say that, too. >> you guys are right. final question, stephanie beatrice wore an off the shoulder dior gown, what does haute couture mean? hot fashion, hot culture or high
3:57 am
attire or high dress making. >> did you take french in high school? >> no, i did not. i think b is a trap, but i'm going to go b anyway. >> i was going to go b too. >> okay, i see where you're going and why you would think that, but it's actually high dress making. >> what? >> sorry, i didn't take french either. >> was that the quiz? >> that's the quiz. you guys nailed it. >> who are you wearing? >> dior jacket. >> okay, girl. >> we have the goodwill -- >> she's like, this is haute couture. this is zara off the runway. >> i've got plenty of pleats in my pants. >> and who are you wearing? >> what am i wearing? >> who's your inspiration for this look? >> andrew garfield i would say. what was he wearing? you showed it. >> velour blazer, kind of what
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you were looking for. >> blazer, tie. you can never go wrong. >> that's it for this half h
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