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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 28, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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will smith appearing to slap chris rock. how fans are reacting. >> crews breaking down the set and red carpet. highlights coming up. jobina: scattered showers. taking a live look outside. rain finally returns. drew is tracking the storm. reggie: we are going to talk about the rain, but i still check about the oscars. jobina: did you all think the sound one out on your tv? reggie: i have been thinking about it all night. we will talk about it some more, but first, the rain. drew: we barely saw chris rock ship. he was silenced.
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to the east bay. this is downpours. 880 that is a showers working its way through the east bay. commute slick. heavy rain. light showers in the east levele today. tracking scattered shows -- showers this morning. pop up storm between noon and 4:00 p.m.. roads are wet. add some extra time. scattered showers through the morning.
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taking the rain gear. in the evening, we dry out. temperatures cool into the 50's and 60's. reggie: the oscars returned last night. jobina: definitely made history,,. we will talk about that in a minute, but we want to get into the films and who won best picture. >> triumphant return to w theater. for the first time in three years, the oscars had host. the all-female trio of hosts not hold back. beyonce kicking off with a performance of be alive. ♪
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and what started as a joke ended in a moment that shocked the adobe theater. will smith slapping in the face after he made fun of jada pinkett smith's hair loss. later, he returned to theo theoe to accept the oscar for best actor and apologized to the academy but did not mention chris rock. up until then, the oscars were uplifting and inspiring. when for best supporting ariana debose became the first openly lgbtq actor and first latina to win best supporting actress. >> you see an openly queer woman
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of color who found her strength in life through arts. >> jessica chastain taking aim at florida's do not say gay bill. >> we are faced with bigoted legislation. >> but the oscars ending on a high note, with the award for best picture going to "cod making history as the first two win as a streaming picture. jobina: now back to that moment everyone is talking about. reggie: will smith slapping chris rock. i am not even going to say appearing to slap. he slopped chris rock. he was talking about jada pinkett smith's hair loss. she has alopecia. the audience was, like the rest of us, stunned.
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movie critic jane wall says she does not condone violence, but this was a hollywood moment. >> i thought that was a root of chris and stupid. will smith was right, so get up there and punch him out. it was unbelievable because it was in the moment. that is why i love the oscars. reggie: that is one way of looking at it. the, did not stop there. smith used salty language to cut chris rock out. chris rock will not be pressing charges. jobina: the academy responded to the altercation, saying it cannot condone violence of any form and is delighted to celebrate winners who deserve this moment of recognition. it was all smiles on the red carpet before the will smith-
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chris rock debacle. hollywood's biggest night, at least for a while, felt like it did before the pandemic. reggie: kumasi aaron. kumasi: how are you feeling tonight? >> looking forward to presenting, seeing some old friends. and that after marty. kumasi: that after party. we will not ask you about that. what is your relationship like with venus? >> she is the best. we talk about all kinds of stuff. she has the best fashion sense. kumasi: how are you feeling? >> i am trying to live in the moment. i am at peace. kumasi: why was it important for you to wear black tonight?
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>> because it is the point of understanding black creative's and designer fashion. muzzy: -- kumasi: kumasi: kumas: richard, you showed how important their mother was. >> she was the heart and soul of the family. kumasi: how seeing your family's story portrayed like this? >> it was good. we were a part of the whole process. it was good to see everything come together. kumasi: how does it feel to be back? >> it is nice to be part of community. they asked me to present best director tonight. it is nice to be here. >> it was just six months ago
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that were were across the street premiering. now i am here. literally, everywhere i look are my childhood heroes. >> it feels great to be back. to be a winner last year and to be here, able to cheer, it is amazing. kumasi: you look amazing. talk about what you are wearing and how you feel. >> i feel amazing, in the school today and go bohne dress, custom made. kumasi: thank you for talking to me. denzel? please talk to me. oh well. reggie: -- jobina: i love it. reggie: kumasi got a a lot of good people. she put it out there that keep
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is going to the serena. jobina: our friend always comes through. reggie: oscar sunday has become oscars monday here at abc 7. we are going to talk to kumasi live at 6:00 a.m. and at seven a special edition of good morning america. jobina: as you heard earlier, we have a 1 on our storm impacts scale. you are going to need this windshield wipers when you head out earlier this morning. >> we are in the east east seeing a good rainstorm. so nice to see. we want to show you conditions in castro valley on interstate 580. it is coming down pretty good
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right now. as you wake up and get adjusted for have to greet your day, keep in mind we have a different day than we have had in a while. yesterday we got a little bit. if you are thinking that is what today is going to look like, prepare yourself for a little more rain. people we talked to very ready to greet this storm. >> yeah, rain. >> it is great. >> we need rain. , the merrier. >> i hope california keeps getting more, but, unfortunately, we watched york forecast and the work thing look like there is going to be a lot more. >> that was yesterday when it was light.
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heavier this morning. adjust your plans as far as driving to work, getting rest for your day. be ready for rain, which we have not had in a while. not anything super treacherous. just a nice, steady, soaking rain that i think everybody will be happy to see. reggie: thank you. drew: you heard amy say those roads are wet. let us take you down to castro valley. light rain. here is 580. heavier shower right now working over palo alto. that is a downpour solely working its way north right now. into the south bay, some light rain. not a bad idea to add a couple
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extra minutes to your commute. here you can see the area pressure, that cold front moving through as we speak. as this local moves over it later this afternoon, it will try and trigger a thunderstorm. could see some hail later on today. breezy out there. thunderstorm chance in the afternoon, best chance between noon and 4:00 p.m. rain focus in the east bay and south bay. 2:00 p.m., scattered showers pop up. chance of thunderstorm. part of the bay area under risk of storm. total rainfall, additional today , another reporter of an inch not of the question. is it causing issues on the roads? sue: it is.
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what out there. height wind advisories for the golden gate, richmond san rafael, and the bay bridge those winds pretty gusty. grab extra hard on the steering wheel this morning. 19 incidents right now. every one of them solo spinel most likely caused by a speed on slick roads. accident on southbound 680 locking a couple of lanes calaveras south on 680. standing water and ponding could be a problem. reggie: negotiations resumed between ukraine and russia. the compromise zelenskyy is proposing. jobina: any bay area rally in in support of ukraine. reggie:
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reggie: the three suspects charged in the robbery and shooting of a retired oakland police captain due in court. the october 2021 confrontation led to a gun battle eddie downtown oakland chevron station. what of the robbers shot and killed. the tired police captain suffered several gunshot wounds and survived. the three suspects charged with murder. jobina: ukraine, zelenskyy, for the first time, laid out his goals for a peace agreement. he said a deal is only possible if russia withdraws its troops. ukrainian we forces have reportedly taken back several towns and villages. the u.n. says about 3.8
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refugees have fled ukraine since the war started. russia and ukraine set to meet again today in turkey. >> this morning, peace talks set to resume between ukraine and russia. the lenski now offering -- zelenskyy now offering a compromise to end the war. he says ukraine is prepared to discuss adopting a neutral status. across ukraine, victories, ukraine claiming they have retaken several villages and towns in the north and east, but in mariupol, thousands remain trapped. not far from the border with poland, president biden warning -- >> do not even think about moving on nato territory. >> zelenskyy appealing for more
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humanitarian aid. he says he believes russia is trying to split the country in half like north and south korea. reggie: bay area ukrainian americans held a rally calling attention to the atrocities. you see hundred 36 empty strollers and car seats. they symbolize each of the young lives lost so far. you can feel the pain and anguish, parents carrying their young ones told us they were furious and heartbroken that children were being victimized. they said the pain is unfathomable, but people need to know what is going on. >> there might be children in america who do not even know that the war is going on. reggie: many worried sick about friends and family in the war zone. they say it is more important than ever to not lose sight of
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young lives impacted. jobina: san francisco welcoming workers into the city with a weeklong series of events. celebrations will be held at seven iconic locations through saturday. abc7news at opening day in union square. expect live music, entertainment, specialty beverages and food. today, activities at salesforce park. . entry is free. reggie: it was a busy weekend for me. jobina: you did not speed run rn the airport? reggie: you did not have a bachelor party oh weekend long? drew: a lot of rest and relaxation. last week, when everything was
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happening downtown, it was fun to see the city packs. traffic was terrible, but, hey, this week should be fun. today is the only day we have rain in the forecast. we are tracking rain. in honor of haten east bay. heavier showers, and isolated downpour owing to be over hayward over the next hour or so. light showers in sonoma. the big story this morning, t mi rain causing slick roadways. a bit of snow in the tahoe area. snow level is feet.
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take the rain gear with you. live look at san jose. wet roadways in the region, overcast skies. wet roads, gusty winds this morning. this evening, that rain going to taper off. scattered showers, slick roads, afternoon thunderstorm chance. this morning, wet weather focused in east bay and south through the afternoon, chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up. tahoe, we could see six to 1212 inches of snow. at home, temperatures in the low 60's 60's. tonight, patchy fog, 40's. thunderstorm this evening, then we dry out. toward the end of the week, we e warm up. reggie: pain at the pump
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prompting thieves to take drastic measures. crime at gas stations causing thousands of dollars in damage to unsuspecting victims.
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drew: taking the umbrella with you today. showers this morning, chance of thunderstorm this afternoon. rain will exit by 6:00 p.m. sue: wet roads, slick spinouts. we have got 19 of them. jobina: drama at the osca will smith hits chris rock on stage after rocket makes a comment about jada pinkett smith hair loss. reggie: zelenskyy has offered a compromise to end the war, think his country is prepared to adopt a neutral status. jobina: ruby princess cruise
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ship back in san francisco with covid infected passengers on board. this is a video of the ship docked in january. according to the chronicle, it had to make a another stop after multiple passengers tested positive. reggie: the fda could authorize a another round of booster shots for people over age 50 as soon as tomorrow. jobina: we are going to check in with kumasi from hollywood, quite the night for her on the red carpet with winners gravitating towards her. we are going to see how she is doing at 6:00 p.m. reggie: yes prisons in the bay area not dropping -- gas prices in the bay area highest reported average price today across the bay area. average price is $5.
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more than last week. jobina: if the soaring prices were not bad enough, guess is inspiring criminal activity. security video shows the thief stealing gas from cars at the dealership near chicago. this is the third time at that dealership in a week. a man drilled holes in 10 gas tanks. you can see gas leaking from the truck after the man left. >> wheat were mad. we do not like the way they do it. somebody risking his life just before $10 or $20 of gas. jobina: the damage to repair the cars will cost his business thousands of dollars. reggie: people visited alameda
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county fairgrounds for the good guys 30th all-american get together this weekend. custom hot rods and classic cars featured. the event included indoor exhibits and children's activities. >> you can tell people were itching to get out. now that some of the and dates have lessened, people were excited to it out and enjoy outdoor entertainment. reggie: the show featured a live burn out competition and an awards ceremony. coming up, hollywood's biggest night featuring a local winner. the movie with bay area ties and an nba star. jobina: battle
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talking about. the real life drama on the oscars stage -- will smith slapping chris rock. jobina: another booster shot under consideration by the fda. the earliest the shot could be authorized. reggie: a cruise ship returns to san francisco with passengers who have tested positive for covid. we are going to get to all that stuff that still has as a ship this morning in just a moment, but we start with the rain. drew: nice to see rain, but it is creating slick roadways and kathy wins. light showers in the south bay. here is 280. we are seeing light showers.
5:31 am
to the east -- hayward, union city -- wet on the san mateo bridge in hercules, berkeley. it is a level one on the on thee scale. later on between noon and about 4:00 p.m., chance of thunderstorms and hail. san mateo bridge, it is wet. rocks on the lens. take the umbrella with you. scattered showers this morning. in the afternoon, thunderstorm chance, temperatures in the 50's and 60's. this rain will get out around 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. reggie: oscars milestones overshadowed by one moment. jobina: if you have not seen it, it is everywhere, will smith smacking chris rock on stage.
5:32 am
we have video of will smith a aa the vanity fair party. he has the oscar in hand for best actor. smith now facing questions about that stunning moment. morgan norwood is live in hollywood. with all the drama, we have to talk about will smith first. >> the 2022 academyademyademyady quart the history books. pauly was against night turning in to hollywood's biggest fight. real life drama at the oscars. will smith slapping chris rock after rock made a joke about smith's wife. >> jayda, g.i. jane two, cannot wait to see it. >> jada pinkett smith has been open about her struggle with alopecia.
5:33 am
seconds later, will smith walks on stage and strikes chris rock. >> wow. will smith just smacked him. >> back in his seat, the actor continued to yell at the comedian. less smith returned to the stage to accept the first oscar of his career, winning best actor for his portrayal of the father of venus and serena williams. >> richard williams was a fierce defender of his family. >> will smith apologized to the academy but did not mention rock. >> does outside to me, at your r highest moment, that is when the
5:34 am
devil comes for you. i want to apologize to the academy, to my fellow nominees. -- this is a beautiful moment. >> the lapd says no chargeshargs been filed, because the individual involved has declined to file a police report. >> the academy posting a statement to twitter, think we do not condone violence. what remains to the scene is if will smith will return. typical, if you win, you are invited back as they presenter. jobina: goodness. you will find more more more coverage through the abc 7 bay area connected tv up.
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we have everything from the will smith slap to his acceptance speech and other big wins. download the app and start streaming right now. reggie: we need a cleanse. some much needed rain continuing this morning. you will need the umbrella and more care as you drive today. >> i have got your cleanse right here. this is a nic n a little different than how we have been starting our weeks for the last several months. this is interstate 680 in san ramone. it has been raining in the east bay for at least a couple of hours. rain.s been a nice, steady, soft you've got a taste it yesterday.
5:36 am
we have some video of the light rain yesterday that got people excited. it is heavier this morning. adjust your expectations. it is different from yesterday, but the reaction we brought was pure delight. >> it is great. we are still in a drought, so even that is not enough. stay safe out there, but keep it raining. >> wouldn't it has been raining and no sign of it letting up anytime soon. we are enjoying this change of pace, slowing it down, being careful. it is a little different today from what you are used to. grab that umbrella, give yourself a little extra time. the roads are wet. reggie: the fda could authorize
5:37 am
another round of covid booster shot for people over 50 as soon as tomorrow. infection rates are ticking up, especially in the northeast because of the omicron subvariant ba.2. fourth shots likely to be offered but not formally recommended. >> while we have limited information about the value of a second booster, a surge is likely to come. vaccinatehe head of a major surge. reggie: in shanghai, a lockdown because of a major surge. half the city enters lockdown today, the other on friday. jobina: negro league princess of cruise ships is back in san francisco with covid inspected
5:38 am
-- covid infected passengers on board. the ruby princess had to make another stop here yesterday after multiple passengers and crew members tested positive. they were on a 15 day panama canal cruise. all infected people were either a symptomatic or mildly symptomatic. everyone on board was vaccinated. thousands of smuggled rock house in california are endangering species. how the suspect at them across the u.s.-mexico border. reggie: steph curry adding to his long list of accolades. his role in the oscar-winner for best documentary short. drew: a wet commute under way. to the north bay, some light rain. napa, vallejo, fairfield, 80's,
5:39 am
wet in spots. palo alto, you can see a down for working gets way north 101 certainly what is it you make your way north and south. the wider picture -- you can easily see that front moving through california. what we are watching later today, you can see that as this moves over us later, it will try to develop the thunderstorm and hail between noon and 4:00 p.m. scattered showers, slick roads, breezy, afternoon chance of a thunderstorm. a lot of the rain is a focus in the east bay, south bay, parts of the north bay. as we go throughout the afternoon, watch as those thunderstorms try and blossom around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m.
5:40 am
part of the bay area under threat of thunderstorm and hail. not out of the question where we see likely more than a quarter of an inch of rain. wet morning, thunderstorm chance this afternoon. sue: it is busy. the rink is causing havoc and solo spinouts. about 19 incidents on the chp log. a majority are due to speed and standing water. san mateo bridge wet. tell lights headed toward foster city and 101. there is a look at the 80 freeway. definitely slow and go. a lot of headlights westbound past golden fields and berkeley. light at the bay bridge toll plaza at this hour.
5:41 am
over the altamont pass, almost an hour commute this monday morning that is pretty typical for each weekday morning. we have a problem north 880 at t winton and hayward. temporarily, all lanes were blocked to clear this accident. traffic stacked back near highway 92 in
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and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. reggie: tenant's rights battle in san francisco. a famous lgbtq activist fighting a move by his landlord that would double his rent. >> show some grace. reggie: dozens of tenants rights
5:44 am
activists and city officials gathered in a rally. jones says his landlord wants to double his rent to $5,000 a month. jones says he does own a small home near the russian river where he went during the covid lockdown. he said instead of packing up, he is staying in the castro. >> i do not know that i am going there to win, but to just walk away, that is not me. today is about the thousands of people across this city who have lived in their homes for decades and who are being harassed, evicted, and rent couched as a way to fourth that. reggie: the san francisco rent board could hold a hearing in the future.
5:45 am
thousands of grocery workers voted to authorize their union to call a strike against large chain supermarkets after asking for higher wages. 47,000 workers planning a potential walkout. that includes clerks, meet cutters, pharmacists at overton's, roles, fonts, pavilions. still unclear when workers will go on strike. large supermarkets countered their proposal of a five dollar an hour increase with $.60. jobina: the california men expected in court today on charges of smuggling reptiles across the u.s.-mexico border. authorities arrested him after finding 60 reptiles hidden in his he illegally imported reptiles worth over $700,000,
5:46 am
some classified as endangered species. he could face 20 years in prison. reggie: a possible decision to cut off water delivery to most california farmers. the decision will force them to plant less in an area that -- that produces nuts, fruits, vegetables. the water district general manager made the decision to release all water the county stores in its reservoirs. >> we hope to something better would come but it did not. it may take two or three years before they are in a healthy position. reggie: farmers say they will be surprised if the issues do not result in higher prices and the grocery store. jobina: a big night for apple tv plus and coda, all the talk backstage was about the will
5:47 am
smith-chris rock altercation. >> the latest details on this moment between chris rock and will smith. thethethethe knights biggest winners -- the back stage interviews with the night's biggest winners. >> do not let people make you think you are crazy. your dreams are not too big. dream bigger. >> from red carpet fashion to showstopping performances. ♪ we will have all the kind scenes secrets from the oscars coming up at 7:00 a.m. reggie: a big win for apple.
5:48 am
original film coda took home the gold in three categories. it is the first film with the predominantly death cast to win best picture. coda also won best adapted screenplay. apple said it has been rewarding to share this story which reminds us of the power of film to bring the world together. jobina: the queen of basketball took home gold for the short subject documentary. >> if there is anyone out there that still doubts whether there is an audience for female athletes, let this academy award be the answer. >> steph curry and shakeel o'neill among the top promoters of the film. this comes about two months
5:49 am
after the death of harris, who scored the first basket in nba history. the director called upon president biden to bring whitney greiner home. -- brittney griner some people did use their podium time for good -- jessica chastain. reggie: supporting lgbtq folk, bringing light to the epidemic of suicide. love that. jobina: you know -- drew: that is not what people are talking about. reggie: lady gaga. jobina: that was a nice moment, but still. still, we gossip. drew: people still talking about it. i just think of the hosts were
5:50 am
amazing. i love them. jobina: they should come back next year. reggie: because we need a redo. the whole second half of the show deserves a redo. drew: everyone was like, i can eat something. that is great, but -- good morning, everybody. rain has returned. the storm moved in late plastic. we are talking scattered showers this morning. a tour around the bay area. we have some light showers this morning. take it the umbrella with you. good idea to add some extra time. several solo spinouts, ponding on roadways, slick conditions.
5:51 am
around 619, sand the renzo, heavier showers, 63 around san leandro. shortly before 7:00, you will see a steadier downpour. with this rain, low 50's. live look at san jose, wet roadways on the freeway. gusty twins, later. rain will move out after 6:00 p.m. hour by hour, we are tracking that rain. as the slope moves overestimate it has a chance of sparking a thunderstorm. tahoe expecting five to 10 inches of snow. tonight, this rain moves out. we will likely see some patchy fog, 40's. take the rain with you today.
5:52 am
we dry out and warm up by the end of the week. reggie: putting pressure on covid vaccines makers. what investors are asking them to do. jobina: nas
5:53 am
5:54 am
mission. three private astronauts one week away from boarding. it is the first all private mission to the international space station. a former astronaut will lead as commander. >> it is historic. i pinch myself every day. to be sitting on top of one of
5:55 am
those rockets, i feel very blessed. jobina: nasa currently space launching system. it will be the largest rocket to launch from earth. it will travel around the moon. astronauts will not board the first, but in a few words, it plans to put humans on the moon. reggie: next generation ipad pro. the new tablet will have wireless charging. apple's rumored them to should boost performance and efficiency. apple added several upgrades last year, including 5g. instagram allowing you to send a voice message in response to someone's stories. the company has not commented on the possible new addition.
5:56 am
yesterday, they added a pri a pa likes section. drew: trucking rain out there. for the commute, use caution -- scattered showers, standing water on the roads. at extra distance between the car in front of you. green focused on the south bay and east bay this morning. chance of a thunderstorm later on. level 1 on the strength impact scale. best chance of thunderstorm between noon and 4:00 p.m. water on the road, windshield wipers. slower because of the rain. by 4:00 p.m., chance of a thunderstorm. after 6:00 this evening, that rain was. jobina: next, our coverage of
5:57 am
the oscars continues. reggie: kumasi aaron of waking up in hollywood. am sure she had an interesting night, especially after that slap. jobina: from hi ♪ windows open, i'm yelling unity ♪ ♪ side by side with my community ♪ ♪ celebrate, let's have a jubilee ♪ ♪ they've been there for us ♪ ♪ let's be there for them ♪ care coalition,
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. jobina: we are wa we are wa we a this monday morning, you can see
6:00 am
green on live doppler 7, drew is tracking scattered showers. reggie: high drama and hollywood as will smith takes a swing at chris rock during the oscars. we have more on the slap everybody is talking about. good morning on this monday, march 28. jobina: we are going to check in on the weather, the wipers are going. drew: later this afternoon, the chance of a thunderstorm. wish we were wet weather is this morning, we are tracking showers along the peninsula, south bay and east bay. the pops of yellow, the isolated downpours working through. it is wet on the roads from 280 to 80. at extra time and distance to the car in front of you. level 1 on the impact scale, slick roads this morning and afternoon thunderstorm chance. a live look, when should wipers getting a workout with the rain coming up from standing water on the roadways. here's how the day is shaping up, we track scattered showers throughout the morning. take the reindeer with you.
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