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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 28, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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reggie: high drama and hollywood as will smith takes a swing at chris rock during the oscars. we have more on the slap everybody is talking about. good morning on this monday, march 28. jobina: we are going to check in on the weather, the wipers are going. drew: later this afternoon, the chance of a thunderstorm. wish we were wet weather is this morning, we are tracking showers along the peninsula, south bay and east bay. the pops of yellow, the isolated downpours working through. it is wet on the roads from 280 to 80. at extra time and distance to the car in front of you. level 1 on the impact scale, slick roads this morning and afternoon thunderstorm chance. a live look, when should wipers getting a workout with the rain coming up from standing water on the roadways. here's how the day is shaping up, we track scattered showers throughout the morning. take the reindeer with you. you will need at some point during the day.
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the afternoon, little bit of instability. thunderstorm is likely to pop up across parts of the region. you could see hail. the best chances between noon and 4:00 today, later this evening we dry out the showers by 6:00. hour-by-hour coming up. reggie: oscars milestones have been overshadowed by one violent moment. jobina: we cannot stop talking about it, will smith smacking chris rock on stage during hollywood's biggest night. have a video of will smith at the vanity fair after party holding his oscar in hand for winning best actor in the starring role in king richard. now facing questions about the stunning moment. we have team coverage this morning, starting with morgan norwood, who is live in hollywood with all of the awards show drama. morgan: goodness, i am still in shock, as i am sure many of you at home are as well. it's 22 oscars one for the
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record books, turning into hollywood's biggest fight. this morning, real-life drama at the oscars. will smith slapping comedian chris rock on stage after he made a joke about smith's wife. >> data, i love you. -- jada, i love you. kumasi: poking -- morgan: poking fun at her shaved head, her condition leads to hair loss. will smith then strikes him. >> wow. [laughter] morgan: back at his seat, the actor continued to yell at the comedian. >> keep my wife's name out name [redacted] mouth. >> i am going to. morgan: less than an hour later, he returned to the stage to accept the first oscar of his
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career, winning best actor for his pick trail of richard williams. this portrayal of richard williams. >> richard williams was a fierce defender of his family. morgan: he apologized to the academy and his acceptance speech, but did not mention rock. >> denzel said to me a few minutes ago, at your highest moment, be careful. that is when the devil comes for you. i want to apologize to the academy, to my fellow nominees. morgan: the lapd says it is aware of the incident, but no charges have been filed. the individual involved has declined to file a police report. we are hearing from the academy this morning, they posted on
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twitter a statement saying "we do not condone violence of any form." we are asking the academy about what action they plan to take, if any, in response to what unfolded. i am morgan norwood, back to you. reggie: thank you so much, let's talk about it, i know i cannot stop thinking about it after i saw it. it made the rest of the show an afterthought, which is unfortunate to all of the winners. gloria rodriguez is in the newsroom to talk more about how viewers reacted. gloria: so many people talking about this this morning, the academy is reacting. the lapd saying it is aware of the incident and the person involved declined to file a police report. it happened after chris rock said this >> jada, i love you, gi jane can't wait to see it. gloria: smith walking on stage
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and taking a swing at rock, then shouting to leave jada pinkett smith alone, cussing him out. she suffers from a here condition, called alopecia. -- hair loss condition. it is unclear whether chris rock knew that or not. there were watch parties in the bay area last night, crowds like the one in larkspur gorton off. they were mixed reactions to this lack -- slap. a movie critic says she does not condone violence, but this was a hollywood moment. >> i thought that was rude of chris and stupid. he is a funny man, one of my favorite comics. he does it need to do that. will smith was right. get up there and punch him out. it was unbelievable, it was in the moment. that is why i love the oscars. things happen in the moment. >> it looked like she strike tim for real, i did not think it was appropriate to be physical appropriate. it was disturbing. i am glad he apologized.
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gloria: the academy saying the academy does not condone violence of any form, saying we are delighted to celebrate our 94th academy award winners who deserve this moment of recognition from their peers and movie lovers around the world. smith did apologize to the academy and his acceptance speech, said he is a fierce defender, like his character richard williams from king richard. but he did not mention rock in the speech. there is a lot of talk about this today. jobina: we are going to try and move on from this debacle, we want to talk about what happened beforehand. the red carpet was all smiles for hollywood's biggest night, at least for a while. it felt like before pandemic times. the glitz and glamour, and our friend. reggie: we were wondering, who is kumasi aaron going to meet? she met just about everybody. it was impressive. kumasi: that prayer you did
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before i came to l.a. must have worked. i had the best experience here. i was able to talk to so many stars, unfortunately what gloria just talked about, that moment with will smith and chris rock, did overshadow what was happening inside the dolby theater and outside on the red carpet. i do not think anything could have stopped the glamour. let's start. i was able to see will smith when he arrived, it was just, hey. talking to everybody on the red carpet. all smiles, he was with jada, did some interviews, was talking to fans because they had a famine section. it was a wonderful time. -- fan section. it was a wonderful time. i was screaming to try to talk to will, he did not come over, but oh well. i talked to so many other celebrities, they were making their way into the theater into the theater and really happy to do so. how did you feel about seeing your family's story pretrade like this? >> we were part of the whole
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process, it was so good to be a part of it and see everything come together was good. kumasi: how does it feel to be back? >> it is nice to be part of a community, i am out here all the time. they asked me to present the best director tonight, so i want to make sure they were sure they wanted me to do that. it is nice to be here. kumasi: friends, you know serena was top of my list, that was a whole moment for me. i love kevin costner. it was so amazing to be able to not only see so many of the stars, but get them to come by and talk with me. i have a lot more to share with you, i am going to do that at 6:30. really talking to a lot of the stars and some from the bay area, i am excited to share it with you. live in l.a., kumasi aaron, abc7news. jobina: what time did you go to sleep? you are looking fire this morning. kumasi: when you only have four
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hours of sleep, you can leave some of the lashes on and i make it. [laughter] then you beat around here. you got to do it you got to do. [laughter] it was worth it. it was hard for me to go to sleep, i was so energized from all the moments on the red carpet. before the ceremony started, i was able to talk to a lot of different people. afterwards for my life at 11:00, i got to talk with one of the winners walking by. it took me a while to calm down and go to sleep. thinking about coming and talking to you all about this moment made me perk up. it is all good. reggie: who is your number one? kumasi: you know what? wesley snipes. i have been a fan of wesley snipes since boomerang, coming 2 america. and i saw him, i was like, wesley. i had a moment, please come over and talk to me.
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he did, we talked about his outfit. i told him he did shine in coming 2 america, he got into character with me for a minute. it was awesome to talk with him. of course, serena. i've been waiting to talk with her. it was cool she was there and took the time to talk with me, her outfit was everything. it is hard to pick. it was the best experience, i was in a good spot. reggie: when i was watching the ceremony, i saw tiffany haddish and thought, i wonder if they had a hair -- and you did. jobina: she pulled it right out. kumasi: tiffany and i had a moment. we are both short, natural. she inspired me with her later, she is blonde, if she iss let me see what i can do. we had that moment, she was so kind. we love insecure, i was able to talk to jay ellis, i called him
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lawrence. we talked about that, about insecure ending. it was just -- [laughter] it was everything. reggie: ok, team lawrence. kumasi: i was trained to keep it together, not be a fan. remain professional. [laughter] reggie: i love seeing you out there, we will see in a few minutes. thank you so much. bye for now. oscar sunday has become oscar's monday here on abc 7, stay tuned for a special addition of good morning america at 7:00. we are streaming at 7:00, by the way on abc 7 mornings. if you want to watch seven at 7:00, we are here for that. at 9:00, it is lives after oscar show with kelly and ryan. jobina: we can't forget about the fashion, we will recap some of the night's biggest and most stunning looks. drew: take the rain check and umbrella, live doppler 7, we are tracking scatter downpours. dentistry level from union city to fremont, scatter downpours --
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jobina: we have a one thunderstorm impact scale, you need the winchell wipers. amy hollyfield has been writing around the east bay, where are you now and what are you seeing? amy: take a look, do not adjust your tv set. it is really raining in the bay area, it is coming down pretty good. we are on i 680 in san ramon, we are in the east bay. it has been raining for a few hours, if you're just waking up be prepared for a pretty good
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soaking around your area. this is not the last five minutes, we've been experiencing this since about 4:00 this morning. it moved in yesterday, we got some rain yesterday. it is much heavier right now, yesterday was just a little preview of what was to come. even the little bit we got yesterday had people very excited. >> yay. >> yes, great. it is something we needed. >> it is good, we need rain. the more the merrier, bring it on. >> it is a big deal. i hope california keeps getting more and more, unfortunately, we watched your forecast and they were saying it does not look like there will be a whole lot more. amy: thi thi thi thi thi soaking, it has to give firefighters a good feeling after being so concerned about
6:16 am
dry it has been, the hot weather we had. this is going to help cool things off. help give us some good moisture where the grasses were starting to look really dry. this is a good soaking we are getting, it has been a light, steady rain. nothing to be concerned about, nothing treacherous. just a heads up as you get ready this morning. grabbed the umbrella, grabbed the rain jacket. give yourself a little extra time, it has been raining reporting live from the east bay, abc7news. the reindeer with you. here's 87 in san jose, live look. it is a wet morning for a lot of us. use caution for the morning commute, we have scattered showers. we are finding standing water on roadways, hydroplaning is a concern. at extra time to your commute index to desist to the cars in
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front of you. -- and extra distance to the cars in front of you. scatter downpours down to fremont this morning, 680, 101 we are finding what roadways. storm impact scale, level 1. scattered showers, slick roads is the biggest concern with the rain falling during the commute. it is breezy, especially across area bridges. this afternoon, a thunderstorm chanced likely between noon and 4:00 p.m. later today. if one pops up, we could track hail to finish the storm. more about that that is from chance coming up, first about what is happening on the commute. >> 23 is the magic number, that is the amount of incidents on the chp log. the majority's solo spinouts, the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights were turned on at 5:49. a minor wait to get past the toll plaza onto the span. once you get to the western side, there is an accident reported perpendicular in lanes,
6:18 am
that is near harrison. heads up, you will find a slow traffic approaching san francisco, we will follow that for the rest of the morning. the bridge crews are good about getting it cleared out. 880 past the coliseum, headlights headed southbound. northbound is moving nicely, we have reports of various solo spinouts between hayward, so a heads up on that. slow traffic coming into 80 westbound with an accident at carlsen, blocking lanes. slow indigo this morning -- and go this morning.
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coming up. >> great to be with both of you this morning, coming up on gma, we are live in los angeles with the fallout from the oscars tenant. not a snub, but will smith slapping chris rock right before he won the oscar for best actor. we have details. the latest from ukraine as zelenskyy lays out terms of a possible peace deal in what president biden is saying about his comments on vladimir putin during his speech in poland. plus, an exclusive with kim kardashian. she is speaking out about the backlash to her recent comments about women and work. more on the oscars come all the big winners. we were backstage and fashion experts break down the hottest looks on the red carpet. we have an incredible supplies for one aspiring young filmmaker. in oscar after party, i will be on top of the empire state building freezing. don'
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(music throughout)
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reggie: we've got the rain, it
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is coming down. drew: we do. a lot of standing water on the roadways, we find the rain throughout much of the morning. live doppler 7, let's take a tour ensure he was happening where you live. first, where the heaviest rain is falling. from hayward to union city, fremont, yellow indicates heavier showers. they are scattered in nature, it is not a question as you go about your commute you may encounter one, which will cause you to slow down. san jose, santaose, santaose, showing light showers. a different story as we headed toward the peninsula. redwood city, east palo alto. we are tracking downpours this morning. hercules to walnut creek, light but steady rain. san francisco for the most part dealing with overcast skies, scattered showers through parts of the. sonoma to napa, light showers. it 80 in oakland, some rain.
6:25 am
at extra time to your commute this morning and extra distance to the current front of you. chance of a thunderstorm today between noon and 4:00, then the rain tapers later this evening. later this morning to early afternoon, scattered showers. by 2:00, 3:00, scatter chance of a thunderstorm developing. hail can be a concern. highs in the low 60's with scattered showers, chance of a thunderstorm later today. tonight, the rain moves out. we find patchy fog and numbers in the 40's. we track and then a strong chance this afternoon, in terms of wet weather that is it for the week ahead. we try out and warm up by thursday and friday. saturday and sunday looking dry with sunshine. reggie: next, hollywood's biggest night featuring a local winner. the movie with bay area ties and an nba star who to come oscar gold. jobina: a battle is brewing over rent increase.
6:26 am
the activist at the center of all of it and his fight to stay put. reggie: a live look outside, 6:25. be right back. >> abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 1, that means light rain. keep in umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7news everyone's a multitasker these days. and with supersonic wifi from xfinity, your internet can multitask too. it's got gig speeds to the most homes... advanced security that blocks billions of cyber threats
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thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: note 6:30, we are tracking ring to start your work week from brett -- wet roads to gusty winds. jobina: oscar slap stunner. the moment everyone is talking about. will smith on stage facing off with chris rock. kumasi: i am live in los angeles covering all things oscars. it was an exciting night on the red carpet, my celebrity interviews coming up.
6:29 am
jobina: can't wait for that. she talked to everyone. reggie: she really did. even the people who did not talk to her, she still got acknowledgment. [laughter] jobina: she did. reggie: she said, my voice will carry. [laughter] jobina: loved it. it did not rain on her, thank goodness. we are getting it here. drew: the red carpet was great. this morning, waking up to rain focused in the south bay and east bay. as you go down to street level, i want to show you the heaviest rain. falling in palo alto, fremont where you see brighter colors, the yellow, the orange. those are the downpours we have out there right now. level 1 we are tracking, the biggest impact is standing water on roadways. slick conditions for the commute. there is the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. a live look, the rain is falling across the south bay. here's how the day is shaping up. a level 1 scattered showers
6:30 am
throughout the morning, gradually climbing to the low 60's later this afternoon. we are tracking the chance of a thunderstorm, the best chance of finding one is between noon and 4:00 if one does pop up, we likely track hail. something we watch closely this afternoon. the rain is out of here by 6:00 p.m. this evening, we go hour-by-hour to plan your day and about nine minutes. reggie: the oscars return in full force to the dolby theater in hollywood. there was a lot of anticipation about many nominees and if anyone would make history. jobina: that is being overshadowed because the moment everyone is talking about, we keep talking about. the showdown between will smith and chris rock. morgan norwood catches us up on all of that and the other shows highlights. morgan: the academy awards making a trampy return. for the first time in three years, they had host. the all-female trio did not h
6:31 am
back. >> this year, the academy hired three women to host because it is cheaper than hiring one man. morgan: beyoncé kicking off the oscars. ♪ what started as a joke -- >>gi jane 2, can't wait to see it. morgan: ended in a moment that shock the theater, will smith smacking him in the face after he made fun of her hair loss. later in the show, he returned to the stage to accept best actor. he paid tribute to richard williams and issued an apology to the academy. he did not mention chris rock. >> i want to apologize to the academy, a hope they invite me back. thank you. morgan: up until then, the oscars were uplifting and inspiring. making history with the wind and
6:32 am
best supporting actor is the first man who was deaf to win an oscar. ariana debose became the first openly lgbtq actor and first afro latina to an best supporting actress. >> you see in openly queer woman of color who found her strength in life through art. morgan: for best actress, jessica chastain and her speech taking aim at florida's do not say gay bill. >> we are faced with discriminatory and bigoted legislation that is sweeping our country. morgan: the oscars ending on a high note with the award for best picture going to coda. codacodacodacodacodacoda streaming movie to win best picture, that is one of the many firsts during hollywood's biggest night. abc news, hollywood. reggie: will smith and jada pinkett smith's son, jaden, shared the street last night. it says "and that is how we do
6:33 am
it." we also know they went to the vanity fair party, they were dancing, playing some of will smith's hits. dancing the night away to that. jobina: they had a full night. reggie: they really did. jobina: i'm still deciding. reggie: i am, too. i can't stop thinking about it. jobina: maybe you thought your tv went out, because of audio issues. reggie: i did think we had a problem. he had a problem earlier in the night, so when that happened i did not a what was going on. jobina: i did, they might started coming back and going out, i said this is not a bit. this is real. we've been talking about some happier things throughout the morning, the red carpet and our friend kumasi aaron who was there for all the big moments. reggie: you saw will smith and jada pinkett smith before they made their way inside, before the drama. you did not hear directly from them, but you talk to just about
6:34 am
everybody else. you really got -- the big one was seeing serena. kumasi: you know, we talked about this before i left. she was top of my list. serena is coming, i was like, there she is. she looks like a goddess. just amazing. she was coming down this way, i am trying to make eye contact. i was like serena, will you talk with me? it all worked out, i can't wait to share it with you. it was such an exciting time on the red carpet. a lot of that is being overshadowed by what happened with will smith. we talked about me seeing him on the red carpet, i to surety that video seo can see what it was like. it was oscars as normal for the most part. wngowthd caethautiful green dress. they were talking to people, talking to fans. they were doing interviews as part of the red carpet show.
6:35 am
you wouldn't have even thought anything was up with anyone, it was oscars back to normal. the dolby theater did not have the oscars last year, so a lot of these celebrities were excited as they came down the red carpet. i got a chance to talk with a lot of them. how are you feeling being here tonight? >> i'm looking forward to presenting, looking forward to seeing old friends. looking forward to laughter. in the after party. kumasi: the after party. we won't ask you about that. [laughter] what is your relationship like with venous? -- b=v >> she is my big sister, she is funny. she has the best fashion sense. >> i am trying to live the moment for what it is. i am at peace right now. kumasi: why was important for you to wear a black designer tonight? >> i feel like i played a part
6:36 am
in starting the tipping point of understanding the value of black creators in design and fashion. kumasi: you showed how their mother was. >> she was the heart and soul of that family, she is the heart and soul. it was my joy. i keep saying joy, but yes. kumasi: you look good, thank you. san francisco loves you. how did you feel about seeing your families story betrayed this? -- portrayed like this? >> it was good, we were part of the whole process. it was good to see everything come together was really good. kumasi: how does it feel to be back? >> it is nice to be part of a community, i am out here all the time. they asked me to present best director tonight, so i wanted to make sure they were sure they wanted me to do that. it is nice to be here. >> it was six months ago we were across the street, now i am
6:37 am
here. everywhere i looked are my childhood heroes. kumasi: how does it feel to be here at the oscars? >> i can't believe i'm here, to be a winner last year and to be here and chill come have a good time is amazing. kumasi: you inspire me with your short natural. you look amazing, talk about what you are wearing and how you feel being here. >> i feel amazing being here, especially in this dress, custom-made. and, this beautiful jewelry. italian from head to to. she is ready. kumasi: thank you for talking to me. denzel! thins out, please talk to me -- denzel, please talk to me! a well. [laughter] i was trying so hard.
6:38 am
he is going to hear my voice, he will come over. it did not happen, but not for lack of trying. he came toward the end of the ceremony, i felt like he was i better get in my seat and get in here. i tried. that is what you have to do. if you saw how much i was yelling at people, point to get people, trying to make eye contact. 15 minutes -- 15 seconds. they'd be like, ok. i'd be promising, then they would come over. i have one question. serena was like, i have one question. this is hard. when she was leaving, i was like when you coming back to dolores park? she said i'm coming back soon. girl, let us know. we will be out there waiting. reggie: yes we will. [laughter] can we talk? we were saying this, simu, simu, love as far as male fashion, that was my favorite. the red tuxedo. he looked fantastic. and the skin.
6:39 am
jobina: just flawless. kumasi: right? he was telling me how he felt like he had imposter syndrome walking down the red carpet. honey, you are the red carpet right now. you look amazing. [laughter] it is so interesting for me to see -- like he said, people he looked up to and when i saw him come down, i was like oh my goodness, i have to talk to him. also, sebastian pink. that was an outfit. reggie: his kumasi: relay. he performed so well, he was really calm talking to me, going to do this huge performance in like an hour. it was cool talking to him. jobina: one more question for you. where were you during this lab
6:40 am
-- the slap? your text cameyour text cameyoue five seconds before it happened on our end, on tv. where were you? kumasi: oh. i did not know that. like 5:00, they kick everybody. once the ceremony starts, they kick the media off the red carpet. i made my way back -- there is an area where abc colleagues work, we have feeds from what is going on inside. feeds from all of the entrances. we were listening, watching live as this moment was happening. it was almost like everyone in the room had to look around, we were looking around at each other like, did that just happen? was this a joke? is it part of the oscars? we had to go back and look to find out this really did happen.
6:41 am
it was a sense of shock. you all are my friends, i texted you immediately. you will see this? -- did you all see this? it was an unbelievable moment. reggie: we can't leave without talking about the fashion you displayed. we love this, by the way. kumasi: thank you. jobina: yes. kumasi: you all told me when you saw me try on the blue, you love the blue. so i said i must wear the blue. i also wore this, if you've got options, take advantage. so i rocked this. for like the first half of the red carpet. then i put on the blue for the second half. both dresses are by a designer here in l.a. named kevin hall, he is amazing. he has done dresses and designs for michelle obama and other women but every day look up to. i was really happy he had time to dress me. i think the blue on the red carpet really popped, it may do
6:42 am
celebrities say oh, ok. i felt like i stood up. it was part of the strategy, and i felt good in it. jobina: it looked amazing, all of them did. reggie: your personality always shines first, but you've got some dresses that almost matched it. [laughter] jobina: that is exactly what it was. kumasi: thank you. reggie: you brought so much joy to it, thank you. looked stunning, as always. jobina: hope to see you soon. kumasi: see you soon. jobina: you can find more of our oscars coverage on demand through the abc 7 bay area tv app. we have everything from the will smith moment to his acceptance speech and our abc parent company disney has all of that, too. reggie: i thought we had another moment there. [laughter] don't worry, we are fine. much-needed rain continues this morning over the bay area, you
6:43 am
need the umbrella and more care as you drive to work or school. amy hollyfield is live in san ramon. amy: good morning, we are seeing something that is making a smile. that is rain in the bay, much-needed. take a look for yourself. do not adjust your television set, this is real. this is i 680 in san ramon in the east bay, we've been getting a nice soaking since 4:00 a.m., it has been nonstop. it is nothing to devasta have not seen any flooding, haven't seen any accidents where we are. but just what we need, rain. it has been a delight to experience, i am happy to tell you all about it. he saw a little bit of it yesterday, we had a preview of what was to come. it is much heavier this morning, yesterday was light compared to today. even the sneak peek yesterday had people feeling really good.
6:44 am
so happy to see it. >> it is great, we are still in the drought. even that is not enough. just stay safe out there. but keep it raining. amy: we we we to say. it is a delight. we know how badly we need it, we are being very safe, being careful, taking it slow. once to give you a heads up this day looks a little different than what you have seen for a while now. prepare yourself as far as what you wear this morning, what you take with you. give yourself extra time if you're out on the roads. light from the east bay, abc7news. best live from the east bay, abc7news. jobina: stephen curry now adding to the long list of accolades, his role in the oscar-winner for best documentary short. reggie: live at the big board at the new york stock exchange, negative territory so far this morning. jobina: you can watch us for a
6:45 am
whole extra hour, abc 7 at 7:00 is live every weekday from 7:00 to 8:00 on the streaming out. we are breaking down all of the highlights from the oscars, kumasi aaron will join us live. lust, not oscars content including a possible update on hank the tank. you can download the app now. drew: 6:45, we are loving the rain this morning. it is causing issues for the commute, use caution with scattered showers moving through. a lot of standing water on the freeways. add extra time to the commute, lengthen the distance between you and the car in front of you. we are fighting the steadiest and heaviest rain, a lot is focused in the south bay. fremont, even union city getting a downpour. east palo alto, a line of heavier downpours slowly working to the north. scattered showers around san
6:46 am
jose and sunnyvale at this hour. light rain is falling from oakland to danville, even scattered showers and parts of the north bay. hour-by-hour, scattered showers throughout the morning. later on this afternoon, 3:00 p.m., the chance for a thunderstorm to develop. if one does, we could see some hail later today. something we will watch closely as the day goes on. rain for estimates likely see about a quarter inch of rain, downpour moving through. take it easy. then they morning commute is slower than normal. sue: good morning. it is much slower out there due to the rain, to the north bay. san rafael and the cameras looking at the tail heading southbound. we had an accident in the northbound direction, blocking the ramp. you want to take north san pedro if you are trying to get over to the northgate mall. high wind advisory on the bay bridge, golden gate and richmond san rafael, it was very blustery this morning.
6:47 am
heads up, we have problems all around the bay with an accident now at carlsen, westbound 80. slow traffic through the 880 corridor all the way down to the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a couple of accidents on the bridge over toward harrison and fremont. there were two separate accidents, that is the reason it is bumper-to-bumper across the bay bridge. if you can take part, they are experiencing a 10 minute delay. but it is better than the backup
6:48 am
and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez!
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who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. jobina: famous lgbtq actavis is fighting a move by his landlord to double his rent. he is fighting to stay in the neighborhood apartment where he has lived for more than a decade. >> do not displace. show some grace. jobina: dozens of tenants
6:50 am
activists gathered to rally in support of jones. he says his landlord wants to double his rent $5,000 a month. he says his landlord is claiming the apartment was being subleased to a roommate and it was not his primary residence. jones denies this, saying he does own a small home near the russian river, where he went during the lockdown because he is immunocompromised. instead of packing up, he is staying in the castro. >> i do not know i'm going to win this, i do not have a clue. to just walk away, no. that is not me. >> today is not just about showing solidarity. today is about the thousands of people across the city who have lived in their homes for decades and are being harassed, evicted and rent couched as a way to force them out of the community. jobina: the san francisco board
6:51 am
could hold a hearing on the matter. abc7news has reached out to the landlord, we have not heard back. reggie: morning many report, i have to fill up today. if you do, it is not great. aaa reports the highest recorded average price today across the bay area. the average cost for a gallon of regular in san francisco is five dollars 93 cents, a penny more than last week. prices are up three cents a gallon in oakland and san jose. taking a live look at look at york stock exchange as trading gets underway, we remain in negative territory, down about 122 points. not to the big story, coverage of the 94th annual oscars. last night brought home a big win for apple. it's original film coda home the gold in three categories.
6:52 am
to win an oscar. apple issued a statement saying it has been rewarding to share this life-affirming, vibrant story, which reminds us of the power of film to bring the world together. jobina: the story of lucy a harris won an oscar, the queen of basketball took home gold for the short subject documentary. >> if there is anyone out there that still doubts whether there is an audience for female athletes, let this academy award be the answer. [applause] jobina: stephen curry and shaquille o'neal were among the executive producers and top promoters of the 22 minute film. it comes about two months after the death of harris, who scored the first basket and elliptic women's basketball history. she was the first woman officially drafted by an nba team, then directed the short. he used his oscar moment to call upon president biden to bring a wnba star home who is currently
6:53 am
detained in russia. now, to the hottest looks on the red carpet, because it is not hollywood's biggest night without serious style. when did tiffany say? she ready. reggie: good morning america is breaking it all down. >> all the beautiful pastels that reminded me of jars of candy, nicole said she created this specific color of blue with our money. i was calling it nicole kidman blue. -- armani. we saw these candy colored pastels, lily james looked so beautiful denver saatchi. -- in versace. i love this gown, the latest details. >> red was the color of the night. simu liu wore a red kiersten dunst also wore red. jobina: looking great. reggie: that's the first time i
6:54 am
saw her, that looks cool. oh my gosh. yes. jobina: little mermaid. reggie: part of your world. drew: yes. reggie: make it fashion. drew: yes, that was it. jobina: gma will have a full round up coming up at 7:00, but we will to on abc seven at 7:00. reggie: we have things to say. drew: shoulds gorgeous. tracking rain -- she looked gorgeous. tracking rain for monday, we look to see it return to the bay area. we are finding the heaviest rain is from fremont, palo alto, sunnyvale. some light showers around hayward. walnut creek has light rain, highway four in the east bay is certainly wet from concord as you make your way through antioch. scattered showers, for the most part bergen county is mainly dry with a lot of cloud cover. a live look at san jose, a lot
6:55 am
of drops on the lens. what's on the freeways. at extra distance to the car in front of you, sue is tracking a lot of solo spinouts. gusty wind and rain in the morning, the chance of a thunderstorm between noon and 4:00 p.m., then the rain tapers off his evening after 6:00. how level 1 on the storm impact scale, scattered showers. the biggest issue is a slick roads and the afternoon chance of a thunderstorm. of one pops up, we could see hail. scattered showers throughout the day. into the afternoon as the low spins over, it will try to pop with thunderstorm. during production center outlined a lot of the bay area in green, indicating the chance of a thunderstorm developing later today. winter weather advisory in effect until 8:00 p.m., five to 10 inches of snow. pretty high snow level, slick conditions and reduced visibility. back at home, level 1 with temperatures in the 60's today. overnight, temperatures into the
6:56 am
40's. we track rain today at a chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. write out tuesday, warm up by the end of the week. saturday and sunday looking dry. if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together. more family time. more time to remember. opdivo and yervoy can cause your immune system to harm healthy parts of your body during and after treatment. these problems can be severe and lead to death.
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6:58 am
drew: we are tracking scattered showers on live doppler 7, mis-c morning commute. showers in the forecast of the afternoon, chance of a thunderstorm later today. showers out of here later this evening. sue: we are following a messy morning commute. bay bridge metering lights are on, an accident on the western portion of the span. a couple cars stuck together near harrison street, slow indigo. major backup at the bay bridge -- and go. jobina: drama at the oscars. will smith hits chris rock on stage after rock made the comment about jada pinkett smith's hair loss condition. reggie: peace talks resume today between ukraine and russia. zelenskyy has offered compromise to end the war, saying his country is prepared to adopt a
6:59 am
neutral status. jobina: for second time this year, cruiseship is back in san francisco with covid infected passengers on board. this is video of the ship docked in the city in january. opening to the chronicle, the ship had to make another stop after multiple passengers and crew members tested positive. reggie: the fda could authorize another round of booster shop death shots for over the age of 50 tomorrow. jobina: number seven, kumasi aaron, check this out. she has been in hollywood all weekend long. she has outfits for days. she was given the days to everybody, she interviewed stars like serena williams. sleaze snipes. kevin costner -- wesley snipes. she is going to be with us at 7:00. reggie: join the party then. jobina: speak on it. drew: can't wait to see more
7:00 am
from her. reggie: she is the joy in what was a hot mess. [laughter] good morning, america, for our viewers in the west on this monday morning. after hollywood's biggest night, the new details on the shocking oscars moment. breaking overnight, star struck. the slap seen around the world. >> oh, wow. wow. >> will smith smacking chris rock on live tv at the academy awards after a joke about his wife jada pinkett smith. and then, returning to the stage to accept the award for best actor. >> love will make you do crazy things. >> the fallout this morning. fierce resistance. ukraine reclaims territory, forcing russian troops back after president biden's passionate speech in poland. >> for god's sake, this man cannot remain in power.


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