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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> thanks for joining us. when we talk about economic issues being part of building a better bay area, we mean thing able to afford to live here. all of that seems to be getting harder and harder. and it affects all of us. we want you to be prepared as best as possible. leon melendez explains why utility bills are going up and what you can do about it. >> people joke about everything going up except wages to their is a lot of truth to that. >> every ounce of overtime i can get, i got to sees that. >> for people living in san francisco, a temporary 5% water price increase will go into effect april 1. because we are so good at conserving water, the utilities commission has a problem. less water usage means the sf puc is not getting the revenue
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expected. and then there is pg&e. on march 1, the average residential customer experienced in other price hike of 9%. driven by the increased cost of expect -- of purchasing electricity. because that increase just went into a fight, customers are not able to compare one bill against the other. the utility reform network says it does not end there. in 2020 three, pg&e you will ask for another 30% increase. >> wildfire mitigation costs including under grounding, 3600 miles of the electrical lines. given >> what people are going through in the ukraine, we do not have much to complain about except that when i spend more on gasoline and my utilities, i am also spending less on other things.
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the >> entire economy from the point of view of consumption, production, employment, everything gets dragged down. > there are things you can do to lower your power bill. conserved during the hours of 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. for your water bill, ask the sf puc to do an outdoor evaluation. >> take a look at plants, irrigation. point out potential ways they could save water. >> next month, the utility company will resume the evaluation program free of charge. >> and we are all being asked to conserve more water. a few hours ago, governor newsom signed an executive order calling on local water suppliers to issue more conservation measures to prepare for a water shortage level up to 20%. state water officials will consider a ban on watering grass at his misses the governor's office says so far we have seen the driest three months in a year in the state's history.
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>> we did not see dry weather today. check out the predawn rain falling in walnut creek. this was the most rain in the bay area has seen in months and there is still a chance of rain tonight as we look live from our emeryville tower camera. spencer christian joins us with the forecast. >> that chance of rain is diminishing but we are going to have some wet spots this evening. you can see there is not much green showing up on the image right now as we have a bit of a calm break in the storm. we expect more active weather later in the evening. we expect scattered showers, slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm or two. maybe some isolated downpours and some hail as well. at 7:00 and 9:00 p.m., we will see rainfall coming scattered and light. after that, there could be an isolated shower or two and then it will be all over by 10:00 or
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11:00 a the sierra, a winter weather advisory remains in effect until 8:00 this evening. producing slippery roadways and reduced visibility. a flash flood warning tree remains in effect until 8:00 p.m. rainfall could possibly produce debris flows in the burn scar areas of the colorado and dolan fires. >> knelt to the oscars in that moment. -- now to the oscars in that moment. the one will smith apologized for just hours ago. >> oh wow. >> smith slapped host chris rock following a joke about smith's wife during the award ceremony last night. karina rusk is in the newsroom with -- karina rover. in an apology -- an apology any people have been waiting for and he certainly really was quite direct about it.
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>> it came out this afternoon and will smith says he deeply regrets his behavior and it was unacceptable. he specifically apologized to chris rock, which smith did not do last night after slapping him. here is will smith apology. it says in part violence in all of its forms is poisonous and destructive. he adds jokes at my expense are part of the job but a joke about jayda's medical condition was too much for me to bear and i reacted emotionally. smith is talking about the shocking moment that happened live at the oscars chris rock made the joke about his wife shortly after the joke, smith walked on stage and slapped chris rock telling her to keep -- telling him to keep her name out of his mouth. sean fletcher says he is disappointed in smith's actions but believes the celebrity will recover. >> he has 60 million followers on instagram. i doubt he loses very many of them.
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will still is bankable in hollywood. he is bankable in this new digital social media owned content space we are in. from various different angles, will absolutely will recover. i am interested in him recovering personally, emotionally, interpersonally but also in terms of the influence he has that has been so positive up until last night. >> the academy of motion pictures and arts and sciences issued a statement today. the academy condemns smith's actions i will explore further action and consequences in accordance with our bylaws, standards of conduct and california law. the code of conduct states the academy is categorically opposed any form of abuse, harassment or discrimination and can suspend those who violate it. as of now, chris rock has not responded to will smith apology and has not filed charges against him should >> other the
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academy is investigating, talk a little about the consequences. what might happen? >> according to their bylaws, if the investigation finds the violet of their standards, it could result in suspension or expulsion for will smith. expulsion is very rare. harvey weinstein, bill cosby and roman polanski with the most recent to be expelled the other big question, if will smith's oscar that he won last night can be taken away. there are not any clear guidelines but i shall report say based on history it is highly unlikely. >> we will see. thank you very much. >> smith's actions overshadowed other meaningful limits at the oscars including those that involved vexed picture -- involved best picture winner, coda picked it has built a new bridge between non-hearing and hearing communities. zach fuentes spoke with some local members of the deaf community about what it means to
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them. >> it is a movie that helps captured the hearts of anyone who has seen it. coda, which stands for child of the deaf adult, follows a family of four can the mother, father and son are deaf the daughter is the only person in the family who can hear. >> it is a you to measure -- a huge measures in our community that we can do it. we are not disabled. >> dr. clark as the superintendent for california school of the death fremont. he tells me he and friends in the community are thrilled the impact the movie has made. troy kotsur won the award for best supporting actor. he is the first deaf man and second performer overall to win the oscar. >> he has a history with our school. he directed a play here. that was in 2002. >> you can see in the photos directing students in the three
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musketeers. >> is communication and native language of american sign language and using the enter kurhs in speaking to a large audience, it was natural. he can do this work. >> just julio washington who was here to interpret the conversation is a coda herself. > i have always had to explain what i mean when i say i am a coda. now i don't have to as much because everyone knows. after watching this movie, the oscars, it is worldwide. >> the hope is that the accomplishments the movie has made only continue to pave the way for the deaf community and filmmaking. >> what should happen next is having more deaf films produced, created by producers and edited by deaf producers and those behind the scenes shared that will be a new challenge for us. of the forward to a new future and an opportunity for our children.
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>> you can stream the full award show on hulu. disney is the parent company of hulu and abc 7 pin you will find more oscars coverage on demand through the bay area connected tv up. is available through apple tv, amazon fire tv and roku. >> turning now to the pandemic headlines. you're starting to get close to the record low hospitalization numbers california has not seen since last summer. today the u.s. capitol reopened to tour groups for the first time since the pandemic started. the united states is on the cusp of recording one million deaths because of coronavirus and there are 80 million cases nationwide. san francisco is blooming right now as it welcomes workers back to the office and visitors back to the city after a long pandemic pause. blum sf is part of the mayor's downtown recovery plan. you might notice flowers entertainment around. cornell barnard checked it out.
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>> the dj was bring music and good vibes to a lunchtime crowd outside the ferry building could >> -- the ferry building. >> it feels good to be out. nice seeing the town slowly come back alive. cooks live events and performances are happening across downtown this week to celebrate the return of many office workers. >> people need to party sometime peered after a two year pandemic, we need to come back. >> the party all components of bloom sf part of mayor london breed's downtown recovery plan. she has received commitments from some of the top employers the workers would start returning this month. >> not only are we coming back. we are coming back and we are going to have a good time. >> you have to have flowers. janet displays celebrating the city are blooming in lots of places to this flower wall might be a new selfie spot. a lot of people are returning.
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two months ago, there was hardly a soul. it is hard to miss all the flowers on market street and of this arrangement in the middle of union square where people were grabbing photos. >> unbelievably beautiful. we were just sort of passing by and we noticed it up here and immediately wanted to come up and take some photos. >> the sf travel ambassador was welcoming visitors and passing out blue buttons. >> the pandemic closed everything and shut everything down. you're trying to get people to come back >> out. after smashing crab rubbers last november kept many away, there is still a large police presence. >> after last year, it was a challenging time here in union square but we are coming back and a lot of people are coming back. we are seeing tours. we are seeing visitors. we are seeing workers coming back to the office.
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>> the flowers beautiful and symbolic of new beginnings for the city. >> the best chance for renters to protect themselves from being evicted is about to go away. coming up, the urgent dead i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club.
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discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. got any room in your eye? ask your doctor if a 90-day prescription is right for you. and pay as little as $0. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. >> time is running out for renters to act to protect themselves from being a victim. michael finney is here within urgent warning for tenants who are in trouble. >> we start with what sounds like some good news but there is a catch.
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state legislatures are expected to pass an extension of the eviction moratorium because that expires on friday pick those protections will not do you any good if you don't meet an urgent deadline before them pin -- before then. her husband has been working on getting his ability to get his speech back. >> there are good, honey. -- very good, honey. i'm so excited. >> it has been a rough year so far for the county emergency worker. he spent two months at the hospital with pneumonia and then developed covid. he had to go on a ventilator and during that time suffered a stroke. he almost died pin behind on their rent, the family applied for california rental assistance in september. each time they called, they had been told no caseworker has been assigned their case. >> this was their answers since september 2021, october, november.
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>> that answer has not changed since. they are one of the estimated 366,000 people who applied for rental assistance and are still waiting. as long as the eviction moratorium is in place, they are protected from losing their homes. >> i think that is great. they're helping people stay in their home. there helping less people be on the street. >> the family's sole provider fights to recover. he has even gotten back on his feet and with the help of a walker is able to take a few steps again. the pressure on the family has been unbearable throughout the ordeal. >> my whole world went upside down. my husband was the sole provider. what can you imagine that the person who takes care of your whole family is in the hospital and might die? clicks of the admission moratorium gives them comfort. those protections only apply to
6:18 pm
people like gilbert who have already applied for emergency rent assistance. if you have not signed up, you can still be evicted during the moratorium. tenant advocates warn the deadline to sign up his later this week. thursday, march 31. >> those eviction protections will only be applicable to folks who were able to get their applications in prior to march 31. >> lopez is urging the state to extend the renter assistance program beyond march 31. she says many prospective athletes -- prospective applicants have been unable to access the program. >> there was data showing that households that speak primarily spanish and chinese were not able to access the program. they were very much underrepresented in the application number. >> the whole process has been frustrating even for an english-speaking family. >> it is hard. clicks if you know someone with limited english who is in need of applying for the program, i
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have some links to resources at on your side. you can go there also to send me your stories. i want to hear about your triumphs and frustrations about anything that has to do with money. clicks thank you come -- >> you, michael. clicks a win for monday as well prices and energy stocks fell. wall street end of the day in the black pit the dow was up about 100 points. the nasdaq did even better. the s&p gained a 32. aaa says gas prices are stabilizing but we are still at record highs. this is a live view of the bay bridge toll plaza. san francisco drivers paid the most in the bay area. a record-setting average of 5.93 a gallon. it is a record-setting 5.87 for oakland. a months long effort to suspend
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the gas tax and a california hit a roadblock. wait this afternoon, the assembly transportation committee voted in support of an amended bill that strikes out the original language to suspend the gas tax for six months. the amended bill calls for a windfall profits tax on gasoline suppliers. the amendments do not have the support of the bill's author. the chief of staff told abc7news they will keep working to get a vote on the original legislation. >> president biden unveiled his budget today promising new taxes on the wealthy while shrinking the deficit by over a trillion dollars. >> it makes prudent investments and economic growth, a more equitable economy will making sure corporations and the very wealthy pay their fair share. nobody making less than $400,000 a year will pay a penny more in federal taxes. >> this budget comes in at 5.8 trillion dollars and actually increases spending by 7%
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including additional funding for affordable housing. here are a few of the big items. $45 billion will go toward climate change. the president is calling for a minimum tax on billionaires. 773 billion would go to the military partly because of the ongoing war in ukraine quick sunny days are going -- or fantastic things start to happen when you step aboard a princess cruise. doors open up for you, your favorite drinks start finding you, and everything seems to be just how you like it. how does it all happen? it's no secret. it's our job to discover what makes you feel special. yes, you! and you. and you too. making sure you feel taken care of. that's what a princess cruise is all about.
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>> let's get a check on our weather because we finally get -- finally did get some rain. >> really came down for a little bit. >> we appreciated it because we have not had much lately. the storm as i mentioned earlier is weakening but still flexing a few muscles as you look at live doppler 7 that went quickly. those muscles were actually a couple isolated downpours in the interior east bay and those downpours are weakening. we still have some dark low clouds in this view from the east bay hills camera. 54 degrees in san francisco. low 60's at mountain view. 54 at half moon bay. nice brighter view of the sky looking northward from the golden gate bridge. 57 degrees at santa rosa. 60 at concord. here is a view of the western sky from emeryville. these are our forecast features
6:25 pm
pin rain and showers tapering off this evening. there still a chance of an isolated downpour. clouds will linger overnight we can expect sunnier armor days later in the week. are storm ranks one on the abc 7 storm impact scale. a chance of some scattered showers. a slight chance of an isolated th w cou p isolatedownpours and some hail. at 7:00 p.m., notice how the showers taper off followed by some low clouds during the late-night hours and some fog developing near the coastline and over the bay. in this era, a winter weather advisory is in effect until 8:00 p.m. maybe two to four inches of snow . reduced visibility and powerful wind gusts. overnight lows will drop into the mid to upper 40's and high temperatures tomorrow will range from 56 at half moon bay to 63 in oakland. upper 60's in the inland east bay.
6:26 pm
68 at antioch. 71 at santa rosa. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast dry conditions tomorrow and wednesday pin not much change in the temperature range. starts to warm up on thursday. on friday and saturday, look for inland highs in the mid 70's. temperatures drop off a little bit with some slight cooling on sunday. they bounce right back into the mild to warm range on monday. clicks thank you so much. on abc7news at 6:00, a conflict of interest. this could be a matter of life or death. >> you don't hire a pro corporate law firm when you need a pro victim solution. >> we are talking about a state law pg&e and california's deadly wired
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(music throughout)
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. >> safety and accountability. those were the promises from
6:30 pm
governor newsom after pg&e equipment spark to the 2018 camp fire, which burned down the town of paradise and killed at least 84 people. >> the investigation uncovered governor newsom's office crafted a new state altar protect pg&e and fires kept burning. >> investigative reporter brandon brenneman found this law. shareholders offering the company billions of dollars and a protection from the cost of wildfire damage. the law came from a place with close ties to pg&e. >> passing this state law that saved pg&e never made much sense to some of the people hurt by the company's crimes. >> it is completely a farce. > that law makes less sense to steve bradley now after our latest findings about who helped make it. >> i wish i could come up with a better metaphor for the shenanigans going on.
6:31 pm
it is almost like the bank robbers union designing the bank safes. >> the law what millions of californians pay each month on their power bills. it was created in response to a crime. at a bank robbery. it was a mess homicide. the campfire. the one that destroyed the town of paradise in 2018. pg&e pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of 84 people including steve grant of mother -- grandmother -- steve's grandmother. >> this is the hope that killed 84 people. >> by putting profits over safety. in word, greed. >> they did not want to spend the money to replace these things. >> while prosecutors built that case, pg&e filed for bankruptcy in 2019. not to go out of business but to
6:32 pm
protect itself and stay in business. that same month, a new governor took office. pg&e was already on a second chance. the corporation was on federal probation for crimes tied to the deadly san bruno gas explosion. despite pg&e's status as a convicted felon, newson accepted etiquette -- accepted its campaign money. when pg&e declared a cannot afford to pay for the tens of billions of dollars in wildfire damage it had caused, those elected leaders came to pg&e's rescue up >> we all have a responsibility to assume the costs. >> governor newsom's office hired private attorneys who crafted the bill that would become maybe 1054. the law created new safety certificates for utility companies to apply for. the certificate products pg&e shareholders from having to pay for fire damage. >> it makes it harder to hold
6:33 pm
the utility accountable. >> i feel more helpless now than i did on the day of the fire. >> pg&e applied right away and quickly got its first safety certificate. two months later, this happened. the october 2019 kincade fire. >> it is not like the government signed some magical document that fixed pg&e's infrastructure. >> it has gone on like this. kincaid, dissolved, which killed four people and exceed pin every fire season, state investigators find probable cause pg&e committed more reckless arson. and every year, the state awards pg&e a new safety certificate anyway. it is fair to ask, who crafted the law that keeps enabling that to happen? during the hearings, some lawmakers did ask by name about the private attorneys the governor's office hired to write it. > it is my understanding the governor's office largely through the work of attorneys
6:34 pm
with melvin he and myers and guggenheim investors basically wrote this bill. >> governor newsom sachar -- governor newsom's cabinet secretary sidestepped of this question. but he was right. these early draft versions of maybe 1054 were sent by attorneys at that firm. governor gavin newsom's office awarded them a contract that paid at least $9.6 million of taxpayer money to help him handle pg&e's bankruptcy. newsom did not hide that. he talked up the qualifications. >> they are experts in energy. the governor failed to mention where some of that expertise came from. we found that before it worked for the state, it worked for pg&e. pg&e filed these documents five months before the camp fire. they list o'melveny as one of
6:35 pm
the law firms. clicks pg&e and lawyers wrote the law that allowed them to get away with murder. >> the list showed o'melveny working for pg&e as recently as 2017, the your before the camp fire. we found o'melveny's legal work for pg&e goes back at least two decades. o'melveny represented both pg&e's electric and gas essays. i would >> love for someone from the gas -- someone from the governor's office to be able to explain all this. how can you ensure people and goading the fire victims your office can act neutrally? >> i know this is a mantra and i don't know how many times i have answered this question. i would encourage you to go back to all my previous answers. if the suggestion somehow i'm influenced by that, you are wrong. >> newsom's office declined our request for an interview. in response to our interviews, the spokesperson who wrote the
6:36 pm
firm you are referring to did not represent pg&e when it worked for the state of california. >> it still looks bad. they still have a law firm that previously represented pg&e now representing the state. they are treating pg&e like another office of the governor. >> assembly member chris holden, the sponsor of 1054 booked and interfere with us. in his office canceled with no explanation. they were know -- they ignored our request to reschedule so we found him at the capital. >> were you aware that o'melveny and myers had pg&e as a client? >> not to my recollection. >> i've talked to the philly members of some of the people who died in paradise saying this does not smell it does not pass the smell test. >> i don't agree with that. i cannot disagree with their feelings of how they view a pair they have every right to view it in the way they are but this is
6:37 pm
not something pg&e designed to >> a spokesperson for melvin a told us it did not have an obligation to disclose its past work for pg&e before representing the governor. the firm would not say whether it did disclose that information. the governor's office in pg&e would not tell us whether that was discussed. former prosecutor mike aguirre represents pg&e customers. he obtained these calendar entries from the governor's office. meetings when the safety certificate law was being written behind closed doors. >> the governor was holding a series of secret meetings, some of which which included o'melveny and myers with pg&e to do what pg&e was asking them to do. >> governor newsom spokesperson told us the lawyers involved had nothing to do with any prior representation of pg&e.
6:38 pm
pg&e would not give us a list of the specific attorneys who represented them. the pg&e spokesperson would only say there was no conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest. he appeared -- pc is a conflict this way. imagine the state had come down harshly on pg&e. you can bet the company would have complained the on lawyers were involved. >> do not hire a pro corporate law firm when you need a pro victim solution. >> it has to be the option. >> it is important to hold these utilities accountable. >> why are they getting safety certificates every year? >> i'm not part of doing the investigation and issuing the certificates. >> when last year's massive
6:39 pm
dixie fire sparked along a pg&e powerline, the company had a safety certificate that o'melveny and myers helped create. a certificate that t wildfire df a fund you pay and to on your power bill. >> pg&e is planning to take 150 million out of the fund for the dixie fire. criminal charges for two fires since paradise including four felony counts of manslaughter for the deadly zogg fire in 2020. court hearings were put on pause for charges under the 2018 kincade fire, which burned in sonoma county while pg&e tries
6:40 pm
to negotiate a settlement with prosecutors and you can see more of the powerful reporting. the investigations go back years and it is all at firepower >> coming up next, the latest from the war in ukraine. after more than a month of violent attacks, is there want more restful sleep? nature's bounty gives you more with sleep3. the first ever triple action sleep supplement with 3 unique nighttime benefits to help you get a great night's sleep and wake feeling refreshed. live bountifully. nature's bounty.
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>> abc news reports peace talks between russia and ukraine could take place as soon as tomorrow. this video shows the ukrainian delegation arriving in turkey. ukraine's president says the country is prepared to consider a compromise on consent -- uncontested areas. the secretary-general is asking for an immediate cease-fire. clicks the displacement of 10 million people, mainly women and children, the systematic destruction of essential infrastructure must stop. >> the latest destruction, the ukraine government says russian forces destroyed this fuel depot. ukraine says it has suffered an estimated 565 dollars in losses because of the russian invasion. if you would like to help people in ukraine, we have put together a full list of verified groups and nonprofits ending supplies
6:44 pm
to refugees. >> florida governor ron desantis signed into law the so-called don't say gay bill. public school teachers are banned from holding classroom instruction or discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in canadian -- in kindergarten through third grade. parents can sue if they believe there is a violation for the controversial bill sparked protest and coded them from people including president biden who calls it hateful. disney which is the parent company of abc 7 as well as disney road in orlando released this statement condemning the bill and sending our goal as a company is for this level to be repelled -- to be repealed by the legislature. remain committed to supporting the national and state organizations working to achieve that. >> there is a new bikeway project coming to the south bay. seven miles of roadways
6:45 pm
throughout the city of santa clara will be retrofitted with safety amenities like ike and barriers to protect writers. many streets, bikers have to share lanes with drivers. >> bicycles will connect all of our neighborhoods. it will ensure safety for our residents, our business residents and especially our families and children. >> we are looking forward to a vision zero policy where we have no traffic fatalities in the city of santa clara. >> changes are slated for de la cruz boulevard and scott boulevard. the project is getting more than $2.7 million in federal funding. >> today is the only day of rain this week. spencer shows you what to expect in the
6:46 pm
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>> at was a -- it was nice to get some rain we were expecting. >> we need of course p i guess it is time to embrace the sunshine should >> there is going to be a lot of it out there. let's enjoy the last few drops of the storm as you look at live doppler 7. you can see it is winding down. we have some isolated downpours and he inland east bay -- downpours in the inland east
6:49 pm
bay. these little isolated storms can pop up during the evening hours before the storm fizzles out for good. it ranks one on the abc 7 storm impact scale. here is our forecast animation taking us into the later evening hours. notice how it starts to fizzle after 9:00. by 11:00, we expect it to be all over. we don't expect any measurable rainfall out of what remains of the storm. overnight lows in the mid to upper 40's. highs tomorrow, mid 60's at the coast. mid to upper 60's inland. tomorrow and wednesday will be almost copies of each other. friday and saturday, we have a warm up on our way. > let's get to sports.
6:50 pm
>> they are mimeograph in the highlights right now. i will have them for you in second jen but a lot for the warriors to cheer about. we found a couple things tonight. how about the return of andre iguodala? ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame.
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>> now abc 7 sports with their
6:53 pm
hibi appeared -- with larry beil. >> dubs resting key players on the back end of a back-to-back pin also the conclusion of a grueling five game road trip did the results in memphis pretty predictable. for the warriors, that men, andre iguodala should he is back. months.t for tco his first shot, corner three. warriors looking for any kind of energy. moses moody cut the deficit down to five. the grizzlies blow it open. with authority. there it is. john behrendt. he is out. 6337 at the half. steve kerr he had seen enough. 84-63 after three.
6:54 pm
onto baseball news. last seeking, and web cemented his status as the ace of the giants pitching staff. logan webb will start the season opener for the giants april 8 against miami 11-3 with an e.r.a. just after last year. spring training action in arizona. scoreless in the first sean murphy drives a single left. a two run single to justin upton pin that is all he gave up in four innings. the angels go on to win this game 7-2. jimmy garoppolo. he is going to be a 49 longer than expected. it sounds like the niners are going to wait until jimmy g. is completely healthy before any trade gets done. john will allege -- john lynch
6:55 pm
spoke about grapple op in the off-season plan was to deal jimmy and get some picks back to the market for garoppolo completely fizzled when it became clear the shoulder surgery had means he is not going to throw until the summer time. the niners say they will not cut jimmy for salary-cap reasons. >> he is too good a player. i do not foresee that. i think jimmy will be playing for us. he is too good of a player to not be. clicks new writers receiver davante adams is back on to the bay area. he grew up in east palo alto and was in jack fara park to donate new outdoor fitness equipment. the goal, to improve fitness in underserved communities. >> i have been left to be out measured.
6:56 pm
to be able to do a fraction of what i've received and put back into the community and show them i have their backs, that means a lot to me. i was given a lot as a young kid running around these parts years ago. being able to do back and give back, they are continuing to support me for something like this, which means a lot to me. anything i can do to give back to the -- back to them is my aim. clicks you saw him there with chris alvarez pin the nice part of the story is chris cover davante adams when he was in college at fresno state pin those two guys reuniting and seeing the success that both of them are having is really terrific. reunited here in the bay area. >> that is nice to see and what a great effort he is making to help young people. >> signed a big new contract. >> coming up tonight on abc 7,
6:57 pm
at 8:00, merck and i the the good doctor is on at 10:00 stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. that is going to do it for this edition of abc7news. thank you for joining us tonight. >> for spencer christian, larry beil come all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope you have a great evening and we see you again for abc7news at 11:00.
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