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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 30, 2022 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. jobina: the first task force of its kind to provide -- to americans. reggie: the fourth dose decision, second booster shots for people 50 and up. loc eert h issues with that rollout, lling i public health : you may enjoy af cheese for your happy hour cocktail, but how about cheese inside of the cocktail? the wayward production happening with some of northern california businesses and one big national brand taking notice. reggie: it is a mind adjustment. i sometimes drink this milk made
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from pea protein which is difficult to discuss because of the homonym. once you get your mind around it, it is all right. jobina: dislike oats, almonds. lisa: all about the taste. reggie: the taste is there. if the buzz is right -- [laughter] jobina: lisa what did you say earlier? we all love a -- what? something being fermented? lisa: yes, fermentation. that was 5:00. [laughter] jobina: sorry, it has been a long time. lisa: but i agree. good morning, everybody. we are looking at a cool afternoon. spring-like conditions, always looking for rain. that is not happening though we have a dry cold front that will pick up the northwesterly winds. which cloudy skies, a milder start. 51 in santa clara.
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temperatures near 42 with a little bit of fog. there is san francisco, temperatures in the upper 50's by noon. bayside, 60. santa rosa should be in the upper 60's. mid 60's on the east bay. reggie: a critical part of building a better bay area, understanding the differences and our experiences and biting for social justice. california's first in the nation reparation task force will meet at the table to look at the historic harms against black americans. jobina: the task force first met in 2020 and talked about what compensation could look like. gloria is live with the details. gloria: the big question has been who will be eligible for reparations. california's first task force debating on that and a vote breaking it down.
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>> the motion carries. the eligibility will be determined on lineage based on an individual being an african-american descended from a chattel or slave person or a free person living in the u.s. prior to the 19th century. gloria: the task force nearly ejecting a proposal that would bring reparations for all black people in the u.s. those favoring a lineage approach see it as the best way to avoid a legal challenge. clude all blacks facing this clinician whether their were slaves or not. there is no plan in slaryt could include assistance in launching homes, applying to colleges, and community organizations. ready by next year.
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today,ce will be meeting at 9:00. they will explain topics including the criminal justice system and hate crimes. jobina: when it comes to issues of race and social justice, abc7news is here to take you -- here to help you take action. for a list of resources, go to reggie: now to the war in ukraine, there is progress in peace talks between russia and ukraine. pressure will decrease combat action around kyiv. while russian troops have pulled back from keefe, they have cautioned that is a repositioning, not a withdrawal. russian forces continued to bombard ukrainian cities. the city of mariupol has been destroyed at satellite images show entire blocks of literate it. jobina: the federal trial of
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sunny balwani continues in san jose. he was a chief operating officer of theranos. erika chung broke down after recanting the moment she first raised issues about their notes. she is key witness and questioning asd in the trial against homes. her attorneys -nn bni attorneys are committed to making sure -- committed to arguing he did not intend to commit fraud. in antioch dog owner says her two chihuahua poodle puppies are gone after a pit bull went on the attack. >> his dog charged my other dog up the street and got him. they are bothjobina: a terrifyit
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happened tuesday morning on dear meadow way near black diamond middle school. linda livingston described the scene, watching the people attack her pets. the people's owner -- the pit bull's owner did not help. animalontrol eventually responded and took custody of the pit bull. >> there is a possibility of an owner of an animal deemed potentially dangerous or a vicious animal to get their animal back of the animal shelter. there is a set of criteria they have to follow. jobina: antioch animal services is investigating the incident. reggie: americans 50 and up cannot get a second booster shot. the ft has authorized a fourth shot of the moderna or pfizer vaccine. >> the fda believes this will help eliminate -- reggie: they are not formally recommending it, leaving it up
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to people to make their own decisions. the best course of action is to have a conversation with your medical provider about whether to get a second booster. local experts say the recommendation is too confusing. >> the way we roll out additional booster shots and all of this confusion without advisory committees, the fda saying one thing, the biden administration sank something, this is a public health mess. it will sow distrust in the american public. reggie: next week the fda will consider a second booster shot for all americans and a variant specific booster. most experts say most vaccinated and boosted people are well protected. our abc7news vaccine team is here to answer questions you may have. had to
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one of the top stories on, ceo tim cook tracked down in his silicon valley home. the punishment for his accused stalker. the fallout from will smith slapping chris rock at the oscars. decides of what we could she went chris rock hosts shows in the bay area. the reason some hiking trails are off-limits starting next week. lisa: as you look at the cloud cover on live doppler seven, we will see more of that and cool, breezy winds behind a system that works to the bay area. we will pinpoint your local numbers today and look at the rest of the w
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lisa: good wednesday morning. temperatures are up with the cloud cover. we have a little bit of mist and
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drizzle across the coast. 50 in hayward and san mateo with some fog in the north bay. upper level winds are breezy. looking for the delta, this colors indicate winds over 20 miles per hour. san francisco, up to 30 miles per hour. those winds will be with us throughout the day today. clouds will be slow to clear. we will have a mix of sunshine and clouds and then warmer is will be arriving towards the end of the week. as we look at the winds throughout the day, they continue to crank up. we see clouds receipt a little bit. some of you remain cool and a bit on the gray side under partly cloudy skies. mid 60's in concord and san afael bridgelikewe have roadwore eastbound direction so if you're leaving marin county, you might
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be down to one lane. the commute is moving nicely so far. also in marin, we are looking at 101, the southbound traffic with taillights past the northgate mall and on through central marin for an 18 minute drive from nevada to the golden gate bridge which is accident free and fog free. you will find some fog in the waldo gray. traffic, looking at the altamont past -- the altamont pass and one rick pushed off to the offramp. reggie: a bodyguard taking a trip in a teacup, cardi b's trip to disneyland. sms text company now getting sued. what you need to know. there is a live look outside at
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reggie: a virginia woman accused of stalking apple ceo tim cook has agreed to a three euro training order. -- a three year restraining order. a temporary restraining order was agreed to after bizarre and strange behavior. the new court order that apple and the woman agreed to prohibits her from contact tim cook or any apple employee. jobina: new developments in the will smith-chris rock confrontation. reggie: the board of governors of the academy holding a meeting today to discuss that issue. here is derek dennis with signs that smith facers consequences. reporter: to indications will smith may face consequences for
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slapping chris rock at the oscars. >> wow. board of governors for the academy of motion picture arts and sciences is expected to hold an emergency meeting where it will likely decide whether to punish smith. >> nobody is okay with what happened. nobody. reporter: would be goldberg is on the board and she says she does not believe smith's oscar should be taken away from him but she does suggest he needs to be punished. >> there are consequences. there are big consequences. reporter: jim carrey also weighing in, recognizing the standing ovation will smith got minutes after assaulting chris rock. >> i was second. i thought like hollywood was spineless. if you want to show disapproval or something on twitter, you do not have the right to walk up on stage and smack somebody in the face. reporter: jim carrey and
6:17 am
goldberg's pressing concern for will smith. >> the people -- the reason people went over to him is because i think a lot of people thought, is he having a breakdown? reporter: jada pinkett smith, is subject of the joke that caused his lap, broke her silence. she said "this is a season of healing and i'm here for it." chris rock is set to perform two shows in boston. the cheapest ticket on stubhub is $720. secondary market sell or treating, "we sold more tickets to see chris rock overnight and then in the past month combined." jobina: you will find more oscars coverage through three abc7 tv app available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. you can stream all of the oscars on hulu.
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new at 6:00, keep your eyes on the prize. cardi b's bodyguard had one shot, protect this superstar and their family. his skills were put to the test at disneyland. reggie: he said he was all work and no play, even while writing -- even while riding the spinning teacup right. ♪ that is what i want in a bodyguard. jobina: absolutely, zero fun. reggie: you are not on vacation, cardi b is. jobina: look at her and her daughter. reggie: that is a cute outfit. cardi b's bodyguard, liz refocused on his client -- laser focused on his client. danielle took this video, she thought it was funny to see. she said he looked so serious while everyone else was enjoying their job.
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jobina: exactly, doing what needs to be done. lisa: we are still going to feel like spring the next few days before returning hard corner and it will feel like summer. we enjoyed that rain we had, didn't we? 47 in blackhawk. 43 in the upper elevations of the hills and it east bay. 49 inosthorth they, there is some fog and went to talk about. as we look outside, still dark out there. 6:57 is the sunrise and sets after 7:30. a mix of sunshine and clouds today. it will be breezy in the afternsome of you getting more sunshine than others, temperatures coming to the 60's. 50's at the coast and sunnier and warmer days as we get through the rest of the week into saturday. it looks like we're going to see spring-like weather come back for the second half of the weekend. here is cupertino and santa
6:20 am
clara. a little cooler than average. warmer tomorrow. friday and saturday in the 70's above average and dropping off sunday and monday. we like to look out further into the future. mid 60's in east bay. upper 60's in the north bay. for south bay, a warmer spot is morgan hill. the accuweather forecast, temperatures slowly warming up with partly cloudy skies through thursday. sunny and mild friday. slightly cooler sunday and back into cool nights and mild afternoons into next week. reggie: we will not turn to ginger who is wife with what is coming up on "gma" this morning. hi, ginger. ginger: great to be with
6:21 am
everybody. i am in jackson, mississippi ahead of another round of storms. we will get to that. we have the reaction after russia said it will pull back forces from ukraine's capital clinic to reduce military act 50. we will tell you why the white house is skeptical and we are live in ukraine. the ftc is suing the maker of turbotax calling its advertising campaign for free tax filing bogus. we will tell you ways you can file your return. we have a whole bunch of folks coming up on the program you do not want to miss. i will be covering the severe storms all day through alabama and florida. this area is so big today, there is a lot. we need 10 teams on this one. reggie: wow. i hope folks stay safe and i know you will give them the one extending to hear.
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reggie: and longtime member of the abc7 news family being celebrated, it is joel bartlett day. on 10 fencer member joel bartlett britney is the weather in 1989 until she retired in 2006. he spent 31 years as a meteorologist in bay area tv. he has served as a former president for the rent horse council and volunteering for the blind babies foundation in oakland. jobina: wine and cheese have been on your menu what you watch the oscars. cheese is not being used to create an alcoholic average. several northern california dairy operatives have teamed up with wheyward spirit. he left over whey from making cheese is being used to make abuse. -- used to make booze.
6:25 am
some hiking trails in san francisco's presidio are closing because of coyotes. pupping season starts in early spring and runs through september. coyotes are protective of their pups and if someone becomes too close, they can become aggressive. the closures are to protect people and the pups as well. reggie: hitching a ride. and a egret takes a ride on an alligator's back. this alligator helped a friend at an exhibit in orlando. this is wild. jobina: this is giving me consists and -- giving the consists -- giving me princess and the bride -- and the frog vibes. reggie: this pairing is actually pretty common in the wild. twonilsetngloha you would not expect. jobina: this is a pixar movie waiting to happen. reggie: there is your idea,
6:26 am
pitch it. finding big business by traveling to europe. the way mayor london breed is pitching tourism overseas. jobina: going eco-friendly i looking hundreds of feet below. uc berkeley's idea to go carbon free is going to kick off today. reggie: good morning to the muppets. the new exhibit set to open up in san francisco tomorrow. there is miss piggy. a live look outside as we had to break.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >>i believe he is a hero in this case. reggie:n the south bay, new information into the unusual circumstances before police pulled the trigger. jobina: breaking news just in, and a early morning fire in the east bay. what we know so far. reggie: the mask report card for schools, two weeks without them and we can see a difference. jobina: it is your day for some self-care. i see where this is going. we have a travel getaway but from home. reggie: i don't approve of this. jobina: note.
6:30 am
-- no. lisa, are you on board? lisa: absolutely not. reggie: a virtual vacation? keep it. [laughter] lisa: the weather will be cool out there. if you're planning your day, grabbed the jacket. it is great to start out withn e winds get faster. this is the next couple of hours. loto wm. we see ih pper 60's for our warmestbina: m pleasant hill, a fire has forced residents from an apartment
6:31 am
complex froat least one unit hay damaged. several other buildings were evacuated. no work on it cause for the fire or if there were injuries. reggie: most kids across the bay area have been allowed to go mask lists and so forth -- go maskless and so far things are going well. we are looking at the precautions to keep numbers down. amy hollyfield is live in walnut creek. amy: we are taking a look here to get a snapshot on what is playing out across the state. here in walnut creek, school district had zero covid cases last week. state officials say across cases. removing the masks in schools has not created any major problems. school officials called these numbers encouraging.
6:32 am
now they are turning their attention to spring break and asking families to do what they can to make sure kids are covid free when they return to school. >> we are encouraging districts to make sure they are utilizing rapid covid testing so we can avoid any spikes or surges. when students come back to school, schools can stay open. we do encourage folks to continue to do those things that will keep us safe and keep our schools open and communities open. amy: he says vaccine outreach is still important and a focus. there is still hesitation in some school districts like in oakland where students are still required to a masks even though cases have gone down. oakland schools will send out a survey asking parents for their opinion about whether to start talking about dropping the mask mandate. basking in schools became a
6:33 am
contentious issue during the pandemic. so far, numbers show that dropping the masks has not had an adverse effect on the classroom. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield. jobina: the cdc announced the omicron subvariant is not the f nearly 55% variant in the from vaccines.essere or it evare builp at would already businesses to make employees independent contractors to receive a vaccine is on hold. and a oakland us in the member's the bill because they were in a "new at welcome chapter in this pandemic within the virus receding for the moment." abc news news will carry a special report today with
6:34 am
president biden reported to speak about covid-19. we will bring that at 10:30 a.m. our time and on our streaming app. downloaded now for your roku, apple tv, fire tv, and android tv device. reggie: new details about the man who disarmed a gunman and was shot by a san jose police officer. it happened shortly after this scene at a san jose taco shop. the man's lawyer is speaking to us as his client is recovering in the hospital. j.r. stone has more on how this unfolded. reporter: key on green is recovering in the hospital with his car in the stomach after being shot by a san jose police officer. 's lawyer speaking on his -- his lawyer speaking on his behalf and talking about what happened before the officer fired the shots. >> i believe he is a hero. he wrestled the gun away from a
6:35 am
gunman who had intent to use that gun. reporter: he says his client who is a football player for contra costa city college was eating at the taco restaurant. he was approached and threatened by someone part of the group. a person in that group had a gun and a brawl broke out. surveillance video shows the melee. green disarmed the man with a gun but officers responding did not know that. when they arrived, green had the gun in his hand. >> officers gave repeated commands to drop the gun. the individual does not drop the gun and one officer shot more than one time. reporter: the police chief said officers had been searching for a homicide suspect in a case that happened a few hundred feet away. commands were given to green but he did not drop the gun. pointer says witness videos from outside the taqueria show a
6:36 am
different story. >> the officers are walking up the stairs, my client is backing out, you hear them say something and in less than a second, there are gunshots. reporter: the officer who shot the shots is on paid administrative leave. there is a lawsuit to put this case in front of a jury. jobina: developing news on the war in ukraine, russia is continuing its tracks in the suburbs of kyiv despite the country saying it would cut back on its onslaught. russia is saying it will reduce g a hisoperati negotiation between the two countries. overnight, there were more explosions on it suburbs outside the capital. president biden is expressing skepticism about russia's pledge. pres. biden: i don't read
6:37 am
anything into it until i see what their actions are. we will see if they follow through. jobina: the u.s. state department believes russian troops might be sent elsewhere in ukraine. one notion -- one russian negotiator acknowledged there is a long way to go before reaching a deal with ukraine. reggie: google is pledging to help people of ukraine. the ceo announced that the country's donation to support organizations focused on ukraine andgoogle is committing $10 miln to address misinformation about the realities and facts of the war in ukraine. if you would like to help the people in ukraine, we have put together a list of verified groups and nonprofits sending donations and supplies to refugees. it is on our website. jobina: san francisco's mayor is back from tried to woo european
6:38 am
tour mists -- european tourists. she visited the u.k., germany, and other places. during her trip, she met with journalists in an effort to get the word out about san francisco. at times safety came up, it is something she touched upon. >> we are putting out the message of how welcoming we are, the ambassador programs we have, all of the programs we have introduced. when the mayor did touch upon it , it is about how we are working to address our challenges. jobina: in 20, tourists from u.k., germany, and france spent millions of dollars in san francisco. san jose is a certified welcoming city, granted by the nonprofit welcoming america. it is for cities and counties that have created policies and programs perfecting their values
6:39 am
and commitment to welcoming immigrants. san jose is a second community in california to get that designation. look at this, three astronauts coming back to earth from outer space. the details on the trio's trip home from the international space station is coming up. you're looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. any update on how the markets are doing, next. a new exhibit at the area, a showcase of seldom seen wildlife is opening. you can watch us for a whole extra hour. abc7 at 7:00 is live on the abc7 bay area streaming app. you can download it for your phone, tablet, roku, apple tv, amazon fire tv, or android device. lisa: good morning to you. we are waking up to a gray sky. it is getting late off there and
6:40 am
you can see the cloud cover over san francisco. a weak system is coming through later on. the cloud cover is keeping us on the mild side. low 50's in concord and it 50's with some fog in santa rosa. the winds are already kicking up. we have gusty winds at the coast. sfo at by the delta. there is a look from our roof camera, a mix of sunshine and clouds with breezy northwesterly wis throughout the afternoon. warmer conditions after today. as we look at the winds in the next hour, they are in the red and orange. look at the east bay, livermore and . know it will be a cool day. mid-60's today is about all we can manage. 63 in redwood city with breezy winds. some of the warmer numbers from the upper 60's near 70, calistoga and santa rosa. 63 and -- 623 in san leandro --
6:41 am
63 in san leandro. sue: taking a look at san jose, it is gray out there. you can see the clouds and fog. this is highway 87, you can see if you let's towards the airport exit. otherwise, we are looking pretty good on 87 across town on 101. that is 880 crossing over 101. no slowing here. traffic is moving pretty nicely with the exception of o
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new and existing customers get amazing value with our everyday pricing. switch today. jobina: happening now, a u.s. astronaut and two russian
6:44 am
cosmonauts have traveled back on the international space station together. mark bender hi has spent the last 55 days in our bit in orbit -- in orbit. the capsule landed in kazakhstan this morning. there it is parachuting in. mark returns after a marked relationship difference between russia and the u.s. >> sometimes it is challenging up here but i have been having a blast. >> people have problems onin or. jobina: a moment of harmony seen between russia and america despite everything going on. a top official in moscow is expected to discuss more tomorrow. reggie: we are getting a video
6:45 am
of a jumper start that went wrong. matt spoke with the lucky devil whose parachute disintegrated while he was in the air. >> 3, 2, 1, see you. amy: at least when -- reporter: at least when julius jumped into air, his pursuit opened. then it spun him around and flung him into the cliff face. he quickly realizes things have gotten worse. he is now hurtlinpe hour int ne spire. is parachute catching any edge. >> i unclear and i was spider-man to this wall for an hour. reporter: you can see him holding on for dear life. >> the stuntman and wrestling coach used his upper body strength to foist himself up and fishes his phone out of his pocket.
6:46 am
>> are you good? >> yeah, i am hung up. reporter: somehow he was uninjured. the hardest part is still ahead. >> just land on my back on this bush. reporter: you had to jump backwards? >> i could not turn around. 9 he has shoved off a skyscraper in panama, godwin walking and done this is not off of a bridge. ♪s instagram, but he says this was his closest call. >> i walked away with no injuries which is rare for a jump like that. reporter: in 2019, he broke an ankle jumping off a cliff in new york. that video is almost as equally scary. he says sometimes you have to pay to play. some folks asked if he is quick
6:47 am
to jump again and the answer is a definitive yes. reggie: now for your morning money report. is for senate began debating a bill yesterday a day after it passed in the assembly. the legislation would extend emergency covid protections through june 30. the original law is said to expire tomorrow. even though an estimated 366,000 people who apply for rental assistance are still waiting. san francisco state senator scott weiner says he won't vote in favor of the extension because it does not allow new applications to be filed after tomorrow. the federal trade commission is suing the company behind turbotax. the company's claim to offer free tax preparation is the problem. the ftc because that misleading because most people are not able
6:48 am
to use the free products. intuit says they have always complied with requirements. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, we are slightly down about 25 points. a big announcement regarding a special anniversary for the aids memorial quilt. officials with the national made -- national aid memorial say 3000 panels will be on display this june in golden gate park. >> june 11 and 12th, the quilt will lay in golden gate park and will represent to the week 35 years since the first quilt panels hung off the mayor's balcony in city hall. reggie: each quilt represents a life loss to aids. this will be the largest display we have ever seen in san francisco and the biggest since it was laid out on the national mall in d.c.
6:49 am
100,000 panels exist as part of the total project. all of those people, a church life in someone's world. we honor them. jobina: absolutely. we want to renew a live look at sfo. if you hit these guys the past few weeks, you are not alone. spring break is underway and for out of -- and four out of 10 americans say they are going to travel. united is definitely seeing the rush of travelers. united at sfo handled 110 thousand spring break flyers last weekend and is expected to carry 18 billion passengers systemwide from march to the end of april. >> it has been busy. >> no reservations about being around people? >> no. and this will be a great way to test this summer which is one of the busiest times. we are happy to see customers
6:50 am
back. jobina: united has hired 300 people in the last three months for that expected rush and they are recruiting more people, hoping to fill customer service and ramp handling jobs. reggie: you don't have to wait for the weekend getaway to relax. all you have to do is go on a virtual vacation. there is a day just about everything, now there is national virtual vacation day. i don't know what the point of this is. they tell me you could googleout photos of that destination or just pretend this doesn't exist, which is what i am going to do. jobina: unless you're actually going -- why? reggie: why? jobina: i did look up photos of
6:51 am
a place i think i am going but it is exciting because i am going. at least, i think i'm going. reggie: that is called planning. that is not a virtual vacation. lisa: i don't know what to say about that. [laughter] reggie: where do you want to go? what is your dream? there is no limit on time or space or money. just, lisa, here is your free vacation. lisa: i would kind of like to do new zealand. jobina: that is a good one. lisa: not virtually. jobina: where are you going? reggie: i still have not gone in south africa. that was our dream in 2020 that has been deferred. i want to see the lion, the penguin, all of it. [laughter] lisa: the bay area today will be much like spring as we look at
6:52 am
cloud cover to get you going. this is our exploratorium camera. 51 in mountain view. look at mount tam, isn't that pretty? the sun coming up five minutes from now officially. we have the sun above that low cloud deck. this hunt is on the way for -- the sun is on the way but also they wind will be with us. that makes it cooler. the delta is also a little breezy. look how the clouds then out. partly cloudy and that we get into those winds. it should be a pretty nice day with temperatures in the 60's for everyone. at the coast, it is blustery. numbers will only hour. breezy but partly cloudy afternoon. 61 in fremont. 64 in oakland. here comes the warmer days.
6:53 am
thursday, friday, saturday. a lot of afternoon sunshine and pleasant for the next seven days. reggie: uc berkeley's answer to a carbon neutral future might be deep underneath the ground. e sithe goal is to figure out it the university can use geothermal energy to heat and cool campus buildings. researchers think they can harvest heat generated by the earth and put it to good use. the campus wants to generate -- wants to switch to clean energy. jobina: there is a new show coming to the monterey bay aquarium providing a rare view of creatures from the deep. they include transparent jellies that glow and other mysterious animals that thrive in the cold and dark. the new exhibition opens april 9. if you are a member, you can get
6:54 am
a preview this weekend. it is called "into the deep: exploring our undiscovered ocean." say hello to the newest muppet on sesame street. her name is amira and she is taking over the arabic version of the show. reggie: she is cute. she has a high ponytail. jobina: the character uses a wheelchair and crutches to move around due to a spinal cord injury. she has a passion for science and basketball. i like this. reggie: it is daring because she is green and prior to this there's only one green and that is kermit. i like it. let's talk more about the muppets. if you love the muppets like we do, and exhibit is a must-see all about jim henson here in san francisco at the contemporary jewish museum. at futures more than 20 muppets
6:55 am
along with sketches, scripts, costumes, and more. this exhibit has been traveling around the country. >> they are going to see jim's history, how he started, his history -- and how determined he was. reggie: we were just talking about how big the muppets are. that is bigger than i thought. that was a woman standing between arnie and bert as they are large. two grown men living their life in new york city and paying rent. jobina: torso up. reggie: that's right. although, when we saw grover, we just saw his legs. he has a peloton. jobina: you know it.
6:56 am
reggie: and he got it when it first came out. he has used it for several years. i love this imaginary world we (swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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jobina: it is 6:58. covid cases are dropping and in california, schools are turning their attention to spring break and a potential spike. many districts are sending students home with a test to be taken before the return. reggie: pressure has bombarded the outskirts of kyiv despite a pledge that it would pull back forces. jobina: california's first in the nation rest -- reparations task force will meet to get -- we meet today following its historic vote yesterday. there is a -- instead of offering reparations to all, it will be based on lineage. reggie: the academy ordered with
6:59 am
me to discuss any actions that y this afternoon, many in the 60's. sue: following her commute this wednesday morning with an accident near pittsburgh. is blocking the slow lane right before the railroad. it is about a 40 minute drive from antioch. jobina: cardi b's was spotted taking a spin on disneyland's teacup ride to keep an ai the wrapper at her daughter during a recent trip. witnesses say he was all work and no play. that is exactly what you want. he is getting that check and doing what needs to be done. reggie: have you ever seen anyone famous at disneyland? jobina: no. reggie: i side james everett almost. and my friend is a huge fan so i did it for her. jobina: how did ago? reggie: it was cool.
7:00 am
one time i saw donald stuck. he does not -- i saw donald duck. good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. deep skepticism over russia's latest move in its war against ukraine on this wednesday morning. state of the battle. russian military claiming it will drastically decrease activities around ukraine's capital after the latest round of peace talks. president zelenskyy alerting ukrainians to keep their guard up. president biden skeptical as the pentagon warns the russians may double down on other parts of the country and now more than 4 million refugees have fled ukraine. oscars fallout. top academy officials say


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