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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 1, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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his father says he excelled in his high school wrestling program. despite his compass means, his father says the teen started to experiment with drugs. his substance abuse issues became worse during the pandemic. >> we had placed him at a rehab. he got discharged in early july. he looked healthy and happy. he relapsed. >> in 2020, he took a percocet pill that was laced with fentanyl. he was a month shy of turning 18. drugs laced with fentanyl are almost impossible for drug users to detect until it is too late. >> it is estimated that it is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine so one small amount of fentanyl has the risk of these negative effects. >> look at these numbers from the coroner. in 2018, there were 12 deaths. the following year saw major
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jumps with 135 last year. this year, there are already eight. >> fentanyl is everywhere. reporter: the center clary -- the santa clara county supervisor revealed a plan to bring those numbers down. the group includes the district attorney's office addiction and substance abuse experts. starting april 15, they plan to launch a public service campaign to get the word out about fentanyl laced drugs. it includes a specialized enforcement team to increase prosecutions against there was drugs into the community. also part of the group, jan blom. >> into something that is constructive. it is a way to heal for me and
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my wife. >> now onto covid, in the north bay face masks are required again at one elementary school following a spike in covid-19 cases. nearly two dozen students and staff tested positive. our reporter shows us how the school is responding to this. >> every student and every staff member gets one of these. reporter: the principal shows us the rapid tests being passed out after a spike in cases. >> not very surprised. i'm surprised it all happened at once. it was challenging to see kids not feeling well, teachers not feeling well. reporter: in the past week, 15 students and six staff numbers tested positive, those infected are staying home until they can provide a negative test. >> did not want to close the school. not going back to zoom. reporter: he spoke to us outside the school where masks are optional but inside, masks are required for students and staff. it comes less than a month after the county said it was safe to
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unmask. >> i think the school acted responsibly. reporter: this parent says for now her son is staying healthy. >> he has not had covid. we have managed to stay covid free so far but at some point, we expect we will probably get it. reporter: anne email from the principal was sent to parents saying, i want to emphasize that this is not a time for all going but for us to implement the recommended public health strategies to respond to an uptick in cases and decrease risk of transmission. covid rates remained low at other schools in the county. a far cry from january when nearly 90 students were out sick with covid in one school district. spring break is next week but when students return, they will have to keep wearing their masks through april 15 as a precaution. this school reviewing protocol all-too-familiar to keep its campus safe. >> lots of hand sanitizer. we have filters in our rooms.
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windows open, doors open. dion: yesterday, california extended the rental he program. preventing the eviction of hundreds of thousands of people. our reporter followed up with the mother of six who says it is a small relief, but the next deadline now looms over them. reporter: two days ago, we met camilla protesting for the state to extend the rent relief program. we followed up with her today 24 hours after ab2179 pass, protecting renters from eviction for 79 days. >> is another stopwatch. reporter: as we walked inside her home, she showed us her biggest compliment. >> i had a child while i was getting a degree and working. reporter: your dining room turned into a childcare business. this is also where her kids from school and their home.
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they are two months behind in rent. they are one of 350,000 californians who applied for the housing is key program in are still waiting for the state to pay their landlords. does it hurt you that your 15-year-old is thinking about ways to help contribute? >>? it crushes, yeah, to know he feels like that. reporter: their entire family was once homeless six years ago. she is trying to get more kids to join her childcare and her husband is working two jobs. >> your fear is everything you are teaching your kids -- >> means nothing if we cannot keep a roof. reporter: landlords are also struggling, the state is processing 9000 applications a week. at this rate, it will take nine months for the state to process the backlog alone and many are on the verge of losing their properties. >> there is not enough time to process the applicants and there
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would be another extension. reporter: camilla is trying to keep it together for her kids. so you are smiling but i see pain behind that smile. yeah, it is a mom thing. larry: a pilot protest is causing dozens of alaska airlines flask -- flight cancellations today. holding signs, demanding a new contract. the pilots are not on strike but they have been in contract negotiations for three years. among their demands, better pay, more flexible schedules. >> you're seeing a company with a strong recovery, they are making strong profits as they have announced to wall street, so we are here to say that now is the time. larry: the airline is warning passengers that cancellations and delays may continue into this weekend. dion: some sobering images from
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the sierra, this is the latest measurement of the snowpack which is critical for our water supply. and philip station, the snowpack is just 4% of normal. overall, the april 1 snow survey is at 38% of normal. that is only part of today's announcement. >> january, february, and march have been the driest period on record in this year and about updating over 100 years. dion: in december, the snowpack was at 160%. during the first three months of the year, the region only got half the snowfall of the previous driest year on record and the news is also being repeated across the west. we want to bring in our meteorologist with more on this not so good news. you are like me. 4%? >> i knew it was slow but i did not realize it was 4%.
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the climate implications are affecting areas that are critical to water supplies and a number of states. while snowpack measurements are sending a sobering message, a new study is painting a broader and more urgent picture. caitlin weber is a researcher with the weather nonprofit climate central. she helped analyze data about the drought and the effect it is having on snowpack, reservoir, and groundwater levels. >> we are seeing reservoirs depleted. they are dried up and we have not had the precipitation to recharge those. so conditions are dire. mike: she says the driest of the readings show up as a splattering of redd california e northwest. just as concerning is the evidence showing the acceleration at which the snowpack some melting. >> snowpack is coming earlier in
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the year, which means it is melting faster, it is melting sooner, meaning it is going to be harder to stretch that water supply out. mike: the data in the clamor center report comes from a nasa satellite project which calculates moisture levels over a broad area by measuring surface gravity. >> we can look at the amount of water stored in the sierra nevada's, look at the how they have been changing. mike: with snowpack exhibiting to half the water supply in the western u.s., pressure on water systems shared by multiple states is likely to increase during summer months. >> we are going to have less of it when we get to the end of the dry season when we need it. definitely happening throughout the colorado river basin. mike: we may soon have a more detailed understanding of our situation.
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nasa is conducting satellite research that will measure flows of water through rivers and tributaries, providing a look at their health as well as the drought impact. we will see part of this drought with those record high temperatures week. those would not happen if our ground was not so dry. dion: we will circle back with you later on. speaking of the lack of snow, ski resorts are starting to close. this weekend will be the last for diamond peak. northstar, homewood have announced they are closing on april 17, easter sunday. heavenly poses a week later. kirkwood and palisades close on may 1. the resorts will start preparing for summer activities. larry: the warriors will be without their star guard for the final seven games of the regular season, actually down to five games. he has been out of action since straining a ligament in his foot a couple weeks ago.
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he is making progress, but has not begun any drills on the court. no basketball activity. the next update will come before the playoffs begin for the expectation is steph curry will be able to play in game one of the postseason. dion: opening day, the project 19 years in the making and finally today, the ribbon is cut behind the scenes, what happened moments after the infamous oscar slap. and fooling around, it is april and fooling around, it is april fools' day and there are plenty okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner for most caring airline. funshine bear, you did some of your own research, right? i sure did. ♪ according to the web, their program's number one, ♪ ♪ earning alaska miles is quicker and more fun! ♪ cute! ooh, that was wonderful, sweetie! oh, oh, oh, i have a song about their cheese plates. ♪ cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! ♪ uh- it's time for lunch. aw...
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ne s d today isigay f transit lanes finally open after a series of delays that lasted years. our reporter was there for the celebration. reporter: this is worth singing about. the opening of the basra rapid transit lanes, 19 years after the project was approved. city and transit leaders gathered next to the opera house to celebrate the new efficient way to move people for the heart of san francisco. >> this project took a long time. reporter: they did not hide the fact that the project had problems, even the secretary of transportation mentioned the delays. >> when you schedule an event on
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april 1 and it has a history that this project has, what comes to mind is, is this real? is this going to happen? reporter: but the focus was on celebrating, opening the bus line, and looking ahead to what this will do for the city. >> this is going to be a meaningful change. reducing the travel time by 30%, making public transportation more attractive to people. reporter: this view shows you the rapid lanes that the buses will exclusively use, whizzing past cars stuck in traffic. what you cannot see is the infrastructure below the street which needed addressing but contributive to the delays. business owners say it was difficult but the owner of the house of prime rib reminded everyone it is time to move on.
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>> there is a saying, you forget the price but you do not forget the result and the result is beautiful. reporter: the result came three years later than promised, but we now have 100-year-old water and sewer lines that have been replaced and an exclusive bus lane that runs from market street to bay street and has nine stops in between. dion: speaking of driving, keep your hands on the steering wheel and not your cell phone, that is the message from law enforcement as the kickoff distracted driving awareness month. police departments worn they will be ticketing drivers who are not using a hands-free device. in california, it is illegal to hold a cell phone while operating a vehicle. larry: it is not worth it. dion: you can wait. larry: distracted for one second and better things can happen.
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alright, i guess ittaed, le t the weekendi: for whom? leusge larry: some people have to work on the weekend. sorry. a forecast for everybody but dion. mike: i will try to take care of you. we will bring you all seven days, no matter what day you are off. let's start with outside, it is murky out there. i wanted to show you the conditions and we are good to so don't worry about the air quality, it is going to remain that way. here is a look from the us floor toward him -- a from the exploratorium. look at those mid-seventies, mountain view, san jose. gorgeous shot. you can see how hazy it is. usually we can see the san mateo bridge. let's talk more temperatures. 69 in napa.
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near 80 in fairfield, upper 70's for concord and livermore. we are going to have a gorgeous evening for any outdoor activities but once the sun sets, it will become with high clouds. tomorrow's temperatures will be just about as warm as today's and then sunday, we cool off with that sea breeze and next week, we have sunny and warm to hot afternoons. 50's and 60's by 7:00. everybody in the 50's by 8:00, watch out for those breezes along the coast. high clouds come in, fog possible around half moon bay. low to mid 40's inland, and here is a look at our visible satellite. you can see that haze hanging around. these are going to be the clouds that join us tomorrow. you can see an increase in those clouds as we head through tomorrow. sumption early and high clouds. 72 at sunnyvale and mid to upper 70's for the rest of the south
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bay. low to mid 70's for the peninsula. low 60's along the coast. how about mid and upper 60's for downtown? mid to upper 70's through the north bay valles -- valleys. low to mid 70's in the east bay. inland, 76 in san ramon and pleasanton. that is nothing like what is coming. wednesday, 60's, 70's, at 80's and then 70's, 80's, and 90's thursday. we are going to have a three-day stretch of warmer than average temperatures with a low risk of heat illness wednesday, thursday, and friday. before that, high clouds and temperatures about the same tomorrow. the breeze will shave four to eight degrees off our highest sunday. our coolest day will be monday. a few morning sprinkles in the north bay and most of us in the
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50's and 60's, then we are off to the races starting tuesday. hope that is a good weekend for you. dion: thank you. somebody thinks about my well-being. larry: no comment. dion: let's move on. getting to another special meteorologist, very special day for one of our own. drew tuma got married today. these are pictures of the ceremony where jew and his now husband -- drew and his now husband tied the knot. larry: you can see all of the people there, people are gathering again, they can have family and friends. that is awesome. you see drew on tv, he is a better person off the air, and he is great on the air. congratulations to him and his husband. mike: they looked great. dion: we want to move on because there have been new developments
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larry: new details about sunday's dramatic moment and a few minutes ago, will smith announced he is resigning his membership in the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, the academy has been considering disciplinary action after he slapped chris rock and that punishment was set to include possible expulsion. smith issued his statement at
4:24 pm
4:00 and we will read it. dion: he says, i have directly responded to the academy's disciplinary hearing notice and i will accept any and all consequences. my actions at the 94th academy awards presentation were shocking, painful, and inexcusable. i will accept any and all consequences for my conduct. my actions, reiterating the message that he definitely did something wrong. larry: long, it includes chris, his family, my dear friends and loved ones, all those in attendance, and global audiences, i betrayed the trust of the academy. dion: it goes on to say, i deprived other nominees and winners their opportunity to celebrate and be celebrated. i am heartbroken. larry: he says, i want to put the focus on those who deserve attention and allow the academy to get to the work it does to support creativity and artistry in film. dion: here is the announcement,
4:25 pm
so i am resigning from membership in the academy of motion picture arts and sciences and will accept any further consequences the board deems appropriate. larry: the statement concludes, change takes time and i'm committed to doing the work to ensure that i never again although violence to overtake reason. dion: a longtime friend of chris rock tells abc news that chris rock did not know about jada pinkett smith's condition before making that joke. larry: we are hearing from the lead producer of the oscars ceremony. marvin norwood looks at what happened just after the incident. reporter: oscar 2022 producer will packer is opening up about what happened behind the scenes on hollywood's biggest night after will smith slapped chris rock on stage. he sat down for an interview with tj holmes. >> i never felt so immediately devastated like i did in that moment. reporter: packer thought it was
4:26 pm
a bit but then chris rock confirmed he had been slapped. the lapd showed up ready to take will smith into custody. >> they were saying, this is battery, we look at him, we are prepared, you can press charges, we can arrest him. as they were talking, chris was being very dismissive of those options. reporter: in the theater, efforts to ease the tension. the academy asked will smith to leave, in which he refused. he went on to accept the award for best actor for his performance. a speech will packer was hoping would have included an apology. >> i think we were hoping that he would make it better. that he would stand on that stage and say what just happened minutes ago was completely wrong. chris rock, i am so sorry, please forgive me. reporter: will smith later
4:27 pm
apologizing on instagram, i would like to publicly apologize to you, chris, i was out of line and i was wrong, i am embarrassed in my actions were not get it man i want to be. >> will smith reached out to me the next morning and said -- he apologized and he said, this should have been a gigantic moment for you, and he expressed his embarrassment and that was the extent of it. reporter: will packer praising chris rock for maintaining his composure during the show. dion: the saga continues. larry: we will see what the academy decides to do now that we have a more formal apology. dion: a head, a data dump today, this one decades in the making. the 1950 census release, what we learned and what it means for you. larry: how you can get a taste
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. dion: spring san francisco restaurant week starts today. 160 restaurants are offering prefixed menus for a set price. our reporter takes a look at one restaurant's menu. >> for the fish and chips, we have five ounces of fish. which we drop into our batter, fry it to a golden brown and crispy. i will take some chips, or in this case fries, drop them in the fire. nice and beautiful. vinegar powder. and have a beautiful fish and chips. reporter: jason shows me one of
4:31 pm
the entrees they will feature during restaurant week. >> i think people are going to be more comfortable and ready to dine. i think that is what we are expecting with the restrictions being left at. reporter: he is the partner and executive efgrp. each of their restaurants shut down for at least a month during the pandemic and they had to lay off a majority of their staff. >> it was a tough time for the past couple years. we were very fortunate to have the spaces we had, the landlords we had, the staff that we have, just to pull through at and i think we are coming out on the other side. reporter: he is hoping restaurant week will bring new diners to the restaurants. >> it feels like normal. reporter: as for their fish and chips, i had to try it for
4:32 pm
myself. very good. larry: it looks good. golding -- joining me now is lori thomas. >> how are you? larry: very good. what are you expecting this year for restaurant week? >> we are excited to kick it off. i cannot believe it is already april 1. we have over 160 restaurants participating, that is up there with where we were in october with our highest number and it is all across the city so we are excited for people to come out. for the next 10 days. larry: obviously been a lot of restrictions over the past couple years. how will this event be different? >> we are sort of back to normal. not everybody has come also check with your restaurant before you show up, but the restrictions have been lifted.
4:33 pm
there is no masks required by the city, no proof of vaccine required to dine inside. the restaurants are back to full capacity if they want to be. each restaurant may choose to enforce additional restrictions, so we ask that people check before they show up. larry: we have been talking about this for the past couple years, it has been rough for restaurants because so many could not stay open. are you seeing re-opening's? are things starting to get better or is it going to take a little more time before we are normal normal? >> we are not normal yet. i think omicron added another nail in a tough situation and people are starting to recover from that what we want to be hopeful. we saw that san francisco is promoting the blue messe, coming back to work. many restaurants have opted in for affordable lunches. we have a $10, $15 -- i was checking, $30 price point, but
4:34 pm
there are a lot of good two course options for lunch. we have pushed to downtown, we have so many restaurants participating. you can sort on our website by districts. we are hoping that this will drive people to go out and get a great deal and experience stuff at lunch, also dinner. larry: how can our viewers participate in what website should they go to to see, what are you in the mood for tonight? >> we have an easy website -- easy website. all of the restaurants are listed, you can click on spring restaurant, you can sort by neighborhood, by cuisine, by restaurant price point for what you are looking for. mostly, you can jump through and open tables are big sponsors, you can make a reservation or if that restaurant is not work with opentable, it will take you to their website and let you make a rapid hash make a reservation
4:35 pm
from there. you can see the special menus they are offering. it is a one-stop shop. go there and check it out. under spring restaurants is the list and you can sort it by whatever way you want. it is restaurant week, but it is 10 days. it is now through next sunday, the 10th. larry: 160 restaurants you set? >> yeah. everybody needs to go eat. come support the restaurants. larry: do not worry about your weight at all. go wild. all right, have a great weekend. >> thank you. larry: thank you so much. dion: more food news making me more hungry, a humanitarian relief for ukrainian refugees program using tamales is underway. two groups organized this effort. they have sold 1500 handmade
4:36 pm
tamales, raising $11,000. >> sunday, we will be delivering the tamales to the people that have ordered and we are excited because all of this wilco to world central kitchen to help the refugee families in ukraine. dion: the world central kitchen has done amazing work, it has served more than one million meals across five countries since the war began. the tamales will be distributed on sunday at four locations around the bay area. larry: that is impressive. as you know, you probably know by now it is april fools' day, a lot of jokes going around especially from companies looking for a laugh. (music throughout)
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dion: time for the four at 4:00. the big news out of hollywood, will smith announced he is resigning his membership in the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. the academy has been considering disciplinary action against smith after he stopped chris rock and that punishment was set to include possible expulsion. will smith issued a statement at 4:00 this afternoon, it was followed by a statement from the academy accepting his resignation. we read it on air. my initial thoughts were, is this a little bit too late? >>'s apology?
4:40 pm
i don't know if it is too late. it would be nice if it happened earlier. this was a preemptive move on the part of will smith before they kick him out which is more embarrassing than resigning. it would have been more powerful and i think he would have had less backlash if he accepted the award and apologized and said, i'm sorry to chris, sorry to everyone, it was out of line, rather than try to justify it. i understand in the moment you do not think clearly sometimes, but this is a move to save him some embarrassment, try to do the right thing i suppose, but he would be kicked out. larry: it feels like, you cannot fire me because i just quit. i don't know what the real ramifications are. as time goes by, would he be allowed back in? dan: he cannot vote now. he is not part of running of the organization. mike: he is not up for awards anymore either? dan: i don't know about that.
4:41 pm
i don't know that you have to be a member to be nominated. mike: i did not see that. that would be interesting. dan: i don't think that means he cannot be nominated again. mike: in nice play for both parties to save face, they did not have to kick out one of the highest grossing actors and he did not have to get kicked out. larry: i imagine if he is up for another award, he will be seated farther in the back. escorted by security. trouble in paradise for netflix, the information is reporting netflix executives have told employees, be more careful with spending and hiring. the announcement comes as netflix faces a drop in new subscribers in part because of rising competition, like disney+ , and netflix is battling a drop in revenue because they are cracking down on password sharing. none of us would know, we would never engage in that. it is funny netflix is telling its employees, they are throwing
4:42 pm
hundreds of millions of dollars at hollywood stars -- that is their business model. don't spend so much on snacks? what are they telling everybody to do? what does that mean? don't spend $100 million on george clooney or whatever. i don't know. what do you think? dan: it is a problem, i know. it is a little like sharing music, which means artists don't get paid. i get it from netflix's perspective. i know we joke about it, but i don't share the password, i believe they ought to get paid for their work. so i understand the concern. mike: it is kind of a golden age for actors in hollywood. they have never had this much work or this much work needed from them because of all the platforms that are starving for content. that is why you i seen the money thrown around. it will be interesting to see if that is reined in a little and
4:43 pm
netflix probably does not have the warchest that maybe viacomcbs has or disney has with our sister stations. dion: i can see that. larry: they probably hit something close to the peak in terms of subscriptions, it is not like they can keep adding people indefinitely, especially when i am using dan's password. dan: you said he would stop after the pandemic is over. larry: let's not check my history. dion: i'm going to save you here. something that sounds like an april fools joke but is not, brace yourselves, earlier this week, a job listing popped up on for a high net worth stanford student looking for a personal assistant. it pays $50 an hour for 20 hours a week, requirements include a college degree, previous experience assisting a worth individual, and a sense of
4:44 pm
authority. i want to puke right now. larry: i am wondering what time he needs me there. dan: i'm setting up my interview now. dion: we will see you later? larry: my resume is short on assisting high net worth individuals. dion: can we talk about the struggle in college? i was tums or diving for pizza let alone hiring an assistant. mike: i know about your futon and how poorly constructed it was. dion: ikea furniture was very hot back then. cost-cutting. larry: nice job, mike. dion: no. larry: it seems so audacious. a college student is hiring someone to assist them. and it is stanford. it is like a rich kid looking for some -- dion: why would you say that about yourself? a high net worth individual. so pretentious. dan: especially for someone who
4:45 pm
is 18, 19. mike: should au pair than. dan: condemnation of this is taking us out of the running for this job. larry: that was dan ashley who made those negative comments. today is april fools' day. were companies going all-out to pull one over on consumers and you can check out this video 7-eleven posted. an ad for a tiny gulp, .7 ounces of soda. they say it is a perfect little sip. moving on, career builder posted a job for a cat herder. perfect candidate has to use a laser pointer. butterfinger mayonnaise, described as a quench each west to your favorite mayonnaise. we have had some product that seems worse on our tasty thursdays. but that is up there.
4:46 pm
mayonnaise in general. dion: maybe sweet and salty, right? dan: a good april fools joke is always fun. years ago, i worked at a tv station and we used to do anything on the air and we went to the fish market and painted -- youth fingernail polish on a fish to make it look tropical and we claimed that scientists are stunned, they found a pacific ocean fish in the atlantic, they don't know what to make of it. of course it is in april fools joke. i think those are fun if they are harmless. dion: we need some levity these days. it is a nice way to take your mind off of -- dan: it is fun for sure. dan: it is fun for sure. larry: that is it for did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's kitchen and bathroom renovators thanks mike! we make kitchen and bathroom renovations easy for everyone. we quote and design each project
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dion: science fiction keeps getting closer to reality. that mess is actually a robot that can stretch and change its size to get into tight spaces. it was created by scientists in hong kong and they say the slime robot is controlled by external magnets. the robot can conduct electricity so it can be used for circuit repair but it can also be ingested by humans to extract things like a battery swallowed by a child. fascinating. larry: i thought that was an april fools' day joke. i don't know that i really want to inside of me. but if it helps, ok.
4:50 pm
that u.s. census is opening up its book of secrets. the bureau held a virtual ceremony to release information at the individual level from the 1950 census. that means people could find out information about their family members. our reporter tells us that data is a treasure trove for local historians and genealogists. reporter: george miller has been anxiously awaiting for this, a gold mine of census data from 1950. >> there is a page of census data from my hometown in 1950 and i'm going to look through it and see how many of those people i know. reporter: he took 140,000 census takers to contact 150 million people. >> they cover miles of city streets. reporter: they asked about education, occupation, and number of children. the answers have been sealed for 72 years by law. >> you get an insight into their
4:51 pm
social status, their economic status, how they worked, with a worked with possibly, who their neighbors were. reporter: the data also gives us a look at the first wave of baby boomers and their parents after world war ii. miller's parents divorced in the 1940's so he hopes to learn where his father lived in 1950. the original records were microfilmed and digitized. >> the first census where a computer was used to tabulate results. people typed key punched cards and those cards were entered into a computer. reporter: whether you are a pro at doing research like this or if you are an amateur, there could be a lot of data that could lead to some surprises. april hopes the data will show information about a family rift. >> they were a family of nine children. i am wondering what that was
4:52 pm
about and where they ended up. i'm sure there will be some things that will be revealed. reporter: that data will yield answers for curiosity seekers and serious researchers. larry: desserts that are a feast for the stomach, the eyes, and so much more. >> is reality -- it is relaxing and creative. dion: best friends turned
4:53 pm
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dion: bay area best friends create masterpieces out of cake, frosting, and flowers. their company make elegant desserts that are a feast for the eyes. ♪ >> frosting a cake or building an idea, it is relaxing and it is creative. that is at the heart of it, you are starting from scratch literally and building something and i think there is a beauty in the creativity of that. that is why i keep the business. ♪ erica and i started the business almost eight years ago after i came to her with the idea that we should sell clothing and erika poopoo'ed that idea and
4:56 pm
said we should bake instead. we started testing recipes and erika started selling cakes and things that we had made and that was the summer that i spent in los angeles after graduate school. ♪ >> yeah. >> [indiscernible] ♪ >> we don't have any formal training in the industry, we never ran businesses before. i think we are both proud of ourselves of how far we have come and are optimistic for the future, especially with the shop opening, just to make our mark and grow the business. >> [indiscernible]
4:57 pm
high-end bakery. [indiscernible] >> if you have the idea, you can make it happen and when you desire something, it can come to you in having that belief is important. and being the biggest fan, honestly. don't be so hard on yourself. take everything in stride. we are going to be opening a shop in west oakland, 1919 market, and we are excited to offer our selection of cakes and pies and so many other things like workshops. >> [indiscernible] ♪ dion: delicious.
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close enough! ♪ ♪ moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. there's a great deal of that we have uncovered to this case. and just the last few months alone. have developed many new leads. today six years after a san francisco woman and her two and a half year old daughter were last seen police and fbi investigators are giving an update on this case. good evening. thank you for joining us on dan ashley and i'm a dates the body of 32 year old. nicole fitz was found one week after she was last seen but her daughter ariana was never found however today investigators announced new developments in the case abc 7 news reporter leeann melendez has those details tonight a vigil for nicole fits and her daughter ariana relatives believe the 32 year old mother came to mclaren


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