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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 3, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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stay wit tonight, we're tracking several major breaking stories as we come on the air. including a deadly shooting rampage in sacramento. but first, ukraine's president zelenskyy is now accusing russia of genocide. as the retreat of russian forces reveals shocking new atrocities. we warn you, these images are graphic. horrific new images from outside kyiv showing murdered civilians laying in the streets. strewn among the remnants of their bombed-out communities. a ukrainian official says 410 bodies have been found in the region. in bucha, these images of a potential mass grave where the mayor says hundreds of people are buried. this, as russian forces attack odesa in the south. a critical port city. putin's troops there destroying an oil refinery, and multiple fuel depots. threatening a city considered to be one of ukraine's economic
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lifelines. james longman and terry moran reporting from ukraine. also breaking tonight, back at home, the urgent manhunt in sacramento for the shooters who killed 6 people and wounded 12 others. just blocks away from the state capitol. tonight, the latest on the investigation into the deadly rampage. thousands of flights canceled this weekend. stranding air travelers across the country during this busy spring break season. millions under threat, as another round of severe weather takes aim at the south. growing pressure on merrick garland. "the new york times" reports president biden privately told his inner circle that former president trump should be prosecuted. tonight, the response from the white house chief of staff. tiger woods is in augusta for the 86th masters championship. but will he play? and finally tonight, remembering beloved actress estelle harris.
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good evening, everyone. thanks so much for joining us on this sunday. i'm linsey davis. tonight, president zelenskyy is calling russia's actions in ukraine genocide. and as we come on the air, we're learning more about the alleged atrocities. as russian forces move out of cities and towns they once occupied. a residential neighborhood in bucha is now in ruins. ukrainian troops are moving in to see what remains. and a warning, these next images are disturbing. the mayor says hundreds of people are buried in mass graves. citizens describe executions by russian forces. president zelenskyy says ukraine is being destroyed and exterminated. with russia now focusing on the south and east of the country. massive explosions rocking odesa on the black sea. after russian missiles struck a fuel depot there, clouds of acrid smoke could be seen for miles. and tonight, a ukrainian fighter
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pilot on the front lines tells james longman what motivates him to keep fighting. james leads us off once again from kyiv. >> reporter: tonight, the horror of putin's war laid bare as russia retreats from the suburbs of kyiv. these discoveries are now prompting worldwide condemnation. bodies of murdered civilians, some appearing to have been executed, left lying in the streets. ukraine says russia is guilty of war crimes. and president zelenskyy is now accusing the russians of genocide, saying ukrainians are being destroyed and exterminated. >> translator: indeed, this is genocide. the elimination of the whole nation, and the people. >> reporter: in bucha, images that will define this war. residents say russian forces shot civilians on the spot. some allegedly had their hands tied behind their backs. this woman says she was walking when a russian soldier fired at her with a machine gun. she made it home, saying she was beside herself.
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bucha's mayor saying hundreds of people buried in a mass grave. this new satellite image shows a 45-foot-long trench near a church. there is no dignity here. bodies loaded into this van. the horror each victim faced now a task for investigators to uncover. ukraine's prosecutor general telling me tonight that more than 400 victims have been retrieved from liberated areas around kiev. but it might be just the start. >> they did it systematically. it's crimes against humanity. what we can see now in the kyiv region, it's a huge number. it's absolutely full of dead bodies. that's why we will do this job to prove all these crimes. >> reporter: today u.s. secretary of state antony blinken wouldn't go as far as saying moscow is committing genocide in ukraine, but he said reports of russian atrocities are a "punch to the gut." >> since the aggression we've come out and said that we
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believe that russian forces have committed war crimes, and we've been working to document that. we can't become numb to this. we can't normalize this. >> reporter: elsewhere, russia's assault continues. massive explosions rocking odesa in the south. russian missiles striking a fuel facility in this key port city on the black sea, considered an economic lifeline for the entire country. >> translator: i feel scared. not for myself but for my kid. i will take the weapons in my hands if it's needed but against rockets you can't fight those weapons. >> reporter: russian rockets also raining down on mykolaiv as moscow tries to cut off ukraine from the black sea. taking this city would create a land corridor from russia to crimea. u.s. and ukrainian officials saying the kremlin is focusing on the south and the eastern donbas region of the country after suffering heavy losses in the north. nato's secretary general jens stoltenberg warning the russians are shifting strategy. >> what we see is not a real withdrawal, but we see that
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russia is repositioning its troops, and they are taking some of them back to rearm them and to reinforce them, to resupply them. >> reporter: and from an undisclosed air base in ukraine, one of the famed ghosts of kyiv, a fighter pilot, speaks to abc. >> all of us are ghosts. all of us are hiding in the ukrainian sky. >> reporter: the horrific headlines today from bucha only give him motivation to keep going, he tells me. but he says ukraine needs more fighter jets from the west. >> it's a war of all people of ukraine. that's why we just must be in this war. >> he says they need those tools. james, president zelenskyy just released that powerful address to his people. after the horrific reports out of bucha. it seems that once again, he's
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calling on the international community to take action. >> reporter: yeah. it was an incredibly powerful address. he said, concentrated evil had come to ukraine. he said he wanted the mother of every russian soldier to see the bodies of those killed in bucha. and, yes, he wants the world to act. linsey? >> james, thank you. across ukraine and around the world, the faithful gathered this sunday to pray for peace. terry moran from one church in lviv, where one-third of the congregation had been forced from their homes by fighting. >> reporter: sunday morning at the central evangelical church in lviv. inside, the choir is singing. listen. ♪ it's "amazing grace." in the pulpit, the pastor preaches about the love of god. and upstairs, there's bible study. it's all so familiar. kids running around after the service, grown-ups chatting.
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but this is ukraine. one-third of this congregation are refugees. what were you praying for here today? >> every day, i'm praying to god to save my husband. because he's a volunteer. and it's very dangerous now. >> reporter: angelina and her husband valera are from kharkiv in eastern ukraine. when the russians attacked, she took their two children to germany to be with relatives, and she's come back for just two days to be with valera on his weekend leave. iryna cherniak is a nurse from kyiv. may i ask, what did you pray for today? iryna cannot answer. her prayers are beyond words, perhaps. then she tells us. "i was praying for peace in ukraine and to come home."
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oleksandr zaikin is a web programmer from irpin. fierce fighting there drove him and his wife and their six children to flee. oleksander had a different answer when i asked what he prayed for. >> f rsia to be destroyed. >> reporter: you prayed for russia to be destroyed? >> yes. it cannot continue to exist in this form as it is now. >> reporter: the prayers of a people at war. they're different. like so much else here, everything, especially prayer, seems to matter more. linsey? >> terry, thank you. and i've just returned from the region. we'll have more on the humanitarian toll later on. now, to that other breaking story. sacramento police urgently appealing to the public after a night out turned deadly. a shooting rampage, killing six, injuring a dozen others. police at the scene found multiple victims. one witness claimed she saw a man running down the street, shooting at people as they left bars and night clubs.
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zohreen shah has more on the investigation. and what we're learning now about the victims. >> reporter: tonight, the urgent manhunt for the sacramento shooters police believe killed 6 people and left another 12 wounded just blocks from the state capitol. >> one of the victims has a gsw to the right leg. >> reporter: just after 2:00 a.m., chaos on the streets. shots ringing out near a row of night clubs. >> i heard gunshots and after that people just started diving down on the ground. the next thing i know, someone fell in front of my truck. and by the time they got up that's when i got hit, my truck got hit. >> reporter: officers in the area racing toward the sound of the gunshots, finding a large crowd. then providing medical aid. >> he is bleeding profusely. >> reporter: desperately calling for backup. >> three walking gunshot wound victims. >> copy that. we need more units over there. >> reporter: among those killed, 29-year-old devazia turner and father of two, sergio harris. >> my son was a very vivacious young man. you know, fun to be around, life of the party, have fun, smiling all the time.
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you know, don't bother people. and for this to happen, it's crazy. >> reporter: tonight, city officials promising action, demanding an end to the gun violence epidemic. >> our city has a broken heart. this is a senseless and unacceptable tragedy. >> our community deserves better than this. enough is enough. enough is enough. >> reporter: you can hear the frustration in their voices. the police chief just spoke, she said this started with a large fight and right now, they're combing through hundreds of pieces of evidence to try and find the shooters. linsey? >> zohreen, thank you. tonight, thousands of air travelers across the country are at a standstill at the height of the busy spring break season. more than 3,000 flights canceled, and thousands more delayed this weekend. the hardest hit, southwest airlines, which grounded nearly 1,000 flights. they point to severe weather, but also places the blame on intermittent technology issues.
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and more severe weather is on the way. for the third week in a row, millions in the south on alert. let's get straight to jeff smith from wabc in new york. jeff, time this all out for us. >> reporter: linsey, yet another multi-day severe weather outbreak slated for parts of the south. first of all, tonight, there could be isolated severe storms in the southern plains. it's really tomorrow night into tuesday, even into wednesday that we're targeting. tomorrow night, big storms over parts of texas and oklahoma. those can contain tornadoes and very strong damaging winds. that moves to mississippi by tuesday morning. flash flooding also a threat by that point. and it all moves to the east coast as we head into later tuesday, maybe bringing heavy rain into the northeast by tuesday night. linsey? >> jeff, thank you. tonight, the white house is responding to a report that president biden as recently as last year privately told his inner circle that donald trump should be prosecuted. kenneth moton has the latest from washington about what the
5:43 pm
president's chief of staff is now saying. >> reporter: tonight, as some democrats criticize the justice department and the attorney general for its seeming reluctance to prosecute those behind the efforts to overturn the 2020 election, "the new york times" reporting that as recently as late last year, president biden confided to his inner circle that he believed former president donald j. trump was a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted, according to two people familiar with his comments. "the times" adding that the president has never communicated his frustrations directly to attorney general merrick garland. on "this week," our george stephanopoulos pressing ron klain on that report. >> i've never heard the president say that -- advocate the prosecution of any person. the president has confidence in the attorney general to make these decisions. >> reporter: the attorney general saying days ago that such pressure has no impact on him and the doj. it comes as sources tell abc news that the doj is expanding its criminal probe to investigate the rally before the
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capitol riot. the january 6th committee also considering whether to issue subpoena for trump's personal phone records from january 6th. trying to fill a nearly eight-hour gap in the official white house log of trump's phone calls that day. >> it does seem like the gaps are suspiciously tailored to the heart of the events. but we're checking that out. >> reporter: linsey, this week, the house is expected to vote on asking the doj to charge peter navarro and dan scavino for criminal contempt. for refusing to cooperate with the congressional investigation. the men citing executive privilege. linsey? >> kenneth, thank you. tiger woods teasing a return to competition at the masters in augusta, georgia. he says he'll make a gametime decision before his tee time on thursday as far as whether or not to compete. it's been just over a year since the 46-year-old nearly lost a leg in a car crash.
5:45 pm
he's repeatedly expressed frustration at the pace of his recovery. here's phil lipof. >> reporter: tonight, after not playing in a majors event for more than a year, one of golf's greats now hinting at a comeback. and tiger woods says it could happen this week. in a tweet today, woods writes, "i will be heading up to augusta today to continue my preparation and practice. it will be a gametime decision on whether i compete." >> there it is! a win for the ages. >> reporter: his long-awaited return would come nearly 25 years after his first masters win at the age of 21. woods seen practicing at augusta national today. >> i think for golf and for the masters tournament and for everyone, to have tiger there would be phenomenal. >> reporter: the five-time masters champion was severely injured in february of 2021 in this car wreck right outside of los angeles. the crash nearly killing him, shattering his right leg. woods later talking about his recovery. >> i still have a long way to go. each and every day is a fight, and i welcome that fight. get up in the morning, you know,
5:46 pm
let's go a few more rounds. >> reporter: the hall of famer last seen competing in december with his son charlie at the pnc championship. the duo placed second. now, after injuries, surgery, and that car crash, woods possibly looking for one more trophy at the age of 46. >> tiger woods needs golf, but golf really needs tiger woods. and this is the greatest gift that the masters could have, if tiger woods ends up playing. >> reporter: augusta is a little different from some other majors, in that its field of players is smaller. so the rules state that any player, in this case tiger, can withdraw right up until their tee time. his tee time is thursday. so when he says it's a gametime decision, it could be just that. >> the whole world will be watching. phil, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, new images of a traffic stop turned deadly in miami. and chaos erupts at a spring break celebration in santa barbara. i'm mark
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5:49 pm
the car was armed. the attorney representing cooper's family say he was not brandishing a weapon. and in santa barbara, a spring break celebration devolving into chaos. authorities declaring a mass casualty incident after receiving a stream of calls. images show balconies overcrowded with partygoers. three people arrested, and two dozen citations issued. when we come back, who will be crowned the champions of march madness? and remembering beloved actress estelle harris. this is the planning effect. nina's got a lot of ideas for the future... a lot of ideas. so when she wants a plan based on what matters most, she turns to fidelity. at fidelity, anyone can create a free plan. a plan that can change as your priorities do. and nina's free plan? it leaves her free to focus on what's important right now. that's the planning effect.
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to the "index" tonight. the highly anticipated conclusion of march madness, the champion in women's college basketball will be decided tonight. as south carolina is facing off against connecticut. tomorrow, the men's champion will be crowned, with kansas playing north carolina. the final men's game follows north carolina taking out the duke blue devils, bringing coach k's legendary career to an official end. and a passing to note tonight. beloved actress estelle harris has died. >> i feel a draft. let's change tables. >> get out of here. we have a booth. >> frank, i'm cold. >> she's best known for playing george's mother on "seinfeld," and as mrs. potatohead in "toy story." according to her family, she died of natural causes. she was 93 years old. when we come back, how one
5:53 pm
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finally tonight, during a recent trip to poland, we witnessed widespread heartbreak. but we also saw lots of kindness. and one american couple in particular, now being revered as angels. too young to stay back in ukraine to fight, 7-year-old bogdan tries to keep a brave face. what do you know about the war? what's happening in ukraine right now? [ speaking foreign language ] >> putin is evil. devil, yes. >> reporter: now surrounded entirely by women. all the men stayed back in ukraine. and how are you?
5:57 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] >> she wants to go home. because her husband, my husband, son, and my brother-in-law, they are there. >> reporter: bogdan is now in poland with his mother olga and his two grandmothers. they had no place to go until a fateful facebook post connected them to an american couple in poland who are teaching, and wanted to help. >> we picked them up at the bus stop here and have been helping them since. >> for the first days, it was giving them a place to live. we did our best to try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. basically what i've been doing is sitting with them here at the table, with the computer and a telephone, trying to figure out what do we do to move this thing along to try to help them out. >> reporter: olga and her family are now living in warsaw for the foreseeable future. talk to me about where it comes
5:58 pm
from, your desire to help. >> my mother was a refugee in post-war germany, and so part of me has always been empathetic. >> why would you not help? i mean, whatever it is, 3 million people are displaced. and half -- 50% of them are children? everybody we know is doing something. >> our friends have venmoed us money to assist. >> reporter: the family says they'll forever be grateful to mike and nancy. not just for their home and support, but their overall kindness. >> with the help of mike, with the help of nancy, we are supported here by them. i don't know what we would have done without their help. >> they are our angels. >> they are our angels indeed. thank you so much for watching. david muir right back here tomorrow night. i'm linsey davis in new york. have a great evening. good night.
5:59 pm
>> a mass shooting in sacramento. investigators gave an update on what they are learning about the crime. anger, loss and grief. we are hearing tonight from the parents of two young men who died in that mass shooting. and a life in the balance. abc seven news at 6:00 starts right now. courts building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc seven news. >> i never thought this would happen in the capital of california downtown. >> disbelief and heartbreak. at least six lives were in downtown sacramento. showcasing is littered the
6:00 pm
street as investigators searched for the gunmen. sacramento city leaders more into the lives lost and grappled with armand's act of gun violence. >> our community deserves better than this. i know this is not a national -- i know this is a national epidemic. we can stop it here. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. we do may be difficult to watch. gunfire. the video shows the chaos that ensued with people screaming and running for their safety. all of this happened outside the club earlier on k and 10th street.