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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> we have some new information that we would like to share today. we have identified at least five shooters in the downtown k street shooting from april 3rd. >> sacramento investigators also confirmed this weekend's deadly shooting was a gang-related shootout between two guys. >> thanks for joining us. you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00. sacramento police say evidence suggests that at least eight people opened fired and for the first time six since six were killed and at least 12 others injured, police have confirmed it was gauge related.
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>> five shooters in two groups with an change of gun tire. -- gunfire. this shooting is gang related. >> the shooting followed a brawl early sound morning just as bars were letting out. yesterday one man was charged with illegal possession of a firearm by a felon. so far he's not facing any homicide related charges by investigates believe he was involved in the shootout. his brother was arrest and a third person was arrested on it legal suspicion of a firearm but has been released on bail. a remarkable level of public assistance including nearly00 videos and other pieces of evidence is helping -- helping them piece together what happened. >> today the mayor of sacramento and state legislators joined
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advocacy groups. >> ing? i heard today in that press conference is when your home is healthy, your community is healthy. crime violence and the mayor of sacramento all spoke passion in thely addressing the urgent need to invest in crime prevention after the deadly shooting that took the lives of six sunday. the mayor of sacramento says there is an answer to action knack prevent future deadly incidentings. he said it comes in the form of legislation and funding. >> to the need. until those systems have a legal requirement to meet that person leaving the county jail and wrap ourselves around them to ensure that they're schett evidence, housed, treated for whatever underlying conditions they have. that they are provided some sort
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of vocational assistance so they can work. until that is required as a matter of law, all this money is going to help a lot of people and it's absolutely necessary. >> the request today is to fund programs that leaders say would address the root forms of crime and focus on preventing mass incarceration. -- incarceration. that is for $3 million in statewide funding. it would go towards sub stance abuse, mental health treatment and housing. part of the munch would go toward youth programs and units communities. >> thank you very much. here's a figure to keep in mind. 1,8 5 people have died from drug overdoles this is san francisco in january of 2021 to february of this year. that's more than double the number of covid deaths the city has reported since the beginning of the pandemic. this is drug overdoses now we're
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talking about and it's a huge problem. we have the shocking numbers on the deadly drug that is killing so many people on our streets. >> this is our bedroom. >> jack is the program director at maintain marina harbor detox, a substance abuse rehab facility in san francisco. in the just -- past two years, he's lost a dozen fans across the area to fentanyl. >> they say i have another funeral to attend to. do you mind if i get the day off from work? >> a group of thomas shone a spotlight on it. they funded a $25,000 billboard at union square. >> famous the world over for our brains, and dirt cheap funnel nil. >> what's your reaction to that. >> finally somebody saying what's really going on.
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>> the heili addictive synthetic open add is resulting in chaos on our streets. close to 60% of those deaths happened in three neighborhoods. the tender lion, knob hill and soma. most of the victims are men. >> incredibly lethal. a tiny bit kills. >> dr. ana refer can i says fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than heroin and is being added to every drug sold on the street. >> people any they're taking a xanax or oxycontin and in fact they're taking a combination of different drugs, including fentanyl. >> the city allotted $510 million this year to address issues like the drug crisis but
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if you ask him, the city needs to do more. in the past two years she's seen a 15% increase and many of those addicted didn't even know it. >> i don't think people know what we're up against. there's not a drug in tender lionel right now that's untouched from fentanyl. >> tremendous month school officials say a rope physicianed into a noose was found at american high school in a tree on campus. school officials called it a symbol of hate and violence and said it will not be tolerated. they say they're working with police and nose responsible could fails consequences from the districts and possible criminal charges. >> temps are creeping up with the hottest day of the week expected tomorrow. >> for details on how warm it is right now, and how hot it's going to get. let's get to sandia. >> we still have temperatures in
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our 80's in our warmest spots. pictures from our san jose camera, nothing but blue skies from coast to inland. 0 in san francisco, 0 hatch moon bay all the way to 8 degrees in fairfield. we have 90's in places like clover dale. compared to 24 hours ago, 17 degrees warmer in the city, which is why you're feeling it. unseasonably warm in time of year. beach hazard statement until 9:00 p.m. tonight. watch out, the so i have is rough. 6:00 tonight, still going to be more. towards 9:00 p.m., a little bit more comfortable, 50's, 60's and tomorrow morning temperatures will drop off into the 50's but the hottest day of the week is coming up tomorrow and we'll be talking about some records. i'll be back with those coming right up. >> of course, the increased temperatures mean increased fire
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danger and that's highlight program in the north bay designed to recruit new firefighters. we have a stormy from crennell. >> a very hot day here in marin county but firefighter recruits made real progress, clearing a nearby hillside of dead trees and brush. in new program offering firefighter careers to those from underserved communities. [chainsaws buzzing] >> armando jimenez was battling theoteperrain, clearing dead tree and is brush on this dry san rafael hillside, the perfect fuel for a wildfire. >> it's a workout. >> the drought going on and then the past fires and everything growing twice as fast and tryins fast. >> is the first class of recruits from the department's
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fire foundry program focused on diversifying the ranks of firefighters. >> it's about giving back to the community as well as giving people in underserved communities a career pathway. >> samuel lockett grew up in san francisco's bay view neighborhood. she said one day a fire truck changed he were life. >> seeing a female on engine. she drove past and i thought that's cool. i want that for myself. >> the foundry program offers h, even a paycheck and a career path forward. tamara homes to become an effort m.t. >> i want a career where i can help people around me and my family. >> armando is a first-generation immigrant, hoping to fulfill his dream of becoming a role model for his family. >> this country has given he a -- me a lot of opportunities and i feel like it's right for
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me to give back to them. >> in as california's epic drought drags on and more firefighters will be needed for the future. the boss believes this class already has what it has. >> they're a family already. >> a grant from the state is helping to fund the foundry program in 2020, four million acres burned in california and you better believe now more than ever, more firefighters than ever are needed here. abc news. >> thank you. after the break, lawmakers on capitol hill grill the executives of some of the nation's largest oil companies demanding to know why gas prices are so high. >> plus, the latest on the war in ukraine and the new round of
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>> this afternoon the pentagon
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is saying it is impossible to know how long the war in ukraine will go on if not ended through diplomacy but officials saying that ukraine can win the war. today the white house announced further sanctions, banning all new investment in russia, put additional constraints on all russian financial institutions and target government officials and their families. >> these oligarchs, their family members are not allowed to hold on to their wealth in europe spot utah while children in ukraine are being killed, displaced from their opens every day. >> the new sanks action as ukrainians uncover more as to thinks committed by russian troops, including an attack on schools and then the claim that russian men lined up everyone in his village and shot everyone
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under the age of 50. >> some of the oil companies' top executives were on capitol hill explaning why the price of fuel is so high. >> today, six. ellen: company executives testifying to lawmakers about the economic pain americans are feeling over high gas prices and the political messaging battle over who's to blais. triple-a saying the current average of fuel is about $420 a gallon. the -- $4.20 a gallons. the biden administration announce upside machine released. ellen: from the. ellen: reserves. however they couldn't say how soon americans will feel relief. more than 9,000 approved but unleaksed drilling units are located on public land.
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>> we're locked down in our homes and restricted in our travel. we saw fant decrease in demand for. ellen: with restrictions being lifted and would a lot of people getting out and traveling quilt a bit more, the demand has increased exponentially. >> today lawmakers demand action. >> huh commit to doing whatever it takes in order to lower pricings for struggling american consumers? >> oil executives testifying they have no control over the price of oil. >> the price of. ellen: and other refined prices are driven by energy markets. >> democrats are playing the blame on. ellen: companies on russia's oil in ukraine. republicans say prices were rising before rushier's invasion and that president biden's policies stifled domestic production. nancy pelosi says congress ising
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aring to willing to help americans with the form of a direct payment. >> homeowners
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>> the coast of housing is one of the biggest issues bay area residents face. challenges of buying a home aren't going away anytime soon for the middle class but some experts are urging them not to give up just yet. >> i've never owned a home. my wife has never owned a home. nobody in her family ever has. >> until a few weeks ago when they bought in san jose town house. jim and his wife fall into the middle income category. those who earn between 80,000 to 1 5,000 a year. a study found there's a lack of
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homes available for people in that i think ratchet. >> that's the biggest lack buyers are facing. there are not enough homesout there. >> the repeater who helped the family get into their new home. though she says there is home for the average first time home buyer but it takes work and time. for him tax two-year process. >> for the first year her got his credit up, they got preapproved. after that it only took them three weeks. >> right now there's a professional in the -- approach in the state come that calls for more construction. >> there's a breadth of opportunity in the marketplace. we live in a very large community. >> broker brad gill says the time between january and april does tends to seep fewer homes on the market but changes usually come in the summer. >> summertime and the ends of
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summertime-fall, things start settling down. there tends to be a bulk of listed holes. >> gill says it's critical for potential home barrels to do their homework and finding an agents. for him, work he punishment in hahn life changing. >> just oak a home is cool. it's oh. it's a huge deep. >> moving on to the weather. as the song from the 80's says, the heat is on. >> it really is. >> we're going to take that heat up a notch tomorrow. i want to show you the highs turnover so far. just about everyone in the 70's and 80's. 88 in santa rosea. 89 in fairfield. oakland, 8. 8 in the san jose. there was no escaping the warmth today and as you look from our golden gate bridge camera, there's a gentle breeze out there. 73 in the city right now. san jose, you're at 5.
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6 oakland, 70 in half moon bay. as we check out another view from our emery view camera towards the golden gate bridge. 86 in pat looma, 82 degrees. high pressure in command of our weather. it's a strong ridge with an offstore flow. we noticed those temperatures really went up but that downsloping wind driving humid can i -- humidity levels is obvg around this time. the only good thing is because of the rain in the last few months that we received there's still is a little bit of mind humidity in our fuels. if this were to happen in a couple of months, it's going to be even worse. tomorrow afternoon by lunch-time, all in the 70's and 80's. but maxing out in the 90's for our hottest spots. live view along the embarcadero.
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the heighted temperatures, santa rosa, 91. livermore, 87. all expected to mom at records levels. a few stills close like san jose and red woods city. stay tuned. many of those records in 1989. heat peaks tomorrow, records likely. cooler coast and bay friday. still warm inland and then sharply cooler and windy this weekend, particular on sunday. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. that is going to be the most comfortable time because in the afternoon, it's going to get uncomfortable in the south bay. on the pens la, 15 to 20 degrees above average. downtown san francisco, 83 degrees. sunshine, high clouds. 88 on the north bay. 87 oakland. stay hydrated, 90, fremont. inlandatr
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youking for rain and much cooler weather, you got it. only monday. sierra will get an opportunity for snow. it's a level one storm. the forecast, records likely tomorrow. cooling starts only friday and it's a sharp dropoff over the weekend. as the sea breeze comet in temperatures will tang tank on monday. level one storm bringing us weather, windy weather fen. >> thank you. >> a new home depot could be coming to north oakland. the cityside a preliminary approach. it's expected to be part of the ridge shopping center. the proposal will serve as an area in need of large harmed wafer stores. the home depot is the worlds's largest retailer. >> a mission based restaurant once voted best mexican food in
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northern california is coming to north beach. it comes after a months-long dispute of the city's ban on chain restaurants in the area. the city clavered it as a chain. a new location electric smaller than other of the restaurants but comes with the
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>> a reminder, you can get our live newscasts, breaking news, weather and more on apple tv, andrade tv, fire tv and roku. search abc 7 bay area and download it. >> a k-pop sensation melted the hearts of his bay area fans today. [cheers] >> that's bambam from the south korean boy band gut seven. lucky fans were starstruck outside star seven. that's where bambam launched his new clothing line at the warriors team steer. he is the team's global ambassador and has a pretty loyal following right here in the bail area. >> i was like oh, my god, i love you, love your music.
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i was so scared i couldn't really talk but i'm so excited for his music and i asked him if i could get a picture with him. >> he much said yes. bambam will perform at the half time during tomorrow night's game against lakers. the first time they've performed during an nba halftime show. >> that's cool. after being delayed by the lockout, the major league baseball season gets underway tomorrow with the a's and giants beginning play on friday. >> today the mascots from both teams took part in an event put on by major league baseball called only the road to opening day. hack man len order and vida blue who pitched for both teams also showed up. >> the a's start on the road in philadelphia. >> baseball is back. world news tonight with david muir is next. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in half an
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images. tonight, the devastating new images. our team now reaching a city further north of kyiv and what they found. and here at home tonight, the deadly storms sweeping across several states. tornado watches and warnings as we come on the air tonight. first, those new horrors revealed as ukrainian forces reach another city left behind by the russians. the ukrainian government tonight releasing new drone video of borodyanka, outside the capital. apartment buildings bombed, barely left standing. james longman and our team on the ground there. the area littered with russian mines. president biden tonight addressing the atrocities now seen by the world, calling them major war crimes. tonight, the u.s. and european allies imposing new sanctions. who and what they're now targeting, including vladimir putin's adult daughters.


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