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tv   The Kardashians -- An ABC News Special  ABC  April 6, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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-♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome to kim headquarters here today. >> i'm looking to get to know you. i know that sounds funny because you've been on television all these years. >> i know, i know. >> just to -- what is going to be different this time? >> i think we just evolved. we're all growing up. and the kids are, you know, a decade and a half older and this is a new chapter. >> if you were to ask me years ago when i first started my career, i would have done anything to be famous. i'm so open and honest about the fact that i loved beak famous. some people are made for it better than others. i would be lying if i said i didn't feel like i could handle
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it, if i didn't feel like i was made for it. it's hard to live your life on a reality show and then say, i want certain things to be private. >> i think one thing that has always been pass yated by kim kardashian has been her love life. i think there's nothing more fascinating than what she's experiencing right now. >> the history of kim and kanye is pretty epic. acquaintances, then friends, well before they ever became an item. kim and kanye have fizzled out. they're in the middle of what is now one of the most intense divorces we've seen in a while. >> kim kardashian and kanye west parenting issues making headlines. >> they share four children. she has been dating "snl" star pete davidson. >> kanye has used every form of social media to dog kim, her family, her choice of boyfriend who has a music video where he appears to bury pete. and it's just interesting to see how a flame can burn so bright,
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but it canter down everything as it's blown out. >> was it difficult because of how kanye became so public? how have you been able to navigate that? >> you want to take the high road, and sometimes it's hard. but i think that at the end of the day, everyone has their own way of communicating. and i've always been like a champion of him speaking his truth, and i would always want that. >> how do you talk to your children about it? >> i'm really open and honest with them. you know, the younger ones don't understand as much. but as far as with my two older ones, they know what's going on, and you have to just really be there for them no matter what. even in this crazy life that we live. you just have to have a really open dialogue with your children. kanye and i have had conversations, we have to talk daily for the kids. so, you know, i hate that it had to play out like that. but when it comes to family, i mean -- kanye and i will always be family. at the end of the day, i just want my kids to be happy and
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healthy and think the world of their dad. and they do. >> okay, take some clothes right now and take some movies later. >> even before you started doing a reality show, you were just a family that recorded your life. >> everything. everything. we're a big family with a lot of different big personalities. >> there's many reasons for the kar-jenn kar-jenners' success and longevity. one of them that is there's so many. there's always something going on with a family member. whether it be kim and kanye or khloe and tristan or kylie and travis scott or whoever it may be. >> one of the key things that really drew people in initially with the kardashians was kim. >> are we going to get a tape of this? i hope you do so you'll see me when i'm famous and always remember me as this beautiful little girl. >> we first knew her das she was
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the daughter of robert kardashian, who was o.j. simpson's lawyer. >> kim kardashian got her first taste of fame through her father. that was the start of media frenzy. and i think kim wanted that. i think she saw that as exciting. >> all right, you won't be in the movie, it's all kimberly. >> when you were a little girl, what did you envision your life to be? >> oh my gosh. i mean, i always loved fashion. and i had a job at 16 at like a kids' clothing store and at a woman's choating store. i also worked at my dad's office. so i always loved being busy. >> did you at any point when you were young think about fame, wanting to be famous? >> i didn't think specifically about being famous, but i remember the show "the real world." >> this is the true story. >> seven strangers picked to live in a loft. >> when it came out, i was obsessed with it and it was the first reality tv show.
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and i remember telling my best friend, when we're 18, we have to make an audition tape, we have to be on "the real world." and i just felt like that's what i wanted to do and where i wanted to be. and i said that at like 10 years old. >> what was it about the show that made made you feel that way? >> i just thought it was super authentic. i thought you got to see your real life. i just was fascinated by the way that they would just share their lives. and show so much. i had never seen that before. >> hey, hey, hey, i see myself! >> when she was watching "the real world" as a kid, thought, i want to be in that, she didn't have the kind of celebrity scaffolding that i had in my head which was like, you have to go be a pop star or a movie star. she was watching a television show, and to her that was a route to stardom just as legitimate as being a singer. that's how the culture had changed. >> i mean, the clearest antecedent to kim kardashian is paris hilton. >> "the simple life" was seen
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everywhere and it ran for many seasons. >> kim was good friends with paris. she was her assistant, she sold her clothes on ebay, she organized her closet. >> i learned a lot from paris. she's a really smart girl. i've been friends with her since preschool. her mom threw my mom her last baby shower. so i've known them my whole life. >> kim kardashian, she was one of those people who wanted access to fame in some capacity. but couldn't move the spotlight onto herself. >> when she got taken under the wing of paris to be paris' assistant, she was paving her own path to stardom. and i think she watched everything paris did and her mother watched everything paris did, and they found a way to do it better. >> back then, i was working for a company called tmz. one night, paris hilton wanted to go out. she had just broken out with her bff tara reade.
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who does she take? she takes her stylist, and that was kim kardashian. that video made kim kardashian. >> paris, how are you today? >> good. >> good, you look great. kim, you look awesome. >> kim understood, if i go with paris, then i'm in the photo even if it's on the side. so she's insinuating herself, again, as a supporting character, but as a character nonetheless. >> for the next three years, i photographed her day and night and kept that machine rolling so that she became relevant and she would be put on every single tabloid. so it was nothing more than just feeding, feeding, feeding the frenzy and creating it. >> now it's definitely not my goal, but i don't mind it. like, i -- i'm not one to say, oh my god, it's so hard. i knew what i was getting myself into. do i cherish my privacy, do i choose to live my life
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differently than i did at the beginning of my career? absolutely. but i love my life. so i don't look at fame as this negative thing. >> i think kim kardashian always knew what the power structure in the room was. she wasn't a performer. never had some market her vulnerability to succeed. >> kim kardashian didn't play around to become successful. she's hungry, she's focused, ready to do whatever it takes. >> you hustle. you don't need me to tell you that. when you made the recent statement about women in business, and it got a lot of backlash -- >> it did. >> what did you mean by that, what do you want to say now about it? >> i have the best advice for women in business, get your [ bleep ] and up work. it seems like nobody wants to work these days. charmin ultra soft has so much cushiony softness, it's hard for your family to remember that they can use less.
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billions of people are trying to make it in hollywood. fame is a drug. it's an addiction that takes over your life. because you sell your soul. you lose your identity over fame. >> kris jenner has always understood how to maintain her own celebrity while cultivating the celebrity of her daughters.
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>> are you the mastermind? >> you know what, i think what my goal has always been my whole life is to raise my kids and the dream would be to see each one of them find their passion. >> i love strong women. so when you see somebody like kris who sees the potential in her children, sees the way to make money, i think that you have to respect that. she's like, watch this, let me show you how it's done. >> what were your aspirations as a young girl? >> to have six kids. at one point, i think what happened was i really followed in my mom and my grandmother's footsteps. kourtney and i ended up opening a children's shop, just like my mom had. my grandmother had a candle store. >> so kris grew up in southern california, worked as an airline stewardess, and met her first husband, robert kardashian ser. at a golf match. i think kris is incredibly ambitious. she didn't meet robert cash sr.
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by accident. she understood what she had in the world, which was beauty and intelligence and driving ambition. okay, let's climb this ladder, let's see how far i can go. >> i feel there's a reason for everything and that you have to be, you know, open to following the plan. >> and get ready for your success. >> buckle your seat belt, i never know what i'm going to wake up to in the morning, i never know what's going to happen. >> kris jenner eventually divorces robert kardashian and marries someone who we now know to be caitlyn jenner. >> caitlyn jenner was perhaps one of the most famous athletes in the united states in 1976. won the decathlon in the montreal olympics. was on literally the face of the wheaties cereal box. >> bruce had four kids, i had four kids. then the two of us had two together.
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>> i found kris, and she was basically a housewife. and little did i know, inside this woman that i was marrying was a very good businesswoman. >> so that's sort of the first member of the family that kris really manages, right? kris turns caitlyn into this wealthy, well-respected motivational speaker. >> she learned a lot through that process. so when the girls got to the age when things were starting to happen, she was just ready to go. >> kris jenner is the quintessential mom-ager, the mom who is also managing the careers. >> kris jenner told me from the very beginning, sheraz, when you take kim out, nightclub, restaurant, anywhere, unless she's being paid, she ain't going. and that philosophy she used on all children and all children
8:16 pm
are successful. >> the word on the street is you are a pitbull when it comes to negotiating. >> well -- you know what, this is how i feel about negotiating. i feel like i'm direct and i'm strong. >> you want my daughter to come and open your nightclub in las vegas? cut a check. >> we created the show "keeping up with the kardashians." it turned into, you know, something bigger than i could have ever imagined. >> ow drunk? >> i hate so it much, i hate it. >> did you have anything to drink tonight? >> yes. >> how much? >> about four. >> even though as public as you are, don't you crave those times, like do i have to share everything? >> i think we all crave those times, we definitely do. but we also know that this is what we signed up for. and at the same time, though, you can't predict the magnitude of what this machine is.
8:17 pm
the kardashian machine. >> at the time, there was sort of a recipe for launching reality stars. it was sex tape, then reality show. paris did it first. >> kim kardashian, too, had a sex tape which i'm not sure how that leaked out. but it certainly launched her into celebrity further. >> on the first episode of the show, this is a big sort of topic of discussion. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> i know. but you could just be honest and say how you feel. >> set the record straight? >> yeah, you could do that. >> where you are in your life now, is there something that you're maybe more hesitant to share? >> not really, honestly. we all have personal boundaries. but i think that we've found that when we are really open and honest and share what's really going on, then hopefully people will, you know, still be interested to tune in. >> stop!
8:18 pm
>> there's this sort of service, aspirational, them spinning the story. then you get these really cracks, and now i'm really seeing something. >> i'm so tired about lying about my life about who i am, about everything. >> are you going to fully become a woman? >> i see myself in the future that way. >> one of the most private chapters that was documented was da caitlyn's transition. >> yes. >> what is your relationship with caitlyn today? >> we're fine, yeah. we're friends. i see her when she's at a family thing. so it's, you know, settled down a lot. i think it was a big shock. it's a scary thing to go through, because you know nothing about it. you know, it's a subject i never thought that i would ever have to directly deal with, confront, be understanding about something that i didn't, you know, understand. >> if you're famous enough, every aspect of your life is a
8:19 pm
show. if you're famous enough and you decide to date another famous person, is the relationship a show? >> kim and kanye together were such a perfect storm of genius and madness and modernity. >> kanye brought kim kardashian to a whole new level because he was in his own right a legitimate, talented celebrity. >> i think that legitimacy was critical, because it gets them into rooms that they were unable to get into before. >> i've been in this business for 20 years, and being on a reality show has not opened up doors for me in the way people would assume. if anything, being on a reality show, let alone a reality show and a girl with a sex tape, i mean, all the doors closed for me. it was completely not respected. and so i felt like i had to work extra hard to try to get a little bit of credibility. >> you hustle, you don't need me
8:20 pm
to tell you that. when you made the recent statement about women in business, and it got a lot of backlash. >> it did. >> i have the best advice for women in business. get your [ bleep ] up and work. it seems like nobody wants to work these days. >> what did you mean by that, what do you want to say now about it? >> well, having a social media presence and being on a reality show does not mean overnight success. and you have to really work hard to get there. even if it might seem like it's easy. so i felt like, in no way was that statement directed towards women and at women. if anything, like, i feel so bad and i'm sorry that it was received that way. the women in my life have shaped my life, have made my career, have made me successful. and so i'm always so supportive of women. and it wasn't a blanket statement towards women or to feel like i don't respect the work or think that they don't work hard.
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i used to dream about this night. i used to sit home in bed, on my computer, looking at all of the pictures of everyone, dreaming one day that i could ever attend that ball. >> i think this is one of the things that kim is so good at. loving beauty, praising beauty, wanting to be beautiful. but also being quite clear about how painful beauty is to achieve. >> if i don't sit down for dinner, now you know why. i'll be walking around, mingling, talking. but i can't hardly sit. so i can only half-sit. >> when they comes to the met gala in this dress, she says, i worked incredibly hard for this it's very uncomfortable, but the end result is still aspirational. >> do you feel that as much as you've accomplished that you're still fighting for respect? >> absolutely.
8:26 pm
>> you know that "vogue" in the beginning -- now you're on the cover of "vogue." probably they did not want to put you on the cover. >> absolutely. i say all the time, oh my god, i didn't think vogue was in my vocabulary. pinch-me moments all the time. things i never thought would ever happen for me. so i just want to motivate people, not the opposite. >> oh my god! [ screaming ] >> everybody wants to look good in their clothes. everybody wants to look good naked. with women there's, like this tyrannical thing where you have to have a small waist. it helps if you have good-sized boobs. but not too big. it used to be that a very small and more flat behind was the cuteness. and now it's the waist to hip ratio needs to be, like, boom,
8:27 pm
boom, pow as a booty, teeny tiny as a waist. it really is, i feel like it's a tyranny. >> do you feel that you have changed the narrative a little bit about how the world sees women and how we come in different shapes and sizes and all of that? >> i mean, i think even looking at my sisters. some are short, some are really tall. we all have really different body types. i never felt the inclusivity growing up. everyone was blond and tall and thin. i never really connected to anyone. i remember at the beginning when i would want to borrow clothes and have clothes lent from fashion houses, everyone would say no because they said it would never fit me because i'm just too curvy, it would never fit. i think that's why i was so inspired to start skins is because i wanted a line that just had no boundaries. >> so something like skims is very much in the kardashian
8:28 pm
tradition. if it's going to make you feel beautiful to have a thinner waist and a bigger butt and your boobs look a bit bigger, that's what you should do. instead of thinking through, what if somebody's self-esteem wasn't based on having a body like this very particular aspirational archetype. >> it's become the norm now for most young women of a certain age to filter their photos, to photoshop themselves, to look so different than they do in real life. that's just part of the norm. and i think that is because of social media. >> i would just sit there and i would, like, scroll through my discover page and, like, just compare myself to this girl and that girl. >> it was this ideal, and i remember just being, like, i want to be that thin, i want to be pretty, i want to be beautiful like that. to me, that's when it clicked that thin equaled beautiful. >> it's such a hard and fast rule. what does everybody talk about with any famous woman?
8:29 pm
oh my god, j. lo's body is amazing! look at beyonce's body, oh my god. adele lost the weight. it's like a theme. >> i have always had a really love/hate relationship with fashion because my weight has fluctuated my entire life. i've been at my biggest at size 12 or 14. at certain places, that's a no-no. >> yeah, don't get me started with that. i know that everybody's always about, when we change our appearance, why we're doing it. what went into the decision-making with you? >> my whole life i would say, i've always wanted my nose done, forever. but it's in the middle of your face and it's scary to think about. but i finally got the courage, and i did it, and i love it. >> the kardashians tend to really rebel against certain social norms but also uphold certain social norms at the same time. they have this way of making us think about, what are these rules that we are quote, unquote supposed to follow?
8:30 pm
expanding what types of bodies can be considered beautiful. >> this is not a new body aesthetic. what is new is that white female housewives are embracing that body type and somehow trying to emulate it in their own ways. >> what do you say to those people that say, it's okay for you, but if another woman of color has that shape, she's not as embraced as you are? >> i mean, i have always just embraced everybody. i think everyone deserves to feel exactly how they want to feel and praised exactly how they are. and if that isn't up to anyone's standards or specific beauty standards, then [ bleep ] them. i don't know how else to say it. >> to so many people, you are a beauty icon. do you have one? >> do i have one? i have so many. i mean -- both of my grandmothers. all my sisters.
8:31 pm
like, my mom, of course. marilyn monroe, elizabeth taylor. i mean, all of the classics. i think it's almost impossible to talk about the word influencer without the kardashians. these are the master influencers. these are the people who started the game. >> you get to be the person that everyone looks at and says, wow, that person is so cool, i want to look like that person, i want to dress like that person. the ideas that that person is espousing, i buy into. whatever is the thing that decade, if you have that thing, or if you're bad-ass enough to set the tone for that decade? listen, you're going to be famous for a long time. >> around 2015, kylie says, i'm tired of making stuff for other people, i'm going to do my own version that has my name on it. >> this is ulta beauty. it is such a cliche -- if your moderate to severe crohn's disease
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the kardashians did not create the celebrity cult of worship but they have leveraged it in savvy ways. >> savvy businesspeople. if they're engaging in a conversation with you, there's money behind it. ♪ happy birthday dear kendall ♪ >> it's so much fun because playstation was turning 15, kendall was turning 15, so it seemed like a great time to get
8:36 pm
together, we're huge fans. >> what sony was getting was an entry point into a younger demographic. and the kardashians were basically giving them their stamp of approval. >> i wanted to celebrate my birthday with sony playstation because it seemed like a good idea. they were turning 15, i'm turning 15. >> the show is never the end goal. the show was the starting point. >> not only did they just have a reality show, they started developing a brand. >> reality tv, if you utilized it properly, it was a 30-minute commercial. you could put your brand in it, you could create thenarrate, u could sge t content, you can build it out. if you weren't doing that, you were missing the boat on reality tv. >> kim kardashian became rich when they decided to stop promoting other brands and start doing their own businesses. the day that happened, zeros were added. >> they're not on the level of a family anymore, they're on the
8:37 pm
level of massive businesses. >> you said how, in managing your daughters, it's like a different dance with each one of them. >> every single child is so different. and has different ideas, energy, strengths, weaknesses. it's learning when to lean in, learning when to let go, learning when to take over, learning when to say, you know, i give up. >> kris jenner was better at this game than anyone else. kris jenner understood how the new reality of entertainment, in terms of reality tv and the capacity to market off it, would allow her daughters to profit to the degree that they did. and the kardashians have stacked paper like no family in hollywood for the last decade and a half. >> make sure that we are covered in all trademark applications, including kendall and kylie. we just filed kendall and kylie. >> can you name all the
8:38 pm
projects? >> i thought you were going to say, all my kids. >> no. >> barry. >> and your mom, how does she play into the success of not only your business, but the whole kardashian empire? >> i think about that often. i've learned so much just by watching her, hearing her on the phone, watching the way that she organized her life. she always had, like, a rolodex. the way she had her filing systems. just down to little things like that. you may not even, like, recognize at the time, like, what an impact it had. but i think it helps give you the motivation to do it. my mom believed in us more than anyone else. because of her, she fought for us to be where we are. >> she really was the master on it. each one she sort of set off like this factory line of kardashians that just kept rolling out into their different products, their different businesses. >> for many years after their
8:39 pm
reality show launched, the kardashians were navigating hollywood like your traditional reality star. until kylie jenner changed everything. >> okay, first i have my rose bubble bath. >> she was the first family member to really harness the power of their traditional outlet, the tv show, with the power of this new outlet, social media. >> kylie has always loved makeup. in her late teenage years, she starts plumping her lips. how to capitalize on that, you make makeup. specifically lip kits, lip liner and lipstick kits. >> we got the product manufactured. i said, when's the marketing campaign? she said, marketing campaign? there's no marketing campaign. she goes, mom, i know what i'm doing. >> and doesn't need to buy any advertising. goes on instagram to her millions and millions of followers and says, hey, i'm going to sell these lip kits and
8:40 pm
you, too, could have a kylie lip. >> this is stuck on you gloss with iced latte liner, iced latte is sold out. >> she launched her product one morning and four seconds later it was gone. so they know what they're doing. i can put great business deals together. but if i go into the room to help kylie create a collection, she'll just tell me, "mom, it's time for your lunch break." >> stay in your lane, mom? >> stay in your lane, mom. >> kylie jenner sold half her makeup business to a big brand for hundreds of millions of dollars. that success is what inspired kris jenner to try and set up similar situations for all of her children. >> there's always something for everybody. you know, i'm a kylie swipe by kylie product. khloe, support my girl, buy her plus-sized jeans. >> good american. how's it going? >> it's fantastic. i'm so proud of good american. i have always had a really
8:41 pm
love/hate relationship with fashion because my weight has fluctuated my entire life. and i wanted to be in things that were skin-tight, but in the fashion world it's kind of like, here's a mumu, and be quiet. that's your size. and i didn't want to settle for that. >> it's different for each one of you, but one thing that is the same, you guys hustle. >> we do. >> you do, you do. your lifestyle brand -- >> it was important for me with poosh to do it on my own. >> we've thrown a lot of spaghetti at the walls but you figure out what it is that works for you, that you love, and you can't go wrong. especially if you have the determination. >> they're a corporation, because it's not just one person, it is the entire unity of the kardashian brand. and each of them have their own brands to maintain. but it all reinforces this larger brand. >> people view them as aspirational. >> we envy these people, we envy
8:42 pm
what they want, we envy these material things, we envy the fame. >> i can sell whatever i want to sell because people want to be like me. >> personally, what's affected my anxiety the most is the amount of negativity that i see. >> there's just literally too much. ruined our meal. i got everything right - except for the plates. don't get paper plates that'll leave a stain on your pasta night. get dixie ultra® deep dish plates...
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of my favorite things to, do one of my hobbies. definitely one of my talents. >> the numbers change, but right now like 1.7 billion followers with the whole family. >> billion with a "b." isn't that crazy? >> one of the things that makes the kardashian women so unique is that they fully inhabit their social media culture. you feel like you do genuinely know them. >> your girl looking her hottest. oh, yeah, girl. smile for the camera! >> from the very beginning, it was really fun. because kendall and kylie, they weren't even teenagers yet. >> because you're a kid and you're sweet. >> and you have something to say. >> and those early episodes are great. >> i don't think that's appropriate. >> are you serious? >> no, it's not funny. >> from almost day one, they have grown up in front of the camera. is it different for them than it is for you? >> i think it is different. because we had a whole life
8:47 pm
without the cameras. >> kylie had a really authentic, goofy teenage energy. she made funny, weird little videos that i think in a moment when "keeping up" was starting to callsfysify a little bit, th were starting to be careful about their narrative. >> this was a way for them to show the world, this is how i really am, this is how i like to behave and move online. >> kylie has 314 million followers, by far the most popular sister on instagram. we're talking about almost as many followers as there are people in the united states. >> she spoke to a group of women who had the ugly duckling insecurity, maybe, and wanted to feel like swans. >> i want you to stop thinking that someone is so much luckier than you because they have fair skin, they have a little nose, they have plump lips, they have
8:48 pm
big eyes, so they are prettier than you. no, no, no, no. get rid of that, get rid of that. because it is not true. >> personally, what's affected my anxiety the most is the amount of negativity that i see. >> there's just literally too much. >> kendall out of all of the family members has the most mysterious persona. she's not trying to create more chatter about her life than there already is. >> i honestly, i mean, you can probably tell by my instagram, i don't take very many selfies, to be honest. but -- i don't know. it's as if i'm in the mood, i feel like. i never -- i don't know, i'm not like a selfie queen like kylie. >> she has always felt this wasn't quite her calling, to be this famous. yes, she wanted to be a model, but there are plenty of models who make beautiful livings who aren't always in the headlines. >> you know, i struggle with my own, you know, mental health issues sometimes myself. >> kendall, she's been very
8:49 pm
outspoken about anxiety. what is your concern for her? >> when she was out on her own, she struggled with being anxious. and slowly but surely learned how to create her boundaries. and how to do what she could handle. >> there is that fine line between giving the people what they want, which is full access, understanding every piece, every beat of these women's lives, and at the same time, protecting yourself. >> i find that the more i'm looking at screen, the more detached i feel with my own body or to like what's happening in front of me. >> kendall and sometimes kylie, when they're hit with that pushback by the public, it really takes them to a darker place. >> i have moments of feeling like i'm breaking or feeling like i can't take it anymore. because sometimes it does feel like it just -- i can never do anything right. >> you see that there is a cost to all of this. there's anxiety, there's the
8:50 pm
loneliness that can even come from having millions of followers and having to put on a certain face every single day. for their benefit. >> i know a very privileged, amazing lifestyle. i'm a very blessed girl. i still have one of these, you know what i mean, and that thing up there doesn't always -- i don't know, it's not always, like, happy. >> people love talking about you guys. a lot of things go viral. you all are kind of steeled to that. >> yeah. we have to be. i think it's nice to not even see. i have this new thing where, like, i do not look at my phone until, like, after i've dropped off my kids. >> how do you deal with it? >> i get it's a business for so many people, but that can't consume me. because my real life really matters. and what i go through in my real life is not what i go through on social media. >> kendall and kylie are gen-z, they understand that they're opening up a dialogue that is
8:51 pm
true to them and something they have control over. >> kylie's most recent birth, she had a son, and he was born several days before she put an announcement up on her instagram. >> i just wanted to say to my postpartum moms that postpartum has not been easy. it's not been easy. it's very hard. >> a faustian bargain. your fame can make you as much money as you want, but you have to keep being constantly famous in order to make that money. >> i do wonder what happens in the long run. and whether or not the kardashians and in particular kendall and kylie make decisions that say, my privacy is more valuable. and not for sale. >> let us talk about relationships. because people love talking about the kardashians and the relationships. >> oh my lord. >> tristan. >> uh-huh. >> so where do things stand?
8:52 pm
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8:55 pm
we've kind of gone into our own worlds. >> i think that this season's really different. >> how so? >> i think it's more about our individual lives. >> the good news is there's been absolutely no shortage for the
8:56 pm
kardashians the last year. we have had very recently the news tristan thompson fathered a baby with another woman while he was dating khloe. kylie recently had her second child with travis scott. >> the men in the kardashians' lives, what is it that you all are looking for? >> i think at the end of the day, all of us just aspire to have, like, blissfulness. we want to be happy. we want to feel safe. >> tristan. so what is it about him with you? >> with tristan, i did feel incredibly safe in the beginning. and i felt really good for a time. i remember when he cheated on me right before i gave birth, and i was able to still have him in the delivery room. so yes, it might have looked strange to the outside world. but when my daughter watches my home videos of it, those videos are going to be as pure and perfect as i was able to make them. i still think he's a great guy, he's a great dad. he's just not the guy for me. >> who is in the best place right now when it comes to being in a relationship?
8:57 pm
>> i think all my family members, besides me. >> i think kourt and trav are in an amazing place. >> he was your friend, travis, now you all can't keep your hands off one another. >> yeah. it's so funny when we think about, this is us, can you believe it? we're kourtney and travis, who are friends. i felt deep down if we looked into each other's eyes, you know, made it physical, that it would just be over. >> i think, like any good story, they managed to keep providing new storylines. >> kim has found new love. >> pete's great. pete's great. he's a really nice guy. he just makes her laugh. and she laughs all the time. >> where do you see this going? >> i mean, i am a -- like relationship kind of girl for sure. and i wouldn't be with someone if i didn't plan on spending a lot of my time with them. obviously i want to take my time.
8:58 pm
but i'm very happy and very content. and it's such a good feeling just to be at peace. >> kim is really now trying to use her celebrity and her platform for good. >> kim is someone who is sort of positioning herself as a game changer, lessen sentences for people who have been sentenced to life for petty crimes. that includes becoming a lawyer. >> when i had the opportunity to help someone and was successful at that, i started to dig deeper and saw that our system just had so many flaws. >> they're always looking forward. and that is the key to their ever-evolving continued success. >> there will be new generations that will take up the baton and figure out how to sustain this business that is being a kardashian. >> when we first met the kardashians, all we knew was that one of them had a sex tape, she also was friends with paris
8:59 pm
hilton. their deceased father had defended o.j. simpson. that was about it. and now they are now walking, talking icons. titans of industry. and they are amongst the world's most famous people. >> you're a proud mama bear. >> i am. i really am with my kids. i can't be prouder of their souls, their hearts. don't make me cry. i'm just -- i can't -- i can't even -- it's a dream come true. they've got love and work ethic. yeah. sorry. i'm just really proud of them. >> they keep the storylines coming. i think it's possible that the kardashians becomes a tradition for people. where it's just like, that's what i do. once a week i watch my stories and it's the kardashians.
9:00 pm
♪ what's all this? daddy just taught me how to change my spark plugs and change my oil. she learned almost as fast as bruce did. so, dad's teaching you to work on cars? well, he didn't want to at first. said being oily and greasy was "unladylike." but saving $2.50 on a tune-up is beautiful. mm-hmm. [ chuckles ] dean, tell your mother to grab the instamatic and take a picture. [ laughs ] ooh. [ joe cocker's "feelin' alright" plays ] ♪ ♪ seems i've got to have a change of scene ♪ adult dean: it's not easy being the youngest of three children. the firstborn gets your parents' undivided attention. ♪ imprisoned by the way it could have been ♪


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