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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 7, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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joining us on this interactive show, getting answers. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the historic vote. the judge ketanji brown jackson confirmed to the supreme court. also tonight, the tornado threat right now. the system then moving into the northeast. and the secret service scandal tonight. first, the historic moment in the senate. vice president kamala harris, who already made history herself presiding. the cheers in the senate chamber and at the white house. judge ketanji brown jackson with the president. the first black woman to serve now on the nation's highest court. the war in ukraine. tonight, what our james longman has witnessed first-hand. the atrocities. and tonight, the u.n.'s historic vote to suspend russia from the human rights council. areports tonight of germany intercepting russian military communications. what the reported messages could prove.
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here at home tonight, the secret service scandal. two men accused of posing as homeland security members, duping members of the secret service, including an agent on first lady jill biden's security detail. four secret service agents suspended tonight. who funded this? martha raddatz reporting tonight. this evening, new cases of covid on the rise in half of the u.s. and in washington, d.c. house speaker nancy pelosi testing positive for covid. and the new questions now after the speaker was with the president more than once this week. mary bruce with what the white house is now saying tonight. the tornado worries again this evening. more than 60 reported tornadoes now. reports of an ef-3. where they are most concerned in the coming hours tonight, then the system brings heavy rain to the northeast. flood warnings near philadelphia and parts of new york. cecily tie unanimous from philadelphia tonight. overseas tonight, another deadly shooting in israel, in
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tel aviv. the area crowded with busy restaurants devba.en wounded. the fourth attack in two weeks. and just in, an image of a person of interest put out by authorities. the economy tonight, and walmart's new offer. $110,000 a year. pink floyd's first new song in 30 years and their powerful reason why. and what tiger woods has now done. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy thursday night. and we begin tonight with that historic vote in the senate playing out this afternoon. judge ketanji brown jackson confirmed by the senate. all of the democrats and three republicans voting to make history. judge jackson will now be the first black woman to serve on the nation's highest court. and we learned today that as the vote was taking place, judge jackson was at the white house with president biden, watching
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the vote. sharing a hug when it became clear she would make history. it was vice president kamala harris who made history herself when electe vice president, she presided over the vote. the vice president calling it a glorious day. there were cheers and some tears in the senate chamber today. judge jackson's confirmation fulfilling president biden's campaign promise to appoint the first black woman to the supreme court. rachel scott leading us off tonight from the capitol. >> reporter: tonight, a moment 233 years in the making. >> on this vote, the yeas are 53, the nays are 47. and this nomination is confirmed. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: judge ketanji brown jackson cementing her place in history. cheers ringing out in the chamber, senators wiping away tears. members of the congressional black caucus crowding in the back. republicans quickly filed out, walking past mitt romney of utah as he stood applauding. romney, along with susan collins
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of maine and lisa murkowski of alaska, the only republican senators to vote yes. at the white house, president biden and judge jackson watched together hand in hand. the president tweeting this video. >> this nomination is confirmed. >> all right! okay! wow. >> reporter: the nation's first black and asian american vice president ecstatic after presiding over the occasion. >> could you tell us how you're feeling today about this historic vote? >> i'm -- it's -- i'm overjoyed. deeply moved. >> reporter: when the 51-year-old jackson joins the court, for the first time in history, four of the nine justices will be women. and white men will be in the minority. senator raphael warnock of georgia speaking to the meaning of the moment. >> i am a father of young black girl. i know how much it means for
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judge jackson to have navigated the double jeopardy of racism and sexism, to now stand in the glory of this moment, in all of her excellence. >> reporter: and tonight, former first lady michelle obama tweeting, "i can't help but feel a sense of pride, a sense of joy, to know that this deserving, accomplished black woman will be part of the highest court in the land." >> and so let's bring in rachel scott, live back on the hill tonight. and rachel, you and i were on the air today watching this history unfold. we didn't know that judge brown was actually at the white house watching the vote with president biden. we understand tonight that she'll be at the white house again tomorrow, but justice breyer who she clerked for years ago, he'll stay through the end of this term? >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right, david. and as you said, judge jackson, a former clerk for justice stephen breyer, will now replace him on the bench. until then, she will continue to serve as a judge on the d.c. circuit and recuse herself from all cases so, the next case she
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will likely hear will be as a supreme court justice, david. >> rachel scott leading us off tonight. rachel, thank you. we turn now to the war in ukraine and what our team has now witnessed. the atrocities uncovered, and the new action tonight to isolate russia because of those very images now being seen by the world. the united nations tonight with an historic move, voting to suspend russia from the u.n. human rights could be sill, after after the horrors revealed in bucha and other ukrainian towns after the russians left. the damage still being assessed. workers removing mines. our james longman is there with the survivors who show him where loved ones were killed, where they were living for weeks, underground in basements. the russians in their city above. and only now fully realizing the horror they inflicted. james longman from ukraine again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, as russia is voted off the u.n.'s human rights council, new horrifying scenes like these show why. this apartment block in bucha took a direct hit. bohdan wants to show us what it
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did to his friend on the eighth floor. look, it's completely destroyed in here. and that is the remains of his friend, his charred remains. i'm looking at his bones and his body here, just lying on the floor. "i want the whole world to know the truth about what's happening here," bodhan says. "i only blame the russian military for this." every street has a story. serhiy is standing just feet from where his brother dima died. shot, he says, by russian troops. "they enforced a curfew between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m." he says. dima went out for a cigarette, so they killed him. he takes us down to the basement, where his neighbors all took shelter. just imagine the horror this man has been through and he's kind of apologetic for the state of this cellar. but this is where they had to live. the building's residents -- some is 20 people -- lived here, forced below ground for a month.
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the conditions, subhuman. hello. he takes us to meet his mother, mariya. every mention of her dead son makes her cry. "we had to collect his body. how can you bear it, survive it?" she says. she wants to show us pictures. these people had lives, they had families, they had happiness. and these are the memories of that. i think this woman's life is now never going to be the same. but how to stop all this? nato members met in brussels today to discuss more arms for ukraine and penalties for russia. >> the sickening images and accounts coming out of bucha and other parts of ukraine have only strengthened our collective resolve and unity. >> reporter: european nations approved new russian sanctions, including an embargo on coal imports. but ukraine's foreign minister said more was needed. >> my agenda is very simple. it had only three items on it. it's weapons, weapons, and weapons. >> reporter: to speed up the delivery of military equipment, the u.s. senate voted to
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reinstall the "lend-lease" program. that's the first time it's been used since the second world war. it gives president biden more authority to provide ukraine with weapons, basically free of charge, delaying any payment until later. although the house must still pass the bill. back in ukraine, to his brother's grave. he had to dig it himself. in ukraine, candy is traditionally left to allow the dead a "sweeter passing." this is all they had for dima. >> and james, russia was voted off the u.n. human rights council today. and germany has interrepresented russian radio? >> reporter: that's right, germany's foreign intelligence agency has intercepted messages in which russian forces discussed killings of civilians there in bucha. they say these messages show that abuses were not isolated or
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random acts, but part of russia's routine of war. david? >> perhaps further proof being seen by the world tonight. james, thank you. back here at home now, and we're learning more about a secret service scandal. two men arrested, they're accused of posing as homeland security officials. authorities believe duping secret service agents, giving lavish gifts to those agents. several agents, including one that worked on the first lady's security detail. so tonight here, what the fbi says it has now found. the suspects' weapons, equipment, the information they'd gathere. and tonight, the questions. what was their motive, who funded the operation? and how did secret service agents fall for this? here's martha raddatz. >> reporter: tonight, growing national security concerns after the arrest of two men for allegedly impersonating federal homeland security agents. and the suspension of four secret service agents after accusations they accepted extravagant gifts and housing from the men, including an agent assigned to protect the first family.
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investigators say arian taherzadeh and haider ali operated out of this d.c. apartment building where fbi agents were seen gathering evidence. federal prosecutors today reporting a search of their residences and cars uncovered weapons, ammunition, body armor, gas masks, a drone, and a binder with a list of every resident in the apartment complex. the government says haider ali claimed to have a "connection to the isi, the pakistani intelligence service," and that agents found visas showing a history of travel to pakistan and iran. today, residents from that building shaken. >> it's scary, like, it's my place of living. i just came home and then there's just fbi agents. i'm like, what's going on? >> reporter: for more than two years, the men allegedly lavished the secret service agents with expensive gifts like free apartments worth $3,000 a month, iphones, a flat screen
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tv, surveillance systems, and a drone. taherzadeh is accused of offering to buy a $2,000 assault rifle for a member of the first lady's protective detail. our mary bruce today pressing the white house. >> a service agent from the first lady's detail was placed on administrative leave after they associated with and were provided gifts from two men who were pretending to be homeland security investigation agents. is the president aware of this?- how concerned are they? >> i don't have any comment from here. i would point you to the secret service and others investigating. >> do you have any further guidance on what these two men for after? >> it's being investigated. i would point you to the proper agencies. >> reporter: the suspects allegedly posed as "special police" agents from the dhs investigating january 6th, and were equipped with tactical gear, official-looking badges, and weapons. >> what's more concerning to me is where did these individuals obtain all this
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gear, identification? where did they get all this stuff to be able to create this false persona? >> yeah, this was really something when it first broke overnight. martha raddatz with us now. and i know prosecutors believe these men were able to dupe members of the secret service. what do we know about these suspects, their funding, their motive? >> reporter: david, that's the big mystery. this was clearly well funded, despite the fact the men said they couldn't afford an attorney. one saying today he had no money. so, we don't know yet whether someone else or some other country was behind this, nor do we know what they may have been after. david? >> all right, martha raddatz with us tonight. martha, thank you. we're going to turn now to the pandemic. new cases rising in half the country. the omicron subvariant now the dominant strain. 72% of all cases nationwide. and tonight, house speaker nancy pelosi has tested positive for the virus. her office saying the 82-year-old house speaker got her second booster weeks ago and remains asymptomatic tonight. but this evening, questions also about the president. the speaker was with president
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biden several times this week. there's also news tonight that senator susan collins has tested positive, too, in fact, several big names in washington. so, let's bring in our senior white house correspondent mary bruce. mary, i know the what happens has been pressed on whether or not the president was, in fact, a close contact with speaker pelosi and if they're taking any extra steps to protect him. > reporter: well, david, the white house says the president tested negative again overnight, but we did see him with the speaker right by his side at two events here at the white house this week. even exchanging a kiss on the cheek. despite that, the white house insists the president is not considered a close contact, based on the latest cdc guidelines. the speaker is just one in a slew of high profile officials to test positive this week, including the attorney general, the commerce secretary, senator susan collins, one of several members of congress, and even president biden's own sister. now, biden has been attending a lot of packed maskless events recently, trying to show that the country is entering this new phase, but he is the president of the united states. he is 79 years old. and the white house says they
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are taking some additional precautions like making sure anyone in close contact with the president is tested. david? >> real proof tonight we are still dealing with this pandemic. mary, thank you. now to the weather, and millions along the east coast bracing tonight for more severe weather. tornado and severe thunderstorm watches are in effect from south carolina straight up through virginia. and then the heavy rains right into the northeast, in fact, flood watches further north in philadelphia, new jersey, parts of new york. that same system has brought more than a dozen reported tornadoes to the southeast in just the last 24 hours. these images tonight from georgia. those strong winds and heavy rain then moving up the east coast. so, let's get straight to meteorologist cecily tynan from philadelphia tonight, just one region bracing for the system as it moves north. hi, cecily. >> reporter: hi, david. and right now, the focus of severe weather is across eastern north carolina and southeast the tornadoes possible, widespread damaging winds, even large hail. for the northeast, the
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torrential rain is the problem toni philadelphia through north jersey through upstate new york. now, that heavy rain should be pushing out of philadelphia into new york city around 11:00 tonight. after midnight, through upstate new york and tomorrow, we have some nice clearing. that's great news for the phillies home opener. and heading into next week, looking ahead, we have a dry and warm weather pattern for the northeast. finally. david? >> finally, indeed. and we know who you're rooting for in the phillies home opener. cecily, thank you. we continue with the news overseas tonight. and to a deadly shooting in downtown tel aviv. the attack in a district crowded with restaurants and bars. at least two people are dead, several others wounded. and tonight, police are now asking for the public's help in israel to identify this person of interest. now, this incident is the latest in a series of attacks that have left 11 people dead in just more than two weeks. abc's will reeve from london tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a manhunt in tel aviv as israeli police
3:47 pm
search for the shooter who opened fire on a bustling downtown street, killing at least two. police and emergency crews seen racing to popular dizengoff street. at least seven others transpordu aitba and restaurants typically buzzing at the time of the shooting.icreleasing this image of a person of interest. israeli tv showing one victim receiving help after the sho shooting, amid broken glass and scattered chairs. as authorities urged residents to stay inside and away from their windows. the shooting now the latest in a rash of deadly violence in israel -- at least 11 killed by two weeks. david, u.s. officials are hearing from their israeli counterparts that over 1,000 security and military personnel are searching for the suspect. the motive for this attack is not clear, but tonight, the israeli prime minister saying
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it's a terrorist attack. david? >> will reeve in london tonight. will, thank you. when we come back here, that offer from walmart. jobs that offer $110,000 a year. pink floyd with their first song in 30 years and they explain why, it's powerful. and tiger woods tonight, what he's now done. about how their skin feels... ...when it comes to our skin, what if it could feel differently? say hello to opzelura for the treatment of mild to moderate eczema. opzelura is a steroid-free cream proven to help clear skin and significantly reduce itch. do not start opzelura if you have any infection as it may lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection;... ...have tb or have been in close contact with someone with tb; have had hepatitis b or c. serious lung infections, skin cancer, blood clots, and low blood cell counts have been reported with opzelura. in patients taking jak inhibitors, serious infections, increased risk of death, lymphoma, other cancers, immune system problems, and major cardiovascular events have occured.
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or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. finally tonight here, the return of tiger woods, teeing off at the masters today. steve osunsami in georgia. >> tiger woods! >> reporter: america loves a comeback, and at the world's most legendary golf tournament in georgia tonight, the crowds are going wild, because tiger woods made it onto the leaderboard. after teeing off at augusta national just after 11:00 this morning, he's currently 1 under par at the masters, setting up a
3:58 pm
possible miraculous return, after this terrible car crash last year, where he nearly lost his right leg. he was walking the greens today with a slight limp today. he says his biggest challenge isn't his golf game, saying this time, it's simply walking the hilly fairways of augusta national. >> afternoon tee time tomorrow, will the next 16, 18 hours look like for you? >> lots of ice. >> reporter: he's won this tournament five times, and made history as the first black american to win the green jacket in 1997. and he is still the youngest winner ever. he's a surprise just to be here, and even people who didn't think he had a chance are now saying you can't count him out. tiger woods says he's sticking with his plan, to push through the day and use his trainers to help him recover at night. he tees off again tomorrow afternoon. david? >> all of that and lots of ice tonight, steve. thanks for that. i'm david muir. i'll see y
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>> we bring you breaking news in livermore. eastbound lanes are closed because of police activity. sky 7 is flying over the scene. we do not have word yet what the activity is but you can see this backup and traffic is being forced to exit at north livermore avenue. sky 7 is flying over the situation. 580 in livermore, all eastbound lanes are closed due to police activity. as we get more details, we will bring them to you and continue to monitor this breaking news. >> now to the other big story. increased fire danger. this fire near baker beach in san francisco, lots of people were out on the beach today
4:00 pm
trying to beat the heat. thank you for joining us. >> it is hot and only april 7. >> any records today? sandhya: yes. these are preliminary. i want to show you a live picture. the sun is shining. some are like heat. 93 in san jose, which ties the record. santa rosa, also a tie. livermore, 90, breaking old record. these are preliminary. we will get the official word after 5:30. everyone is in the 80's and 90's unless you are at the bay, in the 70's. the sea breeze is kicking in. later this evening, temperatures will begin to fall.