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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 8, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: the crash that isn't surprising for neighbors. kumasi: the earthquake preparedness tool you can get in the east today. reggie: baseball is back. it is opening day for the giants and the a's. drew will have your first forecast. lisa: -- drew. i will. -- drew: i will. reggie: what a nice night. drew: thousand times. today is a bit of a different day. the coast is cooler. warmth inland.
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60 in the city. 59 in san jose. if you step outside you will feel the mild weather. we will have cooler temperatures across the board today. a lot of sunshine, inland, it is a warm day. we are not in the 90's today. warm for this time of year. we are going to the 70's. it is still mild but nowhere near the record heat we experienced yesterday. cooler along the coast with 60's and 70's. warm temperatures inland. we are not expecting any records. it is a great day for a ballgame. it lots of sunshine. a bit of a breeze. we will get the weekend forecast coming up. reggie: developing news on the
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war in ukraine, attacks intensifying in the eastern part of the country. a train station targeted, at least 30 people killed. ukraine will soon receive more weapons to fight russia. jobina: thousands of ukrainian civilians trying to get out as the warships to the eastern part -- as the war shifts to the eastern part of the country. new video emerging showing the devastation. this apartment block took a direct hit. we have a man who shows what the attack did to his friend. >> that is the remains of his friend. i am looking at his bones. jobina: watchdogs say there is growing evidence of war crimes, including executions and other humans right -- human rights
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abuses. the senate has voted to reinstall the land lease program . that gives president biden the authority to provide weapons free of charge, delaying payment until later or the house must still pass the bill near the united nations did vote to suspend russia from the when human rights council. kumasi: developing news this morning and san jose. police searching for a driver who took off after hitting and killing two women. this happened before 6:30 last night at ocala. both victims take into the hospital where they died. residents say they are not surprised about this crash, saying some drivers are just complete reckless. >> the site is very dangerous. the people don't stop, even if you push the light or they don't stop. they still drive like crazy.
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so maybe they will put the lights and maybe people can respect. the small lights they don't. kumasi: no details on the hit-and-run driver or the details involved. reggie: oakland police warming of an uptick in armed robberies in neighborhoods after a man was shot and killed during an appearance robbery. the 33-year-old victim shot before wednesday night on lakeshore avenue. it is the third deadly shooting in that area since november. oakland police chief says the department will have more officers patrolling. >> we have made contact with our councilmember and reaching out to community members and will be attending a community discussion next week regarding the violence and our response to the
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violence. reggie: this was the 31st deadly shooting in oakland. last year there were 36 at this time. kumasi: an earthquake similar to come into the east bay it is on tour -- earthquake simulator to come to the east bay. it is on tour. >> the office of emergency services hosting this simulator as part of a plan to get you prepared for the possibility of earthquakes, to give people a strong sense of what a powerful earthquake feels like and remind them why it is so important to be prepared. it is part of a statewide initiative. sta t make pple aware of how severe an earthquake can be. this will be here around 6:30 thiswe have not seen a powerful earthquake in the bay area in some time.
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it will allow visitors to feel magnitudes of 3.0 to 7.0. visitors will be given preparedness tips. the simulator was recently in los angeles where people say it felt intense. >> it is really crazy good i can imagine that being inside of a building would be worse. >> of course, we do not know when the next big one will happen but we do note it will happen someday so it is best to be prepared. people who did this said it was a shocking experience and it was good to remind them of the importance of being prepared for an earthquake there is the overall goal to remind people why -- for an earthquake. that is the overall goal to remind people why it is important to be prepared. kumasi: opening day for the giants and the a's. reggie: yesterday, san francisco
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held a workout at oracle park. joey bart will be the primary catcher. after winning an nl west and a record, the giants are eager to get back to work. >> i have always been a guy who lives for that. d'be have that in my heart. i am super excited about getting out here and coming out and competing and setting the tone. >> yesteryear -- last year was an extremely exciting year and everyone wants to build on that success. reggie: the a's opened the season against the phillies at citizens bank park at 12:05 and the giants take on the miami marlins at oracle park. first pitch at 135 time. calfire looking to hire seasonal firefighters in the north bay. with the warm weather and drought, firefighters say it will be a long season. here is dan ashley.
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dan: we are seeing conditions in early april that we would see in mid to late june. this week spring he is not doing firefighters any favors. it has already moved the timeline up on fire season. calfire plans to be at peak staffing by the end of may, which they say is extremely early compared to years past. crews trained on bulldozers thursday afternoon. >> to make sure we are prepared to operate heavy equipment on the far line -- fire line and be as proactive and ready as we can. dan: a small smoke, not far from where people crowded on the sand to find relief from the heat and enjoy the day. the fire was put out quickly with no injuries reported. the cause is still under investigation. reggie: you can check the weather conditions where you live anytime on the bay area app
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on roku, amazon buyer, andrey tv, and apple tv. drew: taking a look outside at the exploratorium camara. there skies out there. air quality will improved food, moderate air quality. a blend between good and moderate today. for saturday and sunday and the entire weekend, good air quality. right now, temperatures are elevated, close to 60 in a lot of spots. we are holding on the warmth we had yesterday. we had several records yesterday afternoon. today is a day of transition with cooling beginning at the coast. 10:00 a.m., 50's and 60's around the bay shoreline. 70's popping up. by lunchtime, hitting 80 degrees. the bay shoreline significantly cooler than yesterday, in the 60's and 70's. for a lot of us, it will not feel nearly as warm as
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yesterday. 68 in the city, 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. 85 in concord. looking at the next three days, the weekend is shaping up. the cooling trend continues. offshore wind develops in the hills saturday into sunday. a wind advisory begins at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. i will take a closer look at the wind coming our way this weekend. let's see how we are doing with traffic. jobina: we are going to be talking about opening day, especially headed to see the giants. the san francisco ferry will depart 90 minutes before the first pitch at 135 time today -- at 1:35 today. a live look at the san mateo bridge. everything at limit. no advisories from chp.
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i will let you know if anything pops up on the roads. reggie: own a piece of hollywood history. the auction of betty white's belongings. kumasi: the word of warning about the fine print on scooter rentals. reggie: solving an east bay cold case, the ok, floor and decor, show me what you've got. now this tile says "spa day, all day." but this tile says "classic gone glam." and this modern look? it's sleek... yet chic. ok, i've got it. everything i need to pull this project together. and all at the perfect price. at floor and decor, you can realize any aspirational project at an inspirational price. because with an unmatched selection of high-quality products all at everyday low prices, your bathroom upgrade has never been more "you." discover floor and decor today!
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without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. reggie: the atlanta police department release body camara the moment a boy was rescued. his mom's car was stolen with him in it. >> the moment please found a child that had been kidnapped, all caught on body camara. this is the modus atlanta officers surround a man accused of carjacking a vehicle with a nine-year-old boy trapped inside. >> are you ok? >> yes. >> a mother desperate for help after she pulled into a parking
5:14 am
lot but left the keys and son inside. a man jumping in and driving off. >> checking the car to south gordon. >> other law enforcement in the area joining the chase, finding the car. >> i got the car. >> coming up, just how the boy escaped and how you can use your phone to help in an emergency. kumasi: that is so scary. the family and friends of a 14-year-old girl who was murdered nearly 28 years ago have increased the reward to find her killer. jenny lynn was stabbed to death in her home in may of 1994. yesterday the reward was increased to $200,000 in an effort to continue to solve the case. investigator said there was no apparent motive for her murder and the killer is at large. reggie: a man who sued the city of los angeles over a scooter
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accident that left him paralyzed now has to pay the scooter company's legal fees. a reporter from our sister station explains. >> it was a life-changing accident period have good days and then days -- and bad days. >> he was paralyzed while he was on his way to a job interview. he and his attorney say the broken sidewalk caused him to lose control. he hit his head against a tree. >> doctors said i am not going to walk again or i may not walk again. >> they have photos show the pavement uneven by three inches. they claim there is trash and debris in the area that is dangerous he is suing the city. >> there was a failure to maintain the tree that was owned by the city and the sidewalk. >> part of the agreement with the city of los angeles, in a
5:16 am
letter the attorneys say the victim owes them money. his attorney said it is the fine print when you rent a scooter. >> this is the type of contract where a first and -- where a person has a phone app and is checking boxes and little do they know one of the boxes say that maybe we will come after you even if it has nothing to di >> this comes as a ucla study said the injury rate for scooters is higher than that of motorcycles. it looked at people treated at ucla emergency departments and clinics. we contacted them and they say the accident and injury suffered by mr. peña were unfortunate and while we were not the cause, we hope he has access to the care he needs. they are not suing mr. peña and have no intention of collecting any money from mr. peña. for him, it is good news.
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>> is a huge relief of my back and shoulders. >> the case against the city of los angeles is scheduled to go to court this month. kumasi: for the first time in 28 years, pink floyd is releasing new music to support ukraine. ♪ kumasi: the legendary rock band releasing a new single with all proceeds going to humanitarian relief in ukraine. the guitarist and the drummer also including vocals from a ukrainian band who pfo said it m to do the project. reggie: you can now own a piece of hollywood that owned two betty white.
5:18 am
1500 of her treasures are being put on the auction block this fall, including awards, paintings, scripts, red carpet outfits come and jewelry. the most personal is a 14 care gold watch that was gifted to -- 14 karat gold watch that was gifted to the actress by her mother. kumasi: how much money do we need? drew: i don't think we are in contention. reggie: we need to speak to ebay. drew: and low cost items. the buy now option. that is a lot of money. kumasi: that is awesome. if you are a fan and you can do it, hopefully they can share it with everyone when they get it. she was loved. drew: she also had a beautiful house in carmel. she and her husband spent so much time there. they got to the mid-90's
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yesterday. today is a day of transition. colder weather and the coast. opening day with the giants playing the marlins here and we will find temperatures in the 60's. comfortable when we talk about game day weather. relief arrives today. it is windy and much cooler in the weekend. the pattern is shifting to the wetter one next week. right now, in the 50's across the board. all and all, a mild start as you step outside this morning. we will find cooler weather moving and compared to the record heat we had yesterday. 60's and 70's around the shoreline. 68 in the city. 82 in san jose. no longer seeing 90's but it is warm, in the 80's. overnight, numbers falling into the 40's.
5:20 am
we have a wind advisory it starting at 5:00 a.m. for the north bay and parts of the east bay hills for winds that pick up to 60 miles per hour. weekend is windy and trying to get rid of the warm air. one way the atmosphere does it is kicks of the wind. it is rather windy before we welcome rain on monday. cooling begins today and much cooler over the weekend with wind moving in. monday, tracking showers peered the best bet monday afternoon or evening for the rain. another chance of rain thursday. a couple chances next week for rain. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know. reggie: jeopardy champ amy schneider talking about her visit to the white house. kumasi: tiger woods beating expectations at the masters had
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, san jose police investigating a deadly hit and run crash. last night, two women were killed after being hit by a driver. reggie: number two, attacks
5:23 am
intensifying in eastern ukraine peered at least 30 killed when a train -- ukraine. at least 30 killed when a train station was targeted. kumasi: the academy's board of governors meeting today to discuss possible sanctions for will smith after this moment, he slapped chris rock at the oscars. they upped the meeting siding interest in this situation. reggie: number four, president biden will hold a celebration for judge ketanji brown jackson, the first african american woman to serve on the supreme court. drew: number five, cooler weather coming to the coast and the bay warmer weather coming in today. 60's and 70's along the coast and the bank. upper 80's leader today. kumasi: if you're headed to see the giants for opening day, if you are traveling from larkspur
5:24 am
to san francisco, the fairy will depart 90 minutes and leave 30 units after the last out. kumasi: since we are talking about opening day, it is opening day at oracle park and the giants play the first game of the season against the miami marlins. the a's play their season opener in philly at 12:05 p.m. tiger woods already meeting expectations at the masters and today he will try to continue. >> tiger woods. [laughter] -- [applause] >> tire was finishing his first round only four strokes off of the lead. saying he is -- tiger woods initialing his first round only four strokes off of the lead. his return comes 14 months after a car crash that shattered his right leg.
5:25 am
doctors inserted screws and pins and many doubted he would walk again, let alone play golf. >> even people who may not like him or like some of the things that he has done in his life, you have to marvel this. this was absolutely extraordinary. >> five time masters champ walking with a slight limp visible. he said this would pose the toughest challenge. the key to another green jacket could be in his icy recovery from around one. >> what will the next 16 to 18 hours look like for you? >> lots of ice. kumasi: tiger woods scheduled to tee off at 1041 time our time -- 10:41 time our time. -- 10:41 our time. reggie: part of transgender day
5:26 am
of visibility, and we schneider was at the white house. she took the podium and as she says, acted like cj craig from the tv show the west wing. >> it was hard to believe. it wasn't something i ever thought about imagining. it looks just like it does on tv. it was really neat and quite an honor. >> she met the second gentleman and a you -- group of transgender youth invited to the white house. reggie: tesla's new factory and the message about the new factory. kumasi:
5:27 am
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ieeaayntsteba the cat had offices coming the freeway for clues. kumasi: the white house claiming a legal victory in vaccination policies. reggie: a celebration for the first black woman to serve on the supreme court. kumasi: and beating the heat after a record-breaking spring date. drew tells us what is in store for today and the weekend. reggie: pool party. kumasi: i am ready. happy friday. drew: good morning, we had record warmth yesterday. most of us were in the 50's. as you walk outside, you are feeling the air warm. it is warm later this afternoon.
5:30 am
here is a look at the east bay hills camera. a lot of sunrise -- sunshine. 60's along the coast today, significantly cooler for a lot of us near the water. 70's inland. no longer seeing 90's like yesterday. we will top out in the 80's. 60's and 70's around the bayshore peered and lend, mid to upper 80's. we will preview the forecast in eight minutes. kumasi: interstate 580 going into livermore back open after a shooting. reggie: officers had to close a stretch after a man called and said he was shot in the arm. jr: a massive backup on 580 in livermore efficacy hp close to all lanes. it happened after 2:00 p.m. after this report came in. >> he was on a motorcycle and says he had no idea who shot him in the arm.
5:31 am
jr: officers could be seen by the motorcycle that was about to be towed peered the victim was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> it is a small caliber bullet wound. jr: those who live and work in the area shocked to hear that. >> you don't see crime. you don't see that over there. jr: she was driving westbound toward haywood and saw officers walking in the closed its bound lanes. >> literally walking on the freeway and then you can see they are looking for something. i am thinking they are looking for casings. jr: georgette thompson took side roads to get back to livermore and nearly ran out of gas. >> before we stopped for gas i was concerned peered my
5:32 am
16-year-old was railing against, why do so many people have guns and why do they pull them out and what would have caused someone to shoot someone. it is sad that it is happening closer to our town and more and more often. jr: there is no suspect description and no arrests have been made. it is certainly tough to hear this as the bay area has seen dozens of highway shootings in recent years. fortunately in this case, the victim is going to be ok. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. reggie: the white house can claim a legal victory in vaccination policies. jobina: a federal appeals court has upheld the requirement that all federal employees be vaccinated. a lower court had issued an injunction on the initial requirement back in september peered the new hire court ruling will affect 3.5 million workers
5:33 am
who must get vaccinated by late november. this comes as a wave of covid cases hit washington. house speaker nancy pelosi tested positive one day after she was with president biden speaking with him unmasked. washington dc and 11 states reporting significant upticks inchoate hospitalizations, mostly tied to the omicron ba.2. >> i would get vaccinated and boosted again. jobina: near exit he seeing the effects of rising cases. roadway canceling shows including sarah jessica parker, and matthew broderick. shows are recommending people wear masks endorsed again. reggie: bay area food banks say they are seeing an increase in demand for food. kumasi: with rising gas prices and inflation, people are coming
5:34 am
back. the food bank of contra costa is serving 260,000 people every month. to help out, the global education foundation agreed to match any monetary donations given to the food bank. >> they are matching up to $500,000 and because we can purchase two meals with $1 donated to the food bank, we are able to provide 2 million meals. kumasi: the matching donation program will run through may 31. the food bank expects demand will stay elevated for a couple of years. reggie: there will be a celebration at the white house today for judge ketanji brown jackson. it comes after the senate's historic bipartisan confirmation . she watched the vote with president biden. >> this nomination is confirmed. [applause] reggie: jackson will replace
5:35 am
retiring justice stephen breyer this summer. >> she turned out to be a pillar of strength to show grace and dignity and really won over the hearts of the american people she really made the case that to be the first, you have to be the best. reggie: abc news is carrying a special report this morning for the celebration at the white house set to happen around 9:15. an earthquake simulator will be set up in oakley. april is earthquake preparedness month. ryan curry is live at lawrence hall of science. ryan: the word is this simulator is pretty intense, according to some people who have been on it recently. it is part of the statewide initiative to try to get prepared for an earthquake when
5:36 am
it happens. that is the goal from the california emergency services office. the milliner was in los angeles to give residents a chance to feel its intensity we have not seen a powerful earthquake hit the bay area and sometime. according to the california emergency services offices, this simulator will offer ranges from 3.0 to 7.0 magnitude. they want to remind people that earthquakes are not something to take lightly. in los angeles, they say it convinced them. >> i think it could happen we need to stay prepared for what we need to do in case there is an earthquake. ryan: the simulator is set to be set up at 6:30 this morning. once it is done, people will be given tips on how to prepare for a major earthquake. they say most of the deaths that come as a result of earthquakes are from falling objects.
5:37 am
that will be the tips they touch on for those attending the simulator. we are live in berkeley, ryan curry, abc 7 news. reggie: do you love the heat or hate it? kumasi: a cooling trend today, but still warm in spots. yesterday it was hot and people were enjoying every minute of it. this was pacifica, where people were sunbathing, strolling along and enjoying the weather and writing -- riding the waves. >> we will make a day of it. we will try to capitalize on it for sure. kumasi: to give you an idea of how popular this was yesterday, this was the parking lot. you could barely find anywhere to park. if you made it, it looks like everyone was having a good time. reggie: and now i'm going to put
5:38 am
a damper on this party because these will only compel the ongoing drought issues. dealing with a dry start. water deliveries are the lowest ever in the south bay, meaning less water to use. santa clara water is asking residents to reduce usage by 15%. >> are low reservoir and allocations, we are unable to fill this right here. what we are doing is drawing on groundwater reserves peered we need to conserve, otherwise if they dwindle down, we could have serious issues later this year and possibly next year. reggie: he says we are even worse off than the last drought which began a decade ago. kumasi: coming up, 7 on your side helping people get money back after being scammed through zelle . reggie: annie's new man names --
5:39 am
needs a new name. drew: here is a live look outside. we are far free along the coast. here is the pollen forecast, tree pollen still running high. the uv index running high. right now we are basically in the 40's and 50's. look at sann jose. we still have some residual, mild air from yesterday's record-breaking heat. hour-by-hour, today we begin to see cool air moving along the coast and bay shoreline. it remains warm inland with temperatures going back into the 80's. there is a wide range of temperatures today. 60's and 70's along the bayside -- bayshore. and lend we are in the 80's.
5:40 am
-- inland, we are in the 80's. oracle park will be popular for the home opener. the breeze will pick up in the afternoon. here is the three-day forecast. the warming trend continues. saturday and sunday look you to full. the wind will pick up. we will detail that coming up in eight minutes. let's see how the traffic is doing. jobina: we are starting with a live picture of emeryville, the headlights traveling in the westbound direction. going toward the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a crash on westbound 80 near treasure island. look w creek, show 680. everything moving at the limit. from tracy to dublin, 38 minutes. pretty light. it is a friday hopefully there aren't too many people on the roads.
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kumasi: a santa clara man offering an award for the return of his two dogs. they were stolen at home at gunpoint. they are worth tens of thousands of dollars. for masked men broke into his apartment around 1:00 in the morning on monday. >> they did not touch anything valuable. there is loose money upstairs. they didn't touch anything. they only came for the dogs. as soon as they saw the dogs, they grab the dogs and ran off. kumasi: rodriguez said the armed men spent no more than 90 seconds inside his house and he is just devastated that his pets are gone. >> jobs are not just dogs, dogs
5:44 am
our family -- dogs are not just dogs, dogs are family. when they took them, they took like a part of me. kumasi: as police investigate, rodriguez has taken it upon himself to follow-up up on leads. he said to never underestimate the power of social media that is why he has hopes his dogs will be returned. reggie: put dirt working to fix the sand -- fix a mayor's account and the mayor's office told us, we are working closely with twitter support and thankful for the efforts to help us regain access. kumasi: wells fargo quietly giving back money to victims of zelle scams. reggie: thieves have been
5:45 am
targeting wells fargo customers and some are getting a surprise in their bank accounts. >> the money is gone. it's gone. >> told you about cynthia. >> wiped out my account. >> kelly reynolds. >> oh, my god. >> all wells fargo's customer hit with the same scan. -- scam. >> they asked me if i approved a zelle transaction and i said no. >> i get a call that says wells fargo. >> each time they claim to be from wells fargo saying someone was draining their accounts. >> whatever we have to do, we have to hurry, so i was in panic mode. >> it was panic because all the money for my bills is in my account. >> the imposters told them they could reverse the fraud by
5:46 am
sending the money back to themselves. >> first go in and then put your name in there so we could take the money. >> i had to go into the app and remove my phone number. >> the imposters said put your name as a zelle recipient. >> it clearly shows it was deposited into my account. >> it went straight to the scammers. >> my money was gone, so when i went to look i had $6. >> my name really isn't my name somehow. i'm authorizing money to go to my name but it does not go to my name. >> each filed a claim with wells fargo, each was denied. the bank said they had authorized the payment and zelle has no fraud protections. >> they said we don't guarantee zelle. i said what do you mean? >> it was like, oh, well, he
5:47 am
lost the money. >> weeks later with no expo nation, they quietly put the money into their -- weeks later with no explanation, they quietly put the money into their accounts. wells fargo says each is unique. while we can't share specifics, we may determine reimbursement is appropriate based on the situation or information. in each case we followed the laws and guidance. >> i am in shock. >> it was shocking. i chalked it up to a loss. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. reggie: you can send him your stories about buying a home, car, loan, anything that has to do with money. the bird boyfriend who swooped in to play stepdad to a family of falcons at uc berkeley is in
5:48 am
need of a name, and you can help choose it. kumasi: we have been following the relationship between this new man and annie falcon. he was by her side after her mate was hit by a car and died. now, a contest held to name the new falcon. the group asks you to submit suggestions on instagram, facebook, and twitter pages. they did not think this was going to happen. but annie and her man are doing just fine. reggie: i like that for her. i want a name connected to annie . apparently people don't like my idea, but i am still sticking by it. so we have annie and i want daddy warbucks. kumasi: i support you. drew: but he has to be rich.
5:49 am
you can't be daddy warbucks. reggie: he looks rich, like he has money. i don't think annie would at this point in her life waste time with someone who didn't have like a nice career and a nest egg. [laughter] kumasi: and he is smart and i feel like she is on it. who else is going to find some of you to take care of her family like this. reggie: so daddy warbucks. drew: it happened kinda quick. he swooped in. kumasi: he is not even in the easy him -- in the museum. and she picked up and is with a new man. reggie: she has needs. drew: when i read the tweet that he was dead -- kumasi: it was sad. drew: and then she said he was
5:50 am
being stuffed and put into a museum. kumasi: he will live on. drew: a live look at san jose, one of the areas that was very hot yesterday. we hit 94 in san jose. that was a record. if you are living, working, playing in the south bay yesterday, it was hot. not nearly as hot today. relief at the coast and around the bay. it turns much cooler for everybody over the weekend, but the winds do pick up. we are tracking rain in the forecast. basically 50's for most of us. 60's in some spots. some of the record warmth sticking on -- sticking around. today is a day of transition. we will see the cool air in the bayshore. warm inland but not tracking any records. the 90 degree he is out of here. overnight, a cool night.
5:51 am
temperatures dropping into the 40's. the winds do pick up. a warning starts up through sunday where offshore winds develop and could be as high as 60 miles per hour. we could see trees come down in the hills. saturday and sunday, it is windy and will reinforce cooler air moving in over the weekend. that is something we will watch closely. we are watching rain likely monday afternoon into monday evening is the best bet for finding that wet weather. cooling today. the windy weather is moving in tomorrow. it cools us off into early next week with a chance of showers monday and another chance on thursday. reggie: new at 6:00, snapchat has a new feature to help you learn sign language. kumasi: tesla's new factory
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kumasi: tesla's new factory open in austin. elon musk held what he called a cyber rodeo last night. he said it is the size of three pentagons and the third largest factory in the world by volume. he drove up and a tesla, he said was the first one made in menlo park that in 2008. he said it will be the world headquarters but will not leave california altogether. elon: we are not totally leaving california but we ran out of room and we needed a place that we can be really big, and there is no place like texas.
5:55 am
reggie: i didn't expect that. kumasi: did you expect this? the new ride, the austin plant will make batteries and a model and a truck. reggie: have you ever wanted to google something but can't describe what you are looking for? who has a new multi-search option that lets you search using text and images at the same time. this has never been offered before but now you can find it through the app. it will make it easier to pinpoint the exact item you are looking for, even down to the color. twitter wedding you get out of unwanted conversations -- letting you get out of unwanted conversations. users can click on a leave this conversation that will untagged your username, stop future mentions and stop notifications. i can see how this would be very
5:56 am
helpful. drew: i mentioned climate change and they turned to garbage they all come out and they are all like, i don't even know what that is. an easter egg. outside we go. here is a live look at the east camera. the general theme is we are not nearly as hot as we were yesterday, but still having temperatures in the 80's in the warmest spots. headed to oracle park, first pitch around 60 degrees. a wind advisory begins for the north bay and east bay tomorrow. kumasi: new, the academy making waves as they move up the timeline to decide will smith's fate. reggie: jeopardy champ amy schneider back in the bay. we talk about her visit to the white house. kumasi: could work we get
5:57 am
shorter? california lawmakers getting in on the four-day workweek trend. reggie: here is a live look junk sleep is a slippery slope, america. joann here hasn't slept in weeks, lousy bed.
5:58 am
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>> the rising number of armed robberies across the bay area. hello oakland police are increasing security. >> a look at oracle park.
6:00 am
it is the day giants fans have been waiting for. it is opening day. the weather is good for that first pitch. exciting. >> a good friday. i am excited. >> yes. this is the first time they will be at capacity for a couple years. good morning. >> we are going to the pool because it will be warm. >> i have friends visiting from out of town for the ballgame. nice weather. 60's for the first pitch. today, cooler weather along the coast. warm inland today. 50's for the most part. feels mild as you walk outside this morning. our east bay hills camera showing you clear skies. temperatures cooler along the coast and the bay, 60's and 70's. then we will find our


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