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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 8, 2022 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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the city has been seeing abc 7 news reporter. zach fuentes was there when the mayor made the announcement violent crime is on the rise in san jose. according to mayor sam. licardo his office pointing to least data showing that 2021 saw a 10.4% increase in violent crime felony assaults sexual assaults and robberies this year. they say is on track to be similar and his press conference today. licardo spoke about action. the city has taken over the years including hiring more than 200 san jose police officers launching programs for young adults and expanding mental health response units, but still the crime increased continued legardo says that factors have been linked to the crime increase one is the rising rate of pretrial releases many felon arrestees who have otherwise would otherwise have been detained. licardo says the second factor is what he calls a persistent scourge of untreated meth addiction among many of those arrested overall the proposal aims to expand drug treatment for arrestes support small
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businesses hit by robberies and focus on what he calls a revolving door at the jail, san jose police department looked at data over a 14 month period ident. 30 arrestees had been arrested a minimum of 10 times over that period of 14 months one individual. 19 times we do need all the help we can get whether it's physical bodies of patrol cars out there making a difference or changing the law or changing legislation. what is occurring right now is not working and that needs to change though. the city does control the san jose police department much of what happens to someone after an arrest falls on the county. quartz licardo says his proposal can bring different jurisdictions and stakeholders together. obviously a lot of this work is work that requires partnership and collaboration before anything can happen. the mayor says the proposal still needs to be implemented through the city council a process. he says will take several weeks in san jose zach fuentes abc 7 news. in san francisco crime staffing shortages and police response
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times are all getting worse. so what will it take for the city to change? this is going to take years to. correct this if we even can a grim outlook from the president of the city's police officers association i-team reporter stephanie. sierra has the story. was parked right at the corner call it the price of parking in san francisco right over there tracy mcrae was on her way to visit a family member in the er. she parked her car at the corner of franklin and post locked up and left nothing in sight but a mere 30 minutes later. oh her windows smashed. i knew instantly it was broke just you know shattered underscoring that it can happen to any of us mcrae is a san francisco police lieutenant who's fed up? you tired of of it a group entire of it? the question is what can we do about it? there is nothing you can do.
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and it's really kind of the luck of the draw. that's what it feels like and many unlucky so far this year in 2022. there's been a 32% increase in car break-ins where property was stolen inside and a 29% spike in larceny theft the crime is increasing frolicious. white is the security service manager for sf safe a crime prevention and education program that works with sfpd facing a heightened demand for services why it says he's noticing these groups of criminals are targeting one neighborhood at a time burglars that are teamed up when they arrested then you may be able to clear. maybe a hundred to 120 burglaries because it was those two guys that were doing it a dose of reality on a growing problem macrae is the acting president of the san francisco police officers association. we asked her realistically will this crime cycle ever end it is going to stay the same. that's that's being real. that's giving you the honest answer chief scott was not
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available to comment specifically about these issues but has expressed concern in the past about staffing shortages and slow response times. the department is challenged with more crime with fewer resources. we're down a significant amount of officers. probably 500 or more the luxury of having bike patrol of having foot beats and corridors, we don't have that luxury the staffing shortage in turn impacting 911 response times data released from sfpd shows in february police did not meet the response time standard for priority a calls which are life-threatening emergencies. average responding in nine minutes instead of eight minutes, but mcrae says the time for when an officer gets a call to arriving on scene should be under three minutes. the delayed lag time having a domino effect this be worried response times for priority b calls, which usually mean a crime has just occurred increased seven minutes and priority sea calls. is no present danger increased
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27 minutes from last year a crisis that mcrae believes the city will continue to struggle with for at least up to a decade next week the san francisco board of supervisors will be holding a committee hearing to discuss the current state of the department staffing shortage. amid this rise in crime. we'll be following it. for the i-team stephanie sierra abc 7 news and joining me now to talk more about this is abc 7 news insider phil material 32% increase in car breaks up 29% in larceny theft these numbers are staggering. what is driving this? well a number of things are driving, but there's even even scarier numbers the number of guns on the streets now is through the charts off the charts the number of violent use of guns increasing incredibly guns are cheap they're plant. and people are using them easier and easier than before. so what's driving these things a number of different things we can talk about the root causes which is one groups of solution. they say let's get down in the
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subject of poverty. let's get on education. let's get on racism. let's try to make it so people don't take that path, but once they're on that path the question is what do you do about it? and what we've decided in california is to do less because it's better. that's it. the feeling remember it goes in pendulum. in the 1990s when we had high crime we passed three strikes. you're out. we had gun enhancements ier jail 10 years too many people were being locked up we decided we needed to reform it. we didn't want to be that kind of society. the result is between covid that and a backup of the judicial system. we've gone from 178,000 prisoners to 90,000 statewide. we fewer and fewer people are going to jail they're going for jail last time they're back out on the streets. they now have guns and they have opportunities to hit these property crimes and we're seeing it just sort of snowball again. so it's going to go back up again. yeah, so is that the reason that you hear some people say as they did in stephanie's piece that this is going to take years to resolve if it can be resolved.
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you know, there's first question is you have to decide if you're going to resolve it and how everybody says we need to resolve it or make it better, but how for example it's some people say well let's let's just start locking everybody up again. well, that's not necessarily going to pass. the other side says no, we're not going to and that includes the state legislature. just today they're up in sacramento. there was a bill to make human trafficking a serious felony. it's not right now. the idea was to toughen the laws that's putting kids out on the street for sex. okay? no, they didn't want to hear it. they don't want to hear about making creasing drug laws for fentanyl. they don't want to hear it right now. everything is just sort of stopped on first base. they don't even want to debate it. what it's going to take is the public to say no we want to change and i am feeling that it's going to love is going to hinge on right here in san francisco the bay area the recall election of san francisco district attorney chester boudin a reform minded progressive district attorney who is facing a big crime problem that was going on before he got into office and will likely be there after he leaves but if he has
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turned out of office, that could be a bell change. well, i mean from the citizens, i think the message is clear figure out a way to stop this but is it as simple as staffing shortages and trying to be no that compounded you think staffing shortage is now it's in stephanie's piece about being understaffed. that's just the start. we have hundreds of police officers around the bay area on the verge of retirement. they're going to retire out. either that or they're moving out to the suburbs. away, from what we're getting in the bay area the incoming academies their graduating 150 now, they're graduating 12 and 20. i mean larry you doesn't add up and and people say what do you want to do about it? i said, let me ask you would you recommend anybody becoming a police officer? would you tell your kids to become a police officer today? no, okay, and police officers are saying the same things to their kids and when you have that you're not going to have new people coming in. well an ongoing problem, obviously you're staying on top
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of it. we'll see if you know government officials can get something done here. thank you, phil. meantime san jose police are searching for the driver who hit and killed two women in a crosswalk last night. these are photos of the suspect vehicle a newer model red four-door pickup the quality of the photos aren't good but investigators. hope someone can identify the vehicle the incident happened just before 6:30 at ocala avenue and oakton court on the city's east side police. say the women were in the crosswalk when they were hit people living in the area were not surprised by the incident say many drivers ignore the flashing lights at the crosswalks. this part this this side is very dangerous. the people they don't stop even if you push light they don't stop. they still driving like crazy. so maybe maybe they put the light. the light you know the people maybe can respect because this this small lies they don't respect.
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police say the victims were the 13th and 14th pedestrians killed in san jose this year and the 24th deadly crash bart officials. say a 40 million dollar contract between the agency and a construction management firm may have been awarded. illegally bart's inspector general released details of the investigation today shows the bart manager who awarded the contract was also a employee of the firm and also has relatives who currently work for that firm that potential conflict was never reported. it is illegal under state law. oscars aftermath the academy makes a decision about that oscar slap shocker. hey equity, the gender gap still exists, but by how much we'll be breaking it down and falcon drama that disappearance a death and now a new man the latest in the cal berkeley bird saga. windy cooler and higher fire danger your weekend forecast is coming up when abc
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stage. the academy of motion picture arts and sciences banning will smith from any academy events including the oscars for 10 years david rubin president of the academy writing the 94th oscars were meant to be a celebration of the many individuals in our community who did incredible work this past year. however those moments overshadowed by the unacceptable and harmful behavior. we saw mr. smith exhibit on stage today's action comes after t actor hisshow to the academys acceptance speech for best actor smith cheerfully pleading with the academy not to hold it against him, but made no mention of rock. his next statement a direct apology to chris rock the same quote. i was out of line and i was wrong will smith resigning from the academy hollywood's most prestigious organization last friday saying the list of those i have hurt is long and includes chris his family many of my dear
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friends and loved ones all those in attendance and global audiences at home. the academy has faced mounting. sure to act admitting today. we did not adequately address the situation in the room for this. we are sorry their statement going on to say the action. we're taking today in response to will smith's behavior is a step toward a larger goal of protecting the safety of performers and guests and restoring trust in the academy will smith writing today, i accept and respect the academy's decision and the academy went on to thank chris rock for maintaining his composure during the show. we haven't yet heard from him on whne but h in tour right now where he's told his fans he plans to address the situation at some point a morgan norwood abc news, los angeles. all right sports now opening day for two bayand five giants right home against the miami marlins abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard live from just down the road at oracle park and you want to talk about a near perfect day
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for opening day cornell. dbt autis back folks slowly heg home today, you know inside coconut restrictions have been lifted and everyoneeeling a lot of positive vibes today. right here. there you go. enjoy. the game giants baseball is back and so are the fans opening day 2022 finally here. go daniel sotero from san francisco brought his daughter abigail. he loved the giants 100% the giants it's been it's been really cool to bring her. i have this annual tradition of never missing open. a we have good memories. yes, we cut a homerun ball against the marlins like three years ago. speaking of 2019 this opening
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day feels very pre-pandemic this year. most covid restrictions are gone inside oracle. it's nice to have that sense of normalcy again and and to be out here with people and cheering for your home team. so we're really excited since 2019. we haven't felt this luc stagke o silly crowd like this, socreto wme away. yes. i'm here to watch baseball game opening day. what could be a better day? it's friday. i gotta go to work tomorrow outside oracle. we found mike domingo from redwood city. he's battling cancer opening day lifting your spirits today. yeah. you know, i've it just never positivity, you know, i'm going to beat this cancer. back in the bay area at a time when we could really use some
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fun again just being out here is awesome. seeing the friends and the friends and this brings back positive vibes all the time. positive vibes for sure, we'd love to see it to sell out crowd at oracle today 40,850 fans game still going on giants leading the marlins 4 to 2 the live outside oracle. i'm cornell bernard abc 7 news. yeah cornell thank you will have all the highlights coming up tonight at six. the mayor of las vegas is clapping back and oakland mayor libby schaaf over a comment shaft made about the desert city on twitter and here on abc 7 news on wednesday morning. here's what chef said about the environmental hurdles facing the a's bald development plan at howard terminal. it's gonna be more complicated and you've got to be much more environmentally focused when you are developing on the precious, california coastline than in the
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gross desert of las vegas. okay, so that gross the other thing really got picked up and vegas mayor carolyn goodman didn't let that slide telling shaft on twitter, please join the more than 42 million visitors a year and a trip to las vegas we can go to a raiders game. wow. yeah, of course the raiders moved to vegas in 20 so that's a big burn right? thanks in large to 750 million in taxpayer money. so look, i think what mayor chef said it. midday life she meant it as a joke, like, you know good-heartedly, but when you're vying for a team and a ballpark it never just taking that way your chef is pretty good to stick in the knife in there, but i you know, just looking at it today, you know, thankfully. i mean yesterday was super hot a little bit, you know cooler today. it's nothing gross. las vegas right now we have that cool. yeah. hey beautiful.
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yes. yeah. all right. so let's check in on the weather then meteorologists sandy patel. yeah and larry and kristen the sea breeze really helped to drive the temperatures down take a look at the 24 hour change definitely better weather today if you don't like the heat down 20 degrees in hayward compared to 24 hours ago 18 degrees cooler, san francisco down. 15 in oakland with driving it look at the wind 33 miles an hour on shore coming off that cooler ocean water in san francisco 31 at sfo. you couldn't have picked a better day to have the home opener today for the giants, but unfortunately with the wind tree pollen is running high and it's just blowing all that pollen around oak juniper's sycamore and cedar if you're suffering from allergies, it's going to be tough the next couple of days from our south beach camera. we are looking at a beautiful view. of oracle park, here's a look at the temperatures 63 in the city 68 oakland 79 in san jose. it is 81 in mountain view and half moon bay is much cooler
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from our kgo roof camera, the embarcadero you can see the flag is blowing. the trees are blowing around in the wind still warm inland. don't get me wrong 89 in fairfield 87 in santa rosa. only 88 degrees in livermore and a live view from our sfo camera notice the wind. here's a look at the forecast cooling trend continues through the weekend gusty winds, especially over the hills rain and chill arrive on monday on live doppler 7. we have a few high clouds as a system has passed into the pacific northwest and behind that system. we're going to get the the offshore winds developing so a red flag warning going up 5 am tomorrow until 5 pm sunday for solano county the gusts up to 50 relative humidity will be really low, so any fires that develop will spread rapidly think this is a time when we all have to remain aware of what's going on around us wind advisory for the north and east bay hills also for lake county. that's for the weekend as well. gusty winds up to 60 miles an hour under that advisory
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possibility of a few power outages and downed tree limbs. so let's look at the wind forecast hour by hour definitely windy along the coast tomorrow afternoon, but the winds are starting to pick up as we head towards saturday night sunday morning around places like fairfield you will notice calistoga also getting gusty. it's a very dry wind going into sunday still windy along the coastline as well 45-46 mile an hour winds sunday evening, and that's what's going to help to continue the cooling trend now tomorrow morning. you're looking at 40s 50s windy clear afternoon highs will look like this 59 and half moon bay 72 oakland 79 in antioch 75, san jose 74, san rafael 76 degrees in santa rosa the accuather 7-day forecast. it's windy. it's cooler still gusty in the hills notice those temperatures continue to trend lower and it's just back to winter on monday level. storm coming in the chill is with us the wind the rain we dry out mid-week, but then there's another opportunity for some rain on thursday, and then the
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chance could linger as long as friday. so kristin and larry, i know we in like every possible range in terms of heat cool down wind rain. it's whiplash girl it is it is definitely whiplash. enjoy the weekend. that's that's the key. we got it all the berry. they mean we got it all history at the international space station the newest crew members and the role that is a first i'm seven on your side michael finney just in time for easter rising egg prices and a recall on. popular chocolate treat hang ar
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keeps getting worse consumers and with that we have consumer news. yes, michael phinney is here from seven on your side and a breakfast. just got a more expensive. yeah, and it's not because of the all inflation. it's completely different from that listen to this and other blow for shoppers. the cost of eggs is experiencing a huge spike due to an outbreak of the avian flu. nearly 23 million birds have died and well, it's been called the worst outbreak of avian flu in seven years. now this includes chickens and turkeys both of which are raised for eggs and meat the cost for retailers more than doubled last month. the consumer price is now up to three dollars 14 cents a dozen eggs. chicken eggs up from $2.77 a year ago. chocolate here pharaoh usa a voluntarily recalling two kinder
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assortments for potential salmonella contamination. the two products are the kinder happy moments chocolate assortment and kinder mix chocolate treats basket. they were sold at a northern california and nevada as well as at bj's wholesale club stores go to my page on abc 7 to learn how to get a refund kohl's and walmart have been asked to pay fines up to three million dollars each for falsely marketing rayon textile products as being made from bamboo according to the federal trade commission both companies touted their bamboo textiles as being echo-friendly even though processing bamboo and arrayon entails toxic chemicals and resulting pollutants. the companies have been told to stop claiming products are made from bamboo and less they can prove it which is always a good thing. it's nice when they can do. yes. thank you, michael requirements. all right more women in tech coming forward to talk about the gender pay gap we hrm
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guess i'll get go dragon. god speed actually one and historic mission is now underway a spacex rocket carrying a former nasa astronaut and three paying customers lifted off from kennedy space center this morning. the crew will spend eight days on the international space station. they will conduct scientific research outreach and commercial activities. it's all part of an effort to promote commercial activity in space president biden and his choice for the supreme court. celebrating making history today judge catanj jackson now confirmed as the first black woman on the nation's highest
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court the vote came after jackson's lengthy and contentious public hearing today president biden. let us celebration at the white house. not to do with me. we're gonna look back and see this is a moment of real change. american history it has taken 232 years and 115 prior appointments. for a black woman selected to serve on the supreme court of the united states judge jackson won't be elevated to justice jackson until her mentor stephen breyer officially retires from the court that will happen this summer here in the bay area more women in tech are talking about their salaries in an effort to close the wage gap abc 7 news i-team reporter melanie woodrow dug into the data and has the story. when former apple software engineering author kate rotondote negotiated working from home one to two days a week before the pandemic and an offer for more money than she'd made previously. she thought she was in a pretty
4:32 pm
good place that had felt like a huge win until rotando says she started and discovered the three men on her team worked fully remotely. she later learned a man join. team after her would be making more money when we compared numbers of my salary and his offer. he was offered a lot more money. rotondo says she ultimately spoke with eight men who all confirmed making more money than her. she took her concerns up the chain of command they came back to me saying they would make a zero dollar. adjustment and that's when i gave my notice apple tells abc 7 news. it's achieved and maintained gender pay equity for employees worldwide since 2017 writing quote our recruiters base offers on apple. employees in similar roles and every year we examine the compensation employees receive and make adjustments to ensure that we maintain pay equity according to an abc 7 news data analysis of us bureau of labor statistics data averaged between teen and 2020 in california women make 88 cents for every
4:33 pm
dollar a man makes the wage gap differs by industry from 2019 to 2021 with some of the greatest disparities seen in legal occupations tech-related industries make the top 10 list for wage gap disparities software engineer catering cowan sages own experience with being underpaid let her to create alpha in 2019 a professional network for women. alpha recently recently asked people to voluntarily submit. great data, i think it's traditionally a pretty taboo topic, but that's really changing and changing. rapidly. kellen sage says they've analyzed thousands of responses and found not only are women paid less than men. but how much? depends on their race and ethnicity when they did negotiate black and latino women ended up achieving salaries that were on the level of white and asian women who didn't negotiate at all negotiation is important, but there's a lot of work that companies also need to do in order to make sure that pay equity is happening on their teams kellen sage and rotando
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are proponents of transparency around salary bans pay ranges the established by companies for specific roles fighting your employer over. are fair pay is brutal rotunda was now a potter her business equal clay sells mugs that say pay her more and fix systems not women her message so popular there's currently a wait list for the it melanie woodrow abc 7 news. new developments today regarding the coronavirus new virus surges in washington, dc and new york city washington has seen its cases double over the past two weeks new york's have gone up about 60% beleaguered restaurants could be getting some more help the house passed a bill to provide 42 billion dollars in aid in the senate is expected to pass it as well and shanghai experiencing a food endo staome of the l getpo witbc pel
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about the uptick in cases now and whether it's a cause for concern we have a more transmissible variant. okay. we also have it rising throughout the country. there is the potential that you take this and you take fact that there's people out there who going back to the normal lives. also people who may not have had an infection before these tend to be people who were a little bit more protected more guarded but are vaccinated i don't think the test alone now going to the second part of your question is reason to be concerned. i'm sorry that positive tests right because we're seeing a rise in cases about half the country right now according to reporting yesterday is seeing a rising cases, but we are not seeing a correlation in the ryzen hospitalizations in icu's. dr. patel says he thinks cases will plateau by early summer? coming up the academy decides the fate of actor will smith after the infamous slap at the oscars
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hi, i'm mike holmes. i'm here with ivan from agm renovations america's kitchen and bathroom renovators i'm excited to introduce agm's 3d creator.
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it allows you to create your new kitchen or bathroom online, and get an exact quote in minutes. [ivan] that's right mike! design your kitchen or bathroom in 3d, choose your fixtures and finishes, without leaving your home or inviting strangers in. visit and create your new kitchen or bathroom today! ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! at four. we have alma and sandia for the conversation today. so you all heard new developments nearly two weeks after that infamous slap at the oscars today the academy announced that will will smith has been banned from attending the oscars or any academy. event for the next decade 10 years. yep. he can still be nominated for awards though smith issued a short statement today saying he accepts and respects the academ. decision well appropriate about right. what do you think alma? i don't know. it's fine. i wasn't outraged when i saw it
4:39 pm
heard about it. i mean, you know, they had to do something because he already resigned so i'm sure they felt like they still needed to you know, here's your punishment for doing this. i mean do you think that's much of a punishment larry we were talking about how some stars may view it as an obligation to attend those awards. well, i mean he can still make movies. he could still win an academy awards. he just can't show up and sit through the four or five hour show. yeah, what a pen but you know what the truth is a lot of people won't be doing projects with them before they heard somebody out, right? yeah. i mean, you know the legacy part of this i think for both will smith and chris rock, you know probably two things they wish they could rewind and do over again him not tell the joke obviously and we'll not do this lap. all right with all the talk about work from home hybrid schedules work-life balance. there is talk about something new. that would be a bill in the state legislature that would shorten a work week from 40 hours to 32 hours for companies
4:40 pm
with more than 500 employees. it would also require overtime pay for working more than four days a week. so do you think it could actually happen and part two of that could it happen by next week? sign me up are my bosses listening it yes, and and obeying. yes. i know being as always i think you know the pandemic really showed us that we can do just about anything and pivot obviously at a time like that. we were working from home. i think people are looking for that work-life balance. so i think it's possible i think companies are going to have to be more flexible and work with employees. i mean, what do you think ama kristen? i mean, i think it should happen. i don't know that it will happen here in the us or you know, okay people just we just work work work work all the time. i mean your people who feel it's a badge of honor to come into work sick. oh i was sick, but i'm still coming in. you know, hopefully there's less
4:41 pm
of that with covid and everything, but right i have to admit that was me for a long time. no, don't do it. yeah. yeah. we really have you know, we thought the whole thing right during the pandemic, but i think in the future the employer that can probably best attract talent and keep talent right? probably the ones who can make figure out how to give that work live balance to employees. yeah, and it may not be a shorter work week or whatever but just more flexibility. yeah and and the willingness to work with the with the employees to try. make you know their lives good. yeah. all right, some of us have a hard time leaving work at the office. we're just talking about that especially since now the office is at home for a lot of people that's led to an increase in so-called worcations taxing or taking your work with you on the road. airbnb says 20% of it's more recent worldwide bookings are for stays of a month or longer that implies people are going away for extended stays and often taking their work with them. i mean that is not a bad thing
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if you can work from a lovely location somewhere at an airbnb maybe ideally located on a nice beach you could do your show from there, right? we have the technology to make it happen. i actually know a lot of people that took off for hawaii and we're renting homes or airbnbs whatever for months and months at a time not thinking that it was going to be. one year then into year two and you know only recently have come back but a lot of people took advantage of it and they did just fine. i've heard of people who specifically a family who went to hawaii and then thought they'd come. but yre yes, and we can do it remotely and right. yeah, some people enjoy the idea of a change of scenery. i mean, it might actually allow them to be a little more creative. yeah, i think that's good. yeah, so you're saying we will be more productive if you worked at the beach. yeah what i'm hearing. i think that's what i heard. that is what umbrella drinks
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really motivate me. do you want to work harder when you have an umbrella drink and delivered to you? i do i can get that script done faster so i can take a sip a good. yes, and you know what upstairs all the managers are going mute this yeah, go to break go to break. scary site. money make you go to break a family found a bear trapped inside their suv in north carolina, and it had been there for more than six hours. this is video of the bear. vaping through the windshield. i think just punched right through lucid enough of this. i'm not just sitting in this car and then ran off with her cubs. no word on how the bear got inside. the car was definitely trashed. i presume that maybe there was some food in there or something. we've had videos of bears that were they're smart enough. they just like open the door like this if it's unlocked i've seen that happen a bunch of times. so yeah, i guess you know, i don't know the bottom month sandy if you're going camping or whatever. you've got to be careful. you do have to be careful.
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i always tell my kids do not leave food in the car. well why i mean it's in a bag no, don't leave food in the car, especially with the bears around yosemite. i mean you hear about it all the time. yeah, i mean it's actually bad for the bears there. they should be more scared of us because what happens is they get so used to humans and so get used to get so used to the food that we have there. they lose their ability to live the way they're meant to live and in forage and and hunt for food or gather food the way they're supposed to and so it we got to figure out the situation. and imagine if that mama bear couldn't have gotten now in the board cubs. i know she got out everybody's fine. oh, she's fine. she's good. everybody's good. let's not worry about it. all right, that's it for the ford four. everybody's healthy. everybody's fine. we'
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uc berkeley's famous falcon
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keeps getting more interesting last week. yeah. i'm just a major plot twist here last week. we found out her long. mate, grinnell probably got hit and killed by a car was sad. it was but now a new male has turned up. we've been following the saga for weeks and this morning on abc 7 at 7. we received an update from a cal falcons expert in ornithologist, sean peterson. um, you know, grinnell was killed a week ago now and all of a sudden this new mail just showed up and appears to have really kind of gung-ho jumped in
4:48 pm
there taking up helping out annie with this this clutch of eggs, so it's been a real amazing week of really unexpected events. so we're on video right now of this male falcon coming into the nest and bringing what appears to be annie some food, so how did this male falcon know that it was time to come into? andy's life that's a great question. um, we think he's been around for a few days or weeks kind of on the outskirts keeping it. and annie is just i guess enough of a catee bng h food sittingnope a male falcon wld has laid her third egg. we see from the camera dr. peterson. so what does this mean? when is it it is it too soon to think about the matching, you
4:49 pm
know, we're really hopeful. um, all the signs are pointing that direction. been such a weird year that we don't want to guarantee anything, but you know, they're both treating the eggs like they're viable and will hatch they're they're incubating them very regularly. and so we don't have any reason to think that they won't hatch if they do we're expecting them around may 6th is the expected half day. and tell me about how rare that is because there was concern right that after grinnell died that the eggs would not be viable. yeah, it's very rare. um the vast majority of the time when a male or one of the the pair dies, the nest is abandoned. and what we saw here was something that really just doesn't happen very much where a mail comes in immediately and then not only takes over the territory, but then helps care for the eggs that are already
4:50 pm
there. so this is really kind of a very rare occurrence. it's only been document a few times that we know. i just want to say they better check to see if this new birds dna is on grinnell. i feel bad. i feel bad for grinnell and i'd like to ask andy, what did she know? and when did she know it? that's all because suddenly the newuyussuddenly appears exactly. i read agatha christie. i know. okay. all right. want to see something you haven't seen before or better yet something that hasn't been. by humans before you may want to head to the monterey bay aquarium checks this out because this amazing sea animal is so new to science. it doesn't have a name. what is this? well, it's part of the deep sea exhibit of creatur. that live below 600 feet all the way to the sea floor these animals live in total darkness, right the farther down you go so they emit light from their bodies. so that makes for some spectacular sights.
4:51 pm
the exhibit also looks at the importance of the deep sea we don't know what is down there because we haven't discovered it and we haven't researched. enough. there may be cures for cancer. there may be cures for parkinson's we don't even know yet. what is there? scientists went into the depths of the ocean to do research while the monterey bay aquarium was closed during the covid shutdown. they look spectacular. ingope they tre nelsepends ot yousee i wl bin like, right? that's right, kristen and larry if you like cool. weather and you don't mind the trend that we have right now. you're going to love the weekend. let me show you live doppler 7. we have some high clouds passing through the bay area right now. and as you take a look at the temperatures, they're dropping even more inland areas that were warm today are going to be in the upper 70s to the low 80s. so you'll feel the cool down upper 50s to low 60s coast side 70s right around the bay it gets
4:52 pm
even cooler as we head towards sunday winds increase look at monday. i mean, this is winter chill 50 60s and is when the rain comes in we are expecting light rain monday morning continuing into the afternoon. the sierra will get snow. so if you are really longing for rain you're in luck because it's coming first the cool down gusty winds fire danger for parts of the bay area this weekend and then that level one storm will bring this rain monday a chance on thursday, larry and kristen. yes, we get kind of a decent. weekend. i mean, not perfect but and then we get a little rain we need the rain. which yeah. yeah. that's really good. mix. all right actress mayim bialik is becoming a true renaissance woman. she's a jeopardy host and actress of course, and now she is a writer and director. she's got all the jobs a christian. yeah, apparently not talking about her newest roles
4:53 pm
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the queen of reinvention from acting to norobiology to of course hosting jeopardy now, and she's also trying something new on top of all that reported george panacchio from our sister station in los angeles. spoke with the actress about that new role. is now come to talk about dad. i'm sure as they made us tells the story of a dysfunctional family dad's very ill mom can't accept it their son walked out of their lives years ago leaving a lot of pressure on the daughter writer director. mayim bialik says she grew up in a full of dysfunction and while
4:56 pm
this is not an autobiography. she understands the subject matter. well, i grew up in a very complicated home with mental illness and we dealt with addiction as do many people and it's not something we ever really spoke about and know after my father passed away. i started writing dustin hoffman candice bergen simon helberg and diana. agron liked what they read and for diana it hit home. i don't know what's going on. that's what we're trying to figure out with the doctors. okay, there are so many personal truths that are embedded in this project and number one being that i've had a sick parent for more years of my life than not and what it does to your family unit is, you know, you can't i how much it changes things. you can try the walker. i could try it ma. he's very weak. okay. but i'm doing during filming diana loved hearing dustin and
4:57 pm
candice share their hollywood stories acting opposite them was a bonus. i was so lucky to be in their company and to explore the story and how to tell the story and the right way with them. i was trying to sit down and i missed it. he let me you. hold on. hold on. hold on. life. it's this i have a close relationship with my mother, you know by the grace of god and a lot of other. support that she and i both get and that's that's a positive thing and when my father passed i was very clean. i felt very clean and at peace with that transition as much as much as one can be as they made us isn t othis wkende panaabso'7
4:58 pm
news at 4. i'm larry beale abc 7 is a five is coming up next.
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