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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 11, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," the war in ukraine enters a new phase where president zelenskyy says it's about to happen as the butcher of syria takes command of russian forces. the military convoy spotted in satellite images and why a rooster has become a symbol of ukrainian resilience. president biden said to crack down on so-called ghost guns, guns that are privately made and untraceable, helping fuel a spike in violent crimes across the country. why the new regulation would be the first of its kind in more than 50 years. growing concerns about the u.s. economy. the new signals that a recession could be looming, and a new prediction about gas prices this week.
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the questions surrounding the tragic death of pittsburgh steelers quarterback dwayne haskins hit and killed on a florida highway. what a witness reportedly saw. the disturbing taxidermy investigation. more than 1,000 wild animals, many of them protected species, are found in a private collection sitting in a warehouse. and golf's new golden boy. how scottie scheffler made history, and the payday he's now enj enjoying. plus, the next step for tiger woods after an early end to his masters comeback. good monday morning, everyone. we begin with the new phase of the war in ukraine about to get under way. >> russia is set to launch a major new assault on eastern ukraine, and experts say it could be a battle that rages for months. >> in a new interview, president zelenskyy makes it clear what his country needs and he says
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without it, they won't be able to survive. let's get to ike ejiochi with those details. ike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrew. the war is expected to enter a pivotal new phase this week with ukraine preparing for a whole new battle. this morning, ukraine's government is warning of an impending attack from russian forces, predicting the new offensive will be massive. >> we have prepared for the massive attack in the east. yes, the enemy russians, they are demotivated. they are war criminals, but there are so many of them, and they still have so much equipment, and it looks like they're going to use all of it. >> reporter: military analysts say russia is preparing for a major assault on the industrial rich area known as the donbas. there's been an armed conflict in the region since 2014. new satellite images show a russian military convoy at least eight miles long now heading in that direction. ukrainians on their front lines are digging in. many of them are volunteers. >> everybody is a bit scared.
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it's normal. it's war. nobody's sure when we'll return to form. nobody's sure he'll see his family, his girlfriend, and others. everybody is a bit scared. >> reporter: and russia appointed a new commander who led russia's brutal campaign in syria in 2015. retired general david por trace says he's known as the butcher. >> the hallmark has been discipline, not indiscipline. it's been violation of the geneva convention and war fair and so forth. >> reporter: the attack at a train station is rising. at least 57 people were killed including children. this blood-soaked stuffed animal is being sent to the united nations as evidence of war crimes by russia. in an interview with cbs' "60
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minutes," ukrainian president zelenskyy once again pleaded with the west to send him more weapons. >> translator: they have to supply weapons to ukraine as if they were defending themselves and their own people. they need to understand this. if they don't speed up, it will be very hard for us to hold on against this pressure. >> reporter: now the austrian chancellor is set to meet with vladimir putin in moscow today, and it's putin's first face to face meeting with an eu leader since this entire invasion began. faith? >> ike, thank you. british prime minister boris johnson got a special gift during his visit to ukraine. he was touring the capital with president zelenskyy when a woman gave each of them a ceramic jug shaped like a rooster. the ceramic rooster has come to symbolize ukrainian resistance after this one was left untouched, sitting on a cabinet inside a bombed out building. back in this country, a man
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is being searched for. tommy and evelyn hawk, both 75 years old were shot friday inside the gun range they owned. their grandson was also killed, and more than three dozen weapons were stolen from the scene. a $15,000 reward is being offered in the case. police say they don't know what led to the shootings. and we turn now to a new crackdown on so-called ghost guns privately made untraceable weapons that helped fuel the spike in gun violence nationwide. a new regulation is set to be the first of its kind in more than 50 years. with gun violence and crime surging in big cities across america to levels not seen since the 1990s, the white house today is expected to unveil a new rule to regulate so-called ghost guns. >> a ghost gun or privately made firearm is a firearm that can be made at home with premanufactured parts. you can order these on the internet. it takes some very simple machining, and you put it together and it works just like a regular firearm. >> reporter: sources say for the first time since 1968, the biden
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administration is set to change the federal definition of firearm to include unfinished gun parts such as frames and receivers. the new rule would require manufacturers and dealers who sell ghost gun kits and parts to be licensed by the federal government and run a background check before any sale. the rule would also require already licensed dealers to add serial numbers to any unserialized gun they plan to sell. just this past friday, police in new york say a teenager using a build it yourself ghost gun opened fire near a high school in the bronx, killing a 16-year-old girl. >> a gun is a firearm. it has to be sold by a dealer, but the pieces are not a firearm and don't have to be sold by the dealer. that's what we need to change. >> reporter: in philadelphia, police seized 571 ghost guns in 2021, compared to just 13 back in 2018, and in santa clara county, california, 293 ghost
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guns were recovered last year compared to only four in 2015. president biden promised action during his state of the union address last month. >> we'll do everything we can to crack down on the trafficking of ghost guns. >> the white house is predicted to announce a new leader for the atf. new worries about the u.s. economy. "the wall street journal" says economists are now predicting a 28% chance of a recession in the next year due to inflation and rising interest rates. bank of america is also warning that, quote, recession shock is coming, but there is some good news. more relief from high gas prices, and analysts for gas buddy predicts the national average will drop below $4 per gallon this week. and turning to the pandemic, the list of high profile government officials testing positive for covid is growing longer. nearly two dozen have reported being infected since last week. many attended a washington dinner linked to at least 72 cases. new york mayor eric adams is
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among them with cases rising right now. experts say individuals must decide how much risk to take. >> it was said if we do start seeing an uptick, particularly of hospitalizations, we may need to revert back to being more careful and having more utilizations of masks indoors, but right now we're watching it very, very carefully, and there is concern that it's going up, but hopefully we're not going to see increased severity. >> and so far president biden has tested negative. white house officials say biden's second booster shot gives them confidence to travel this week. meanwhile, queen elizabeth is now talking about her fight with covid. she called it frightening during a video call with patients and staff at a hospital in london. >> it leaves one very tired and exhausted in this awful pandemic. >> the 95-year-old queen tested positive back in february. flight cancellations once again plagued the nation's budget airlines over the
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weekend. weather and staffing issues wiped out about 15% of the schedules for both jetblue and spirit. it came days after jetblue's offer to buy spirit. mean while jetblue and alaska airlines plan to reduce their summer schedules. time now for a look at your monday weather. severe storms are expected later today from north texas to the mississippi valley. tornadoes are possible along with damaging winds and hail, and that storm zone dwoez into the southeast tomorrow. also rain into the great lakes and the northeast, and new storms hit the northwest with rain on the coast and snow in the mountains. checking today's high temperatures, 90s in north texas. 50s and 60s across new england and the northwest. chilly in the northwest. 80 in miami. coming up, the baby formula shortage across the country, and
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how long it might last. but first, the death of pittsburgh steelers quarterback dwayne haskins, killed while walking on a highway. what a witness is now saying. and later, johnny depp's lawsuit against his ex-wife goes to trial today. what we're learning about the witness list.
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check out this massive fire at this home depot in san jose, california. it is now fully contained. it broke out saturday in the lumber section. thankfully no one was hurt. a shelter in place order was finally lifted sunday. the fire was even visible from space on the weather radar. this morning, several questions surround the tragic death of nfl quarterback dwayne haskins. he was in florida training when he was hit on a busy highway. here's abc's rhiannon ally.
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>> haskins takes off. >> reporter: this morning, new details from a person who reportedly saw the final moments of pittsburgh steelers quarterback dwayne haskins' life. >> vehicle versus pedestrian. >> reporter: the 24-year-old was hit and killed by a dump truck saturday morning on interstate 595 near the ft. lauderdale hollywood airport. a witness leaving the airport reportedly called 911 after seeing haskins walking halfway into the right lane of the highway. >> not conscious, not breathing at this time. >> reporter: he recently signed a deal with the steelers with hopes of competing for the starting quarterback position next season. he was a standout at ohio state, setting 28 records, leading his team to a rose bowl victory in 2019. >> i thought, my goodness, we got something. then you get to know him as a person. you got a lump in your throat, man. this is awful. >> reporter: steelers head coach mike tomlin remembering haskins as one of our hardest workers,
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both on the field and in our community, adding dwayne was a great teammate. but even more so, a tremendous friend to so many. i am truly heartbroken. former dallas cowboys executive gil brandt is now apologizing after he criticized haskins on a podcast this weekend for leaving college too early. >> he was a guy that was living to be dead. >> reporter: brandt now saying he acted insensitively. it's unclear why haskins was walking on the highway at 6:30 in the morning. police say they're investigating the accident as a traffic homicide. pedestrian deaths recently spiked by 17% nationwide. but florida experienced a 31% increase in the same time period. authorities say a final report into haskins' death could take 90 to 120 days to become public record. faith, andrew. >> rhiannon, thank you. some stores are now
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rationing baby formula, which is in short supply. walgreens shoppers are reportedly being limited to three formula products per transaction. officials say nearly 30% of popular brands may be sold out and it could take weeks to restock them. a recent recall that included similac is partially to blame. coming up here, what's next for tiger woods? also ahead, the investigation into a private collection of 1,000 animals, collection of 1,000 animals, many of them protected species. medusa lived with a hideous curse. uhh, i mean the whole turning people to stone thing was a bit of a buzz kill, right? so she ordered sunglasses with prime, one day delivery. ♪ clever girl. people realized she's actually hilarious once you get to know her. eugh. as if. ♪ well, he was asking for it. prime changes everything. you're probably thinking that these two are
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the legal drama between former hollywood couple johnny depp and amber heard enters a new phase today as the two sides face off in a virginia courtroom. depp is suing heard for $50 million claiming she defamed him. the trial is expected to feature a long list of celebrity witnesses including elon musk and james franco. >> apparently there's some sort of intensive to do. >> reporter: the "prierts of the caribbean" star filed a lawsuit in 2013 after she published an op-ed in "the washington post" writing from the perspective of, quote, a public figure representing domestic abuse. the op-ed does not identify her ex-husband by name, but lawyers for depp say heard damaged his reputation claiming that because of the allegations of abuse, mr. depp lost movie roles and faced public scorn. >> if there are enough indicators that the person she was making reference to is johnny depp, that would be sufficient for his lawsuit to move forward. >> reporter: heard's lawyers call the lawsuit frivolous saying, they will prevail in
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defeating this groundless lawsuit. the former couple' saga dates back to 2016 when heard submitted photos of herself with a bruised face in court as she obtained a restraining order against depp. this weekend, heard defended "the washington post" op-ed writing, i never named him. rather i wrote about the price women pay for speaking out against men in power. i continue to pay that price. in 2020, depp lost a lawsuit against a british tabloid that labeled him a, quote, wife beater. he and heard are both expected to testify at this trial. well, officials in spain are investigating a collection of stuffed exotic animals worth about $30 million on the black market. they identified more than 1,000 animals in two warehouses including a rhino, elephant, and polar bear. some species were protected or extin extinct. a businessman is the target of
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that investigation. scottie scheffler is getting comfortable in his new green jacket after winning the masters. it's his fourth victory this year, making him the first golfer since arnold palmer to win so many events including the masters so early in the season. he's made $10 million this year. meanwhile tiger woods is looking forward to the future after finishing 47th at the masters. he says he's going right back to work. >> we're excited about the prospects of the future, about training, about getting into that gym and doing some other stuff to get my leg stronger which we haven't been able to do because it's needed more time to hal, but we'll get back after it and we'll get into it. >> tiger plans to play in july's british open. the u.s. open though still up in the air for him. coming up, one wild turkey causing a lot of trouble. but first, what we're but first, what we're lear your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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♪ time to check "the pulse," and we begin with jen and ben making it official. >> jennifer lopez and ben affleck are ready to tie the knot nearly 20 years after their first engagement. they did it again. j. lo confirmed the rumors posting a video of the massive diamond ring. >> we do mean massive. the "new york post" says it's an 8.5 carat natural green diamond believed to be worth about $5 million, or maybe $10 million. j. lo recently said green is her lucky color. next to outer space and the crowd packed into the international space station. >> 11 people are on board right now. four of them arrived over the weekend becoming the first on missiostate mogul larry conn
4:54 am
spoke to her gio benitez. >> what's your wife saying to you? >> she's seen me do a lot of really unusual things. so the look is usually like this, and that's, here he goes again. >> and while in space, connor is conducting experiments on human cremes. and next a big weekend for sonic the hedgehog. >> it soared to the top of the box office ringing in "sonic 2" did, $7 million. the best ever for a video game movie. it brings hope that fans are ready to return to the movies. and turkey trouble in massachusetts. >> two cases of turkeys behaving badly. this officer saved the day after a turkey flew through the third floor window of a house and roamed around. >> and then there was this. >> okay. so i had a turkey in my house, and i have no idea how he got in here, or how i get him out.
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you're a champion. talk to your eczema specialist you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:00, two massive
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the area fires stretching multiple agencies then. this is from the san jose depot. so big, the heat map seen from space. the clues about the possible cause. >> it looked like he had to. one look like semiautomatics. it completely unloads. it seemed like an entire clip. kumasi: bullets flying across the bay area free weight yet again. one family on their way home from minigolf seeing shell casings flight. the father describing the scary sunday. reggie: covert outbreaks -- covert outbreaks going through capitol hill. kumasi: the runaway vehicle that officers didn't really know how to react. reggie: good morning on


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