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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 13, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the suspect wanted for the horrific subway shooting in new york city under arrest. where he is tonight, how they got him. and the federal terror charge tonight. what we've now learned. video showing suspect frank james arrested by police in new york's east village, about 29 hours after allegedly setting off those smoke canisters, then opening fire on a crowded subway car pulling into a brooklyn station. ten people shot, five critically. many more injured. tonight, authorities saying tips leading them to the suspect. and they believe that one of those tips could have been the suspect calling in himself. what he allegedly said in that call. tonight, authorities revealing the terrifying timeline. how this all played out on that train. this evening, the surveillance video showing him in a
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construction vest and a hard hat just before the shooting. and in a chilling moment, police believe he hopped onto another train as it was racing out of that station, trying to get the passengers to safety. they say he hopped on that train with them. janai norman and aaron katersky reporting tonight. and pierre thomas on what has federal authorities so concerned about this case going forward. also tonight, the dangerous tornado threat as we come on the air tonight. the ef-3 confirmed, winds 165 miles per hour. tornado watches across several states. severe storms from new orleans to indianapolis, then moving east. heavy rain, hail, damaging winds, gusts up to 75 miles per hour. and then philadelphia and new york city facing storms tomorrow. ginger zee tracking it all. the disturbing new video from ukraine tonight appearing to show cluster bombs being used to attack civilians in kharkiv. and tonight, what the u.s. is now sending to ukraine.
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james longman standing by live in kyiv. here at home, amid the new rise in covid cases, the cdc tonight extending the travel mask mandate on planes and elsewhere. and there is news coming in tonight on new subvariants, what they're seeing in central new york. graphic videos released late today showing the deadly police shooting of a black man following a traffic stop in michigan. video showing an officer on top of the driver during a struggle. the officer then pulling out his gun and firing. the stunning plea deal in a case that made national headlines. sherri papini, a mother of two, now admitting she faked her own kidnapping. and the major league coach making baseball history. her story right here tonight. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and tonight, the lone suspect in the mass shooting on a new york
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city subway is now in custody, charged with a federal terror charge. frank james, 62 years old, accused of boarding a manhattan-bound train, detonating smoke bombs and then firing 33 times, shooting ten people. more than a dozen others injured, as well, and remarkably, everyone surviving this. police say he then jumped onto another train leaving that station. they were trying to get passengers to safety quickly. they had no idea he got on that train, too. 1:42 p.m. today, they arrested him in new york's east village. tonight, frank james has now been transferred to federal custody, charged with committing a terrorist act on a mass transit system. surveillance images and social media are being pieced together, telling this awful story of what this suspect is accused of doing. police say this surveillance showing frank james walking toward the subway before the attack. and of course, the terrifying images you've seen of the smoke pouring out of the train as passengers ran out of that subway car. the chaos underground. some bystanders staying behind
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to help the victims. a key and a credit card left on the platform linking the suspect to a u-haul truck found four miles from the scene. investigators are also looking at his youtube account where he made statements about the new york city subway, about new york's mayor, many other alarming statements, as well. this surveillance image allegedly showing him exiting the subway, that orange vest and hard hat left behind. and today, bystanders capturing the moment he was taken into custody here in new york, after tips coming into police, and say one of those calls might ce- have been from the suspect himself. tonight, investigators have already learned a great deal about frank james, his gun, his police record here in new york city and elsewhere, and his alleged path that led to that subway platform. you will also hear from a witness tonight in that subway car, describing the scene as it was unfolding. we begin tonight with abc's janai norman on the scene for us again tonight. >> reporter: this is the moment the subway rampage, taking him -
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into custody in the middle of the day on a busy manhattan street. >> oh, my god, y'all, they caught him. >> reporter: authorities say someone had called in a tip to the crime stoppers hotline, saying their suspect was in the east village. and tonight, abc news has learned that remarkably, police believe that call may have come from the suspect himself. "i think you're looking for me," said the man on the line. "i'm seeing my picture all over the news and i'll be around this mcdonalds." in the moments before his arrest, bystanders taking these pictures of frank james wandering around the area. zach dahhan, who was in a store nearby, spotted james and flagged down police. >> i seen the police walking from over there, i told the police, this is the guy. he did the problem in brooklyn. this guy. catch him, guys, catch him. and we catch him. thank god, we catch him. >> reporter: within minutes, mayor eric adams breaking the news to the city. >> my fellow new yorkers -- we
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got him. >> reporter: police commissioner keechant sewell describing an exhaustive dragnet. >> we used every resource at our disposal to gather and process significant evidence that directly links mr. james to the shooting. we were able to shrink his world quickly. there was nowhere left for him to run. >> reporter: at the scene of the crime, police say they found two bags, one containing this glock-17 pistol. authorities tracing the weapon back to james, finding he purchased it legally in ohio 11 years ago. they also found a u-haul key at the scene. the company telling investigators james rented the truck in philadelphia earlier this month. hundreds of police scoured security cameras across the region, piecing together a timeline. with the help of this image they say shows that u-haul driving into brooklyn hours before the shooting. according to police, james parked not far from the subway station. they say this video, part of the investigation, shows him entering the station where he
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would board the train. eyewitnesses instrumental in building the case. >> we have witnesses on the train who said he was sitting in the back corner of the second car and he popped the smoke grenade. and we have one witness who says, "what did you do?" he goes, "oops," then he pops the two, brandishes the firearm, and fires 33 times. >> reporter: this man telling cnn he was sitting right next to the shooter when smoke filled the car. >> this pregnant woman was in front of me. i was trying to help her. i didn't know they were shots at first. i thought it was just a black smoke bomb. she said, "i'm pregnant with a baby." i hugged her. and then the bum rush continued. i got pushed. that's when i got shot in the back of my knee. >> reporter: in the chaos, police say james disappeared into the crowd. >> we believe mr. james boarded an r-train that had pulled into the station. >> reporter: that train quickly departing in an effort to rush passengers to safety. unknown to them, police believe the suspect was also on board. authorities say this video shows
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james emerging from the subway and disappearing into the city. but by nightfall, his face was everywhere. and tonight, a little more than 29 hours after the attack, james transferred into federal custody. >> and janai norman with us live again tonight, she's in sunset park, brooklyn. and janai, i know you've spent the day in the neighborhood, even breaking the news to some business owners there and residents who live there as we were on the air with our special report earlier today, and i just imagine enormous relief there in that neighborhood. >> reporter: and david, that is exactly what a young woman who saw the immediate aftermath of the attack yesterday called that news, a relief. and there was the mom who i spoke with yesterday, i saw her again today crossing the street with four young children. when i told her police caught frank james, she said, "i know." she put her hand to hear heart, pointed to the sky, and said, "thank god." david, new yorkers known for their resilience, back on those subways tonight. >> no surprise there. janai norman leading us off again tonight. there are two more important points on this tonight. because we learned after the
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arrest today that frank james would be changed on a federal terrorism charge, then the nypd and federal authorities revealing that to the public a short time later. abc news investigative reporter aaron katersky first to report this. and aaron, what is this federal charge and what more have you learned tonight? >> reporter: it's a terrorism-related charge, david, and it accuses frank james of carrying out a violent premeditated attack, specifically on mass transit. this criminal complaint lays out a whole timeline of james' suspected movements, including the moment when police believe he drove his rented van into new york. that's going to be a critical element, because prosecutors will have to prove he crossed state lines before the shooting. and david, even though this is only one federal charge, it sure does pack a punch, punishable by up to life in prison. james is due here at this courthouse tomorrow for his first appearance before a judge. david? >> and they made that point today, if convicted, facing life
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in prison, potentially. aaron katersky, our thanks to you again tonight. and one more question on this, because we heard the fbi say today that obviously this case is far from over, they still need the public's help. let's bring in our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas, also live with us here in new york. and pierre, you've been reporting for many months now, the growing concern from the feds over lone wolves across this country. and i know law enforcement authorities are now pouring through frank james' social media posts? >> reporter: david, they are pouring over his social media posts, and what they've seen is frightening. there was evidence he may have been a ticking time bomb. and it appears no one alerted authorities. in one video posted the day before the subway shooting, he allegedly said, "i can say, i wanted to kill people, i wanted to watch people die." and in another video, it's clear his attention had turned to new york city, allegedly saying, "mr. mayor, i'm a victim of your mental health program, i'm 63, now full of hate, full of anger and full of bitterness." david, he also talks about new york's homeless situation. tonight, a critical question -- did anyone view these posts? the fbi says the investigation
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is far from over. they still want new yorkers to call in any tips that might help with this investigation. david? >> pierre thomas, our thanks to you, as well tonight. pierre, aaron katersky, janai norman, our team on this again tonight. our thanks to you all. in the meantime, we move on now to that major severe weather outbreak. 30 million americans on alert tonight from the gulf of mexico all the way to the great lakes. tornado watches up in eight states. nine reported tornadoes already in the past 24 hours. this one in gilmore city, iowa. winds ripping apart buildings there, debris flying away. and in central texas, hail the size of grapefruit there. and an ef-3 tornado now confirmed, winds up to 165 miles per hour. more than 20 people were injured. and, of course, a very anxious night ahead again this evening. and then concern for the northeast, from philadelphia to new york city tomorrow. let's bring back in chief meteorologist ginger zee with us tonight with the timing and the
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track. ginger? >> reporter: david, it is hard to believe that we are watching the same region for the fourth week in a row see these tornado watches and imbedded in this line of damaging winds. and that's exactly what's happening tonight from louisville to hattiesburg back into monroe and alexandria, louisiana. some serious situations upcoming here for you. and if you are east of here, it's not going to stop. i want to point out, as this moves east, places like nashville get it after midnight. birmingham there, midnight to 2:00 a.m. new orleans, you're getting into it, as is mobile, alabama. now, doesn't stop there. it does move to the east, and the northeast gets it. we're going to be toasty, because that warm front will have lifted through. washington, d.c. could see a late afternoon storm, but then pennsylvania, including philadelphia, up to new york city and even western massachusetts and connecticut, david, in the slight risk tomorrow night. >> yeah, it's been relentless for so many americans. we're thinking about all of them again tonight. thank you, ginger. we're going to turn now to the pandemic, and tonight, the cdc now extending the rule requiring masks on public transportation and on airplanes for at least two more weeks.
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and tonight, health officials are also eyeing two new subvariants here in the u.s., found in new york state. what we're just learning now. and here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, the cdc extending the mask mandate on public transit until at least may 3rd while it tracks a rise in covid cases. but that move leaving some air travelers frustrated. >> enough already. let's just get on with life. at this point, we're learning to live with it, so just put it behind us. >> reporter: it's the fifth time the mask rule has been extended on planes, trains, and buses, despite mounting pressure on the biden administration. the airline industry insists the air filtration system onboard is highly protective. >> the reality is the science and the data says you're safer on an airplane than you are anywhere else. >> reporter: but health experts caution there are still risks beyond the flight itself. >> if you are flying and you are experiencing the excellent air exchange that we have in our modern aircraft, then you're probably fine. but there are a lot of variables -- the time that you're taxiing, the time that you're getting on and off the airplane. >> reporter: covid cases are now climbing in 30 states.
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next week, the city of philadelphia will join a growing list of college campuses bringing back mask mandates. >> i think it's more important that we stay healthy and safe. >> reporter: and with infections climbing, tonight, there is more evidence out of israel that a second booster reduced covid symptoms, hospitalizations, and deaths in people over 60. anyone over 50 in this country can get a second booster shot, but the cdc only recommends it for people with underlying conditions and everyone over 65. dr. anthony fauci going a step further, saying he thinks everyone authorized for a second booster should get one. >> i recommend you go and get the shot if you're over 50. >> recommending that new booster. in the meantime, eva, just before we came on tonight, we're learning about two more subvariants of omicron, they're looking at in central new york? >> reporter: that's right,
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david. health officials say two newly identified subvariants of ba.2 could be considerably more contagious. they are seeing a surge in the central part of the state, fueled in part by those subvariants, but so far, say there's no evidence that they cause more severe illness. david? >> we'll be tracking it for sure. eva, thank you. overseas tonight and to the war in ukraine. and tonight, new evidence of potential cluster bombs being used by the russians. you'll see it here. and what the u.s. is now sending to help ukraine. james longman from kyiv again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, disturbing new video from kharkiv in eastern ukraine appears to show what military experts say are cluster bombs being used to attack the city and terrorize civilians. in response to the russian onslaught in the east, the u.s. is putting more weapons in the hands of ukrainian fighters -- an $800 million package, including long-range artillery systems, which are being sent to ukraine for the first time, ammunition, and armored personnel carriers, too. and there will be more help in the skies -- additional helicopters now going in, as well. he failed to take kyiv, but tonight, vladimir putin is
5:46 pm
positioning his troops for that eastern assault. satellite images show his forces on the move -- armored vehicles and support equipment ready to attack. putin says he wants to combat what he calls "the nato threat." but tonight, that strategic goal unraveling. >> we need to assess how our possible nato membership -- >> reporter: finland and sweden, traditionally neutral, are now moving closer to membership in the alliance. this comes after president biden, for the first time, called russia's war in ukraine genocide. >> yes, i called it genocide. putin is just trying to wipe out the idea of even being able to be a ukrainian. and the evidence is mounting. >> reporter: the discovery of five bodies in a bucha basement, their hands bound, apparently tortured and executed, alerted the world to possible war crimes here. and tonight, the mother of one of those men is speaking out. "they came like a hurricane, causing so much pain. and for what?" she asks. galyna matyoshko has now taken
5:47 pm
refuge at a monastery, too scared to go home. she says her son serhiy was helping evacuees when the russians arrived. "for what?" she keeps repeating. she can't understand his pointless murder. russia says this didn't happen. what would you say to vladimir putin? "look at what you did to us," she says. "what is our fault? what have i done wrong? why am i crying at a stranger's place, with no home to live in? you have children -- what if the same happened to them? and when our people come to tell you 'it's all fake,' would you believe them?" >> reporter: and among those claims of genocide, david, the president is speaking to what we are all seeing here, but the white house said today it will be up to the legal process to play out. david? >> james longman in kyiv again tonight. thank you, james. back here at home tonight, and to graphic videos released late today showing the deadly police shooting of a black man following a traffic stop in michigan. video now showing an officer on top of the driver during a struggle. the officer then pulling out his gun and firing. here's steve osunsami. >> stay in the car! stay in the car. >> reporter: police in grand rapids, michigan, who've
5:48 pm
been accused of hiding details in this case, say tonight they're sharing all the video they have. >> no, no, no. stop. stop. put your hands behind your head officer's body camera, and dash camera, from a cell phone, and from a security camera recording from across the street -- all show the moment when the unidentified officer pulls over 26-year-old patrick lyoya on the morning of april 4th. what started with a license plate that wasn't registered to the vehicle turned into a struggle when the 26-year-old tried to run, and then fought with this police officer in front of witnesses and cameras. >> stop. >> okay. >> reporter: you see them struggle over the officer's stun gun, even as the officer fires it. in the last few moments, the officer is on top of the man, and then pulls out his gun and fires. >> drop the taser! >> reporter: the police chief confirmed today that his officer shot the young man in the head, and says he's not identifying the officer since he hasn't been charged. >> there's an entire investigation being conducted by
5:49 pm
the michigan state police, which i do not have access to, by design, for conflict of interest. >> reporter: the attorney for the victim's family says he was an african immigrant who was "confused by the encounter and terrified for his life." "we demand that the officer who killed patrick not only be terminated, but be arrested and prosecuted." police say the officer is a seven-year veteran of the grand rapids police force. he is on paid leave tonight. attorneys for the victim's family speak tomorrow. david? >> steve osunsami tonight. thank you, steve. when we come back here, that stunning turn in a case that made national headlines. the mother accused of faking her own kidnapping -- well, what happened today. migraine attacks? you can't always avoid triggers like changes in weather. qulipta™ can help prevent migraine attacks. you can't prevent what's going on outside, that's why qulipta™ helps what's going on inside. qulipta™ is a pill. gets right to work to prevent migraine attacks and keeps them away over time. qulipta™ blocks cgrp a protein believed to be a cause of migraine attacks. qulipta™ is a preventive treatment
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or a parasitic infection. without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. tonight here, the major turn in a case that made national headlines. the mother who claims she was kidnapped now set to admit it was a hoax, according to authorities. sherri papini, the mother of two who claimed it all happened while jogging in redding, california, now scheduled to plead guilty of lying to federal agents in the coming days. she stood by her story for more than five years. when we come back here tonight, the guilty plea from actor cuba gooding jr. on a day without migraine my whole body feels free. because my eyes don't shy from the light. my head doesn't pound. and my stomach isn't nauseous. it's time for migraine prevention delivered differently, through an iv infusion. it's time for vyepti - a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. vyepti is designed to start working fast, and to last with a 30-minute iv infusion,
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finally tonight here, the major league coach who is most definitely america strong. the san francisco giants' alyssa nakken becoming the first woman to coach on the field during a major league game, getting a handshake from the opposing padres as she took over at first base. the giants' joey bart giving her a fist bump there. a handshake from the home plate umpire. her orange helmet now on its way to the baseball hall of fame. saying it's a big deal, and it's her job now to "honor those who have helped med to where i am."
5:59 pm
parents in marin county are wondering what happened, a dream trip to the nation's capital for dozens of eighth-graders turns into a super-spreader event good evening thanks for joining us. >> next at 6:00, new cause to outlaw ghost guns including right here in the bay area, the kids learn the beauty of paper airplanes from the world's best. we will have this story as well. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> we mention that parents in marin county are wondering what happened after that trip to the nation's capital, washington, d.c. for dozens of eighth-graders turned into the super-spreader event. thanks for joining us. dan: more than 50 students tested positive. abc 7's reporter has new details. reporter: an annual trip to washington dc return this year
6:00 pm
for eighth graders. the marin school district. many students who went on the trip contracted covid. the school district says 50 students tested positive, many of them were vaccinated and are experiencing minor symptoms. >> it ended up with them getting covid, but it will not be severe. reporter: he was part of the marin school triple was not near the group that had the outbreak. he is immuno compromised and advocates for people to get at -- vaccinated. he says thanks to the vaccine, though students'symptoms will remain mild. >> those who got vaccinated and got covid are not getting really sick. reporter: this comes as a people in the nation's capital including members of congress tested positive for the virus. >> i feel fine. the good news is i have been vaccinated and double boosted. i think i got the variant that is prevalent on the east coast. reporter: health experts say we are in the endemic phase. they say part of that phase includes us having to return


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