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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 13, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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>> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- bill maher. michelle yeoh. and alec benjamin, with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. hello, everybody. very nice. look at this. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. how many are traveling, spending your spring break here. thank you for joining us here in sunny los angeles, california.
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where dreams come true. especially if your dream involves being lunged at by a very dirty spider-man. did you have fun in the line? we'll be giving everyone tetanus shots on the way out. don't worry. everything is crazy. except us. did you see the clip of president biden getting hit by an unidentified falling substance last night? don't worry. i haven't. biden was in a barn in menlo, iowa, talking about inflation, when something landed on his shoulder. >> to build a fought that's made in america. that's that hyperboe. it is about being made in america. a lot of that has to do with this industry. >> jimmy: it seemed like a bird may have been responsible. but white house communications director said no, if you knew your way around a corn silo at all, you would know it was corn. just because it was corn, doesn't mean it wasn't also poop. i'm going to take a bipartisan approach and say it was both.
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speaking of bowel movements, rudy giuliani is in the news. he's -- [ applause ] still under investigation by the justice department. prosecutors are looking into whether he violated any laws when he flew to ukraine to try to shake down president zelenskyy for dirt on hunter biden. remember that? when trump sent goony giuliani to not-so-subtly threaten to withhold the military assistance? we now know how desperately they needed to come up with damaging information about his opponent's son? the fbi raided rudy's cave. and over the past few weeks, rudy would like us to know that he helped the fbi unlock three of his phones. always a good sign when you have three phones. gave them a list of possible passwords to two other devices. and even let investigators look inside the coffin he sleeps in during daylight. i was thinking about this.
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what his passwords might be. can you imagine being the face id on rudy's phone -- and having to look at this 48 times a day? another likable fellow. ted cruz has a podcast. i wonde if he does commercials on the podcast? like hello this is ted cruz for hello fresh. sweaty teddy went on the road to do a live episode at yale, at which one of the students -- and you know, most people don't have anything nice to say about the "kids nowadays." they say they're lazy and entitled and too sensitive. but then a young man like this comes around and gives you real hope for the future of this country. >> hello. my name is evan. assuming it would help global hunger would you another man? >> dare i ask him? >> i do have an answer to this.
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i think it is better that you answer this. >> jimmy: only if that man was donald trump! it's a good question. you know, ted can unhinge his jaw like a rat snake. here in l.a., it has been a disappointing year for basketball fans. the lakers were eliminated from playoff contention last week. and the clippers are now one loss away from summer vacation, too. the clippers blew a play-in game last night against the minnesota timberwolves. they had a big lead and then went "oh wait, we're the clippers!" and then they lost. but that wasn't the notable part. this was. a woman in the crowd walked down onto the court, and glued herself to the floor. >> i was just told by security that she apparently had glue and she glued herself to the floor. she refused to lift her wrists up and they were trying to pull her off and she was resisting, trying to keep her wrists glued down. >> it was a protest of some sort? >> i think that's a fair assumption. i'll get some clarity.
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let's put up a photo of the glue-natic. there she is. she's an animal rights protester, who is upset with the owner of the timberwolves, because he owns a chicken farm. he killed a bunch of chinls. so she glued herself to the court. using what appears to be elmer's glue. how long did she think she had before they removed her? "officer, i need 35 minutes!" listen, if you really care about the chickens, use superglue! that's my tip for the day. and while that was going on in minnesota, our friends in the sunshine state were hard at work keeping hold of the crazy people crown as seen in another edition of "this week in florida." >> a carjacking suspect crashed at a fort walton beach gas station while police say he was trying to run over the victim. police say 22-year-old elijah soot only did a lot of damage before he was finally captured. the victim michael matthews was on his way to work when it all happened. sutton is charged with
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carjacking, aggravated assault, resisting arrest and drug possession. >> jimmy: and one count of looking fabulous. drug possession, carjacking, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest is the florida version of the egot. florida, as you probably know, has become ground zero for these controversial "don't say gay" laws that are cropping up all of a sudden. as if we're in some kind of gay emergency. the law passed in florida forbids elementary school teachers from even discussing sexual orientation in the classroom. which was obviously not a problem in the first place. it's a political move designed to get dumb people excited. but it's spreading. and one of our writers, louis virtel asked if he could have a moment to speak about it. and so here now is louis, to virtel it like it is. louis? >> thanks, jimmy. >> jimmy: thanks, louis. >> you know, if it wasn't a
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discriminatory and dangerous law, "don't say gay" would have made an amazing name for a game show. "describe elton john." "-- gay?" "oh no! you lose!" i hate even talking about these horrible bills. they're hurtful to children. and they cultivate confusion and shame. as usual, the people pushing legislation that will affect millions of people in the lgbtq+ community are not l or g or b or t or q or + themselves. they're straighter than they're straighter than jay leno's dungarees. for instance, this man. florida governor ron desantis, who looks like every guy who's ever been fired from monday night football. ron desantis is the horrible uncle who asks his nephew's new boyfriend, "so which one of you is the girl?" been there. he's been championing the don't say gay bill for months.
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which, i don't know, seems like floridians have bigger problems than their kids being too educated about lesbians. like the shocking number of unregistered pet anacondas. that's real. unfortunately, dumb uncle ron has now inspired other elected officials to join the hate-riarchy. like this person. ohio representative jean schmidt. this schmidt-head co-sponsored a bill in her state that wants to ban both critical race theory and talking about queer issues with kids, making it reckless, racist, and homophobic. the old maga hat trick! and who's this tidy whitey fella? nope, that's not meredith baxter birney on an episode of "undercover boss." that's texas lt. governor dan patrick, who wants his own don't say gay bill, and claims that transgender people are playing god. and who are you playing, bitch? old sheldon?
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this is getting out of control. 19 states are now considering don't say gay laws. from oklahoma to louisiana. which, really louisiana? aren't you named after louis xiv? those aren't even sensible heels. why are you pushing us deeper in the closet? queer people have to teach ourselves everything as it is. about our health, about relationships, about our history. like that alice walker used to date tracy chapman. did you know that, jimmy? >> jimmy: no! what? >> she was the one in the fast car. yes. but i think i've come up with a solution to fix this. i would like to propose a bill of my own. "the rupert everett act." my bill says you are not allowed to write anti-gay legislation unless you prove you have one gay friend.
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or lesbian friend. or trans friend. or at least a friend with an unusual earring. i'll take anything. in fact, i am willing to take one for the team here. if you are a republican politician mulling over a bill like this, i will take you to brunch. actually, you will take me to brunch. you can tell me all about your favorite episode of "yellowstone." i'll explain how annette bening settled for warren beatty, not the other way around. and we'll have eggs and waffles with berries on them. and we'll drink mimosas out of a hose. and by the end of it, i guarantee not only will you be saying "gay," you will be screaming it with me from the front row at dua lipa. so to recap, if you leave this remembering one thing, jean, uncle ron, lt. dan, queerness is innate. but horrible is something you can change. take it from me.
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your new don't say gay best friend. >> jimmy: thanks, louis. very well done. i couldn't have said it better myself. if i had, people would have been mad. you know, covid isn't the only virus making a comeback. stds are on the rise. yeah. according to the cdc, after a big dip during the lockdown, std infection rates are back up again. so congrats, everybody! it is oddly comforting to know that, with all these new variants going around, your old buddy, syphilis is always there, waiting for us. sexual activity was a victim of the pandemic. so we thought it would be fun to get back to it, to go out on hollywood boulevard and ask passers-by a simple, but potentially-revealing question. "have you ever been in an orgy?" now, how this works is we're going to see someone introduce themselves. then, based strictly on that introduction, we'll guess if that person has been in an orgy. all right?
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here we go. great, our first pedestrian is -- >> i'm from maryland. >> have you ever been in an orgy? >> do we think she's been in an orgy? a couple of real loud yeses but mostly no. >> oh, no. >> jimmy: well, we didn't say you had to be good at it. next? >> brianna from detroit, michigan. >> have you ever been in an orgy? >> jimmy: detroit. everyone says yes. >> uh -- yes. [ applause ] >> jimmy: the pause was her calculating on whether or not her parents would be likely to see this. next pedestrian is? >> have you ever been in an
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orgy? >> jimmy: josh from jacksonville joined an orgy? we're about split on this one. >> yes, of course. it was a mess. >> jimmy: did he say it was the mets? next up? >> have you ever been in an orgy? >> jimmy: when a cat dresses as a mouse. >> no. >> jimmy: you might want to think about a change in outfits. >> i'm from norway. my name is dan. >> are you sure? >> jimmy: have you ever been in an orgy? >> what is the definition of an
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orgy? >> jimmy: hang on. let me get my english to norwegian pocket guide and look it up. has dan ever been involved? >> for sure. >> yeah? what is the most romantic thing about it? >> well, i spoke to a guy for a while and then suddenly he had something up his rear and i didn't notice that. >> jimmy: it seems like the kind of thing you might notice. all right. who is up next? >> mike anderson. i'm from colorado. >> have you ever participated in an orgy? >> jimmy: oh-oh. somebody might get punched. does mike look like an orgy guy? >> oh, absolutely. >> can you tell us about it?
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>> what's there to tell? all kinds of naked people rolling around all the time. it's great. >> jimmy: another satisfied customer. and i believe we have one more. >> i'm from augusta, georgia. >> have you ever been in an orgy? >> jimmy: with that thick augusta accent. everybody says yes. >> yes? >> can you say hello to all your friends from the orgy? >> hey, remember me, guys? >> jimy: i wonder if he knows dan from norway. thanks for playing and for sharing. we've got a good show for you tonight. michelle yeoh is here. we have music from alec benjamin. and we'll be right back with bill maher. stick around!
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>> jimmy: tonight, from the movie "everything, everywhere all at once," michelle yeoh is with us. then later, a singer-songwriter from phoenix. his album "un commentary" comes out friday. alec benjamin from the mercedes eq stage. alec benjamin is also playing coachella this weekend. if you're going there instead of celebrating easter with your family like good people would do. tomorrow night, bob odenkirk -- from "barry" on hbo, anthony carrigan. and music from stromae. so please join us for that. our first guest has been speaking his mind to anyone who can afford hbo since 1989. watch season 20 of "real time with bill maher" friday nights and his new comedy special "adulting" premieres this friday. say hello to bill maher.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> very nice. >> jimmy: yeah, your music. >> very good. >> jimmy: how is it going? >> good. how are you doing? >> jimmy: you've been in an orgy. you must have been in a whole bunch of them. >> i would not want to be. there are guys in it. >> jimmy: not necessarily. >> yes, of course there is. >> jimmy: well, if it meant it would solve world hunger, would you do it with another man? if it would solve everyone from starving? yes, i would. >> jimmy: of course. me, too.
11:57 pm
but that's an easy question because you're saying everyone. what about just ten people? >> jimmy: oh, no. that's a great way of putting it. sorry! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it does come down to the numbers eventually. >> i hate to say it. >> jimmy: you're not shooting your show this weekend because in place of your show, which is on every friday night is your comedy special in that spot. and it is super funny. i watched it the other night. is there anything you're missing this week that you feel like you need to get off your chest? >> no, jimmy, when i'm off, i'm off. everything in the world looks fantastic to me this week. i think you and i should go to coachella together. you want to see two late middle aged men get wounded?
11:58 pm
>> jimmy: yeah, it would be just sad. >> you and i in the mud. >> jimmy: i'm not sure you're aware of this. i think you are aware of this. almost 20 years ago since your show aired in this very time slot on abc. >> oh, i remember like it was yesterday when i handed it off to you. and you did a fantastic job with it. >> jimmy: oh, thanks. >> you did. 20 years later! come on. who thought would you last 20 years? >> jimmy: not me. that's for sure. i wanted to ask but gilbert godfrey. he was on the show. >> he certainly could not have been on real-time. that would have been a disaster. >> jimmy: he deserves no sharing a stage with gilbert. he becomes the focus. >> it's funny. i was going to, i think you know i do a show every new years in hawaii. i've done it for 11 years now. he was booked on my tour this
11:59 pm
year. >> jimmy: oh, boy. >> did you know him well? >> well, that's the thing. i've known him 40 years. i never knew him well. he was a hard guy to get to know well. he was so funny and so always on. i spent, i don't know, hundreds of hours with the guy but it was always sort of like joking. >> jimmy: always. never answered a question seriously. >> kind of that way. there are people i know an hour that i feel like i know better than i knew gilbert. i thought, here's the time. that's what that hawaii trip is for. well, it's four days. we're on the beach. there's orgies. [ laughter ] no, but yes. >> jimmy: i feel the same way about him. it made me feel odd when i would ask him a question and he would never give you a real answer. and in a way, it felt like the message was, why i would answer this seriously when i can be funny right now?
12:00 am
>> exactly. and maybe it never would have happened. maybe we would have just kept that persona up in hawaii. i can see that. >> jimmy: i'm sure he would have. yeah. you never would have gotten through to him. >> maybe not. it was worth a try. if not, then i would have four days laughing at gilbert. so today, i mean, comics, we're all sending messages to each other about it. he was the king of too soon. >> jimmy: yeah. >> he lost his affleck gig for it. remember? he got into a world of trouble after 9/11. he was at some roast. >> jimmy: i was there. i hosted that roast. >> is that right? >> jimmy: it was hugh hefner. i'm surprised you weren't there. it was right after 9/11. the week after 9/11, we taped that. and no one was obviously joking about it. gilbert gets on stage and says some of the craziest stuff. >> who would be so stupid to get fired for saying something
12:01 am
about 9/11? [ laughter ] i did it for you, jimmy. so you could have this time slot. i wanted to come up with some really inappropriate thought or something to say about him dying. that's how he would want us to handle it. i thought i really let him down by not coming one somethng totally inappropriate. >> jimmy: you know what? i don't think you did let him down. i wish he could hear all these things everyone is saying about him. he was truly a comedian's comedian. oh, this is a guy -- when he told that aristocrats' joke. first he told the horrible 9/11 joke. the audience was booing him. oh no, we have to save gilbert. then he transitioned into the filthiest joke that was not well received at all for the first like six minutes. but the final six minutes were, people were trying.
12:02 am
>> i just feel, one thing i feel good about is that not knowing he was going to go, in my piece at the end of real-time on friday, it was about xleedians. >> jimmy: i saw that. >> and i mentioned him. it sort of took off from the slap at the oscars but it was saying, we have to end this war on jokes. it's not just the oscars. this is been going on a while now. that comedians are in the cross hairs. can canceled. and i mentioned, he and kathy griffin. they were tasteless and that's why we liked them. >> jimmy: that's the point! >> and lots of other people who have had to go away. and so i'm glad, he got a shout out. i don't think he was probably able to hear it. but you know, if i was a religious person i would say, he kind of knows. i'm not so screw that. >> jimmy: bill maher is here. his special adulting premiers
12:03 am
friday night. we'll be back after this. >> lou: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" brought to you by ihop's new reward program. the international bank of pancakes. start earning pan-coins toward free food. ♪ ♪ when you order the all new deluxe three cheese and bacon omelette, you get a smile on your plate. only from ihop. join the rewards program and earn double pancoins with any omelette purchase.
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then there's marjorie taylor green, the star of the real housewives of karen county. this chick is about a mood swing from getting naked in a target.
12:08 am
i mean -- how is she not a middle school teacher in florida who is [ bleep ] students? oh, i love you, florida. you know i love florida. i can't help it. >> jimmy: that's "adulting" shot in florida, of all places, why did you shoot it in florida? >> i picked that clip for you. >> jimmy: she'll call the cops on you. you have to wear it as a badge of honor. comedians are under attack. i guess at some point, lenny bruce went to trial a bunch of times. but it's not right. fiday night, you need crazy on that wall. >> jimmy: you need crazy people talking. and also, just disagreeing with people is not okay anymore, i guess. >> i'm pushing the boundaries. over the line. how do we know where the line is
12:09 am
until we go over it? you should be clapping us on the back for that. not -- >> jimmy: you get a lot of that stuff and it's very funny. i don't want to spoil it by telling the audience what "adulting", what the title is about. >> i think a lot of them know. they use it. >> jimmy: i didn't really know about it. >> because you're 50 or whatever you are. #adulting. it means when you do something that is just -- what we would consider a regular adult thing to do. like scrambled an egg today. adulting. i made a dental appointment. that's adulting. >> jimmy: i'm glad we finally made that a gerund or whatever it is. so you are doing a podcast now. how many episodes have you done? >> well, i've talked to a lot of people. i don't know. i'm so high when i'm doing it. i can't remember. >> jimmy: is that why it is called club random? >> well, club random is a place.
12:10 am
we shot there in the pandemic. it is this place on my property. it is this funky little underground -- i don't know what you would callett. during the pandemic, we couldn't go out. so i said, let's make this into a nightclub. so we kind of did. we got signs and lights. it was kind of fun. music. that's all you need. it has a bar in it already. >> jimmy: who named it random? >> well, everything that didn't fit in my real house, i would just shove it. it became very random. then the guests that we have are kind of random. everything about it is very random. i mean, hbo was very good to let me do it. they own my ass. i'm glad they do. they didn't have to let me. it is just so different. i told them, look, i will not take one second away from my massive preparation for real-time to do this show. and believe me when you see it, you'll know i'm not lying. i said, i'm just going to go two hours a day next door to club
12:11 am
random and i'm going to talk to somebody for a couple of hours and we're going to have a close cigarette, perhaps. i don't know what they're putting in those cloves, by the way. have some drinks, you know, we just had a guest on. that was really a lot of fun. that went on for two hours, even though i thought it was one hour. william shatner. >> jimmy: the astronaut william shatner was on the show. >> so it's a combination, we're going to do mike tyson next week. >> jimmy: that will be fun. >> nicky glazer. i mean, i talk to william shatner at parties all the time. i get to know him. this is the best way to do it. >> jimmy: and did william shatner smoke those clove cigarette with you? >> no. he did not. >> jimmy: all right. mike tyson will. and then there are people like, they're from another generation. the tiktok crowd.
12:12 am
you have some of those people. >> jimmy: oh, you do. >> it is fascinating to talk to them. i'm from like a different tribe. but i want to learn about it. there are mores. >> jimmy: sure. bill maher has a podcast called random. >> jimmy: "adulting" premieres friday at 10 p.m. on hbo. we'll be back with michelle yeoh. [ mid-tempo music playing ] ♪♪ ♪♪ why don't you do cool spins? uh, people need to read it. i can't read it. [ chuckles ] that's 'cause you're like 4. 4 1/2. switch to progressive, and you can save hundreds.
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happy 20th anniversary. >> i was
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>> lou: it's time for "whose mouth is full of peeps?" can you guess who? could it be that woman up there? [ inaudible ] . >> don't try this at home, kids. because it's gross.
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>> jimmy: music from alec benjamin is on the way. our next guest is a wildly impressive person straight out of malaysia. her new movie is called "everything, everywhere all at once."
12:24 am
>> i think we lost it. >> jimmy: "everything, everywhere all at once" is in theaters now. please welcome michelle yeoh. ♪ >> jimmy: how are you? boy, that is just so impressive. i would love to go to a bar with you and get drunk and start some trouble with some people and then you just clean house, you
12:25 am
know? >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: have you ever done that? >> clean house with you? i'll throw you around and whim you. >> jimmy: you can use me as a weapon. like batman used to pick up robin sometimes. >> no. i'll hold your hand and real run out of there real fast. >> jimmy: that's how we would do it? not as. fun. >> jimmy: how did you lerm to do all that stuff? >> i started my career in hong kong. and then i was in my first movie. i was playing the damsel in distress. we were saved by the guys. they were really looking after us. and then i looked at they will doing all these action sequences and i thought it looked like dance. like choreographed pieces. so i said to my producers, i would love to try that. they looked at me like i was crazy. they probably thought i was
12:26 am
crazy. but i was very fortunate. they thought, well, we'll give this new 20 something-year-old something they can do. she can be sitting in the corner the whole time cryingful because these guys, it's not fun. full contact. and the people like jackie, jet, they deserve it. they really took the blows and they really, really got hurt doing all those crazy things. then when they said yes to me, i wanted to learn from them how to do it. because i came from years of training as a dancer. >> jimmy: you could apply it. >> i could apply all my moves. and then would look at my kicks and say, oux, that looks painful. i would be kick over the head. doing these round house things. >> jimmy: i like seeing you do it in the chair.pit's impressiv. >> years of training, what can i say? >> jimmy: we have a photograph
12:27 am
of you that i would really like to ask you about. it was taken not too far from here. >> oh my god. >> jimmy: that's you. what are those ropes attached to? >> a helicopter. >> jimmy: a helicopter. >> a helicopter. >> jimmy: why did this happen? >> joe, the photographer from "national geographic" had thought of this. i had just finished tomorrow never dies. >> jimmy: a james bond movie. >> uh-huh. james bond. [ applause ] >> and he thought, it would be fantastic if i have this actress hanging over the hollywood sign. i mean, it sounds amazing. who is crazy enough to do it? except michelle? >> jimmy: he should be in jail for doing this to you, really. >> but he was there, too. we had two helicopters hanging. >> jimmy: oh, he was. that makes it a little better. >> that's the only reason. >> jimmy: how long were you hanging? how long did it take to get this
12:28 am
shot? it is an incredible shot. >> well, the thing is, once, you can't chime out of the helicopter where we're there. we literally in a hangar about 20, 25 minutes away. so i'm all dressed in my slinky, you see that dress. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and in the cable, and up we went. and we influence. it was -- the worst was it was so cold. >> jimmy: wow! >> i think that was the real test, you know. to the mind over matter thing. >> jimmy: you're really crazy. that's a crazy thing to do. this movie -- >> that proves it. i am crazy to do that. >> jimmy: it's a crazy move, too. this is one of the scenes from the movie in which you have hotdog fingers. your fingers turn into hotdogs.
12:29 am
yeah. you don't see that in every film. that's for sure. >> no. >> jimmy: what are those? are those -- >> those are hotdog fingers. in this universe, they have evolved to having hotdogs for fingers. >> jimmy: of course. >> of course. >> jimmy: you say it as if it makes sense. >> if you watch the movie it makes absolute sense. by the time you get to this universe, there's jamie lee curtis, we are lovers and we have hotdogs for fingers. >> jimmy: i asked jamie lee, i said please describe what this movie, to the audience, and she did. but it was, i mean, even the description was crazy. how would you describe it to the audience? i mean, i wonder, what did you think when you picked up the script and said wait, i have
12:30 am
hotdog fingers in this scene? that was your reaction, too? >> just, you know, i said i want to know what, i call them my evil geniuses. what they've done before. and then they sent me swiss army man. and i was so intrigued by the end of it. if you can capture may imagination and watch the entire movie about playing the across the ocean, and you are engaged with that, that's amazing story telling, right? that's quite a feat. so when i went, when i had the meeting with them. you're right. when i read the script, first of all, i was really blown away by the fact that the super hero was this ordinary asian immigrant woman. i hadn't read a script like that. >> jimmy: yeah. [ applause ] >> and i was so impressed with the fact that they are giving
12:31 am
such voice to this woman. i mean, we passed this mother, auntie, grandmother, going to the supermarket, or in china town every day and we would never notice them. because they are fixated on just doing, going home, cooking for their family and doing the things for their children or their husbands. so it was wonderful that i had the opportunity to give this woman a loud voice. >> jimmy: right. >> and let her be a super hero. [ applause ] >> jimmy: people have to see the movie to really appreciate it. it is called "everything, everywhere all at once." >> it's the magic of the shared experience. >> jimmy: thank you. we'll be right back with music from alec benjamin. >> lou: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club. >> lou: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes e-q. all electric, all mercedes.
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>> jimmy: i want to thank bill maher and michelle yeoh. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time. tomorrow night, bob odenkirk and anthony carrigan with music from stromae. "nightline" is next. but first, his album "un commentary" comes out friday. here with the song "shadow of mine," alec benjamin! ♪ booked a trip to texas thought i'd start again ♪ ♪ switched out my addresses and ghosted all my friends ♪ ♪ thought i could escape what i could not transcend ♪ ♪ found myself back in the same old place again ♪ ♪ everywhere i go, my shadow it follows behind ♪ ♪ doesn't matter where i travel ♪ ♪ my shadow it finds me ♪ ♪ something that i've come to realize after all this time ♪
12:35 am
♪ i can't escape my shadow i can't escape my shadow ♪ ♪ maybe i'm the nexus the common thread that binds ♪ ♪ the problems in my head and the world that lives outside ♪ ♪ i thought i could escape but it's fate i've come to find ♪ ♪ my devil is the devil that's inside ♪ ♪ everywhere i go, my shadow it follows behind ♪ ♪ doesn't matter where i travel ♪ ♪ my shadow it finds me ♪ ♪ something that i've come to realize after all this time ♪ ♪ i can't escape my shadow i can't escape my shadow ♪ ♪ it won't ever let me go it goes everywhere i go ♪ it won't ever let me go this shadow this shadow of mine ♪
12:36 am
♪ we grapple we battle ♪ ♪ but ware shackled for eternity ♪ ♪ we grapple we battle ♪ ♪ we're shackled we're shackled we're shackled ♪ ♪ everywhere i go, my shadow it follows behind ♪ ♪ doesn't matter where i travel ♪ my shadow it finds me ♪ ♪ something that i've come to realize after all this time ♪ ♪ i can't escape my shadow i can't escape my shadow ♪ ♪ it won't ever let me go it goes everywhere i go ♪ ♪ it won't ever let me go this shadow this shadow of mine ♪
12:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] xx this is "nightline." tonight. inside the manhunt. the gunman wanted for opening fire on the busiest subway system in the country. finally in custody. >> there was nowhere left for him to run. >> what the suspect said when he called the tip line. police now piecing together a time line. how the suspect evaded capture for nearly 30 hours. >> i literally took out my phone. i showed the cop the picture of the guy. this is the guy right there. >> and the search for a motive. plus, uncovering horrors in bucha. the gruesome search, the poignant stories. >> one, two, three, four, five bodies in this tiny


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