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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 26, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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see you back here at 4:00. tonight, vice president kamala harris testing positive for covid. and what the white house said today about president biden. vice president harris now in isolation at home, testing positive after being vaccinated and double boosted. and when was the last time she was in close contact with president biden? cecilia vega standing by live at the white house. the u.s. responding tonight russia'sewest warning of the daer nuclear w sy. and tonight, germany, for the first time, sending ukraine heavy weapons. marcus moore in kyiv tonight. the developing headline as we come on the air. the audio tonight of house republican leader kevin mccarthy. you will hear what he said, his concerns after january 6th, over members of his own party fufling unrest in this country. asking at one point, "can't they
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take their twitter accounts away?" and saying the country was "too crazy." jon karl with the audio tonight. this evening, 24 hours after a federal judge's announcement that he would block any early rollback of former president trump's policy that allowed the u.s. to send back migrants over pandemic concerns, tonight, the biden administration reacting. will they ultimately move forward with their plan? there is news this evening about a kidnapped 3-month-old baby boy taken from his grandmother's home while she was unloading groceries. they have found the baby, and news tonight of potential suspects. this evening, harvard committing $100 million to address its ties toth n ror ton responsibility moving forward. your health tonight and news on aspirin. millions of americans takes aspirin for their heart health. the new guidance tonight. the plane shot while landing in massachusetts. tendel dants to be paid during
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boarding. and powerball dreams tonight growing. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin tonight with vice president kamala harris testing positive for covid. the vice president was vaccinated and twice boosted. tonight, what we're learning about her condition. we do know she is asimilar toll matic so far, and when was the last time she had close contact with president biden? and tonight here, the eye-opening new numbers. the cdc now estimates that nearly 60% of americans have had covid-19 and that 75% of all children and adolescents have had covid. the vice president getting tested when she arrived at the white house today as part of standard protocol after spending last week in los angeles. that's when she learned she was positive. of course, the next question, how recently was she with the
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president? abc's chief white house correspondent cecilia vega leading us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, vice president kamala harris isolating at home after testing positive for covid. the white house saying she is exhibiting no symptoms and is not considered a close contact to president biden. they last saw each other in person at the white house easter egg roll just over a week ago. harris spent the past week in loreanturned to the white house this morning, seen here removing her mask as she exited her motorcade. inside the west wing, sources tell abc news she took a test as part of her regular testing protocol. soon after that, the positive result, a second test showing the same. >> she is boosted -- actually, twice boosted. right? we have a very, very contagious variant out there. >> reporter: today, the white house saying the precautions are in place to keep president biden safe, but there are no guarantees. >> the vice president just caught it. she's twice boosted. should americans be prepared for a time when president biden gets this? is it just a matter of time that
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the president could get covid? >> i wouldn't say it's just a matter of time. but of course, it is possible that the president, like any other american, could get covid. the bottom line is he is vaccinated and boosted. he is very well protected. he's got very good protocols around him to protect him from getting infected, but there's no 100% anything. >> reporter: this as a new report today from the cdc finds most americans have been infected by the virus at least once, fueled most recently by that omicron surge. by february, about 58% of all americans and 75% of childrens under 17 had detectable antibodies. but doctors warn that protection may not last. >> how long does that protection last? and that question hasn't been answered in terms of prior infections. but we do have that information from vaccines that show that they continue to be protective and effective in preventing hospitalization and death. >> reporter: with infections climbing across 35 states and territo territories, the white house now trying to expand access to the
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an anti-viral drug paxlovid at 40,000 pharmacies and clinics. and test to treat sites where people at high risk of complications can get tested and treated with paxlovid during the same visit. >> what i am recommending to family and friends is, if you get covid, you should see a provider and make that assessment with your provider. a lot more people are eligible and would benefit than i think people think. >> and cecilia vega live with us from the white house. we wish the vice president a quick recovery here. cecilia, i know you're tracking another developing headline tonight. pfizer now asking for authorization of the first booster shot for children 5 to 11 and, of course, you reported there the vice president already had her second booster shot, available, of course, to american adults over 50. where do we stand big picture on that? how many adults over 50 have gotten that second booster shot and any news when the rest of adults might have access to those boosters, given the rising case numbers across the country? >> reporter: yeah, david, here's what we know right now. we're tracking about more than 4 million people over the age of
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50 who have gotten that second shot. there could be another round of boosters come this fall, but we don't know which age group yet that will target. but here's this. officials are hoping that basically this second round of boosters could be a new and improved type of shot, one that would last longer and could work against future variants. david, as for the vice president, we're told that president biden called her today to check in and again, at this hour, she is asimymptasymptomat. >> cecilia vega, thank you. we're going to turn now to the war in ukraine. tonight, the u.s. reacting after russia's foreign minister 24 hours ago warned of the dangers of a nuclear conflict. tonight, u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin with strong words in response, as he rallied allies in a meeting in germany. more than 40 countries plank new aid to ukraine, including germany, now sending heavy weapons for the first time. secretary austin today warning that in nuclear conflict, all sides lose. and tonight, our team witnessing the telling image in kyiv, statues originally put up to
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honor ukraine's friendship with russia now coming down. marcus moore in kyiv tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the u.s. responding to russia's warning that tensions with the west over ukraine could risk world war iii and nuclear con fliblgt. >> that kind of rhetoric is very dangerous and unhelpful. nobody wants to see a nuclear war happen. it's a war that, you know, all sides lose. >> reporter: u.s. defense secretary austin was in germany meeting with military officials from over 40 countries and vowed to move, quote, heaven and earth, to help arm ukraine. he thanked germany for changing long-standing policy and for the first time agreeing to send 50 anti-aircraft tanks to e ukr ukraine. and he expanded on the u.s. wanting to see russia weakened. >> we would like to make sure again, that they don't have the same type of capability to bully their neighbors. >> reporter: in moscow today, u.n. secretary general antonio guterres met with vladimir putin and said an
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agreement in principle had been reached for the u.n. and international red cross to help evacuate civilians trapped inside the azovstal steel plant in mariupol. safe corridors for the establis- thousand civilians there have failed repeatedly. and concern now turning to transnistria, a russian-backed breakaway region in moldova along ukraine's southwestern border. explosions there reportedly destroyed two soviet-era radio towers, according to local authorities. but ukrainian intelligence officials say they fear false flag attacks could be used as an excuse to send the hundreds of russian troops stationed there into western ukraine. today in the capital, a shift in the cultural landscape. crews here in kyiv have been working for hours to remove this massive bronze statue. it's stood here since 1982 and was meant to represent friendship between russia and ukraine. they're taking it down now in response to the war. crowds gathered as the statue was dismantled amid cheers.
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>> and marcus moore back with us tonight from the ukrainian capital. and marcus, russia suspending natural gas deliveries in parts of europe for the first time, specifically to poland and bulgaria, and of course, we took special interest in poll land, given the amount of reporting, you've been there, i've been there with the team, reporting on the number of refugees accepted in poland during this russian war, this invasion on ukraine. >> reporter: david, it's also been a logistical hub for weapons and other aid to go to ukraine, and so, russia cutting off natural gas supplies to poland could be seen as punishment. it is also worth noting that russia has been trying to prop up its currency amid deep sanctions and said that it would only accept rubles for payments of its natural gas. both poland and bulgaria say they have sufficient reserves and also alternative sources for energy. david? >> marcus moore live in kyiv for us again tonight. thank you, marcus. back here at home tonight and to that developing headline as we came on the air tonight, the audio tonight of house
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republican leader kevin mccarthy and his concerns about members of his own party, after what the country, what the world witnessed on january 6th. leader mccarthy asking at one point about some of his own republican colleagues, asking, "can't they take away their twitter accounts" and saying the country was "too crazy." here's our chief washington correspondent jonathan karl with the audio tonight. >> reporter: you can hear the anguish in kevin mccarthy's voice. four days after the january 6th attack on the capitol, he is worried that there will be more violence. >> tension is too high, the country is too crazy. i do not want to look back and think we caused something or we missed something and someone got hur. >> reporter: the audio tapes obtain ed by "new york times" reporter for their upcoming book "this will not pass" show that mccarthy was worried that some of his own colleagues, republican members of congress, are fueling the violence. >> this is serious stuff people are doing that has to stop. >> reporter: he mentions
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republican congressman matt gaetz, saying he is going to call him to tell him to knock off his incendiary rhetoric. >> i'm calling gaetz, i'm explaining to him, this is serious [ bleep ] and cut this out. >> reporter: he is so concerned, he asks why twitter, which has recently banned donald trump, cannot ban some of his fellow republican members who he believes are inciting violence. >> can't they take their twitter accounts away, too? >> reporter: the audio shows that mccarthy was genuinely and rightly concerned about more violence breaking out in america. but his suggestion that twitter should ban the accounts of some of his fellow republicans more than anything that has come out so far will be used by mccarthy's enemies and complicate his efforts to become the next speaker of the house. david? >> jon karl with the audio tonight. jon, thank you. we are following fast-moving developments involving the kidnapping of a 3-month-old baby boy from his grandmother's home and she was bringing the groceries in. tonight, that baby has been found in san jose after a desperate 20 hours. the fbi joining the manhunt, and
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tonight, several potential suspects are now in custody. here's abc's kaylee hartung from california. >> reporter: tonight, the man seen in this surveillance video with a baby carrier he allegedly used to steal a child in broad daylight, in custody. police say that video was key to finding brandon cuellar, the 3-month-old missing for more than 20 hours. >> this suspect appeared at the residence with a baby carrier. we do believe this was planned. it wasn't some random act. >> reporter: authorities working with the fbi around the clock to unravel the alleged kidnapping plot. officials calling it a parent's worst nightmare, after the baby was taken from his grandmother's apartment while she was retrieving groceries from her car in san jose. two others also in custody, one of them was with brandon's grandmother when the baby disappeared. >> we know that there's some connection to the family, but we don't know exactly what that connection is. >> reporter: tonight, neighbors are relieved the baby is safe. >> i'm like shaking talking about it, so, you know, just relieve and overwhelmed, for sure with a lot of emotion and happy uns.
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>> reporter: and david, tonight, baby brandon is in good condition. he was checked out at a local hospital. officials say he was unharmed and we have just learned from police he has been reunited with his mom. david? >> that is certainly good news. all right, kaylee, thank you. now to the battle tonight over president biden's proposed change to current border policy. 24 hours after a judge announced that he would halt any early lifting of title 42, former president trump's policy that allowed the u.s. to send back migrants because of covid concerns. tonight, the biden administration complying with no early lifting of title 42, but will the administration ultimately move forward with their plan to lift it? their reaction tonight. and abc's mireya villarreal is on the border in texas for us. >> reporter: tonight 24 hours after the federal judge said it would halt the biden administration from beginning to roll back title 42 until it is officially lifted next month, the white house still moving forward with preparations. the trump era policy, which permits the expulsion of
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migrants without allowing them to seek asylum due to the pandemic was set to expire on may 23rd. >> it is not an immigration tool. it is a health authority and one the cdc, our health experts of course, do have authority to make a decision about. and they've made the decision that the conditions no longer exist to keep title 42 in place. >> reporter: state attorneys general involved in the suit celebrating. >> it's a big win, i think, for border security and the rule of law. >> reporter: eddie sanchez owns a gym in eagle pass just feet from the border. when you hear that title 42 might get rolled back, does it matter to you, living here, seeing this every day? >> my only concern is that they're able to stop what's going on. if we can go back to how it was when there was minimal coming through, that's what i want to go back to. >> reporter: last month, a record number of encounters at the southern border. over 220,000. 28% making at least one other
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previous attempt in the last year. our cameras capturing several groups of migrants apprehended within hours on a recent embed with agents. what does title 42 do for you guys? >> it certainly is a tool that the cdc offered up as an expulsion authority. but we know it's not going to last forever. >> reporter: and tonight, migrants like julio, who was expelled once before, say they look forward to the policy's end and the chance to remain in the united states. saying, "it gives us the opportunity to process our political asylum." >> and mireya villarreal joins us now. and bottom line here, how does this pending order halting any early lifting of title 42 actually impact that set date of lifting it on may 23rd? >> reporter: well, you know, david, the clock is ticking on that temporary restraining order. there will be a larger hearing on may 13th, but as of right now, it's still very unclear if
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it will have a lasting impact extending title 42 past that may 23rd deadline. david? >> mireyavi villarreal tonight, thank you. tonight, harvard says it holds moral responsibility for slavery's role in its formative years. harvard tonight committing $100 million to study this and to make amends. a two-year study found that faculty, staff, and leaders enslaved more than 70 black and native american leaders over 150 years. harvard say it is will use that money to strengthen relationships with historically black colleges, support education in underserved areas, and to engage with descendants of those enslaved. harvard joins brown, georgetown and other universities add addressing their history. a new report documenting the rise of anti-semitic incidents in the united states. 2,700 incidents in 2021. that's a 34% increase from 2020 and an all-time high.
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new york state reporting 416 incidents, the highest of any state. and the economy tonight and new concerns on wall street. the dow continuing its slide, falling another 809 points, that's 2.3%, ahead of a wave of earning reports expected from major tech and blue chip firms. after the bell today, google reporting a disappointing first quarter. whe we come back here tonight, news this evening about a plane shot at while landing in massachusetts. what the pilots are now saying. and also news tonight for the millions of americans taking aspirin for their heart health. the new guidance here in a moment. causing inflammation that can lead to asthma attacks. but no matter what type of severe asthma you have, tezspire™ can help. tezspire™ is a new add-on treatment for people 12 and over... that proactively reduces inflammation... ...which means you could have fewer attacks, breathe better, major tech and blue chip firms. aspirin for their heart health. so, you can be you, whoever you are.
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tonight, authorities are investigating the report of a small plane shot while landing in massachusetts. the fuel tank ruptured. the pilots say the plane was struck by that bullet while approaching the airport. a .22-caliber bullet was recovered. it apparently went through the wing and into the tank. the student and instructor 500 feet up at the time. tonight, delta airlines is changing how it pays its flight attendants. della will become the first u.s. airline to actually pay flight attendants for working during the boarding process. >> they didn't do this before. they usually are not considered on the clock until the cabin doors are closed, meaning they are not being paid while passengers are actually getting on the plane. they will now receive 50% of their hourly pay before the doors close. it comes as some flight attendants have been discussing ewonizing. when we come back here tonight, the major new you headline about aspirin for
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to the index and news on aspirin tonight. the u.s. preservative services task force no longer suggesting a daily aspirin to prevent a first heart attack for people 60 and older. they say it does lower the chance of heart disease or stroke but may increase the risk of bleeding in the brain and stomach. daily low dose as brian is still recommended for people with heart issues. and the powerball jackpot growing. no big winner for 30 straight drawings. the next chance tomorrow night. owns of winning, roughly 1 in 292 million. when we come back, matt gutman takes us to where they're saving the rhinos tonight. or in this case, stands on. the new anti-fatigue comfortmat from weathertech is a gift she'll appreciate all year round. it makes standing comfortable in the home or office and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. and for mom's vehicle, there's cupfone,
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finally tonight here, the special mission to save the rhino. matt gutman in south africa. >> reporter: through the trees, in an undisclosed location in south africa, a little marvel comes trotting towards us. and so this is the miracle baby. >> this is the miracle baby. >> reporter: just three months ago, wyntir, whose mother was killed by poachers, becoming the first ever orphaned rhino to bear a calf. zoologists didn't think it was possible. i mean, is that incredible that you have a mother that was so wounded, so maimed and traumatized and you have this -- this perfect baby. >> every time i see here, it's this new start for rhinos. >> reporter: petronel neiuwovdt founded care for wild in 2010, caring for all animals. that was before poaching skyrocketed and climate change
3:58 pm
in southern africa squeezed rhino's habitats. in kruger park, the size of new jersey, poachers have killed an estimated 80% of the rhinos since 2013. >> she's a high risk animal. >> reporter: those horns can fetch $2,000 a pound in asia. this pilot has been leading the conservation effort from above. >> this is the last thing we can do to save the species. >> reporter: but now the care for wild preserve has discovered a new defense against poaching. this 5,000-pound orphaned bull named storm. just two months ago, that second miracle. he fathered that other little rhino you see, pebbles. and standing in her truck, a thunderbolt. so, it went from no other fans from being babies to four in a short period of time. fighting poaching, one baby rhino at a time. >> extraordinary effort. thank you, matt.
3:59 pm
♪announcer: building a better by area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> i saw that something was out of place. she called apd. she is quite enjoyed, celebrating. >> a baby taken from his grandmother found thanks to a concerned citizen who saw something suspicious and called police. kristen: the three month old was found this morning 24 hours after he was taken from his grandmother's home. police have been searching for this man. it was a tip that got him home. dan: we have more information on it. our reporter spoke with neighbors who were shocked. kristen: let's begin with our reporter live in san jose with the details about how the
4:00 pm
three-month-old was found. reporter: yeah, this is where the news came from that the three-month-old was found safe. she found the man, after seeing the description, but coded into the police, and her bosses she is very happy, and it brought the search to an end. it wishes after 1:00 monday afternoon when baby brandon was reported missing. his grandmother told the police that she was unloading groceries with the three-month-old in the house and the baby was taken from the apartment by a man seen walking with a baby carrier, leading to a massive search for the baby that involve the fbi. now three suspects are in custody thanks to the employee of a nursing home across the street from the home where the baby was found. >> what transpired is one of my employees saw