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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 29, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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on jimmy kimmel, magic johnson. good night. l from hollywood it is "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, earvin magic johnson, naomi scott and music from girl in red. with cleto & the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: thank you. that's very nice. thank you. very nice. i am jimmy. i am the host of the show. and i thank you for watching us and for joining us here. that was a big day. it was a big day in our house today. our son, billy, turned 5 today.
11:36 pm
he is this many. i mention it because he is doing very well. people ask me about him a lot. he is healthy, in to spiderman and dinosaurs, he goes to school, buys bitcoin and drives an uber. all of the normal 5-year-old kid stuff. my wife and i will go online and buy stuff without telling each other and all of this stuff comes like an amazon avalanche. yesterday the doorbell rings. he knows the stuff is coming. he is looking to see what it is. who says a s -- he says is amaz god. mostly kids pray for toys. amazon does deliver on those prayers. but i think god would not force his angels to pee in water bottles at work.
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today is also queen elizabeth's birthday. don't get me wrong. i appreciate the enthusiasm. she turned 96 years old, which is a lot of cucumber sandwiches. mattel has unveiled a queen elizabeth barbie doll. that is what every woman wants, a barbie doll of themselves. it is actually a perfect fit. barbie also lives in a giant house with no job. the doll sells for $75 and comes in regular and malibu queen. don't take it out of the box. our royal pain in the ass donald trump is at it again. trump squatted down for what appears to be a contentious chat
11:38 pm
with piers morgan who used to be his friend. he was as close to a friend as donald trump has, i guess. now there is debate. trump claims he is enjoyed the interview and that his words are twisted to make it seem like he didn't. piers morgan says he trump got mad and walked out of the interview. the promo they made, it does make you want to watch. >> the most explosive interview of the year. >> i think i am a very honest man. much more honest than you. >> president trump has never been sweatier. he is sopping wet and hopping mad. >> you lost. >> only a fool would think that. >> so heated trump starts melting. >> excuse me. >> excuse me. >> he is like a pumpkin slatherred in margarine. >> let's finish up the interview.
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>> history's two greasiest men go head-to-head. >> morgan vs. trump monday. >> i will say this is true. trump has never been greasier or sweatier than he seemed like he was in the interview. he spends so much time talking about the lies and all of the terrible things he does. we sometimes forget how much his face looks like a glazed ham. we turned it into a game. donald trump or a honey glazed ham. very simple. let's take a look. donald trump or honey glazed ham? which is it? the audience is split.3 the answer is that a ham. yes. donald trump or honey glazed
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ham. trump is the answer from the audience and it is trump. trump or a honey glazed ham. a lot of trumps again. it is a ham. and finally, trump or ham? look at that. that is the dumbest game we have ever played. you know, the hamburglar hasn't announced his plans for 2024 but when he does sarah palin would like to be his running mate and told the associated press she would be into sinking another presidential campaign. what a pair that would be like hepatitis a wants to partner up with hepatitis b.
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then on the other side bernie sanders according to a memo says in the event that 2024 democrat candidates if for primary, senator sanders hasn't ruled out another run for president. isn't there anyone under the age of 80. you can't be president if you have a walk-in tub. at least there is really something. last night on the fox network, rudy giuliani was the masked singer. two of the hosts were so upset they walked off of the stage in protest. that a shame. turns out the man has a beautiful singing voice. >> i want to be yours pretty baby. yours and yours alone. i am hear to tell you baby. that i am bad to the bone.
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bad to the bone. bad, bad, bad. oh, yeah, bad. >> he was bad. it was very, very bad. they finally get a republican to wear a mask and that is how it goes. then the judges or whatever they are, they didn't know who it was. part of the game is the singer talks to the host, nick cannon while they try to figure out who it is. >> do they know each other? >> no. i am glad to meet you. i have been in that box forever. do you think it is fun to be in that box? >> no. he literally sounds like my father. >> i get put in the box a lot. >> it is the clue. he gets put in the box a lot. >> no he doesn't. oh, because he is a vampire,
11:43 pm
right. that is is the coffin that he sleeps in. that is a box. they put him in the box of a parking lot in the dildo store. it a hard, hard game. robin thicke's guest was robert duvall, the actor and that obviously wasn't correct. >> my goodness. former associate attorney general -- the former mayor of new york city. >> rudy giuliani. >> definitely not robert duvall. i know it is fox. i still can't believe they did it. rudy giuliani tried to overthrow the government. is jared from subway and the zika virus next. mike lindell, the my pillow man is this close to releasing all of the evidence that will prove
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the election was fake. earlier this year he promised something big that would shock the country was coming our way today. it did not come today. for some reason he really wants to get me involved in this. >> i hope jimmy kimmel is watching right now on our one-year anniversary. a year ago jimmy watched 17 or 19 hours of the show and he absolutely loved it. he was one of the biggest fans. >> not was, is, but go on. >> i will pay for it jimmy kimmel. go get yourself an independent cyber expert. you can click on the dominion exposed. it is inside the machines. you have your guy che tt jiy, wil for yourer guy. i will come back on your show. you can sit there and you can go mike, you were right. >> jimmy: i assume i am being
11:45 pm
held at gun point in this fantasy? i am interested in the you paying my cyber guy part of the deal. i have my cyber guy here. there he is. did you hear that? what was your name gen? >> sir, my name is nick. >> jimmy: nick charges $75,000 an hour and he goes really slow. how long do you think the job will take nick? >> i can do it for $2 million to $ million. >> jimmy: seems reasonable to save democracy. >> jimmy: ball is back in your court. >> i think i go over there. >> jimmy: okay. you go over there.
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we forgot to hash out the ending of that. it only has been 19 years. the masks are off in the airport for now. already some of the passengers that were banned for violating the mandell in the pandemic, some seem to be here in the audience are allowed to fly again. up to 1,000 united airline passengers and 2,000 delta passengers that were banned from the plane are being welcomed back. in other words, bad news. a lot of people are telling me the airports are a nightmare right now. this is from a jet blue flight from san francisco where a seemingly intoxicated passenger thought it would be a good idea to annoy mike tiytyson. >> talking to mike tyson, bro. he don't know how to act.
11:47 pm
>> hey. hey. mike. hold on. >> boy just got beat up by mike tyson. turn that way. he got [ bleep ] up. >> jimmy: yes, he did. yes, he did. lucky to have his ears. sometimes there is a happy ending. what is it about people that make them think they can screw with mike tyson. isn't that like jumping in a tiger enclosure at the zoo. the result of more people keeping cannabis around the house is increased in animals overdosing on pot. while most owners of pets likely don't report instances of them getting in the gummies the vast majority of marijuana poisonings were in dogs but reported cases in cats, ferrets and iguanas. a high iguana is something i
11:48 pm
would like to see. this is what they look like when they are not high. how much more baked looking can you get? keep your animals away from edibles. my friend's dogs got into a plate of pot brownies one time. now the time keeps bugging him to watch do youne over and over. thursday night. time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week. it is this week in unnecessary censorship. >> in an open effort to keep this on travellers faces for the most time in more than a year, i can [ bleep ] maskless from inside an airport. >> you came home from the u.k. you [ bleep ] your grandmother. >> [ bleep ], it was really nice. >> and [ bleep ] of course the easter bunny. >> if i can [ bleep ] only one
11:49 pm
guy in the [ bleep ] i would pick billy. [ bleep ] billy. >> they were [ bleep ] off illegal immigrants. >> i would like allen [ bleep ] for that man jimmy kimmel too. >> put it on the clock. when their time is finished it is over. their [ bleep ] is cut off. >> can't [ bleep ] me i am the ginger bread man. >> yes. this 78-year-old is [ bleep ]. she does it everywhere she goes. she picked up [ bleep ] quickly and ended up as the national chicken [ bleep ] champion four years in a row. >> i [ bleep ] my eye doctor, my gynocologist. >> congratulations to her. we have a great show for you tonight. naomi scott is here. we have music from girl in red. we will be back with earvin magic johnson. stick around.
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> j >> welcome back to the show. what are you doing over there, nick? nick? >> i am writing the warm-up guy is turning 64. >> jimmy: our warm-up guy turned 64 this weekend. congratulations to him. all right. tonight from the anatomy of a scandal on netflix, naomi scott is with us. she is here tonight and at coachella this weekend it is called if i can make it go quiet, girl in red. next week we are back here with new shows with our guests including bill hader, miles
11:55 pm
teller, rebel wilson, music from sasha allen sloane and the b-52s. more than four decades ago our first guest pulled his socks up to his neck, put a team on the back and brought a city to his feet. he tells his whole story in "they call me magic" premiering tomorrow on apple tv plus. please welcome earvin magic johnson. >> oh, man. you did that. >> jimmy: what does that song mean to you? >> that is what got me in
11:56 pm
trouble with kareem. i used to have that song, a big boom box on my shoulder. >> jimmy: i saw it in the documentary. >> i would come in flashlight, all of it. >> jimmy: kareem did not like that at all. >> none of that. he is jazz, quiet guy. but you know me. loud. >> jimmy: i want to jump right into it. and i loved the documentary. i was looking forward to this like a lot of people look forward to a new "star wars" movie. i watched all four in a big chunk. >> jimmy is in it. >> jimmy: i am in it. i was in the first one for four seconds and i am not in it at all and i am in there at the end. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it is great. you are talking about kareem. you show up. i want to go through the whole thing. i thought that i knew everything about you. i didn't know you played against
11:57 pm
larry bird. >> yes. >> jimmy: i did. i thought i knew everything about you but i really didn't. i learned a lot of things. one of them is that like the veterans get a rookie. you were kareem's rookie. >> yes. i was kareem's rookie. he told me have my newspaper at 7:00 in the morning. i said okay. every time at practice that the coach says it is a time-out go get water, i want two waters and two gatorades and i want them cold too. i said okay. cool. i am excited. hey, i am a rookie. i am going to do what he says. then we flew commercial. every time we went to an airport he said i want two hotdogs and you better make sure they are beef. i don't eat pork. okay. i am asking the concession guy are they beef. he says no. they are pork.
11:58 pm
i said shoot. i have to back and tell him he can't have hotdogs. i did everything for kareem. i loved every minute of it. what i was mad at, every time i did bought him the hotdogs when they had beef, he didn't pay me back. i had to buy him. he made more money than me. i was only a rookie on a rookie salary. >> jimmy: you made up for that and got a contract, and it is crazy to think about it, $1 million a year for 25 years. 1984. your teammates were mad. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it was a lot. you do the math and 20 years later you are making $1 million a year. you are getting robbed basically. >> yeah. but it was great. i grew up poor my whole life. to get $1 million a year was outstanding. it changed the dynamic of the
11:59 pm
team. they thought now i was part of management, right. instead of being just a laker player. >> jimmy: you kind of were. kind of like family. >> you are not supposed to tell everybody our secrets. >> jimmy: jerry buss, if he were able to draw up papers to legally adopt you, he would have. >> that is what happened. >> jimmy: you were like his son. >> like the son from another mother. it it was beautiful. we had a great relationship. we were very close. i did everything with him. shot pool with him, went to dinner with him after games, went to the nightclubs with him. he was a great dancer. he was. he was a great dancer. he would dance all night. >> jimmy: you were 19 when you came up. 6'8", 208 pounds. were you old enough to go to nightclubs? >> ssh. i had a fake i.d.
12:00 am
i didn't drink. i still don't drink. i went with him. we had a ball. i am a dancer too. i stayed on the dance floor all night long. i went on home. >> jimmy: you went home. >> yeah. yeah right. not in the same way that other people go home. some of the stories are so crazy. and it is funny because it is cut in with your family and mom and dad and stuff talking about their little son. on the topic of money, when you mentioned in the documentary a commercial that made a big impact on you when you were a kid. do you remember what i am talking about? >> yeah. this camay commercial. this big tub with doubles and
12:01 am
everything this weekend. i said i have to have that one h i me sureilmy batub jusik camay commercial. >> jimmy: your camay fantasy came through. i love to see larry bird in there talking about you. i love to see michael jordan. you know, i mean we all know he is crazy, right. he is a crazy person. he seems so together and everybody's idol but inside there is a lunatic living in that head. i want to talk about that when we come back. magic johnson is here. we will be right back. p moving .
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>> we went to play one of the schools that were supposed to be good in the state of michigan and blew them out on the home
12:07 am
court. >> as a 15-year-old, that was my first triple-double. >> and my brother came up to me and he says george, he will make you forget about every other basketball player we had in this area. >> it was the most amazing performance i ever had seen by anybody and it was the second game of his high school career. >> talking about earvin johnson. the magic johnson. you won a championship in high school, college, nba obviously many. as an olympic champion. has anyone ever won all of those things? >> very few guys. i don't know if any won that many championships. i don't know. listen, i only cared about winning. i am still like that even today. i just love to win. >> jimmy: it is so interesting,
12:08 am
caring only about winning. your friendship with isiah thomas. you guys bonded so intently and gave him a shot in the finals and you were not friends at all for a really long time. >> he was getting in the way of my championship. remind me not to ever do that. you tried me. i had to remind you that i played in the nba. barely even that. really there is an amazing episode of the documentary in which you talk about hiv and how you found out and how quickly it happened that you had to have a press conference and tell cookie, your wife. she was pregnant. you were worried she had hiv and
12:09 am
the baby hiv and thought about taking your own life. heavy, heavy stuff. you go through this. everybody is there for you. mostly everybody. and then you come back in 1996, i think it was. i was at the game. it was unbelievable. the next game, you played the bulls. what do rodman and jordan do? >> they really showed me a difference between a championship team and a playoff team. they were a championship team. we were just a regular season. they played me so hard. they were physical. they pushed me around. >> jimmy: they roughed you up. >> no question about it. michael after the game, i don't think i ever told anybody this. he met me in between the locker
12:10 am
room. he said earvin, you have to remember now you are not with kareem. you are not with james worthy and all of the guys you played with. they are not on that lakers' team anymore. maybe you should think about retiring. but he was right. he was right. jordan says look, man. it is not magic and larry bird. you are on the way down. we are on the way up. he says this to you your second game back this is what your friend says to you. >> yes. larry bird are on the back of the bus. he sayi is i want you to know te is a new sheriff in town. his name is michael jordan.
12:11 am
we dominated the league, larry and i the celtics and the lakers for the 80s. it was his turn. so he just sat back. he had his cigar. it's my league now. >> that is like a bad movie. you know what we did? we said you're right. >> i can go on and on forever. i want to ask you about this. the up in smoke tour, you, snoop, ice cube. >> the up in smoke tour. i think it is the number one all-time highest grossing rap tour of all-time. >> i don't smoke.
12:12 am
>> jimmy: snoop didn't give you peer pressure? >> i let you do your thing. you hit it. go over there. it is okay. i stay in my lane. all i want him to do is get out on that stage and do his thing. >> would you approach it the same way you approach owning a team. >> there you go. the los angeles dodgers. they have a great team this season. if you are the manager of the team, clayton kershaw throws seven innings of a perfect game. do you pull him out? >> yeah. no question about it. that was his first start. his arm is not all the way in shape. you tell the manager, hell no, i am not coming out. >> i have a feeling that is what
12:13 am
he really felt about it. it is about the world series for the dodgers. the great magic johnson. we are back with naomi scott. feeling good. i just found all these cars on autotrader. wow! now wait for the best part there microwave. a dealer is gonna deliver this car to our home. never leave home, never leave home! woo, it's here! there's one thing... i can't do from home. drive! someone stop him! kenan! catch ya later, refrigerator!
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>> now, let's play who's related to jimmy. >> which of these people is related to jimmy? is it the lady in the turtleneck, the adorable gr grandma? the baby looks suspicious. jimmy and i, things were not always easy between the two of us. there were dark times. he liked to pin me to the ground and spit in my mouth. >> okay. that is all of the time we have. thanks, jonathan.
12:20 am
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>> girl in red is on the way. the next guest is tented young woman who flew all the way from london. she is the new drama "anatomy of a scandal" on netflix. please say hello to naomi scott.
12:25 am
hey, are you too young to be excited about magic johnson? >> too young for his playing days but absolutely of course know who he is. we met him. the nicest guy. my husband was so nervous. >> jimmy: your husband is a professional athlete. >> he used to play soccer, football. >> jimmy: where did he play? >> played a bunch of places. westham. >> jimmy: donald trump. >> what? >> jimmy: kind of an eastern ham for us. >> got you. >> jimmy: it was like an hour ago, i don't know. >> we are huge warriors fans. >> jimmy: how did that happen? >> i mean, i don't know. i think jordan, my husband years ago saw steph curry. what an inspiration. yeah. he kind of got me in to it.
12:26 am
i am fully in. game 3, let's go. >> jimmy: do you go to games? >> we actually went to the season opener of the lakers/warriors. we got to sit courtside. >> jimmy: nice. >> we were literally like two seats away from lebron james. i don't know why. i was like -- i felt like i did not want to disrespect lebron james by celebrating too much if we scored a bucket. i was kind of doing these secret celebrations. my friends were watching me on tv and they are like what is it? i don't want to offend lebron james. he doesn't know you exist. it's fine. >> jimmy: is that based on you watching your husband playing soccer and being offended by others in the stands? >> i think so. english fans are legit, they are a lot. yeah. i nearly had a fight once.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: really? >> yes. >> jimmy: what happened? you are still mad about it? >> i am. i think i was politely ushered off the premises. basically the day after christmas there are these soccer games that happen. his team was away from home meaning the families sit with the fans. bear in mind these are fans of the team my husband is playing for. so this guy, this drunk dude was just laying into him. i am like yo. he is like four seats away from me. the heat is rising. he just said one thing. i just stood up. i am like shut the [ bleep ] up like that. it was also a moment everybody was sitting and chilling. this drunk guy is like why is
12:28 am
this small indian boy shouting at me. my dad was like -- the drunk guy said something to me. my dad was like and then my uncle was like. there was a whole family thing. the guy with the florescent jacket said madam. ma'am, please -- >> jimmy: you were thrown out of the game. >> i was thrown out of the game for a good bloody reason. what am i going to do. yes. safe to say i will not be going to that stadium. >> jimmy: not too many people have been thrown out of a game. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that is something you can be really proud of, i think. princess jasmine. >> i was, yes. >> jimmy: what was the other? >> power rangers. >> jimmy: power rangers, right. d kids ever see you cursing at strangers? >> luckily not. i look very different in my day to day life.
12:29 am
>> jimmy: do kids not recognize you? >> my gosh, if you see me on a normal day, yeah. it is definitely not -- >> jimmy: we watched a laddin. i think they would instantly recognize you. one is 30, one is 28. no. i have four kids. two little ones. a 5 and a 7. >> you think they will recognize me? >> jimmy: yeah. >> i went to a coffee shop the other day. there a little girl. she was like that is princess jasmine. i was in a track suit. no makeup. the mommy is like honey, that ain't princess jasmine. i saw the movie. that ain't her. when a kid recognizes me. i said hi. i am princess jasmine and the mom was mortified. if the kid ever recognized me, i definitely introduce myself.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: you transform to the princess. >> track suit and all. >> jimmy: the miniseries is super popular. >> anatomy of a scandal. i want you to say it. it is tough stuff, right. it is. it is a gripping courtroom thriller about this politician whose life is seemingly perfect and he has this wonderful wife. that all begins to unravel when an accusation is made against him. i play his aide. my life is railroaded by an incident that happens in an elevator two weeks after he ends our five-month long affair. you know, it is bingeable. it really is. i binge read the scripts. >> jimmy: you did? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i did not know that was a thing. >> neither did i.
12:31 am
that is the show. it is really a great ride. it opens up the door to conversations. >> the show is on netflix now. naomi scott everybody. thanks naomi. we will be back with girl in red. >> the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes eq, all electric, all mercedes. ♪ stack that cheddar, make it melt. ♪ ♪ cook it up, stretch it out. ♪ ♪ we're breaking the mold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ shining like gold. ♪
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♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ vive en el estado dorado live in the golden state ♪
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the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes eq, all electric, all mercedes. >> i want to thank earvin magic johnson and naomi scott and my cyber guy, nick. apologies to matt damon. night line is next. first, the album is called can i make it go quiet. girl in red. ♪ i'm running low. i am serotonin chemical imbalance got me twisting
12:34 am
things, stabilized with medicine but there is no end ♪ can't hide from the corners of my mind ♪ ♪ i'm terrified of what is inside ♪ ♪ i get intrusive caughts like cutting my hands off or jumping in front of a bus or how do i make this stop. it feels like my therapist hates me. put me in a field with daisies it might not work but i will take it maybe. i am capitulating, crying like a little baby ♪ ♪ i'm running low ♪ ♪ i'm serotonin ♪ ♪ stabilized with medicine but there is no depth to these
12:35 am
feelings ♪ ♪ can't hide from the corners of my mind ♪ ♪ i'm terrified of what is inside ♪ ♪ i get intrusive thoughts like burning my hair off or hurting somebody i love or does it ever really stop ♪ ♪ when there is control i lose it ♪ ♪ so scared i am go to end up doing something stupid ♪ ♪ i try to contain it. it is like my heart is failing. my inner voice is staying tough, i try to brush it off ♪ ♪ running low on serotonin chemical imbalance got me twisting things ♪ ♪ stabilize with medicine ♪ ♪ but there is no depth to these feelings ♪ ♪ can't hide from the corners of my mind ♪ ♪ i am terrified of what is
12:36 am
inside ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ]
12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> this is nightline. >> tonight, movie stars and mayhem. >> we came out like 3:00a.m. a lot of people are out earlier than us. >> johnny depp vs. amber heard now spilling intimate details of their marriage. courtroom bombshells and accusations of sordid behavior and domestic abuse. >> one day you are cinderella and 0.6 seconds you are quasimoto. and the new instaworld,


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