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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 13, 2022 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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unveiling from governor newsom. he will unveil how he wants to spend the state's money. kumasi: hundreds of homes still evacuated because of a big wind driven fire in southern california. the shocks that residents are finding. reggie: the unexpected effect the drought is having on the businesses kumasi: around the bay area. kumasi:friday, may 13. reggie: and also oh. how did i not realize that friday the 13th was upon us. kumasi: we did not speak it. we just said friday. reggie: we also have that spooky moon this weekend. jobina: it will be cool this morning. reggie: i did not even see it. jobina: we need to get a shot of it. it is like yellow. kumasi: show us. drew: i have to find it, on second. it will be a great friday with warm weather coming our way. this warming trend, 13 degrees
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warmer in nevada. we are already starting out with milder conditions compared to yesterday. a lot of us are waking up to temperatures in the 50's. 50 four half moon bay. 50 san jose. 46 santa rosa. outside here is a beautiful picture from the exploratorium camera, a live look with clear skies and you can see plenty of stars. today temperatures warm quickly as the day goes. sunshine to start out with total sunshine throughout the day by noon. already to the 60's and 70's which is above average. and then we warm up even more by 4:00 p.m., the warmest spots are in the 80's. even warmer weather on saturday and first, let us go to jobina who is tracking problems on 101. jobina: we have an alerts in effect due to an overturned truck carrying a ton of gravel that has spilled into the
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roadway. earlier we had all lanes blocked on northbound 101 before hillsdale boulevard. two lanes are now open so we have at least three blocks. amy hollyfield is on the way to the scene and we will have a report from her coming up shortly. injuries are involved and we are learning that the backup is about two miles long. reggie: we will continue to follow that. in the north bay, one road is closed after a water main break that happened yesterday afternoon. traffic is being routed past the scene. a 10 inch cast-iron pipe failed. it impacted two service lines, one connects to a building on the archie williams high school campus. the causes being determined. kumasi: the president of united arab emirates has died. there will be a 40 day morning period, and work in all ministries and the pilot sector is going to be suspended.
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he was the second president and serve since 2004 and he is credited with leave -- leading the uae out of the 2008 financial crisis. he had been mostly out of sight since 2008. a successor had not been announced yet. reggie: 900 homes remain evacuated in orange county as firefighters contain the coastal fire. at least 20 homes were destroyed but the number is likely to go up. 11 others were damaged. the wind driven fire between laguna beach and laguna miguel is 50% contained. homeowners were able to go back and look at the damage. jobina: the national weather service warns that the conditions might grow more volatile with extreme heat and temperature is expected to scorch southern california into early next week. many multimillion dollar mansions have been reduced to ash. some homeowners were able to go back to see their homes and the damage up close. >> we are damage -- we are
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devastated, just seeing the destruction. we have never seen anything like this. it is so random because just behind us our friend's home is safe but on either side it is destroyed. >> i mean what can you do? i am in shock. i am in mourn shock than anything else. >> it is tragic. i feel for the residents. to lose a home, i cannot imagine. jobina: the coastal fire has burned nearly 200 acres and two firefighters were hurt battling the flames. both have been treated and released from the hospital. kumasi: the woman who coughed on an uber driver in a viral video in march of 2021 is due back in court for a separate incident. she is accused of using the identity of a san francisco nurse to get a penthouse apartment. she turned herself in an miami two weeks ago. she faces charges of grand theft and fraudulent use of personal information.
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the uber case is still pending with the trial scheduled for june. reggie: the two people accused of kidnapping a san jose boy are back in court next month. they are accused of trying to take the baby three other times. they are now facing more charges for those attempts. prosecutors say that in march he posed as a cps worker and visited the family's home. when the family called cps the agency said they did not send anyone. prosecutors say that ramirez and her partner were successful taking the baby april 25. >> we have multiple layer's of he shed -- he said, see -- she said and hearsay which does not amount to evidence, it amounts to allegations. reggie: they are being held without bail. kumasi: governor newsom will unveil his revised government proposal -- budget proposal and part of that includes $18 billion in inflation relief for
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residents and businesses. the governor's office as the goal is to help offset the rising cost of everything from food to housing to gas across the state. the package includes $11.5 billion in tax refunds. more than $2 billion in rental assistance. $1.4 billion to help utility bills plus millions more for hospitals, public transportation, and childcare. you can watch his announcement live at 10:00 and we will be streaming it on the abc 7 connects to tb app available for apple tv, amazon tv, and roku. reggie: for some of the bay area this has caused a business boom. experts say a big part of water use is home sprinklers. j.r. stone explains this means a major first for landscapers. j.r.: for john myers, he says that is not the case this year.
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record dry weather has perished his clients to start watering their lawns earlier and more often. because of that he has been busy. >> my repairs increased by 100% for the first quarter, january through march. j.r.: no leaking water in jail -- jill's yard. proctor had her yard redone within the past few years to be more drought friendly. >> turf seemed like the perfect solution. all of the plants are deer resistant or water resistant. we drop kathy amount of water. j.r.: myers says he has clients looking to do what she did sometimes with sheriff or other options like rocks or plants. >> i had a client earlier this week that was paying $100 for their water bill. from there, we are in the process of converting their line -- their lawn to a drought
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resistant landscape. j.r.: it is not cheap. it cost them under $30,000 to convert her entire yard. >> it was worth it because we will not have to to redo this for a very long time. the cost was part of that. but also it is part of what is the right thing to do for the environment and we do not have the water to waste in california. j.r.: john myers said that many clients are concerned about their landscaping now because many of them are working from home and/or they are around-the-clock seven days a week versus two in the past. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. drew: we talked about how the extreme drought category expanded to 60% of the state now. outside we go, this is east bay hills showing that we have quiet conditions and once the sun goes up we will have clear skies and temperatures starting out in the 50's. we have that launching pad to get us to the warmer temperatures later on. so by 11:00 a.m., 60's and low
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70's, a nice day so grab lunch outside and it will be very comfortable. later on this afternoon temperatures warming into the 70's and 80's. for much of this week we have been cool and below average when it comes to me temperatures. today everything changes and we bounce back above average and that continues into saturday as well. highs in the 60's and low 70's and the warmer spots will go well into the 80's. 83, antioch. 68 the city. 80 san jose. 70 is the high end. uv index is running high and it is as strong now as it is in august. the most intense time is between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. because you can burn in less than for -- upon the sunscreen so you can burn less in two -- four minutes. cooler on sunday but the weekend is looking fantastic. we will get a closer look at the temperatures in 90 minutes but first we have a traffic alert. jobina: good morning, we will
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start with the issue on northbound 101 before hillsdale boulevard. this is an alert because of an overturned truck carrying gravel now into the roadway. three lanes are blocked and speeds are down to 10 miles an hour. unfortunately injuries have been reported and we heard from the crew that it should be out of the way shortly, that is a word from the chp. we will keep an eye on that. we have wind advisories a street -- issued for the chp. a live look in oakland showing you 880 at the coliseum, everything is moving at the limit. kumasi: thank you. tonight the warriors will have another shot at closing out the grizzlies. they return to the chase center after that 39 point loss. the only need one more win to advance. the team says playing in front of w's nation can be the cure. >> every round you try to pull
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sunday out, it is that much harder because the teams are better. usually. and our team, they will be ready and focused. they understand how hard it is to have our whole crowd supporting us tomorrow night is going to be a good bonus in our favor. >> sometimes basketball is an exact science and we play well. like before i said we will watch for the necessary adjustments and we will see a totally different effort on friday. kumasi: if you are not going to the game, you can watch it on espn. tipoff is at 7:00. reggie: i talked to a woman on the dance team last night, i met her after a fitness class she has hyped and ready to go. she says they will win at home. kumasi: perfect. reggie: i am excited for her. a spooky home listing for friday the 13th. the killer idea one family had to get extra eyes on it. kumasi: the wild animal that
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reggie: former president donald trump the center of a new grand jury investigation. the justice department is looking into the alleged mishandling of classified documents brought from the white house to his florida home. justin finch has the details. justin: today the justice department searching for answers after box loads of classified documents reportedly found at former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. those documents discovered after trump left the white house. the investigation issuing at least one subpoena to the national archives requesting interviews from formernvina gra. a trump spokesperson responding saying in part "president trump consistently handle all documents in accordance with applicable law and regulations." on capitol hill the january 6 committee issuing new subpoenas
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to four house republicans and minority leader kevin mccarthy. mccarthy digging in his heels thursday. >> they just go want to -- they just want to go after their political opponents. justin: days after he was heard on phone or polling's telling republicans at trump or some response building for the violence. >> i have had it with this guy. what he did is unacceptable. nobody should do that. justin: also top republican january 6 committee member liz cheney said last year his testimony is valuable. >> should kevin mccarthy be willing to speak and testify before the commission? >> he shut and i would not be surprised if he was subpoenaed. he very clearly and said publicly that he has information about the president's state of mind that day. justin: all eyes on what that fought -- those five house republicans decide and the repercussions that could be if
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they refuse to comply again. they begin public hearings last month and a final report is due this fall. kumasi: owners of bay area gold coin and jewelry exchange shop say they have been victims of targeted crime rings. one shop owner said that more than a dozen businesses have been hit recently. one of them is in downtown oakland blocks away from city hall. video shows smashed gas -- glass cases and debris everywhere. it is not clear how much the thieves got away with. on tuesday thieves hit martinez coin and jewelry exchange. the manager says the burglars could not get to the valuables but cost $30,000 in damage. >> we are paycheck-to-paycheck and a lot of times this happens and we have to figure out how to stay open. kumasi: her story is still closed after a burglary in march where thieves damaged the doors. she believes it is the same crew because they use the same
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crowbars to pry their way in. reggie: a baby raccoon is in the care of wildlife rescue after it was seized during a traffic stop. the sonoma county sheriffs office shared this picture on facebook. it was found in a woman's car. she had an outstanding warrant for san bernardino first -- for theft charges bed they stop the vehicle with a trailer hooked up to it. the woman said that she bought the trailer and then found the raccoon. she was issued a citation. kumasi: so many things. reggie: this is a whole drama. kumasi: let us talk about home prices. a family with illinois came up with a killer idea to get buyers to check out their home. the sullivans listed their home with photos of michael myers from the halloween movies creeping around the house. he is on the toilet, i did not see -- need to see that, washing his hands. >> is that carpet in the toilet? kumasi: in the bathroom? reggie: that is a whole
5:18 am
different horror story. kumasi: today is friday the 13th, and apparently the listing is getting -- drew: no. kumasi: people are clicking on this and it has gotten 371,000 views on zillah. drew: did you see this house? kumasi: let me tell you about the home, four bedrooms and four bathrooms. the asking price $169,000. reggie: this is in illinois where? kumasi:carlinville. reggie: that sounds country. drew: carlinville. reggie: i am not being mean i am seeing a man and a killer outfit. kumasi: that is their 16-year-old son. reggie: what are they doing? kumasi:g to gethe h i between springfield l a middle point. reggie: that's a population of
5:19 am
less than 6000. do they even have a dairy queen open year-round. kumasi: that is vital. drew: do we? reggie: we have a lot of other options. when you move to a town like that you have to ask pacifically do you have a dairy queen open year-round. drew: are there some that aren't? reggie: phil is from a town that has a seasonal dairy queen. as soon as they close the doors get ready for a long winter. drew: we had water ice places only open in the summer time but the dq is open year-round. reggie: not rita's. drew: it is water ice. reggie: you went right to it. drew: also, i do not know. it is a good deal the --, but eight you are just remanded of that man stalking you. reggie: they just did not want to stage it. kumasi: they staged it. reggie: i saw carpet in the
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bathroom. drew: that is not ok. imagine getting out of the shower and the feet are wet. reggie: the mildew. drew: ugh. let us talk about today. we have a wonderful forecast. you will feel the warm weather today and we are going above average finally after a week of chilly temperatures. the bay bridge camera has clear skies. this afternoon it is nothing but sunshine and the big take away, it is noticeably warmer and even warmer tomorrow to start out the weekend. cooler arrive or -- cooler weather arrives on sunday it is spectacular, get the outdoor plans with -- ready. the 40's and 50's so already warmer than yesterday and today temperatures warm quickly. breezy later on. by 3:00 p.m., not nearly as windy today compared to the past couple of days, but you will notice the breeze time to time. all in all, a really good
5:21 am
afternoon. 68 in the city, 79 san jose. 80 for santa rosa and napa. fairfield coming in at 84. overnight, partly cloudy. fog develops on the coast and numbers in the upper 40's to upper 50's into saturday. future tracker temperatures, saturday afternoon a lot of the north and east bay in the 80's and 90's and even along the shoreline it is really comfortable in the 60's and 70's. you will find a lot of sunshine saturday into sunday. notice it is warmer today. summer light on saturday. cooler on sunday but 70's and 80's away from the coast and then temperatures staying above average for much of next week. kumasi: coming up the seven things to know this morning. reggie: a recall potentially so dangerous one automaker does not want you driving your car to get it repaired. kumasi: an event celebrating diverse cuisin
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we got this. we got this! life is for living. we got this! let's partner for all of it. edward jones ♪ ♪ let's partner for all of it. aleve x. its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast, powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. kumasi: 5:23 and here are seven things you need to know. jobina: we are following a major issue in san mateo, and overturned truck carrying trap -- carrying gravel that has
5:24 am
three lanes blocks. kumasi: breaking news. elon musk tweeted that his $44 billion deal to buy twitter is " temporarily on hold." however he tweeted minutes ago that he is "still committed to acquisition." reggie: governor gavin newsom is set to unveil his revised state budget in sacramento proposing more than $18 billion in inflation relief. he also wants to use taxpayer money to expand abortion access. kumasi: evacuateking contn l were destroyed and that might need to be high that -- but that number will go higher. drew: warmer weather arrives and expect a lot of sunshine with temperatures warming. by the afternoon 70's around the bay. spots inland going to the 80's. reggie: a heads up for drivers, part of saint francis drake
5:25 am
main break. the causes being determined. kumasi: the warriors are being -- a returning home to have another opportunity to close out the memphis grizzlies and gain -- in game six of our playoff series. reggie: the 49ers revealed the 2022 regular season schedule. they will open sunday, september 11 in chicago against the bears. the home opener is against the seahawks. two games will be on abc 7 and espn monday, october 3 against the rams and monday, november 21 against the cardinals in mexico city. highlights in the second half include tom brady and the b uccs and the niners facing the raiders new year's day. mercedes is telling the owners of 292 thousand suvs not to drive them because the brakes could fail. the vehicles are gl, ml, and r
5:26 am
class suvs made from 2006 to 2012. moisture can get into some breaking components and reduce performance or cause break failure. the company is offering free towing to owners so they can get the problem fixed. kumasi: black restaurant week is cake -- is kicking off celebrate and for -- flavors of the african-american and african caribbean cuisines. it will feature more than 50 bay area west -- restaurants. will rogers -- rome rogers says it is a big help for his kitchen. >> it is beyond a dream come true. being a small business in san francisco we have some of the top rated restaurants in the country. with us being a small business, that gives us the chance to show our highlights and to voice our talents to the rest of the world. kumasi: black restaurant week runs through next sunday may 22.
5:27 am
did we ever go out for regular restaurant week? reggie: i went out. we did not go out together. kumasi: we should do it for black restaurant week. i am going to get on it. reggie: what about checking? -- chicken, the barbecue chicken place thing? kumasi: in oakland. it is all over the bay area. reggie: was it called again? kumasi: fly bird. is that the name? that is not it? reggie: we will figure it out. coming up at 5:30 and old-school way to plan your travels. the service gaining popularity and how it could save you money. kumasi: complaints of unfair tolling on fast-track expressways. and east bay woman sharing her story with 7 on your side. reggie: first a live look outside at the toll plaza. smooth so far.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, a san jose police officer escorted out by the chief following his arrest. the call for change after another allegation of victim -- misconduct within the force. reggie: the budget proposal governor newsom is planning to unveil that would put money in your pocket. reggie: an investigation into the nationwide shortage of baby formula. trying to ease the burden of families plus the mom's banding together. kumasi: elon musk's deal to buy twitter apparently on hold this morning. details to be revealed overnight -- the details that he unveiled overnight. reggie: i do not know how twitter employees are feeling, but for the rest of us it will be a lucky one. kumasi: hopefully we get some nice weather for it. drew: we have a lot of sunshine and store but if you are craving
5:31 am
warmer weather because this week has been cool, you are in luck today. we are fighting a 24 hour temperature cngwaro-board b11e'. ay, n the city concord herea reapret picture of the baym the south e city. clear skies and once the sun rises shortly after 6:00 we are in store for a very bright day. but on the sunscreen andoutsidee the 80's. afternoon temperatures a little bit closer with another forecast coming out. reggie: elon musk said that he put the deal to buy twitter on hold. that news sending twitter stock spawning -- tumbling in
5:32 am
premarket trading. what is put are saying about this decision? jobina: this sense twitter shares pump -- plummeting 25% in premarket trading. here is what mosk said. "twitter deal temporary on hold pending detail supporting calculation that spam fake accounts represent less than 5% of users." he linked it to have an article reporting on the number of fake and spam accounts. he tweeted that one of his priorities would be to remove spambots from the platform. under the terms of the twitter dearly -- deal p billion teination fee i deal ine past hour he responded to his initial post tweeting "still committed to acquisition. we have reached out to twitter but have not received a response. some experts are speculating that he is planning to walk away, or trying to renegotiate a lower price for buying per
5:33 am
twitter. tesla stock is down 30% in the past month -- with musk selling his tesla's shares. twitter stock is now down 12%. kumasi: his tweet comes after a leadership shakeup at twitter. yesterday the ceo announced two top executives are leaving the company. they oversaw the consumer and revenue products teams. both tweeted that they were asked to leave. one of them has since deleted the tweet. twitter has also announced a temporary hiring freeze. reggie: governor newsom will unveil his budget proposal and he wants part of it to provide inflation relief. amy hollyfield is live with that plan. amy: if you are headed into a hospital like this one listen up this impacts you. this proposal includes $1000 for every nurse and health care worker with the governor saying he would hope that would help with shortages.
5:34 am
take a look at the plan. here are some highlights that will impact you if this passes. hospitals are set to receive almost $1 billion, $930 million to help with the inflation costs. tax refunds makeup most of the plan. rent relief gets $2.7 billion and even childcare is on the list getting a piece of the pie with $157 million carved out for child care. a total proposal is $18 billion in inflation relief for residents and businesses. the goal is to offset the rising cost of everything from food to gas to housing. the governor will outline his plan in a press conference later this morning. he will be working with the legislature to try and finalize a state budget. the deadline is next month.
5:35 am
reporting live in san mateo, amy hollyfield. reggie: you can watch governor newsom's unveiling announcement live at 10:00 this morning and we will be streaming it for you on the connected tv app available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. the man of sin -- the mayor of san jose is calling for change following a new allegation of misconduct. an officer got in -- got arrested for indecent exposure. the department has been described the most thinly staffed of any major u.s. city. amanda explains now that there are even fewer active officers as several are under investigation and on leave. amanda: san jose police chief anthony mata seen here personally escorting mathew dominquez out of the affairs thursday. he is now on leave accused of masturbating inside a family's ll.ndinto th da's officeg s
5:36 am
hat atep he direction, but we must remind ourselves with every step in the right direction we appear to be taking six steps back. amanda: professor greg woods laying in after a string of allegations were made against individual officers within sjpd. over the last two weeks the department has confirmed that it is looking into allegations an officer showed up drunk to the baby brandon kidnapping investigation last month. another officer was arrested by chp on suspicion of dui while off-duty for a two car crash. thursday san jose's mayor addressed accusations another officer is investigated for trading in meth for the latest information. >> this is the drumbeat of serious transgressions by young officers. amanda: the alleged bad behavior could be related to hiring
5:37 am
standards according to cal state east bay criminal justice professor michelle. she says across-the-board there is difficulty recruiting into the law-enforcement enforcement industry and difficulty retraining -- retaining seasoned officers. >> there are a lot of da's offid that he had been on the force for four years. he was responding with two other officers to a home on a call a mentally ill family member was being violent. during the visit, the main guest touched himself in front of two members. also exposed himself to the mother. >> they are betraying the public trust and the police officer's oath and betraying the trust of the people that they have taken that very oath to protect and serve. amanda: the mayor says in the next few days he wants specific steps on improvements to applicant screening. just last week he and the chief
5:38 am
announced a push for universal drug and alcohol testing for all officers and a focus on mental health. he also promised better transparency for the public. >> i am very hopeful that the officers are held accountable and it will shine a brighter light on the rest, the 99 point 9% of law enforcement officers that are coming to work every day and working very hard through not only a global pandemic, but also a very difficult time in law enforcement. amanda: in san jose, abc 7 news. kumasi: the house oversight committee is launching an investigation into the nationwide shortage of baby formula. the committee is looking into prescott as to price gouging and this is coming as the white house is stepping into ease the shortage. jobina: i know people personally impacted by this. the fda looking ways to import a b formula as the shortage gets worse in the u.s.. that could include loosening
5:39 am
import restrictions. ireland, the netherlands and chile are being identified as potential sources. he spoke with manufacturers and ceos of walmart and target about ways to boost supplies. the out of stock rate was more than 40% at the beginning of the month. when asked why the administration had not acted sooner the white house said that efforts have been underway for months. >> the steps the president took today are in acknowledgment and recognition that more needs to be done, that we do not want parents, mothers, and families out there to be stressed and worried about feeding their babies. >> this is not a third world country and they should never happen in the united states of america. jobina: the house energy and commerce committee scheduled a hearing on this later this month which could ask regulators from abbott to testify and they have not commented on the issue. the shortage is blamed in part on a recall in february and the affected abbott plant in
5:40 am
michigan should come back online soon but it could take 10 weeks for supplies to be restocked. reggie: what a nightmare. jobina: it is really bad. reggie: mothers are banding together to help other moms find baby formula made the shortage. ariel: and "gma" first look, mom helping moms through the formula shortage. >> it is frustrating for me to see that people do not have their basic needs met. ariel: communities coming together as parents confront the empty shelves desperately searching for supply. >> a few weeks ago i was able to find the option of buying in bulk but i do not think that option even exist anymore. ariel:s rs mom lengthsr r seven. i went as far as traveling outside of my city to try and find it and i still cannot locate it. ariel: we will have much more
5:41 am
the moms banding together plus a live report on how the white house is responding to this critical shortage coming up at 7:00 a.m. for your gma first look, abc news new york. reggie: an east bay woman's story about the toll lanes and how we stepped into hell. does care -- two years without widespread tribal means you might be looking for help for planning the next trip. first, a check on the weather. drew: speaking of tolls let us look at the old and gate bridge cam out where we find it really calm conditions. the flag is not waving and we have clear skies and a lot of sunshine in-store. dutra track temperatures, watch as the numbers warm compared to the rest of the week. 11:00 a.m. in the 60's and 70's, perfect to grab lunch outside and then later on we continue to warm. 70's and 80's away from the coast. we are
5:42 am
finally for the first time this week. 81, concord. 68 in the city which is 10 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. ebony seven san rafael. 79 san jose. 83 antioch. you can see a warm day. the breeze is with us this afternoon but not as strong as it has been. the three day forecast is noticeably warmer and even warmer and summerlike on saturday. 90's and around the bay it will be 80's. all in all temperatures remaining above average the next three days. we have a total lunar eclipse coming our way sunday night. totality begins 8:29 p.m. you do not need future viewing -- you do not need viewing glasses look towards the eastern horizon. it is known as the flower moon since everything is blooming. let us late -- let us take a look at traffic. jobina: so much better. i want to start with an update on the alert we were following at the start of our show. it has cleared so i am giving
5:43 am
you the thumbs up. northbound 101 there is no delay in that area. a life picture showing emeryville and 80 with headlights traveling westbound. no blocking issues to report and neither in walnut creek as we show you this picture ot68 part and caltrain are adding additional train sunday morning ahead of the bay to breakers race. art is adding four trains from pleasant hill and el cerrito with limited stops. they will arrive around 7:00 a.m. near the starting line. caltrain has two extra northbound trains with the mittens stops. it starts sunday a
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5:46 am
tv crew in oakland in november 2021 when he was gunned down. prosecutors say that the 25-year-old pulled the trigger. he was formally arranged -- arraigned on mortar -- on murder the san francisco board of supervisors committee is forcing the city to provide shelter to all people experiencing homelessness. they said they cannot continue to allow the streets to serve as a waiting room for housing. the coalition actually opposes this proposal. >> the unfunded mandate needs to be amended to assure -- ensure data-driven analysis that does not just randomly promise shelter beds but ensures it is developed in the context of turnover, inflow and outflow so that beds are available, that people have a way to request and get a shelter bed, and that shelter is not bonded by robbing housing. reggie: the public safety and
5:47 am
neighborhood service committee will discuss several amendments to the proposal at its next meeting. now to one of the top stories we are finding right now. a 7 on your side report, complaints of unfair tolling on fastback -- fasttrack express lanes goes up. many said that they drive -- they charge them for carpal trips that should be free. here is a woman who was driving on interstate 680 but not in the express lane. a month later she got a toll evasion notice banding the $.75 toll plus a $25 penalty. the photo showed a different car in the express lane, not hers. she was in the middle lane. she called to see if they could help her resolve this. >> i asked is there one fasttrack or two and let me put you on hold for a second and she said both lanes are express lanes. she offered to waive the violation if i signed up for a fast track. reggie: after she contacted 7 on
5:48 am
your side fasttrack dismissed her ticket. the mtc could not explain why she got it in the first place, but it appears that the cameras captured her license plate as she passed by. if you have had this happen to you let michael finney know and send us your stories or things like buying a home, anything that has to do with your money, we want to hear about your frustrations and the triumphs. go to kumasi: are you eager for a getaway? so many people are ready to go out on vacation and like so much -- and like everything else the rise. the best way to get the deal you want ip to a travel agent. one couple says they booked an incredible key west vacation for half-price. travel agents now called travel advisers said that business is booming and they say that they can get you discounts through relationships they have with companies.
5:49 am
they buy plane tickets and hotel rooms in bulk. >> we can add room upgrades, we can get free breakfast, we have access to be able to provide room credits that you might not get at resorts on your own. kumasi: we will have a full report on the return of the travel agent coming up at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings which includes where you can go to find a good travel advisor. this is interesting because i always thought i could find my own deal and it would be cheaper. it might not be. reggie: i have used -- travel advisors multiple times. not necessarily to get a cheaper rate, but just to help with the organization. drew: questions you may have, what is the best way to do something. reggie: especially if it is complicated. if you have multiple people going on it from different parts of the country it really helps. drew: where were you going? reggie: i have been on group
5:50 am
trips to costa rica, and thailand with a group of people and it is hard to coordinate. i do not want to be your travel agent, i do not want to collect the money and figure things out. talk to her. kumasi: but he is also going places. drew: he sure is. on my instagram, you see these luxury travel experts you are going here and there for a fee, i can help you out so i can see how this would be helpful if you do not know where you are going initially. reggie: most the time it does not cost you. drew: can they find you cheaper flights? reggie: usually they get their payment from the lake a percentage from the hotel where the package or however they are booking. drew: why is it $1000 to fly to the east coast, why? i'm trying to see my family, sitting in the back ill coach, $1000. reggie: cannot bring a bag. drew: you know how that goes, it
5:51 am
goes real well. anyway, enjoy your travels, hope you have fun. we are showing a lovely picture because we have clear skies and the sun is almost up in the next 10 minutes and we are in store for a bright end to the week and a very warm end compared to the past couple of days. a clear morning, sunny skies and noticeably warmer today and tomorrow. cooler weather on sunday but all in all it is a nice weekend we have on tap. in the 40's and 50's so as you step outside, not too chilly. 50 in hayward and good morning fairfield. 46 in palo alto. the wind will be breezy but not nearly as windy as we have been the past couple of afternoons. wendy gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour as the day goes on. it is all about the warmer temperatures arriving, above average. 75 oakland. 68 in the city. 80 san jose. we will hit about 83 in antioch
5:52 am
later on. overnight another mild night. numbers mainly in the 50's into the weekend. here is a seven-day forecast. warmer today, almost summer like tomorrow, enjoy these warm temperatures but on the weekend lots of sunshine with comfortable temperatures and early next week we are finding numbers above average for this time of year. reggie: could you be a coastal grandmother? signs that diagnosed your looks with a trend taking over social media. kumasi: a local county fair back for the first time since the pandem
5:53 am
what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't! we're talking supersonic wi-fi. three times the bandwidth and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. that's powerful. couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. whoa.
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reggie: this morning we are getting a look at the virtual-reality headset and that is mark zuckerberg who release this video teasing the headset
5:55 am
codenamed project cambria. you cannot actually see the headset because they blurred it, but you can see that it allows objects to be overlaid into real life, like whatever that is. project cambria will have high resolution image sensors to make the real world look better inside of the headset. this is just one of the headsets that met uplands to introduce -- that meta plans to release. what is that, a mouse-raccoon-alien? you will soon be able to perform -- to watch artists perform on stage from the comfort of yourself couch. hulu is the official streaming station for three festivals. they include things like pink, and casey musgrave's and lil nas x. global offer exclusive behind-the-scenes constants. disney as a parent company of hulu and abc 7.
5:56 am
i am here for that. kumasi: we will come back to that. the contra costa county fair is back for the first time since the pandemic. the ceo says what you are the business of creating fun it is pretty depressing to be shut down that he is excited to be back and sharing the attractions. >> i am excited up two years of not having it to have all of those people, the food vendors the carnival and the entertainment come back for the annual family reunion and so that is my excitement. kumasi: love it. as a crew unpacked, they found it was tough to remember how they did everything in pass. staffing was also another covid-related challenge. they were not able to find as many people to work in the past. be patient it might take you a little bit longer to get on the ride with longer lines and it will still be fun. the fair runs through sunday. where is funnel cake? reggie: i forgot that i -- that
5:57 am
you love funnel cake. has it been years since you've had it? kumasi: it is time. reggie: what do you put on it? kumasi: regular powdered sugar. just give me my doughnut, just classic. reggie: and you have to have it right out. of the fryer. kumasi: it is maybe five minutes? reggie: three. kumasi: new at 6:00, karaoke got crazy. the dive bar performance that ended with a bang. reggie: the kidnapping attempt of an infant three times. the alarming accusations of what they allegedly tried before. kumasi: here is a live look outside.
5:58 am
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announcer: building a better bay area, this is abc news. kumasi: fighting inflation, the governor will give his plan, and it includes his vision to sell rising prices. >> we are devastated. we have never seen anything like this. reggie: multimillion dollar homes up in smoke. the warning the wildfire could grow worse. kumasi: first, we are waiting for a warm up.


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